Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel wants her Stuffed Dog back Jordan wants the coup d’état

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7:40pm Living Room Shelly, Prosche, Kalia and rachel rachel comes out and wants them to give her back her stuffed dog. SPK says they don’t have it. Rachel is getting annoyed called them childish says that this has nothing to do with game this is a personal item and she wants it back. SPK again says they don’t have it. Rachel looks at Shelly asks her where it is, Rachel says that Dan told her Shelly knows. Shelly says she doesn’t have a stuffed dog. Rachel pleads with them says it was given to her from her mother it’s all she has left in the house. Rachel: “Shelly you’re 41 year old this is immature.. POrsche I know you hid Quakers”

SPK stick to the story… Rachel tells them to just leave it in the storage room when they are done with it. Rachel leaves.

SPK all say they’re done with Rachel shit.. Kalia says it’s lame everyone hiding stuff.

talking about Jeff’s applauds not being as loud as Dani’s..

8:00pm Purple Room Adam and Porsche
Adam says he felt sorry for Jordan because her boyfriend left the game.. HE would feel sorry anyone in the house. Porsche tells him that she hasn’t been happy with the choices adam has made in the game.. Twice now he’s voted with the other side. Adam stumbles about with JEff gone the lips are sore from being ripped off of Jeff’s butt. Adam essentially says he didn’t trust Lawon or dani so that is why he voted them out. Porsche still doesn’t understand why would he keep a strong Player like Rachel and a 100% none threat like Lawon. Adam sticks to his story.

8:09pm JR Jordan saying it’s not fair Jordan and Big JEff trusted Shelly and she went against them. She never wanted to be on this Stupid Show.

8:34pm Bedroom Jordan and Rachel still sad.. Jrodan wants America to vote and give them a power.. They slowly start to talk Game again. Jordan wants to know where Adam is. Rachel says he’s in the kitchen laughing and hanging out with there’s of them, “He’s reading Kalia’s HOH letter.. You know he knew the answer to that first question” (In the HOH comp) Rachel: “He’s so scared to make a move” Jordan: “We’ll if I win HOH i’ll make a statement”

(Looks like Jordan’s spirits have lifted.. she’s ready for the HOH)

8:40pm Kalia and Adam talking about the grayed out pictures on the memory wall.
Adam says it looks like a pentagram. (Prior Kalia had received her HOH basket and Letter)

8:53pm HOH COMP underway

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I haaaate Shelly!!!! How the f dors she think shes going to look?!?! She’s a bigger b**** than Rachel!!!


Shelly sucks I disliked her from day 1


I agree whole-heartedly! Shelly would be FLIPPING OUT if someone hid the stuffed dog her daughter gave her! It’s so stupid, childish, and makes them (SDKP) look like the petty little mean girls they are!

I am SO DISCUSTED with Shelly, saying JJ were between her family and the money. Of all the people in the game SHE makes a 6-figure salary & doesn’t need it! Every single little thing she said about her character she personally shredded to bits! There’s no loyalty, honor, truthfulness, or decency to her! I understand its a game, but I think you go into it with that mentality and DON’T try to sell yourself as this decent good person (so you don’t look like a lying hypocrit later)! At least Dr. Will was always honest & upfront about it with other houseguests…they just failed to take him seriously because he said it with a chuckle in his voice!

I hope Shelly realizes the shame she brought to her husband and daughter by touting herself to be one person and showing she was another. (Although, I still can’t believe she’s straight and married!)


I totally agree about Shelly! I know it’s a game but don’t be acting like you are this great person who is going to play an honest game for her daughter and then be the biggest backstabber in the game! She makes me sick and I hope she goes soon!


Lol! That’s impossible!!!


ok honestly ppl how can any of you sit here and talk about how jeff is a liar and what not and pull for dani when she is one of the worst bb players ever!!!….if you idiots recall she tried her best to backdoor jeff…which for you retards means she went against her aliance…and it failed…this was just a little payback from jeff…and seriously? youre tryin to bring down jeff when 2 years ago when he played he was voted by america to be the favorite houseguest…come on now


Anyone for Team JJ are the idiots out there. Jeff couldn’t learn his lesson from Season 11 and made the same mistakes this season by teaming with people that can’t win. Jeff got exactly what he had coming. And Jordan, wow, you’re lack of class is now as obvious as your lack of intelligence.


She is going to be known as the biggest lire in big brother, her daughter will make her write, I will not lie a million times!!! That’s all she’s really good at at this game.




Shelly hasnt worked anything, except having her head up everybody’s butt, no side is gonna take her anywhere! Except out the door I hope next! Dani played a good game, you knew she was a player, Shellys weak and a suck up to whoever looks like their ahead, that aint game, thats a brown noser!


The reason Shelly pisses me off, and I feel like others would agree…the reason is because she is a sanctimonious hypocrite. No one really blames her for lying. If you put all the fandom aside, there is not a single cast member who has been completely honest in the game. However, Shelly decides to take it upon herself and up the ante by being the “mama” of the house and telling any and everyone how honest she is. Shelly loves to make it known how much she hates liars. Shelly makes it known which people in the house are “horrible” human beings. Then Shelly makes it a point every week to mention she would NEVER do any of those things as if they are so much beneath her.

Now the reason BB is such a great show is because it brings out human nature, and at one point or another each house guests has made one or more of any of those transgressions previously mentioned. However, the other house guests embrace the nature of the game and respect it where as Shells frowns upon it habitually, shuns it, reiterates she’d never in a million years act “that way” and then acts “that way” any way, week after week, after week.

No one is saying Shells shouldn’t lie because she should, and if you want to win you do it often. The reason it becomes a problem in the game is when you habitually act as if your above it.


It’s a game! And no, Rachel is the biggest lier & Jeff!


you bet she is, and I’m loving every minute of it. Go Shelly!!


I also agree with jj being such hypocrites! Am I the only one to remember and hear them talk about everyone single hg in there? They say, ” ______” is such a floater, brenchel is such a b$&?@, shelly is a loser, Adam sucks, etc. Does that make them sweet and innocent? I don’t get you jj lovers! Every single hg in bb has lied! Am I the only one to see the flashback of jeff saying dani is good with them, and they won’t put her up? “oh so sweet Jordon” talking trash and cussing the others Inc Rachel.then they ddont even vote for their “alliance” b/c it would ruin their game?!!! SO THAT is THE person with all the integrity, compassion, kindness??? Well, I’d rather take my chances with someone like Dani or Por b/c at least they tell it like it is straight up. I really don’t get you people who still love jordon after all she has said and done in this game. Obviously you only hear what makes her seem nicer. And “Big Jeff”- what kind of person calls himself that????

chief c

its a joke dumb ass and adam called him that first hey dani is out jeff is out so on with it i dony like shelly play at all she took the dog first childish she gotta learn was what shelly said my question is learn what bitch mama


Get rid of Jordan, that useless freeloader.


Jordan is the most sincere person this BB show has ever had!! Free loader…I think not – she will persevere after the back stabbing Shelly voted Jeff out. Shelly what a loser—really??? Does your husband trust you?? I know this is a game but play with the morals and values that you told America you had and that you want your daughter to see!!!! Funny how $$ makes people change…don’t think it has ever changed Jordan!! Oh yeah…the phone call home…came from the SINCERE player in the house — as a mother, I’m embarrassed for the way you have now chosen to play the game!


The big mistake that Jeff made was calling out Shelly on her wishy-washy playing style. If he had just left it alone, knowing that’s what she’s doing, she might have voted to evict Rachel, since she can’t stand her. But no, he blew it up, and pissed her off, therefore, she voted him out because she was pissed.


It’s funny to me how Shelly talks about setting an example for her daughter and not lying, etc… She is the biggest hypocrite. I am from Baton Rouge, LA and I am ashamed that she is from this great city. I want to throw up every time I see her in the purple and gold of LSU. I hope she gets sent packing soon.


You “sure” Shel-man “has” a “c@#t..I’m thinking she “was” a he. Look at that (ugg) face..she/he has been sucking on those coffin nails for tooooo long..her/his face is caving in on it-self. What a goood role model for her daughter….NOT!


I have to agree shelly may have made a big move but she lost any respect she may have had left. She is a huge Hypocrit. She blames rachel when she got caught lying and called rachel a bitch. I’m not gonna argue Rachel ain’t no angel by a long shot but dont cry about how honest u r when u are doing much worse than rachel ever was. She must be a cut throat business bitch. I have no respect for her and I’m not buying her tears. I didn’t see the blow up with Jeff or when Jordan stood up to her but I am so proud of Jordan. She will not win (shocker) bc she will turn on more people before this game is over (awkward). I can’t wait to see her join the jury house.


Agree! Dani was the best player & she had to play without a partner, unlike the other veterns. Jeff is nothing but a bully! Was so glad to see Jeff go……..yeah : ) Now, Rachel, you are next!!!


JJ fan… Rachael or Jordan needs to knock out these newbies who ain’t doing nothing like Adam and shelly but Shelly 1st


no no u keep Sss because she sucks at comps. Get the doffy blonde peterbilt out first. Drag sss to final three.


How could they make Jeff go out b4 newbies who hasn’t done sh**


Because he was a threat to others winning the game and he wasn’t on their side. Doesn’t that make sense?


Why keep him? He never sticks to what he says. Shelly does the same, but no one seems to call out “big Jeff” – crazy!


If he’d kept Dani then he’d still be there. His mistake again. He did the exact same thing in his season. He got out a strong player then he followed right behind them…… funny! He even question the decision before it was final, so he got what he deserved!


I love it!!!! Haha JJ fans!!!


only a loser would be happy a whole bunch of losers.

BT smurf

Jordan and rachel are sucks. They can dish it out but cant take it. Jordan is the biggest floater she cant do anything without jeff.


its so funny when people say that, because she won the game!there only downfall was trusting the she man shelly.




Rachel should have been there for Jordan like Jordan was for her, but no….Rachel cries OH POOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agree! She does nothing but complain & she is lazy & a spoiled brat! The only HOH she has won was thrown to her! It’s hard to believe she doesn’t remember that.


So pathetic taking/stealing a stuff animal. Effin cowards!
Shelly have some integrity in your game play.. Pat yourself on the back, sleep well!




I applaud shelly’s move to evict Big Jeff it was the only rational play–if u r n it to win it. And any BB fan has to respect the KP comp victories. You JJ fans only want what’s good for JJ


Shelly has won my respect just for finally standing up for her family, finally! She finally figured out that this is a game and not the Jeff & Jordan show!


Is it true that Porsche won HOH??? Dude wtf is going on in that house!!!!






I understand that the objective of the game is to win but at what cost? How can someone turn on ppl that have been so loyal to them?! Shelly is such a snake. She will not win. Even if she makes it to final two, would it have been worth it? How the hell can someone like that sleep at night?! She hasn’t even won anything. All she does is smoke and lay out in the sun. All that sun is making her skin look like a worn out leather purse. She’s the Freaking color of coca-cola and her posture is similar to”Mr.Burns” off the Simpsons!! What a freaking sociopath. And I can almost swear that b%$#! pees standing up!!! The real reason she voted out Jeff is because he has a bigger penis than she does.


You are SOOOO funny and SOOOOO right! Her lieing,back-stabbing face looks like it is imploding!!!! I don’t see how Shel-man can think she is such a perfect role model and mother. She (?) is a mother alright..a mother-@#$%er!


Simon when is the hog comp???


So Porsche won the HOH??!


What a lovely night: Big Jeff going home, Porsche winning HOH, JR pity-party (“Boohoo, I didn’t wanna come back, I only came back because my (greedy) man wanted to”). Jordan even implicitly acknowledged that if it weren’t for the coup d’état, she’d have never won. Now JR are appealing to America’s love: well, only a handful of people are still drinking the JJ KoolAid, my dear! See ya in jury house.

Team Porsche FTW!

Rachel's shrink

Dude…that pic of Adam the brown noser is frickin hilarious!


I cant stand shelly, and the fat ass porshe. Porshe thinks she looks good lol lol. Rachael needs to win something. Porshe looks like she gained 50 pounds all in her thighs and her stomach. If rachael and jordan leave i am going to stop watching./


As a woman that appreciates a nice ass on a woman (makes your clothes look sooooooo much better – pay attention to that sometime and you would stop all the nice ass hate – have you ever seen a woman that looks like an ironing board from behind – if I were a designer I would be mad if such a woman put on my fashions with an ass that didn’t show the actual design of the clothing – I digress) – Porsche is the best looking woman left in that house – she is a natural beauty – have you noticed how she looks without make-up???!!!

Porsche for the win…


And Porsche needs to quit wearing those sweats where you can see every dimple in her ass!!


ugghh!! I HATE SHELLY. I CANT STAND HER. I wish she woluld leave already, i dunno why jeff and jordan even trusted her. shes always sucking up to the hoh of the week and cnt win a competition if her life depended on it.. None of these floaters deserve to win.

Nick B

Jeff followed Dani right out the door! So called it!

Roll Dog



So, I know that she would nominate among Jordan, Rachel, and Adam. I think that next week is another double eviction. If it is Jordan and Rachel, I would be glad.

Jordan already won Big Brother 11 and Rachel does not deserve to win at all.


it doesnt make sense that shelly would do that do jj after everything. jordan was stuck in a humilitard for a week so she could do something nice for shelly and how does she repay her? by sending her boyfriend home. im sure her daughter is proud of her


Jeff said that It wasn’t a bad move to backdoor Dani. Look what happened to you know deuchbag. The last eviction has Dani’s fingerprints all over them. KP sticking to their word to avenge Dani. Apparently if Jeff didn’t backdoor Dani he would still be in the house. So long Big Joke!


Hey Shelly, as soon as you get home. I need you to write one million times ” I am the biggest liar”
I am so disgusted at you, great job Shelly., you’re daughter is sure to learn alot from you.
She is probably going to be a liar just like you.

Tekilla sunrise

Am I the only one who thought Jeff calling Rachel “that” and saying that he molded her was uncalled for? he said something like ”Are you going to keep THAT over me? ” …can we say superiority complex


Last night sucks. If Jordan or Rachel leaves so am I too. Not worth watching evil liars playing. Not fair! Go JR FTW!


If I was Adam…Jordan..and racheal….everytime i used bathroom would piss on the floor…and then afterwards keep telling shelley..hey go clean up the bathroom…you she/he dude…oh and smoke another one..


Sucked that Dani got evicted, but loving the fact that Jeff followed her right out the door. Now with Porshe having HOH Jordan or Rachel are going home this week. Hopefully Rachel, she’s the bigger threat competition wise… Jordan is pretty much useless.


Ya it sucks big jeff got shafted, Shelley forgot it was a game and she still can compete to “win” the top seat instead of flip flop floating there. She was guaranteed a final 4 spot if she would have stayed with jeff but she bleeeeewww it. Lets see where she ends up now.


Don’t you all remember Shelly saying that if she got to final 2 or 3 she would want a youngster to take the $$$ because she was financially set? She was spouting that garbage and JJ trusted her. We expect that people will and have to lie or at least deceive in this game to win – thats BB. But, Shelly’s character is horrible and I can’t believe she made such a bad decision to show her true colours on this show when she holds the position at work that she does…bad judgment…she must be really high on herself to think she could go on the show and then make the excuse afterwards that it was all for BB. She is an ugly, dangerous soul.

It’s funny b/c a week ago I hated Shelly, but ?her now:) Finally someone saw the light. Good effort to Dani for helping them see that everyone was putting BB13 in JJ pockets (again) !! Shelly made a smart move and Kalila has proved that she belongs in the BB house. Lets see what happened from here. Def Adam is the worst BB player and Jordan goes down as the biggest floater in BB history


Rachel can still win these competitions and Jordan doesn’t do well at the physical competitions but she USUALLY does well at the questions. I pray another power comes in to save these two. I didn’t like Rachel last year but you can see she’s trying much harder at her social game this year. And she CAN win POV and remove herself. Jordan will be fine with going home. I do NOT want Shelly to win this game. Just as J/J are beloved Shelly will find herself hated. Wait til she finds that out and realizes karma is a bit*h.

C’mon BB producers….let America vote for a power to give our vets to help them win!



Shelly got all my respect now..

GO shelly… she proved to be a player there, diferent than Rachel

Go Shellyy


Shelly and Porsche do not deserve to win BB. Shelly is the biggest liar ever, its a shame JJ trusted her. Porsche is so dumb and that is probably why DK have her on their side. If Shelly worked for me I would fire her because I now know what kind of person she is. A big fat liar who will trust her. And her husband should go back to work the kid is in school.


I agree the lazy lie-about. Shelly probably keeps him for her housewife since she’s such a dike dude/


Shelly could of been aligned with jja Now after r shes the next one out. She is so stupid. The shows gonna suck when r gone.


I would love nothing better than to see Rachle win this I may not like her as much as you all think but I think she plays a btter game not a great character but a better player than the ones left. They are all running on Danielle’s instruction they can’t even think for themselves. Kalia, maybe someone should tell her that dani and Porshe were throwing her under the bus. None of them think for themselves except Rachel no matter what you say she deserves it more than anyone left. Shelley I hope you get your comupins you deserve it.


Good Job Ladies………..Jeff strutted around as if was the ‘king of the castle’……..hope that teaches him a lesson……he cannot go around intimidating people to get ahead, not everyone is Jordan………Jordan you are very sweet and very dumb


I think there is abit of a TYPO in your statement.Rachel was an is handling things WAY better then Jordan.She is the one calming Jordan down she pulled Jordan away befor she could deck Shelly in the face ps FLASHBACK CAM 4 7:05 pm and watch the trailer park come out in Jordan I LOVE ANGRY Jordan lol Then Rachel is the one gving pep talks about well we lost Jordan we have to try so please correct that comment racial gets enough flack on this site for once she is walking away with positive actions and yet I read she is the one reacting the worse.VERY WRONG.


Tell us morer please


shelly is disgusting. she looks like a man…she’s way too orange and i understand ‘game play’ but what she did was just horrible…its disgusting how as soon as kalia won hoh shelly raaaaaan to her..ew…


For all you jj LOVERS…..I was a fan of jj, until this season. LITTLE Jeff was so self entitled this year. Dude thought bullying would work and it back-fired. As for Jordan. She is BY FAR the BIGGEST floater….(well, her and Adam). She hasn’t won ANYTHING this season, NOTHING. All she does is complain when things don’t go her way. Stop it jj fans, call it what it is….Jeff is GONE and Jordan SUCKS. Oh, an the way she talked about Dani (when she wasn’t around her) calling her all those name….Americas sweetheart MY ASS!!!!!!


Jeff screwed up by evicting Dani….i think she would of helped him in his game….but he got what was
coming to him. As for the other “ladies” kaila kicked ass and won HOH fair and square….along with Porsche on POV….Rachel is a pouty baby and Jordan….I mean what can you about Jordan….she is a sore loser, boring, stupid……It’s a freaking game people….to win 500,000…of course you’re gonna lie….I hope they evict Rachel, leaving goldilocks to freak out….then get rid of her and Adam…


I need to know how many people actually pay for this BB s!@$ isn’t tv enough?


Hey guys, ease up on Shelly. I’m glad that she took out Jeff because I think he’s a douche anyway, and Shelly went on team Danielle before she was evicted so i’m actually rooting for her to take out floater Jordan and (ACTUAL) player Rachel


Shelly made a big move, yes, but she also showed that u cannot trust her as far as her broom reaches. Really shelly u mustn’t be a good housewife if u have to sweep the same spot for an hour/ r u spying? SHOCKER. Thing is I think she may have made it to final 3 with JJ. But by flipping she guaranteed she lost 4 votes in jury. If Rachel n Jordan go which I think may happen. As for JJ badgers Jeff played the same way dani did but with more class. He was vague when talking to others and never made deals and backed out of them. He did what dani did to him and look where it got both of them, so it’s tit for tat. Id hate to be dani right now. Guess what the 3 strong players r in jury bc they couldn’t trust each other. Shelly lost lots of respect crying about not being a lying did she really think we won’t notice her lies. If we did watching clips what about those who lived w her. I can wait for her to be voted out