Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Cassi says Knock.. Knock! Dominic asks who’s there? Cassi says I’m going home! **Updated**

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1:45pm Cassi asks Dominic if he is going to take a nap? Dominic says yeah. Cassi says that she will after she gets called into the diary room. Lawon asks what is up with all you guys taking naps and shit …PARTY POOPERS!! Dominic heads into the havenot room and finds Shelly crying. Dominic asks Shelly if she thinks Cassi will regret not campaigning. Shelly says oh yeah she will. Dominic says that Cassi knows that it won’t make a difference if she campaigns or not. Shelly says that she is going to regret crying and looking like a baby. Dominic says the game has become personal for us. Dominic says that its not campaigning to stay its campaigning to fight so that she doesn’t get to the hotel room and wish she had. Shelly says that she is sitting here crying like a three year old. Lawon comes in and they continue to talk about how the game is personal now. They all head out of the havenot room, Lawon goes to take a shower, Shelly and Dominic heads out into the backyard talking about how she is going to look like the biggest baby in the world.

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1:50pm – 2pm Cassi, Shelly, Adam, and Dominic are out on the backyard couches talking. Shelly asks Cassi if she is going to campaign now. Cassi says no. Shelly says what she thinks is amazing is that they are all hiding ..why aren’t they out here living their lives. Adam says that Jeff and Jordan are sleeping and Brendon was out here earlier. Cassi and Dominic talk about doing a dual diary room session. Cassi laughing and says You know I’m going home right?! They all laugh. They talk about how Jordan said there was only 2 couples she could put up. Dominic and Adam say no there are actually 3 couples ..but Brendon and Rachel are exempt from you guys. Rachel then comes out into the backyard and says HEY.. HEY ..HEY ..HEY! How you guys doing? They say great! Rachel gets called into the diary room. Dominic says great hanging out with you. Rachel leaves. Adam asks she didn’t come out here and say anything to you did she? Shelly says no .. she didn’t have a chance. Cassi is joking around saying that Dominic should go into the diary room and say ..Knock ..Knock .. Whos there? I’m going home!

2pm – 2:15pm Shelly and Dani talk in the kitchen. Dani tells her that she is staying that there is no way she is going home …trust me! Shelly says that she is just upset that Cassi is going home and there is nothing she can do about it! Shelly says that she’s embarrassed that she is going to look like a baby because she is crying. Dani says that won’t make you look bad ..that will make you look like the good hearted person that you are. Dani says I don’t want you to stress at all me you are staying. Shelly starts crying. Dani explains that its hard, the game gets so personal and that you want to hide but you can’t. Shelly is worried about her daughter seeing her cry and hopes that her husband Tony explains to her why she is crying. Kalia, Rachel and Dani are comforting Shelly. Rachel tells Shelly that her husband and daughter will be so proud of her for just being in here and that they will understand just how hard it is in here because of how much of a rock you are. Shelly says that she hates that Cassi has had a hard life and just wants the best for her. Shelly says that if she was rich she take everyone out of the house and just give everyone in the house money so that they could live their dreams. Rachel says that Cassi is so beautiful and she will be fine when she goes home. Shelly says that those people back there (production) are so good because they grab you and you can’t even get straight… Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds.. When they come back ..Rachel says we love you and we are here to support you..
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2:20pm Rachel tells Dani that she feels bad for Shelly that Cassi has to go. Dani says someone has to go. Dani says that she is going to go lay outside. Adam, Shelly, Dominic, Lawon, Dani and Cassi are all outside on the backyard couch talking about random things. They talk about how the beef jerky makes you feel all backed up. They ask Adam if he’s been dreaming about missing bacon…

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3:26pm Bedroom Dom, BRendon and Rachel They are plotting to play a prank on Jeff today. Dom wants to put some of Rachels red hair dye in Jeff’s shampoo. Rachel and BRendon think it’s a great idea but worry that they may get in trouble. Brendon suggests they cover the toilet with saran wrap. Dom wants to do it but really wants to tell Jordan first. Rachel doesn’t think they need to JJ are good sports.

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82 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Cassi says Knock.. Knock! Dominic asks who’s there? Cassi says I’m going home! **Updated**

  1. At least Cassi is a good sport about it, not the pathetic loser that Rachel was last season when she faced the consequences of her actions, this season her actions are being protected, and that protection just won her 500k.

    “Rachel says that Cassi is so beautiful and she will be fine when she goes home.*translation* “At least Cassi will get work, My ugly ass couldn’t get a single job on the strength of my poor game play last season”

    Aww how cute she’s being fake AGAIN.

    Is it just me or is Kalia getting bigger??

    1. ON the poll, I voted Kalia as most likely to gain weight in the house. She is already a fatass, so I figured it would not be hard for her to gain more. Glad someone else agrees. She is my least favorite person in the house. Granted, I think anyone who is actually proud of going to a historically black college in this day and age is a total loser, considering the fact that those schools shouldn’t really be accredited.

      Still, I wish Cassi could stay, only for the sake of creating more cat fights with Rachel and Porsche.

      1. How insulting and racist of you to say that about HBCUs. If you don’t like Kalia, that is one thing, BUT to make such a stupid assumption illustrates your ignorance.

      2. Not cool Jay. It is okay to not like Kaliah but it is not okay to hate on a whole race… or institutions representing said race. HBCU’s will be needed for as long as there are idiots who harbor racism in their hearts!!! Looked in the mirror lately?

      3. So….why shouldn’t black colleges be accredited again?…not to attack ur opinion, but that’s really hoe ass of u to say that about Kalia and black educational institutions…

    2. The conversation between Shelly’s husband and Shelly’s daughter is going to be horribly wrong if her daughter is actually watching this.

      Shelly’s Daughter: Why is mommy crying?

      Shelly’s Husband: Because her friend is going to be leaving soon.

      SD: Why is she leaving?

      SH: Because that’s the way the game goes.

      SD: But why her friend?

      SH: …because mommy lied to her and everyone else.

      SD: So it’s ok to lie?

      SH: It’s only a game.

      SD: So it’s ok to lie during games?

      Be proud of the example, Shelly.

        1. From a game standpoint, Shelly is doing absolutely nothing wrong. From the standpoint where her daughter is trying to grasp and learn the difference between right and wrong, it’s going to be perceived as wrong.

          1. The houseguests are soooo careful this year its almost as if production showed them our nudes and told and where in the house we capture them.

  2. Omg Shell is even kissing ass to big brother,sorry BB but i know you could tell,go on shell teach you little girl how to play people for shame, am not a bad person but even in a game its horrid to see how low some humans are people lol to bad Cassi is not going to jury.

  3. She really is! I’ve seen some of her work and I must say, she’s pretty with or without makeup. And I think she’s just a laid back girl. Not s stuck-up show off like one would think. Here’s to hoping there is a twist to bring her back. The look on everyone’s face would be priceless.

  4. this game needs kieth back. he was entertaining he was cocky and at times a douche. he would put brenchel up immediatly and then laugh at them i mean how funny would that be. so if america is going to vote someone back in the game it should be keith not cause we like him but because it would cause mayhem in the house just imagine him winning hoh.

  5. What is the point in crying?! You have to leave sooner or later, if you didn’t care about the money then why sign up. Give people who actually cared and needed it a chance to compete for it, and stop wasting a spot they could have had. Shelly needs to Women up, she know what she did, so who are you fooling?! You don’t enter the house wanting to be friends with everyone. If you watched previous seasons you would know that, so take them tears and shove it. J/J did the right move. People want Brenchel out, ok but that’s for personal reasons, judging by yall pathetic comments. Don’t bash them when your doing the same. If J/J were to put them up, the newbs could have re-grouped to take advantage of the Vets dismemberment.

  6. why is jordumb sitting in a high chair and jerk is feeding her some cookie dough? oh and shes saying ga gag goo goo as she spits up the cookie dough.

  7. My goodness you would think that she was God’s gift to man the way people are fawning over her…
    1) She’s not that pretty
    2) She’s skinny as all hell, there is pretty much nothing beyond the face, which isn’t that great
    3) She’s got fake tits(what is with the girls on BB and fake tits?!!?)
    4) She’s not very interesting, charismatic, or funny
    I will give it to her she’s definitely loyal (to someone who screwed you lol) but seriously people you need to get out more… she’s above average girl that’s it…

    1. Rachel, is that you? Um, obviously if she’s a model, in magazines, in video’s of famous singers and does print ads for major department stores – a lot of people would disagree with you. She’s very attractive!

      1. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I’ve seen plenty of her type all around… she’s not special to me and a good portion of all Californians are “models/actresses(actors)”. Anyone with a decent face can be in a magazine(s), major department store ad(s), music video(s) (good lord how many of those are there? millions?) it’s all a matter of impact.. She’s not world renown, she’s still very small time.. that being said Rachel is the ugliest in the house but there really isn’t a stark contrast between the ugliest and prettiest girl and it dwindles drastically once they’re stripped of their makeup..

      2. Cassi is the single hottest mirical ever to happen…she’s so hot chicks go les for her she’s so hot you can’t look at her without blinding yourself

    2. I don’t think she pretty outside of being in a bikini. She’s not acting with class like she says she is. I’ve seen her pics doing a google search and there are hundreds of models that I would prefer over her. She doesn’t hold a candle to Jordan. Now I don’t think of Jordan as beautiful, but she is very cute. Maybe it Cassies whole personality, she’s a b*tch.

  8. “Brendon suggests they cover the toilet with saran wrap.”

    the 1st funny idea brenda thought of in 2 seasons, this includes every idea that has ever come out his little brain

    this could be good, but messy if they did that, especially if he had to take a shit

  9. First time comment…the houseguests are all going to feel something weird on Thursday when Cassi gets voted off…they wont know what it is but they will feel a sudden shiver…it will be the 4 million male viewers aross the U.S and Canada changing the channel…JJ screwed up by not backdooring Boy George and the putz she is engaged to…yes by keeping them they are not the power couple with the target on their back but that is short sighted…JJ could have got rid of Boy George and dumb ass would have lost it and would have ben useless for the rest of his time in the BB house. Then JJ and Cassi, Shelly, Dom and Adam would have cruised to the final 6. Now Dani has Dom in her back pocket and they are going to team up with Boy George and dumbass and get rid of JJ as soon as they can…Cassi is the only way JJ had to control Dom..Dom would have crawled through a mile of horse shit on his hands and knees to get Cassi’s approval…now Dani and Dom will join BR and that will be it for JJ…Too bad but cant blame anyone but JJ…they had the perfect opportunity to take control of this game but just gave it away…Great site by the way…been watching BB for only 3 seasons but first season i came across this site…its better then actually watching the show on TV…Great Job…

  10. I want to give props to Simon and the others that help to run this site. Why? Well I found this site this season and I normally read mortey’s. No disrespect to them cuz they do a great job too. But from what I can tell this site limits the non game talk and let’s me read just the stuff I’m interested in…Game talk. I no longer go to the other sites cuz all I need to know I have read here. Thanks

    Cassi has only one play and that is to make a secret alliance w BR. Nobody would expect them to wk together and they could keep it that way the entire game. Cassi would need to get lawon and Adams vote and she will stay. To bad it seems like this cast is unwilling to do whatever it takes to win.

  11. I really don’t understand why Shelly is crying, she was one the newbies to flip her vote and LIE about it to Cassie!! She’s really happy Cassie is leaving because she aligned herself with the vets since week one!! No one should feel sorry for Shelly.

  12. I hope All Stars is not next year, give us a rest of Repeats, I mean this year we have 2 real Vets in Dani and Dick, 2 Floaters Jeff and Jordon and the Villains from last season.

    Don’t shove these fools down our throats again AG, at least for 4 or 5 more seasons Ill be happy to see them back in season 16

    1. Even though I’m expecting some of the biggest wars to happen once JJ and BR duke it out I would of personally rather have a 100% allstar cast next year and a 100% newbie cast this year.

  13. Cassie needs to go home shes a big threat, and in this game you take out who is a threat to you. Alot of these comments on here are about how cute Cassie is and how ugly Rachelle is, this is about the game an not a beauty contest. Team B/R.

    1. Brenchel’s ONLY threats are their own insecurities and lack of maturity, thats’s how they lost last season, and the only reason they will win this one is because unlike last year they have a team of idiots protecting them

  14. Wow am I weird to actually be enjoying the updates from past seasons better than this one?? I remember when it wasn’t so obvious how the season was going to go.. GOOD TIMES

  15. Ok I don’t like b/r like the rest of the world. But to be honest if they somehow make it to the finals,I would vote b/r to win just because Jeff/Dani/jordan thought they could play the game keeping them, thinking they’ll get the votes against brenchel. I would say fk it. Anyone to go through a game as obnoxious as them without getting voted off deserve to win. Hate them or like them.

  16. I’m not sure if this has been said. In some of Cassi’s modeling images she reminds be a slightly prettier version of Olivia Wilde.

    Having said that, I do wish she was going was going to be part of the jury at least. She’s sort of the anti-Rachel. So it would have been nice for have her stick around as a discomfort level for Rachel. Rachel may be jealous of her looks, but I mainly think she’s jealous of her overall being and the way Cassi carries herself. Simpleminded people like other simpleminded people. Cassi isn’t all in your face. It requires somewhat of a second thought to figure her out. But Shelly is partly why she is going home,but not totally. Even if Shelly voted to keep Keith, Kalia would have had to vote to keep him too or else it would’ve been a tie which Rachel would have had to break .

    The bottom line it was wrong to bring in Vet couples in the first place with new people. It may have been more palatable if the new people were also brought in as couples as well. But even that idea is a stretch. So she was swimming up hill in the first place since CBS had to find a way to bring Rachel and Brendon back.

    I do wonder if the producers are disappointed she’s going too especially after the Rachel/Cassi blow up.

  17. The only thing less attractive than Shelly crying is Shelly not crying. Kalia and Shelly screwed up this show from the start and I can’t stand either one. Kalia is revolting, I fast forward/mute her all the time. Her rapid fire delivery of rhe drivel she spouts bugs. BR are’nt going anywhere though, Dani is going to drag one of their sorry asses to final two and will win it handily. I am sure that Cassie will be returning, just as I’m sure that Jessie will be making his annual cameo appearance. He’s must have some dirt on someone.

  18. I think Shelly crying is fake! The woman is a schemer and knows exactly what she’s doing. She essentially backstabbed Cassi, lied to everyone as to how she voted, tries to be “momma” to everyone, and now is going for sympathy. The woman has claws, they may be hidden right now, but they’re there. The thing about BB is EVERYONE is a threat, and Shelly is no less threat than Cassi.

    1. That’s for sure that girl is a fake wonder if her husband is so happy like she says and google does not say shes even married

  19. All of you can’t see Rachel is the only one that Cassie was the mastermind of the other side I agree her emotions and comments need help but she is a great player

  20. All of you can’t see Rachel is the only one that Cassie was the mastermind of the other side she a great player

  21. DUDE doesnt anyone realize rache is a SMART player….her mouth does get her in trouble….but she PICKS UP ON SHIT…..if she was so jealous ,. she wouldnt like portia, cuz portia is the hottest bitch in the house …BY MILES…..

  22. i think that Dani and Rachel are playing the strongest….along with DOMINIC……yeah jordan made a strong decision but she aint making it to the end this year on her southern charmful misss sunshine……..IM TELLIN YOU all at least see that RACHEL can think whats best for her…i just hope brendon goes before her.

  23. i live in the Nashville area, never seen or heard of cassi before. i see models all the time. she isn’t one of them. i think she is lying. i did not like her from the first night. she is trying to work everyone and it is so clear. she says she is classy. folks, the people in nashville are classy and she isn’t one of them. she isn’t even from nashville. she just happens to live here. how does she pay her bills, rent, etc.? i think everyone there is trying to make themseves someone they are not. also can’t stand kalia and dawon. i like sally, dom, jeff, jordan and dani. adam doesn’t matter one way or another. rachel and brendon still a sick couple. however; if i were around brendon for any amount of time i would have to tell him was a poor speciman of a man he is.

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