Big Brother 13 – Cassi: “How nice it would of been if it was 13 strangers” **Updated**

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4:58pm Rachel on the hammock, Jeff Schroeder on the Elliptical, Dom in the pool, Shelly and Kalia chattign on the couch, Jordan laying in the sun. Dom and Rachel are talking about DOm’s little sister. She asks him if his sister would like Dani and Rachel. Dom doesn’t know because it depends on what they show on TV. Dom then adds that she probably likes you guys because she sees me hanging out with you and knows then you’re cool. Dom jokingly says “But she’ll probably hate Jeff.. cause everyone hates JEff” rachel says NOOOOO Jeff is America’s favorite they are going to vote for him. (in case you missed last nights spoilers Rachel said a similar remark causing Jordan to get really worried she pulled Rachel up in the HOH and hey talked it out”

5:05pm HOh Jordan and Kalia Jordan is telling Kalia that Rachel told her that she wants Either Brendon, Jeff or Her self to win HOH. Jordan mentions that Rachel wanted them to try and get Shelly and Kalia to throw the comp. rachel Said she thinks it’s weird that rachel is fighting for them to get the 2 people close to them to throw the comp.. Rachel never mentioned preventing Dom to win so Jordan is worried that Rachel wants Dom to get HOH and backdoor JJ.

Jordan explains that last night she asked Rachel if she’s still sticking to the plan and Rachel said she was so Jordan kinda feels like she’s getting too paranoid. Kalia thinks Dom will put Lawon and Kalia up.
Kalia is telling her that she thinks Dom is not as close to BR as Jordan thinks.. “that little brother thing she says is soo obvious and is a play” Kalia says that they are all giving Dom too much credit he’s not as strong of a player as they all think. She points out thta Dom is changing gears now that Cassi is leaving he’s just trying to prevent going up. (Feeds are going in and out like mad right now) one brief flash when it went back on Jordan says that she knows they will eventually they will go against BR but they want to make sure they are the ones that fire the first shot.

Kalia is saying that Adam is annoying but she doesn’t dislike him she just feels like he’s not the type of person she would hang out with.

Kalia says Porsche wants to get as much time as she can so she can spin her Big Brother experience into a high paying Career. Jordan says Por is a nice girl but a little bit annoying. Kalia fills her in that Por is saying she doesn’t want to be in the jury house which Kalia thinks is stupid if she’s trying to get more Camera time. Kalia says that none of the newbie 8 made a connection with her that’s why she went to the repeats.

Kalia is nervous about going up even if Lawon is the target. Feeds cut…
Kalia I need to watch what I say to Lawon because he’s not going to go down easy
Kalia there is 3% piece of me that is scared that Lawon will lie and make something up.
Jordan tells her not to worry because everyone knows he’s a liar. Jordan just wants to prevent Lawon from winning HOH. Kalia has been hearing that LAwon is saying he has the votes so he’s not going to try for the HOH comp. Kalia i’m not going to say you don’t have to worry about dom but I think your pretty safe. Jordan: “he better not flip”, she wonders who they should keep Dom or Adam. Kalia says DOm she’s starting to trust him more.. he’s somebody they can get on their side. (I wonder how much of Kalia BS Jordan believes.. I bet most of it)

Kalia goes on about how she’s getting really close to Dom and how Jordan should trust him. She points out that Kalia is starting to talk game with him and she feels he’ll be easier to turn on their side. Kalia thinks Adam needs to go because they have no idea where he’s going. Kalia doesn’t have any insecurities and she knows she’s pretty but when she comes in here everyone is really pretty white girls. Jordan: “last time when I left here I was BIG GIRL”

Jordan says that Rachel has gotten so paranoid it’s getting a little much.. Kalia mentions that rachel always singles people out in a room wonders why she can’t interact with people normally. Jordan thinks after being in the house with her that it’s just her personality, “I think her mom babied her and stuff”.
Kalia: “I don’t think shes a mean girl or a bad person at all I think it’s in the execution of what she says”
They talk about Rachel saying she wants to come back and show everyone she’s not the bimbo cocktail serving girl. Kalia says that this week is going to be brutal for rachel on TV because they will show her as being jealous of cassi. Jordan: “That’s totally the reason” Jordan explains that Rachel didn’t want Cassi to steal away Brendon. Kalia adds that rachel needs to act differently if she wants to appear different.

5:52pm Kitchen brendon telling Rachel don’t get the slop ticket next time

5:55pm Backyard couch cassi and Adam Cassi telling him that she thinks that Dom is the repeats target because they think he’s strong all this playing nice with him is just for show in case he wins HOH. Cassi thinks the order will be Dom, adam. lawon, kalia then Porsche and shelly. Adam: “We’ll see” cassi: “One of you gotta win, it’ll be a shit show in here if they win again”. Cassi: “How nice it would of been if it was 13 strangers” Adam:”Yeah, i’m just pissed off that I was thrown into this” Cassi tells Adam to stick with Shelly she’s smart. Adam isn’t worried about Shelly.

Adam what I said I was going to do and what i’m going to do is two different things but keep that to you (yeah adam is going to put up Jeff and Rachel and make the feeds awesome to watch)

cassi says just remember you don’t want to leave here and be upset with yourself

6:17pm ( I hate it when the hot girls leave early..)

6:55pm Backyard lawon on the elliptical, Shelly, Dom and Cassi around the hottub Shelly is saying that when he won the POV he showed everyone that he can compete. (just random shit being said like Shelly thinking Lawon looks like James Brown)

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BB King

My final two prediction this season is Dom and Dani with Dani winning BB13.


On the episode tonite all they show are the vets. So annoying. Rachel’s acting like a 2 year old and I almost put my head through the tv


too funny (even jeff finds that bitch annoying 🙂 RACHOFF SPRAY LMAO




Do they start playing as singles next week?


Week after next, can’t wait neither


singles start when they are final 10


simon that rachoff spray can be rachoes pic when you change the pics 🙂 its perfect


yea he can use it, I did them Grenades for the site last year to rep the Bragade


I hate that Cassi is leavin.. if america gets to vote someone back in im voting her back cuz she’s the shit plus it’ll piss Rachel off.. hopefully Brendon will break off Rachel and fall for Cassi! That wld be the shit

Big '

Vote Cassi Fan Favorite to flip off Rachel!

Big Sister

Vote Cassi Fan Favorite to get back at Rachel! I plan to.


We need to start a “BRING CASSIE BACK” protest!


Rachel is simply a disgusting person. Cassi is completely right on when she says she’s an ugly person inside. Someone, anyone, needs to get rid of her ASAP. Always liked JJ but they missed a golden opportunity this week.


Cassi was the idiot who asked to talk to rachel, she was the one who started yelling,not saying that rachel is at fault nut cassi was wrong in calling rachel a catty catty girl,and saying she is ugly inside.


if jj had backdoored brechal their would have lost their alliance,daniell said that she trust brechal, so jj would have gooton screwed and the vts wouls have been no more,I like cassi but jj and, br need eachother right now.


Bring Cassi Back!


I honestly cannot stand Dom. Dude thinks he’s a legend and he’s secretly running the house. I can’t wait till a vet wins hoh and puts him up again.


I CANT STAND him either. Don’t get why anyone likes him!! It’s also funny to me to that lots of people on other internet boards seem to think he and Dani are in a showmance. It’s pretty obvious that Dani is just flirting and keeping him close for game play reasons. The dude thinks he’s such a STUD!! He has NO GAME whatsoever in the girl department. No wonder he’s a virgin. It’s painful watching him flirt with Dani. He acts like a 5yr old being mean to the girl he likes. UGH…the worst. I want him gone so bad but I know he’s good for Dani’s game which is the only reason I can tolerate him.


I feel the same way!!! i mean he has some funny lines and Dani’s jokes about him are funny but other than that, I just don’t like him!!


The funniest part is Dani’s jokes about him especially bc I feel like he takes it as her flirting back with him and it’s really just that she’s making fun of him bc she HAS to tolerate him and pretend to be buddy/buddy flirty. She has a playful personality with Brendan and Jeff too. All part of her game. She’s not dummy


Dom being partnered with Dani is making me not root for Dani. He used to be up cassi’s ass and now he Is so happy that she’s going home so he can fully team up with dani. I really hope he goes home next week!


Go Dom and Dani! The only 2 I can really see myself being genuine friends with.


I like Cassi too but she should’ve fought to stay instead of spending so much time whining. So I guess she deserves to go in a way.


Am I the only one who is happy to see Cassi go? She annoys me as much as that rat lookin’ chick from last season


very boring show to date.
may not continue much more……..
If Jordan would have put up Rachel & Brendon,
that would have kept my interest.


Cassie deserves 2 leave NOW!


How funny was it when Rachel was in the bushes crying. BTW does anybody miss the winter season of BB? That would be awesome if they brought it back!


Yes! Two seasons a year would be fantastic! Well not without OBB though.. 🙁

Lennon's Ghost

I miss the non-stop action of Seasons 8 & 9.

There was always something going on in the house in both of those seasons.


Yes….it is not fair that CBS has two seasons per year of Survivor and Amazing Race.


I think Survivor should be on twice a week. I mean, they already have all the footage and we could see more game play instead of episodes being all about the challenges.


Yeah I can’t decide what I liked more about tonight’s episode, that Rachel was hiding in bushes to cry, or that even Jeff admitted that Jordan is terrible at games and should just bow out. She was even the first one out hahahaha.


QAZ, I wouldn’t be surprise that Rachel’s bush hasn’t brought many to tears.


BBGrandma! I haven’t seen you on here yet this season. So glad you are here 🙂


Hi, HaydenFan! I was on at first but have had a little health issue to deal with but getting better. I am having a real hard time getting into this season. No one has excited me, yet. But, I have missed everyone on here!


Oh heck, HaydenFan, that “Name” comment was me! I am sure you figured that out.


Nice to see you again, Grandma. 🙂


Hi Goofy! Good to see you, too. I have been reading your comments. Trying to catch up with everything.


😉 soooooo……who are you rooting for this season??


LOL Grandma that was good.


Glad to see you back on the site and hear that you’re doing well! Also, keep up that great humor 🙂

Lennon's Ghost

BBGrandma, we all missed you! We’ve all been very worried and bugging Simon for updates about your whereabouts.

Glad to have you back and hope that you’re feeling better.


Yay for BBBGrandma! We have missed you 🙂


lol you made me spit my water out.

I thought it was insane he yelled at her to stay out, and was so comfortable saying “You weren’t going to win anyway, whats the point” I’m starting to get why feed watchers think he’s a douche..

Even more insane is crying in the bushes…seriously..I haven’t done that since I was 3!


Cassi is getting so annoying she’s like I’m going to fight a day or two ago and all she did today was plan for what she would wear/do/say and who she would hug next on eviction night. She was my pick at the start but now I’m like gtfo bitch.


hate cassie glad shes leaving go dani/dom


HATE IT! CBS ruined this season by bringing back the Vets. If they wanted to do an all stars season, they shouldn’t have combined it with a regular season. AND Racheal and Brendumb ARE NOT ALLSTARS, no matter what Racheal says on the show. HATE! HATE! HATE! Love to watch BB but this season sucks so bad I may have to quit watching!!!!!


Why the hate for Cassie? Because she didn’t tell everyone she was a model? Who cares? Her and Jordan are the only two playing the game with integrity…of course Big Brother really isn’t known for that anyways. Can Jeff compete for HOH since it was Jordan that won? Cause I would love to see him win and and put up Dani or Dom. Then if they win veto backdoor those two annoying bush huggers….crying in a bush……really? She loves to dish it out but she sure can’t handle any criticism. I miss Dr Will sometimes. he just played and I laughed more at his diary sessions then anything…sarcasm at it’s best and he won!


Yes, Jeff can compete. But he can’t put up Dani because she has the Golden Key.


crying in the bushes? Really? What a stupid baby, she can say what she wants and no one can stand up to her. LOVE the RACH-OFF! Lol

Hate that they make it the Rachel show! Please show other people! I couldn’t care less who leaves, as long as it isn’t Adam or JJ!


Right?! OMG htf does Rachel have friends outside of the BB house? How can anyone stand to be around her once they get to know her….which because of her loud annoying personality, takes all of 15 seconds. Seriously, all last season she cried and cried when she didn’t get her way and she belittled everyone and bossed everyone and threatened everyone when she did get her way. This season, NOTHING has changed with this crazy ass bitch. I want to boycott the show but I want to give the other HGs some attention. And WHY is the show all about her relationship with Brendon? Rarely is there footage on someone else…it’s 75% about Brenchel on every episode it seems. UGH stfu, Rachel! K, that’s all, thanks, bye 🙂


it’s like you’re in my brain…

I really really can’t stand that they are the focus again! I couldn’t stand it last year, I hate it more this year. Sadly, I have to admit that I liked her at first, as I do most underdogs, man I regret that!


LOL, I don’t see where the “under” comes into play in that word.

Lennon's Ghost

I just have this feeling that Production has another twist up its sleeve to keep Cassi in the game. It may be via:

“Pandora Box” – Seasons 11 & 12
“Locked Door” – Season 9 (James)
“Mystery Box in Living Room” – Season 9 (James)
or something new.

I think CBS sees the value of keeping Cassi in the game and they do need to return a player to even out their schedule following ED’s premature departure.

Cassi has also practically been begging Production to find a way to keep her and I think she has the fan base that would support that move.

If this happens, can you imagine Big Red’s absolute meltdown and subsequent fury? The same would be true for Porsche and Dani.

Now THAT would shake up the game and likely create new alliances in the house and shatter others.

Just a feeling…


hope so


They’ve already said that there just won’t be a double eviction episode this season like there normally is. That’s how they’re rectifying Dicks early exit. So Cassi is gone


Jordan made a huge mistake by not putting Rachel and Brendon up, Rachel could have gone home and be gone which would have made the show so much better. I want Rachel gone soooo bad!!!!


People like you go on emotions and personal issues – just the opposite of what this game’s about.


Jordan’s so stupid. Why the hell would Cassie want Brendon? My god. She always has that “deer caught in the headlights” look in her eyes and now she says something this stupid.


Goofy, the way I took it, Jordan was just expressing Rachhog’s paranoia, not any opinion that Jordan had.

The only reason I enjoyed the episode tonight is because it shows what a crybaby bitch Rachel is. It’s obvious based on what she’s saying that they will not remain loyal to Jeff and Jordan and Rachel believes she and Brendan have to be in charge.

Stupid stupid Jeff and Jordan though, for not getting rid of the bitch when they had the chance.

Name, nice job with the Rachoff….lol.


I believe Rachel is jealous of Cassie’s looks, but not to the point she’s afraid of losing him to her. Brendon doesn’t even like Cassie and he himself isn’t a great prize. So that was going way too far by Jordan.


I like Cassi but DAMN GIRL GET OVER IT!


Mike “Boogie” is on VH1″s new reality show “Famous Food”. He and his partner hire 7 B-List celebs to open a new restaurant for them. UNFORTUNATELY, IT SUCKS!


Jordan should have backdoored BR!! It would have been the ultimate move!


This season sucks. One season of seeing and hearing Rachel was enough. Can’t believe that witch is back. ANNOYING!!!!