Big Brother 13 – Brendon: “if you have big fake boobs you should be curvy so they look natural.. I don’t like skinny girls”

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5:36pm Shelly, Jordan and JEff Shelly is telling them about her house. They have a pool, and a attached hotub, Ourdoor bar, ottdoor kitchen, fully furnished guest house… (Lifes hard for Shelly) She invites JJ to come see her and Tony when the show is over.. Jordan tells about her townhouse and how she needs to get a fence because of the “nosy neighbors”

5:45pm Backyard Shelly and Brendon Shelly saying that she’s talked to Porsche about whats going on. She asks porsche what she’s been about with dani all the time. Shelly reports that there was “a whole lot of nothing” said in HOH last night. Porsche’s main concern is how BR are treating her now that she’s talking to other people. Shelly had asked her if she’s still friends with Rachel and POrsche said yes. Shelly add that says she tried to explain to Porsche that her friend rachel was put up by the people she’s spending all night talking to. Shelly now reports about her conversation with Kalia and Lawon by the pool. Shelly went up to them and asked them straight up (like a straight shooter) if they were coming after her because she heard they were and they never talk game to her. Kalia and Lawon acted startled they told her there was no plan to put her up. Shelly: “Lawon does nothing in this game he told me everyone he ever talked game with is out of the house” Brendon: “lawon is a idiot” Shelly adds that the person Rachel has to look out for is Kalia because Kalia will put her up.
Shelly: “They are not very smart there game play is not smart at all.. they all think we’re fools”
Brendon: “well there fed by mother-bird” (Dani)

6:18pm brendon And Shelly Chit chatting… After Brendon is done his career with science he’s going to open a Mexican restaurant. Rachel wants to start a animal website with her sister and is looking for venture capital. Jeff is working out in the distances and Jordan is walking laps. Shelly keeps saying how skinny Jordan has gotten these last couple days. Jordan yells she’s trying to get hot so when she jumps in the shower it’s not soo bad.

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6:29pm Jeff, Jordan and Brendon There all working out talking about bodies. Jordan asks Jeff if he typically dated bigger girls before. Brendon: “Were you a chubby chaser? ” Jeff says he likes girls with a little meat on them.. “I like a bit of gunk i the trunk” Brendon: “He likes big butts and he cannot lie” Jeff: “No no not like that”. Brendon asks about Laura from bb11 and if she was really skinny on the show. Jordan says she was but has gotten very skinny now because of her bikini modeling. Brendon has said to Rachel he doesn’t want her to be a model and try to be skinny, “I’ve been into skinny girls.. I don’t like skinny girls” Jordan doesn’t like real buff guys.. or guys that wear tight shirts to show off their muscles. Brendon: “So you didn’t like Keith’s wardrobe” Jordan: “whose keith wardrobe?” they laugh and explain to her
Brendon: “I’m not into skinny girls with big fake boobs”, Brendon adds that if you have big fake boobs you should be curvy so they look natural.. Jeff doesn’t like it when theres 90lb girls with double D’s. Brendon says that it’s scientifically proven that skinny people are more unhealthy than people with some meat on them. Jeff: “Big Jeff has some meat Big Jeff is healthy”

6:47pm Rachel on the elliptical She’s super excited about her mock wedding she wants to have it at 10:00pm “They’ve never done that on the feeds… Jordan aren’t you excited… they’ve never had a real or fake wedding on big brother before…”

6:50pm Backyard working out alone Brendon and Jordan brendon says he’s worried about rachel when he leaves.. Jordan says he shouldn’t be everything will be fine.. plus Jordan isn’t sure that she’s staying anything can happen. Jordan now goes on for a bit how BR were not like she thought they were and she feels bad for thinking they were like that. (I know for a fact Jordan does not feel that way about rachel.. Brendon she probably does). Jordan brings up how weird Lawon has been today, he’s hung around the backyard looking at people but not saying anything. Brendon: “He’s there little spy.. why does he think that is even natural obviously we know he’s up to something.. he’s the creeper”
(BR Remind me of Team Rocket)

7:20pm Porsche and Rachel Rachel is thinking if there was a twist it would happen this coming week. Por thinks that they’ve had enough twists, Por thinks that the fortune teller will say something soon. rachel thinks it’ll happen when they are down to 4 players..

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not to veer off BB but just watched take the money and run and talk about a rigged show. the 1 guy cracks after a day and tells the cops where the case is. either he’s a real idot or the show rigged.


i didn’t watch that show but why would you crack and tell the cop where the case is, it is not like you would spend the rest of your life in jail or get punished because it is a reality show.


I know thats why the show seemed fake. even the cops seemed like they were acting. I wont be watching that show again.


Tell me about it! Would anybody really crack after two days when they know they are only PRETENDING to be locked up and interrogated? What a stupid concept it was. For his sake, I hope it was all rigged,otherwise that chubby brother has a lot to learn about life.


Did anyone else laugh at the hypocrisy when Shelly(the “straight shooter”) said “they all think we’re fools”?


“(BR Remind me of Team Rocket)”
Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!


Can someone remind me who was in Team Rocket and what season they were on? I don’t remember anything about an alliance with that name.


Thanks…for a minute I thought I forgot about it because of my drug years. Lol


someone close to you ….riiiiight :)

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Makes total sense that’s who Brenchel are Team Rocket, they too gloat when they are winning and whine when they lose… HAHAHA

You are too Bitter

Get a Grip Ill. I know you hate BR. But he used his veto on R and has not campagined against Jordan. Take a chill pill. It is getting old…

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Actually you know nothing. I never once said I hated them or anybody else in the house, didn’t even imply to it,I Don’t even love any of the HGs I talk about the HGs that are not liked, I do it for fun it’s not to be taken serious.


LaWon is a creeper. He doesn’t play game, he’s horrible at the social aspect. Why or how did this joker get on? He is flamboyant yea, but get another gay guy that can atleast mix it up. He is so boring.


I know its hard for you all to understand but when you got egotistic strong players in the house who have thier own agenda about how things should go AND they have the power, it only makes sense to sit back and let them take each other out. As long as your name isnt in the mix why in the HELL would you draw unnecessary attention to yourself and be like “HEY I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY, SHUT UP AND LISTEN”. All thats going to do is make you public enemy #1 and your now on thier hit list. Call it floating or call it let the other self destruct before i make my move, either way thats how i would play if i wasnt the amoung the power players in the house. Dont believe that strategy works, Watch the two seasons of Survivor where Sandra won. You gotta know when talk and know when to STHU. Wont be surprised if Lawon wins.


His sexuality aside, as it has no bearing on this game, he is really a horrible player. I’m still trying to figure out what his game plan is. Unlike Enzo last year who was completely useless in competitions but still had a strategy and was manipulating other players, Little Richard Lawon does NOTHING. That laugh of his is getting to be quite irritating too.

Production should have a nice talk with him and let him know he has to do SOMETHING or just hit the red button and leave.


Lol Lawon is so clueless. How did this dude even get on the show? Has there ever been a hg so clueless? Dani is my fave this season but she has got the biggest idiots on her side. If she can pull this off, she’ll be one of the greats for sure.


he didnt even understand the concept of the pov in the first week. smh


I like her too but it will take a miracle to win with Kalia and Lawson


simon lol straight shooter

i was team vet from day one brendon stop laying down and playing dead

brendon when u get shelly by herself u need to start breaking down u need to try see if u could try touch her soul brendon fight please i know shelly wont sell jordan out but brendon u have to be like martin luther king and sell her that dream start crying start telling her u need to be there more . jordan then win before . to me brendon knows he’s going but he needs to fight dread


Brendon is leaving. GET OVER IT.


i don’t know why but i REALLY LIKE BR for some reason they are entertaining


I agree though I am a little excited to see R achel without Brendon trying to filter her actions


take the money and run that was good i guess paul didnt need the money for his mom that bad


i tried to watch, then i changed the channel to Showtime Next and watched last 45 min of Joan Rivers Docu….that is one crazy woman :)

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

That shit will end up being canceled just like all the other big money type shows… Game shows were better in the early 90s, that Big Bucks No whammy show was hilarious, I forgot the name.


Press Your Luck. Dunno if you are talking about the remake in the late 90’s or 00’s (which was lame) or the original from the 80’s.


Press your luck


So you like BR and the new show “Take the Money and Run”? Your judgement is clearly nothing that I would ever seek.

Take the Money and Run was as fake as Rachel. Both could disappear from my TV and I wouldn’t ever miss em… However, I will enjoy watching Rachel’s game implode this week, when the rest of the house turns on her the very next time that Rachel is being Rachel. I actually used to feel sorry for Brendan, now I see he deserves what he gets.


Brendon u get Porshe and tell her eat less like Gandhi ……

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Not that skinny…. that type of skinny should be called DEATH


So Brendan will spend a total of 7 or 8 years in post-graduate work between his MBA and PhD, only to open a Mexican restaurant? That’s his goal? And he’s calling other people fools?

“Who’s Keith Wardrobe?”

I’m sorry – I LOVE Jordan! She is so sweet and innocent and genuine. I just wish she had a little bit of mean in her because I’d love to see her go up to Rachel next week and say in her southern accent, “What’s wrong, hon? You worried abowt Brayendon? Do y’all think he’s showin’ his prahvits on the innnerwebz agin? LMAO!


I took a chemistry course in high school and in college but it does not make me a chemist. No way, no how. I can probably even rhyme off the periodic table too but if you gave me sodium hydroxide, iodine and red phosphorus I would probably try baking it into a cake instead of making meth.


Rockstar, that’s why I LMAO every time Rachel calls herself a chemist. Um, no.


Hahaha Thinking of brendon and rachel made me think of britney from last season. She iwas so funny making fun of them!


“Who wants to see me go to the jury house? WOOOOOO taquila” :)
“Regan wants some cookies?!?” >:)

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

HAHA she had no clue they were making fun of her, but like an idiot she thought they were putting on a show.


LOLOL!!! Thanks for posting the link, Mat. I loved her last year and still laugh whenever I think of her putting the fake noose around her neck.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

HAHA best part was that jealous bitch roll her eyes when she won that 25k…. and when Rachel said she was moving to UCLA *DEAD*


God I miss brit….that clip just reinforces my opinion about how bad some of these cast members are.(Adam,lawlon,kalia).


Agreed!! That is all Porsche wants


I am still laughing over Brendon’s comment that if you have big boobs, you need to be curvy so they look natural. Let’s assume he is talking about how natural Rachel’s huge lopsided bazooms are…. oh yeah, now those look so natur-alllll.


I think BB house is starting to F*** with Lawson’s head. Seriously! He’s getting that “Here’s Johnny” – From the shinning – Look in his eye when he just sits there and listens to everyone talk. I think all the plotting and backstabbing and no contact from the outside has put the zap in his brain.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

LOL maybe that will light a fire under his ass and he can start playing….

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

WTF is brenda babbling about? Rachel is not curvy, she got big boobies, that about it, no ass, no hips, ie NO CURVES

He was talking about Porsche, wonder if Vegas noticed LOL


SHELLY SHELLy SHELLY has 5 hearts and 6 faces ( and the oscar goes to lying ass big brother shelly)

i cant even keep up with these lies from shelly if she gets pass next week yall just give her the money

1/ shelly tells adam he says to much to porsche because it goes back to brendon and rachel

2/shelly keeps praising rachel for how she is acting classy in the game

3/ after brendon use the pov on rachel shelly says that it just goes to show that u cant trust what anyone says in this house

4/shelly says brendon and rachel made their beds now they have to lie in it and in that same voice shelly says rachel is an emotional player and that she is emotional about the wrong things

5/shelly saw rachel and dani sun tanning shelly says if rachel goes with dani she will put her up, shelly says she feels like putting her up anyway

6/shelly says if she’s in finale 3 with brendon and rachel then she’ll throw them the game

7/shelly tells brendon we have the votes to keep u me adam rachel and porsche

8/ shelly tells adam their solid 4 being jeff jordan adam and shelly and she wants the newbies to win

how much lies do u have to tell people just to make it . this straight shoooter really has never lied in this game

casey anthony back your ass on the side

lies /deception but geez shelly over does it


thats why I like Shelly, all the bs she tells all the hg. Also not too many ppl are hip to her game lol. She is a HUGE upgrade from Kathy from last year….You know,You know Kathy’s favorite line.


Agreed, and now they need to start giving her false information to blow up in Shelly’s face. Either Shelly will lose all credibility over it, or they will realize that Shelly is no longer trusted by the other side and is useless to them now and will let her go soon. At least, that’s how I hope it goes down. And I have no issue with how Shelly is playing, but its the holier than thou act that I have issues with.


You are right, this screws up Pinto’s plan to seduce Brendamn in the JH.

Bring Back Cassie!!

Simon- You and Dawg do a great job but you need to get a handle on your use of their and there, it’s driving me more crazy than Kalia is

kathie from canada



I think the majority of readers would prefer the quick updates to slower posted updates that have been spell checked.


You, Your, You’re, Then, Than, Tomato, Potatoe who cares.. just give me my updates after they happen. I can understand them and that is all that matters. ha


Wow, YOUR actually on here being critical of grammar. The great thing about THERE site is the timely updates, not whether THERE making a grammar teacher happy. THEIR, THEIR now, Why so serious???


this is going to be good to watch Pinto try to get Laywon to switch hit. LMAO


Lawon is such a creeper. He’s losing it, somebody call the house doctor. Rachel better enjoy her fake wedding cause i think thats the only one she will ever get w/brendon. Rachel better break out her good ole saying “Nothing comes between me and my man” cause Porsha is definitley trying to get on that before he gets booted.


Shelley is an idiot. I can’t stand her


Shelley is a FOS yada yada talking poser !
Hypocrital and contridicts all her words with her addictive habit. Somebody please send her home next week. Go be with your family.
She is trying so hard to proclaim her ” mom ”
role fronting it left right & centre yo yo yo …. … Shelleys got to go go go ! So over her bs.


” Who”s Keith Wardrobe?”
Oh Jordan.


uhm this may be a stupid question, but what is the difference between the DPOV and the Coup De Ta thingy Jeff won on his season? Is it just that america didn’t vote for the DPOV? or is there more differences?


That’s right Kalia sweat off those LBS


Shelly didn’t make that tux don’t let her fool you, that’s from the Hugo Boss trash bag collection.


Who’s the most annoying female hgs season 8-13


after that comment simon, I’m back to being mad at you again. hahaha


lol wtf how was Jen from season 9 annoying? she was only there for like 1 week :|


season 9 it was more like natalie, sheila, and natalie


i mean amanda


Was brendon taking a shot a brit with the skinny big boobs things 0.0

Uncle Cool

Is Brendon truly retarded? Seriously.

After his career as a scientist, he’s going to open a restaurant?

Isn’t scientist basically a life-long career or is he just referring to his career as a science student?


Uncle Cool – scientist, resturantuer and or internet porn. I believe all he will fail miserably at.