Big Brother Spoiler: Jordan says that she can’t take another week of babysitting Rachel and if Brendon goes home she’ll tell her to shut up.

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12am Adam, Jeff and Jordan are sitting on the couches all alone. Adam says that he is rolling with them. Brendon joins them on the backyard couches. They all start talking about Shelly’s toilet in the havenot room. Jeff says imagine having the BLANK in there and it just stays in there!! The conversation changes to talking about the houseguests sleeping patterns, the size of their luggage. Adam tells Jordan her unitard isn’t that bad. Jordan says that she likes it! Adam, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan head inside. Adam decides to go to bed. Jeff and Jordan are sitting outside the have-not talking to Shelly. They’re laughing about Shelly’s toilet in there. Adam and Brendon join them. Jordan and Shelly talk about the phone call she will get. Brendon asks if she knows how long she gets. Shelly says no and says that she isn’t going to do any talking she just wants to listen to her family tell her what’s going on with them. Adam tells Shelly to ask her family on the phone call how our ratings are for the show?

Jeff and Jordan head back outside again. Jordan says that they have to think about what’s best for Jeff and Jordan. Jordan says that she thinks it would be best to keep Brendon and Rachel. Jeff says he’s thinking that to. Jordan says she wishes that Dani would put up Rachel, they could get rid of Rachel and keep Brendon. Jordan starts to says if Brendon leaves… Jeff says that I’m the next target. Jordan yeah and we’re down again, you probably should have just taken the veto. Jordan says that he could have left the nominations the same and he says what’s the difference I’m in the same position but $5 grand richer, so why would I take the veto. Jordan says that they do need Brendon and Rachel here. Jordan says that she told Rachel and Brendon tonight that they don’t have the votes to save them. Jeff says that, he hopes Brendon isn’t expecting sympathy votes from them if the votes aren’t there to save them. Jeff says they can blame it on Adam, he’ll tell Brendon to work on Adam if he wants their votes. Jordan says that she is so annoyed with Rachel. Jeff says that she is so BLANK annoying! Jordan says that Adam told her that if he wins HOH he will put up Rachel and Kalia but if a veto is used he would put up Dani. Jordan says that she doesn’t know if she believes that though.
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1:10am Jeff says that he doesn’t trust Rachel. Jeff says that he thinks she’ll flip. Jordan says she thinks it bothers Brendon that Jeff has already won $15 grand. Jeff says let’s think about this objectively what does Shelly have to offer us. Jordan says a vote, and if Shelly goes up to the HOH and try to work to keep them safe that’s a plus. Jeff says those days are over, they don’t trust Shelly like that. Jeff says that his main concern is that he does not go up when the veto is used especially because he isn’t sure he’d have Rachel and Brendon’s votes to stay. Jordan says that she can’t take another week of babysitting Rachel if Brendon goes home she’ll tell Rachel to shut up. Jordan says that they can vote out Brendon and she thinks they have a good chance of winning this week because it’ll be endurance. Jeff says that Rachel is up there throwing them under the bus. Jeff wonders if they should try to cut a deal with Dani. Jordan says she doesn’t trust Dani. Jeff says he doesn’t trust Rachel. Jeff says that he doesn’t know what keeping Shelly does for us. Jordans says she wants Kalia out so bad. Jeff says yeah and Porsche. Jeff and Jordan say that Kalia just talks and says nothing and Porsche is fake like Rachel. Jeff says that Rachel is cocky again ..just because Brendon is back. Jordan says that she thinks double eviction is coming up and it would be good to still have both of them in the house at that point to try and keep the target off of Jeff. Jordan says that she’ll feel so bad getting rid of Shelly. They talk about being in a lose / lose situation. Jeff says that he doesn’t think they have the votes to save Brendon because Adam wants Brendon out. Jeff tells Jordan to stop telling Shelly BLANK because she is cracking. Jordan say if we get rid of Brendon, I get HOH, and I just straight BLANK put up Dani and Kalia up. Jordan says that they can tell Dani that she isn’t there target but Kalia is and they had to make sure that Dani wouldn’t take Kalia off. Jeff says if he goes up he’ll beat his own ass for throwing the Veto.

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2am Jeff, Jordan and Brendon talking in the backyard about Porsche. Jeff wonders if she is totally with Dani or if she could be swayed. Brendon says that Porsche goes where the power is and the power has been against them the last three weeks. Jordan says Rachel was scared she would be nominated but they all agree it will be either Jeff or Brendon going up. Brendon says they just need a fourth vote to keep them in the house. Brendon says that he thinks there is a chance he could get Porsche’s vote but he knows that Dani will be in her ear telling her not to vote for him. Jeff and Jordan says that they can’t help when it comes to Porsche. They say that they have never talked game with her. Jordan tells Brendon Rachel was all over the place while he was gone. Jordan says that she had to keep an eye on her, she wouldn’t let her leave her side so that she wouldn’t go off on anybody. Brendon talks about the double eviction and says that he thinks it’ll take place in two and a half weeks. Brendon says he’ll talk to Adam tomorrow and tells Jeff he should talk to him to. Brendon says he’ll tell him they’ll have his back until the double eviction. Brendon goes inside to go to bed.

2:30am – 3:25am Jeff and Jordan are in the backyard talking. Jeff says they just have to make sure Brendon is on their side. They says that if it was just Brendon they’d feel safe but they don’t know if they can trust Rachel. Jeff says that if he wins HOH and for some reason they don’t get her out he won’t be able to play in the next HOH. Jeff says that having Rachel and Brendon still around would be good because they would have a good chance at winning HOH and they would still be gunning for Dani. Jeff says that Brendon is a straight up guy. Jeff says that he trusts Jeff and I dont think he would back door us and he would play for us. Jeff says that he loves Shelly but she isn’t going to win anything for us. Jeff says Shelly thinks she is helping them with all the running around and talking to both sides but she is actually hurting them. Jordan says that her gut is leaning towards saving Brendon and Rachel. Jeff says that we still need Adam or Porsche on board. Jordan says that she is worried that Brendon and Rachel will get rid of Dani and possibly Kalia but says that she thinks they would come after her and Jeff before the final four. Jeff doesn’t agree. Jeff says that he should approach Adam by asking what do you think is best for the three of us in order to make Adam feel like the three of them are really together. Jordan says that it is going to be really hard to get Brendon and Rachel out down the line. Jordan says she thinks they’ll have Kalia. Jeff laughs and says not if he puts her up against Dani. Jordan says that they will poop their pants if Brendon stays. Jordan asks if Adam is on board to keep Brendon then what? Jeff says then we keep Brendon. Jeff says that he thinks Rachel and Brendon will be up Adam’s ass tomorrow trying to get his vote. Jordan says that she is still worrying that Brendon and Rachel will flip on them because Jeff has won $15000. Jeff says that if they do vote Brendon out Rachel will be pissed so they have to put the blame on Adam for not saving him. They talk about how they have to tell her that right before the vote. Jeff and Jordan head inside for bed. All the houseguests are now asleep..

6:15am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9:30am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

10:15am Still sleeping ..Big Brother is letting them sleep in this morning..

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When is veto ceremony? Now watch, if B or R go on the block they will be back with JJS so quick our heads will spin acting as if JJS are the best thing ever and BRJJS is the strongest alliance ever. If Jeff goes up R will be all happy about it, which will reveal BED new alliance. D will be pissed and B will be spending the week trying to clean up the mess R has made. BR will have to vote to keep J at that point or they will be screwed with no alliance. BRSJ will keep Jeff. Dani would do best to put up B or R if she wants to guarantee a vet goes home. Really D would be smart to team up with JJ and get rid of BR I think.


Nahhh. Jeff and Jordan are useless.


“BRSJ will keep Jeff.” Shelly will be on the block with Jeff if Dani puts him up. She can’t vote!




when do they do the POV ceremony????



Midwest Fan

IF Kalia only knew how much Jeff and Jordan dislike her ……………………
And, IF Jeff and Jordan only knew how much Kalia’s adoration of them is exactly like Shelley’s ………………….

“Dani, Watch Out!!!”


I know, I’m amazed at how naive Kalia is. B’c she is still adamant about not ever putting Jordan up b’c of some deal they made in the beginning, but after everything that has went down especially how Jordan treated her last week when she was HOH why would you still even think that deal is in place. Also when is the last time Kalia and Jordan talked game with each other, and Jordan is constantly saying how much she wants Kalia out the house and that she doesn’t want to work with Kalia, how can Kalia not pick up on that. Kalia must think that Jordan is still that sweet person from her season but everyone can see that she isn’t. Also


I hope danielle back doors Jeff. Jordan will be easy to get rid of. Then they pluck of Shelly and Adam. And between Danielle porscha and BR I don’t care who wins


I know, me too. It just seems to me that Dani may not have the balls to backdoor Jeff. All Dani and Kalia have seemed to do in the past three weeks is keep putting up Rachel and Brendon. I still don’t see how that is benefiting Dani. She will not win if she doesn’t get Jeff out. The funny thing is Kalia is still stuck up JJ’s ass. JJ also has Shelly and Adam. Jeff & Jordan will sail right to the end. So what, Jeff is a bully. He can’t hit you, put this douche on the block.


I hope Jeff goes up and BR joins DKP. Jordan is annoying?!!


people are always busting on jordon, but you can not deny she is a sweetheart to sit there and talk to shelly, she did that a few times yesterday..


So did dani, and Porsche

Midwest Fan

And …….Kalia


We proved our point Midwest :)


I’m with you MRKNOWITALL. I think we are the minority on here.


Jeff won enough money. Time for him to go.


how much did he win this time


5 grand


Let’s not forget Dani won $25,000 in her season.


Didn’t she win 50,000?




honestly, i never thought i would say this, but i want D/K/P to team up with B/R and get the hell rid of jeff the bully, and jordan. who the hell does she think she is to complain about floaters, and people who don’t do “BLANK”?? what the hell does she do besides complain and coast right through the game, while doing NOTHING to help their alliance!?? she has to go… i don’t get america’s fascination with them. he’s a dick and she’s dumb-ass. they both need to GO.


Jordan won $500k in her season. Jeff won America’s favorite his season, plus what he’s earned this season, and CBS obviously loves him enough to do business with the chap for non-BB projects. They’ve more than earned their keep. Time to move onto the next.


Either way, some people seem to have forgotten that she won money too.


Okay, the point is she won money too.


STFU! I love JJ!




I totally agree with you. I am so sick of JJ. I say backdoor Jeff, than get rid of Jordan, stick with Brenchel until DKP get the numbers and vote them out.


Dani won $50k on her season….oh I forgot,that’s different because it’s your favorite player.


J/J need a wake up call. They are both useless in this game yet they sit around scheming like they have power. Still baffled why anybody would be intimidated into voting for Jeff or afraid to put him on the block. I don’t like B/R but J/J are way shadier than B/R is.

I honestly don’t see what Kalia’s problem is. Jordan treats her with open contempt and she’s still sticking to honoring her deal. Blind loyalty in a game like this is always a liability.


More like Blind Stupidity. Kalia didn’t just get that Dunce Hat for nothing, she totally earned it.


Its not just Kalia! Adam and Shelly have ran around doing J/J’s dirty work for no good reason all season. They voted out Lawon now Shelly is probably going home when she would have had the numbers to stay had she had a brain. They all worship Jeff its kind of creepy. And Adam is the “expert” is the worst player in the house.


i’ve been saying all along that something is fishy with shelly. obviously, CBS casted people that were JJ fans to help JJ win this season. Why these people want to give them the money again, I have no idea, not unless they are not in it for the money, just to help JJ.


Totally agree, Kaci. This is bullshit that no one in that house will get Jeff out. Are they so scared of him, that they won’t get him out. If Dani doesn’t put his ass up, she might as well just hand the $500K to Jeff. I thought Dani was supposed to be a Donato. Bullshit.


omg kaci…you are SO right! i agree with everything you said!

I'm so confused

Jeff has won enough money? 15k, right? what about 50k? Isn’t that enough? That is what your precious Dani won in her season. And Jordan won 500k. Methinks your logic is just a little off!

Fuzz the under boss

Can Dani really trust BR? I wouldn’t, but I guess she has to take a chance and try and protect herself for next week, if she gets out Jeff this week and Kalia wins HOH they have to go after Brendon, I don’t trust any deal with BR, yea they’ll make a deal when they aren’t in power but when they are would they keep their word and not put her up, I wouldn’t bet on that.


You would be right, but you are completely wrong. BR have been very honest in this game. It’s JJ that are complete liars. Dani will absolutely lose this game if she doesn’t put Jeff up. Guaranteed.


Cacklin hen racheal need to leave and buy some proactive. She is not only the worst thing to liisten to, but she also loooks like a wildabeast.


Hey now, that’s not nice… What’s your excuse for insulting wildebeests?


First of all, you didn’t even spell her name right, you idiot. Second, why don’t you post a picture of yourself so we can judge what you look like. Proactive may not even be enough to help you, dumb jack ass.


Why don’t they just talk adam into not using the veto and make sure everyone is on board voting out shelly. Have the meeting between JJBRA now cuz shelly is locked up so she won’t have a chance to butt in then it would for sure be the 5 of them left and no chance for dani to backdoor anyone. Come on have they not thought of that?


There’s no way A would ever be convinced to not use the veto on himself. He knows JJ’s alliance with S is stronger & he’d be a fool to put his fate into anyone else’s hands. A knows that was L’s mistake, which got him ecicted. A is defintely going to use the veto on himself.


Well the problem is they can keep S and they already said they trust her less than they used to. I know A would probably never use it but the alternative is possibly lose B which would hurt their chances since S and A never do that good in comps. Keeping A on the block with S and striking a deal between JJBRA to boot S although they don’t want to would give them a stronger shot at winning HOH next week and POVs down the line if they need them. If Jeff goes up he’ll be saved by JBRA over S for sure. If B goes up then it could be a 3-3 with A being the swing vote. Keeping shelly lowers their chances in comps. Its a big risk for A and the rest but it should pay off if they all agree. the problem with Lawon was he got cocky and they never controlled the votes anyways with him up there. It was a mistake from the start with A they would all be there dealing as a group on what to do, it sucks for S but someone has to take the fall for people to get further in the game sometimes.


I’m having a real hard time calling this one.. Most everything thinks Dani will put up Brendon.. I’m starting to lean towards that to but we’ll have to wait and see what happens on the feeds tonight.


Unfortunatley from listening to JJ now, D could be screwed if JJ decide to cast their votes to save B, rather than S. If they do, A will be the deciding vote. A would be wise however, to vote out B, rather than S because he has to see that this would put to stronger players than himself in a tighter alliance with JJ, leaving him low man on the totem pole of a JJBRA alliance. This is going to be another interesting veto ceremony. I fear D may be screwed if A does decide to vote out S over B.


I thought it was I before E, except after C…

I’m kidding!

Anyway, Dani’s best move is putting up Jeff. What I hope she realizes is if she puts up Jeff, she has the built in excuse of “when I tried to backdoor you in week 3, I felt you were my strongest competition and I still feel that way.” It would show some consistency and it’ll make BR think they still have a deal with her, Team Drama are already sure of a JJSA Final Four pact anyway, this would be the perfect time to act upon that impulse if Jeff is up.


Adam can’t win anything, he needs Brendon to win HOHs, and I still have no idea why any of the still trust Shelly. I swear he goes after Jeff leaves if he votes for Brendon to go, maybe before, I can see a pissed Rachel putting up him and Dani or Kalia.


I want dani to backdoor jeff

Big Bro Fan

Its time to geT sHElly out! Keep BRJJ in the house get rid of tubby and skeletor and we have a game!


Why is everyone complaining about Jeff and the money?? He won money, Jordan won money and DANI won money. If Dani doesn’t backdoor Brendon, then her and her ding dong alliance are really stupid. If brendon is gone again, Rachel will crumble AGAIN and hopefully Jordan won’t babysit her and it will be over for Rachel. Shelly won’t babysit her either again. Let Brendon go and watch Rachel go crazy. That gives everyone another week or more. We know Shelly lies and played both sides…..BUT they ALL have pretty much. Except for Dani.


Except for Dani? She is playing both sides right now. She is telling both BR and JJ that she is putting up the other. Not saying this isn’t good game play, but she is definitely playing all sides. Best bet is to get rid of B as much as I would rather it be R. Endurance comps coming up and he would be a beast. As we have seen this season, Rachel is worthless without him.


Dani didn’t win any money. She won POV play card, which she can use once at any PoV comp to ensure she plays, in the event her name might not have been pulled to play. This will be particularly helpful for D if she were on the block and her name wasn’t pulled to play in the POV ceremony.


Umm, if you’re on the block, you’re automatically playing for POV.


My bad! Forget. Dahhhh!


Well if she’s on the block then she’s automatically playing?


Dani won 50k her year and daddy Dick bought her a car. Kalia won a trip so Jeff and Jordan are not the only ones to win anything


I don’t think people realize that Dani was runner up in her season. It seems they only remember Jeff and Jordan winning money. Even Evel Dick forgot Jordan won BB11, remember when they all first gather in the HOH room and Dick said I’m the only vet to win BB?


Jordan won BB11 and Dani was runner up in BB8; that’s the money that they are speaking of

Team 500 G's

WhoDat: Adam is a superfan. He is well aware of what happened to Marcellis. He will absolutely use the veto. Then again. I havnt figured this cast out yet and their dumb moves. I mean if I was Dani I would have put up one of two of the power couples. If one gets veto the other is up. I would make sure one of the top vets leave the house.

Dani is going to be a target no matter what she does. Hands down she is atleast one of the top two strongest players in the game. These players seem to make mistake after mistake. If Dani survives next week she will convince me she deserves to win. Look around her, she really dosnt have any aliances. Kalia? She wants so bad to be on Team J/J it isnt funny. Porsche? She cant be counted on for nothing. Dani really has no one to depend on. If she can make it to the end she absolutely deserves to win….will she?….who knows.

Am I Team Dani? No, I am Team $500 G’s…..I want the best player to win.

Scallywag in Canada

Very well said!


Everyone is trying to figure out Sherry’s reason for being here, my personal thought that came out of no where at 3 something this morning, I sat up in bed and would you believe this came to me? What if Sherry is a identical twin? They are taking turns coming in and playing, like pull a switch when she’s called to the dr room. I’ve got to keep watching for anything different from her or on her some slip up. Maybe one of this season’s twist! Then again I might be over thinking it too.

Midwest Fan

Let us know when you find “Sherry.”
I know – “Blame it on the rain.”


Sorry meant Shelly-did say it was 3 a.m. lol

Midwest Fan

IMO, a Shelley Twin is called a NIGHTMARE.
: )


Definitely over thought. Sorry.


That would actually be a really cool game twist, you should submit it to CBS for next season!


Does anyone have the link to Jeff’s chainsaw add?

Horrible Season

If dani gets rid of jeff then everyone in their alliance will be useless JAS


Exactly what I said in my comment below. Getting rid of Jeff rather than B may be a smarter strategic move for D.


I like your name, horrible season. I totally agree with you. Dani keeps putting Brendon and/or Rachel on the block, but it hasn’t really helped her in the game at all. I think she needs to realize that JJ have minions working with and for them. BR are no longer their minions, but JJ still have Shelly and Adam. If she gets rid of Jeff, that whole JJSA alliance will crumble. After getting Jeff out, then she can get Brendon out.


I think Brendon being voted out humbled him considerably, and it has effected Rachel also. If they were truly playing the game they claim they came to play (without emotions), they would get rid of the floaters (includes Jeff and Jordan and Shelly and Porsche) and let the competitive players battle it out to the end. Jeff threw a POV comp – he deserves to go home this week.


Agree completely.


How are Jeff and Jordan floaters? As Dick tweeted, a floater is someone who floats where the power lies. Jeff and Jordan have made it very clear to their face and behind their back that they are coming after Dani and Kalia. They are the exact opposite of floaters…


Jordan is too dumb to even be a floater


I also think that Brendon and Rachel are a little more comfortable with that knowledge that if they’re voted out, they get to be in the jury house together. I know it was difficult to listen to Rachel mourn the passing of Brendon and all last week, but her primary whining was that she wouldn’t be around him for six weeks.

Team 500 G's

ooops…..BTW….J/J will not win BB 13….take it to the bank.


I hope they don’t win, but they are CBS favs so it’s no telling what kind of twist CBS will have to ensure their win


If JJ want BR to stay, they should tell Adam not to use the veto he has the votes over shelly. BRJJ – KP


As I said above, there’s absolutely no way A won’t use the POV on himself. He remembers all too well when L though he could trust people to keep him in the house over R. Make no mistake about it, A will absolutely be using the POV on himself.


Adam is savvy enough not to take that risk, especially considering what Lawon just did to himself.


There is no way that Adam will become Marcellas #2


I wish JJ would wake up and realize that keeping BR is NOT the right choice! Sure, Shelly wins nothing and no one trusts her, but she’s a vote and someone willing to do JJ’s bidding. That is better than the always annoying, always backstabbing BR. I don’t get the idea of keeping BR cuz they’re “bigger targets”. JJ ALREADY ARE TARGETS! This isn’t the first week, this is the mid point and the lines are drawn and BR are now FLOATING back and forth and ready to sell JJ out. If JJ doesnt sell them out first, then they deserve to go home got being dumb! Just hope that doesn’t happen, as I’d love either them or Dani to win. If BR, Adam, or especially Kali won, I’d throw up.


JJ don’t do shit, so they need some people in their so-called alliance that will do all their work. Shelly and Adam won’t, but they feel BR will. They do have to think about the fact that Jeff will be a target after Brendon leaves because he will be. And considering the fact that JJ don’t do shit, having him gone also means they lose someone that wins comps. However, I don’t care about JJ losing Brendon because they have already lost him and Rachel in their alliance. But it doesn’t matter because no one in this house will put Jeff on the block, so you’ll have your precious JJ in the house at least until final 4 and probably in final 2. It appears no one has any balls in this house.


Brendon and Rachel are 2 votes, and Brendon and Rachel are loyal. The first time Dani was HOH, Jeff and Jordan came up there to immediately throw BR under the bus, while BR wanted to get ALL the veterans together and take everyone else out


jj trying to flip pacer or adam, will be big mistake it will turn house against. go team black widow!

Scallywag in Canada

I really hope Dani backdoors Jeff. His unwarranted arrogance is really annoying. I think it would be her best move and I would love to see how pissed off he will get when he realized he should have won the POV and not the money. Go Dani go!!!


I now think it is almost a sure thing that Jeff is going up this time instead of B/R. This time around Dani has more info about JJSA and sees that nobody is going to take out JJ not even her own Kalia. That’s why she nom Shelly/Adam instead of B/R outright…and it’s also why she didn’t nom Jeff outright because then he would have played hard and Won the POV instead of the money.

Dani has totally played Jeff and used his greed and arrogance against him and he gave up his chance at the POV because of it All she has to do now is seal the deal and get B/R votes and Jeffy boy is gone.


Dani is not only making decisions to keep her safe, she’s also working on jury votes. It’s a delicate balance, but I think since Brendon was already gone once, he’s the safest bet to put up without making anyone else too upset. Adam will use the veto, there’s no way in hell he won’t.
I think the social game is really getting to people now especially after the Shelly incident and people worrying about jury. I don’t really care if it’s B or J that goes up, but I think B would be the safest bet.


As much as I’d love to see D break up the nauseating, codependent couple of BR by backdooring one of them, if she puts up Jeff, and manages to get the votes to actually send him home, it would mean:
1) The JJAS alliance would be one man down and since Jordan is the weaker of JJ, S & A might realign with DKP = good for Team Dani
2) BR would figure D had honoured their deal and “think” she’s now working with them = good for Team Dani
3) The JJBR alliance would be one man down and, given #2 (above), would be more than likely over = good for Team Dani

Think carefully Dani, as your next move could be a real game defining one.

Team Dani all the way!




i second that but I’m afraid she’ll put Brendon up because she’s afraid he’ll win any upcoming endurance comp. Put Brendon up will definitely be a waste of 3 HOH: they should use their energy to get someone else out.


I fear you’re right and that she’s going to put up B. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite her in the ass.


The saving grace may be the fact that Brendon has already been voted out once. Dani may be thinking that if she can get him out once, she can do it again at a later time.


Totally agree. I think Dani should realize that getting Brendon out will not change the game at all. Been there, done that. If she wants to change the game, she needs to get Jeff out. This would cause a break in multiple alliances. BR only have BR, so getting them out does absolutely nothing for Dani’s game. It would be a complete wasted HOH to get Brendon out, it does absolutely nothing. She has to know that.


Lets see…Who is the biggest threat? Brendon or Jeff? Ummm Brendon by a long a shot. Put him up against Shelley!

Team 500 G's

B/R have had one chance to get rid of Jeff, they wont let that chance slip by them again. To win the game one of these two couples will need to gain power in the house. The house is not big enough for the two of them.

Plus it isnt in ANYONES intrest to let these four go any further in the game…includeing Adam. If B/R and J/J were smart ( which we know they are not) they would stick together like glue. All they would need is one other person and run through the house like water. But noooooooo they are going to end up against eachother. Dani, needs to put a wedge between them. She is working on it now. Best bet is to put up Brendumb. He is probably the strongest player for Dani to worry about. I know its not the most popular opinion but dont count out Porshe to make it far in this game. As much as some of the Hg dislike her, they also need her (vote).

Adam as I said will absolutely use the veto. If he does he probably will come off the radar screen and atleast get thru another week. Dani, will most likely put either Jeff or Brendumb up this week. Therefore either Team J/J or Team B/R will be gunning for her next week. Kalia could be odd man out. Dont count on her winning POV. Once again Porshe will slip thru the crack….again. Dani is actually playing it pretty smart, she is making a deal with both sides. She can figure out where the votes are then tell the other side that they are selling them out….gaining their vote and causes a wedge between the two sides. If anything that is as much a big move in the game as evicting one of these players…If Dani can convince Smelly that J/J and B/R are somehow turning on her she might just get Smelly to flip.

In no way can she leave B/R and J/J unscathed during her HOH, is so it is a total waste of an HOH.


Dani… Dani…Dani… why didn’t you put up Jeff and Brendon originally? I’m afraid neither one will go home because the two power couples will stick together.


The difference between the fact that JJ and Dani have all won money is that Dani is actually playing to win more this time. JJ aren’t playing, they bitching and bullying their way through this season. Dani fights hard and has from the beginning. The game has come back around to her original scenario of backdooring Jeff only now she is HOH and can do it and not have to rely on BR to do it for her.


I called it last week so I’ll try again this week. Dani will put jeff up. Knowing that jsa will not work with br anymore. At this point getting br out would mean nothing. If you get one of them out the other will just work with jjsa. Split up jj then Jordan has noone to tell her what to do. She has 2 idiots on her side. None of them can when. So you use br to take out the rest because you saved them. As I see it this is how the next few evictions should go: jeff,shelly,brendon,kalia,Jordan.
I’m calling the final 4 as Porsche,dani,Adam,Rachel.


Amazing that JJ say that BR will do and say anything to win the game. Jeff is almost willing to murder someone if they dare even think of putting him up. I also think he would never use a veto on Jordan.


Wht should jeff use the veto on jordan? That would be a stupid idea just like it was stupid for brendon to use it on Rachel.


BB should think about using plastic ware in the kitchen while Jeff remains in the house.


This comment had me laughing so hard that my downstairs neighbor gave me a weird look when she was walking to her car. Thanks for the laugh!


Jeff made a threat, he should be removed from the game.


RockStar, He is always making threats. I feel like he should be removed also, or told to calm down. Anyway, his threats are empty words. He’s not going to do anything to anybody. The only person that feels threatened by him is Kalia.


Chessie – If anyone else said that besides Team JJ – the super fans would be writing CBS saying they had to be removed from the show. Jeff says it and they treat him like a kitten. I feel like making all my 123 split personalities write CBS a letter stating how Jeff should be removed.


I really hope dani puts jeff up so he can go crazy; that would make my year!!!


Reading the update and how Jordan talks about Kalia makes Kailia look like and even bigger dumb ass. I find it ironic that she threw her own partner Lawson under the bus for about 3 weeks give or take. She didn’t have a problem doing it either, but has an issue putting up Jordan. She doesn’t have to know everything Jordan is saying about her. She should just consider her Jordan’s behavior and attitude toward her. Dani shouldn’t have to point that out.


JJ really need hoh next week. I want to backdoor dani bad. Err… I mean I want to see her get backdoored. Tho I wouldn’t mind backdooring her


Simon, can we drink when we hear “backdoor”. I’m about sick of that one too


for sure great Idea .. “backdoor” Drink …..


What are the current drink words anyway?


Floaters, Backdoor… theres a bunch more, our drinking game needs it’s own page..


Is “Shockerrrrr!” in there as well? I believe this one should only count when Dani says it… or someone mocks Dani saying it.


Floaters, BackDoor, BB is Rigged, since Day One, 100%, Genuinely truly truly, picked off one by one, Shootin straight…..
I’m drunk


My liver hates you




Hey everyone. I believe the real question now is how Jeff Jordan and Adam vote. In my personal opinion they should keep brendon because they are going to need people to help evicting dani and since her alliance has been in power for 3 weeks it proves that danis eviction will be no easy task. Also having Brenchel in tact garentees that they will be bigger targets in he upcoming double eviction and the weeks to come buying floaters like Adam more time. I hope Adam is smart enough to see that. As for jeff and Jordan not trusting brendon and Rachel, they had the b/r had the oppurtunity to backdoor the two of them when Dan wanted them to and they did not. The least jejo can do is save Bren the week. Dani is the enemy and the must unite to take her down!!!!!!!!


I really wanna see dani evicted soon. And watch Brenchel do it.


Hey Simon,
I just read on a feed that Production might do something about Porsche putting Benefiber in other HGs protein shake supply and Kalia and Dani were both there laughing at her while she did it. Can they really do anything to her or them? Jordan was complaining about her stomach hurting her the other day. What do you think?


I wonder if Jeff uses the “F” word so much so that CBS is limited in how much footage they can use of his true slimmy character. That coupled with their love affair with him and Jordon is sure to give them a good edit.

Midwest Fan

BB Phony $howmance – J/J

Yesterday Jordan asked Jeff if he was going to take her on a trip with his Winnings and if
he did would she need to bring some of her own money?
Jeff said, “Yes, bring some bucks.” (Paraphrasing)
What a guy!!!


add this to the growing list of mistakes that dani and kalia have made

why get rid of brenden and rachel…I cant say this enough..ZERO FREAKING FRIENDS OR JURY VOTES.ZERO! (outside the other of the 2)

backdoor jeff, make jordan crack completely, then deal up with Band R, finish jordan off because she can WIN the game, then after that, take out B and R….but use them….

if dani is dumb enough to not backdoor jeff, he WILL win HOH, then he WILL put up dani.

its just stupid beyond belief, TAKE OUT the two who can actually WIN this game due to the VOTES

how can the fact kalia and shelly adore JJ not come into dani’s mind when it comes to jury….if she sits next to rachel or brenden final 2, are you kidding me? thats a guarenteed win


I’m starting not to like adam he says he’s coming after brendon but how he can’t win anything he thinks he’s mr. big stuff like evel dick said his only fear about adam is that he’s that vote in the game that could change the game swing power


Danspell the skeletor witch knows exactly what she is doing. Once Adam takes himself off the block she will put in either Jeff or Brendon(I’m still mad that he is back in the game) and finally get one of them out of the house without them being able to use a pov to save them. She has to sweep up everybody’s mess (Kalia’s and Jordan) they could have had the biggest threats in the house out by now. I can never understand Kalia’s horrible game plan. Brendon yelled at her so bad and Jordan dosen’t like her. Why can’t she see that?? I can’t wait for Shelley to leave the house.

Floata Hata

My comments are blocked for no discernible reason. When I posted a QUESTION about something dubious that was showing up on Daniele’s twitter Simon deleted the comment and said I was “known to troll.” Which was never the case as I have never trolled or even posted anything that could reasonably be construed as trolling. Not in the least.

Then considering Ill Will whatever his name is and the trolling and personal attacks he regularly posts without reprimand or censor, I had to conclude this commenting system is bullshit.

Too bad because I was visiting and appreciating your site enough to make a big fat donation but have reconsidered. Can’t do it. You don’t play fair. That’s your prerogative, of course.

I still enjoy the updates. Thanks.


Backdoor Jeff, Backdoor Jeff times a hundred Backdoor Jeff. Hope everyone is good and drunk because you’ll need to be to continue to watch this idiocy.


How can you people hate Jeff and Jordan, they are the only real people in the house. Can you imagine living with BR, they would drive you nuts