Big Brother 13 – BR the deal, Dani about putting Jeff up: “It’s definitely something I would consider” **updated**

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9:20pm BR HOH
Brendon can understand why she would put him up he’s not going to hate her because right now he knows Dani is making decisions based on game. Brendon wants Dani to know that if Brendon goes home then Rachel will have nobody in this house and he wants to help set her up for the following week. Dani: “Your working with Jeff and JOrdan.. your in an alliance”
Brendon: “we’re not in an alliance.. We don’t think they would vote us over Shelly”
Brendon explains that Shelly is up JJs ass Shelly is always going to bat with JJ and Adam will do what Shelly tells him. Dani agrees. Brendon says he’s not scared to be up on the block if she thinks she has the votes to keep him but he’s positive they don’t have the votes. Rachel says that Jordan and Shelly are “Life long best friends” they are sure that Jordan will throw Shelly a pity vote. Brendon adds that Jeff will probably vote for them. Rachel asks dani if she has a deal with Jeff. Dani says there’s no deal with Jeff. Dani explains her deal 2 weeks ago with Jeff but thats really the last time she talked game with him. Rachel recaps the conversation Jordan had with Shelly in the havenot. Shelly told Jordan that “the 3 of them” (JJS) had it to the end and that Shelly controlled Adam and Rachel was tagging alone. rachel adds that Shelly said she would put up Porsche and kalia and backdoor dani. Brendon: “it’s my feeling that they are on our side once Jeff has a equal chance of going up but when we’re on the block they throw us away”.

Rachel explains that if brendon goes up then he’ll get Jeff’s vote but not Jrodan’s if rachel goes up she won’t have any JJ votes. BR are really nervous about Shelly, rachel wants to know if Shelly ahs been telling dani everything about JJ. Dani says Shelly never talks to them about JJ, rachel: “We’ll she was telling us everything you guys were planning” Brendon interrupts, I think she jsut tells us what she wants us to hear. Brendon: “She’s a very dangerous players, she a great lady but I do not like her style of play” Dani and Rachel agree.

Rachel says that Jeff has a group of 4 people downstairs, Shelly is 100% and Adam will soon be. Dani mentions that they told the whole house that BRJJ were an alliance. brendon explains that they were but not anymore. Rachel: “you’re right we have an alliance with JJ but they will not support us.. it’s obvious” Rachel says they regret not listening to Dani week three.. they’re biggest mistake was to take out DOM. Brendon says that Shelly is wedging herself in with JJ, “She really does own Jordan’s thoughts” Rachel: “Jordan eats it up” Dani: “Jordan really doesn’t talk to many people in the house”

Rachel what are you thinking straight up, Brendon: “I swear to god we won’t tell anybody”
Dani: “well I mean.. umm I don’t know.. obviously you guys have to understand because i Keep making new enemies.. ” (didn’t make much sense)

Brendon: “do you think Porsche would vote for Rachel or I if we’re on the block.. we don’t know”
Dani: “doesn’t know either.. she votes based on how she feels not strategically..”
Rachel: “will you consider putting Jordan up”
Dani: “if I put Jordan up Shelly will go home”
Brendon: “where do you stand with Jeff?”
Dani: “I’m 100% honest I have no idea where Jeff and I stand” Dani points out that JJ never talk game to her and Jordan almost never talks to her period. Dani thinks jeff will put her up if he wins HOh but she’s not sure he will win it might throw it, “I never talk game with Jeff and you know how the sayign goes if your not talking game with them they’re talking game against you”

Rachel says that jeff is building an army and after this week he’ll they’ll have 4 votes.
Brendon: “if one of us goes I really want the other one to work with you dani it’s our only chance.. I won’t get mad if I go I still want you to work with Rachel she’s loyal”
Rachel: “Shelly and me butt heads.. the thing with that type of player she says she wants to win stuff and do stuff but will she really do it.. ”
Dani agrees she

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Brendon: “The thing that is dangerous with Shelly is she’s in Jordan’s head she can get Jordan to flip her vote”
Rachel says that if brendon goes home she wants the girls to form an alliance, “It’ll be us 4 girls against JJSA” Rachel points out that Porsche is very much a wild card with votes.. with nominations she won’t put dani or Rachel. Brendon brings up that Kalia doesn’t want to nominate Jordan, “we’re going to have Jordan being dragged to the end again”
Dani is as worried about Shelly as they are she thinks she kind of like a lawon. Dani points out that nobody trusts her anymore she’s useless. Brednon thinks shelly is moredangersous that lawon says Shelly is trusted by JJ.
Rachel: “Jordan believes what shelly says 100%… she’s controlling what jeff thinks”
Brendon: “no no she doesn’t control jeff’s thoughts the problem is Jeff trusts her”
Rachel: “If jeff gets HOH he’s not going to nominate JJSA…. If you leave us in this house we are alone we don’t have a alliance we win HOH we’ll take out Shelly and Adam”

BR says they had an alliance but JJ has done nothing for them. Rachel: “we will stick to our deal with you we have nothing else.. your in control right now Dani.. we fight for every comp.. we’re big targets.. we won’t put you up.. ”

Rachel and Brendon give piles of evidence that Shelly and Adam are working together. Rachel brings up that BR ruined their relationship with dani for JJ and when they were up on the block JJ didn’t lift a finger to help them. Brendon points out that Jeff threw the POV comp when they had begged him to go for it and to keep the nominations the same. Brendon: “He didn’t want to win the POV because he wanted a nominee to so you would put up Me as a repalcement”

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Brendon points out that Jeff will win competitions only if it benefits Jeff, “he’ll throw the HOH’s to Jordan, Shelly or Adam.. he doesn’t want the blood on his hands”.
Dani says if she does put on of them on the block they still can fight for the votes they could get them.
Rachel breaks down how it will go.
Adam will vote shelly to stay
Jordan will vote Shelly to stay
Kalia will vote shelly to stay

rachel will vote Brendon to stay
Jeff will vote Brendon to stay
the only person they have to work with is Porsche.

Brendon says that JJSA won’t win a lot of comps but they have all the numbers and will control who goes home from here on in. Dani knows that and that is one thing she is worried about.
Rachel: “you have us and Kalia that’s 3 votes.. next week if you go up all you need is 3 votes”
dani points out what if it’s DK up on the block then they only have 2 votes.

Brendon: “Consider the idea of putting Jeff up on the block”
Dani: “It’s something I have considered.. If I out Jeff up then Jordan and Shelly will be pissed at me… it’s definitely something I would consider. Obviously I’ve tried it before”.
rachel also suggests putting Jordan up as a pawn to get Shelly out. Or perhaps get Jordan out.

BR leave…

(what does everyone think of this deal?)

10:43pm BR making food, rest of the house hanging out in the backyeard couch.

11:20pm BR made queso dip for the other houseguests. They make a massive bowl and everyone is loving it. Rachel tells them they used 4 bags of cheese to make the dip, Jeff: ‘You wasted 4 bags of cheese!”.. everyone laughs the dip will give them all diarrhea because of all the beans in it.

12:00Am random conversations going on. Everyone gettign along.. Shelly is talking up a storm (Dani, Shell, Kalia, Porsche, rachel and Jordan) all having laughs. The 3 guys playing pool..

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Dani has to take out Jeff or she pretty much have no chance of winning. JJRSA will all be gunning for her weekly until she is gone, plus she won’t have the jury votes if somehow she makes it to the final.
The numbers just won’t work any other way.

Dani will regret this move if he puts up Brendan


Agree! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: As much as I’d love to see D break up the nauseating, codependent couple of BR by backdooring one of them, if she puts up Jeff, and manages to get the votes to actually send him home, it would mean:
1) The JJAS alliance would be one man down and since Jordan is the weaker of JJ, S & A might realign with DKP = good for Team Dani
2) BR would figure D had honoured their deal and “think” she’s now working with them = good for Team Dani
3) The JJBR alliance would be one man down and, given #2 (above), would be more than likely over = good for Team Dani

Think carefully Dani, as your next move could be a real game defining one.

Team Dani all the way!


It’s true it’s a great time to take out Jeff. Also Dani will have two more votes, so they will be able to take out anyone they want. Even though I hate BR i’m loving this deal.


from an objective standpoint – if Dani wants any chance to stay in (and win) the game she HAS to get Jeff out now…but if Jeff stays and Brendon goes, then JJ’s chances of winning are pretty much cemented. So i could see what Jeff would want to throw the POV (risky) and throw HOH next week, although I am not 100% sure why Jeff would vote to keep Brendon over Shelly bc how does that benefit him if Brendon doesnt have the votes —
but I have no clue why Dani would want B out over J —- who cares about enemies, they are down to final 8 lines are already drawn – they’re all enemies at this point


you say Jordan is the weaker of the two yet, people seem to forget Jordan has won this game…. none of them.. no matter what circumstances… have won this game. only her. just sounds silly to me to say she is the weaker one.


Game wise, what did she do to win? Was she a strong competitor in quizzes or endurance comp? She floated her way to the finale and she only won because people were pissed off by Natalie’s web of lies. Jordan did squat to winBB8; she was just lucky.


you are so right, jordan is so good at this game, it freaks me out bc she is clueless and terrible at comps and has no clue what is going on….but yet she won the first time and look how far she is already BY DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND NOT EVEN TRYING….so as much as i think she is a waste, i can’t knock her bc the results speak for themselves — and sure she is 100% riding along jeff’s coattails but other women in this game have latched onto men as strategy to further themselves in the game without the same success


Jordan winning BB is = to Sandra (I think thats her name) winning Survivor. They are both terrible players but managed to get to the final 2 and won because of hurt people in the Jury. Bottom line is there a good chance to win in the final even if your a shitty player as long as the other person is more disliked. Jordan is useless and doesn’t do anything, so there is not very much reason to dislike her.




And in the next week or two BR will turn on Dani and take her out. Dani should tell JJ what BR told her. Put up Brendon. Brendon will go because the only vote he will have is Rachel. Rachel will have no one. In exchange for this info Dani should make a deal with JJ. Get Rachel out. Then Dani will be the strongest player. The rest of the game will go on her winning comps which we all know she can do. If she takes Jeff out she will make more enemies. Believe me BR will not honor their deal with her and BRJSA will all be gunning for her next week


I totally agree. If Dani wants to go all the way, I think she should keep Rachel and Brendon, one thing about them they will be loyal if you show them they can trust you. I was a fan of Jordan and Jeff, but I don’t like them this time. Jordan is being snobbish and Jeff is really condescending. They are not likable this season at all. And lying ass Shelly really needs to go so they can split that alliance, get rid of Jeff and it will just be Jordan and Adam, and someone with some balls can get rid of Jordan. I dont’ know why they are all scared to send Jordan’s ass home, she’s not that sweet anymore. I want Dani and Kalia the two underdogs to go to the final.


Before I head to bed…. Quote of the year for y’all….
“It is 99% gauranteed I’m coming back into the house with special powers” ~Lawan

Rachel's shrink

Lawon’s special power was “FAIL”!


he looked like he didn’t know what happend to him when lost. After he lost ran off with ball w his name on it.


I know I felt sorry for him like a little kid! He was special lol


brendon looks like psycho with that hat on


Aw poor Lawson, he was a total waste of a house guest in there other than the random


BR throws JJ under tho bus because Rachel is jealous of the friendship that Jordon and SHelly have, the friendship that Jordon has with everyone but Rachel is jealous because Jordon isn’t 100 percent focused on Rachel 24-7. Rachel was jealous od Cassi and that is the only reason Cassi was voted out was because Rachel was jealous of how pretty Cassi is and how attractive she is, how clear her skin is compared to Rachel’s pizza face…(if she would stop picking her face she would have a clear face…if she would wash her face BEFORE adding more makeup to it then she would have a good complexion)

ANd I have to say this…Does Brendon not realize that the whole world who is watching the feeds can see his pick his nose? GET A FREAKEN TISSUE…..It is like people in cars who pick their noses…excuse me but we can see you…….

Rachel wants Shelly out because Shelly won’t kiss Rachel’s ass anymore after last week. Rachel knows when Brendon leaves that she no longer has SHellysupporting her like she did when Brendon was evicted the first time that is why Brendon keeps telling her to make it up with Shelly. I agree with Shelly when she said that there is so many times that a person can crap all over people and you accept their apologizes…..Rachel shoots her mouth off and 24 hours later she tries to say sorry and blame it on Brendon being gone or her being so alone in the house….whaa whaaa whaaa…..

Rachel's shrink

well it didn’t really go down like that.
Rachel found out JJS had a final 3 with Shelly and possibly a final 4 with Adam.
If you recall, BR did NOT back-door Jeff when they had a perfect opportunity to do so.

I am not a Rachel fan but facts are facts.


Rachel can’t figure out that her nose is bigger than her brain. Her paranoid thinking has ruined Brendon’s chances of winning anything for two years and if they get married, she will cause more problems in his life. Sure he’s not perfect, who is, but Rachel is a dangerous personality.


remember that jordan did NOT backdoor BR the week before that when THEY had the chance. The reason Rachecl is in the house now is because JJ worked and got the votes for her to stay otherwise she would be sitting at home with no chance to go to Jury. Brendon would come home after the show is over and either A> find rachel with a penis in every hole or B> find Ratchel dead cause she hung herself. BR are in such need of help I know their schenanagans mean viewers but Im sick of them I turn the channel when ever cameras are focused on those idiots.


all of that is true, but I don’t think J did a whole lot of work with the saving Rachel thing. It was more Shelly .


remember Rachel did not either……but jordan and jeff voted Brendon out. it was only Rachel and Porche that voted him to stay.


Actually, when you listen to people talk, like Shelly, they go on and on about how they can’t stand how Rachel always gets what she wants and comes out on top. And they can’t stand how happy and in love with Brendan she is. Sounds like jealousy to me.
And when Cassie got voted out, Rachel was aligned with Dani and Jordan, both of whom are way hotter then Cassie. I don’t get why everyone thinks it was a jealousy thing when Cassie was an anti-vet member of the regulator alliance. It was smart game play, not jealousy. Get over it.

I despise rachel

Get a grip!! Noone is jealous of Rachel .. People can’t Stand that she gets her way because she is so damn annoying!! And God knows noone wants her “happy” relationship with Brendon.. It’s absolutely nauseating!


I don’t think Rachel is jealous of Jordan and Shelly. She is pissed they are in an alliance and made deals outside of BR. Shelly has never liked Rachel from the beginning, so she has never really kissed Rachel’s ass. Plus, I don’t think Rachel wants her too. R just wants straight shooter out because she is a shit shooter, not a straight shooter. Shelly lies, lies, lies, constantly and has been spreading crap all over the house, even stuff about Rachel. So, if I were R, I would want that bitch out too. As far as Cassie, I will not waste my time talking about her, she is a non factor. All I can say is what game are you watching? Your facts are not straight. But I’m sure you consider yourself a straight shooter.


@Angela that whole comment was biased and very untrue.
Rachel wanted Cassi out cause she wasn’t in her alliance
Rachel wants Jordan out because they are a dead 400lbs and they wouldn’t stick their neck out for BR like BR did for them(JJ always talk JJ being players with morals when all they did last season and this season was sell everyone out from right to left.)
Rachel wants Shelly out ( when it comes to deciphering the enigma that is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Shelly rachel is the only one that truly believes that shelly is a liar) because shelly is a liar and will do anything to make sure the “morally correct” couple win BB.

Sorry facts are facts.


I think youre forgetting that JJ had the chance to backdoor BR week 2 and instead took out Cassi who wanted to work with them. Then they saved Rachel last week and now Rachel is turning on them. Recently JJ said they think keeping brendon over Shelly might be the best option so even now JJ aren’t turning on them. Some people are so pathetic and only see what they want to see.


and you are forgetting Rachel could have back doored Jeff and did not as a sense of loyalty. they only kept her because she is a bigger target the Jeff and Jordan.


But Rachel doesn’t actually see reality. She doesn’t understand that the only reason she is currently in the house is because of Shelly. Also, as soon as Brendon came back in she told him how horrible Jeff and Jordon were to her all week which is just a miserable thing to say considering they spent the entire week trying to keep her calm and certain that they were behind her 100%. In her twisted reality all these people are somehow against her. Wow, I would hate to be her friend if she can only remember good deeds in seconds.


noone can take this kind of post seriously bc there are so many reasons for rachel to hate shelly and 1) jealousy and 2) ass-kissing (which never really went on bw them anyone) are not the reasons…please, stick to the facts


i think this deal is good and pretty much the only option for all three of them (whether or not Dani goes through with it ) but one thing about their conversation – just like I have been saying that Dani needs to get Jeff out now that she has the chance, i can’t understand why Brendon says if he will win HOH he will put up Adam and Shelly – they are getting down to final few, if they don’t get Jeff out now they NEVER will bc Dani is right (or was it Brendon who said it?), towards the end Jeff will do better in comps (there are less people to compete against and he will try harder and he has the votes)

so why is Brendon still not willing to put him up? he never said he was planning to backdoor him either…why focus on Adam and Shelly when you should get out JJ…Adam and Shelly are more easily manipulated and with JJ out of the house, they will be forced to shift alliances….


Well said!!!!!


I think BR were being honest and they will keep their word and keep Dani safe next week if they win HoH. I think Dani should take their deal and put up Jeff or Jordan. BUT I feel like BR just made a huge mistake… Why the HELL would you tell the current HoH that even if she gets one of them out this week, the other one is still gonna stick with her next week? Like, what were BR thinking when they told Dani that…? If I were Dani, that would just make me wanna backdoor Brenden even more, cuz that would mean she gains one ally (Rachel) for the next week.. If I were BR, I would want Dani to think that if she gets one of them out this week, the other one would come after her the next week, so that this way she keeps them safe in the first place. BR talked too much and showed Dani ALL their cards, which might actually hurt them and in the end get one of them up. We’ll see tomorrow.. I can’t wait!!

Rachel's shrink

If someone came up to me and spilled their guts like that, it would actually make me trust them more. All the cards are on the table and Brendon knows Dani plays with her head, not her emotions. He really isn’t telling her anything she doesn’t already know, and the fact that he is exposing their weakness and saying it like it is, really shows he is committed to the partnership.

Dangerous move with anyone but Dani, but well played in my opinion.


I agree. What do they have to lose really?


I hear ya! For B & R to say to D that even if she puts one of them up and either one of them goes home, that they’ll still be aligned with you (D), seems like a Lawon move but, they seem to feel that D is the strongest competitor after them and, that JJSA are pretty much not able to or not willing to really try for HoH (other than Jordan’s being given HoH) as they don’t want to get blood on their hands. I think D should work with BR & get Jeff out this week (as I stated above).


ok, often when people are lying they try to convince you otherwise by constantly telling you “I am telling the truth” Did you notice how often Brenden and Rachel kept telling Dani, We swear you don’t put us up you are safe and we will work with you!! OMG my daughter and I were laughing it was so stupid. They constantly swore they’d work with Dani and keep her safe. They swore on everythng , they swore to god. Pardon me but does everyone one remember Brendan in the dr room saying “when people swear on their families lives ” I know they are lying! Well, he swore on everything he was telling the truth.

Hopefully by the look on Dani’s face she aint buying it. Not a Dani fan however she’s got to know she will be stabbed in the back by these two as fast as they can say “I evict”

Get rid of Brendan and sink Rachael once again who btw hasn’t won anything forever!


If Brenden is shocked by her “at a guy’s house” remarks, just wait until he gets those blood test results back. He better stop looking for a cure for cancer and start looking for one for the clap.


great idea take it dani take it, u will need there votes to stay next week..just don’t put up brendon ur game will be done..


I love this board for comments like that.


Not only do I think Brenchel is telling the truth to Dani about this deal, I think it’s smarter for Dani to agree on this deal. Dani should 100% put up Jeff, and get Jeff out this week. Dani and Brenchel together will dominate the game. If Dani targets Brendon she will just let JeJo skate to F3.. I would love these two options.

A) Daniele puts Brendon up, Brendon goes home, Rachel wins HOH, Rachel teams up with Kalia/Daniele/Porsche and they dominate the game.

B) Daniele puts Jeff up, Jeff goes home, Rachel or Brendon win hoh, Kalia/Daniele and Brenchel team up and dominate the game.


I wish there was a “LIKE” button on here lol. I completely agree with your comment… As I was watching this conversation go down, one thing I noticed was how sincere both Rachel and Brendon looked. Usually when Rachel goes up to HOH to plead her case she looks half tarded and does things with her mouth that, to me, indicate bullshit lol… I really feel like you can tell when she lying… I didn’t get that form her at all during this convo. And Brendon looked genuine as well. I really think this is the best possible option for all 3 of them!!! I think Dani is probably hesitant ’cause she has it in her head that she will not work with these people, but I really hope she takes the time to think it through because this will be one of those key moments that she will look back on later and regret if she does not take them up on this offer. The 3 of them would easily dominate the competitions… They are the only real competitors in the house. Jeff makes me laugh and he is lovely to look at lol, but even him and Jordan are just cruising by. I was just talking about that on Facebook… Jordan really hasn’t done anything in this game except hit a golf ball into a lower numbered “pocket” than everyone else. And Brendon had a good point… all Jeff has done is take himself off the block… other than that… who else is really competing besides BRD? Kalia won but her tarded ass choices last week make anything positive she’s done invalid lol.

And if it ends up being Dani and Rachel in the final 2… Dani will have a good chance of taking it all! Not sure about Dani and Brendon though…

Sigh… it will be an interesting week!!!


I think they should have gone up there and tried to figure out if Dani would work with them first BEFORE telling her everything. If she does work with them then it would be great for her game but her body language was saying ‘NO DEAL.’ BR just gave her so much info that I don’t think they stand a chance in this game anymore with Dani or with JJ. Dani has all the ammo now that she needs to stir stuff up anytime she wants to take the target off her back and to throw it on Rachel.

I think BR messed up and said too much and now they are dunzo in this game. Dani will not take the deal.

And y would Brendon pull a Lawon and volunteer to go up and go home??? If Dani sends him packing why would he think she will then take Rachel in? That is just illogical thinking. I would not work with someone that just took out my fiance. These two just reached an all time low in this game strategically.

And I was team BR… now I am team anyone that will take out Dani (maybe JJ?) because I do not want her in the finals. Seeing her in jury would make me happy because I do not like how she bad mouths everyone, lies, and manipulates. I want someone with cleaner game play to win (and not the “straight shooter” lol… there is nothing straight about her).




Agree. Need that put on a banner & flown over the BB house for D to see. (something similar was done on another season of BB but with different wording; can’t remember what it was).


BB8 had a banner plane that said “DON’T TRUST THE DONATOS” on it. BB had a freak out.


I thought the plane said something about dont trust Eric. Wasn’t he America’s Player and twisted up in something Dani was trying to figure out.


“We <3 Nick!" Amber and Eric are liars! LNC = Nerd Herd" was the first one.

Another one came in later that season with the Donato message on it.

Difference is, the HGs saw the first one and the HGs were rushed inside before they could fully make out what the second one said.


Dani needs to think long term….I believe everything that BR said to be true…that they no longer have an alliance with JJ, and I think that she could possibly win if she had rachel against her. If she keeps the JJSA alliance she is basically signing her eviction notice unless kalia and Porche step it up ( which I doubt)
Dani, you need to use your head girl, and play emotionally!!


I meant…DON’T play emotionally!!


OK ok…but all you ppl wanting the BR/DKP Alliance are forgetting 2 very important things here! 1.BR/JJ talked Sat. nite about voting Shelly out and saving Brendon,then going after Dani.2. re-read the post and tell me where in it at anytime does BR say….save us and we’ll take out JJ? They tell her they’ll take out S/A.Dani already knew what BR would say to save thier ass’s,if anybody think BR’s word is golden,then when she saves them and they take her out,plz don’t come on here crying and denying you wanted her to take the deal.BR is for BR only and would sell thier soul for final 2.They need wedding/honeymoon $$$,plus winning 1st or 2nd place puts BR in the public eye more,which is what Rachel begs for,to be a celeb.Dani will talk to JJ tomorrow and tell them everything,so she is 100% positive she has the votes to send B/R home.She then will offer them at least 1 wk safety,so they can send Rachel packing.Dani knows there is still a JJ/BR Alliance,if there wasn’t,word woulda got back to her and there would be drama going on between them.


Ya BR don’t have an alliance with JJ anymore, they’ve just neglected to tell JJ this. I hope Dani nominates Brendon and says good try at throwing Jeff under the bus but I just can’t trust you. That would be a sure way to easily get Rachel out next week cuz she will have no ones trust. Let’s get BR out and move on with the game.

Rachel's shrink

Hopefully Dani makes a deal with BR and puts Jeff up. Shelly is useless and they can get her out after Adam (Adam has a lot greater chance of winning HOH/POV than Shelly). It is the smartest move for her right now because Dani can actually trust BR and they have nobody else.
Just to cement that, she should do it on the condition; that both BR agree to vote Jeff out, which would alienate them from the other side and essentially force them to ally with Dani & Co.

This leaves JSA against BRDKP and gives them huge power in the house.

On the other hand, if Dani gets rid of Brendon, it will be JJSA (and maybe Rachel) against DKP. D can’t play for HOH next week, so that leaves KP against JJSA+R. There is no way JJ are going to ally with Dani, and even if they did, Dani would be 5th on the totem pole.

I think Dani sees this but hasn’t verbalized it yet.


I hope you’re right. She is a smart player… I just really hope she can put her personal feelings for BR aside and see how excellent this opportunity is. I am not a fan of BR… but this makes so much sense. I really hope she makes the right choice!!! Shelly or Jeff… either one of them would be a good evictee!!!


BR should of backdoor JJ week three


what deal??? everyone keeps talking about a deal, all i heard was BR rambling on and Dani saying very little, NO deal was reached…unless i missed something


I don’t think anyone is saying that a deal was made… I believe people are voicing their opinions on whether or not Dani should take the deal offered to her by BR… THAT deal is explained above…

Rachel's shrink

they have offered Dani whatever deal she wants; 2 weeks, 3 weeks, until the double eviction – even a final 3 was mentioned at one point last week.
The multiple week deal was on the televised show.

Aqua Bernie

That food Rachel is making looks so gross, like herself. HA HA HA! Does Brendan try to control everything she does? Oh my godiva!


what the hell is that masty looking shit Rachel is cooking???

Aqua Bernie

Seriously! HEY?

j round

Seriously I’m all for womans liberation cuz I’m a female and I’m a working woman but someones got to teach these females to cook can you imagine if she has kids, wtf would they be eating can’t always eat take out!


the look on brendon’s face was great


what happened?


They were talking about acquaintances vs real friends , and Rachel said something about if she got drunk and went home with a guy(this is where brendon stopped her and said WHAT?) then she tried to backtrack and cover it up, funny she said this when last season she was practically bragging to him about “drinking a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100?s” and he was also surprised look on his face about it.. He’s going to learn more about her wile life in the coming years.


Isn’t that truth. Brendan Rachel both idiots.


Yup ur right. And Brenden such a puppet.

Uncle Cool

By his own hand!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

That’s all he will have!!!

(and a man posing as a woman on a webcam…)

Ha ha ha ha!!!

OK, carry on…


so true..

Team Dani

The look on Dani’s face the whole time B&R was talking- priceless- you can tell she was not buying it!! She said earlier watch brendon and Rachel come up here and throw Jeff and Jordan under the bus. And they did. She has already told Shelly that she is safe, she told Adam, Por and K that Brendan is going up. She would not tell them all that if it was not true. She is smart, knows if she said one thing then changed it!! She may loose jury votes. Dani is playing a very smart game. She deserves to win. Good luck Dani!!


no longer a brendan rachel fan…. i’m team dani all the way now… as long as kalia leaves very soon! i cannot stand to even look at her…. let alone listen to her talk!!!…. ugh. maybe dani, jeff and jordan can team up…

Amy Parks

I think she should take the deal and get Jeff out now because he won’t have a chance to get off the block and try hard with a veto competition. She’ll have Brendon, Rachel, Kalia, and Porsche’s vote for him to go. It won’t matter if Jordan and Shelly are mad because it’s not like they’ll be able to win anything to try to get back at Dani. They suck.

Hope Dani wins 🙂


Team Dani all the way, anyone thinks Dani is going to get pandora box


I was thinking that as well.. it make sense. She could’ve gotten it during the long delay today today when shelly got her phone call. I didn’t watch live feeds in other seasons to know if superfans knew before the cbs show.

Rooting for BR.

did Dani even take the deal. I think it would be best to put Jeff up but Dani is playing personally it seems. I think she will end up putting Brendan up tho, Damn.


I don’t know why there are so many Dani supporters. She makes stupid moves. She’s going to put Brendon up in hopes that it’ll save her from JJSA getting upset and putting her on the block, even though we all know they’re all still going to put her up no matter what she does. At this point I am rooting for no one. The way I see it Jordan is going to end up winning it the same way she did season 11. This season needs some smarter players. I hope someone DIFFERENT wins HOH next week. Shake things up a bit.


If these players are stupid enough to keep making dumb move, I don’t mind giving another 500,000 to jordan


Jeff must leave.


I think it’s the only chance dani has of getting to the end. Jeff needs to go, then Jordan, then brenden, then Adam, porscha, Kalia, rachel. Wh will win against Kalia. Everyone thinks Kalia’s oh was danis anyways. So if she wants to win, she needs to stick w br


I’d take it.. br swore to God and on each other to honor this deal.. jj have offered nothing thus showing their hand as a blatant enemy… IMO, if dani doesn’t take this deal, this would be the mistake that does her in for the short term and end game strategy.

Dani has me fooled gaming everyone.. even her hard core fans have no idea what is up her sleave in regards to what she’ll do by thurs, not necessarily tom. it’s amazing, she’s trying to one up strait shooter from last week lol. Her week will be a success once she finally decides to make Jeff sweat.. why ppl guard them is beside me.. kinda comical actually.. I mean Kalia actually told the whole house she would never put up Jordan.. bahaha..

Great site.. the best and its not even close.

Dani Yo!


Haha! I believe Dani along with everyone else in this game knows you don’t make deals with the devil. Never ever has B/R kept their word or thought of anyone but themselves.
B needs to go home so everyone else can eat.


Brendon and Rachel have way more credibility than Jeff and Jordan. Jeff and Jordan told Dani and Kalia that they would be safe two weeks ago. But then he tells Jordan that he will put both of them up when he has the chance. I am glad Brendon and Rachel figured how selfish Jeff is and hope they can send him packing.

Dawn Evans

I completly agree. Jeff is only out for himself and doesn’t care who he lies to. Brenchal are more trustworthy. I don’t understand how people love Jeff. On the feeds he seems like a jerk and full of himself.


True.. but in this case, would that make jjs God.. if so, ill take my chances with br.. the fact that jjs claim they play an honest game is shadyI.. bc their game has been exposed.. I ‘m pulling for d, its her only shot unless she continues to win everything.

Rachel's shrink

But they did keep their word…they could have back-doored Jeff and they chose not to…much to their detriment.
Had they back-doored Jeff in Week 3, the game would have been totally different…in their favor.


and JJ coulda back doored them also…and didn’t..Rachel would blow the whole production crew for a deal,ez to say we’ll do this or that if you save us.Mark my words,if Dani saves BR and 1 of them win HOH,she’ll be on the block.They are not forgetting Dani sent him packing and the shit Rachel said/did to Dani afterwards.


that is absolutely 1000% not true…they kept every deal they made on BB12 and the only deal they did not keep this year (though they haven’t made many) was the one with Dom which they had every intention of keeping until they saw that their alliance members (not even themselves) were being threatened — in fact one of their biggest flaws in this game, besides their social game, is that they are too trusting and give people the benefit of the doubt too often which is weird bc they have good instincts that i don’t follow all the time

jeff has said several times, i don’t care i will make a deal with dani but i will put her up anyway… and while it’s not great ethically, he does what he has to in this machiavellian game

Nikki Tomberlin

I hope this works out if dani does this deal I’ll gain likeness for her again!!! Every one calls rachel a liar but she isn’t,,, she is a cry baby and annoying but she tells the truth and stays loyal!!!! Yes she went down stairs and said she would put dani up but bellow they agreed to make it seem like they still hated each other so no one would suspect anything!!!!!! I am team br even tho she is annoying!!! They are actually playing a game as jj are sitting back floating and winning prizes, shelly straight shoots her self to both sides and has major envy since they walked through the door, porsha is a major floater and acts like she is the shit, Adam I dont even no what to say about Adam other then bacon and he is a kiss ass to jj just like shelly


Not true, Rachel can be a liar at times. She does have times of sanity in her game play. But definitely will twist things if she doens’t get her way and will exaggerate to the point of being a straight up liar.


Dear BB,

America did not spend time and money to vote Brendan back in the game use to see him leave a week later. America does not Shelly! Please let her her go home now…no need to wait until Thursday. We want to see true competitors duke it out not all this kissing butt and please be my bff. I got the live feed after Brendan came back but I may have to cancel because if there won’t be anything interesting to watch. Please consider your viewers!


America does not like Shelly!


I wouldn’t trust BR as far as I could throw them. Jeff needs to get up there and offer a deal that J won’t go after D and vice versa until BR. J controls JJSA vote and D controls DKP vote. Get rid of B this week and when R is on her own with no help. Even if R wins the next HOH she can only send one person home and then the next week she can’t play for HOH. I think that is the best game plan for D cause JJSA are not as good at comps as BR.


By taking out Brendon, it will only benefit Jeff. If you see the feeds, Jeff and all of them want Dani and Kalia out. If Dani aligns with Brendon Rachel, Dani will have the majority. It seems like the best move for her is to take out Jeff. Also if there is another America’s vote for a new power or something, Jeff will obviously get it and use it against Dani. Brendon and Rachel talk amongst themselves saying that they should align with Dani and I feel like this is a smart move for them.



Rachel's shrink

Did you not hear Jeff say, multiple times, that he would make any deal he had to in order to stay off the block, and then turn around and back-stab DK?


Making a deal w/ BR = deal w/ the devil. She takes it, she loses in the end. They’re both just horrible people. Why would you deal with them?


What other legitimate options does she have?


If she were smart? Ditch those two anchors (porsche and kalia) and tell JJ she wants to work with them. Get Brenden out this week and Rachel next. Get the drama out of the house and let the sane folks play the game. That leaves JJSA and PKD left. Tell them this deal ends when BR are gone. And its a free for all from there. By that point, I bet JJ and DK would be willing to get together. There is a genuine affinity between K and Jor, enough to make this amicable. After that, the HOHs determine pretty much everything. But there’s not a person in the house that can’t get behind outing BR. Take advantage of it. You essentially control the next two evictions that way. And no other target on ur back for another week.


But what happens when she gets to the final 3 and it’s her and JJ? Or the final 2 and it’s her and Jordan? Or her and Jeff? She won’t win. She has a much better chance of beating one of BR in the finals than JJ. The only advantage I see of her making it to the end with JJ is that she would have a better chance of winning the last HOH.
I am not a fan of BR, I am a fan of Dani… and I really don’t see a better option for her than taking the deal with BR. Jeff has said on NUMEROUS occasions that he would make a deal with her and then backdoor her the next week. Making a deal with JJ will get her nowhere. (Especially since Jordan is tired of the game… I can see her not caring about winning too much once Jeff leaves the house…) Besides the fact that I don’t think JJ would have make a genuine deal with Dani that they would stick behind. Even if she were to put one of them up this week, they most likely have the numbers to stay (or at least think they do).
I just think Jeff is playing the game as a bully (even though I love him)… and Brendon is actually playing strategically now… I truly believe her best bet is link up with BR…as much as I don’t want to see them go far in the game.


would make*

(But I do agree she needs to ditch KP… or at least stop expecting them to get her somewhere)

Nikki Tomberlin

Every one says Rachel throes jj under the bus, but do they forget in has made a final deal with shelly way before brendon went home!!!!! They lie to Rachel all the time talk crap about her and throw br underfur bus alot


Dani needs to get rid of brenden or jeff while she has the chance because they are going after her the first chance they get


if they would have took jeff out week 3 america would have voted him back in

Midwest Fan

Good Point.


If Dani wants to win the game she has to take the deal. When she implied she was scared to put up Jeff because she would have enemies I wanted to punch her in the face. I thought it was a Deja Vu of Kalia’s HOH. My God will anybody make a move in this house without being afraid to piss off Jeff!?! How does that further her game, Dani is already his number ONE target anyway!!! And making Shelly, Adam or Jordan mad?? Who gives a Shit, they’re WORTHLESS players!

Jeff has all the damn power right now and he’s running the house! Cut him and everyone else will crumble.

If she backdoors Brendon I can no longer support her bc she’s playing to LOSE and there’s no point in rooting for a LOSER.


You are so right and thats whats so frustrating about watching Dani’s play this week, usually she’s calculated and strategic but no one needs another mess like last week. Dani has been the only person not afraid to make moves but if she is to scared to make this one she’s the next on the block


I know! Omg I thought she was A much better strategist it’s so annoying if she can’t see the benefit of getting Jeff out now- she thought it was a great idea weeks ago when she tried to sway BR, what’s changed now?? Cuz the blood will be on her hands instead? I never took her for a coward but I’ve been wrong before…


the best strategist is Brendan

this could be strike 3 if dani turns down this deal. She’s constantly made bad moves or moves too early


Remember early on R cried “I’ll never be able to get a job!” at the time I never laughed so hard in my life. But now I look at B & R & think how would anybody align themselves with either of the two for any situation. That’s sad.


Dani! You need to listen to Brenchel! I hate them but for your gameplay it is in your best position to nominate Jeff or Jordan, you get out Brendon you have more odds of being targeted, Jeff’s a bully and he needs to go


Whats the point of putting up Jeff? Yeah, he’s got more allies than Brendon, but who cares?? He doesn’t win competitions, neither does Jordan. The best move for Dani to do is to get rid of Brendon(again). He is the biggest threat in this game.

Rachel's shrink

Didn’t Jeff win 2 POV’s and throw an HOH to Jordan?

Nikki Tomberlin

Jeff doesn’t win bc be doesn’t want to,,,,, every one wants br out on dkp side and dkp on jjaa so why would he get blood on there hands jj are floating right to the finish line again!!!!! I have always like jj but they really started backstabbing br long before br even started realizing what was going on


i believe that in SOME comps he is not trying but there is no way to tell that he would have won them anyway – i mean jeff is mediocre at best at the comps, he is not the strongest comp player but he is such a threat bc he is solid in all areas of the game whereas other players are usually very strong in area, very weak in others or just all around suck


The more allies you have, the more VOTES you have to stay in the game, regardless what you Win or dont win. It’s kind of a big deal…


Jeff is not winning games on purpose.
No bloody hands. Wait until the last 4 weeks, he’ll start playing


I think he is getting irritated with her and rethinking the relationship. Watch, they wont get married and eventually will have a messy breakup. IMO


If they break up, then we’ll see them on Big Brother again with another Ex-Factor twist!!!!!!


well all you rachel apologist what do you say now? Anyone notice how Brendon has changed since he left and came back. I think he is done with Rachel. Only chance she has of keeping him is if she wins the 500k. First thing he tells her is he is not saving her again if they both go up. Then today he has to keep telling her to shut up because she was killing his strategy with Adam. then she screws up with Dani and he has to stop her and correct her in front of Dani. I think he is starting to b embarrassed by her and unless she wins the $ he’s going to punt her ass out of his life.
Rachel is so inept socially. It’s just painful to watch. I see why she can’t get a job. She has no social skills at all. She seriously needs help.
By the way I think jeff and brendon may stick together regardless what they say to Dani. I think they are playing to go to final 2 together. They are out for themselves. The girls are just votes for them.

Dawn Evans

I like this deal. Jeff is controlling Jordan, Shelly, and Adam to some degree. If you get Jeff out they loose their leader. The only thing is Brenchal turnng on them next week, which they would likely want Dani out before Jordan, Adam, and Shelly. If she took the deal Brendon would have to go next week. I just don’t understand how Kalia was able to convinve anyone it was a good idea to vote out Lawon. She wants to be friends with Jeff and Jordan and has no backbone.


Exactly. JJSA without Jeff is useless. They will not win a single comp.

Ilyssa Liebz

Adams wants it up the from Jeff.


what did rachel say 2 brenden that was so crazy sum1 tell me


Rachel was talking to brendan about her friends in Vegas and how they would come running anytime she needed them. She said when I would get drunk and need a ride home from sone guys house I ended up at they would come. He was like WTF I dint want to hear that shot and she tried to back track it was great!!


I agree….if she back doors Brenden, then she’s gone soon…I think Jeff and Jordan has the influence to turn Kalia!!
She nneds to be thinking about final not right now….uuummmmm….will be interesting!!


This deal that BR offered is Bogus! They would not honor it! Atleast Jeff and Jordan aren’t going up to the HOH room offering these fantasys


I have hated Brenchel, but Dani should jump on this deal. Brenchel seemed very level-headed and sincere, and they are a force. One point Brenchel should have brought up is that Dani would still have numbers over them w/ Kalia and Porsche. Once they got to final 5, if they remained intact, would give Dani the option of going with the 2 girls or with Brenchel to final 3. Whatever choice she made, they wouldn’t hold it against her, either way.
I would of liked to have seen that. Brenden is usually a little more calculated in his wording. He seemed to be reaching a bit.
And Dani really didn’t seem to receptive. I would have like to have seen her given the opportunity to talk more, but she may not have.
I hoping she surprises me on Monday and puts up Jeff. Then the 3 left are screwed. Plus, I like seeing shelly cry. She actually believes her own bullshit, I think.

Rachel's shrink

About Shelly – I know, right?

On the live show, she was saying (and believing) that she never said those things…and then they cut to her saying the things she was denying.
That is actually a pretty big indication she has a personality disorder – I think she really believes the lies she tells.

If I was Dani and she came up to see me in the HOH, every time she made a statement, I would just say, “Sorry, but I don’t believe you Shelly”. That would set her off worse than Rachel. Shelly’s achilles heel is people calling her out on lying…which again is an indication she does it a lot because she is extremely defensive in that regard. My guess is that she is like this in real life and is super-sensitive to getting busted for lying because it probably happens a lot. Just a guess, but leopards don’t usually change their spots overnight.


I am thinking and hoping, Dani is just letting Shelly run off at the mouth and then pretty much disregarding her. One thing with Shelly, there is usually a nugget of truth in there somewhere, but keeping her close is probably a good idea. If they just went off on her, it would just draw a line in the sand. Dani, in my eyes, really isn’t too social and is quite moody. I think she is really going out of her way to be nice to everyone, which I assume has implications when jury votes come into play.


I believe Jeff and Brenden secretly have the hots for each other and jordon knows their secret thats why shes always pissed lol


I see someone is smoking that K2


Guess you must have a crush too lol

Ilyssa Liebz

Adam is sooooo jealous of the bromance it is incredible. He wants Jeff so badly. Jeff knows Adam would bottom for him.


Ya’ll think its better for her to backdoor Jeff because it makes Dani much less of a Target? Targeted by weak players?? Get the strong players out! Backdoor Brendon


I’d much rather see Dani team up w/ J/J than B/R. This is Brendon’s 3d time playing this game-2d one this season. I have the terrible feeling that this show is set up for either Dani to win or B/R. That’s just me.


If jeff and brendon ore on each others side it doesn’t matter what Dani does.. I for Dani but if those two are together she is screwed. b doesn’t like to tell to much to rachel cause she screws everything up. But he and jeff have been talking and they are prepared to let Shelly go regardless which one goes up. they are safer w jeff up cause adam will keep jeff over shelly and dani will be screwed 2 weeks in a row. The boys take out dani then the floaters then adam and jord and rach. jeff and brend final 2. Easy pickings. Jeff doesnt want to b second to jordan and brendon doesn’t want to be stuck with Rachel after this show is over. MAY SOUND CRAZY BUT WATCH THEM CLOSE AND PAY ATTENTION TO IT ALL.


I definitely think that now, when brenchel don’t have anyone of their side, they will be loyal to dani if the doesn’t split them. So dani should get rifd of jeff, then it will be dani, kalia, porsche, brendon against joradn and shelly and dani’s team will be able to get rid of jordan and shelly.


Im a JJ fan but if Jeff doesnt put the pool que down and go upstairs and feed Dani the same bullshit BR just did, he deserves to go home….


I think Dani is gonna use this information that BR gave up against them!!

Ilyssa Liebz

It doesn’t matter. They will dump Brendon and Rachel in a second, which is why Brendon and Rachel said that to Dani. They knew that Jeff threw the pov so they see them as expendable.

Karen S

I think it’s a believable deal.. and Dani should do it.. put up jordan or jeff.. Shelly would go home.. and that group is still down one!

Aqua Bernie

I don’t believe anything Brenchal says. They bullshit like everyone else in the house, that they claim they dislike themselves!


THER IS SOME WEIRD SHIT GOING ON WITH JEFF AND BRENDON. Hell Rachel has already driven B to beating off on skype and who knows what else Maybe now she’s push him to Jeff. Hello. These are some really weird people in this years show..

Ilyssa Liebz

More like Adam and Jeff. Notice all of Jeff’s strap on jokes….hmm……