Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Brendon, Rachel and Shelly wake up early to practice mini golf..

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8am Shelly, Brendon, and Rachel are out in the backyard playing the mini golf game trying to get better. They set up bean bags as obstacles because they think the actual competition will be similar. Brendon gets mad and tells Rachel to take it more seriously. Brendon asks Shelly who she is most afraid of in the house. Shelly says that Cassi is talking to much and next it would be Dominic. Shelly says that Kalia is getting annoying with all her complaining. Brendon complains about how Cassi was hogging the golf game last night. They remove the bean bags because they are worried the other houseguests would see. Rachel starts to sing and Brendon yells at her to stop .. if she wants the other houseguests to wake up to Big Brother announcements …then thats a great way to do it! Shelly asks what did Porsche promise for being able to stay and get a golden key? Brendon says that she is going to vote the way we want. He says that he doesn’t like her and that people will be so annoyed with her, they’ll want her out one trusts her. Brendon says that this Thursday they’ll let it slip Keith is going home and then they can watch them scramble. Rachel doesn’t want to let the newbies know. Shelly says that the newbies are going to go nuts and that they already said they wont be strong armed and will come out and tell the vets that they have the numbers to vote out Porsche. They all laugh. Let them think that! Shelly tells Brendon and Rachel that she will do whatever the vets want. Brendon says that he doesn’t trust Adam, Cassi or Dominic.

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8:35am – 9:15am Shelly is playing while Rachel and Brendon collect the balls for her. Rachel throw a ball at Brendon when he’s not looking and it hits him. He freaks out at her and tells her to stop throwing them at him and just roll them. Rachel says shes sorry and that she thought he was looking. Rachel goes back inside. Shelly tells Brendon that they 100% have her loyalty. Shelly asks Brandon how he will feel if Rachel gets voted out. Brendon says that he will be a lot stronger this year. Brendon says that Shelly has a good chance of winning this HOH. Brendon says that then all four of us vets could compete for the next. Shelly says yeah ..and they are going to be surprised when I put up one of them and the see that I can think for myself. Brendon says that they only think one dimensionally.

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Ugh! Who the heck IS going home? I’m so confused.

BTW, Can Brenda play for HOH?


Brendon, Jeff and Jordan can play for the HOH. It’s hard to say who is going home this one is going to be hard to call. I’m unsure about who Shelly and Kalia are going to vote out.


Thanks Simon! I have a hard time diciphering through the “game talk” It’s hard to tell what is truth vs BS.


I think Shelly is 100% with the vets.

I found a good way to cut throught the BS talk is keep track of who reports conversations back to other people. Shelly reports everything the noobs say back to the vets but never tells the noobs about her conversations with the vets. Pretty much the same for Kalia so I think she is voting with the Vets this week also.

You can tell Cassi is not with the vets bc she reports every convo she has with them back to Lawon and Dom.

The only way (early on) I could tell the Brigade was legit last year was by noticing that Matt, Lane, Hayden, Enzo would report to each other but then never spill crucial info to there side alliances. Early on it was hard to tell if Hayden was more loyal to Kristen or Brigade and if Matt was with Ragan or Brigade but you could tell bc Matt and Hayden would never spill about the Brigade to Kristen & Ragan.


Yeah, go Shelly!


from what I can tell Shelly is def using the vets. I’m fairly sure unless kalia comes out and says shes not voting for keith to stay that shelly will side with the newbies and vote pontiac!


This kinda reminds me of when ronnie was on…the 1st week you didnt know who he was lying too until he actually got in there to vote….I can’t wait to see… guess is keith is going home……..if this was a horror movie…keith, lawon and Kalia would all go as the first three lol


@dan………………why because their black?


duh !!


I was wondering the same thing, if Shelley was going to turn out to be another Ronnie. Jeff and Jordan would be devastated I think if that happened to them again. They barely survived it last time, they likely wouldn’t this time.


we can only wish 😉


Shelly really doesn’t have an option. She has to play both sides and not piss anyone off because she is low on the totem pole no matter which way she goes. If she can get a key, she won’t have to pick sides until the keys are all gone and the dust clears. That’s the best she can hope for. Cassi would sell her out in a heartbeat. So far, apart from the man voice, Shelly doesn’t annoy me like Kathy did last year.


lol @ Kathy.

I mean….Shelly. What an idiot.


I cannot believe Shelly is so far up Brenchel’s a$$es…..I am starting to believe that she is going to vote out Keith. Although I cannot stand him, Porsche really needs to go to further the newbies’ game. Shelly is putting a huge target on her back by joining the vets’ side. And as much as I like Cassie, why are Brenchel and others blaming her and giving her credit for masterminding the other side of the house. It is as if the only people that can have an alliance is Brenchel, JJ, and Dani. As I have said before, Brenchel’s game has not changed all that much since last year.


I think Shelly is with the vets. She tells Brendon & Vets everything that the newbies are planning & she tells the newbies nothing that the vets tell her.

Freddie B

So, Shelly tells Brenda that she will vote however they want her to…. Then talks about how she will shock the newbies by thinking for herself?? Interesting way of thinking for yourself Shell-bell.


like every season,i want the boring house guests to go home first……


Then all of them would go home week one.


was that suppose to be funny ?


Yup they’re all mad boring. the show could’ve been better if they had 14 newbs, and not bring back 2 vets(Dick and Dani), 2 Idiots(Brenchel) and 2 clueless floaters(Jeff & Jordan)

I know tis is just 1st week, but I’m seeing the rest of the season going the way the Vets want.


Brenda sucks ass at this game, he have no chance of winning, he has no coordination what so ever, and when he lose he will do the same as last year whine and throw a tantrum like the child the world know he is.

Shelly is stupid for being disloyal to her own team, not a surprise though she in the same situation that Kalia is in, she know she can’t win shit so she thinks by joining the Bloated Fabricated Ego Idiocy Team that she has a chance, they have no clue that The Vets are using every person that jumps ship as a sacrificial lamb to use in the end. Brenchel playing identical game they played last season and the results will be identical, I just hope a comp don’t get rigged for them like last season with that HOH Brenda won.

Uncle Cool

I really hope Shelly is lying to the ‘vets’. If she is truly that much of a suck-up, I hate her.


I can’t wait to see the look on Dom face when kieth gets booted and when the vets win HOH and his ass goes up then he gets vote out. I cant stand him.


Shellys goofy with an edge type personality reminds me of Casey from Jeff and Jordans season. Actually in a huge way this season reminds me of that season. With Dom and Casey being Jeff, and Brenden, Roachface and even surprisingly Jeff ( not as much as B & R, but sometimes he makes statements in hoh room on the type of threatening statements should be made) With that thought process I do think that Keith is going home ( since there is so much lying going on I don’t think the newbies have a clear understanding of the way everyone wants to vote.) , Dani is going to turn into Russel (when he had a change of heart and realized he didn’t want to be on team Jessi and tried to have a true alliance with Jeff) and we are going to watch the newbies get picked off one by one until some magical power is thrown into the game. This is going to be a boring, disappointing season folks. All we can do is watch to see what newbie gets lucky enough to slip through the cracks and probably win the 500k based on the fact that they aren’t a vet.


Also in that season Casey (like Shelly) makes a deal and i think on the first eviction even votes with Jessie. This be a disappointing season. Go Dom and Cassie!


Shelly is this year’s Kathy. It’s all the same ass kissing and cleaning and smoking Kathy did. The only difference is Shelly has more personality than Kathy but she’s equally as stupid to be clinging to Rachel and Brendan. She will be discarded like used tissue if Rachel and Brendan no longer need her.

It’s a clear win-win situation if all the newbies stuck together to repel the oldies.