Big Brother 13: Health Tips with Straight Shooter, When at Chilis get the black Beans instead of the processed meats **updated**

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6:34pm DP talking about who is eating all the food. They are thinking that Kalia and Jeff are eating more than their share. They joke they need stockpile some select boxes of food. Porsche: “Ohh great and the pita chips are all gone today” Dani: “WHAT.. there was 2 bags yesterday.. ” Porsche: “Yup their all gone”. Porsche says they need to grab 1 of the 2 last boxes of triscuit and put it in the HOH. Dani mentions that they always got in trouble early for taking food but there’s some people in the house that take more.

7:02pm Backyard Shelly, Porsche and Dani Shelly giving them health food advice saying it they go to Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant the should get the black beans instead of the sliced meats (I missed the first 1/2 of the conversation just thought it was funny that Shelly is giving them health tips) Dani mentions that she eats only healthy foods doesn’t touch anything that’s processed. Shelly goes on and on about how great Dani looks and how she can tell dai eats healthy. Shelly tells them she drinks a gallon of milk a week, goes on about how Jose drinks milk, juice and sometimes a diet cola.
Porsche starts talking about pork and beans and other various dishes she likes to eat. Dani leaves, SP keep going…

7:30pm Shower Jordan on the bathroom bench doing makeup and hair.

7:40pm Backyard Porsche and Adam working our Shelly and Dani chatting about the distance of the backyard. Kalia joins them.. (Straight Shooter is SO FAR up dani’s and Kalia’s ass right now it makes be want to vomit)

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7:50pm Purple Room BR
Rachel wondering if they can get Dani to help them get the votes.. (feeds cut)

Rachel thinks Dani may still want him to stay. Brendon doesn’t think so because why did she put him up int he first place. Rachel says that Dani had no other choice if she put Jordan up then shelly would know Dani was taking her out, If she put Jeff up then everyone would know that she had a deal with BR. rachel continues that dani would never put DP since they are kind of a group now. Brendon isn’t so sure.. He thinks that Dani is telling JJ that BR were telling her to backdoor JJ. rachel doesn’t think so she says they would of heard about it by now she thinks perhaps Dani is trying to have Shelly’s eviction look like a accident. Brendon thinks that over thinking it.
(Feeds are cutting in and out)
Rachel: “that’s why they said they had a problem with the allstar season (feeds cut)

(really hard to hear them they are whispering)

Rachel: “The thing is Jeff and Jordan …. (didn’t hear what came next) We knew Dani from outside this house..”
(feeds cut.. )
Brendon is felling shitty, he doesn’t like the type of person he becomes in the house. He’s getting worried about school because he told them he would be home by August. Rachel is trying to make him feel better saying that one more month won’t affect a 5 year program. Rachel says she’s lost her confidence in the game. Brendon tells her she needs to get her head in it because if he goes she needs to win it. Rachel the only thing good she has going for her right now is that last week she messed up so bad that everyone in the house thinks she’ll be useless after he leaves.
Rachel: “One thing I know is Shelly needs to go she doesn’t deserve to be here”. Rachel wonders that maybe Shelly threw the last POV. Brendon: “Yeah she threw the POV comp for sure” rachel: “Maybe she really does suck.. but also she never has had to win a comp so who really knows”

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8:15pm all cams on the backyard chit chat

8:45pm Kalia conducting a pilates class with Rachel and Porsche

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121 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Health Tips with Straight Shooter, When at Chilis get the black Beans instead of the processed meats **updated**

    1. D would be wise to say nothing, just in case A or P (both are wild cards) decide to keep B. A & P are not to be trusted as far as I’m concerned.

  1. “rachel doesn’t think so she says they would of heard about it by now she thinks perhaps Dani is trying to have Shelly’s eviction look like a accident.”

    … look like AN accident.. not a (uh) accident!! p

    1. Sorry, but Sara doesn’t normally have an H at the end. What’s wrong with you? Can’t you spell your own name? Or was that someone’s weak attempt to make you stand out?

  2. Shelly only recognizes 2-3 vegetables (her admission).
    She has balls to try and give health advice….oops that’s right, she likely DOES have balls!

    1. Who would listen to Health Advice from smokers and wouldn’t want their kid to see and people who give their young kid soda….which is processed and filled with artificial sugar and harmful chemicals for your body over time!

  3. It’s not straight shooters fault that she doesn’t know what shes talking about, she has no one to correct her.

  4. A smoker giving health tips – now there’s a laugh!!! Straighten out your own life and bad habits before trying to deal with others

    1. Lmao I concur! I thought Dani sucked less than everyone else but now she’s just as whack. I’m ready for a new season this cast is Worthless!

      1. Yes get a bunch of fresh brand new first time players in the house. I hate when these shows bring back past players, unless it is an all star, to play with people who try out for years to be on the shows.

        1. I was going to say, as previous comments here and there on this site that have referred to Porcha as fat have be wondering if some people are watching BB on a wide screen TV. I don’t think Porcha is someone I’d consider to be even remotely fat. However, that’s just this guy’s opinion.

          1. DR, I’d like to trade my husband for you. He thinks P is HUGE. And he wonders why I always have salad for dinner. It’s because if I gain weight he will think I’m obese. Like he thinks about P.

          2. Porsche has put on some weight since coming into this house, but by no means would I call her fat. I don’t see it, but to each their own I guess.

  5. I used to like Shelly but lately she is really annoying. At least CBS aired one of her many lies on the Sunday show.

    Keeping BR in the game right now is the best move for D and JJ because it keeps the target off them for another week. At least BR will win competitions and play hard unlike Shelly who has mastered the art of lying really well and covering it up.

    It would be a shame for all that voting for Brendon to come back into the house only to find a revolving door.

    C’mon Porche, you can pull out one more vote for BR!

    1. Keeping brendon in hte gane is their worst move , he totally threw them under the bus then backed up and ran them over again , i just hope Dani tells JJ what Brendon and Rachzilla said to her the other night

      1. Shelly: “Would you consider taking me to the final three?”
        How is that a final three deal?! Brendon answered “Yes,” and Shelly responded “Good.” Hardly something that someone would rely on as a deal. Shelly was simply feeling them out. I have never considered Shelly as “with” R/B. Rachel lied to Porsche about that, twisting what Shelly said.
        I am not rooting for Shelly, I just think it’s BS to try to say that’s proof she’s lying, especially when there are so many other great examples. ;)

      1. No she actually believes all of her bullshit…i literally punched myself in the face when she cried on tv like she didnothing…crazy biotch

  6. Dani should totally go and tell JJ all the crap BR have saying about them, then JJ will realize that they need to look out for themselves and stop thinking about what BR want. BR cant stay in this game much longer cause everyone they are in alliance with they throw under the bus. I cant stand Shelly but, I would rather have her in the game then them. Im so over Rachel saying thats my fiance. DUH Rachel you act like we dont know him. Get over it, it will never work you met on reality tv. He will jerking off to the computer in no time. I think once BR are out this game might get a little more interesting.

    1. Yeah, I hope it does get more interesting once they are out or at least if he leaves this week. The golden key crap has really made the pace of the show screwed up. You had people sitting around the house. I don’t know what people were thinking voting Brendon back in anyway. It was maybe interesting for a day or so and that’s a stretch for me. I don’t find he and Rachel together in the house entertaining in a good way like some people seem to do. It’s all been overplayed and has gotten old. This season has a strange pace and dynamic anyway. The golden key crap combined with the fake duos and vet duos has screwed up the dynamic and pace of the show this season. So I kind of see how Dani may have gotten ahead of herself and came out of the gate a little too quickly.

  7. Rachel wondering if they can get Dani to help them get the votes.. (feeds cut)

    Why are the feeds keep cutting, something production doesn’t want us to know? another reason why I believe the show is rigged(Drink) when the feeds are cut for no reason on top of feeders not being able to see the DR sessions.

  8. I have never seen anyone eat their way through a tv show. They need to make Kali a haven’t. She chews and moos. Chews and moos. Jeff eatingis not that bad. He works out.

  9. Stellar health tips coming from someone who looks 10-15 years older than they actually are due to their own health choices. But that’s Shelly she’s so full of contradictions which makes her full of shit, since she doesn’t even own up to it. A person like that can be super critical and judgmental of other people too. She’s ridiculous. I’m starting to think maybe they did know what they were doing by casting her. lol

  10. I just wanted to say that i would not call Jordan a floater but I will say she is weak as a player and without Jeff…She would not have gotten far as she did.

  11. Dani is Kool HNd Luke! She has the most game of everyone combined. They all look lime chimps next to the champ. You go girl take it home!

  12. Ok this is just my opinion….but… Has anyone wondered if Dani and Brendon have hooked up outside the BB house?

    Going back to the first time she met him. It was alone without Rachael. Dani made a comment to the effect that he ditched her with the i will text you soon routine.

    In the begining of the season she was all about following him around. Making sympany faces when Rachael was saying or doing stupid things. She seemed like she was hanging on the edge of things waiting for the stress to get between R and B.

    Once he betrayed her by telling Jeff the backdoor plan she behaved like a women scorned. Ever since she is been trying hard to get him evicted. Maybe trying to separate him from R? Either way it seems real personal. Too personal for it just to be BB related. Shes even refusing to work with R after he is gone. Fishy fishy.

    1. Here we go again with the Dani likes Brendon Theory… which is always 100% wrong, please stop it’s starting to get annoying.

        1. I am sure they attend the same events.

          Jeff is living it up in LA, there is no doubt he is hooking up with other woman. I can see him and Dani at a event, they like to drink. One thing leads to another…..

        2. I live in LA, Hollywood area. You tend to see they same people at the clubs. Smaller city than people think.

    2. Dani didn’t meet Brendon alone.
      She was with a group of friends, former BB HGs, at a bar and he asked to join them.
      He left to park his car and then never returned.
      Dani and the group attempted to call him to find out why he hadn’t rejoined them.
      He never called back

    1. Donatos Franchise I can see a Talk Show like Dick At Nite on TV

      Jeff and Jordan, what are they gonna do put them on another reality show? they would suck ass on Survivor. , they already sucked on Amazing Race, no more you can do with them besides continue to force them down our throats every BB season. You’d have to be pretty dumb to WANT to watch them on TV.

    2. Toss up, really?

      I need Jeff is more the attraction for women. He draws a huge woman fan base. Jordan is just along for the ride.

    3. Great point…Maybe JJ..because the Donatos won’t do a “The Amazing Race”..and Dick seemed to crap on Cbs’ plans this summer…

    4. Donatos. Dick and Dani seem very real and what you see id what you get, but JJ not so much. They may be a good looking couple but both are dumb and he is really mean unedited.

    5. The BR franchise for CBS’s stupid wedding dress show, other wedding shows and 48 hour mystery show when Rachel disappears during their honeymoon….lol

      1. Rachel has already been on one of those wedding dress shows. According to my GF. Was a total diva on there too, and apparently talked the exact same annoying tone.

    6. JJ bring more dough: they’re both loved by a lot of people (don’t even know why). Only one half of the DD franchise is “fascinating” to people.

      1. Agreed. Dick is very fascinating and Dani does not contribute to that – if anything, I think she lowers their duo dynamic. I like Dick minus the Dani better. She is good at competitions but her gameplay and personality sucks. Dick trumps her in both categories.

      1. Yea. I forgot….JJ could not make it on the Amazing Race…although they were cute to watch.

        Since Dani likes the guys, they can do a reality show of Dick helping her find the man of her dreams.
        …I’m sure Dick & Dani would argue over the choices….Dick would try to fight one of the guys, but it would probably be entertaining. (they can add Nick and Dom to the cast of guys competing for Dani).

        Team Donato. I would watch it.

      2. I think JJ are more profitable for CBS but I prefer DD. JJ are America’s sweethearts where as DD don’t get along. Late night CBS shows have more housewife viewers so JJ is better for CBS. Also a DD show won’t last. From what I understand they hadn’t spoken for years before BB8 and 2.5 years before BB13. Also I have heard that Dani wanted to evict Evel Dick. DD show would not last where as JJ showmance will… or will it?

    7. Donato’s easily. Let’s see how a JJ at nite show does. Besides, ED has won, if Dani can somehow pull out a win, it wouldn’t even be a debate. Also, JJ is a forced relationship at this point. At least the Donato’s are real about their relationship, and not faking it for TV like JJ.

  13. Has D talked to JJ yet? I am wondering where JJ stand on voting. They will keep B bc he is a target unless D tells them everything BR talked to her about. Any news?

    1. JJ are voting Brendon out. They’ve talked about it several times, everyone figures on Rachel just being a write off after he leaves again.

  14. BB really shows us that when smart people are surrounded by stupid people everybody gets dumber.

    Case #1 – Dani agreeing with Kalia to put up Lawon and send him packing. Kalia kept talking until Dani’s brain shut off and she agreed to the worst plan ever.

    Case #2 – Rachel convincing Brendon that Dani could still want to save them. What is going on here? Has Dani done anything to suggest to you that she will save you or work with you? Other than target you 3 weeks in a row??? Sure she lets them talk about deals to her but they are just not taking the hint that there is NO DEAL in Dani’s mind. When Dani is on your side or will save you for a week, she makes it clear. She told Shelly she is safe and in her last HOH she told Jeff he is safe. She has not given BR any reason to trust her and yet Rachel is still trying to convince Brendon that this is possible and Dani is really targeting Shelly. AND Brendon is actually THINKING about this? It’s so frustrating to watch people being fed bad ideas and eating it up with a shovel. Exercise your brains people and don’t let your partners or other people in the house dumb you down.

    And I just feel bad listening to JJ strategize… they never get anywhere productive. They are thinking of keeping Shelly because they can ‘trust’ her. LOL! No one can trust Shelly. JJ should work to keep Brendon because sending him home would be exactly what the other side wants to do in order to weaken the BRJJ ‘alliance.’ JJ should keep the target off of them instead of focusing on making useless friends in the house. I think if Brendon goes home, it will only be a matter of time before all the other vets follow (including Daniel because the newbies will outnumber her and eventually send her packing too as they bond over their mutual newbiness).

  15. 1, 2, 3 weeks you’re out….Dani….Jeff not Brendon…DKP, your luck just ran out….Porsche is a switch hitter…So Dani, hope you POV, then HOH again or its the jury house for you…And D is best looking in the house would hate to see her go because…Porsche has tooo much a$$(the brothers been hittin dat), Kalia has no shape, no hips, just an uncurvy cylinder with rolls just like Jabba, Rachel(dirty), Jordan, knocked knee’ed, Too stupid(see mock job interview with Shelly), Too trailer park….see what I mean!!

    I hope Brendon stays and SS Shelly goes home for the snake oh I mean sake of her kid and marriage! She’s teaching josie AND her husband how its ok to straight shoot and lie at the same time!!!

  16. jeff jordan & adam say they will vote out brendon shelly asked jeff would they vote her out he said no her response that’s my baby boy

  17. Shelly’s Rachael bashing is sickening. The biggest liar in the house is acting offended that her integrity is in question. ugh

      1. Simon, you seen any feeds of Dani asking Shelly to get J&J to talk with her and Dani telling Shelly she has proven herself to J&J in the noms she’s made this week????

          1. I watched since an hour before POV was done and never saw anything discussed between them about talking to J&J. Shelly starting some crap again maybe?

            What is really stupid of J&J who just confirmed to Shelly their votes, Dani still has the balance of power, Dani can turn K&R to vote to keep Brendon and with Rachel, Dani has the final vote in a tie, these idiots seem to forget this.

            The longer J&J act like they control things, the more Dani will turn the game against them with a last minute deal to keep Brendon!

      2. I’m sick of this bullshit stereotype that has people thinking that ALL Canadians say “eh”. That’s absolutely not the case. Bob & Doug Mackenzie (“Strange Brew”) initiated (& perpetuate) that fallacy.

        1. :) It’s a stereotype so it doesn’t necessarily represent the reality of things. I’m Canadian and I don’t say it; neither do my friends and family.

  18. If they put more than one overweight girl in the house then big K wouldn’t be tring soo hard to be liked and wouldn’t not be hanging on Jeff opinion of her

  19. jeff & jordan are going evict brendon for shelly the liar get real & after brenchel stuck their neck out for jeff when they could have backdoored him jj you will be gone to because shelly @ adam won’t win anything to save you

  20. Damn iPad! I lost my other post!

    I missed all day feeds, watched BBAD last night and could smell the tuna from Napa! Dani is gullible if she falls for the Brenchel act…ugh…

    So someone catch me up, did Dani go to JJ today? Did JJ ever go to her? Is Dani going to take the snake deal with Wrenchel?


  21. Thursday is all going to come down to who Dani wants out.
    AJJ are solid on keeping Shelly
    R is solid on keeping Brendon
    The only variable is PK, who are going to vote with who Dani wants….if they vote to keep Shelly then she stays, if they vote to keep Brendon then Dani will break the tie to keep him.
    (i know, I know, im supposed to be on game talk break til Thursday LOL but I can’t help it)

  22. Rachel just said,

    That Brendon wouldn’t let her do something that would make her throw up…. so she doesn’t swallow?

  23. Brendon and Rachel both swallowed a teaspoon of cinnamon and both coughed up dust and started gagging.

    The irony is that Brendon does the same thing after he goes down on Rachel.

  24. love dani but, she’s really saying she doesn’t eat any processed foods? i sat here and watched her dip caramel rice cakes into cool whip when she had her first hoh.

  25. Kalia not lying this time. I saw the same story on tv. Infact it was on the ID channel. The one about the couple got drugged and lost


  27. The only people that are out there saying that JJ are good people only watch the CBS shows, they don’t watch the live feeds or BBAD. And if they do watch those and are still thinking JJ are good people, well they either need a check up from the neck up or they are in complete denial.

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