Big Brother 13 – Dani: “I’m not going to lie take the Rachel out of Porsche and I like her” **updated**

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3:30pm Backyard Couch dani LAwon

Lawon says shelly came up to him and said that she’s been hearing that him and Kalia want to put her up on the block (We can only hope).. Lawon: “I was like WHAT” Dani: “Who told her that Brendon and Rachel probably…. ” Lawon says he told her straight up that Shelly’s name has never been mentioned. Dani: “Who did she take it” Lawon: “She was coo.. so I’ve been trying to talk to her more today”. Dani points out that BR will try anything at this point this is just the beginning of the craziness.

Lawon mentions that Shelly was questioning him that he never talks game with her. Dani points out that Lawon never talks game with many people, he should tell her that. Lawon already has and he feels like things are cool with Shelly now. Lawon: “I told her everyone I cared for and talked game with is gone… and she said I could talk to her” dani: “Shocker… BE VERY CAREFUL what you say to her” Lawon: “I know that you told me that”. Dani stresses how Shelly cannot be trusted.
Dani warns him that Brendon is going to say a really nasty speech directed at Dani when he’s evicted.. she expects him to say that she’s attacking her personally and that she’s trying to split up the BR marriage. Lawon thinks Rachel will be gone in 2 weeks. Dani thinks depending on who wins POV rachel will be a disaster the first week but after that it’ll be game face on, “this is why we need to get her out next week”. They start talking about how bad the smell is in the Havenots from BR farting so much. dani: “It’s literally like dead people trying to crawl out of you it’s so bad”
Lawon: “I’m still going to play the roll that I don’t trust anyone and I was reallly close to DOM and right now i’m just trying to see here everyones head is at” Dani starts instructing Lawon to tell Shelly that with BR lying all week about using the veto on himelf it’s hard for him to trust them.
Lawon: “ok ok i’ll do that… She gave me a BLANK you face this morning” Shelly joins them.. they start talking about when they would hang out at night and never talk game.. Shelly says that no when people stay up late all they do is talk game.

4:05pm Backyard Rachel, Dani, Shelly and Lawon They are talking about books. Rachel is saying that her parents are very religious and she’s read the bible front to back but hasn’t read it completely in awhile (Because they always burst into flames when she tries… ohhh) Shelly tells them that if she had a theme book it would be the valentine rabbit. Rachel adds that in her sorority she would read them that book when they were pledging new members. (Dani laughs). Shelly leaves to grab coffee, Rachel leaves, Dani leaves to take a nap.. Lawon goes to the pool side to chill.

4:11pm HOH Kalia and Dani They are sharing notes about Kalia’s conversation with Shelly. Kalia tols her she is a little pissed at BR because they lied for the entire week that Brendon was going to use the veto on himself. Kalia points out that Rachel’s entire thing during the POV ceremony was a act. Kalia says that all shelly keeps repeating is shes a straight shooter and she needs to act appropriately because she has a job to go back to after the show. Dani agrees fins it a little much. Kalia brings up that Shelly heard that Kalua was going to put her up which isn’t true. Kalia tried to explain to shelly that isn’t her plan and Kalia thinks Shelly understands now. Dani: “shelly said that me and POrsche had a deal which we don’t.. somehting is fishy with Shelly..were is she getting this stuff from”.

Dani is shocked with how Brendon is treating Porsche when she talks to other players, “You know both of BR scolded Porsche for hanging out with me last night… Brendon yelled at her said GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION” Dani says that early today Porsche told Rachel that when brendon leaves that rachel will not leave Porsche’s side and she doesn’t want that to happen, Porsche said because you (rachel) are mean to everyone now and not wanting to have fun with them it doesn’t mean I can’t. Porsche wants to have a fun summer hanging with people. Kalia: “Did Porsche really say that” Dani: “Yes” Kalia: “Good for her”

Kalia talks about when she listened in on Shelly and Porsche in the purple room. Porsche was asking Shelly advice about what to do with the Rachel situation, “I listened in for 20 minutes”. Dani thinks Porsche and shelly are closer than they all think but she also thinks that POrsche doesn’t trust Shelly 100%. Kalia says she over heard them talking about getting rachel out. kalia and Dani both agree that it’s finally sunk in that brendon doesn’t have the votes and that is why they are hiding from everyone. Dani: “I’m not going to lie take the Rachel out of Porsche and I like her”
They can both understand why porsche attached to rachel early in the game but it’s obvious that Porsche is trying to find a way out.

Dani starts to explain that in brendon’s mind he was going to win bb13 they all felt they were guaranteed final 4 they truly did. Dani adds that every year on big brother the strong players talk about go to the finals together and have the best compete with the best, that never happens and that is now how you play this game, “you want a trustworthy player and a weak players with you near the end” Kalia and dani cannot predict what Adam will do in the game if he gets any power…
Kalia asks if it’s better to have lawon for Jordan in there final 4.. Dani: “lets have both.. but seriously we won’t have control over it”

Dani says she talked to Jeff for a “hot minute” today and he said that BR came in trying to change their image and Jeff thinks that they really have.. Dani doesn’t believe that and thinks it’s odd that Jeff does. She asks KAlia what she thinks. kalia: “You can’t run from who you actually are” Dani: “I don’t think BR are like this outside of the house it’s just while there in it… it brings it out of them”

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5:30pm Havenots They are talking about Porsche and how she’s “BFF” with Dani and Kalia. rachel points out that Dani has no power in the house so why is she even being nice to hear after all she did to us. Brendon changes the subject before Rachel can continue..
Brendon pleads with Rachel to not campaign too hard for him… Rachel says she won’t. Brendon gets called into the DR.

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ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

They start talking about how bad the smell is in the Havenots from BR farting so much. dani: “It’s literally like dead people trying to crawl out of you it’s so bad”

Slop brings out the Dead, worst than Beans.

Monika Wu

I know I am in the minority..but I would have liked to have seen JJ, BR and Dani got to the end..and fight it out with Dani being the decider in votes…would have been fun. Instead we are left with these moronic newbies that just suck whomever is in power’s teet. Boring!


I agree, it would have made really good TV. Kind of like the “Hatfields and McCoys”. Good fights and big power struggles.


Rachael has to ho


LMFAO at the bible joke 😉


Kalia acts like she has game or something her fat ass aint gonna win shit The only thing she is good for is pissing in the pool she is NASTY


Porsha i hope will decide to team up with Dani. It would suck to be in an alliance with Kalia and lawon cause I would hate to have to put all of my hope into them in the next HoH. I believe porsha is tired of being stuck with Rachel. Hell who wouldnt be. Also the bullying by Jeff and brendon is not helping. Its only going to make Porshas decision to which side to be on easier.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Nobody ever turned on them, they push people closest to them away with their bully attitude they did the same thing last season to Kristen and Kathy, people will only take that shit for so long before they end up leaving you by yourself, that shit we learn in grade school.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

when is the pre-trash wedding? after they stop pouting?


ill will cut the bullshit u really be riding brendon dicks hard release it that aint looking too good

i wonder if their is going to be atwist to save brendon lol

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

LMFAO @ the pot calling the tea kettle black.



ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

What are those beds in the have not room??

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

She’s not BFF with Dani, she’s trying to win 500k, she’s tired of playing the Whinechel Negativity game.


Dani is night and day with and without makeup


really? i don’t thnik she’s bad without makeup, i just think she’s not as photogenic. she hot regardless


This is too god damn true.. I don’t know if I wanna have sex with her or run for the hills on some days..

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Only women in that house that could make a man run for the hills in fear is Rachel, Kalia and Shelly, all the other females don’t look bad at all with or without makeup…. Unless they are making a face LOL


I think shes hot with or without makeup. Plus she just seems mad cool. Totally the kind of girl a guy can hang with


couldn’t have put it better myself


when the results have been read i can hear julie saying

brendon have a seat america has been voting all week you and domonic had the most votes and u are safe and just like that he’s back in the game lol

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

slow down, your gonna choke

Not Meg

Oh Lord please no! I am so sick of Brendon. He’s not even fun to hate. I hope this is the last we see of Mr Knowitall.


Bren is like a small child. He’s funny, but you can’t take him serious. He does need to go though, find that cure for cancer and all….


I would question America’s ethics if that were to happen.


Going to to see if there is a vote!!!


lol keeping hope alive

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Nobody is being voted back into the house.

A Nono Moose

Hope your wrong Ill…want to see Cassi back in the BBH just to hear her say ‘y’alls shenanigans’ again…then watch her & Rachel becomes buddies cuz thats what would happen. As we all know no ones gets between her & her man…fiance` now & since he’s gone they’ll become BFs

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

This so-called twist will be some other rigged bullshit, like someone given a special power or something.


It would be nice if for once BB introduces an HOH competition that none of them know anything about. On another note, I really don’t think there is a player coming back either. What you see is what you get. I got tricked last week when J. Chen was touting a big twist and it wasn’t anything. This week I’m not falling for it.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

THAT would be AWESOME, something they all can go into knowing nothing and they have to think on their toes, that shit has never once happened in the 4 season I’ve been watching, every comp was either geared towards certain HGs physical specs, or if the HGs get to talking about certain things and whichever one of them is like the most intuitive about it , BAM a comp is made and they win or they have some pure luck no skill involved quizzes. Every comp lately is expected by the HGs beforehand. Now they got these corny twists and secretly calling it “america’s vote” when it’s an obvious rig.

Big Sister

Casting makes little sense this year. Why not have more diversity in race and age? I don’t know who this year’s group beat out, but they couldn’t be as boring. Also, as much as I like JJ and Dani and dislike BR and ED, vets should not be mixed in with newbies. I sense a bit of laziness from the powers that be.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

not a little a lot of laziness this is not All-Stars so it was unnecessary to bring back former HGs, not when they do have All-stars won’t be as appealing.

CBS are afraid to take risks that’s why they keep bringing people back to Big brother and Survivor


When Big Brother first started the comps did not favor one body type over the other. The show was not fixed, it was really good and very unpredictable.
The houseguest voted how they wanted to. Most times the HOH was surprised. But now production interfers with the show. In a recent interview Allison Grodner said Dani is going to win BB13, so we will see if it is fixed.
Sad to say I have watched since BB1, and I love the show, but do not like the fixed aspect. Would prefer the way it was.


Big Brother After Dark needs to change the name of the show to “Kalia Talks Too Much”. It absolutely
grates my soul. She just drones on and on. Can’t they give more camera time on the other houseguest
and not so much time to Kalia. She is a little bit arrogant.


Team Dani! Flip this game! Go on girl


What was the diamond POV again??


Thanks for that and the link.


Correction: The twist better be THIS week as advertised.


are you sure she was an ally or just a pet? nice to see porsche actually delveloping a backbone no matter which side she goes.


Kallia is a fat piece of shit. Has her ass up any hoh. She eats non stop thinks she’s skinny she’s a nasty ugly ho bitch.


And her nasty ass greasy ass hair. She says like every sentence.


Let Kalia turn on Dani and you will see Dani upset. It just depends on who wins HOH. If Jeff or Jordan are HOH, Kalia will make herself at home in the HOH.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I Brendon him say something like that to Rachel, with him in school and her expecting to get a celebrity job which will never happen, they don’t have money so they jumped at the chance to come back for that stipend money and prizes, they know that 500k will always be out of their reach, and they have only themselves to blame for that. Kinda pathetic that this is their only reason, now I understand why they are whining so much. Cheer up he will be a doctor in about 8 years.. be patient. She needs to get a job and support her man, he is going to need that extra money to make it through school.


Support her Man!!!! Hilarious. I think Brendon gave it to Rachel so that when they come up short of the 1/2 million Rachel cant whine and complain about how she could have done better and won. Now she gots to show and prove or back swinging on them Poles in Vegas so she can put her man thru med school. LOL.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Why does shelly have a dark heart? because she’s playing the game? last time I checked anyone who talks about choking a women has a dark heart.


Whos more annoying
Jen from bb8
Shiela From bb9
Natalie from bb9
April bb10
Libra bb10
Chima bb11
Rachel bb12/13
Kalia bb13
Shelly bb13

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Chima and Rachel … when Chima was screaming at Russel my I thought my ears were about to explode, and Rachel”s laugh HEEEEYYYYYYYYYY


Wow, tough one. not sure I could choose just one, but there is 3 for me…

Jen, Natalie and Chima.

If a gun was being held to me and I had to choose one, Chima.


Oh i forgot
Amber bb8


I would have loved to see Enzo return. OMG, Game completely on. None of this crap would be flying now. Sorry But BR I don’t have too much a problem with them. Its just that they are socially a mess. And its ok if that is who they choose to be. Now Dani is saying about taking out strong players but yet you keep Jordan in the game who has already won 500 thousand dollars and everyone is helping her right along. I mean duhhhhhhhhhhhh. This BB13 sucks. some of the cast on here should not be here. Kalia thinks she is the Queen but wait until she gets turned on. Lawon and Adam are the class idiots. sorry but true. Shelly is like the sneaky lunch lady. U never know what she is gonna serve you lol, Porsche is just a wet napkin, floating where the so called power is. None of these people have a backbone and PT called it. They are all just sitting back and doing whatever Dani says. I liked Dani but now am ready for her, Jordan, Jeff to peace out. Say what you wish about Rachel but she is a competitor period. a fighter. Not one to turn on you. she is loyal. If she wasn’t she would have turned on JJ when Dani wanted her too. Tired of JJ, Kalia and Adam, Lawon, Shelly feeling so safe. Can’t wait to see them duke it out with each other. BB please bring someone back but not from this cast. Hell bring Dr. Will or Boogie back..woa Game completely on then.


somebody gonna flip jordan goes home brenda stays jeff