Big Brother 13 Jordan to Rachel “you can tell your baby.. you were conceived on Big Brother”

2:57pm Bedroom JR Jordan: “nominations are at 5.. right.. so I better start getting ready can’t look like shit all the time.. Rachel: “I don’t care. anymore”

3:07pm Pool Kalia and Adam Kalia is saying when she makes a deal she’s stands up for it. She says the 2 deals she’s made are with dani and JOrdan and she’s kept them right to the end. This is what she wants to. She brings up that SKAP will get together in the HOH and agree to a final 4 and shake on it. Adam says this is what he always wanted to be in a final 4. KAlia adds that she didn’t want to make a million deals in this game she wanted to make a few and stick bu them. At this point in the game Kalia feels she can say to people that her deals can be trusted. Kalia: “I genuinely believe the remaining 4 people (SKAP) here can be trusted” Porsche joins them..

(3:16pm cam 3) They start talking about how Jeff talks to Jordan. Adam mentions during the “ball” Comp Jordan was trying to help Jeff while he competed after when he didn’t win he got mad at her for talking to him during the comp. Jordan had defended herself telling him he had asked her to help him after which Jeff yelled at her to “shut up”. Kalia brings up another time when Jeff was yelling at jordan for not helping him, “No one was telling me were I was..

They talk about the looks on Rachel and Brendon’s face when they didn’t get picked for the POV.. Adam mentions how the first bit was strange but it really happened… Adam is sure the people at home think it’s rigged but it really happened.

Shelly joins them

They start talking about rachel and how her butt is “flapping out”. Kalia says that the Head of Household camera was filled with rachel pictures. Porsche mentions that Dani had to delete a few because they’re was so many that one week.. Kalia brings up the Rachel picture with a cooch shot on it and Brendon made them delete it. Kalia thinks it’s funny that the day after Brendon goes home Rachel is show her “tits” to people. POrsche: “Brendon didn’t like your crotch showing but one day after he leaves you’re showing us your 2 tits”

Kalia: “who stands front centre and does a toe touch.. with a dress one” Shelly scoffs: “Well she said she had a bikini on”

Porsche says every time Rachel sees a mirror she looks and “Sets her Butt” (she does do it a lot.. ) , “everything she does is a stripper move.. Every move she makes is a stripper move”

Kalia mentions how Rachel was always saying that Brit (BB12) was so mean to her saying she’s filled with STD’s with her ass out.. “We’ll you ass is always showing”. Adam: “it’s not STD’s this year it’s weather or not you are pregnant”. Kalia: “Rachel.. your butt is out every single chance you get.. I don’t think she realizes how short her clothes are”

3:40pm Bathroom Jordan and Rachel

Rachel says she thinks she’s pregnant. Jordan: “ohh.. well are you one anything” Rachel shakes her head. Jordan: “Umm.. Maybe sometimes when your stressed you don’t get your period.. it comes late”

Jordan: “so you did do it”
Rachel nodes and Smiles : “Yes”
Rachel smiling “Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life”

Rachel says she feels nauseous in the mornings.. Jordan: “you can tell you’re baby you were conceived on Big Brother”. Rachel: “It just sucks that they…. FEEDS CUT

Jordan and Rachel agree that SKP are sucked onto Adam..

Jordan: “Jeff was like maybe we were drinking the koolaid”. Jordan explains that people were telling them so and so were after them. Jrodan wonders if only they had won that HOH then Jeff would be here and one of them (KP) would be gone.

Jordan: “So basically all we did was get rid of the strong players and these floaters float through” Rachel: “It happens every year.. the only reason I didn’t leave during double eviction is because it’s been awhile since I won anything”

Jordan is pissed about what Dani said during the eviction.. “You’re handing Jeff a paycheck..” Jordan thinks they are not well liked this season because of the reaction Jeff had when he left.

Rachel: “If JJBR had stuck together we all would be here right now” Jordan agrees says she was drinking the Koolaid along with Jeff. Jordan thinks Dani is really good at manipulating people..

4:00pm Backyard Porsche and Shelly Porsche doesn’t 100% trust Adam because he has always been with the other side. “How do we know he’ll hold to a last minute alliance when he never held true to our allaince since week 2” Shelly agrees says they still need to watch him. Porsche thinks the best case is to have Adam win HOH next week as long as he’s going to take out Jordan. If he wins next week then SPK are the only ones playing.
(They want rachel->Jordan->Adam gone)

4:20 Yo trivia .. Nomination ceremony or Jordan is getting the coup de’tat and Jeff is coming back.

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( drink )


Bring Brendon back in for a night, so all the Rachel fans can watch her give him head and jerk him off under the covers again


Better then watching choco-pig float.


… Who is Choco-pig?


ummmmmm Kalia………. you know, the color purple………… ugly in and out.


I’d rather watch choco-pig float then the nasty vanilla skunk float.


So there is a football game next THURSDAY…anyone know when BB will air the eviction??


I agree, I’ve hated JJ ever since they turned on Russell in BB11. They’re two faced, lying, hypocrites, who make pretend they’re so respectable! I don’t even believe they’re dating, I think they’re just good friends. America’s Sweethearts, my A$$!!!


same! same time i started disliking them too!


You are ridiculous. I suppose you love the backstabbing Dani and Porsche and dyke Shelly.


yes i do like them.. ur r stupid urself.. I’ve always hated JJ .. not a fan at all.. who the hell does JEFF


the hottest man ever made!!!! That’s who jeff is!!! God tried once and made Ryan Reynolds, then he said “I can do better” and made Jeff. And he did good!!!!


love it!!!!! Wonder when shelly is gonna show her haggard worn out old dick??? PKD are all dirty nasty hateful skanks!!!!

hey we don’t want Shelly no self respecting duke acts like that. Play hard and you can lie but don’t lie to yourself


OH yeah , well lets see how you would do, stuck in a house with a bunch of people you don’t know , for two months . even the nicest people have their breaking point. So the first one without sin cast the first stone.


I agree, Jordan finally showed her true colors. So glad Big-Jeff is Big-Gone!


Jordan has done NOTHING, she was given an HOH by Jeff & Brendon after hitting a golf ball. She calls everyone else useless “they have done nothing” she keeps saying. She is the biggest floater for 2 seasons.

“America gave me a half million dollars last time I road Jeff’s ass hair, why not again. Poor me, BOOO HOOO..”


Simon, we both predicted Porsche would win this, right? Still feeling confident? I’m starting to think it will be Porsche vs (Adam or Shelly) in final 2, which I suppose could see Porsche losing either way depending on how the next few weeks go.


Qaz that’s what I’ve always though too! I though either Dani or Porsche, and now if course Porsche. I think F2 will be Shelly Porsche, don’t care which one wins cause I actually like Shelly now


I hope Porshe wins

I dont think Adam would win… would be the wrost winner ever

I prefer Kalia and Porshe final 2


Oops, didn’t mean to comment as a reply to your comment, but yes, it’s well known Jordan did nothing in her season and only won one competition this year both by random luck and because 2 people forefeited their putts. Only viewers with bias or bad logic root for Jordan, so don’t worry about the crazies.


Really? Jordan never came back on the show for herself she did it for Jeff because he reply wanted a second chance. She is not trying to win!


I though it was ” just so me and Jeff could spend the summer together in the J house “



he’s the biggest liar… even OUT of the house he’s still lying. Jordan already won and didnt expect to win again. He went into the house for HIM.

Notice how he just patted her on the back like everyone else when he walked out.. I mean really.. couldnt you hug your “love” a little longer? lol


She’s a waste of a space in that house


Thats really mean now I hope she wins and you all can suck it !!!!


Amen! I hope Rachel or Jordan win!!!! Those backstabbing, lying, self righteous shits deserve to lose!!!


AMEN to that! I agree!




I agree she is a waste of space. She must be the dumbest blond on the planet.


I love Jordan as a person but not as a game player.


Jordan crushed 7 players in front of her including DOM, CASSI, SHELLY, KALIA, LAWON and PORSCHE. Hate gets you no where.


I don’t hate her ! Just think she is all mouth, no brain and very self centered.


Yes, Jordan was a major factor in their evictions. If she were a cardboard cutout, the results would have been the same.


“cardboard cutout” I love it !!! So true.


Lmao!!!!!!!! That was the funniest ever lol


i have nothing against jordan but i hate those one shot competition. i don’t think they test skills just luck. i prefer they do it out of 3 or even 2 so they can readjust. i think having something like in season 8 with the croquet game (pov competition) where they had to drink x amount of drinks to get x amount of shots.


Jordan was just a vote. Oooooh what strategic gameplay.


I agree completely. And all the name calling coming from Jordan has made me lose all respect for her. I am glad she is going to lose.


Please. She name called in the heat of the moment. Just today Rachel wanted to hide the diet coke and she said no. Dips have been talking shit about Rachel when ever they are not talking game.
Jordan is a sweet person to the core.


Damn auto speller




and the shemale and adam have done more that jordon?? before ya dump on jordon look at the cast that is left and what they have done….


But Jordan is the one talking crap about people doing nothing. That was my only point.


Three girls (Dani, Kalia, Porsche) took on the whole house and they are winning. They deserve some credit.


seriously this should have been dani’s game. Adam, vote to evict Kalia, and you are in the same spot you are in now, except the girls would trust you more.


You do realize that Shelly and Adam aren’t the ones constantly complaining about others doing nothing, right?

With a name like yours, I figure you would have known that.


Shelly has played more than Jordan, comps aren’t everything. And whoopdidoo she won one comp where she hit a giant golf ball with a giant putter and it just happened to roll in to a slot with a low number. Jordan is a dimwit.


She sucks at comps and her social game is horrible. Lets give her 500Gs.


Jordan was tied winning the most HOH in her season plus she also won a veto. She also played a perfect social game to boot. She clearly “deserved” winning that year.

This year she was leading in the golf thing, so Jeff did not give her anything


Ummm, Jeff and Brendon BOTH blew the game for her to win, go re-watch that episode. She’s done NOTHING this season and deserves to join her lying, two-faced “boyfriend” (if that’s what he even is) in the Jury House!!




Check yourself son. Jordan scored a 3 in that golf comp. She beat EVERY newb in the game. So dont discredit her for it. Also Adam was given his veto. Shelly hasnt won anything. Kalia is good at quizzes but cant do anything with her HOH’s. Porsche is the only newb who is deserving of winning this game. Porsche is the only one that would have any shot at beating one of the vets in final 2. Adam,Kalia and Shelly can not win this game unless they are sitting next to each other in the final 2. Hope they know that.


Well, this season she’s USELESS!!! She was given the ONLY HOH she won, otherwise she’s done NOTHING!! Oh, except stuff her fat face maybe. Kalia’s won TWO HOHs, who cares if they’re only quizzes??? At least she won them fair and square. Shelly may not have won anything YET, but she’s a smart player and knows what moves to make, something you can’t say about JorDUMB!!
I hope they get rid of Jordumb first, she’s a usless, sore losing, hypocrite and she’s ALREADY won before!
Poor Dani, I hope she’s surviving in the Jury House with Dumb and Dumber!!


What was her hoh last night exactly? I wouldn’t call it nothing


They should get rid of Jordan, otherwise she’ll sneak into the final 2 again, and it’ll be a repeat of season 11. The worst player to ever win it. Even past winners don’t respect her as a player. She is a useless turd and her mere presence in the house is a mockery to the game.


LOL, perfect!!

Russell K's baby momma



Agree. When Jordan says to Porshe that they’ve all won the same amount, they should have called her out! She has won 1 comp and that was thrown to her. Apparently she forgot that. Also, I think it was so funny when Rachel keeps telling Jordan that only floaters when the game, not competitors…….Jordan is nodding, agreeing. Shocker!!!! Jordan is the biggest floater ever! That’s how she won her season.


EXACTLY! Jordan is the queen of floaters. She won the freakin’ money last time by riding Jeff’s coat tails ALL the way. I want to throw something at the TV every time she complains about floaters and other players doing nothing. I can’t believe she has the audacity (or maybe I should say the stupidity) to let those words come out of her mouth. Not only does she ride her boyfriend’s coat tails, she gets protected by him, too. I used to like JJ a lot but not now. Apparently, everyone in the house who doesn’t kiss their butts and play Jeff’s game is a hypocrite, traitor, and all around bad person.


Allison Grodner won’t notice she’s pregnant until she starts getting hungry more often. Wait . . .

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

so she’s pregnant all the time? well good excuse for getting an extra few plates

Shellys Cig

Hope Dani ran to the jury house and told Branden he’s going be a daddy… Dani would be taken that away from Rachel , because u know she wants to be the one to tell him.


Wow, that is pretty mean spirited. It is only a game. Go ahead and hate on Rachel but to wish that someone loses the joy of telling someone they are going to be a father is just plain mean. Have some compassion for people in general.


The bytch is telling America, so she deserves what now??? Skank Hoe is still craving attention and I don’t understand why BB is still entertaining this skank bytch.


#1 I do not believe for a minute that she is pregnant or why would she still be drinking daily wine. I know she is stupid but, come on…..Plus, if she was, it was planned, for attention only!


I dont believe she is pregnant, but if I was Dani, I would tell him as soon as my foot was in the door.


Wow. So she really is pregnant. I’m not sure whether to laugh or feel bad for her.


I wonder who the father is ? Brendon will want to win a POV to get out of this.

WiLL da THRiLL (Team Dani Dammit!)

Yep, u guys sure was drinking the kool-aid: Wildberry Ignorance


So what ended up happening with Porsche’s HoH room? Or is it still locked?

and just give me a minute to gather myself…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I will love this show even more if Rachel is actually pregnant.


OMFG, Rachel pregnant? HOLY HELL! Brendon and Rachel are NOT fit to breed! GOD help us allllllllllllllllllll!


Lisa do you have children I hope not you are rude and should not make judgments against people that you do not know, Who do you think you are to say such horrible things !!! Show your post to your family and see how proud they are !!!


I agree with D, Lisa you are as bad as Shelly. Keep your Damm mouth shout, you are disgusting.


I agree with you Lisa, say what you want. Hypocrits who try to impose their beliefs on you are just control freaks.


are they suppose to have rachel on the show if she is pregnant? she has to leave the show , i think for the babys health. rachel cant compete in phys comps. i wonder what BBs going to do…


Its not over yet production will step in and help rac and jordan watch. And shelly just through Adam under the bus, and Kalia will see that she is not going to the end rach will give her the information and they all will break up the group


As long as the comps aren’t kicking each other in the gut or throwing each other down stairs, I don’t really see the problem… Women everywhere do normal, even strenuous activities, during pregnancy and all is well. Production does not have to do anything to accommodate her. If she doesn’t like it, hit the red button with gusto! She will have “put the needs of her child over money”. I really hope that Rachel is just stressing or fibbing, b/c she really needs to be more secure in herself and relationships before having children.


In about twenty years we’ll see the spawn of Brenchel Vs. Straight Shooting Josie. That’ll be the second coming of BB (no pun intended, Brendon).


LMAO good one.

Meaghan R.

If Rachel is pregnant, I hope, for the sake of the child’s sanity, that she doesn’t take Jordan’s advice and tell the baby he or she was conceived on Big Brother. “Years ago, Mommy and Daddy were on a show called Big Brother. There were cameras watching our every move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and despite that knowledge, we had sex on camera for the world to see and thought the viewing audience was too stupid to know what we were doing cuz we under the blankets and that’s how we got you.” The kid will need instant therapy.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Then it comes on BB in 20 years, gloating about being conceived on the show, thinking that it’s an advantage.


Yeah, because *that* will be the deciding factor in whether B&R’s kid is nuts or not. 😉


“Mom! Stop playing the video for all of my friends!”


Megan dont tell lies, you did not see then having sex. None of you hateful people did. What went on under the blanket first of all it none of your problem, you dont know and stop guessing. Try to be an adult maybe that will help your brain some.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

OMFG She is Pregnant? I’ll say a prayer for that baby.


If Rachel’s baby is a boy, she should have another child so that this first child will be the “Big Brother” ZZIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!


The baby’s first word will be “floater”


LMFAO, that made me laugh IRL.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Baby boy walks into the bathroom after daddy takes a shit and momma runs after the baby and say look baby NeanderTALL a “floater”


or…..another glass of wine


If it’s a boy she could name him…Danny!!!


What was in the HOH room?


Pandora’s Box.


Everyone will battle to take leather face to final two with them. She has ZERO chance of winning votes lol




Awww, Rachel is gonna have a baby! <3 Please make her win, she needs da money.. PLEASE CBS RIG IT FOR HER TO WIN!!!


Ahhhh how sweet yo…………..Rachel is gonna have a little baby neandertall. God help us all.



Jordon won half a million because the other contestants said she didn’t do anything and they didn’t think she could win. Sound familiar. She is a sweet honest caring decent normal person. That’s why the three wicked step sisters (kps) don’t get it.




I hope Shelly realizes what a fool she has made of herself – she is the biggest liar in the house. And why doesn’t she return Rachel’s puppy???

Everyone continues to obsess with Rachel, can’t bash her enough. I will admit that Rachel makes it easy sometimes for fodder but most of the time she is trying to be entertaining and play BB. Once RJ calm down from last night’s shock they will think of some moves. Let’s play ‘what would evel Dick do’ in this situation?


I agree shelly is the worst hypocritical person . She has only taught her daughter it is ok to lie and be disloyal for money. She is evil! She forgets you need votes to win this game and she will never win!


Get this. Rachel’s dog is inside the tissue box Jordan and Rachel are using to wipe their tears.

Rachel has no clue the dog was in her hand.

The puppy is right next to her bed, check it out.



Hahahaha that is actually so funny. Think about Shelly knows Roach is going to eventually find it, becasue she’s gonna be crying!! Genious!!


* genius


Porsche, Shelly, and Kalia were talking about how could she not have found it. They said the box weighs 10 pounds and has tape on one side of it.


Shelly is a big liar — she said “sorry jeff, but you’re between the money and my family” — did anyone see Shelly’s sweet 7 or 8 year old daughter say “she needs to stop lying” — the child was referring to her mother, Shelly — so, her child knows she’s a bit fat liar — what a role model — honestly, none of the newbies deserve to win. i’m sick of hearing them say “this is what danielle would have wanted me to do” == WTF, is this some kind of cult of Danielle?


Yeah, and add to that the numerous times she said to JJ ‘if we just make it to final three then I will say Good Game played by all and will let you guys get the $$$’

She actually made it appear that she was there to push others forward who may need help with starting their life.

What a nobel woman (lies, hides people’s personal belongings, talks smack about everyone and smokes like she’s the engine of a train…that’s our gal Shelly!!!

Shelly is the opposite of what I think of when defining a successful business woman!


Portia should put up J and R. The likelihood of A winning the veto is slim to none.
If J or R win veto…then Adam goes up.

If Adam does win veto; then yes Portia will need to put up someone from PSK, but that is the risk you take; because Adam has not won anything (Jeff let Adam win). Jordan and Rach have won something so the probability of Adam winning at this point is NOT impossible…but very very very slim.
Then Portia should put up shelly (If J and R are noms; & if Adam wins the veto)…that’s the price shelly pays for flip flopping.

Hair Of The Dog

It’s 106° here and along with being hot, I’m pissed! the show took an absolute turn for the worse! very disappointed…AG fix it fast

Bubbly Pie

I think CBS is going to try and pull it where a vet is against a newb in the final two, lets see how the veto is and if its catered to Rachel or Jordan


What kind of comp is exactly catered towards Jordan?

Jordan has to win or a Vet is going home.


A comp where the answer is always ‘David Hasselhoff’.


One problem – Jordan wins NOTHING (except what other players let her win).


Maybe a quiz about Jordan’s life. But even then, Kalia or Adam would probably still beat her since she’s so bad with questions.


I don’t understand how people think Porshe is dumb. Porshe stood back during the weeks when nobody paid her no mind and she studied every alliance that was created. she wasn’t even floating, she was basically hanging out not getting involved with the alliances going to war with each other. she could of easily did what Adam did and stick her head in jeff’s ass. but she instantly saw people for what they really were, self serving. when she became friends with Dani, she respected Dani because she did what the other vets didn’t do in the game, and that was take time and teach game strategy. Dani could of easily brushed off Khalia and Porshe and let them figure out how to play the game, but Dani sparked a fire of confidence to Khalia and Porshe, and even made Shelly break her ties with Jeff & Jordan. out of all the vets, Dani was the only vet to actually teach the newbies. Big Jeff never sat down with Adam and shelly to break down some game strategy. all Big Jeff wanted to do is show Adam and shelly how masterful big Jeff was in the game. same with Brendon & Rachel, they never made any attempt to teach the game to a newbie. they were too arrogant and cocky thinking it was gonna be a walk in the park for a half million.


See my post below. THAT’S why. Even to suggest it is moronic.


I didn’t realize this was a teaching game. Think before you type.


b/c when she said her shoulder hurts she pointed to her bicep…..? go porcshe if dani can’t win it then either k/p needs to win it. mostly p since she promise dani she would take her on a trip.


I agree. I haven’t cared for P much for most of the season but I don’t think she’s dumb. A lot of times the best thing to do is hang back, let everyone else go after each other, and THEN get your game going.


I can’t wait until finale and Rachel gets asked about getting knocked up on the show. She is going to look like an ass.


Ugh, please don’t let them bring back the coup d’etat. It is so gimmicky, and almost seems like a tool for the production to help out the popular houseguests who happen to be in deep doo-doo at the time being. They already brought back Brendan, and I don’t think they’ll bring back Jeff. There is such a thing as going overboard.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

better put some hot sauce on it, because I think they(Jordan and Rachel) will get some power


video please.


production needs to lay back, smoke some weed, and let the game play out.


One more boring day and I’m done. Kpsa do nothing but bash r and p says she wont open Pandora’s box because she likes the house as it is-BORING!


I think it was so funny when Jeff was begging Shelly at the last minute to keep him in the house…. hahaha…
It didn’t work Jeff,,,,,say hi to Dani…..
I have to say that I am starting to like Shelly, I didn’t think she would go against Jeff and Jordan, but she did…good for you Shelly…


I’ve been reading this messages for several days. Some posts are very good, while others are devoid of any grammatical acumen. Regardless, I find these message boards more entertaining than what’s transpiring in the BB house right now.

I’m posting to express my utter displease of the cruelty inflicted by some of the participants. Hiding personal objects and disgusting personal attackes seems to be the only thing these people are doing besides eating and sleeping.

Methinks the producers want a large mix of sociopaths on the show to create conflict. Here is my assessment of the houseguest’s personalities:

Dani is an insecure sociopath; she cares for no one but herself. Her failed relationship with her dad speaks volumes
Kalia is also an insecure person that will latch onto anyone that shows interest in her. She’s also lazy and probably lived in a sheltered evironment.
Rachel is actually a smart, driven, and competitive girl. She’s not cognizant that her behavior hurts people. If she did, she’d probably stop.
Porche is also a bit insecure, but a immature girl. I think she’s quite misunderstood in the house.
Adam must have pictures of someone at CBS doing things with a pig because I can’t understand shwo this guy got on the show. He’s boring, dumb, and ugly.
Shelly was selected because she’s a vile, lying, competitive, passive aggressive female.

Most of these people have been exploited by the producers. I’m pretty sure that Jeff, Jordon, Rachel, and Brendon were paid to be on the show. I”m also sure that Rachel was told to ‘act up’ with the emotions for ratings.

Kalia, Adam, and Porche are very boring and the producers will have to take action to stir things up for ratings…I’d say with 100% certainty that Rachel will not be evicted this week…


Amen. I think you have it right.


Good assessment


You don’t even know these people and you’re trying to ‘inflict cruelty’. You can’t be mad at them for doing it. Dani’s a sociopath and Rachel is smart and competitive? LOL, ok. Wonder which side you’re on?


I agree – this game brings out these contestant own “psycho-drama”! Shelly obviously has “penis envy”, otherwise Adam would have been long gone! I heard Shelly has already instructed her daughter in how to “waterboard” someone into submission! To harden her “yugin” she tied her to a chair and made her watch “Bambi” – just the part when Bambi’s mother dies – and told her if she (Josie) every told anybody the truth that this would happen to her real parents


To quote you: “Some posts are very good, while others are devoid of any grammatical acumen. ”
Here is a definition of the word acumen:
Noun: The ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain: “business acumen”.

While I’m not sure that your use of the word acumen is even used correctly in that sentence, I believe it has been stated several times before that there are NO grammar police here; nor should there be. I’m only bringing up your post because, your possible misuse of acumen excepted, your incorrect spelling of several words throughout your post would contraindicate your implication that your post was somehow showing “grammatical acumen”.

That being said, if you really have nothing but negative things to say about every member of the house EXCEPT Rachel (your description of her is almost GLOWING), then you must have been watching this show with blinders on. She has consistently been one of the meanest people on here, when circumstances were as she thought they should be. However, once things turned against her, she did nothing but throw herself a pity party, and get even worse.

Make no mistake here. I am NOT saying that anyone else is any better; they aren’t. All I’m saying is that either: you are a friend/family member of Rachel’s, you have been watching the show with blinders on, or you possibly have this confused with the alternate universe version of this show “Why Can’t We All Get Along House”.



Looks like someone is upset about turning 25…….yo!


If she puts up Adam it’s the worst move in BB history, second only to Kalia putting up her own alliance member (Lawon).

If it’s Adam vs. Rachel, worst case scenario is Jordan wins POV, yanks off Rachel and because she won POV can’t be the replacement. Porsche is forced to nom Shelly, leaving Jordan, Rachel, and Kalia as the only voters. JORDAN / RACHEL WOULD BE CHOSING WHO GOES HOME! They knock out Shelly, Adam flips back to Jordan / Rachel, and BOOM you’ve let them flip the house back on you. P can’t play in the next HOH, so it’d be 3 on 1 vs. Kalia.

If Kalia didn’t win smart money is on Kalia / Porsche as the noms simply based on comp wins, and if P didn’t win POV she goes home next week. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

Nominate Jordan / Rachel. Worst case scenario is Rachel wins POV, yanks herself off, you renom Adam, and Shelly / Kalia vote out Jordan, leaving Rachel all alone and in a 4 on 1 scenario.

Please Porsche, don’t be stupid.


You forgot one scenario:

Rachel and Jordan get put up and Adam wins Veto and takes Jordan off. Shelly gets put up and goes home thanks to Adam and Jordans votes.

Adam would be top 3 instead of 4 now and also have creds for making a big game move plus knowing the vets have the final $500,000 votes


I totally agree with you. she has to put Jordan & Rachel on the block.


“Please Porsche, don’t be stupid”

maybe since you said please she can manage the request….:)


Brendon will be too busy with the baby to cure cancer, therefore the baby is responsible for the future deaths of millions of people


Sure the kid will be the reason that the “brilliant” Brendon does not cure cancer. Try because he was to busy beating off to guys online.


this is the worst season of big brother i have ever seen. i’m going to follow this site but won’t watch anymore. i hope the ratings plummet. i can’t wait for survivor!


Me too.
If Shelly or Adam switch sides I may start watching again!


This is my prediction on what will happen the rest of the way (I’ll probably end up being wrong):

Rachel/Jordan win POV. Rachel/Jordan evicted.
Rachel/Jordan win HOH (it’ll probably be an endurance comp).
R/J nominate Porsche and Kalia. Porsche wins POV. Shelly is nominated. Shelly is evicted.
Kalia wins HOH (probably a questions comp). R/J and Adam nominated.
Adam wins POV. Shelly nominated. R/J evicted.
Porsche wins HOH. Adam and Shelly nominated. Anyone other than Adam wins POV. Adam is evicted.
P/S/K Final Three.
Porsche wins the endurance part 1 of the HOH comp (endurance). Kalia beats Shelly in part 2.
Kalia wins the final HOH (Kalia rocks questions).
Kalia realizes she has a better shot at winning against Shelly. Porsche is evicted.
Kalia wins Big Brother 13 by a unanimous vote (Adam might vote Shelly, though).


nice plan Kevin .. but seems like you have shelly evicted twice….lol….


simon well u better start eating it lol

because u know and i know cbs has to shake up things for what shelly did . shelly has to go to the jury,, ok i have to keep hope alive . the twist aint finish u best believe that


Worst thing BR could do is conceive. Poor little fetus


Brendon is gonna have to chose now in curing cancer or raising Rachel’s baby. I say he does neither.


Poor, poor baby. God should never let them conceive………..


I agree those girls are worse than high school girls! They are a little old to be so caddy! I actually like Rachel and believe she is completely different in real life. That is proven by her friendship with Reagan from last year. The house makes her crazy and I think that Brendon is so in love with her.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Ummm well do you not remember what happened on BB11? Jordan just might pull a win out of her ass and be in the final 2 again.

Wouldn;t add up , Jordan in her season battled people that suck ball sack in comps, she had NO competition, this is why Jordan is so upset she knows she has not ahcne against ho’s left unless she somehow manes it to the end which is impossible unless production gives them a power, Rachel has a much better chance of making it


I can’t believe Rachel and Jordon would vote Kalia the winner this year at the end. I want Shelly to win.


Really? What has shelly done to deserve to win? She has won nothing! Claimed to be the most honest person in the house forgetting there are cameras that catch all of her lies. She is disloyal and forgets it is not just about getting to the end but having the votes to win! She has burned too many people to get any votes! She has done one thing well….. Taught her daughter that lying is ok if it is to win money! Don’t say you have never lied when that is all she has done!


It’s a game. Come on people.


She played the game better than any of them. There’s a reason why half the all-powerful vets are sitting in Jury and Shelly’s looking at a very reasonable final 3 deal.


seriously, i think most people will agree we don’t want shelly to win she hasn’t won one comp hasn’t even come close she piggyback with br when they started to fold she jumped to jj and when she decided she had a better chance with dpk she jump their didn’t she realise she would never win if her plan worked and the vets got out brjj would never vote for her and neither would dani she hasn’t done anything in this game so why would anyone vote for her I don’t get it. I think she honestly had a better shot with jj if she actually could win something then she could beat jj fair and square she would still have a chance at votes now i don’t see how she would get them or did she really think they would over look the fact she skrewed them


I’d vote for Kalia. I think she’s a decent person and she has kept her word in this game. She was loyal to her alliance with Dani even when their backs were against the wall. She isn’t the worst player when it comes to competitions. I’d vote for her over Porsche, Shelly, and Adam any day.


Kalia is just disgusting…that isa the only work I can think to describe her. I have gotten into the habit that when I am feeling even slightly negative about myself, I say “well at least I am not Kalia” and i feel better!!!

shelly has really worked in this game – i mean between the 24/7 ass-kissing, lying, manipulating, strategizing (i am being serious here), i imagine that takes some effort,, the woman is manic, not too mention the cleaning!!! the problem is the woman cannot win a comp and do we want another winner who is so weak in that area, and she is completely not likeable, not at all, not to listen to, not to look at, and not to think about – i doubt anyone would want to go near Shelley in real life. She seems very dishonest, calculating and disingenuous as a person even out of the house.

That being said, I would vote for Porsche. Best at Comps of the three imo, worked the game in her own way but didn’t have to manipualte or lie or cheat to do it, and i like that there is an underlying sense that she doesn’t take this too seriously and is actually having fun.


R and J need to snap out of it and get it together. Don’t make it so easy for the newbies to win! Remind K that her alliance are the people that VOTED FOR HER TO LEAVE. Remind A that he is at the bottom of his alliance totem pole. They need to stop claiming that the jury vets decide who wins and push the idea that they RJ have no shot of winning. Come on girls…play the game!


Wow, Brenchel having a baby – that would be like Evel Dick having a daughter! Oh, my bad….


LMAO Couldn’t agree more


These people should probably look in the mirror before they start bad mouthing Rachel every single day. They all act like they’re 10 in this house. I’m not saying Rachel is perfect by ANY means, but none of the others are either. They’re letting their actions and words speak for themselves. Not very mature people…

Midwest Fan

My guess – Rachel is a nice person outside of the BB House.


Anyone see the epic fight between Shelly and Jeff before the eviction? If so, can you tell us what happened? Please?


It is on you tube if you type in big brother 13 jordan and shelly fight


OMG Rachel Pregnant that is freaking scary. Her and Brendon as parents is super scary. Brendon will freak out didn’t he say he didn’t even want to marry Rachel for at least 5 years I don’t imagine he wants a child right now. Please Big Brother give her a pregnancy test asap. I think they will evict her if she is that has to be some kind of liability issue. OMG Rachel must have been trying to get pregnant who the heck doesn’t use birth control or condoms these days. Trailer trash comes to mind.


Do the jury house guests get to watch the live feeds or do they have to depend on what the new evicted ones tell them?

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

NO that would be BIG TIME CHEATING if they got to watch the live feeds, the only HGs that gets to watch live feeds are HGs that went home after eviction Jury can’t see anything that goes on in the house


No. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why, did one of them get a power? I hope not.


Ahhhhhhh told you it was going to happen today!!!

Midwest Fan

Would you like mustard or ketchup? lol


Oh crap…what happened….




Yep, JR just got a new lease on BB life.


Something just happened.. I’m watching the feeds and the HGs are talking about a twist, Rachel just said that “This is the biggest twist of the season” So.. WHAT is the twist? J&R are talking about duos… playing in the PoV as a duo… so does the veto winner get to save the TWO noms???


Oh shit they are saying it was Pandora’s Box… Porsche said she won 5000$… so what else happened?


oh oh…there was a twist!!!! think they had to pick couples again!!!


There is a twist does anyone know what it is


Well thank you BB, now that Rachel is pregnant, the world will never have a cure for cancer nd the brilliant mind that was destin to discover the cure will end up living in a trailer park, being a simple lab assistant and skyping to men during his off hours!

On the bright side, Jerry Springer will have some regular guests in the not so distant future! More reality TV for Brenda and Rac-hell

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

OMFG I knew it would be something fishy production cooked up, I think they are back playing duos or something, all I know for sure is If Rachel or Jordan win POV they’re both safe, yea RIGGED

Karma is a bicch

Why did Shelly say “Josie will be proud of me”?? What world is she living in? Proud that she left one alliance bec she couldnt trust them to go to another alliance she cant trust? she is crazy@!

Karma is a bicch

why are kalia and porshe still talking about what danni would be proud of ?? Wth? YOU are in the house now .. NOT danni.dummies.

I can’t honestly believe people, both on Big Brother and on this site. Wow, aren’t we all deserving of making mistakes? One thing about the Jeff/Jordon, Brendon/Rachel group is I don’t believe they never not talked to anyone. My goodness these “winners and self proclaimed wonderful game players” aren’t even talking to Jordon and Rachel. Sorry I have a problem with that, a true measure of a person is not only how they act in defeat but how they act in victory. These “winning women” act like they are back in high school. My goodness they can’t talk to them but have no problem talking about them! Shelly SHAME ON YOU what an example for your daughter you are setting. I know if she was my employee I would question her honesty. As well as she can lie I don’t think this is her first round at deceiving people. Josie even made comment she did not think her mom should lie so much. I guess if you call it a game with money being the prize anything goes! Totally done with Big Brother it has become a joke! It has become far too personal. Jordon is not crying just for Jeff but more out of betrayal from a friend. Once again if you don’t play hard early, you don’t lie and lie, you don’t backstab at every turn you get nowhere. So tired of seeing the worst in people brought out and people being rewarded for it! All the vets can thank Dani for not only ruining her own game but their game also. She went too far, over the top! These “winning women” are just carrying on Dani’s orders!! She put a spell on them. So as far as this season goes I really don’t know who would have been a deserving winner. Certainly not anyone who is left!