Big Brother 13 – Adam wanted to be on BB12 and plant Bacon in Andrew’s Bed

6:30pm backyard Jordan, Jeff, and cassi talking about the blogs out there that type mean things about the houseguess (those bastard I know) Jeff: “You’re not suppose to look but it’s hard not to take a peek” Jordan says they would called her Fat, Dumb, stupid.. (these feeds are pissing me off every 2 seconds they flip them what is going on today?) Cassi can’t believe they called Jordan Fat. Jeff says when he gets out of the House he’s not going to read anything on the Big Brother Blogs.

7:13pm Rachel and Brendon rachel asks him what him and Dani were talking about (they were chating for over a hour about their lives, Brendon really enjoys spending time with her he seems much happier with her then Rachel) Brendon says they were talking about life, she was saying that she doesn’t beleive there is one single person for anyone. Rachel disagrees she believes that there’s a soulmate for everyone and she found hers. Brendon asks who *they laugh..
Brendon mentions that Jordan cannot get his name right and she spelled it wrong in her HOH blog. Rachel says that it’s a good thing she’s with someone like Jeff it’s easy for her to spell. brendon mentions how Dani thought this season was going to be Allstar and that she thought Hayden and and Lane were going to be on it. Both rachel and Brendon don’t consider last years winner and runner up allstars.

Brendon says they have to get serious about studying for the quiz tomorrow.. Rachel wants to kiss.

7:20pm Dom washing Cassi’s hair

7:30pm Kitchen Porsche sighting near the food the rumors about her gaining weight and eating more then she did before are true.

7:55pm Brendon and rachel She’s rubbing his head as he sleeps

8:00pm Backyard Kalia on the treadmill this shit’s gotten serious yo

8:15pm Hammock Dani and Adam
Adam asks her Who her favorite person to make fun of last year. Dani smirks Rachel obviously I hated her last year and I watched the feeds. Adam says the Brigade was too cocky. Dani: ” matt was horrible.. but Annie and him were my picks early on”. Dani really liked Andrew she thought he weas going to do well. Adam thought it would be funny if him and Andrew where in the house together and Adam would terrorize him with bacon, put bacon in his bed. Dani: “That’s horrible”
She asks him who did he like last season.

Adam really liked rachel because he saw her as honest but after she left he really liked Britney he thought she was hysterical. Dani Really liked Britney but didn’t think she deserved to win.. She’s glad Hayden won she thought he did a awesome job. Adam thought out of the 3 that hayden was the most deserving he felt that Lane really didn’t do much. Danielle adds that surivior is the hardest game to play but Big Brother is the harder game to win. She explains that is because of the power shift you get in Big Brother whereas in Survivor once the sides are set they just battle it out. Adam agrees says that there’s not as much blindsiding. He enjoys watching survivor because the competitions are so much more real. Adam adds the best move ever was Dani’s dad using the veto on her and getting Dustin out. Adam remembers when he saw that Power of Veto Ceremony it blew him away. Danielle didn’t think it was as much of a martyr move that it came out but she agrees that it was a great move and possibly one of the greatest in Big Brother History. They talk about the picture of Dustin leaveing and the animated gifs of him and how funny they were (Dam bb8 was fun).
Dani: “what do you think is hapening tomorrow”
Adam: “Cassi gone”
Dani: “no with the HOH”
Adam: “Q&A”
They both agree that tomorrow will not be a physical HOH competition, there basis to this is if it was they would be in lockdown by now instead of outside. Adam isn’t sure he’s going to try to win the HOH competition. Adam says he’s sad because he’s losing a friend in the house when Cassi is evicted. Dani can understand. Adam: “We’re all getting along for the most part” Dani: “it’s only week 2”. They both agree that the game will be much better after the couple twist is over.

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OMFG Kalia exercising?? IT’S ON NOW

Oh Simon im making the picture thing with what we veiw the HG as, and yea I made that RachOFF

almost done your gonna love the ones I found for Jordon and Brenda, might do a mashup of both drag queen rachel looks like.


Is Honda civic doing any game talk? We never hear about her anymore.

He must be

Dom washing Cassi’s hair

cough* cough* gay* cough*


And Por always wears that same pink tracksuit. It probably smells. I really think her and Kalia are the most useless at this point and don’t deserve a shot.


Which pic for Dom? 40 yo Virgin or Fez form the 70’s show???


fez please I have been saying it all along and oprah (the fat oprah) for kaklia, cant wait you are a genius 🙂 loved the rachoff can 🙂 I am gonna keep that in my computer to always have when i need a good laugh 🙂


those pics of rachoe and honda civic eating are hilarious. they could fit mack trucks in those mouths. wonder if any other holes in thier bodies are that big 🙂


I just hope rachel stops acting stupid and gets her head in the game

chick from louisiana

Simon, the feeds don’t always cut out like this? I just got the feeds today for the first time and I was cursing it thinking this was a normal thing. Now I know what “feeds cut to fish” means.


For the record, if you watched the CBS show tonight, it was Dani who masterminded Cassie’s exit, not Rachel. Dani needed Dom to play as her partner. Dani is awesome. She is even using Rachel and the vets to do her bidding. Even said that her hands are clean in this.


good point and jordumb was much more swayed by danyawns words than rachoes 🙂 so yeah thanks for pointing that out. 🙂 go danyawn (although i don’t want her to win I want a newbie which one i am not sure yet)


I am really so impressed with Dani’s game. Nobody suspects her of anything and she is playing all sides, it seems.

Rachel will probably hang herself sooner or later, although she’ been trying to be nicer ever since that fight with Cassie.


BTW, Cassie’s looking awesome tonight. Wish it was Dom going instead of her, even though it may seem like I dislike her. I don’t. I just don’t think she’s as sweet and innocent as she wants to appear.


I think Dani’s really the best player in the game. She’s pulling strings without attracting too much attention to herself. If I had to choose someone that I want to win right now it’d probably be Dom because I like him and then Dani because she’s so good.


I have no doubt that BB did a little bit of creative editting to give Dani more credit for Cassie’s departure. Rachel never liked Cassie and would have put her up if Brendon had won HOH. Dani tried to keep Dom off the block but JJ put him up anyway. She got lucky that Dom pulled out the win which caused JJ to put up Cass as the replacement. BR were pissed that Jordan didn’t put up who they wanted to go home in the first place. They wanted to win the POV so they could stab JJ in the back by forcing their target to go home. It’s too bad JJ didn’t find out about this power play before the replacement noms were made because it would have given them one more reason to backdoor BR.


Don’t think they had to. Dani’s been trying to get Dom to play with her since Dick left. She even said herself that this was her plan and that her hands are clean. It’s true. Everybody is focusing on Rachel when it comes to Cassie.

chick from louisiana

That makes sense, Thanks 🙂

dani's fan

It took two seasons but finally Jordan said something insightful: “She’s friggin nuts.” Rachel claimed she was a gymnast. I thought the event was called The Balance Beam. Apparently there is an event for the Mentally Unbalanced that I have never heard of.


Honda Civic’s a little piggy. Kinda cute, especially the rear bumper, but I’m a guy, so…


name your pics are the best and so much imagination and spot on give us more 🙂 love emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


from in living color right
LOL keep em coming dont forget fez and oprah and lawlon (mr jefferson from ther jeffersons ) lawlon talks like a black dude from the 70’s (jive turkey) aw shucks lol


too funny the 1 of brendon as a giant pussy LMFAO and rachoe fat thats her in a couple yrs LOL


Hey Simon , I need a pic of Kalia eatting


Hey. That was one hell of a camel toe from Cassie you posted. I rewinded the thing to that time and had a nice look.


CBS doesn’t want Branchel to be backdoor or put up just yet. They want both of them in the game for the ratings. Let’s face it, the hatred people have for them makes for good ratings. It’s too early for one of them to make an exit. Sometimes I wonder about the producers manipulating the game


Yes you’re absolutely right. It makes it more interesting even though they are sooo annoying. I just hope they don’t end up winning though somehow. I’m not liking this duo thing that they are doing this season and can’t wait till the singles game starts. I wish Evil Dick was still here – he was pretty entertaining his season. I just hate boring characters.


Ick, they must! How else can delusional psychopaths make it past the first two weeks? I wish they would get it through their thick heads that it’s actually not entertaining at all to watch rachell and brenda! It makes my skin crawl, and its not fun to hate her…it’s just lame.

Can’t wait until singles either. ugh this duo idea was super lame.


I think adam is the biggest floater ever!!!! I he is the biggest kiss ass in big brother history! He probably has the worst breath and stinks period!!!!! Go home adam!