Big Brother Spoilers: Dani and Kalia fill a condom and place it on Adam’s bed to make him think its from Brendon and Rachel..

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12:10am Out in the backyard, the guys are playing pool. Over on the backyard couch, Jordan starts talking about how Dani’s father looks so different in the picture up in HOH. Dani tells Jordan about Dick when he was young he used to model, he was such a good looking guy with a bone structure like mine. Dani says that Dick has smoked since he was 12 years old. Shelly says that he must have strong lungs. Shelly says that she doesn’t look like her parents and luckily for her daughter ..she looks like tony. Shelly says that he is way more handsome than I am, I got really lucky, he looks like a professional volleyball player. They ask her if he looks like Keith? Shelly asks who’s Keith? They all laugh. The houseguests continue to laugh and talk about random things. They talk about how when Jeff and Jordan came back last season on BB12 to host a competition and Brendon threw a ball that almost hit Jeff. Rachel says that it wasn’t even like that. Dani says that Janelle come on her season BB8 to host a competition and says that she whispered to them stuff and she wasn’t supposed to. Dani talks about how Eric was calling her Miss Piggy. Dani says that it would be nice to come out of this season and not be referred to as Dick’s daughter. Shelly says that she will probably be known as Josie’s mom. Talk turns to talking about smoking. The conversation then switches to talking about myspace and facebook. Shelly heads off to bed. Brendon and Jeff finish playing pool and join the girls on the couch. They start playing the celebrity guessing game.

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1:35am In the backyard, Adam is all alone and smoking. Adam says that he has doubts about Shelly. Adam says that his secret PB&J alliance and the alliance he has with Porscha is still in effect. Adam says that he feels he is moving up the target list, so he needs to step up his game and says that he has already started too. Adam says that he feels he knows the events of the house better than anyone else. Adam says that if we can get Dani and Jeff out, then I will be the strongest player in the game. Adam then mentions that will then make himself a bigger target. Adam says that if Shelly still has his back and Porsche, then we can work together and that they would just need to get Kalia and Jordan out. Adam say that he will be in the final three. Adam then says that he is getting way ahead of himself. Adam says that a lot will happen between now and then, but if he can make it to the final six then he can play for veto every week. Adam says stay focused and keep it up, build up some strength and start with going to bed. Adam says goodnight to the camera and goes inside.

2am Meanwhile in the bedroom, Porsche and Kalia are talking about how gross Brendon and Rachel public display of affection is. They tell Jeff and Jordan about their plan to prank them with a fake sperm filled condom in their bed. Jeff suggests they put it on Adam’s bed. Dani and Kalia go to the storage room and filling a condom with lotion. They then head to the metal bedroom and place it next to Adams bed. They go into the candy room and tell Jeff. Jeff tells them where a better place would be to place it. Then Jeff wonders if Adam will even see it so they go back and move it to lay on the edge of Adam bed. Adam comes into the candy bedroom. Adam says that he will play the guessing game with them. They tell Adam he should go to bed. Adam wonders if they are trying to get rid of him. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

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When they return, Brendon and Rachel have finished getting ready to go to sleep and get into bed without noticing the condom. Brendon and Rachel then start making out under the covers right next to Shelly and while the others are in the candy bedroom playing the guessing game. Talk turns to talking about Adam’s pubic hair. He says that he has never had an ingrown pubic hair because he has never shaved. Jeff says so you’re 70’s down there? Adam says that he’s not hairy down there. Jeff replies yeah you’re not hairy down there buy your back is covered in hair. They all laugh. Adam says that he will show them if they want to see.. The girls tell him to show Jeff.

2:30am – 3:20am Adam heads to bed and climbs in without noticing the condom next to him. In the candy bedroom, they talk about past big brother seasons. Kalia talks about how BB9 was a winter season and says that they did it to see if it would work twice a year. Jeff tells her no, they did it because of the writers’ strike. Porsche agrees. Jeff says that Kalia is trying to make up lies. Kalia stutters and says that she didn’t. They all start laughing. They all decide to go to sleep… Jeff and Jordan argue about the blankets he tells her to stay on her side. Jordan says that she always does. Jeff says yeah right. Jordan says she does because you always push me away. Jeff says that he pushes her away because she always plays with his belly button, it gives me a stomach ache! Jordan and Kalia laugh. They all are now asleep…

6:20am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9am Shelly is the only one up; she is in the backyard smoking in silence. Everyone else is sleeping.

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That trick wouldn’t work everyody knows branden is the type of guy that likes to raw dog it with rachel and the spooches on her face lol


Rachel looks like a kabuki performer


I misread this as bukakke performer. Whoops.


sorry adam even if lawon was still there i would not consider you a strong player…………


Dear BB, CBS, and most importantly the fans,

America did not spend time and money to vote Brendan back in the game use to see him leave a week later. America does not like Shelly! Please let her her go home now…no need to wait until Thursday. We want to see true competitors duke it out not all this kissing butt and please be my bff. I got the live feed after Brendan came back but I may have to cancel because if there won’t be anything interesting to watch.

Please consider your viewers! Whether you Team Dani or Team JJ or Team BR. The best game move is to keep BR in the house.


Based upon your statement and request above, all “butt kissers” should be gone. In which case, BR should be the next to go. Next to S, they do more kissing than all BB HGs combined (from all seasons) and, if they haven’t kissed each others ass, it’s the only part of the human anatomy that they haven’t kissed on each other! 😉


No Brendon won the American vote due to America thinking Rachel would be the one voted off (before Lawon asked to be on the block) so that Rachel and Brendon would have to compete agnst each other. It would have worked if Lawon didn’t screw it up!!!! Go team Dani!!!!!

BB Fan 5

Umm I like Shelly – not everyone hates Shelly. The people that post on this board are a small percentage of the millions of people that watch big brother. Shelly is playing the game, unlike most of the other people in the house (there are a few others that seem to be playing). So she lies – that is what the game is about. It isnt a friggin honesty contest. Shelly knows what she is doing. It is true that she lies all the time to DKPABR, at the end of the day she has JJs back. JJ knows that shelly is talking to everyone in the house, playing all sides. They told her to do that! I just dont understand where all of the Shelly hate comes from – I personally love to watch someone play both sides, especially is they do it successfully. She got away with is for a LONG time, and I personally think that is awesome. She deserved way more credit for Kalia’s terrible HOH – Shelly orchestrated Lawon going up and Lawon leaving – she got a terrible CBS edit, they didnt show any of it!


I did not vote to return Brenda to the house and I’d love to see him out again this week. The only way it would have been worth it to have him return is if Rach had been voted out and we got to see them battle but really I wanted him out for good and Cassie to return and take out Rach. CBS and Brenchel have ruined this season for me. I don’t even bother to watch BBAD or the live feeds anymore….this site is where I get my info and that way I only have to hear Brenchel’s voice on the show.


Adam is completely delusional.


Dani, if you make deals with BR of getting of rid of Big Jeff is a stupid move. BR will stabbed you right in your back. Jeff will come after you.


Can someone tell me the conversation BR had after they spoke with Dani? I’m not a mouth reader.

R Daddy

Team JJA! Shelly going home. Can Dani use her veto ticket if she is put up as a replacement nominee? Aka back doored?


The POV ticket means only Dani gets to play in the POV competition but doesn’t get POV automatically. Her best bet is to use it if one of her allies (Kalia or Porsche at this point) isn’t HOH to protect herself from a possible eviction.

For example: if Jeff wins HOH and puts up Kalia and Porsche, Dani can use her POV ticket and play in the POV comp. If she wins, she not only saves herself from being backdoored, she can use it to save one of her allies and Jeff would be forced to put up someone else.


I think the veto ticket allows her to be in the POV competition if she isn’t chosen next week…it’s not an actual veto


all the veto ticket does, is let dani play in the veto next week for sure, that way she cant get backdoored and never get a chance in the veto comp


Just droppin in from the hood to tell you u doing good work Simon

Ilyssa Liebz

Here’s liberal arts Kalia, thinking she knows everything once again. Just throw up some more buzz words to look smart.


OMG!!! That is hysterical! Wish Adam had seen it!!


Dani should tell JJ everything that BR has said an team up with JJ. She gains Adam and Shelly in votes to get BR out and doesn’t gain any new enemies. And she knows she can take out JJ in competitions later on. With BR she can’t always win against them.

I love JJ and was all for the BRJJ alliance and I know they’ve both done their fair share of talking behind each others back but BR flat out through JJ under the bus to Dani.


Brendon’s and Rachel’s personality, behavior, and opinions of others changes so often it’s disgusting. They conveniently “remember or make up” bad stuff, and forget the good. They are constantly whining, and blaming everybody else for everything that goes wrong. Rachel calls people who don’t win floaters is stupid. Only one person can win a comp at a time lady! And if you think floaters float to the HOH, I seem to recall your but floating to the top floor when you’re not HOH trying to make deals. But hey, no one else is allowed to make deals, only you. They get so upset because people aren’t acting like they’re pulling for them. Why should they? Isn’t everyone else also playing to win?! They’re already proven they can’t be trusted. Hell, they can’t even trust each other, so why would anyone trust them? Just having one or both of them in the house is really ruining everyone else’s game. I personally am sick of Big Brother being turned into the BR trainwreck getting ready to happen show. Get them out, get them out, get them out, and regroup when they’re gone! I am pulling for anyone other than BR!


Final 4: Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Dani


Final 1: Dani!!

Aqua Bernie

YES get rid of BR they suck!


I am rooting for Brendon and Rachel but what disturbs me is the making out while other houseguests are in the same room. That is not cool with me. Tacky and just surprising. I just wish they would act with some class. No one wishes to see their sexual escapades. No get a clue please as this is the reason well one of them anyway fro your downfall in the game.


Tacky, yes. Surprising, not so much.


i agree! as crazy as they are, they would be so much more likeable if they just toned down the PDA and the baby names…aside from disgusting, it alienates people and shows a lack of respect…otherwise i don’t think they are THAT bad


Thats what J/J are doing….. but everyone is calling their relationship fake.


exactly. I am rooting for them. its just something about them. U know I can feel Rachels insecurities because she is always worrying if people like her or not. she needs to stop worrying about that and just play the dang game. I feel alot of people do not like her because there is a little bit of jealousy on others part as well. Rachel and brendon is always the scapegoat. once they are gone then it will be the same bashing of others. U know others feel they can do and say what they want but when Rachel and Brendon does it then it gets blown out of porportion. If they tone it down with the PDA and get their heads on straight they will go further. but again Dani is not winning this. that is 2 votes against her with Rachel and Brendon going to jury. Jj are not voting for her either. Dani will be runnerup again mark my words. she would have done better bringing one of brendon or rachel to the end to ensure her winning 5hundred thousand. Stupid move if she keeps Jeff in the game truly.

Ilyssa Liebz

Oh, and please no pictures of Adam, especially by himself. And especially no close ups. Why?

Are you trying to kill people? Or, are you trying to cut down on the traffic?

Why oh why was Adam ever casted? Zach at least was kinda cute. Howie was entertaining and as good of a game player as ya can get for someone of that personality. Adam makes Enzo look like a rock star.

Ilyssa Liebz

Hello, peeps? Do you all disagree or something? Adam. ew. “Fat, ugly, and stupid is no way to go through life, son….” except Adam ain’t even an Animal House dude


Jordon likes jeff for his bellybutton yuuck even tho his fit :d


I actually feel sorry for shelly. I would hate to have to sleep next to bendon and rachel. They are so grosss. Id rather sleep in the havenot room than sleep next to them. Can they not go without making out and all that for one week? . Its funny how Brendon always gets pissed when she changes in front cameras or shows to much of her body, but then he lets her jack him off under the covers. I know hes a guy and not many guys would turn that down but still.


I think that production encourages Brandon and Rachel to do this. If they didnt like it they would tell them in the DR to cut it out. Trust me it keeps their ratings up and people watching after dark. When they get called into that DR they are told ok keep it up, America loves seeing your love.


that’s her punishment for lying. she deserves to sleep next to them.


I am getting a bad feeling about Dani’s choices. I felt that she should have put up Jeff and Brendan, necause they can win comps, but instead she put up 2 lightweights, Adam and Shelly. Up until the POV comp, neither Adam nor Shelly had won anything (except free bacon). The only positive for Dani is that 2 votes from JJSA (plus BR at the time) were not in play.

If BR are not to be believed then Dani’s plans are pretty much for nothing right now. Odds are that no matter who goes up from JJABR against Shelly, Shelly is gone. That would leave it at JJBRA vs DKP. What are the odds of K or P winning HOH this week? Or anything for that matter? Kind of slim I think. Maybe a “miracle” will happen (yet again) and Dani wins POV and takes Kalueless off the block. Then JJBRA will have to eat one of their own…likely Bacon Boy (he will find out that pork is also a verb, haha). But Porsche would be gone. Then its JJBRA vs DK. Poor Dani.

If BR are to be believed, then Dani should put up Jeff. That way the JJSA alliance only has 2 votes to keep Jeff. DKP+BR vs Jordan+Adam vote-wise. Ergo, Jeff be gone. Sounds like a pesticide. Jeff-Be-Gone.

The only thing that I am fairly certain of, is that the certain and obvious (to me) plan of action is never taken. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dani puts up Porsche. No idea why she might do that, but it should not come as a surprise if she does.

Who knows what might happen if BB Production meddles some more. I think that ratings-wise, the plan is for JJBRD for the final 5.


i’m thinking that she wanted to backdoor Jeff is why she didn’t initially put him up


I think she plans to back door Jeff. For some reason Dani is afraid of him even though s
He has only won one POV.


Wow, Adam, win one comp and you’re suddenly one of the best players.


When’s the POV ceremony, btw?


I hope brenchel goes and Jordan or Jeff wins the show


The bit about Adam just gave me the WORST mental image. God bless his girlfriend, putting up with a long gross beard (not anymore though), mumbling annoying voice, fatness, a hairy back, and massive bush. Ew, ew, EW!


Good morning obb family.

Team Bacon

Hilourous about the Condom on. Adams Bed!! It would be funnier if it was stuck to Adams face when he woke up!!
Anyways….. Not sure if you caught this….. Very funny.

When Jeff bugs Jordan about how many covers she has on & he starts rustling around & says Ii need some lotion have you got that good lotion I like & Jord gets up to reach for the lotion & right as she says Jaeyeffff & starts giggling, everyone breaks out laughing & Jordan says everyone is going to think you are going to use it to……& Adam even knocks on the wall to say he has heard it all too!
Jeff squirts the lotion in his hand & rubs his hands together real loud like he is warming up to “go in & do some hand work”!!!
Everyone laughs & Adam knocks on the wall again & Jeff knocks back.


Wasnt it BB9 that was in the winter?


Yes, it was BB9. Only reason I remember this is because after the awesomeness that was BB8, I remember BB9 wearing very thin on me very quickly. I’m not sure if I felt the cast sucked or if it was too much BB in such a short span but I checked out by week 3.


I liked the “vibe” the house had last night. It looked like everyone was having fun and there was not a lot of back stabbing going on (well after Brenchel had the sit down with Dani). Hopefully when Brendumb or Jeff is gone the attitude will stay the way it was last night. Can’t wait to see what happens with Adam and the condom. hhahahaha


I cant believe this, I went on vacation and come back to Brendon in the house. He did not have the votes or percentage, Dominick or Cassi should be back in the house. This is stupid, get B&R off the TV they are stupid and they are ruining this how for good. I am not sure if I am going to continue this season it is dumber than dumb and I think it is rigged delux now with Brendon in there. No one like him at all, he could never have the votes to get back in.


hahahahaha jeff tells jordan to “stay on her side” and she says “you always push me away” HAHAHAHA
yep this about sums up their relationship

getting a stomach ache from touching a belly button is biologically impossible however psychological guilt over keeping a girl in a relationship when you’re so not attracted to her that you can’t even touch her – could manifest in a stomach ache..hmmmmm…jeff is the WORST


I disagree. I personally can not stand anyone to touch my belly button. I tense up so much I get a stomach ache. What goes on between 2 people in a relationship is not always what it appears to be to others. Just saying

Horrible Season

Im on team dani and actually hoping she makes a deal with BR. jeff has told numerous people he will nominate dani the first chance he gets. and I kinda believe BR will honor their deal because they’ve talked about with eachother by themselves in the hammock saying its their best bet

Ilyssa Liebz

I agree! Dani should move on to Jeff. Her only chance of winning.


why would she move to jeff? he has no sense of loyalty and he said he will not honor any deal with dani and put her up the first chance that she gets


So my question is… WTF, they have condoms in the house??? Are the condoms provided by production, or did HGs bring the condoms in the house themselves?


i am sure they are available if needed and provided by CBS…trust me, CBS does not want in any way to be blamed for an STD or an accidental pregnancy saying there was no way to secure condoms or other birth control bc they are locked in this house – even though it would technically not be their fault – in this litigous day and age someone’s lawyer could find a way to blame CBS and sue them for lots of money — providing condoms is CBS doing its due diligence, providing the means for safe sex (should it happen) and removing all potential for culpability in the case of a disaster


It would be funny though… someone gets prego the first week, and leaves the house to go home to her family 3 months prego haha


I was wondering the same thing! Also why do they have Benefiber?


It’s sort of nice that they all seem to get along. The calm before the storm. Muhahahahah!!!

Tekilla sunrise

Ok this is what I think is going on inside Dani’s mind :
– She sent Brendon packing and he came right back in the game she is now traumatized and doesnt want it to happen again.
– If she backdoors Jeff, he might get evicted but he will come right back in because of some twist that BB will come up with or because of America’s vote (she knows Jeff is pretty popular and would probably be America’s choice, if the same twist happens again…heck if Brendon was popular enough, Jeff definitely will be voted back in)
– She thinks that would turn Jeff and Jordan against her and as soon as they will be reunited they will come after her just like she thinks Brendon and Rachel are… That would explain why she said that she doesn’t want any more ennemies during her conversation with Brendon and Rachel, she was probably talking about the kind of ennemi that is send packing and comes right back in the game to bite you in the behind.

This means that :
She is serious about backdooring Brendon and NOT Jeff, because she thinks Brendon’s chance of coming back for the 4th time in the game are pretty slim even if there is another twist .
She will probably target less strong Houseguests for now because she was traumatized by Brendon’s return.
She might be thinking about letting somebody else get JJR out so she won’t have more strong ennemies coming for her. No blood on her hands.

Conclusion :
There is no surprise , Brendon is really going up!


You have NO idea in regards to what you’re talking about. They won’t bring ANYBODY back INCLUDING Jeff; so Dani isn’t stupid enough to worry about that. Maybe she needs to worry about a Coup De’ Jeff in a few weeks but that’s why she needs to get rid of him right now. Brendon and Rachel won’t vote to keep him and they are serious about their deal. Best move; backdoor Jeff. Then let B/R get rid of Shelly or Adam.

Ilyssa Liebz

Following in Kalia’s footsteps, I expect her to put up Porsche.

Tekilla sunrise

LOL @Shellyfish! I have no idea what I’m talking about? Dude calm down ok? I wish she would backdoor Jeff but something tells me she won’t because she still has the twist in her mind so maybe you should tell her that nobody’s coming back because clearly she has it on her mind, maybe not by the exact same procedure but she clearly thinks some twist is going to mess up her plan again.

If you listen to what she said during the nomination ceremony it will give you a clue as to where her mind is right now
she said to Brendon : ” 2 weeks ago I nominated u and u came right back in, so we are back to where we started from. I need to make sure that this week what I need to happen happens FOR GOOD.”
So if that does not tell you that she thinks somebody’s going to come back because of some twist then I don’t know what she meant by that.


I’m interested in the rationality of thinking that Dani is thinking Jeff will come back. They’ve never done a twist where they do a returning HG twice in one season (not even if one return was to play the game and one was for a 24 span like Rachel last season).

I know CBS likey Jeff but they wouldn’t be that transparent to make up some asinine twist to bring him back.


Jeff and Jordan are already against her. Big Time.


If Jeff goes up, the votes are there to get him out! Come on Dani don’t be stupid like usual.


Only if Brendon and Rachel are not lying to Dani. Don’t be surprised if the vote to keep Jeff. Also they will put Dani up as soon as they can. Dani has a better chance of moving on by getting rid of Brendon now and Jeff later. Brendon is a stronger competitor than Jeff.

Ilyssa Liebz

Dani says her goal is to no longer be called Dick’s daughter but instead Dani. So….she’s gonna make a so called power move. Except she doesn’t know that getting rid of Jeff is an actual power move. She thinks getting rid of Lawon is a power move.


she didn’t put up lawon, kalia in her stupidity did


There isn’t going to be another twist to bring one back. Double eviction is coming. Next week is what I’m thinking.


I think Rachel should go home. I like Shelly and Adam is my man. Dani has to realize she can get no where with J&J or R&B. One of those four have to go. Right now the power is in the hands of Adam and Kalia if Rachel or Brendon are on the block. It will split the votes and make it interesting. How can people truly take B&R seriously. They are jerks and dumber than dumb.


Considering danis gameplay this season and her desperate attempt to leave her dads shadow I wouldn’t be surprised if she puts Kalia and Porsche up on the block with Kalia and Dani in HoH screaming “they are freaking out, if this works it will blow them all away” 3 HOHs Dani has been blessed with and what has/will happened lawon went home and trading brendon for shelly. Really horrible gameplay. If dani gets to the final 2 and gets votes for making moves in the game I will just throw up on my tv.


If one of the nominees gets evicted doesn’t that person go to jury and not home. Isn’t there 7 jurors in the jury house.


jeff wanted the lotion to backdoor Jordon


Two things I found very interesting after watching BBAD:

1) LOVE that Brendon always said that if someone is says to him “I promise”, “I’m not lying”, “I’m telling the truth” then that means the person saying that to him is lying. However, when BR were in the HOH with Dani last night, he swore and promised (as did Rachel) countless number of times.

2) How ironic that BR were trying to convince Dani to backdoor Jeff….


Nobody is coming back!!! Shes worried about jury votes!!! If she votes Jeff out, she thinks she will lose Jordan Jeff and Shelly,s vote. She wants Kalia or Porsche to get HOH and vote out Jeff so she doesnt get blood on her hands. Rachel told her in past, she will not vote for floater regardless of who votes her out. She will vote for better player. Therefore it is better for Dani to vote out Brenchel than J/J

Rachel's shrink

Personally, I want to see Shelly “wig out” and it would be easy to get her to that point…just call her a liar – that seems to make her crazy.

Hope Dani makes the deal with BR, puts Jeff up, forces BR to vote Jeff out and solidifies the DKPBR team to knock out Adam, Shelly and Jordan.
The solution is easy – it’s just a matter of whether Dani trusts BR enough to do it…and she should, based on empirical evidence in BR refusing to backdoor Jeff, and it makes logical sense for BR to accept the deal because it puts them in a better position in the game…and it’s really Dani’s only option. It is either that, or make a deal with JJ, who have already have an alliance of 4 (JJSA) and have clearly indicated they are targeting Dani and Kalia.

It should be an easy decision…but we will see – Kalia put up Lawon, which was probably the stupidest move in this game and recent seasons…so you never know what will happen in this game.


I’m hoping Dani will trust B&R and that they really mean what they say. Start getting rid of J&J and their allies. Dani has tried to play a good game but some of her decisions have been off the mark, but at least she’s playing the freakin’ game, unlike everyone else. I think this year she will come out from under Evel Dick’s shadow. Go get ’em, Dani. Team up with B&R, Kalia probably won’t win another thing….that was a fluke.


so I watched the episode last night and at the end ShellHE was going off about Rachel’s lies. I’m not the biggest Rachel fan but I’m not really sure what Rachel lied about concerning ShellHe. I think ShellHe is just losing her mind?? What did she lie about when it comes to Shelly??


If I’m not mistaken it is Shelly doing all the lying in the house and as I recall she was the one playing both sides of the house. I think that Shelly really needs to go.


Since I’m rooting for Jeff, Jordan and/or Dani (weird combo I know, but those are the ones I like!)….I’m hoping she backdoors Brendon this week, and then JJ win HOH and get rid of Kalia. This will leave Dani without anyone reliable, so she’ll team up with either JJ or Rachel, more likely JJ, and finally get rid of Rachel, then Adam, Porsche, and lastly Shelly. Thus the final 3 is JJ & Dani, who battle it out for the final prize. THAT would be the most interesting and entertaining to watch and also mean that two good players and a lovable chick are the last ones standing, as opposed to useless idiots and/or obnoxious drama queens.


when are they going to have the ceremony????


Rockstar, regardless of the circumstances, I think that it would be in dani’s best interest to backdoor jeff. but, if her gut tell her something else, then that’s what she needs to go with. hopefully whatever decision she makes, i hope it works out for her and she wins

BB Fan 5

If Dani were smart she would get rid of Rachel now. Rachel, in my opinion, is the only one who can compete with Dani is an endurance HOH. Jeff is never going to win an endurance HOH and neither is Jordan. The opportunity will be there to get them both out in the future. If you leave both Rachel and Brendon in the game you run the risk of them two alternating HOHs. Even though I hate to admit it, Brendon and Rachel do have the ability to win HOH after HOH, as they are both good competitors. Jeff and Jordan have a much smaller chance of winning an HOH. I dont see Brendon and Rachel honoring their deal with Dani for more than a week. And watch what happens with Porsche if they do win HOH. She will be back on team BR in a second and then all Dani has is Kalia. I just think strategically is makes the most sense to get rid of Rachel or Brendon this week. Especially while she has the votes to do it!


Yuck. Too many disgusting images to have been planted in my mind. I do not want to see anybody’s nasty condom (prank or not), I don’t wanna know about anybody’s below the belt grooming habits either.

Adam and the camera talk is annoying. I think he must be getting that condition Shelly has too. He’s starting to be delusional. Does he actually think he’s going to be instrumental in getting Jeff,Dani,Kalia out the door and that he’ll be able to take on B/R? Crazy talk. Nicotine leaching into the brain maybe.