Big Brother 13: Dani is avoiding BR and Adam makes a HUGE Game move decides to use the POV on himself

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6:40pm HOH Dani and Adam Adam comes in tells her he’s using the POV but wants to warn her that Rachel is going to put her and Kalia up.

adam goes on about how much BR have been pushing him for their vote. Dani says she’s a bazillion times sure that KP will vote out Brendon. Adam is still nervous because if he goes and votes out Brendon and Brendon stays then he’s screwed. Dani explains to him that there’s nothing for him to Worry. adam really pushes for Rachel to go up says that she’ll be after DK. Dani isn’t worried about Rachel because with Brendon gone she’ll be a disaster.

Adam continues about how dangerous BR are in the game, he feels with the 2 of them together they will win HOH and POV’s back to back and clear out the house. Dani says that BR are the biggest liars in the house, even right now she’s catching them all in lies and she’s about to call them out on it.

Dani: “I swear on my life you can ask KP they are nervous about you” adam understands wants her to now that he’ll vote out Brendon but doesn’t want to be screwed after (Like he screwed DKP last week)

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About 5 minutes after Adam leaves rachel and Brendon head up to HOH they knock on the door but Dani doesn’t answer.. Brendon is nervous you can hear his voice waver he says things like “Don’t worry baby maybe she’s in the bathroom.. Don’t worry baby I told her we’ll go up tonight and talk.. Baby it’s ok she’s probably listening to music or sleeping”

they head downstairs…

7:00pm Porsche takes a dip in the hotub before she goes to workout.. BR playing pool. (rachel being very friendly to Adam…) Adam in the hammock doing his “Philip” character (it’s pretty funny)

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7:30pm Jeff, Shelly and Jordan in the bathroom gettign ready for the night of nothing

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7:36pm Quad KP walking laps around the back yard chatting about random shit… Porsche is telling them about the origins of her last name.. BR are playing pool and a few people on the backyard couch.

KP also mention that this week is endurance Porsche: “Thursday is endurance we gotta build up stamina” Kalia: “i know i’m board.. ”

8:05pm Porsche, Kalia DA HUT and Rachel Working out.. nothing but chit chat

8:10pm Backyard Shelly and Dani Shelly bashing BR for being so wasteful with their food, Saying in her household they would never wast food like that know that there’s so many people out there that are going hungry.

Shelly: “God I’ve seen a whole new side of you i’m just amazed”
dani: “Like what”
Shelly explains that everyone in the house is saying how Dani is all wires and circuitry but Dani actually has a huge heart and Dani has shown that to Shelly these last 2 days (Shelly is back shooting straight.. took less than 24hours)

Dani mentions that she was up in the HOH listening to music and she heard a BANG BANG BANG like someone walking away so she checked out the HOH TV and it showed BR walking away, “I was like Ohh damn I just missed them” Shelly: “OOhhh Shit”. Dani knows she’s going to get it tonight from them, she says she ready for it.

Dani brings up her conversation she had with Adam and how she told him that she’s never steered him in the wrong direction.
Porsche and Rachel join them.

8:36pm random joking around coming from Jeff, Adam, Rachel and dani.. (Mostly Adam/Jeff) tlaking about clown porn, Jeff giving Adam a hard time saying Adam likes his wife to wear a strap on… etc etc. Shelly joins them shoots straight tells them she wants to win HOH so she can get a new sweater.

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159 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Dani is avoiding BR and Adam makes a HUGE Game move decides to use the POV on himself

  1. this is what i dont get . the alliance of JJBRAS they controll who goes home so it doesnt matter who dani puts up. If she puts up jeff he is not going anywhere Jordan Br and A will vote for him to stay. If she puts up B or R only thing jeff has to do is convince A to vote for shelly to leave and thats it. SO i really think SHelly is going home

      1. Agreed 100%. At the beginning of the game.. I liked Shelly. But now.. I just can’t stand her. She’s the one spreading all the lies.. and although I’m not Rachel’s biggest fan.. it’s kinda making me mad that Rachel is the one getting the backlash of all of Shelly’s lies and rumors. The “Straight Shooter” needs to go.

      2. I was indifferent about her. Thought she was playing the game hard, but I just had other people I liked more, but after seeing the diary sessions… wow! Even in the DR she acts like she’s innocent.

        1. I hate her not because she’s a liar but because she’s just a J/J fan and she followed them around like an idiot even at the expense of her own game and took up a perfectly good spot for another contestant. Also… I’m inherently disdainful of anyone supposedly making 6 figures a year who is willing to leave their child for 3 months during Summer vacay to go play on big brother and just hang around with psuedo celebs… Lets say she makes 160 she just lost 40 grand and perhaps even sullied her reputation in order to hang around with Jeff and Jordan???? What a loser. Worst mother ever. Can you imagine your mother saying sorry I want to go hang out with those reality stars I love so much and help them win some more money. Seeya in 3 months.

            1. Umm I’m pretty sure that’s not what I said… but no a mother should not leave their 4 year old for 3 months without a very good reason and hanging out with Jeff and Jordan is not a good reason…

              1. I concur tj, she’s just plain annoying and for her to say she went to the BB13 interview as a joke makes me hate her lying azz even more. She’s taking up space for someone who really want’s to be there. Another sick lie (telling JJ that she want’s to see them win!) that has me asking JJ why do they even entertain this stupid bytch? Who in their right mind would believe such a load of bullshyt?? Vote shelly “bag of bones” out.

      3. i feel like if she wasnt in the diary room crying about how she plays the game honestly i would like her. like you lied get over yourself its part of the game. if she would just admit shes lyin then i could respect her game more

    1. B/R may have an alliance with Dani.
      J/J may have an alliance with Dani.
      One of them does for certain.
      IMO, if there is a secret alliance it is Dani, Brenden and Rachel.
      If Jeff goes up then he heads to the Jury House.

      1. If D put up Jeff against S, D could get BR to prove they are truly aligned now with her by voting out Jeff. BR “THINK” D just proved her loyalty to their (so called) new alliance by putting up S & A so, if D was smart, she’d put up Jeff & tell BR she now wants them to prove their loyalty to her by voting out Jeff. D could also try to get A to finally prove his loyalty to D by getting him to agree to vote out Jeff over S as well. BBAD talk between BR & D makes me think they might just be legit in their desire from now on to work with D. I don’t know for sure but it was an intense and somewhat earnest.

        1. I think BR will honour the deal right to final 3.. call me crazy but I trusted what they had to say. That doesn’t mean its the best thing for dani to do. I doubt we’ll be able to call this one early, Lucky for use we’ll find out soon.

    2. I hope Shelly goes home. I sorta liked her, but the crap that comes out of her mouth is just hateful. She’s an avid liar and after viewing her DR session tonight, I think she’s crazy.

  2. Looks like all the fat jokes are about Kalia the Hut and the Chrysler Cellulite this year. I think Allison pulled a fast one on a bunch of dunces. Talk about easily manipulated.

  3. So let me get this straight:

    Dani is planning on putting up either Brendon or Rachel and Adam has agreed that he’ll vote however Dani wants (presumably to get rid of Brendon or Rachel)?

    And so Kalia Porsche and Adam will vote to evict Brendon/R and then Dani will be the tiebreaker to get rid of Brendon/R?

    I’m not sure if that’s accurate or not.

    1. well that is what she is saying she is gonna backdoor brendon………but saying and doing are two different things………i hope she puts up jeff. she would have enough votes to save omg shelly

      K to keep shelly
      P to keep shelly
      R to keep shelly
      B to keep shelly

      A to keep jeff
      J to keep Jeff

      then the bully will gone to rest in the jury house……and little sweetie will join him….

      1. ohhh great point. I forgot that if Jeff goes up and Dani keeps her deal with B/R, then B/R would vote with Dani. I really hope Jeff goes up, too. I’m sick of that bully getting TOO comfortable in the house.

        Also, are B/R actually keeping their deal with Dani and choosing to work with her? (assuming Dani doesn’t put up B/R as replacement this week)

      2. Donnaj – I agree (as I expanded upon above) that Dani would be better off putting up Jeff and getting him out, than putting up B or R.

    2. After watching the “great” dani muddle through this season. I don’t think she will know what she is gonna do till she does it. She’s as crazy as a shit house rat.

      1. I think D has a couple of ideas mulling around in her head but, she’s trying to weigh all the possible combinations and permeations that would, come Thursday’s eviction, give her the best possible outcome that would benefit her game and alienate as few people as possible. She’s made a couple of untimely moves and she doesn’t want to make any more mistakes. She’s got balls but she’s not always thought things through beyond one week’s outcome.

  4. i would like to see shelly go, kinda bored with her “straight shooting” but would be best if brendon or rachel go.

  5. Im thinking that she is going to honor BR’s deal, but if you remember, their plan was to continue acting as if they hated eachother, so no one would suspect an alliance between the two? I think thats the only reason she has been telling people she was planning on backdooring Brendon. I hope BR and DKP work together for these reasons:

    1. BR are the best people ever. (LOL)

    2. If she backdoors Brendon, then Rachel will come after her, BUT if she backdoors Jeff, Jordan (aka a leaf on a tree) will come after her.

    3. They will completely dominate the house.

    1. I am inclined to agree with this. Getting rid of Jeff would cut the head off the JJAS snake. Shelly and Jordan are basically worthless in comps and i think Dani, Rachel, or Brendan would beat Adam at whatever the comp is. She will probably be safe for the next few weeks at least if she goes through with it. TEAM DANI YO!

    2. Well, I won’t agree that BR are the best people ever (barf), but I somewhat agree that she should backdoor Jeff. Would be cool for them to team up, but can’t trust them either. Have to wait and see.

      1. Dawn – I agree with you, as I’ve stated above. Getting out Jeff and teaming up with BR (ugggg) could be a strategic move for D. Whether they can truly be trusted is the 64K$ question.

    3. I know I actually feel bad for Rachel because she hasn’t had a job in a year and I don’t think she is mean spirited I think she just has issues and the girls last year were just really terrible and made so many personal attacks. But she could’ve handled it in a better manner.

      1. Here’s the thing though I don’t think Dani trust Rachel after what they did last time she tried to backdoor Jeff. However if she can put on her thinking cap she’ll 1. Play J/J vs R/B and let R/B permanently break ties
        2. Take out Jeff make a deal with R/B to take out Shelly/Jordan
        Taking out Jeff reshuffles the house it would be R/B/D/K/P vs J/S/A (joke of the century).
        However Brendon will win the endurance comp if he stays and if she puts up Brendon she won’t have the votes. Adam is just here to do whatever Jeff tells him too. Spineless jellyfish.

  6. Im on team JJ and im wondering whats more benifical, evicting brendan or shelly. Shelly does shit but is loyal to JJ. brendan not as loyal but it leaves protection for JJ, and keeps him as enemy number one for DKP

    1. for JJ it’s probably better to keep Brendon over Shelly. But I’m a Dani and I want the deal with BR to work out and hope Jeff gets put up

  7. I’ll say it again danibis an idiot if she puts br up. Use them to do the dirty work. Backdoor jeff. Jsa won’t trust them and they will be scrambling. Brendon will probably go but that would be a bad move.

  8. Shelly talks about Rachel being crazy…. If Shelly was Pinochio she would have grown a second dick out her nose from all that lying!!!

  9. I agree with Lil Wayne. I thought that the plan Dani laid out with BR was pretty concise in that they would continue act like they hated each other. Dani seems to be slippery with giving firm yes or no answers to people, but, it did seem to me that she was pretty clear that she would work with them.

  10. Dani is not backdooring Jeff. She is thinking of Jury votes and she has already told everyone she is putting up Brendon. She will not anger the entire house and risk losing their votes at the end. I am sure she will put up Brendon by the way she is acting. Dani would be wise to put up Jeff but she does play personal and her only objective is to stick it to BR which is not a great strategic move. Splitting up JJSA should be her objective instead of attacking BR who everyone already hates.

    1. If the jury gets personal, Dani’s going to have a rough time with jury votes anyway…no matter how she goes. Her only hope IMO is to keep Kalia, Rachel or Porche by her side until final 2.

  11. Dani should honor the deal with BR because that would be a power move!!! If they made it to the final three, Dani would win against them!!! Duh, should be a no brainer!!!

  12. I agree w/ Dani’s game play. Much better to not target 3 people in the house that have not even tried to make a deal with her rather than two, who did.

    For anybody who have game play equal to Dani, I was being sarcastic. Let’s just be clear. Go after a group of 4 because it is larger than the #2 and they have not tried to talk to her. Seriously… have JJ been in the HOH room more than once?

    Dani better win POV next week or as Jeff would say “She gone”

  13. How is Adam making a HUGE game move by using the pov on himself? Thought it was common sense to do that, unless your being sarcastic lol.

  14. Shelly has a condition,similar to barnacles that stick to ships. Most people can see thru her bs so she’s really just making a bigger fool out of herself.

    Too bad Dani can’t put up Jeff against Shelly. It’ll show her just how loyal her weak alliance is.

    1. I’m actually hoping now that D does put up Jeff against S but, that Jeff gets the boot verses S. Game play wise, this would be the smarter move for D.

    1. I always thought it was a reference to the “Star Wars” character Jabba da hut? Like fat and gross? I don’t think she is fat though, sometimes nasty when she talks and eats.

    2. who wants too hear strtaegy opinions from matt,the guy who couldnt see he was 4th in his brigade and WASTED the DPOV on kathy instead of hayden?????Put on ur snuggie hoffman and up ur meds pal!!!!

  15. Wow!! Next HOH competition is endurance. Please KP, are you girls Joking. Jeff or Brendon will mopped you both or destroyed. Kaila vs Porsche for Nomination, that a perfect plan and Backdoor dani is a opportunity of JJBRA to dismantled them into pieces. Team JJ.

  16. What a horrible edit CBS! They didn’t even show the house meeting calling out Prune Face on her lies & then they showed her hating on Rachel but it looked like it came out of nowhere! WTF CBS you’re Fired! 
    What I did learn from finally seeing the dairy sessions is that the Prune Face snake truly is demented and suffering from Alzheimers or something! She really believes her lies and that’s a very dangerous player to leave in the house. If she goes I will be pleased this week. 
    Also from seeing Dani’s diary sessions I do believe she is in fact targeting Brendon so I guess she never made the deal after all. It’s going to be harder to get Jeff out with all the ass kissers in the house so backdooring Brendon is a bad move. So many people hate BR that you could wait next week to get them but while you have BR willing to go against JJ it’s best to take advantage of that now and get Jeff out. 

    1. I know I said I was
      not going to watch but I popped it on for a second and heard BR mouths I wanted to throw up!! CBS sucks They do not do the show honestly and suck at editing the show how it is really and rigged the vote.

  17. Is it just me… Or….If someone in the house is in trouble by either getting caught in a lie or possibly going on the block the thing to do to get the heat off you is to tell everyone what a horrible bitch Rachel is.

  18. Am I the only one who thinks Shelly doesn’t realize she is even lieing? It’s as if she truly believes the crap she spews. Why else would she not fess up in the DR?

    1. that has b een my question this ENTIRE game

      is shelly actually aware of the fact that shes a total lying snake, or is she REALLY that oblivious to the fact that shes exactly what rachel said she was.

      the worst part is how shelly keeps acting like its just impossible, and she cant believe the things out of rachel’s mouth, while crying in the DR…I mean…I guess it seems as if she really does believe she has yet to lie

      and one has to wonder, if she ends up F3 with JJ…does she REALLY give up her spot so they go final 2? I mean REALLY

  19. I hate it that i’m starting to like Brendan and to a lesser extent Rachel. I hope Dani teams up with them to run the house. TEAM DANI YO!

  20. Dani needs to put up Jeff, then get BR to split their vote, then Dani gets to break the tie. Then people will assume Adam flopped, causing more turmoil in the JSA alliance and leaving the door open for BR to stay tight with Jordan / Shelly while being in secret alliance with Dani. Adam would have every reason to swap over to Team Dani.

    1. I would love to see some serious partying going on for once in the house. It might even get some tongues wagging more and something more exciting going on than what we’ve been seeing so far , especially on BBAD.

  21. It would be smarter for her to backdoor jeff. The
    n have rachel and brendon split their votes. That way they can blame the extra vote on adam. Jordan can’t play this game by herself, and shelly could go next…

  22. this is the next mistake dani is making…..sigh…

    I dont get it

    JJ have shelly, and are liked

    BR have no one, and are hated

    yet you decide to backdoor brenden? WTF?

  23. This is how it will play out and I’m 99.9% sure that Production wants it this way:

    Dani puts Brendon up and she will use the old tired line that its strictly strategic.

    JJ talk to Dani and find out that BR was planning to backdoor them.

    A fight escalates between JJ and BR.

    No one will trust BR so the votes for Bookie to go will be as follows:


    HOH-Rachel wins and puts up Jeff and Dani or Jeff and Kahlia and backdoor Dani

    So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

    Watch and see.

  24. I think that they should get rid of Jeff, he’s arrogant and coasting. What moves has he made besides bulling people? Jordan, what is she going to do? Come on the girl isn’t country sweet, she is just plain dumb. This is big brother, so why did Jeff as the last member of his “Alliance” of the vets, did he blow that veto? Past seasons have shown that never to be a great move. He got greedy and took the cash when he should have fought it out, but then he would have had to step up and make a decision not to use the veto. It is a game, yes social game is a part of it, but so is winning sometimes, HOH and Veto are usually the prefered things. For that alone I think he should be back doored, because that is what he did to his alliance.

    1. Yep which is why it makes more sense for Dani to put up Jeff than Brenda this week. And it would be oh so funny if Brenda gets Adam and JJ’s vote because that’s all he really needs to stay in the house.

      If Brenda goes up, he needs to campaign to them like mf.

    2. J/J are both dumb. He is using j riding her coat tail. He is so rude. The way he talks about Kalai he is a stone throw away from calling her the n word. I hate j\j n ,/r. Go dani n kalai

    3. To all you Jeff haters out there lets clear the air shall we? First of all “bullying”? Ok, yes, Jeff is definitely more aggressive then he was in his original season but I don’t blame him. Being the nice guy and taking kevin off the block got him evicted early. That would leave a bitter taste in my mouth too. As for Jeff and Jordan’s relationship, don’t think they like to play it up for the cameras cause it’s more important to them the to do all the kissy kissy stuff Brendan and Rachel do. Maybe he is a little short with people sometimes, I would be too if I was locked up with looney toones for weeks on end lol. Personally just think some of you all dont get his sarcastic sense of humour (which I love) !

      Ok, bullying! Hmm did you all happen to watch during the week Kalia was HOH. Sorry but bullying comes in all shapes and sizes, do you not have to be loud or shout to be a bully. Dani would not let up on Kalia till she was doing what Dani wanted her to do. As to Brendan and Rachel making a deal with Dani, they would stab their own parents in the back if it meant winning and getting the “wedding ” money!!!!

  25. Or by some miracle she will grow a pair and put up Jeff

    Now how that will pan out will be far more interesting than if Brendon goes up because we all know he’s going home if he goes up.

  26. GLlad dani is going back on the deal. Last thing i wanna see is rachels evil laugh when she is being questioned while in the final two

  27. This conversation is hilarious if any of you still believe that jeff is going up your crazy. Dani is not buying any of this shit, she is just listening and NOT buying it for one second…

  28. Rachel, sweetie, I think you just blew it for yourself when you told Dani that if Brandon goes home you will be still be working with Dani and hanging with her. I don’t think that Dani finds that attractive. I think I heard a silent scream from Dani.

    1. BR would stick to their deal for exactly 1 second after the POV ceremony and in their minds it would all be Dani’s fault. Not even Dani is that dumb (she is the smartest person in her alliance). I predict if PK make it to the end they will have no clothes that fit them and P will win if she can find away to steal it.

  29. Funny to read all the comments from JJ and BR fans. You guys are scrambling. No one knows what Dani will do. LOL!

    1. Im a JJ fan and not scrambling one bit, first of all it is a game and while i root for JJ at the end of the day im not going to lose sleep over it if Jeff goes but after listening to BR ramble on im pretty confident. Funny though how you think ppl would be scrambling, get a life cause no matter who wins it wont change yours…

  30. WOW BR speech is SO desperate. Rachel is ALL over the map. I don’t think Dani is buying this. They are throwing their own alliance on the bus & asking her to trust them. They are giving her so much ammunition to tell Jeff so he goes after BR. LOL This is funny — we shall see what Dani does tomorrow. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

    1. LOL…for some reason you people think the scabbies who make these false alliances have better “game play”……shoot, i’d vote for jeff in a minute ….you know damn well that the two phonies in HOH right now with Dani would put her up immediately next week….dani has the patience of a saint right now…..I’d be like “Enough already you’re making me nauseous…GET OUT!” “100% swear to God” Brendon just said……I’m gonna gag

  31. Put up Jeff! Put up Jeff! Put up Jeff! Put up Jeff! Put up Jeff! Put up Jeff! Put up Jeff! Put up Jeff! Put up Jeff!

    Please Dani! Show that BB is not quite so rigged. You’re in the same spot BR were when you asked them to make a big move, except this is when you should have mentioned it, but know now it’s your chance. Put up someone who is loved or put up someone everyone wants out.

    1. They wouldn’t be in this predicament if they had kept lawon they would just have the numbers to do what they want period. I think now Dani should take the B/R deal but we have the luxury of knowing they aren’t lying. From Dani’s point of view. He literally yelled in her face and told her she was going home after she simply made a suggestion about backdooring Jeff. So from her point of view I could see why she wants to just take out Brendon and be done with it. But CBS will save him I hope she knows that. Adam will be an idiot and do whats best for Jeff instead of doing what’s best for him. Its like hello if Shelly is expendable then what are you?

  32. OMG…..Ratchel and Brenda on BBAD right now literally have their tongues up Dani ass!!! They are spewing so much shit and throwing everyone under the bus!! The best part is Dani is just sitting there going ” mmhmm, uh huh” and nodding her head lmao!! I so hope she puts one of those two up!!

  33. i dont understand why she would up Jeff, I love JJ but they have not won any HOH or POvs. They have tried to get Brendon out for weeks now and he just keeps staying. They need to get him out now why they still can cause even though I can’t stand BR, when they are together they do win competions. So Dani needs to wise up and get them out now. She can’t be that stupid to think she would not go up if they won HOH, they would never hold up there end of the deal.

    1. Jordan won hoh week two, jeff pov last wk. Br have done same. I dont understand how everyone thinks br are any more/less competitors than jj. Theyre the same, only more co-dependent and bigger liars.

    2. My gosh you all rail so hard against Shelly for believing her own blatant lies…

      I’m going to keep correcting everyone on this until it has sunk in and it stops being said:

      Jordan won HOH week 2
      Jeff has won 2 POV’s (and could have won 2 more if he didn’t take $$$)

  34. Hey Simon- how come random HG are tagged in these posts? Like Cassie and Dom, but not Danielle? And I think Koreans last name is spelled incorrectly, LOL yes i need to go to bed ….

  35. Dani is soooooo not buying what BR are selling, but I am! TAKE THE DEAL DANI! You don’t have the numbers. Keeping Jeff is going to screw your chances! You can ALWAYS get BR out another week everyone hates them, TAKE THE DEAL, GET JEFF OUT NOW!!!!!!

  36. Could someone out a sock in Brendon & Rach-ho’s mouth. I can’t stand hearing them talk and lie. What does Brendon think….he keeps saying that Jeff is in this game for himself…isn’t that what everybody is there for…….

  37. brendon and rachel are making such good points. daniele would be stupid not to take this deal and work with them.

    also, DID I HEAR DANIELE HAS A VETO TICKET?! so that means she’s safe next week no matter what?! :D

    what does a veto ticket mean? lol

    1. If she isn’t nominated or picked to play for the POV then she can use her veto ticket and be the 7th player playing the veto instead of it being 6 people.

    2. No it just means she can play in veto next week, even if she doesn’t get picked.

      Not a huge deal, but it does kinda take the backdoor option of the table.

    3. Yes she does have one but I think it means she can participate in the veto competition if she wasn’t picked or if she isnt up on the block…I THINK that is what I heard them talking about

  38. You guys hearing this crap BR are throwing at Dani? DESPERATE!!! Brendon has to be like R shut up! Horrible!!! After this Brendon is gonna go up for sure!

  39. was Adam not supposed to use the pov on himself? come on only a fool wouldn’t take themselves off the block. ( no more golden keys to promise). adam may not have any game but he does have common sense.

  40. Why is Porche not in trouble for all the shit she is pulling in the house… hiding wine, putting shit in their food/drink etc?

  41. The more Brenchel talk …the bigger their grave. They should just shut the **** up!!!! Go Dani…Get rid of Brendan..rachel will lose it & I will enjoy . Jeff next.

  42. This is a pathetic, but funny conversation the brenchel are pitching to Dani. They are all over the place and some of it, I swear I don’t know how Dani is keeping a straight face.

  43. How long is Dani going to sit there and listen to this BULLSHIT from BR, does Branden watch the videos after its over. If he does and still thinks Rachel is truthful those 2 need to be locked up, he was talking about how great he is and about implanting things in peoples brains, I believe he is a professional student, incapable of holding down a job. I know maybe he can be a Porn star, she would love to do all that shit in movies, what a waste, going on 1 and 1/2 hr now- – CUT!

  44. I am liking Dani lately and it’d be cool if she won but she cannot pounce too quick on the popular kids in the house (JJ). B and R are strong in comps and hated by the house; she needs to keep her future jury people appeased as much as she can within reason while at the same time decreasing her threats.
    I still think she will backdoor Jeff though, because that would make for good tv – telling all the HGs and the DR that she is evicting Brendon and then flipping on everyone. It’s too soon to backdoor a weak player, Dani!! Don’t do it! Backdoor Brendon!!!!!

  45. DPS sitting in the backyard chatting and Rachel joins them…the face…I wish I could just slap it off… was like ” Helloooo…here I am…pay attention to me cause I am sad…..” They were totally ignoring her…it was priceless…wish I was a fly on the wall when and if she went whining to Brendon how mean they were to her….what do I mean “IF” she went whining to Brendon…she does nothing but whine

    1. At least Brendon when he joined actually participates in the conversation…Rachel all she can say is Brendon this and Brendon that…..O M G….I am married and I don’t talk about my hubby as much as she does about him….Has anyone checked a new updated BIBLE to see if Brendon’s picture has been put in them? lol

  46. Can anyone imagine or even picture Kalia in a unitard? OMG I am going to have nightmares…..can just see all the jelly rolls…..ha ha ha

    1. it seems to me they’ll say *anything* to try to get her on their side. they are so pathetic. and dani is amazingly patient and cool with them. she is respectful and gives them absolutely nothing. i would have thrown them out long ago. r just keeps repeating herself over and over and over….i kept stabbing her in the eye with my cursor…..
      you go, dani….

  47. I AM TEAM DANI BUT…. She would be an idiot not to take the deal. Porshe and Kalia benefit from her winning HOH’s just like JJSA benefit from Rachel and Brendon winning them. If they work together, they can take out JJSA and then fight to win the game with Porshe and Kalia resulting in the Brendon, Rachel and Dani final 3. She won’t make final 3 with Kalia and THAT’S FOR SURE. Dani needs the votes and everything BR said was actually true. She’s being a pussy by saying she doesn’t want to make Jeff or Jordan mad at her. Um, it’s a little bit too late for that. She tried to backdoor them before when BR were in power but now that she’s in power she doesn’t want to do it??? Dani NEEDS to take the deal because her ass will be out the door next week. Ugh, I wish ED was there to talk sense into her. She shouldn’t be thinking about BACKDOORING BR anymore because it makes more sense to align with them. They’re in the same damn boat. TEAM DANI TILL THE END THOUHGH LOL If not, then I would actually rather her BR win then JJSA and Kalia. My second choice would be Porshe because JJ already have money and the rest all suck.

    1. I AGREE 100%! if Dani doesn’t get Jeff out then I was completely wrong about her & she’s just as much of an idiot as her minions. Keeping Jeff does NOTHING for her game, they are all gunning for Dani, BR are her only hope at being safe cuz Kalia already proved how worthless she is with an HOH & Porsche is loyal only to who has power. Useless!

  48. There is a God and he is merciful! My gawd, the repeated themselves saying the same crap the same way 80 times! How many times can R say “we’re gonna fight for those hoh and pov”? Who the hell doesnt, you morons?

  49. i think the smart thing for dani to do wud b to put up jordan next to shelly that way that lyin’ “B” Shelly is guaranteed to be voted out and she can then take her “SRAIGHT SHOOTIN” ass home to see her KID.

  50. I hope jeff goes up and shelly get evicted. I do have to say I am so sick of kalia acting like she is such a great game player, she won an hoh and now she is a competitor. She talks about floaters and keeps saying how her and dani play smart and need to keep winning. I’ll take my words back if she wins next week, but I think she got lucky and now she acts like she is the best competitor in the house. She’s hoping it’s endurance next week because she has to win, omg, Rachel will run circles around kalia. I hope she goes next week. Am I alone in my feelings?

  51. I think sometimes people hear what they want to hear and pass judgement, then when they tell the story they tell it with that perspective from which they judged.

    Example: Since the HOH all I’ve seen here is that Dani and BR have a secret alliance. From Dani’s DR sessions et al, there is no official alliance. There was a conversation, but no commitments. Judgement: Dani and BR have an alliance. Sure, Dani could use it as a fall back, and putting up Shelly and Adam gave her time and possible options, but Brendon appears to be her target still and the truth appears to be that there is no formal agreed upon alliance.

    Next example: Rachel accuses Shelly of having a final 3 deal with BR, flash back shows Shelly asking about the possibility of a final 3, not making a final 3 deal. Judgement: Shelly is a liar. Sure Shelly may not be innocent of other tall tales, but in this instance, the truth appears to be there was no formal agreed upon final 3.

    Point is, these people have to talk and ask questions of each other to play the game. They have to test the waters of possibility and make moves and decisions based upon the responses they get from people. Asking about the possibility of something does not make it agreed upon fact.

    1. Amen. She asked “would u consider it?” That’s all. The “lying” card is played waaaaaaaaaaay too much both in the bb house and on these comments. Its tired.

      1. i agree. i think S tells what she thinks is true when the other person was just guessing about what is going on. she seems very sure that she knows what is true about almost any subject. she’s a strange one…haven’t quite figured her out yet.

    2. Rachel, also, accused Shelley of having an Alliance with J/J.
      Shelley denied it, but the BB video on last night’s show proved Rachel
      is telling the truth.

  52. Dani is an idiot if she thinks BR wont turn on her, obviously they are bitter and feeding her bullshit plus why would you keep the strongest couple in the house, she gonna have to break them up sooner or later, she will regret it if she goes after jeff now

  53. I read the comment that Shelly and Dani had made about the amount of food that BR wastes each day. Yesterday Dani was outside talking to I think it was JJS about having nothing to do but eat. They all must be aware of the amount of food that they go thru. Wait until they get outside the BB house and view the tapes and see how much they all do eat. I can only think of the food wasted and the constanted eating and there are little kids that are going to bed hungry tonight or Mom and Dad give up their meals to make sure that their kids are eating. Sorry to rant and go on about this topic but all the food consumed by Kalia and Porky just amazes me each day…thanks for listening

  54. I’m team dani and I also cant stand BR[[really tried to like them]] or Jeff [[used to love him]]. I just dont think BR would honor the deal with dani..rachel is too emotional of a player and keeping them both would be stupid esp if she backdoors jeff. its not sure thing that he’ll leave. things change so fast [[ex. rachel’s mood]] and shelly with her lies. por honestly cant stand her so if it came down to her and jeff I dont know if she’d vote out shelly instead. also she keeps saying she’ll get brendon out to ppl [[her alliance too.]] if she turned around and put jeff up that might not make her look too good. she could have a good explanation but come on, shes dealing with kalia and por…who surprisingly isnt bad at competitions I must admit [[others should too]]….also if she stabs kalia in the back for BR later on I dont see her voting for her.

  55. Dani has to take out Jeff or she pretty much have no chance of winning. JJRSA will all be gunning for her weekly until she is gone, plus she won’t have the jury votes if somehow she makes it to the final.
    The numbers just won’t work

  56. She would be stupid to take their so called “deal”. They are just trying to say whatever she wants to hear. To hear Brenden say how loyal they are makes me sick. JJS saved Rachel last week and this is the thanks they get.

  57. Why does Brendon feel that it is his job to make sure Rachel is taken care of inside the house if he gets evicted? Trust me from what I have seen Rachel is quite capable of taking care of herself….she is not as weak and fragile as Brendon seems to think she is. They got into the game knowing that sooner or later they would be seperated…Why is it the houseguests responsibility to make sure tha Rachel gets further in the game when Brendon leaves? Jeff is playing for Jeff and Jordon….why should he have to play for Rachel as well? He owes her NOTHING…….they got into the game just like BR did…to win for themselves…not to win for Jeff and Jordon adn Rachel.

    Why does Rachel feel the need to rehash the story of her sleeping and JS in the havenot room making a deal when they thought she was asleep? She has told this story to everyone at least half a dozen times. Now she is rehashing the story to Dani and adding bits and pieces to it to make herself look good and to con Dani into thinking that Rachel has Dani’s back etc……I laugh…what a comedy show when Brendon and Rachel open their mouths to speak…lol

  58. Before I head to bed…. Quote of the year for y’all….
    “It is 99% gauranteed I’m coming back into the house with special powers” ~Lawan

  59. Did anyone pay attention to what dani said during the nomination ceremony? Putting shelly and Adam on the block would ensure what she originally set out to do would be done. Say goodbye to jeff. That was her target from the beginning.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, your right about that, I hope she does it. Do you think that’s an option though, I haven’t seen her discuss back dooring jeff, I’m hoping she is keeping it to herself to ensure kalia doesn’t tell Jordan.

  60. Hopefully brendon doesnt go up but if he does there might be a chance Adam Jeff and Jordan will save him but most likely brendon will go home:(

  61. The reason its better to backdoor Brendon over Jeff is because Brendon is a bigger THREAT! Brendon is a much better competitor than Jeff. And this deal that everyone talks about is a JOKE! I seriously doubt BR would honor a deal with Dani. Send Brendon home!

  62. Here’s what Dani said tonight….”I know everyone is probally wondering wth is going on.2 wks ago,I nominated you for eviction (points to BR) and you left the house.Clearly we are right back where we started from,I need to make sure at the end of this week,what I need to happen,happens…..FOR GOOD!!!!! Sounds to me like she pretty much was telling Brendon,she was backdooring him and he was leaving for good.

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