Big Brother 13 Backyard Interviews Part 1 **updated

Another Big Brother season over another set of Backyard interviews. This is just a few that are out there.. Being as I’m in Canada I cannot access the CBS youtubes I have to use my superpass account to watch them. SuperPass: Flashback and rewatch BB13 and BB12 Click here for your FREE 3 Day TRIAL: Big Brother Live Feeds Now is the time to start thinking about applying for the show and filling out the Big Brother 14 Application form.

Big BRother 13 Dick Donato Interviews

Rachel REilly – Big Brother 13

BB13 Rachel Talk by DreamersVids
Jeff and Jordan – Big Brother 13

Cassi Colvin – Big Brother 13

Rachel Reilly – Big Brother 13 Winner

Interview With Shelly Moore – Big Brother 13

Jordan Lloyd – Big Brother 13

Jeff Schroeder – Big Brother 13

Dominic Briones – Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Jury Votes

BB13 Jury deliberates by DreamersVids

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295 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Backyard Interviews Part 1 **updated

  1. The the first season I’ve watched, and it’s so true that theres a lot of crazy cat ladies that watch this show and they all love Jeff and Jordan.

    1. Oh, I just loved the Jeff and Jordan interviews. They are just the cutest couple together, and Jordan is truly the epitome of what a beautiful and wonderful and classy southern belle is. Love this couple and hope they stay together. After watching Jeff, it totally makes sense why America loves him. He is just such a real guy faults and all. Hate that the Rachel video is gone as would loved to of seen that one. Also, what a surprise Shelly is still lying even to herself.

          1. Actually let me correct myself….Crazy cat ladies aren’t the only one who are obsessed with Jeff and Jordan, their entire families are.

            1. i dont like the reporter woman, she continues to speak for all of canada saying they love JJ, lady not everyone in canada likes jeff and jordan their IS other fans, i dont remember ever getting a vote and im from canada, i hate JJ, it saddened me jeff won AF.

              i thought dick was really crappy in the finale, he didnt even back up his own daughter a bit, she didnt win you dont have to rub it in, no effin wonder daniele doesnt talk to you.

              CONGRATS RACHEL, hope you and brendon have a good wedding, i havent always been a huge fan, but you deserved it girl good job

                1. how can you hate someone you have never met?? freaky!!! btw I like Cassi too and don’t hate Jordan!

                  “Hate” that word is thrown around way too casually!

      1. Yep im a crazy cat lady and watch big brother and love Jeff / Jordan although im not crazy just love cats and rescue/rehabilitate ferals laughed when I sen your post :) Porsche should have kept Jordan not Rachel whether it have been AdamVSJordan or Porsche VS Jordan the Jury would have been more open to give the prize to someone who hasnt won and Jordan was on those 2 level with comps won they would have had better chance to win against her in the final HOH as well Adam was stupid not to do that as well….
        Rachel kicked ass and took names obvious she would win and deserved it P gave the money away. WHat yu think of Shelly I heard shes geting death threats while she is shady as sin why would people threaten I know of youtube wars where slaves of certain people threaten death ect but they are 15 and under im curious as to what age these threats are coming from? I do wan to say wtf you idiot to son to turn and Jordan/Jeff did get her that far in the game stupid lady and such a terrible liar she would lie than go to the D room and say she is not a liar nuts she is! or should I sayshe has nuts she does act walk like a dude LOL

      2. Jordan showed nothing but class when she finally didn’t get things handed to her, lost Jeff, and immediately cussed out Shelly and cried.

        That’s the real Jordan.

      3. What an insult to southern belles! Jordan is as dumb as a rock! Jeff called her his dumb cute button on national tv and he’s great too??? Wow, You are truly an idiot yourself with zero self-esteem!

      4. Just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth:

        I am a ‘Southern Belle’, born and raised… did the whole cotillion, debutante, cheerleading, charity events, etc., etc. thing throughout my life, have even had a mint julep or two in my day. And though I loved them their original season, Jeff and Jordan disappointed me in this one, and though I can also see how she’d be called a Southern Belle, I think she was much less of one this season than last. And actually, one could argue that a real Southern Belle wouldn’t go on a reality show of any kind.

        Secondly, I’m also a crazy cat lady, have a few of my own, plus foster others on a regular basis. And I was not on the JJ bandwagon this season… loved Jeff and his coup d’etat his season, actually liked watching him walk out the door this season. I was absolutely not a veterans fan this season, still feel with all my heart that Rachel was immensely helped into her win, and I would’ve loved to have seen just one newbie worth their salt this season. So, for the record, the crazy cat lady thing used here doesn’t necessarily apply to all of us crazy cat ladies.

        Anyway, I’ve gotten a kick out of both of these overused and often inaccurate labels I’ve seen so much of far more than been annoyed by them, just had to say so. I’d write more here, but I have to go and eat some more Butterfingers Snackers, whip up some lemonade for the Colonel, who’s arriving at the plantation shortly, and feed my 800 cats;)

    2. But that makes them qualify as fan favorites? I mean, before Jordan was evicted, people were rooting for her to win when she didn’t do anything this whole game! I hated this vet vs newbie thing. And I will never understand why people wanted a vet to win SO badly … I thought America loved underdogs? The same people who knew and claimed Rachel was the last in the vet alliance were quick to cheer for her to win. Hmm … JJ were not my favorite’s either! Jeff proved how much of a douche he really is last night … “I don’t dislike Danielle…well, I do dislike her.” And the cat ladies cheering. How funny, you douche.

      1. I think Rachel was the underdog this season. She was hated last season and targeted ALL the time this season too. She had to fight the hardest to hang in there until the end and in my opinion was the most changed player in the game for the better. She was able to pull herself together when everyone including me thought she had gone off the deep end. Don’t hate the player, hate the game and this game was well played by Rachel.

      2. I love a GOOD underdog. the problem is, these werent underdogs, they were basically dead dogs. there was nothing there….the newbies were pathetic as a whole.

      1. Dani really is delusional. She had to dumb herself down; no more like everyone else had to dumb themselves to even be in the same room with her. That girls is just useless. Also love Jeff and so happy he won Americas Favorite. Loved his interview!!!

          1. Really that is your comment?? wow! personally I am a dog person but wow! how long did you sit at your keyboard before you came up with that?? wow

            meow! lmao

        1. Guys I think, we should lay off Jeff and Jordan…next think you know our houses will be surrounded by hillbillies with pitchforks who want our heads.

        2. First so happy Rachel won. The way these people treated her and that she still survived shows she deserved to win. Dani said last night that she was on the vet side but did not like them so she switched to the newbies. Hey Dani, you won’t admit it but your a classic sign of control freak. You switched sides because you could not be the boss on the vet side (mostly due to your own father). Every comment that comes out of your mouth is vile and you’re a bad loser.

          Porche – does not deserve to win anything based on her benefiber incident (if someone did that to her she would really be PO), it’s wrong to spike anything. Also her comment about hitting Rachel in the stomach to cause a miscarriage (when they thought rachel was pregnant and they could not stop gossiping about rachel) was vile.

          Adam, I just read what you said about Rachel and how you lost respect for her because of her comment about she gave up just as much as you did to be there this summer. Excuse me, but you’re so full of yourself. She did give up alot, just like alll the house guests. You’re a sore loser, bad player and threatening porche to do what you want, is not game play it was mean. You also said you voted for Porche because you saw Shellys key. You were not voting what you said, you said the last person to win hoh you were going to vote for.

          So you’re the biggest loser of all. You came to three and got nothing. I loved when Jordan called you on switching sides, she said she saw it on your face and you were like a deer caught in headlites.

          Rachel, stay away from Porche and Adam they are not good enough for you. Jeff/Jordan are cute, and Shelly I forgive you for all the stuff you said about Rachel. Why? Because after leaving the house you became the nice person again everyone said you were. Glad to see you voted the game and not feelings.

          Rachel, also I liked who you turned out to be. I saw you change with Jordan there and protect her when you felt trouble was going to start. You never once promised something and went back on your promise.

          Brendan, take care of Rachel I know you love her, just don’t mess up again because she loves you.

            1. Rachel had no one left except for Jordon. Do you think Rachel would put up with loser Jordon tagging on to her and failing at every step on the Amazing Race? Hells no. Rachel would leave Jordon’s loser ass in a foreign country somewhere. Good riddance to bad rubbish

        3. I cannot believe how shallow and pitiful that dani and casi are. I mean, to just lay waste to Rachel is just said. I mean, they say she is such a bad person but they are the ones acting like bad people. Rachel is not half as bad as they try to make her out to be. Cassi and Dani need to look into a mirror. How bout checking you how the majority of viewers wanted RACHEL to win and it was mostly because of diva haters like Dani and Cassi.

          1. oh yeah rachel and jordan never said anything bad about anybody did they, did u watch the same show i did, if your’re gonna make comments about what somebody said about somebody else don’t make it one sided, rachel and jordan talked way more shit about people than anybody else did and it sounds to me just like rachel u and everybody else who didn’t like cassi r obviously jealous of her looks too.

            1. Lets be honest shall we? Yes, both Rachael and Jordan said things that were not nice, catty even! However, there is a difference between what they said and what Dani said. Dani’s was very personal and mean, don’t belive me go back and watch any episode with Dani in it. She was nasty, making very personal rude comments about Rachael. Rachael’s and Jordan’s were mainly game comments, although again some things they said were not necessary. I do agree with that and I do feel Rachael was jealous of Casi’s looks. But the majority of the truly terrible things said were done by Dani, Kalia , Porsche and Shelly. For the love of god, the comments they made about here when they thought she was pregnant were disgusting and showed their true character!

              Just saying!

            2. Can’t agree you more, especially disgusted when kept hearing Cassi saying R “not classy”, catty and herself got friends and family….What she should really do is some self-searching and reflection.

      2. There was no one in that house that any had jealousy of Porsche. Porsche had nothing going for her whatsoever but being an evil and vile human being. If anything, I think Jordan felt sorry for Porsche, but Porsche has nothing to be jealous of.

      3. Jordan jealous of Porche???? What the heck for????? Have you seen Porche????? She’s classless. Jordan has it all!!! She’s a real southern belle and all that goes with it.

        1. I never picked up that Jordan was jealous of Portia. I felt that Jordan did not like DANI. …and this was because Dani tried to backdoor Jeff.

          from that point, Jordan didn’t like anyone that was in alliance with Dani. that = Portia.

          Also, Jordan liked Dani up until they found out that she was going with the newbies and Jeff was her target.

          When a woman does not like another woman it is not always about jealousy.

          The vets felt entitled and anyone that went against that (them) was written on thier hit list to evict.
          This is why Dani was special….she went against the entitled group and started working with the underdogs (the newbies). Her only mistake was going after Jeff too soon….but at least she played the game.

      4. Absolutly she’s jealous. It shows in her petty comments. I think she caught Jeff looking at her one too many times at the beginning

        1. He was just amazed at how big that ass kept getting . Jordan was not ever jealous of Porkchop , she’s barely attactive and her personality sucks . I can’t wait till Rachel finds out about what she said about causing her to have a misscarriage. That girl is two faced and just plain mean.

      5. SOOOO Jealous! I caught Jeff starring at Porche’s ass during the showtime feeds many times. Jordan you’re just a hater because your “man” really did like Porche.

        1. wow somebody seems to be obsessed with porsche and her being in porn, u must be hoping and praying u can be there with her huh?

          1. How is saying that being obsessed? Maybe you should look up the definition of obsessed.Porsche is the one who said her and her roomie had 3 somes with older men for car rides,not me and speaking of obsessed….I believe your the one that every post your talking about Jordan in it…douche bag!!!!!!!

      6. I’m sorry since the very beginning Por was jealous over Jordan NOT the other way around…including Dani…Not an obsessed JJ fan but I had to comment cause I saw the girls be jealous, mean, rude girls from the get go!

    1. What a sore loser Dani is. She is freakin’ evil! Can’t blame her. She is the daughter of Evil Dick! She said Rachel played the game dirty but no one played the game dirtier than Evil Dick!
      I have said all along that Dani does NOT respect the game and it showed in her voting.

      Get that ugly face off of tv and never come back!

      1. do you all remember back in the beginning of the game the speeches danni gave about how much she respects and loves big brother and she would never vote on a personal level but on game play blah blah blah blah..she just contricted herself by voiting for one of the biggest floaters in the game..if she stood behind her words she would of voted for best ‘GAME PLAYER’ which we all know was Rachel hands down..adam was another hypocrite..claimed he was big brothers biggest fan and he would vote for who ever played the game the best..again he couldnt even get that right ffs..and him saying he would of won if he got to final 2..bullshit..who would of voted for the lame ass..2 biggest hypocrites of the game as dani and porsche..I have to give shelly kudos..she put her personal feelings to the side and in the end voted for the best game player !!!!

        1. Portia is the biggest floater in the house….are you serious?
          The girl did win when it counted and was the one that got Jeff out of the house. —-but if anything Adam was the biggest floater. You choose Portia as the biggest floater over Adam…and Shelly (who won NOTHING) wow…that is incredible.

          Portia slept a lot, but what else is there to do in the BB house? It is not like there were any cute guys in the house to flirt with…Dom was cute…but he left too soon….and Jeff was eye candy…but he was hooked to Jordan. A bunch of young women in a house with no attractive men to flirt with….yea…I would be sleep too.
          Plus all the females slept a lot in that house….whenever they got their monthly cycle….they were off sleeping somewhere…this is true.

          I was team Dani. I’m happy for Rachael. So not all of Dani’s fans are miserable that Rachael won. …but I’m going to take up for Dani always because I love her spunk. Dani was loyal to the alliance SHE chose….and not the one her daddy chose.
          If you based the game on comps alone….surely Rachael deserved to win over Portia….and yep, I think Jeff did have his eyes on Portia…but this is not why Jordan disliked Portia.
          People, Jeff and Jordan love each other as friends. If you called Jordan today and told her you saw Jeff kissing a woman…she would first try to figure out what you were talking about ….then say, “well long as he is happy…I’m happy for him” They put on this act for the public….but anyone who has been in love…knows they are just friends (friends that truly love each other). *For those people who have friends with the opposite sex…I’m mean true blue friendship (with people of the opposite sex that you love)…then you know that JJ are just friends. Very good life long friends. They will probably be in each others wedding and name each other as godparent for their children.

          1. Why does everyone assume they know the status of Jeff and Jordan’s relationship?? Cause they aren’t all lovey dovey all over eachother? Cause the way they talk at times i.e. Jeff’s name of “stupid” ( apparently that is an inside joke between them ) Cause they were’t making out and having sex under the sheets?

            Wow! If people judge my husband and myself on the way we acted out in public, you all might think we were barely friends at times lol .. I feel no need to put my affection on display. He knows I love him and I know he loves me… period!! (couldn’t help myself ) lol

            It’s not so much that I am all JJ but it bugs me that everyone has been judge and jury on their relationship and no one here knows them personally!! Please don’t say you can tell by actions or words because again I’d point out how I treat my husband in private is totally different then out in the public.

            Also, if you insist on going by actions. Then did you notice how Jeff was touching and caressing Jordan’s knee and leg on the results show? Friends don’t touch like that, it was a very intimate, warm touch. That kind of touch I am all too familar with. You can’t fake that, it was real. Just something to think about.

        2. yeah shelly wasn’t hypocritical at all was she, even though i distinctly remember her telling kalia and porsche that she would be pissed if rachel won any money and then she voted for her but that’s not her being a hypocrite though because she voted for who u wanted to win though right.

          1. I kinda thought that in Shelly’s interview she was trying to make herself sound smarter than she was in the actual game. She was still making up stories/lies. I guess she was just playing both sides of the interview like she was playing both sides of the house.

  2. I am in love with Cassi, she is a TRUE Southern bell unlike Jordon. I love Dani too!

    I as so glad Adam was out 3rd, and Rachel deserved it,(love her or hate her but she deserved it)!

    I am pist that america votred for Jeff!

    1. I’m not a Cassi fan at all. She creeps me out however I have to give her respect for thinking Rachel deserved the win even after Rachel was a little shit and had her evicted

      1. Rockstar, she creeped you out? How? She is pretty and in her interview she made some good points in describing Rachel. But, I find it funny that so many on here describe Jordon and even now Cassi as “southern belles”. Obviously, no one has looked up the definition of a southern belle. Neither is a “true” southern belle and since I have watched more of Jordon than Cassi, I can say that Jordon is not a true southern belle. She maybe a pretty young lady from the south but she is not the definition of a southern belle. And, that isn’t all bad either.

        1. Grandma – Maybe it was her camera edit and photos that made me idgy. On the finale she didn’t bother me and seemed much softer.

          1. Cassi was a little wide eyed when she first was on BB but I have also seen her on Evil Dick’s show on the computer. She seems to come across on there better and she is pretty funny, too. Anyway, she wasn’t on BB long enough to really tell how she would have been as a player of the game.

      2. You are wrong. Rachel did not have Cassie evicted. Rach was HOH and Dani wanted Cassie gone ecause Cassie and Dom were together all of the time. He would comb her hair and they were constantly touching.
        Dani wanted to break up that relationship so she talked the vets into getting rid of Cassie. Jordan was cxonflicted, she liked Cassie and did not want her to go.
        Dani wanted to rid the house of Cassie so she could have Dom to herself.

    2. I agree with you that Cassi is a true southern belle but so is Jordan. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.
      I despise Rachel and hope I never have to see her or Brendon again….but have to admit that she pulled herself up by her bra straps and played the game remarkably well.
      I love Dani and am sorry she didn’t wait a bit longer to make those big moves.
      Adam’s a dork….Dom is a nice guy who didn’t last long.
      I am upset, too, that Jeff won that money….He has never been my favorite….he’s an arrogant ass.
      With this I pack away all my thoughts about this season and sincerely hope that production chooses more aggressive players next season….The years of the sheep should be done now.

    3. I don’t dislike Jeff. I think he is quite funny…he had me cracking up…his comments. but I was not excited that he won the money.

      I feel the vote was not rigged. Jeff or Jordan were going to win. Since they both were on the Great Race….more people know them (internationally). They are more popular than anyone else on the show…so then you vote for who you know.

      Mind you, when they were on the Great Race….millions were rooting for them to win…even me. They are well known for sure. …but I still wanted a newbie to win the 25K…that was wishful thinking….the probabilty of that happening was not very high given JJ popularity around the world.

    4. Cassi is not a southern belle…she’s from Texas,not the south…southern belles are considered to be from the Carolinas,Georgia etc.

  3. Cassi’s the shit yo, just something about her besides her beauty that draws you to her & the fact she uses old school terms like ‘cant pull the wool over someones eyes’ or my favorite was ‘shenanegins’ is even more attractive. too bad wasnt able to stay in the house, but it is what it is…

  4. Cassi will never shut up about how RACHEL/brendan were her target from the jump. Why does she keep playing the dam victim. Here’s a thought Cass, next time join them instead of target them, and perhaps they won’t target you.

  5. Please don’t lump all of America in with people who love Jeff. It’s just not true!
    This house could not stand Jeff or Jordan. We were against the Vets vs Newbie theme.
    I know we were all surprised that Jeff got the money, considering what an ass he appears to be.

    1. I wasn’t surprised since I voted for him. I would have been surprised had Dani won since the majority of comments I read on the internet has people calling her “Dani the Tranny” and other horrible names (seriously people, let’s just all grow up with the name calling).

      I had also voted for Rachel but since she won the whole freakin’ show, I guess she doesn’t need that extra bit of money.

      1. you people are idiots obviously everyone from a country isn’t going to love jeff and jordan but the majority of canada and america do so they say everyone becaus about 90% does which is obvious or jeff wouldn’t have won americas favorite so the interviewers were talking on behalf of most the country just not including the guys and girls who are jealous of jeff and jordan and have nothing better to do but sit here and trash them constantly

        1. Nobody is Jealous of Jeff or Jordan for the last time. Why do you crazies all think that? Lol. No one ever calls JJ fans jealous when they talk shit about other players.

  6. How the hell could Jeff win America’s Vote ?.The man in vindictive, arguementative, and just does not know how to speak to women…………..As for Jordan saying that Porsche did nothing but walked around in a Bikini and cooked………she also won when she needed to……………at least she did not have anyone working their butts off to save her…………….Take a long hard look in the mirror Jordan before you make comments about others.


    2. everyone said things about each other…porsche actually tried to make jordan sick. this isnt strategy, its a sick disgusting way to get a leg up, and hurt someone in the process….Jordan isnt the brightest bulb, but jordan is a good person to the core. You see it with her not wanting to show PDA, you see it with the phone call to shelly, you see it with how she not only put up with rachel, but she taught her how to win in the final 3, how to keep her mouth shut. she then went to jury, and if I had to bet, told shelly if she wanted to redeem herself, vote for rachel.

    3. NO one is jealous of Porsche and it is evident that a lot of people are jealous. Porsche has nothing for any of those house guests to be jealous of. What a hateful, vile, disgusting person Porsche is. LOVED it when Shelly voted against her and did you see Porsche’s face just fall. LMAO!!!! I mean she tried to make others sick and then made the comment that because she was bored, and so desperate tow in win and knew she could never do it on her own merits she tried to buy Adam’s vote. She was just pathetic!! After her comments the bar she works at might not want her serving drinks to their customers in case she gets bored again. Porsche may lose whatever money she won because if the bar lets her come back to work there is bound to be a customer that saw this show and will say she contaminated one of their drinks also. STUPID MOVE and STUPID COMMENT especially for a person that is a waitress for a living. I mean I would not want her to serve me anything!!

      1. Aww, c’mon, you have to love her for getting rid of Jeff and Jordan. That double eviction episode was such a classic. And, it’s lucky for all of us that Jeff got to mold Rachel into a better person. No reason to hate. It’s a win for cat-ladies and normal folks, alike.

        1. Sorry, but vile evil despicable creatures like Porsche do not deserve credit for anything. That young woman is as evil as they come and have no respect for anyone that says she tried to make someone sick because she was BORED. She does not deserve to even have any type of job where she acknowledges that she tried to make someone sick out of boredom and then does not even have the decency to apologize when asked about it on National Television. I have a lot of respect for women and men that work in the food industry as it is a very hard job, but this young woman should lose her job because of that one comment that when she gets BORED nothing is too vile for her to do. NO RESPECT and NO CREDIT and hate that she was even in final two. Can actually see the bar having a lot of problems or any place that Porsche works for in the future because in this world someone is bound to accuse her of putting something in their drink or food that has watched this show and the accuser will have her past actions to back them up and potentially prove their case in a court of law. Both Shelly and Porsche should of thought a little more about what the cost may be for their actions while they were in the house, but it just proves that both are not the brightest tools in the shed as they both could face major job issues now that they are out of the house. I actually liked Adam a lot before his vote for Porsche last night just because she had bought his vote as was shown on the live feeds by promising to make it worth his while, and he is the one I wanted to sit in the final two chair with Rachel. ALL turned out as it should have in the end and as disgusting as Shelly was in the end she did what was right and voted for the one that played the game and deserved to win the $500,000!!!! CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL!!!

  7. I’m not a fan of Porscha at all but I could not understand why Jordon was jealous. I guess Jordon thought she was going to play the role of the ‘hot’ blonde because she worked out and didn’t eat the storage room this year but once she got a look at Porscha she lost her mind and had to slam her over and over for wearing a bikini.

    1. Rockstar, Jordan did not have to pretend she WAS the hot blonde; Porsche was not even lukewarm in the looks category. UGLY IS AS UGLY DOES and that is and will forever be PORSCHE.

    2. Jordan is probably growing weary of Jeff and his inability to be a “One Woman Man.”
      She must worry about it a great deal with her non-stop hair pulling.

    3. Could people go to the BB website and watch the episodes again.
      Jordan was not jealous of Portia.

      She stopped liking Portia when Portia went to Dani’s side.

      That is it!!!

      Every time one pretty woman dislikes another pretty woman…it is not always about jealousy.
      Jordan disliked ANYONE who went against Jeff. If Portia looked like a 300lb bamboon….Jordan was not going to like her because she went to Dani’s side
      …and Jeff & Dani don’t like each other… then, Jordan was not going to like anyone with Dani.

      No jealousy involved at all.

      1. However, frequently when women are dislike for their behaviour, they clamied it’s jealousy. Cassi is an example. Never did Rachel or most guys do that. Seriously, who cares how you look?

  8. The Newbies got HOSED-PERIOD!
    Adam was a pathetic jerkoff.
    Racheal is the poster child for BiPolar Disorder and Ignorance-Hope she has fun wasting money and thinking she’s an D-List Celerbrity bet she begs CBS for a show.
    I hope CBS next year pick new people who want to learn and play the game-I’m tired of the CBS Ratings Game-BS

  9. Jordon wins for showing her boobs on Big Brother the most times. Where are the tittie Dani pics? How many have anyone actually seen? So, how is Dani the skank and Jordon the saint? Jordon even beats out Rachel and poor Rachel has huge boobies so of course they will fall out, Jordon just showed us hers. You can pretty Jordon up and tell her what to do but in the end a ho is a ho and she got paid.

    1. Rockstar I agree with you a thousand percent, as I bet a ton of us intelligent people do… but I’ve realized there is no use battling the angry internet JJ fan they will just keep spewing ignorant thought after Dani name calling after ignorant thought over and over and over……………
      Every time someone brings up a valid point, they come back with another slanderous thing about Dani and think they’ve argued their point well. SMH. I gave up

        1. The only one that is jealous is Jordan. No one talks about someone so much that they hate so much. Constantly talking about Dani and Porsche shows her insecurities.

      1. No one fan in particular although will say am glad Rachael was the one to win instead of the other two.

        That being said, be honest, Dani is her own worst enemy! Even my 17 yr old daughter was apalled at how immature Dani, Kalia and Porsche were when they would constantly slam Rachael!

        It sicken me to hear Dani and the others talk about Rachael when they thought she may be pregnant. Who does that? That’s the behaviour you’d expect from school yard kids not women in their twenties! Also, as Dani is casting her vote, she makes that comment to Rachael about “personality contest”! My daughter said it best,
        “what a bratty sore loser” “having another hissy fit”.

        This isn’t slanderous towards Dani. It could only be slanderous if none of those things happened, which we all know they did. Go check out the many episodes where the three of them are at their school yard bratty best!

        1. Opportunity lost, maggs. You could have pointed out that both sides may be in the wrong. Empowering yourself and others with positive words, may be the better way.

    2. See what you missed, Rockstar. It doesn’t matter that Jeff calls Jordan ‘stupid’ as a term of enderment. It doesn’t matter that he’s an arrogant bully. It doesn’t matter that Jordan calls out people for doing nothing, when she herself did less. What Jeff and Jordan say is the only truth. Whoever aligns with Jeff and Jordan is good, everyone else is evil. They wear bracelets that say WWJJD. The worship is scary.

      1. Maci – why would I be jealous? If I were a houseguest you would see my vagina on a daily basis and I would appreciate everyone either loving me or hating me but in the end when I walked away as winner or with some type of endorsement deal, it would be all good. The problem why us Jordon haters cannot stand the bitch is because she is so fake. Jordon is more fake then Rachel. Jordon pretends to be so sweet and had such great game play when all she did was bully people and ride Rachel’s coattails. Why would I be jealous of that? I would be ashamed of my soul if I was Jordon.

  10. Prediction – In 2 months we will learn that Rachel has dumped Brandon. Sharing 500K with your fiance/husband?. She is too selfish & self centerd to share.

    1. oh i don’t think so at all.
      I think she is unhealthily obsessed with Brendon, and willing to do anything to keep him around. My prediction is that they will have a nice next few years, semi-rich and able to suffocate each other…and because of the excitement of wedding, etc… then they will have a baby… which will stir up Rachels’s psycho-ness again, the money will start running out… Brendon will feel trapped and unhappy and will venture off to cheat…. There will be a whole dramatic sad ending to the entire dysfunctional relationship that America already saw was a trainwreck from the beginning.
      But that’s just my opinion :)

    2. I am sorry but the show is over. Rachel won and I am glad that the right person won . Robsmom why get personal and think of bad things about a person that you hardly know. Get a life, show is over.

  11. I can’t wait for the ADAM interview…..He’s in for such a rude awakening when he finds out how there were articles in magazines saying Adam was the worst BB player in HISTORY…. He thought he would have won?????/ Julie thought he was joking at first when he said that…….I also can’t wait for Adam’s explaination as to why he voted porche (I know he was bribed or they had a mutual deal that included $$$$$ but I wanna see if he admits it…… If shelly didn’t vote Rachel, then Porche would’ve won and it would’ve been a horrible injustice to the game…… The voting shouldn’t have been sooooo close… I gave Porche credit for winning when she had to but Rachel had a much harder road getting to the final and she had way more influence + results in the game….. The best player won out of who was left…. Jeff or Danielle should’ve won , although I’m not a Danielle fan at all…

  12. stop blaming America for the JJ vote. Its not their fault. Realize, FEW watch the feeds in terms of percentage of those who vote, FEW read spoilers….if ANYTHING, it would be on CBS for the EDIT. America is FED the perfect version of JJ, for those who ONLY watch the BB on CBS, I totally completely understand jeff as fan fav.

    and if dani was your pick, after he display of childishness, she earned nothing more than the scorn of most of the cast, and julie

    1. Best line of the night, belonged to Dani. Hated to see her go, but she is still the only one from this season that I wouldn’t vomit over if I saw them in All Stars. I really thought Jordan’s question was unoriginal, and showed how petty she really is.

      1. Yes just loved her question saying some people in the house think all you did was blah, blah, blah…No Jordan you are the one who thought that and said it over and over. We get it. Get a new line and not “We are all going to be picked off one by one.”. Cant stand the girl. Shes so fake!

  13. The season is over. Rachel won. All of you just need to get over yourselves. It’s like this every year. All the sore losers come out of the closet, come to this site, and gripe. The polls everywhere showed Jeff winning the popular vote, so if you are against him, you are in the minority. I think if a person with a huge target on their backs can make it 3 months, through all those evictions, win often, keep working out, and get 4 out of 7 votes, that they must have done something RIGHT. So, go get on BB yourselves and see if you can do better. I know I could not, so I do not even try, but so many of you write like you are all that and a bag of chips. Get on BB14, show me what you got, and I will be YOUR biggest fan. Until then, get over it! RACHEL goes down in history as BB13 winner! Woot! Cya next year!

      1. No. Intelligent people are in the minority. Good looking people are in the minority. People with good personalities are in the minority. Etc. Hey, I like Jeff and Jordan, but a lot of their fans are deranged, and there’s a lot of em. Ever visited the ‘America hates Shelly page’ – JJ fans are not as sweet as Jordan, thats for sure.

  14. I don’t understand how in the minds of the JJBR fans voting for Porsche means being bitter, a sore loser, tacky, voting personal and all of that nonsense that hey been psreading all over this site.

    Why is voting for anyone but Rachel a sin?

    Porsche came into the game ALONE with nobody to count on, nobody had her back 24/7. Rachel entered the game with a significant other who she could count on for love, moral support and for vote at all times no matter what.

    Porsche had never played the game before Rachel had.

    After Porsche got rejected by Rachel and the veterans she had to rethink her game and join a new alliance which she stuck with the entire game and she made it to the finale dispite the fact that her alliance was the outnumbered underdogs.
    Why would it be any less valuable than Rachel having to rethink her game after Brendon got evicted?

    Porsche managed to evict two veterans Jeff and Jordan, why can’t it be considered big moves?

    Porsche got the golden key to protect her from being evicted
    What did Rachel haveto protect her?:
    – Rachel had Brendon’s POV gift
    – Rachel had Jeff and Jordan’s support after Brendon got evicted
    – Rachel had Shelly’s sharp tongue ( Shelly talked Kalia into evicting somebody else )
    – Rachel had BB prod’s duo twist.

    Considering all these facts why would any houseguest who voted for Porsche be called bitter, sore loser, tacky, taking the game too personal and all that nonsense that the JJBR fans have been spreading?
    Why can’t it be that the houseguests considered these facts?
    Every jury member has the right to choose the type of things that they want rewarded.

    Just like there is no proof that JJBS voted for Rachel solely based on her game play, There is no proof that KDA vote solely based on bitterness.

    It’s a game, just like it can be played in different ways it can also be analyzed through different angles.
    I know it’s hard for the JJBR fans to see the game from any other angle than the JJBR’s angle but it’s not impossible, and it’s not wrong, it is just DIFFERENT.

    The world is full of different point of views, but to see that you have to be able to keep an open mind.

    1. 90% of America voted that Rachel should’ve won (which she did)
      but Rachel got a little over 50% of juror votes 4-3
      -it shouldn’t have been that close….
      – it will come out that porche brided adam for his vote (i’m not sure if this is considered cheating or if it’s gameplay that was allowed)
      – it sounded like Khalia was going to vote Rachel when she first came into the House (I wonder what happened there?????)
      – I don’t know why the jurors were not allowed to view the 3 part HOH…. I think Rachel would’ve got atleast 1 or 2 more votes…it’s the biggest HOH in the game and it showed Rachel’s dominance especially in the final when Porche had ZERO answers…It showed how much she really talked with houseguests….I’ll admit that it was tough and could go either way but on a 50-50 chance and Porche came up with ZERO…. I believe this may have possibly swayed danielle’s vote and in turn Khalia’s vote….. Adams vote was already bought & paid for (which I’m not sure I agree with)

      1. Your argument is that Rachel didn’t get enough votes from the jury? What makes you care about something like that? She won. What’s the difference? Porsche played a great game. She fought an uphill battle, just like Rachel did. She just didn’t have to alienate everyone to do so. The uphill battle was handed to Porsche, not earned, like Rachel’s was.

        1. If you READ I said that the jurors should’ve been allowed to view the final 3 part HOH….. The results could have swayed Danielle & Khalia’s vote (the jurors see the other HOH’s when houseguests are evicted so I don’t see why they don’t see the final most important HOH)
          Rachel had a bigger hill to climb than porche
          I gave porche credit for coming through when she needed it but compare to Rachel it was too little too late
          Even Adam was saying he would vote for whoever won the final HOH
          Adam also said he wanted to battle it out with a vet in the end
          Adan then changed his tune saying he wanted a new person to win (his exact words) and Rachel didn’t win before
          I just think jurors should be able to see thhe final 3 part HOH…. We are talking about $500k and viewing the final HOH could potentially mean votes going one way or another…….
          In my opinion, I didn’t think the final voting should’ve been that close (although the right person won out of the 3 that were left)

          1. Adam saw the final HOH, and it was announced that Rachel won. The final HOH doesn’t decide who wins the $500,000, it’s decided on overall gameplay. Some jurors felt that her social game was sub-par. I don’t care who won, but I can see their point of view. 4-3 is a fair vote. And, don’t worry, those votes are revealed to production ahead of time. Rachel was going to win, regardless.

            1. Obvious Adam saw the final HOH but I’m saying the other jurors didn’t see yhe final HOH…. Why should Adam see it and all the other jurors don’t see it… Especially when the other jurors watched every other HOH…I know the final HOH doesn’t determine the winner but it could bring someone closer to winning if the jurors had a chance to see it……..I would feel the same way if porche or adam won the 3 part HOH…. I just don’t know why they don’t get to see it

              1. Fair point, but I don’t think there’s enough time in the show to watch the 3 part HOH. Julie mentioned to the houseguests who won it when Adam was evicted, anyways so the jurors were aware.

          2. Adam’s vote wasn’t bought. Porche knew she wasn’t going to take him if he won and she was trying to make him feel a bit better about coming out of the whole thing without winning anything. Besides if you actually watched the relationship between Porche and Adam they had a very sarcastic friendship so she could have just been kidding (like honestly what do you say to someone who is your friend when they tell you that they just want enough money to propose to their girlfriend?)

            As for Adam’s vote he told Dick that he saw that Shelly had voted for Aachel (since she fumbled with her key) and decided to throw Porche a sympathy vote since he already knew that Rachel had won.

            Also keep in mind that Dani and Kalia were friends with Porche and its not like Porche didn’t play a good game. Everyone had their own opinions on what constituted good game play and both Kalia and Dani are entitled to their opinions. To be honest I think if it was Rachel and Adam in the final 2 Rachel would have won in a landslide since I am pretty sure Kalia and Dani would have preferred her to win over him. But we will never know :p

      2. The questions where kind of odd…Rachel even got the one wrong about Brendon! You can’t say she didn’t spend enough time talking to him…

    2. Thank you for pointing all of this out. I could not have said it better. I’d like to add that Rachel had the numbers on her side throughtout most of the game. And it should be noted that the vote was 4-3, and one of the votes came from Rachel’s fiancee.

      Porsche deserves credit for her gameplay. She may have slept and ate a lot, but just because she didn’t play the “Veteran’s game” like Adam and talk a whole bunch of game with the vets doesn’t mean she didn’t play Big Brother. She was instrumental in sending two veterans out the door and was the last newbie standing. She had to overcome a lot to get to the final 2, including Production’s flagrant manipulation of the game. Like her or not, you gotta give her her props.

    3. I couldn’t have said it any better “Only Ratings Matter Huh?” It is VERY clear that many people think if you are not for Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan then you are automatically wrong! I am POSITIVE most people hated Rachel when this season started, then everyone jump on board to cheer for her. Well I never liked her, and never will, on the game at least. People have trouble separating the game and real life too. These people were playing for $500,000! They did what they thought they should do. Sure some of them messed, but they did what they wanted to. Jordan was a big floater, but so many people just love her. She was a sweet girl, but not the best player this season. Also people dissing on Porsche’s game play, hey it got her to the final two and won her $50,000, something she did was right. People say Dani and Kalia shouldn’t have voted personal, but I have a feeling that if Rachel didn’t do so well Brendon and Jeff and Jordan would have STILL voted for her. Plus Adam clearly said that whoever won final HOH and if they didn’t take him to the final 2, they lost his vote. I wish people would stop acting like EVERYONE has to love Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan…. because not all of us do!

      1. I just want to clarify………

        – Porche’s gameplay didn’t get her to the final 2 and her gameplay didn’t earn her $50k (not taking away from porche’s efforts)
        – Rachel’s gameplay earned her the right to choose who came second & third place…. Rachel’s decision gave porche $50k when she could’ve taken the easy road and murdered adam in finals + hand him $50k

      2. Adam also said he would vote for whoever won the final HOH
        He wasn’t serious when he said he wouldn’t vote for someone if they didn’t take him to final 2…… Rachel would’ve been smart to take Adam to the final since she would’ve won 7-0 most likely….
        Adam preached all this crap about earning it and then he got sour/bitter when he didn’t earn it but still wanted to be in the finals (which he thought he would’ve won???)
        Adam said he wanted to battle it out with a vet in the finals… Then he said he wanted someone new to win????/
        Adam also said he voted for porche when he noticed Shelly was voting Rachel after she fumbled her vote key?????
        Adam said he voted for porche and lost respect for Rachel because Adam felt he gave up more to come on the show than the vets????? (the vets don’t have lives outside of the house in Adams Delusional GROUPIE FAN head)
        Adam’s stock fell big time in the last hours & he really made a fool of himself… Adam’s a STUPIDFACE
        (Rachel said she was shocked Adam didn’t vote for her)

    4. Loved your post. This really sums it up.
      I feel people should go back and look at the episodes. I think they are still posted on the BB website.

  15. I`ve realized something. Cassi said she was rooting for Rachel, when they had their little fight. But, why wasn`t Cassi trying to make friends with her when she first met her in person?! A person can’t piss you off in the first few seconds, and the look she gave Rachel as she walked into the house was contrary to what she said “I was rooting for you all summer”. I think she just said that, so that, people side with her passive aggressive attitude. Cassi is a manipulator, in life, not only in the game.

    1. I didn’t like Rachel at first, either. She won a lot of people over. Say what you want about Rachel being crazy, but the girl is a fierce competitor. Cassi is big enough to look past her differences with Rachel and give credit where credit is due. If only more people were so fair-minded.

      1. Agree with you there, I wanted Porsche to win but when Rachel won the Final HOH I knew right then and there she HAD to win over Porsche. I f Porsche had won the final HOH I would have wanted her to win it all too. But after winning all the HOH parts she got to compete in, Rachel deserved the half mill.

  16. This season would have soooo much better with Evil Dick (my Main Man)….. That threw production a major curve ball right off the bat…. I believe most of the vets would’ve made it to the end and all floaters would be taken out….. When Dick left the show, it killed the season but he would’ve had to leave regardless because of his emergency surgery 2 weeks after he left…….. Dick was the Glue that kept everything together or the pistons that made the enginge run…. Get well & be well Dick

  17. someone thinks I’m intelligent? say whaaa? -faints thank you, thank you very much. wanna cookie? I hardly gave any out this year.

    1. there’s more interviews on CBS’ website.. I’m in canada so I cannot view them. I’ll try to find some more tonight and add them to interviews part 2

          1. Why did my messages start getting filtered??? did I do something wrong???? If so please let me know so I can avoid future problems….. As it stands my posts still don’t pop up after I submit……thx Simon

            1. All posts are approved by simon or dawg. This doesn’t mean we read them all it just means we skim them for key phrases. I also have a automated system that clears out messages that have certain keywords in them. The filter system is also set up to detect IP addresses that are a) new to the site b) have posted over X number of times on a single post. These messages are flagged suspicious and need to be reviewed by me. I’m not on the ste 24/7 anymore so during the late house comments might site in limbo for a bit.

              During the show OBB gets a lot of spam from other BB sites, penis enlargement, viagra, etc etc I need to stay on top of this since it harms my site.

  18. Rachel: Deserved to win. Good job, Big Red!

    Porsche: Behaved like she was missing a chromosome. She was a quiet HG, with a dry sense of humor. The benefiber incident wasn’t cool; she should have been booted off the show.

    Adam: If you want to know the meaning of a “delusional douchebag”, look no further than Adam Poch “Spice”. America’s favorite, All-Stars…WTF! Sometimes, I think he’s smoking something else besides cigarettes.

    Jordan: She’s a sweet girl. Too bad she couldn’t fight her way out of toilette paper. Next to Shelly, she might have been the weakest competitor during HOH and POV competitions.

    Kalia: I can write a whole page on her, but it would only torture me. I will say, “Contrary to what she said last night, she IS Daniele’s slave. “

    Shelly: She was the ONLY HG who played with integrity. Her loyalty to her teammates ….okay, I’m lying! At least I can admit it.

    Jeff: I have a problem with people referring to themselves in the 3rd person. For one, I can’t take them seriously that’s why I find it ironic a “clown shoe” sealed Jeff’s fate. I don’t take Clowns seriously, either.

    Daniele: Beotch, biotch, biatch…only word I can think of without some bitches flagging me (oops).

    Brendon: Underrated player. Sacrificed himself to save his fiancé. He knew Rachel had the game to go farther than him. Also, Rachel acted demented when he was around. Good call, Bookie!

    Lawon: Worst game play EVER! There’s absolutely no logic in what he did. The only thing I can think of is maybe Shelly fed him a lie.

    Dominic: He could have been a competitor. Daniele liking him hurt his chances.

    Cassi: For the little time she spent at the house she sure was easy on the eyes. Her beauty worked against her. Daniele felt threatened by her looks.

    Keith: Only HG I have no opinion on.

    Evil Dick: Unless you’re a rock star, men in their late 40’s shouldn’t be sporting purplish hair with funky colored nail polish. Wish he could have played. He surely would have made BB13 a lot more interesting.

    1. Loved your comments winston. I not a huge Rachel fan. My favorite Rachel moment was when she was calling Kalia out for crying and all I could think of was here hiding in the bush crying after she had lost an earlier competition. With that said I think Rachel deserved the win and I believe she is one of the best players of all time. I sure would not want to spend time with her but she has a lot of game.

      Porsche made a good point about how she didn’t win as much stuff because her Golden Veto kept her out of several competitions but I think she should of been thrown out of the house for the Benefiber incident. She is a stronger player than people are giving her credit for. Pandora’s Box killed her game.

      I thought Adam was pretty funny be he is not nearly as good of a player as he thinks he is. I feel sorry for that duck that Tori kissed. You know Adam is going to tear that up.

      Jordan was not a great competitor but her social game was great and I love how she appreciated what Rachel did to keep her in the game. She helped Rachel to calm her game and I loved when she took the reins to go up to the HOH room when Porsche and Kalia were in charge and say we are willing to work with you if you want and if not that is fine. I also think she is the one who got Shelly to vote for Rachel. If Jeff is smart he will take Jordan off the market. She is pretty inside and out and her parents should proud of her.

      Dani your comment to Rachel said a lot more about you than Rachel.

      Kalia kind of screwed herself. Her nominating Lawon instead of one of the vets was her downfall. She talked about big moves but after Jeff ripped her she chickened out. She said she would jump and grow wings on the way down but wasting her HOH week meant she jumped and went splat.

      Lawon it is hard to believe that Porsche’s greed on opening Pandora’s Box was not the dumbest thing to happen this year. So much for the “Super Power”.

      I have to give Shelly credit for being a big enough person to vote for Rachel after the things she had said about her.

      I wish we could of seen more of Cassi. I think the other girls were jealous of her looks.

      Over all I thought this was a very fun season to watch. Congrats Rachel!

      1. What Dani said to Rachel was far more civilized than what that skank deserved. Rachel’s parting message to Dani was vile & foul mouthed. It was disgusting. Dani had the right to say a good many things.

          1. Bitter? I guess Ms. Delusional has comma knockin. I would never allow anything as insignificant as the Big Brother game to cause me any angst.

            Brendon himself compared his lovely skank’s social skills to a ‘rhinoceros in a china shop.’ Granted he screwed up the proverb, but the essence is there. Skankel deserved what Dani gave and whole lot more. I don’t fault Skankel for winning when she needed to. and at the end one vote was enough. I just would have liked to have seen it go to Porsche who got out two of the biggest threats in the game, J & J.

            1. Wow, you’re a b!tch. You’re talking about Rachel being vile, but you’re on your computer trashing someone you’ve never even met. Dani talked about Rachel all the time, and I’ll bet that her goodbye message would be way worse. And Jordan, one of the biggest threats? Are you delusional?

              1. That time of the month, Ellie, or are you always so nasty? I thought this poster made valid and reasonable points. Jordan won her season, Ellie, and made it to the final four – that makes her a threat.

                1. Scoreboard

                  Rachel $500,000.00

                  Dani Zero

                  Rachel should of given Dani a towel to dry off since she pissed all over her this season. Enjoy your time on the coach talking to a man wearing a hand puppet.

    2. Agree 100% but wanted to add something in about Dani. Dani said last night that she switched to the newbies side because she really did not like the people she was working with – vets. Only reason Dani switched sides is because she has to be the boss and she knew she could not boss around the vets, but she could boss/control her minons – Porche and Kalia. These two even said they are doing it because that’s what Dani would have wanted us to do.

      Dani fits a pattern of people who need to control people, and that is the only reason she switched sides in the beginning. She also has a vile mouth and didn’t you love how porche and kalia both used her Shockerrrr all the time. Good little students they are.

      1. DaniPorcheandAdamlosers …I agree with your post 200% and really…no matter how much Kalia said she is no one’s slave…everyone can see she is Dani’s puppet…for sure !!!! Adam is so scummy…..after promising to vote for the 3rd winner…he voted out of spite …he’s so full of himself !
        can’t wait for BB14 !!!

      2. So then are you saying Dani is a leader?

        Again, I must say….look at the episodes again.

        Dani went to the Newbie side because Dom recruited her. Dani was not even thinking about the newbies until Dom said, “psst, hey you” so to speak.

        After the newbies realized they were fried and scrwed after Keith was evicted….Dom told Cassie that he was going to try to recruit Dani to their side. Dom did this by flirting with Dani and pretending he liked her….he did like her…but not romantically. Dani went for the bait…and realized how siding with Dom & Cassi could help her game. …that’s when she went into this too strong of a mode to evict Jeff…her dad was right…she tried to move to quick too fast…but I still like Dani. …at least she was not a floater…and there was also a big target on Dani’s head…this is WHY she was evicted…the vets wanted her out because they knew she was a strong competitor.

        Why did Dani have to side with the vets?
        Dick chose the vets, & why did that have to be the right chose? and why did Dani have to follow it?

        Dick should have waited (like Dani said)….scoped the house guests out….THEN chose an alliance….and the perfect alliance could have been Dick, Dani, Cassi, Dom, and Keith (we can throw Lawon, Kalia, & Port in for votes sake);…this team would have run circles around JJBR. ….but Dick came in with this plan (at first glance) to work with BRJJ …why was that the right choice?

        The thing is Dick and Dani both know the game. ….but they are both head strong….this is why they don’t get alone….and this is why Jeff and Dani don’t get alone…because in many ways they are much alike.
        Best to you Dani. You played well…at least you played & made moves.

    3. huh rachel called dani the b word during the dani exit video. not saying both were correct but at least dani wasn’t as blunt as rachel and for dani being threaten by cassi look (won’t say she was or wasn’t) but it was over dom. rachel was threaten by cassi look. hey brendon you think cassi got a nose job…..did cassi get botox… brendon reply at her age you don’t need botox yet. rachel=sadface at cassi’s look. come on rachel needed brendon to reassure her on cassi’s physical looks were paid for. with that said congrats to rachel. personally for me i think the only people that deserve to win it this year was dani, rachel, or jeff.

      1. But still Dani talked about Rachel all the time. And I know how everyone says she was jealous of Cassi, but they got along when Rachel was HOH, it was Dani’s idea to get her out, anyways.

  19. That’s it, I’m just flat out in love with Cassi. She is so amazing. She’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in real life but at the same time she’s so cool and down to Earth and classy. It’s easy for a girl who looks like her to just coast by on her looks but she has a brain and I really respect that.

  20. OK so i am not a fan of essays, and rarely bother reading them but here goes. Right from the first show I found this bunch of HGs to be incredibly flawed people. Right to the last moment last night I had not changed my mind nor did I ever have a favourite. Each had glaring weaknesses and some redeeming qualities, but no one stood out in a positive light. In other words, I never became emotionally invested in the season. But now that the dust has settled, I went back and reread a lot of posts that seemed so negative and personal in attacks against HGs and posters. And there it was – emotion! Not a lot about who was making great moves, or who had a great plan to move along. Now I get it. This board became just as polarized amongst ourselves as the HGs were amongst each other. Dispite all the back and forth of slams and insults, everyone held firm to their positions. The animosity shown last night on the finale was stunning. Get over it, the game is over, you lost, vote the game, and move on. But they came across as being stuck with the past and emotions remained raw. Obviously not everyone here was negative and that was great and there were plenty of funny moments too. But at least now I get it when I look at the big picture. Hopefully CBS will present us with a better cast so that we can refocus. Thanx Simon and Dawg once again. You both were awesome!! I’m ready – insult me.

    1. hmm Kathie wants us to insult her? I think a kick in the arse would suffice but nah, even though we hardly ever agree I still luv yah like a chocolate covered peanut and I loves me some chocolate covered peanuts. haha

        1. kathie – in the interest of my cyber love for you, it is probably in my best interests to stay away. I have been livid having to watch JJ and then their fans, well, I thought it would be safer to stay away. Plus I did not want simon to ban me. baby don’t like being in a corner.

            1. Simon I don’t remember you having to step in so often this year and try to redirect comments to get some people to cool off as compared to previous years. The board just seemed more like a mirror image of the HGs and their behaviours. But sanity prevails … or at least I hope it does : )

          1. Rockstar – I had no favourites at all this year so you could have just let it rip!!! You were missed. BTW what do I look for on NTV to see you in all your glory??

            1. kathie – I’ll repost because I’m waiting to find out more info. I know it’s happening but I’m not sure if it will air the same day it is filmed or two days later. It’s the Nl Craft Council showcasing favorite artists so I’m not sure what they want from me because I do so much so it could be anything from my jewelry line to my photography to a few other things I can’t post right now because well I have stalkers. hahaha

  21. Online poll shows 88.6% of voters believe the Jurors made the right call voting Rachel as BB winner 11.4% felt otherwise……It seems 90% of people in this world are logical, level headed and fair while the other 10% are lost in space

  22. Hey Captainwedgiearchnemesis,

    One of your posts you keep posting is packed with Big Brother stats I would like your permission to add it to is own page that way you can just add the link in your comment posts and not have to paste it into the discussions. Also this will give people a central location to discuss your findings.

    let me know if you’re OK with this.

    PS where is GUY? he was the biggest rachel fan even from BB12 he should be all over her winning.. GUY come out of hiding and celebrate!!

    1. Simon, sure no problem. But there is a problem. I don’t have a site. So, if you want. Either have someone who know the BB stats same as mine, go right a head. Beside, it would be hard for me to created my own site w/BB Stats.

      1. All I was thinking was posting some of your stats that you place in comments in a “page” that is part of this site. this way people can view them and comment on them.. Whenever you want to make changes to them you can just add them to the comments and i’ll update your post..

        I’ll rig it all up this weekend and you can tell me what you think. you won’t need to do anything differently than you already are…

  23. Out of everyone I still HATE Shelly!!!! Hate her hate her hate her…..

    Hate her “Game” hate her personality – hate her backstabbing.

    Mostly I hate that she got rid of Jeff.

  24. Shelly interview made me throw up in my mouth a little :) What a hideous old bag !! She’s a lying sack of shit, and she deserves to be never heard from again !!

  25. Do you believe like I do, that those happy for Rachel’s win are not Rachel fans but Jordon and Jeff fans? The only reason they rejoice for Rachel is because they feel as if Jeff and Jordon won in some alternate universe?

    1. I think you are in an alternate universe. One where you don’t have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to rationalize your positions and justify making sweeping generalizations about hundreds of people you have never met.

    2. Yup, that’s exactly what it is. If that plan to backdoor Jeff went through, Brendon and Rachel would be thoroughly hated by the same people.

    3. You are absolutely correct.

      IF Jeff and Jordan had been supporters of Porsche, most of the J/J Fans would have
      been supporting her too. They would have slammed Rachel from here to BB100.

      1. And “Team Dani” fans liked Kalia and Porshe and disliked Jeff’s group for exactly the same reason, Thank you Captain Obvious.

  26. Adam was preaching to the girls to earn it
    Adam was saying that he wanted to be in the end and battle it out with a vet
    Adam then changed his story saying he wanted a NEW person to win (Rachel didn’t win before)
    It’s obvious he was just being a sour puss
    Adam acts like he had to give up the most to come on the show…As if no one else had a life or responsibilities
    Its amazing how one hour can change my view on someone I thought I knew over 3 months
    I can’t believe he thinks he would have won in the Finals….I think Jordan would’ve won against him, even though she had won before…..
    VOTE ADAM for BB ALL STARS — He deserves it more than anyone (Just ask him yourself) LMFAO HARD

      1. … but some truth there Rockstar. The night Simon dropped the ‘crazy cats’ line was by far the highlight of the season. I laughed until I had tears. Simon posted “Seriously all joking aside, how many cats do you own?” It was epic. But a handful of people picked it up and ran it to death and it was not much more than annoying. Kinda like hearing the same punchline over and over again. I give Simon full credit for making my season memorable:) But Rockstar, I do not nor will not ever call you names. You might not share any cookies or Mary Brown chicken with me! hahaha

      2. 52
        befairguy says:
        September 9, 2011 at 5:39 pm
        Meanwhile, back at bigbrotheronline…………..
        Guy: I thought Dani turning on the veteran’s alliance so early in the game hurt her.
        Rockerguy: Yeah well… you’re a cat person. Zing!!
        Finalmediator: lol, chill dill wins, let’s move around.
        Guy: Er…Ok, well, I thought Kalia weakened her alliance by putting up Lawon.
        Rockerguy: Shutup, cat person!
        Finalmediator: Hillarious! Cat person, how origginal. Guy, You misspelllid Kalia you mooron! Squibbie wins. Let’s move about.
        Guy: Well I suppose I could concede that Kahlia was misspelled, but why did Porsche open Pandora’s box, she held all the cards that week.
        Rockerguy: Meow, meow, meow, meow.
        Squibbie: You sure told him, Ill Dill. Cats…geez..I prefer dogs, personally.
        Finalmediator: Guy, nobody cares if Porshes which play Pantera rock!! Ill Dill wins again, lets move up and down.

        Guy: ????????????????

  27. If best player should win, then Rachel was the correct winner. Liking or disliking her personality should have nothing to do with it. Now that she has won an additional vacation, my prediction has changed. She will use it with fiance, then dump him. Or, as anonymous said, marry usevacation as honeymoon, then he dumps her. Either way, no matter how many degrees they are not intelligent people.

  28. Could you believe that Adam actually believed he would have won if Rachel had picked him to go to F2?

    He was lying up to the end. He told Rachel that even if she did not take him to the final 2, if she won HOH he would vote for her!

    I think he voted for Porche out of spite!

    He’s a jerk!

    1. I believe that Skeletor (Dani) looked awful. She was pissed that her Dad threw her under the bus. 2nd best moment of the night…shocker!!!!!

  29. The 3 votes that Adam, Kalia and Dani gave Porsche were just pity votes yo. They already knew Rachel was going to win. That’s why Dani told Rachel she was lucky that this wasn’t as personality contest.


    1. I disagree. Their votes for Porsche were supportive of her, but I do think Dani
      and Kalia knew Shelley was going to vote the same way J/J voted – Rachel.
      They got to watch Shelley in the JH make all sorts of concessions to J/J while
      attempting to win back their “friendship.”

      “I’ll do whatever you want me to do. You can trust me. Tell me what I can do? Please, I beg
      of you. We can be BFFs.”

  30. This is what adam said when asked about why he didn’t vote for rachel

    Frankly, there was two main reasons. The first one – I really wanted to see a new person win the game. The new person I wanted to win the game was me, but obviously it was not to be. Porsche was the other newbie in the house. Second of all, I lost a little respect for Rachel’s game when we had a talk a couple days before and I made a comment that the Veterans this year all they had to do to get in the house was answer a phone call. Rachel told me everything she gave up to be in the house this summer, making it sound like she gave up just as much as me. I left a girlfriend at home, she went into the house with her fiancee. I had a job where there’s been a lot of layoffs, so I was running a risk of not having a job when I got out. Having an apartment that I was still paying for. I really felt insulted by that and for her to try and tell me she gave up just as much as me made me lose respect for her, especially because I worked with her, I pumped her up when she was down, I had her back. I voted based on my relationship with Porsche. I thought Porsche played a great game. I thought Rachel was not … she was making herself seem like the victim when she was making herself the victim. She would never own up to the fact that she was the victim she made herself out to be

    1. He is an idiot just making more excuses. He just doesn’t want to admit he played a very poor game and he got what he deserved,,,NOTHING!

    2. Now Adam cannot keep his lies straight. When he interviewed with Dick he claimed he only voted for Porsche because he saw Shelly’s vote and gave Porsche a pity vote. GUESS HE IS AS ALMOST AS BIG A LIAR AS SHELLY and he can’t remember which lie he has told. Such a loser!!

    3. I am sure they both gave up a lot to be in this game so his reasoning doesn’t make sense. He may feel that he gave up more, but that’s subjective. Ultimately, that is no reason to “lose respect” for someone or vote against them. Poor excuse in my opinion, BUT it was not out of character for Adam since many of his choices on BB13 have been illogical.

  31. The backyard interviews were awesome. Thanks. Are there any interviews with Kahlia, Lawon, Keith (though he was first one evicted)? I believe I seen interviews with most of the other BB cast. If you can, please upload.

  32. real people do real things

    kalia said that she doesnt do what dani wants she played her own game . ok lets call this the way it is kailia said to the jury that rachel has change she is different person . so if kalia believe rachel has change why did she vote for friendship over game play these people didn’t vote on game play they voted the way dani wanted them too. even though porsche give kalia 5000 dollars thats no reason to award someone the winner of big brother or should i say gradtitue towards porsche for giving her 5000 bucks ….. … dani = vindictive little brat deep down dani knows rachel played a better game because she had to fought from day one but yet bitterness set in ….. ..acountability is a serious thing and i am not prepared to accept subpar work …… there should be a law suit brought for the abuse of these two words all summer SHOCKER /// AWKWARD.. DANI U NOR YOUR MINIONS can reverse the outcome … its to much talk and not enough actions DANI , SHELLY ALL SAID RACHEL HAd a bad personality … i dont think they said that with a straight face …… they wanted to see better improvement in people’s personality they need to be the change they wish to see its starts with ea

  33. I think it is funny how so many people are trashing Dani for speaking her mind about Rachel. YET, when Rachel spoke her mind it was ok, or you all on here constantly dissing on her, is ok. Doesn’t make you any better than you think she is.
    I think all the girls are beautiful, well most, and I don’t even like them all. But to get on here and make fun of their looks, makes you kinda trashy. Making fun of Dani for being too skinny or Kalia for being too fat or Shelley for being to old or Porsche for having too big of a butt. Really? How does that make you any better?
    They went into this house to play a game, not friends or fans. Too bad you all aren’t on the show to show us all how to really be a good player. I wonder if Dani came out sucking up to J&J&B would everyone forgive her like they seem to have Shelley, who actually got Jeff out of the house.

    1. The difference is…Dani was just trying to trash Rachel by saying she did not desrve to win…UNTRUE. What Rachel said about Dani was TRUE!

    2. Hi Bill…my sentiments exactly !!! they were all aware of what they were getting into..all the exposure and they would be fair game to all our comments… I think your comment hit it on the nail :) it’s so funny all the people that try and defend Porsch, Kalia and Dani…too funny, Rachel apologized if she hurt anyone, after Brendan left she was really nice to everyone but Dani and her puppets sure are bitter and hateful and hold grudges ! that makes them ugly souls

      1. What these people do not think about when they go on these “reality” television shows is that sooner or later they have to go back to their everyday lives and how they choose to act on these shows can and often it does have very dire consequences in their personal and their professional lives. Sometimes this opportunity to win a large amount of money can be a blessing if you happen to win, but it can at the same time be a curse especially when you act and do and say things like the things that Kalia, Shelly, Dani and Porsche did. The way they chose to portray themselves could have really dire consequences in their professional lives especially Porsche and Shelly. Dani just being a spoiled bratty acting little witch even though disgusting would I think be more detrimental in her personal life than professional but for Shelly and Porsche it could definitely have a direct effect not only in their personal lives but professional as well. Sometimes these contestants should not think so much of the now but of the after when they go on these “reality” shows.

        1. Well said Bill :) I’m sure as alot of others have mentioned…if you get Porsche as your waitress…they might want to ask for someone else to serve them …..just because of what happened with the benefiber…even if it wouldn’t cause great harm …it’s still the thought that she could even think of doing such a thing !!! and about the baby thing….what a horrible thing to joke about ! ya it can definitely affect their lives once they get back into reality…Shelly must’ve gotten the shock of her life to find out her family was threatened..which was so wrong for people to do…..but the extent that people go to….wow…..and I read somewhere that someone started insulting Farah ?? wow poor girl haha..she had nothing to do with anything…but because she’s Adams girl…but they’re all adults and they reap what they sow…
          had a good time reading your posts :) have a good rest of the summer !!! till next season !!!

    3. Bill, I never took up for their actions. I was discussing how the fans are behaving, not the house guest. The fans are on here dissing on their LOOKS, which has nothing to do with game play. I actually read a post that said so-and-so is ugly and Jordan is gorgeous get over it! Like not everyone thinks that! I agree that Porsche doing that to the drink, was out of line. However, I do NOT think what Shelley did was wrong. She made a game play. Was it bad? Sure. Did it screw her over? Yes! But what about the lying Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan did? How about the numerous times R&B tried to get someone else to back door J&J so they wouldn’t have to? Rachel was a catty person, Jeff was a bully and hypocritical. But no one ever seems to point that out, or they will take up for them and say it was game play. Who cares that Shelley flipped on Jeff and got him? That is part of the game, is to get everyone else out before you go. But is it approproate for someone to say “Dani is ugly and skeletore, and she has bad make-up and an ugly dress!” What does that have to do with playing BB? Or saying “Rachel has a big nose, her boobs are too big, her hair is nasty” Both sentences are lame and shouldn’t even be discussed. People say Rachel apologized, sure she did right before everyone voted. Maybe she was sorry, maybe she wasn’t. It’s just funny that so much hate is toward the ones that went about them, like it was some evil thing to not go along with them. Like Shelley said, if she went to final 3 with J&J she would been the first one out, I think she did what she thought she needed to.
      I absolutely CANNOT stand Rachel, but I have not dissed her personally. I actually think she deserved to win, and was not upset that she did. I think Porsche deserved to be there too, she won when it counted, and that got her there. I completely understand that people have different opinions, and it is fine. I love talking to people that differ from me, if they do it respectfully. I am a huge Dani fan, but I think she effed up bad! I can admit that, but it seems like a lot of the R/B/J&J fans cannot admit anything wrong that they did, they want to place the blame on everyone else. I am still mad that Cassi was sent home so fast, I really think I would have loved her! =D I just wish fans could express their opinions and not be attacked and have decent conversations. It is clear that the fans are more mad than the HG’s.

      PS. I am not lumping ALL Rachel/Brendon/Jordan and/or Jeff fans together! I have read many objective post. So I wish that not all Dani fans were lumped together as well.

      PSS. I am also not saying that Dani fans are not crazy and rude either, because there are a fair share of them as well. I am sure EVERYONE in that house did something someone else don’t like. Except maybe Keith, he wasn’t their long enough lol.

  34. Now that the season is over and the winner is crowned, this is how I feel about some of the house guests…

    Shelly – She entertained me, which is more than I can say for a lot of them. I could not believe that she didn’t get caught in her lies sooner, even when people suspected that she was up to something they didn’t act on it. I was starting to think that she was going to win this thing at one point. I lost most of my respect for her when she started trying to suck up to JJ again and then when she voted for Rachel at the end after saying she NEVER would.

    Adam – Never settled into his “real” self. I feel as if this guy never became anything more than his standard character description, (metal guy who loves Tor Spelling). I respect that in a house full of targets that he chose to lay low and fly under the radar, but I can not respect the fact he refused to make any of his own choices. Since he was not good at competitions, he really should have boosted up his social game, and not have gotten so cocky at the end. He will be the most disappointed out of all the HG’s at the fans reaction to him. He thinks he is an All Star, but no one is going to remember this guy.

    Jordan – Sweet Jordan. She did not compete well at all and her social game was not as good this year. She said she never got to know Porsche at all, but as a social player she should have gotten to know everybody. She really was over confident and almost cocky this season in a lot of the things she said and I think it hurt her social game. Having a target on her back did not suit her game play. I kept waiting for her to step up near the end and it never happened. Her DRs where entertaining though and she does seem like a sweet heart.

    Jeff – I also think his new found confidence and sense of entitlement hurt his game this year. He came into the game with a target on his back this season, and seemed to take it really personally whenever anyone mentioned putting him on the block. He played smarter in a lot of ways and did try and change his game play up some from season 11. I did feel bad for him about the Clown Shoe, but he won America’s Fav though so he can’t be too upset.

    Dani – was in the best spot in the house and should have won. She had a golden key and could have laid low and upped her social game during that time, so that she was not a target if the newbies got in power. She could have quietly made alliances instead of making Dom a target. She should have stayed with the vets and helped some of the newbies vote them out instead of trying to openly turn on them herself. She was entertaining and I enjoyed her sarcasm, but she did herself in with too many “Big Moves”. Bottom line, good player, bad game play.

    Kalia – one word “Lawon”..nuff said

    Porsche – could have won, but didn’t seem to know how. If she had sided with Dani earlier and let her coach her more maybe she would have done better.

    Rachel – Way better without Brendon. If she played the way she did after he left the second game the whole time no one would have been able to complain about her winning. But the drama gets to be too much with her, she plays way too personally and it really hurts her game. All in all she won though so she must have done something right!

    Brendon – Would do a lot better without Rachel and the “Greater than Thou” attitude. The guy is smart and knows how to win competitions, but he needs to learn how to not paint such a big target on his back.

    I was disappointed in most of the Vet’s overall attitude, they acted like they were owed something, and demanded more respect from
    the other HG’s then I though they deserved. I’m sure this was encouraged some by production, but in the end it just made them look
    like big babies a lot of the time. I also hated the duo twist – Not only was it Vets vs Newbies, but it was Vets in strong personal alliances Vs. some of the worst cast newbies who had never met each other.

  35. Jordan is so cute and adorable. Jeff is so lucky. By the way, I love Cassi too. She leaves near me here in the Dallas area. Love the south!!

  36. Simon Rachel won a trip to aruba today on the talk for her and brendon and now she’s doing all these kind of interviews she might get famous that’s the first time i see a BB winner gets all of these interviews

    1. Thanks for the info GUY, I’m sure Rachel will be seen a lot in the months to come she got a lot of personality.

      Whats your opinion on Rachel’s game on BB12 Vs BB13? I know you’ve been a fan of hers from the beginning and I’m curious to hear your input.

      1. BB12 Rachel= Disaster,Hot mess BB13=Winner actually she’s a great game player and she finally understood what is social game even though she’s not that good at it like Adam but she did what she had to do.Rachel reminds me of Jen fron BB8 she was one of my favorites too everyone thought she was this self-absorbed girl because she was crying over her picture,when she got evicted the hg’s told her that she’s not a bad person they thought she was abonoxious at first but she’s a great person same thing for Rachel she’s crazy when she’s HOH why because she knows if she doesn’t get the right person out the’re coming after her next.I hope with this money she opens a shop or restaurant with it something good…………………………….sorry for my english errors it’s not my first laguage soooooooooooo see you guys next summer and thx again Simon and DAwg

    2. No, network coverage is pretty much The Talk, Julie Chen’s show. I thought it was hilarious that they made Rachel, and the actual creator of the show Sara Gilbert have to remove the POVs from a bowl of slop-with their face. Rachel didn’t win! Sara Gilbert did but she said “she can have the vacation”. Sara Gilbert seemed pissed too, she must be the next one to get axed by Julie Chen, or she can’t be fired; because it was humiliating. The Zing bot was barely understandable, and it’s timing was way off. Interesting to watch.

  37. To you Dani haters,

    Those of you who thought it was hilarious that Evel Dick treated his daughter like that on national TV are pathetic. Can you imagine your parent doing that to you, or would you EVER do that to your child? Not a single word of encouragement. Could he at least have acknowledged the fact that he abandoned her again as I expect he did countless times in her formative years? No praise or expression of love that every child wants and needs. A father’s first responsibility is to protect his children.

    I know men like that, I had married one. So self-absorbed, so egotistical. Never there for the child, but ready to bully and belittle them at every opportunity. The damage takes a long time to heal. I thank God my father was nothing like Evel Dick.

    Dani is a beautiful young private lady. I don’t feel sorry for her, but rather for you people with so much hate in your sad little lives.

  38. so so SO thoroughly happy to see Rachel win, i have been her fan since day one in the BB12 house…i know she can be crazy but i never once thought she was a bad person and i like people who seem like they are enjoying life bc that is what matters to me personally…

    in fact watching all the HGs last night, outside of the house and the game, i liked them so much more bc they showed really good, lighthearted, seemingly genuine sides of themselves that they probably present more often than not to the real world, i even liked Shelley!!! it was danielle and adam who kind of came off as a little bitter and delusional – and they are two people i never talked too negatively about during the game so go figure (and i am guilty of trash talking almost everyone)….

    anyway, very glad for Rachel, she deserved it, she fought hard and never gave up and she is what i consider the consummate BB player – someone who loves the game, respects the game, and truly plays the game – and it’s nice to see someone go from the lowest low to the highest high all bc of BB, who would’ve thought!?!

  39. I was glad Rachel won. Call me crazy but I rooted for her in BB12. I really felt like people were just targeting her because everyone thought her laugh annoying and and her personallity somewhat annoying too. It was easy for everyone to nominate brendon and rachel that season. Glad she won!

    I also have to point out that the reason people began to like her was because of her relationship with Jordan.
    Here’s how it started
    1. She comforts Jordan when Jeff left
    2. She tells Jordan not to fight with Shelley that its not her and drags her away to prevent further arguing
    3. She picks Jordan as her partern
    4. Saves herself and Jordan from the block
    5. Consistently remains loyal to Jordan and never bashes her in any way in her diary room sessions…
    6. Leaves a very touching goodbye message to Jordan unlike what she left for everyone else…minus brendon
    7. Seemed genuinely bumbed out when Jodran left

    I also have to point out that is was very obvious that Cassie sealed her own fate because of her crappy gameplay. No matter what, when someone is HOH you need to agree with them and tell them what they want to hear…its just good gameplay. Now if you don’t do that because you feel like you’re being fake yada yada…then don’t be surprised when you get put. Absolutely everyone in the house had the sense to always agree with the current HOH in order to stay safe…

  40. so true, without this site….I would have stopped watching BB13 after Jeff was evicted.
    …not because I wanted him to win…but after Jeff and Dani left ….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    so boring.

    but this site made it worthwhile.

    I’m not a big time blogger…but I really love this site. I’m not sure if I have ever blogged this much or read a site daily.

  41. Simon, Dawg, everyone else, it’s been a great effin’ summer, full of surprises, joy, anger, and downright mean posters. But that just shows how passionate people get about this game. This was my first season and even though the people I liked didn’t win, I look forward to next summer and to laugh heartily at all the funny comments that’ll find their way on OBB. Thanks everyone! Stay classy.

  42. -Eddie McGee (BB1):1st Big Brother Winner
    -The Chilltown alliance (Dr. Will Kirby & Mike “Boogie” Malin(BB2 & BB7))-Best Alliance ever, Dr. Will holds the record 143 days also won BB2, Mike “Boogie 4 HOH wins. Both won Half the million dollars both seperate season.W Kirby
    -Arnold Shapiro, Former BB Executive producer
    -Jerry Macdonald (BB10), The oldest Big Brother contestant (75). Finish in 3rd place.2 HOH wins 2 POV wins
    -Janelle Pierzina, Phone call home, Set visit to Two and a Half Men, Entry into Big Brother All-Stars, Big Brother Prom Queen, $25,000 Jury Prize. CO-HOH Record Holder. 6 HOH’s &. 7 POV’s
    -Julie Chen, Hosy Big Brother.

  43. Simon/Dawg do you know if we are able to access the wrap party on the live feeds/super pass. I keep trying and it’s not there I thought I had read we could tune in tonight to see? THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

  44. ok so this is probably a dumb question, but on cbs website where i watched the interviews, i heard at least cassi and dom talk about something that sounded like they said “T-PAVAGE 12” i’m not sure if that’s exactly what they were saying, but could someone please explain to me what that is and/or what they were really saying

  45. I would have loved to see an interview with Adam and someone ask him “Why the HELL did you vote for Porsche?”…Maybe because she bought your vote?…geez….I am glad Rachel called him out on it…Good Job to you guys for all the updates ….Will miss you!!!

  46. Does Anyone Know what Adam said that upset Rachel when she sent him home? I keep trying to figure out why she was So upset ? I rewatched that part and it sounds like he said to Porshes ear I did what I had to do.? Anyone know?

  47. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what the producers were thinking but bringing back people who have already played the game and mixing them with newbies was not fair. Nor was it fair to bring back 2 players who have already won! I have watch Big Brother from the first but after this season I will never watch again…… about being scripted – reality – NO WAY!

  48. – I really like “classy” Cassi…. It’s too bad Rachel was too insecure, although Danielle played a big role in Cassi’s eviction…. Dani wanted to split Dominic & Cassi up so she could have him to herself as a partner and BB boy toy…

    – I can’t believe PORCHE didn’t show any graditude to Rachel for bringing her to the finals + $50k…. Rachel should’ve let the jurors know why she brought Porche to the finals, even though Rachel may have swept Adam in Final…. I felt Rachel should’ve brought Adam to finals…just because they were alligned for longer and Adam pretty much stayed loyay to his side (He did make a fool of himself in the final hour)

    – Too bad Jordan couldn’t last one more eviction… It would’ve been interesting seeing who the jurors voted between that final 3 (Rachel, Adam, Jordan)…There were alot of too bad’s in this game starting from Dick leaving which took away so much viewing pleasure and it would’ve been a totally different game

  49. Just to clear some things up… A majority of of Canada/America does NOT love JJ…
    BB averages 7.5-8.0 Million viewers a week, I would guess about 60% of those viewers are JJ fans. So that’s what? 4.8 Million.
    US/Canada have a combined population of about 350 million… I would hardly call 4.80 out of 350 million a majority… Just saying.

    1. Your post makes no sense…you just said about 60% of the viewers love them…that’s the majority…nobody is saying ALL of America/Canada in itself,their saying the viewers in those countries that watch BB.

  50. Speaking of Cassi – Does anyone know if the HGs learned about her mega-bucks modelling career??? Just wondering how all the girls reacted to that.

    1. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
      Khalia voted for Porche
      Am I missing something or reading your post wrong

  51. I’m sad another season of BB has passed…. this season had so much more potential before DICK left and all the cards started falling….. Summer is over……I wish there was a fall/winter version of BB….. Time to get back into Survivor
    See you all next year
    God bless everyone, best wishes & good health for everyone


  52. All I got out of Shelly’s interview is that it was a game and she adored Jeff and Jordan. Enough already. She insist you can not play the game with out lying, but that is not entirely true. She is a liar, gameplay or not.

    I would never compare her to Dr Will. He told them he was lying through out the game. he was fun. Shelly was just a liar. She was malicious, not fun. Glad she lost. But the threats never should have happened.

    Never thought I would be glad Rachel won. But of the final 3, she played the best.

    Kalia is so stupid, she belived she would have won in the end. Against Rachel she wopuld have gotten, Dani, Por and maybe Adam. That is all. She is a legend in her own mind, much like her teacher Dani. If she did not want people to say she played Dani’s game, she should not have kept saying “this is for Dani” everytime she made a move. Rachel only told her K would be too hard to beat in the end to try to get her vote.

  53. First of all, Adam made the medicine ball comment. FLASHBACK 8/26 at approx 5:45PM. If you’re going to hate, at least hate with the right information. Secondly, there are plenty of other shows, where you would find bland, ‘honest’ characters like Jordan. Big Brother is about lying and backstabbing. That’s why it’s good. What you’re describing is a different show. More like summer camp. Jordan is awful for Big Brother. Jeff is an arrogant, cowardly, bully, so he is allowed back in. See how that works.

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