Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says that he hopes he doesn’t pull Brendan’s name for the POV.. Dominic took my lucky underwear!

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12:25am In the backyard, Shelly and Adam are talking. Shelly asks Adam if Brendon and Rachel sleeping in the bed between us? Adam says that he doesn’t know. Shelly says that she swears to God that if she’s sleeping in the bed next to her she is going to have a cardiac arrest. Shelly says that she feels sick, throw up about it! Shelly heads inside to the bedroom to find out if it is true. Shelly finds out that Brendon and Rachel are in the bed next to her. Meanwhile, Adam is in the backyard talking to himself saying that he f-ed up over and over again. Adam says that he is sorry to Lawon. Adam says that having a target in front of me.. rather than an ally behind me was not a good move. Adam says that it was so hard getting Brendon out the first time, even if we get him out a second time.. Rachel is still here. Adam says that if it works out and we get Brendon out ..Rachel turns into a basket case ..then it’s all smooth sailing. Adam says again ..I f-ed up.. I f-ed up.. I f-ed up. Adam asks himself ..Hey Adam, Big brother 13 ..what was your best move? Adam says f-ing up… Shelly comes back out to the backyard and tells Adam that Rachel and Brendon are sleeping right next to them. Adam says that he will say something when he goes inside. Shelly says that it’s bullshit. Adam says that Kalia and Porsche should share a bed. Shelly tells Adam not to create anymore turmoil. Shelly says that this is a joke… of all the places she could sleep… when she knows I am not happy with her… now I have to sleep there with her! Shelly says god, I swear to god I am going to punch a wall! Shelly says that they are the two rudest people I have ever met in my entire life. Shelly yells that its unbelievable …maybe they can have sex right beside us too! Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Shelly is in the bathroom taking a shower.

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12:50am – 1:20am Jeff and Jordan are in the lounge room talking. Jeff asks Jordan where Adam is? Jordan says that she can’t believe they didn’t give up their bed. Jeff says look what you’re dealing with. Jeff says that he would have made a big stink. Jeff asks who is Dani trying to target Brendon or Rachel? Jordan says Brendon ..because he’s good at competitions and she’s a wreck without him. Jeff says that he is going to talk to Dani. Jeff asks who she is targeting. Dani says she plans to backdoor Brendon it’s a big risk! Jeff says that he wondered what kind of deal did they cut. Jeff asks what should I do if I win? Dani tells Jeff, let’s just wait and see who gets picked. Dani and Jeff talk about how the Power of Veto might be a veto for prizes competition where it makes people do stupid stuff and look like fools. Dani says that Adam will want to win so bad he’ll take all the bad stuff. Jeff tells Dani that he will let Adam win if he gets the chance. Dani says that it might be brutal like give your clothes away. Then Dani says for Rachel it might be a blessing. Dani says that we’ll figure it out.. I’ve got your back’s. Jeff says we’re 100%! Dani leaves.

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Jordan says that she feels so bad for Shelly. Jordan says that she seems so upset. Jeff says that he wonders if Dani is good. Jordan says that she is sure she is. Jeff is worried and wonders if Brendon and Rachel cut a deal with her Dani and then they will take prizes. Jordan tells Jeff to take prizes and not piss people off by using or not using the veto. Shelly joins them and asks where Adam is? Shelly tells them that she is upset about Rachel. Shelly says that she’s seen the tape. Jeff asks Shelly what do you mean? Jeff says that we never questioned you. Jeff says who cares! Shelly says that she knows a lot about them.. it’s kind of creepy! Shelly says that she is embarrassed for crying and losing control. Shelly says that if I could bury myself today so they don’t seen me this way.. I would. Jeff says that it’s a combination of stress and missing her family but she has to remember it’s just a game, people get what they deserve! Jeff says just know you’re better than these people. Jeff says that it’s your true emotions. Shelly says that she’s cool with you guys. Jeff says that he doesn’t know. Shelly says that Brendon is her target. Jeff says if she wants them out why didn’t she put them up and then Brendon would save Rachel again. Shelly says that if she’s lying.. Jeff says that if she’s lying it’s me. Jeff says that it makes him nervous about Brendon and Rachel cutting a deal and getting back doored. Shelly says that she never mentioned your name. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

1:30am – 2:20am Adam and Jeff are now in the lounge room talking. Adam repeats what Shelly and Dani told him. Jeff says that he is completely confused as to why Dani just didn’t put them straight up on the block. Adam says because if they did it a again and won the POV. Jeff says that he just doesn’t know maybe I’m getting paranoid. Adam tells for Jeff to win it and pull one of them off. Adam says that Dani made it clear that Brendon is the target. Jeff says that she told me that too. Adam says that he has won 3 Vetos. Jeff tells Adam that its going to be a prize POV. Adam says that it can’t be too complex because big brother just put them on lock down now. Jeff says that he can’t believe the bed situation. Jeff says and Porsche not giving up her bed. Jeff says that her and Rachel are besties. Adam says that we let this happen! Adam says that Rachel is so disrespectful because they are all without their loved ones too. Jordan says that she is very immature. Adam says that if we would have evicted Rachel last week then only one of them we be in there. Adam says that if Brendon or Rachel win the POV they will keep nominations the same. Adam says that Dani is playing a different game then what she’s saying. Jeff says that’s possible. Adam says that he hopes for a big and easy contest and that Brendon’s not able to play for it. Adam says that he hopes he doesn’t pull Brendan’s name for the competition. Adam says that Dominic took my lucky underwear. Shelly joins them. Adam asks why Kalia isn’t sharing a bed with Porsche. Jordan says that she doesn’t think Porsche would know what to do if she was a have not. Adam says that he has to think about winning that veto. Jeff says yeah do I now! The conversation changes to talking about sex toys, magazines. Jordan tells them that he brother has handcuffs on his bed as a joke and that her mom freaked out because their grandparents came over. The conversation changes to talking about shop lifting and stealing. Adam says that when he was a kid he shoplifted as a joke. Jordan asks him if he still does it. Jordan then asks Jeff is he has ever stolen anything. Jeff says he had …when he was a kid. Jordan tells Jeff that he’s stupid. Shelly heads off for bed.

2:35am Jeff, Jordan and Adam continue to talk about Rachel and how its a 180 from a few days ago. Jeff tells them that the next time Rachel loses it …just let her go ..she isn’t doing anything for us. They talk about how Brendon getting voted back into the house made Rachel think that her and Brednon are loved by America. Adam decided to go to bed. Jeff and Jordan stay and continue to talk about Rachel. Jeff says that he has to win HOH this week so that they’ll be safe. They talk about if Porsche wins, Jeff will get evicted. They talk about how Porsche needs to go because she’s walking around acting so cocky. Jeff says he will kill himself if he goes before Porsche. Jordan says that she thinks it might be a good idea to keep Brendon and Rachel because they’ll always be the targets. Jeff and Jordan agree that Shelly is with them 100%. Jeff and Jordan talk about how if they have to evict Shelly they will to stay safe in the house. Jordan says that she wonders how all the information gets around the house. Jeff and Jordan decide to go to bed. All the houseguests are now alseep….

6:20am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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I’m so ready to see Shelly go, and soon after Jeff.


Jeff deserves to stay more than Brandon and Racheal. I have watched since season one-Porsche is playing no game just hanging around but if wasn’t for Jeff I would definately want Dani to win.


I completely agree, if Jeff doesn’t win, I would like to See Dani win.


I don’t want to see Jeff win.. He plays a terribly mean game. I don’t know why.. kalia is so far up his ass.
I’m telling you.. soon Jeff won’t need to use toilet paper – Kalia will be right there to do it for him, WITH HER TONGUE. She’s nasty.

Ilyssa Liebz

Finally! Someone agrees with me!! I’ve been waiting for this day! You rock!


She is up Dani’s ass, big time!


But Jeff and Jordan aren’t even that good. Jeff won a pov when he nedded to ok, but thats it. He hasn’t been a huge factor in this game, whether in the competition or otherwise. Their level of play is as good as Adams. And jordan is just a complete non factor. The fact that she floatewd her way to win her season is insane- a blow up doll could’ve won if she won. BR are really annoying and all but are way better in this game.


WTF?! Are you nuts? How does Jeff deserve to be in the game more than Brenchel? Are you kidding me? Are you blind? Geez. Get your “I love Jeff” head outta your ass, and realize that he is no good.


jj are amazing people!!! You are just jealous of Jeff!!!!


I am glad to hear JJ fans again. I’d like to see Jeff win too. I know it sounds lame but if Jeff and another (not sure who yet), go home I have nobody to root for and I don’t think I’d be interested anymore.


JJ are nice people, but their game sucks.


So I take it that you JJ fans support Jeff calling Jordan dumb to her face. Figures. There is nothing this couple can do wrong in your eyes.


exactly how are they amazing? Jeff has become a douche this year walking around demanding things like it is his right to go further. Jordan the original uber floater who only won her season because america voted her partner a special power is now crying and whining secong only to Rachel and complaining about floaters. Hello kettle meet mister pot.


dani needs to backdoor brendon! that would be classic if she did it again! ha ha ha


She won’t. She swore she’d never work with Rachel. Funny how things change?!


so apparently JJ still are nto on board with the fact that Shelly is that rat


Surely is a rat BUT she is completely loyal to jj.


I hope big Jeff gets paranoid and fight like crazy for POV. I don’t get it how JJ could feel safe even for a minute during Dani’s HOH. I like Jeff better than anyone in the house. I wouldn’t like to hang out with Dani but I love watching her on the show. BR? I hate watching them. Thank God for Mute option on the tv.


JJ feel safe because they feel no one in the world would put them up as long as Brenchel is around. But that type of mentality is what is going to send them packing to jury. So far, everyone has been stuck up their ass. But the ass kissing is slowly coming to an end for them. I hope JJ don’t try to win as usual and end up in jury where they belong. They don’t do shit anyway, don’t know why people love them so much.


Dani is telling everyone that Brendon is the target,
but she secretly wants to keep the nominations the same, or to backdoor Jeff
(if she wants to keep a deal with BR).

If DPKBR win the veto, they will keep the nominations the same.
If SA win the veto, Dani has to make a replacement nominee.
If JJ win the veto, I truly don’t know…


Shelly is getting her due and Adam needs to sweat a little. He will sway easy. Dani def has to backdoor one of the pairs. I would dump Brenden cause he likely won’t take it as personal as say Jeff. Brenden has been sent home twice at the hands of Dani, guaranteed vote, if Jeff goes he will def not vote for her n Jordan will follow. Shelly is dangerous but if she makes it thru this week I’m sure she will try to lay as low as possible. Leaving Shelly in the game will hopefully tie up Rachel. Porche, Jeff, Adam, or Kahlia will win the next comp based on who production tailors the competition for. Team DKP needs a fourth and I’m thinking Rachel or Adam based on how everything goes. Slop is doing Jordan’s body some good, just thought I mention that.


I’m confused about the bed situation. Why is everyone upset that Porshe and Kalia won’t share a bed?


They are upset because now Adam and Shelley has to share a bed.

Midwest Fan

I thought Shelley and Adam slept in Twin Beds.


It’s really not about them sharing a bed……neither wants to give up their double bed for R&B, thus forcing the couple to share a twin sized bed. Only one of them would have to move to the single bed in the spaceship room. Kalia has switched beds before, while Porche has been in the same bed since the beginning. It is unfair because two people have to squeeze into a bed meant for one person, two people are sleeping alone in double beds.


P haswbt won anything she is a floater she needs to step up or step out. Who cares about a bed she does nothing but eat in the house!

Not Meg

Jordan is truly dumber then a box of rocks. Everyone from season 11 should be even more embarrassed watching her this season play the exact same way. The only thing she does is sit and play with her hair….period, and she continues to stay. I think she’s sweet and all too, but for being so dim witted she should not be handed another 500k.


I really hope shelly wins POV. I want to see Jeff get backdoored sooooo badly this week. Actually I believe Dani needs to highly consider backdooring Jeff. If She leaves the nominations the same, then everyone will come to an agreement to most likely evict Shelly. but then Dani will have no way of knowing if this B/R deal is ligit. If she puts up Jeff, and tells B/R to evict him, if they do then that would pretty much show that they are true to this deal. If they dont evict him that will show that they still want to work with him and jordan. I have a feeling that evicting shelly could bring J/J & B/R closer. Im not sure though. And Dani is stupid to thing Brendon or rachel would get jeff out next week, they dont want the blood on their hands. GET JEFF OUT!!! its the smartest move and i believe it will show if B/R are true to the deal.


Love Jeff. He’s one of the best guys ever on the show. Always surprises me how people cheer for some of the nastiest people in the house. Why wouldn’t you want one of the nice ones win?

What is up with all the hate to JJ?

Couln’t agree with you more!!! I think that people like to see people suffer or humiliate themselves in television. It’s a sad commentary about society.


There’s nothing really nice about Jeff……….He’s awful to Jordan and thinks just because he’s JEFF he deserves to win…………..I think he’s the creepiest person on the show…………..Brendon and Rachel, say what you will, are very loyal………….i don’t see Jeff that way………I would also be very surprised if he stayed with Jordan after the show………….I’m hoping he gets backdoored.

Midwest Fan

I agree.
If Jeff wins BB, he will walk away from his phony J/J Showmance.

Public Relation Memo Release:
Big Brother Winner Jeff has announced he and his Showmance Romance
with former BB Winner, Jordan, is over.
“After two plus years, we realize that we will always be the best of friends
but it is time for us to go our separate ways.
LIfe changes. We want to thank all of our loyal fans.”

Mental Image of Jeff laughing all of the way to the bank …………….he finally
got what he wanted. $$$$$$$$$


LOL Jeff is not even attracted to Jordan anymore


really? well….I’m attractive to Jeff. Cuuuuuute!
The reason most of the female viewers even watch the show is bcuz of Jeff….although it would be nice for Dani to win without dad around.


Well I hope the nominations stay the same and shelly goes home cause she lies so much she makes baby jesus cry


Face it Eileen Wournos. You got caught in your lie web. It’s over, part of the game.


OMG, no you didn’t!! LOL!!! Waaaaaayyyy funny!


Lol thats what i called her the other day she looks sooo much like her


I don’t like shelly the rat king needs to go lol


If Jeff doesn’t play to win this veto, then he deserves to go home. Sayonara! I wrote up a big post last week about how keeping Rachel was bad for all parties, even the vets. I didn’t post it, but I had a strong feeling that RB would turn on JJ now. It makes game sense for RB, but they should have gotten rid of Rachel last week regardless of the twist.


Regarding kalia- if she hates hair so much and finds it disgusting when it’s every where I find it strange she was trimming her hair ends in the bathroom over the floor. Not over the trash or the sink over the FLOOR! Is she going to sweep? Then she moved out to the backyard and trimmed more. I don’t think she is going to clean it up she left it there to go outside and talk shit with Dani. When is kaila going to help clean anything? Does she? I’ve never seen her!!


Regarding kalia- if she hates hair so much and finds it disgusting when it’s every where. I find it strange she was trimming her hair ends in the bathroom over the floor. Not over the trash or the sink over the FLOOR! Is she going to sweep? Then she moved out to the backyard and trimmed more. I don’t think she is going to clean it up she left it there to go outside and talk shit with Dani. When is kaila going to help clean anything? Does she? I’ve never seen her!!

Midwest Fan

Shelley up early, as usual. Drinking coffee and smoking in BY ………
BB Door Opens – a Team of Medics arrive and escort Shelley off of the show.




Back door Brendon!!!!!!! Best scenario of the season for him to get evicted twice. Rachael will go ballistic and everyone should just stand by and watch, not baby her. She would go after Dani with a vengeance but no one will back her up, she would be fighting a loosing battle. That would make good TV. To see Jeff leave won’t stir up any commotion and make for good watching. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass Brendon!!!!!!! I hope Dani will back door him.


Would make good tv!


Been there, done that. We’ve already seen Rachel have her meltdown. It didn’t take long for her to get herself back together. So, I think it’s time for Jeff to get off his high horse and be put on the block and evicted this week. JJ think that just because Brenchel is there, no one in their right mind would put JJ up. News flash Jeff, you are a target because although you don’t win much, people are stuck up your ass and Team BRD want to put a stop to it.

team dkp

I want smelly to quit so bad, so Dani will have to put up either Brenda or Jeff.


Dunno why I’m so surprised but I still can’t believe Rachel. So fuggin ungrateful. She loses her man in the game, JJ hold her hand and wipe her ass for a week, and they get the house to band together to keep her. What does she do in response? Call JJ mean and team up with Dani to backdoor them. God, she’s such a dumb b*tch.


JJS didn’t know Rachael was listening; and R overhead JJS say that they were the final 3. So now Rachael does not trust JJS.
JJS were NEVER for R. They just wanted her around because they knew she would always be the greater target…….but then Dani’s team figured out about the Shelly liar….so now the entire game has changed and flipped.

Someone asked why has JJ not figured out about Shelly’s lies. The answer is because there is nothing for JJ to figure out or worry about as it relates to Shelly. Shelly is team JJ all the way. Shelly has been faithful to JJ….but she has played all the other house guests for the sake of JJ. So now Shelly is targeted by BRDKP.


Great assessment. Totally agree!


Give me a break jj are playing with shelly and adam not bren and rach. Only reason jj are not a target is bren and rach do all there dirty work and jj don’t give a rats ass about them. And yes they saved rach last week but the reaso why is so jjsa have the votes on there side. Say what u want about bren and rach but the bottom lines is jj are doing the same thing to bren and rac , there just waiting later to backstab. Great move for bren and rach there beating jj to the punch.


please not jeff or jordan’ how can dani be so stupid to even deal with rb. i do not want to believe it. down with rachel.


I think the only reason Dani might consdier RB is because she knows that Shelly is team JJ; and DPK don’t trust Shelly at all; therefore they won’t trust whoever side she is on. The only way that Dani would choose JJ over BR is if JJ threw Shelly under the bus. I would be really suprised if JJ threw Shelly under the bus; so then you have Dani alignig with RB. Dani DOES NOT trust RB, but right about now she does trust RB more than she trusts Shelly. This is what happens when you have a player (Shelly) trying to play both sides and then people start finding out……when this happens ……alliances start changing.


Oh god… Shelly acts like she’s mother Theresa when she’s really the most disgusting BB player this season. She really believes that Rachel is lying and that she is right. Someones going senile… ALZHEIMERS.


shelly is no better than DK


Let’s face it JJ are nothing without BR and even more nothing without shelly if shelly gets evicted JJ will just float out the house. If everyone is against JJ watch Julie go like America voted for u and Jordan to win golden keys to the final 3.


I agree that sending Jeff home does nothing for ratings except cause a bunch of people to stop watching and I doubt that CBS wants that. Good scenario with Brendon being BD this week causing Rachel to flip again and this time Jordan needs to stay away from her and not babysit her so everyone else can have a little peace. I’m sick of everyone saying Jordan is mean this season. If I had to deal with Rachel going nuts I would be miserable as well.


JJ are idiots if they are trusting and behind Shelly 100%. The only reason she’s so upset and crying is because she got caught with her lies. I’m so glad that most of the house has figured her all out. Although initially I would’ve said get BR or JJ out, I say she deserves to leave the house the most.


I am a little confused:
Dani is with Brendon and Rachel, final three deal.
Dani is with Jeff and Jordon, when two weeks in a row, J/J were targeting Dani.
Dani tells B/R that she is planning on backdooring Jeff.
Dani tells J/J that she is planning on backdooring Brendon.
So, who is she really working with? Are the vets still working together to get out all the newbies and then be the final five, then every person for themself? Hope someone out there has the answers.


I could be wrong, but I think Dani is working with BR, which I think is a great decision on her part because BR seemed genuine about a secret final 3. With realizing that JJS were completely against Rachel and finding out about Shelly’s lies, it’s a good move for BR to team up with someone strong like Dani. While BR can be terrible if they’re against you, I do give it to them that they’re loyal.
So now, Dani has BR and KP. If Shelly or Adam win, she’ll replace them with Jeff. Probably if she, Kalia, or Porsche wins, they’ll bring Adam to their side, and replace him with Jeff. With anyone else, the nominations will probably stay the same, and Shelly will go home.
I think Dani will be sitting pretty after this week. If Jeff goes home, the only people against her will be Jordan and Shelly.


Shelly was so happy that she worked to save Rachel and evict Lawon. Now Rachel is working to send Shelly home.

Am I the only one that thinks Rachel plays better without Brendon?


How do you figure she plays better this is by far the best move in BB history. What other option do they have. They no jj are playing with shelly and adam.


If they don’t BD Jeff this week JJ might win it all. Jeff feels he deserves to win BB. He goes ballistic when any mention of him on the block. If he’s backed doored he won’t have much time to degrade and punish Dani.


WOW, Rachel has short term memory loss. She (and Brendon) completely forgot what Shelly did for them last week.

Uncle Cool

Good bye Jeff or Jordan. That’s next.


i reallly do NOT like DKP
all they do is talk shit … and stay to them selves.
i mean i think they are almost as annoying as BR
i really do like JJA


Jeff & Jordan kissing?! Simon, on the screen shot #BB13-C3-8-13-2011-2_37_58.jpg: is that Jeff and Jordan kissing at night (lights off)?? Do we finally have evidence that this couple is actually a legit couple? Or is that another couple in the house, lol…


New DRINK Rule – every time someone says that the comments are worst this year then they have ever been (which we all know is not true – Natalie anyone?) It’s just another Jeff and Jordon fan upset that one of them is probably going home. yah think?


Hey Rockstar! You were a Nat fan if I remember correctly, right? With all due respect, I tried to like her but just could not 🙂 In that season I think my screen name here was Team Jeff or something. I changed it last year because it didn’t make sense but then I realized I didn’t want to change it every year b/c I got to “know” people on here. So in hindsight I should have picked a name not specific to any season….like Rockstar, lol. Who are you rooting for this year? Obviously not JJ 😉


haydenfan – I did like Nat and was one of the few fans. Every day for my one comment I would have 100 against her ripping her apart and crying about never watching BB and or contacting CBS because she was so horrid. It peeves me off when people have selective memory..

I’m on Team Dani. I was also liking Adam but he has disappointed me so much for doing nothing in the game.

I dislike JJ with a passion. I don’t understand it at all. Do you like them more this season or on their season? Don’t feel as if you have to hold back, I might get you in a headlock but I’m harmless. hahaha


rockstar, hmmm this season or last….Jeff is looking smokin’ hot with gray in his hair so I’m gonna say this season, lol. I don’t know really; he was the good boy down on the farm last time. So sweet and kinda naive about the game, BUT that is what screwed him in the end. This time he brought grenades with him instead of his blankey. Jordan is a bit toned down this season; she seems a bit more mature and not as ditzy, maybe that is because she doesn’t talk as much. She kinda keeps quiet and to herself.
I do like how in both seasons – they are not pawing all over each other and f*cking like rabbits. I think a constant need for physical affection is a huge red flag for insecurity. All in all, I liked Jeff better last time but I like Jordan better this time. Still a die-hard fan of both, though. Everyone in this house lies, cheats, steals (chess pieces lol), and gets angry. Kinda like the movie The Shining if you think about it.
I was liking Rachel when Brendon wasn’t in the house but this $hit about Jeff being mean to her and sexually molesting her or whatever while Brendon was gone disgusts me and now she can stfu and go die. 🙂


Your right, Rachael does play better without Brendon. She has her finger up his ass all the time when they are together, thinking about “how much she loves him” rather then playing the game. Now that he is back in the house she has turned her back on everyone but Dani. I hope Dani can take that finger out of the ass and send him home.


I’ve been lax in my comment moderation these last 2 days because of how busy we’ve been.. I’m just catching up on some people right now.



I totally agree with u DR. I’m team DANI all the way! She is playing a good game and basically gets along with everone…its the others who “dnt like” her. She is very smart…ad if Kalia was smart, she wud get over her “I dnt wanna be in Dani’s shadow” fit she’s been having and be a good ally for Dani cuz she is the only person in that house that has her back period.


CBS!!!!!!!Stop shoving four cameras on our faces with Cyberbating and Psycho R mounting and eating each other 24/7. Allison G. why don’t you go skype with Brendon since you already posted his dick while he was in the shower for all to see.
I am sure it’s hanging in your bathroom wall already. But, for Pete’s sake woman show us the other HGs for a change. And, don’t you dare to come up with another scheme to bring him back again. We gladly release him to you. Rachel will forgive you if you give her some cash and a cheap wedding dress.


Hey what did shelly mean by i say the tape?


Can someone experienced and who wqtches the feeds tell me who dani is planning on backdooring?!?! Brendon or jeff?