Big Brother – Shelly offers Kalia the “Key to the city” Keep Rachel Join JJR Kalia thinks its a good idea

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7:00pm hammock Shelly and Kalia Shelly is proposing they put up Porsche and get her out instead of Rachel. Shelly’s reasoning is this
a) the person evicted is coming back into the house
b) If porsche leaves and comes back she still has nobody and Kalia gains rachel
Of course Kalia doesn’t think rachel will not go back on her word and take out Kalia and dani. Shelly says she needs to have rachel swear on brendons’s life that if Kalia takes out Porsche this week then Dani and KAlia are safe next week. Shelly is relly pushing for Kalia to make a deal with rachel thinks it’s the only way to win this game. Shelly telling Kalia that she won’t win the game against dani but she will win against rachel and Shelly.

Shelly adds that Kalia will gain Jeff, Jordan, rachel, Shelly and Adam if you get rid of POrsche. The only person you piss off is Dani and Lawon. Kalia says she doesn’t care about POrsche and lawon will do whatever she says. Shelly: “you’re a good salesperson you can sell it to Dani. (Kalia is really buying or at least appears she is)

Shelly: “your 100% safe if you do this 100%.. I’ve sat out here and counted the votes this is you best shot”. Shelly also adds that it will give Kalia street cred in thh house and they will stop thinking Dani controls her. Shelly says that right now the public see’s Kalia as dani little puppet but if she makes this deal with rachel she will be seen as a major game player and everyone will go nuts (yes we will go nuts at your stupidity) Kalia is going to propose it to dani she really thinks its a good idea and is preparing her pitch with Shelly.

Kalia goes to talk to dani.. Shelly laughing on the coach about Kalia buying all this bullshit she just fed her..
(OMG Kalia is as dumb as everyone was saying)

7:25pm HOH Dani and Kalia

Kalia: “I’m going to tell you something and I want you to know that my ultimate goal is to have us both at the final 2”..
Kalia: “I sincerely think I found our key to the city.. I know you like and Porsche here but if I put Porsche up and she goes and rachel stays we can get rachel to swear on Brendon she won’t com after us next week”
Blank look from Dani. kalia explains further, If she comes back in the game and she comes back to play we have rachel and JJ gunning for us if we put up a floater JJ will stop gunning for us.. “every single day I hear something that Porsche is sayign that isn’t true.. I’m starting to worry about her”
kalia is convinced if they get rachel to swear on brendon that she’s not going to gun for them then they can both be safe from Rachel and if Porsche comes back they will still have Porsche.
Dani: “i’m going to straight up with you I am not going to work with her I do not trust her I am the person that killed brendon.. she told me and you that I was her number one target..”
Kalia: “It is risky pulling her out of the game this week because she’s coming back.. I had the wording confirmed in the DR”
Dani: “I can’t believe you are changing this up..”
Kalia says she was talking to shelly … feeds cut…
Kalia: “Rachel doesn’t have anyone.. she’ll take my deal”
Dani: “She has Jeff and Jordan”
Kalia says she doesn’t want Rachel to be coming back and then they have Jeff and Rachel coming after them.
dani: “why are you so scared of jeff… You said yourself that rachel is shitty at comps and Jeff is no allstar”
Kalia says she scared of Rachel coming back and they are coming after Dani, Kalia and Shelly she wants to cover her and Dani for the following week and insulate them from the effects of the twist.
Dani: “they are not coming after Shelly they are coming after you me Porsche lawon and then shelly… why do you think they are going after shelly”
Kalia: “I fell like i’m playing for you if we keep rachel in here and rachel isn’t gunning for us if she accepts the deal”
Dani: “literally throughout this game you’ve been really flip floppy.. it feel like you really want JJ to like you in this game on a personal level it’s pretty obvious”

Kalia: “I know it sounds crazy but its a way.. Rachel is going to do anything to stay in the game”
Dani : “obviously she’s going to go back on her word.. why do you think she won’t”
Kalia says they gain way more if they keep rachel they gain Jeff, Jordan and rachel.
Dani doesn’t think it’s that easy to gain JJR they play emotionally and will take out dani the second they can dani mentions that in one argument Kalia is certain rachel will win HOH and in another she’s certain she wont. dani says if rachel comes back from the tiwst she won’t win HOH so who cares if she’s gunning for us,

Kalia says it’s really hard to win this game with everyone gunning for them she doesn’t want to be fighting every week with JJR after them. Dani saying for the record what Kalia is proposing is a bad idea, “Kalia what have been saying since day one you get the strongest players out first to keep them around is stupid never once has anyone played that game you should know you’ve watched all 12 season”
Kalia: “whose to say your’e going to keep me around”
Dani: “what you don’t trust me know”
Kalia: “Yes I trust you….”

(kalia is doing a hideous job of convincing Dani, dani counters all of Kalia reasons with reality but Kalia is still hell bent on taking out Porsche this week, This will go down as the worst move in BB13 i’m loving it)
Dani: “Why didn’t I make a deal with brendon last week I took them him out and made a HUGE enemy.. and now you want to keep that person in the house”
Kalia says she is just trying to figure a different plan to get them to the end, “This is a huge game move”

Dani: “yes this is obviously a massive flip I know you have to shuffle your deck sometimes.. But what your proposing makes no senses and if you really think about it you will see”
Kalia: “It’s a big game move and it puts me in a really dope position ”
Dani: “no keeping rachel is the worst idea It puts me in the worst position”.
dani explains that the game doesn’t work the way kalia’s thinking she’s thinking they can make a deal
and keep them safe but you can never walk around here without someone coming after you.
kalia: “I don’t think it’s good to walk into next week with someone coming back and gunning for us”
Dani: “But you said yourself that Rachel can’t win anything and JJ are not coming after us you not making any sense Kalia”
Kalia mentions Shelly told her that they did the same thing in bb11 had one of the HOH’s useless and that is why chima flipped out, Kalia is worried that is happening this year.

Dani: “for the record I don’t see how Porsche being evicted will accomplish anything for us”.
Dani: “I’m telling you this… no matter what you say if rachel stays in this game it’s bad for me it’s not bad for you IT’S BAD FOR ME she will take me out you just wait”
Kalia: “I cannot get out of your shadow everyone thinks I can’t make my own decisions and now there is a move I can step out and do it on my own”
Dani: “If you’re telling me your doign this I’m telling you I will make my move and just because you put porsche up doesn’t mean porsche is going home”
Kalia: “then your saying you’ll not back my plan them”
dani “No.. I’m just saying I need to protect myself”

dani says they won’t see eye to eye on this so they need to take a step back and think about it because right now what Kalia is saying is bad in Dani’s eyes.

Kalia runs downstairs to grab Shelly and debrief her on this.

8:28 HOH Shelly and Kalia Kalia telling her that Dani isn’t crazy for the deal. Shelly says that Kalia needs to start playing for herself and leave Dani, Dani has nobody else she’ll come back..

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery

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Monika Wu

This is sooo awesome…drama….kalia..I have new respect for you as a strategic thinker..Dani is still playing an emotional game over Dom…this is getting good!!!


Really?! I just lost respect for her as a dumb thinker. Didn’t you see that pic of Shelly laughing on the couch. All the respect I gained from Kalia winning this HOH just completely went out the window. She is a spineless jellyfish afterall.


WTF!!! This is the WORSE POSSIBLE MOVE Kahlia could make!!!!! She’s being fed a huge pile of lies from Shelly the snake!! Kahlia is dead meat if she makes this deal and puts up Porcha. She is being conned. Shelley, JJ and Adam will vote out Porcha, keep R and then SJJA will put Dani AND KAHLIA up as they want both out and, don’t care who goes first. Either way Dani & Kahlia will be the next two to go if Kahlia puts Porcha up against R. Holy Shit Kalia, listen to Dani. K is about to make a HUUUUUGE mistake. K is sooooo being played!!!!


I agree with that. The guy writing this saying its a bad move… I dont understand that. This would be a great move and really, if you get rachel to swear on brendon she will keep her word. Plus, as I see it. The funniest outcome could happen. A floater leaves and Brendon comes back. Can you see dani’s face… LOL. I mean, I know BR can be kind of iratating but they make great tv and really. Does anyone really want Evl jr. to win this.


come on, its bad for dani.. it would be golden for kalia. especially if brendon comes back..


What do you mean? Are you watching? They are laughing at her. Shelly already said the he could do whatever next week when she was telling Jeff and he said that he would still put her up. Poor Dani is stuck with this fact cow with mush for brains. I bet Dani’s thinking that she should have stayed with the vets instead of joining forces with these two morons Lawon and Kalia.


Literally the dumbest move will always be marcellus not using the pov. This will be dumb but not the dumbest


Wow! I love you Dani and I love that you tried making big moves and had the guts to stand up to the power couples when no one else did, but right about now I wish you would have just stuck it out with them longer because all you have right now are gutless, useless, dumb, weak people.


I thought Shelly despised Rachel?


Wow shelly is trying to save Rachel, well even if she does get evicted hopefully she’ll just have to face Cassie and then she’ll just mosey on back into the house and Cassie can go home. 😉


Kalia is a moron


OMG!!!! Audrey II is totally falling for this ish. UNBELEIVABLE


Kaila is the biggest idiot


Bad idea!


Who cares if people think Dani is controlling you? It seems like you can’t do it right if Dani’s not controlling you…


Shelly is a genius and Kalia is an idiot…she might as well pack her bags now!!

Nicki Minaj



i know hate you for wanting rachel to stay you are SICK!!!


Dani is going to flip if Kalia actually does that…


i’m liking it! lol!


I love it!!!! Evil Dani and Kalia need to go…


Why do you think they’re evil?

Floata Hata

Dani is 100% right that Kalia wants JJ to like her in the game and that has been driving her thought process. I hope Kalia is desperate enough for JJ love to do this deal and that the more Dani pushes the more offended Kalia gets over being “controlled” by a puppetmaster.


awwww kalia just wants JJ to love her


HAHA this is brilliant!!!!!! If Shelly pulls this off I will have massive respect for her all of a sudden!!!!!!


I Agree!!


Shelly was brilliant. Made Kalia think what she wanted her to think, while having Kalia believe all that I came from her own head. This is why I like this game so much. Strategy and mind games.


I agree with you………..I would love it for Dannie to find out she is not so clever after all….She does believe she can lead them all astray…..Her hormones got to her with Dom……… ……Shelly is actually getting to be a bit more interesting……Her game is done through having others trust her but in truth she is ‘mother dearest’…love it…………. Hope to see Bredon back and have them all go crazy…………….Kalia is not too bright to change up now..(just can’t truly believe she will go with it)…I really don’t think anyone will trust her if she flip flops……but I would love to see it done………. The games a foot…………


someone evict dani soon…..


If Kalia goes through with this then she is a giant moron. Trying so hard to prove she isnt Danis puppet is gonna backfire so badly.


OMG i’m loving this……………….when is the veto ceremony ????





Rachel Is Boy George

sometime Monday afternoon

Rachel Is Boy George

lol I thought Kalia was making the dumbest move in bb history putting up lawon but this might take the cake!


100% agree!! Kahlia, listen closely as the fat lady is warming up the more you listen to Shelly the snake! Listen to Dani, you indecisive moron!!!!!


wow, shelly is good…..what a wedge she’s starting

Rachel Is Boy George

I dont think shelly is really smart, i just think the newbs they cast are the dumbest players in bb history, there has been players in the past that played shelly’s game and got caught, some people in the house are already on to her


i agree. ive found the earlier season people were more keen on figuring out others strategies and exploiting them. shellys time is coming soon, but then again, we may see how competitive she really is. (adam too)


Kool-Aid anyone?


And Matt from last season called himself a diabolical genius, WRONG– Shelly is a master manipulator, and you know what I’m jumping on the Shelly bandwagon. I want her to make it to final two! Kalia is worried about being Dani’s puppet yet she’s becoming Shelly’s, freaking epic. I wish this Kalia/Dani fight was bigger and Kalia used Dani as the replacement nominee and she left. Dani is a hypocritical brat who thinks she’s superior to everyone else in the house, she’s just as bad as Jeff.

Floata Hata

Now that…would be sweet

team shelly

I agree


straight shooter is making moves


Wow… Wow… Wow… Kalia is sooooooo retarded…. Shelly really just might win this game if these newbies actually listen to her…. Wow…


Wow, Kalia went from smart player to complete idiot in 2 seconds. I have to give Shelly props, maybe she’s the middle aged, female equivalent of Dr. Will. Very manipulative, yet can talk her way out of almost anything. We’ll see if it backfires…


Here the easy part Kaila. Put Team Bacon in there and Rachel will go home and Come Back.


Adam looks like Frank Langella. The from the movie The Box with Cameron Diaz.


Shelly playing some mad game tonight – BBAD should be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so looking forward to Dani being vulnerable again and to see how she is going to battle it out.

Fuzz Capone

Kalia is a moron she wants JJ to like her so much and it’s gonna get her evicted , I hope DOM comes back in so Dani can ditch her dumbass shes so stupid.

Vote DOM or else you’ll be sleeping with the fishes!!!!!

Karen S

abso freaking loutely Fuzz! It’s so obvious… Kalia.. is way messing up, throwing Dani under.. just like JJ/BR did. Dani will not stay loyal either.. and she’s the one that’s helped Kalia until now. Dani again will be on her own. Can’t stand Shelly… not even a little bit. please please…. someone save her from the ignorance… watching MoB movie weekend.. and wondering if you watched any of these movies.. vs all the BB’s… you’d understand..everyone is your enemy and all are your friends.. when they need it most. ugh~~~~~~~ puke…….. and I fear Dani is pissing in the wind.


That picture of Shelly is priceless. The sky is the limit for her as far as being one of the best ever in my opinion.

Everyone says why can’t the house-guest separate the game from personal issues and Shelly is able to do that. Just look at her DR’s. She is not like Dr. Will who laughed at the people in his DR sessions.

Karen S

Edit…. edit.. you know how many hours of DR’s they take.. and how much they use? good grief! The brenchel wedding has not gotten any cbs time at all.. geeze I wonder why? cuz we’re all puking already? think think? lol


Kalia is buckling under peer pressure like a 13 year old to a pack of Marlboros in 1959.

I can’t believe to avoid being called one of Dani’s puppets, she is going to turn her back on her only true ally in the game and keep three people who will be gunning after them.

Karen S

hitting the non existent “LIKE” button!


oh shit, take the deal kalia, pls do so rachel can stay…good job snake shelly lol


Ok did Dani really tell Kalia that you never keep the strong players in this game? Does she not think she’s a strong player? Why should Kalia keep Dani then?


Because Dani will carry her to final 3 as long as she doesn’t do this crappy move.


Jordan probably be in final 3 with Jeff and Shelly. That’s great, Probably Kaila should make more mistake.


All I can say is wow!!!! Dani now needs to really take in what she just heard and play nice fo now so she does not get put on the block and come next week end her ties w/ Big Booty.

Floata Hata

I’m another one who will be Team Shelly if this goes over. There’s something that already cracks me up about what a two headed snake she is.


Shelly is a snake. I disliked her since day one. She’s been backstabbling everyone since she got into the house. Perhaps if she wasn’t so macho she would be more likeable. I can’t believe she is married with a child, unless her “husband” is the same sex.


Come on guys! There is no need for bashing like this.


doesn’t shelly bat for the same team ? I wondered if her husband was “woMAN” too. after all gay marriage is legal now. (I think) and why is that bashing, saying someone might be gay. is being gay a bad thing then 🙂


We saw shelly’s husband on episode one along with her daughter. How is insinuating she is a lesbian not bashing her?


I can’t believe Kalia would fall for this she is so stupid. Please Please Kalia put someone who will make Racher leave.


Shelly has been waiting for this moment. If she pulls this off it will shake Dani off Kalia, Can’t wait.


Kalia already burnt her bridge with Jeff and Jordan…. She’d told her straight up… Your my number 1 target…does she think
For a second that if she made this deal with Rachel/ shelly… that JJ will accept??? No way… If Jeff hadn’t won the veto??? Then what??? She’s sooooo screwed if she takes this deal…. Dumb… Dumb… Dumb move:-)))


Oh shit yo………no more team Dani yo………….WTF



Yes team dani cam survive this! Here’s a positive scenario…..
Porsche evicted, battles Dominic to stay in the hous, Dom wins obviously….. Back to TEAM DOMIELLE YO!!….. except now they know that Kalia is a moron so Dom uses and abuses her as he decides who to nominate….. Rachel is evicted, Shelly gets exposed because Kalia loses her mind when she realizes that JJR really doesn’t care about her…. Power slowly gets all jumbled up
YAY!!! lol


I’m totally Team Dani but we’ve got to get votes for DOM.


Kalia what are you doing?!! You’re screwing over your side of the house and yourself!


Baahahhahaaahaha I’m starting to like Kalia a little more now! Ahaahaaaha Team JJR!!!


Kalia is so stupid. Who cares if J/J likes her or not? Poor Dani!

I really dislike Shelly and hope somebody calls her out on her ongoing BS!


What an idiot. I can’t believe anyone is listening to shelly. I thought they were starting to figure her out


Lol… 100% sure Dani wants to punch her right now… Lol… :-))


How can Kalia be so smart to put up Rachel and Jeff, then be so stupid to listen to Shellys b.s.? If I were Dani it would be time for a T.K.O. Sorry Kalia….. DONKEY PUNCH TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! Lol.


everyone wants to punch her in the back of the head. she sucks.


Dom needs to come back to get Dani, some help. Kalia’s dumbass isn’t real help and Dani goes back to target #1 , I now hate Kalia


OOHHHH MYYYY GAAAAAWWWWWDDDD Kalia is GENUINELY the biggest BB moron, and Dani truly truly is getting the shaft in BB13!


Shelly for the win. She has this whole house fooled. They say she is playing both sides yet no one has tried to get rid of her. I vote Shelly for BB13 winner


WOW Shelly all the way ,this is getting good i love it


At first, I didn’t like Shelly. But wow, she’s such a good liar and manipulator. EVERYONE trusts her. EVERYONE believes she’s on their side. Has anyone ever been that good? I’d hate to compare her to Dr. Will… but wow. She’s good.


Hahaha where are all the Dani lovers at on this topic? they sure do run when the ice queen or her minions make dumb moves.notice how that whole convo between Dani and Kalia was all about Dani…me,me,me good move for you,bad for me…….that’s all she is about,she will use and abuse anybody to get what she wants.It’s not your HOH bitch…’s Shirls from whats happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


no moves have been made yet! just all talk. I think in the end kak will stay withdaniyell


What do mean? The Dani lovers are all here commenting on how dum Kalia is.


Shelly seems to be able to explain her self out of every angle she pulls………. I will definitely have more respect for the gal if she can pull this latest one off……Ole ‘Dan-yell’ seems to be in a bit of a panic ………. Her true color are coming out…….. Kalia is starting to see its all about ‘Dan-yell’ But still can’t believe that Kalia will do as Shelly wants……. One can only wish at this point…………………


why dont dumb ass kaila make a deal with rachel that shes a pawn and she will want adam out. so that way she will act shock when rachel leave


And at the wrap party, I’m personally going to hand her a Tshirt with that picture above of Shelly laughing.


I’ll make you one too Simon. On the back it’ll say…. you guessed it…. “Shootin Shit Straight”