Big Brother 13 Finale Results

Final 3 Results Adam Vs. Rachel Vs. Porsche

Rachel beat Adam and Porsche to win the first part of the HOH comp.
Porsche beat Adam to win Part 2 of the HOH comp.
Now Rachel and POrsche face off for the 3rd and final competition of the season. The winner of this last HOH comp gets to choose who will go to the final 2 with them.

Final HOH winner is RACHEL

Winner of Big Brother 13 is RACHEL

This was Rachel second go at BB in 2 years. This time around she still had all the emotion, all the freak outs and all the fights with Brendon. Still, somehow she’s A Big Brother Winner.
Jury Votes
Dani = Porsche
Jeff = Rachel
Brendon = Rachel
Jordan = Rachel
Kalia = Porsche
Shelly = Rachel
Adam = Porsche

America’s Favorite Houseguest is Jeff

The Results for this year season of Big Brother are Winner is Rachel Reilly, Runner up is Porsche Briggs and America’s favorite is Jeff Schroeder. Is anybody surprised by the voting. Adam’s vote didn’t add up.

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674 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Finale Results

        1. Not surprised Shelly voted for Rachel, Jeff and Jordan did and Shelly wants to get back in Jeff’s good graces. Not so sure she really believes Rachael should have won. As for the rest of the votes, they voted as I thought they would, accept Adam. Once again Adam has disappointed me. He said over and over again this past week that he would vote for the one who won the final HOH, which was Rachel. And then he votes for Porsche, that’s just wrong. Also, is Adam on drugs, telling Julie that Rachel made the correct decision by taking Porsche because if she had taken him he would have won. I think he really believed he had J/J’s and Shelly’s vote, he lived in his own little elf fantasy world. If Rachel had taken Adam I’m not sure he would have gotten anyone’s vote, maybe Porsche in retaliation for Rachel evicting her. I also think Adam was blown away that he didn’t win the $25K, he was sure he was America’s favorite cast member. Of course Jeff got that prize… Congrats. to Rachel, Porsche and Jeff…. Looking forward to BB14 as it has been picked up for next summer. I’m now moving on to Survivor.

          1. I agree with everyone you wrote, but I want to add something.
            I didnt like Shelly before but after watching her last night, I changed my mind.
            Shelly is alright after all. She admitted to playing the manipulating game because she knew she couldn’t win
            in physical challenges. While she was the house, she asked Jordan for forgiveness (Shelly voted to evict Jeff).
            Last night, Shelly forgave Rachel by voting for Rachel. If you remember Rachel’s goodbye message to Shelly was
            pretty brutal. Shelly was woman enough to overlooked that, and judged Rachel as a good competitor, and not on a personal
            Having said that, I think Jordan had something to do with Shelly voting for Rachel. When they all were in the patio talking
            about who they should vote for, Shelly was still pissed off that Rachel said mean things to her. Shelly was still VERY PISSED,
            and I believe if the vote happened right at that moment, Rachel wouldn’t recieved a vote from Shelly.

            So Shelly, with Dani’s support, went on and on about Rachel, but Jordan interjected and reminded Shelly how
            Shelly had lied to the whole house. The camera went back to the studio after that, then when the camera went back,
            they showed Jeff and Kalia arguing.

            There were time in between the meeting on the patio and the final vote, and I think Jordan worked on Shelly a little more,
            and that part, we didn’t get to see. Also, Shelly is a business woman. She’s a mother and a mature person. She understands
            that just as she had asked for forgiveness, she should also forgive.

            Plus, now Shelly is in good with BB winners, Jordan and Rachel, so she can go to parties with her head up high.

            And ADAM! What a loser!!!!!!!!
            He couldn’t win in the house until most house guests were gone, and still couldn’t win at the end. His choice (porche) came in

            Conclusion: Best woman won- RACHEL!

            1. Shelley was never going to vote for Porshe anyway. In Shelleys mind it was Porshe who got her evicted from the game. Everything was going Shelleys way until Porshe opened Pandoras box and changed everything in the game. Rachel and Jordan stayed and Shelley went. Yes I believe that Shelley wanted to redeem herself with JJ but her personal feelings for Porshe came into play as well. Shelley knows deep down thet most of the “mean things” Rachel did in the house were things concocted by Shelley to make Rachel the villian. She didnt like Rachel but she respected her as a player which is something she honestly couldnt say about Porshe. I always knew deep down if it was Porshe and Rachel that Rachel would have Shelley’s vote.

            2. I kind of think that might be the same reason Rachel didn’t take Adam instead of Porsche, cuz all the newbies might just vote for Adam, and Jeff might be a switch vote too.

        2. You are damn right! I rooted R FTW and Shelly did win my respect tonight. BTW, I gave Dani my respect and credits for her wits and physical right until tonight! After all that crap she talked about R, and being such a vindictive loser tonight, she just lost my every ounce of respect left for her! In the jury house, when Shelly first arrived and had that heated arguement with Jeff, Dani told Jeff it was just a game! Jeff is outspoken, but honest enough to say that he would just move on with his life! Dani is such a hater! Personality contest, how dare she can think about it! Goodbye, Dani!

      1. america is a douche for voting for Jeff. But at least now he has some cash and doesn’t have to earn his pay by pretending to be Koreans boyfriend.

          1. What a dumb statement to make, almost as dumb as Dani’s just before she voted. Thought she showed her true nature with that ” personality” snide little remark. Talk about taking this game personally and showing everyone what a spoiled little whiny brat she truly was! Way to go Dani!! Please god don’t let her ever get asked back to BB.

      2. I think everyone is forgetting; Adam has always verbally taken the position that he wanted to see a newbie win. That’s the way he voted. I disagree with his vote, but he did stay true to that…

        1. Nah, I think your giving him too much credit. He just voted that way because Rachel didn’t take him. Adam’s kissed the vets’ ass all season.

        2. adam looked like the biggest tool tonite, his so called metal skit is lame, running like a ahole messing up the show, nobody wants to see him, he doesnt know shit about heavy metal, he says iron maiden’s flight 666 is about their first tour, no its about a 2008 tour, go back to jersey and keep jerky off to that beast of a woman tori spelling.

      3. Rachel won , thank god ..she was the most deserving
        Adam is a complete moron ..its offical
        Shelly did the right thing and has redeemed herself

        1. Congrats Rachel, you totally ruled this season. You are now in the company of great BB players like Janelle. Hope you and Brendon live happily ever after.

      4. Bone, is it? You’re an idiot first of all, and you as well as Everyone else who is saying things about Dani or any other hg’s need to get a life. You don’t actually know these people so you have no place in saying what kind of people they are. It’s television you retards.

        1. THANK YOU ANONYMOUS…a voice of reason!! You all would be great BB players the way you flip flop on who you like! Rachel was bashed here so many times and now she is a great person and deserved to wil…give me a break! She is a spoiled brat that has always gotten what she wanted (in her own words)! You say Jeff is so honest about how he feels…he didn’t convince me one bit that he has forgiven Shelly. I am sure once she gives them a trip of some other gift, then he will. Dani has stayed true to how she feels and never backed down in order to kiss ass.

          I am sure we haven’t heard the last of Rachel…look for her wedding reality show to pop up soon :p

          I am sure you all are going to rip me one for this post! But that is what I love about this site…the heated debates and good comebacks from everyone…can’ wait till next season :)

      5. i knew shelly would do that but that was in the back of my mind. it was good that she did it cause she stayed loyal to her word on the veterens allience but bad cause danni is a hottie

      6. I agree!! Dani has NO Class…saying that comment about Rachel when she voted….she just has no class…Yeah Rachel!!! Adam……what a disappointment!! I was shocked Shelly did the right thing….

          1. I think Dani showed her true colors. She is exactly the same person inside and outside the game (I think Rachel hit the nail on the head). Dani biggest problem is her ego she would never admit that she is wrong. (breaking away from the veteran alliance to soon). Dick had it right! Stick with your alliance nothing saying she couldn’t have had a secret one.

          1. Why would you think there anything to do with JeJo, she even backdoored them. It’s b/c of Porsche’s greed and opened Pandora Box and get Shelly booted out of BB house. It was only Shelly’s pay back to P.

        1. Yeah, Rachel was the most deserving. Good for her.
          Dani – unsophisticated to the end! Talk about projection – she is the one with the horrendous personality.
          Adam – All Stars – really? delusional. Rachel would have won hands down had she taken Adam. Seriously who but Dani would have voted for Adam.
          Shelly – glad to see you have some integrity after all.
          Brendon – good luck with your PhD
          Porsche- looks like you can’t nap your way to the prize.

          Jeff – you deserve the 25K. Now go propose to Jordan ;-)

          1. I saw it differently. I think Jeff looked like a major tool when he said he disliked her and Dani handled it with poise. Jeff is such a hothead and he still can’t let it go. It’s a game and Jeff is a sore loser who takes it personally and couldn’t muster a modicum of class to resist the need to put her down. But he can do no wrong in the eyes of the masses and we all knew he would win the AC prize.

            1. I agree with you 100%. Dani is one of the biggest hotheads of all. She can’t let go of ANYTHING, obviously. She seems to be the one that needs counceling. And, what, exactly is Jeff supposed to say if he truly dislikes her?

          1. Exactly! He can’t even OWN the one decision he made all by himself! I sort of liked him but now I dislike him a lot due to his over-inflated ego and delusions that everyone loves him.

      7. Couldn’t have said it better, rachel desrved to wiin. kalia, and dani voted based on how much they hated rachel and adam was prob bitter as hell. i can’t believe he thinks hes an all star, he’ll be in for a shock when he realizes how much people hated his game play and thought he was terrible. His reaction when jeff won america’s player was classic. i can’t beileve he thought he would win that. He’s in for a rude awaking once he starts reading peoples comments about him. And he had no chance at winning. The stuff out of his mouth last night was comical. For somebody who watched all the seasons and knew everythign about the game. He may go down as one of the worst players ever. Dani was right about that. Rachel had a target on her back once she walked in the game. Once Brendan left she really did change her game play and started to play more of a social game. Congrats Rachel you desrved to win. I don’t have anything bad to say about porsche, shes also a competeir. The only thing is you didn’t see much about her and she was pretty queit, she could be funny at times but she didn’t stand out as much as i was hoping for when she came in the house. Anyway another fun season.

        1. Hey Simon,

          Everyone is talking about Adam’s reaction when Jeff won the Amercia’s Favorite Player.
          I must have missed that one. Can you post a picture of Adam’s face when Julie announced
          that Jeff had won?

      8. I agree.’Dani is a stupid skank. I mean wtf ! Who wears clothes like that!!!! All she Does is tide coatails and even the singbit said it Team vets without danihell and dick
        Ps I meet te season 8 cast !(: but undeserving Pos

      9. I agree wholeheartedly. Dani said that she would vote for the individual that played the best game however just like she did in the house she spoke out of both sides of her mouth. What a hypocrite!

      10. Who ever made up this stupid ‘rule’ that only the best competitor should win? Sure, if you’re playing tennis or running for president then that makes perfect sense. In Big Brother why should we care about competitiveness? Why not award it to the nicest person and reward civility rather than the ability to back stab and push people around? To have awarded a half million to that whining, superficial, fake, bullying cry-baby is a crime. I’m not saying Porshe is much better, but Rachel sets the bar to an all-time low

      11. I very much agree with you. It’s the sour grape taste that got Dani crazy. Even when in the “best days” Dani was with Rachel, Dani repectedly said that she would take out the Queen and King in DR. Before voting out Brendon again, Dani told Rachel she swore on her life that she will keep R to F2 if Brendon gone. Guess what, once Brendon was gone, she was so scared/dislike R just when R sat beside her and kept trash talk behind R’s back. But, seeing D had totally no problem with Brendon or even Jeff inside the Jury House, not that much Jeff to her though(Jeff obviously said that he would move on with his life, in separate ways from her).

        1. You know, I was actually feeling sorry for Adam until I saw he voted Porsche ftw. He really thought he was going to be the deciding vote and figured he’d stick it to Rachel for not taking him. Well, I guess the last laugh is on him, because AMAZINGLY Shelly came through. Go Rachel!

          Gee, I’m gonna miss this site and the feeds. See ya next summer!!!

          1. The reason Adam voted for Porsche is because she promised to give him some money for his vote…He has to be the WORST player ever…

            1. That would not have surprised me, but it is against the rules. I believe you forfeit all money if u make a deal like that. The lil effin b%tch…….

              1. I don’t think it is against the rules unless they changed them recently. In past season, when someone won money, they often offered it in exchange for votes. Porsche promised pretty much ALL of her money. $10K for Adam for a wedding, vacations for Adam/Kalia, etc. I doubt that she will give anyone a penny. It was all just for show until she gets the money in her hands. Let’s see how generous she is then.

            2. Dani can call Rachel a floater all she wants. That doesn’t make it true. She didn’t have anything else to go on so she lamely tried the floater card. Everyone shot her down yet she still persisted. If Rachel was a floater, what do you call Adam, Shelly and Porsche? Helium balloons don’t float as much as they did.

      1. Finale nights always suck. They never have enough time 2 interview anyone with any substance. They didnt even talk 2 Dom let alone keith or lawon. Only finales that are ever good is survivor because they get 3 hours 2 go over everyone and tons of issues. For this finale i think it sucked with rachael winning. Horrible girl not worth any money.

        1. lmao Keith and Lawon??? You think they’re of substance??? first of all Keith self destructed and only had himself to blame for being evicted, the first one evicted I might add. Secondly Lawon was stupid to think that he was going to get something special for being evicted. Plus he talked a lot of BS about winning and he won absolutely NOTHING! I was a little surprised they didn’t ask Dom something. And Dani didn’t need to speak you can read what she’s saying by her facial reactions!

        2. They usually have a 2 hour finale so I think we got gyped this season. They never showed any fun montages from inside the house like in earlier seasons. They have an entire season of Survivior yet they had to give it 1 1/2 hours on BB finale night? Maybe Julie Chen should talk to her husband about why BB fans got the short end of the stick in favor of Survivor fans. Or, as I hear is very common, it was Julie who didn’t want to do 2 hours. Who knows. I just think it was a slap in the face to the fans who watched all season.

        1. I’m so glad Rachel won. She deserved it. Loved watching Dani’s face. She looked liked she wanted to kill Rachel. At least her dad was honest about the way she played the game which was stupidly. She deserved to b sitting on jury. People forget this game is based on best player not emotions. GOOD for you Rachel; go have itself a fab. wedding & life!!

            1. And when Jeff’s done blowing him, he might even sleep with Rachel. America’s favorite closeted gay . . . er, player. Please. Maybe now he’ll lose the beard . . . I mean, dump Jordumb.

              1. Wha’t’s wrong with you?? How would you feel if people talked that way about you and your loved ones and wished bad things on you?? Seriously, grow up!

                1. Then they don’t need to go on TV shows. They aren’t your friends or family so get off your pedestal. If you don’t like it, don’t read the comments. Get over yourself.

          1. But Dick’s comments were so low. Even if it’s how you feel, family should always comes first. He should of just said no comment when it came to his daughter. No father of the year awards there.

        2. the voting just showed how small & petty the olddies are, shelly was just trying to get back in jeff & jordons good graces…adam, good man you voted right. rachels been there before, played with a partner so the game was stacked in her favor from the start. what kind of social game is having a break down everytime things didnt go her way. porsche started off slow ended up fast & is perfectly happy with $50k & when she moves to hollywood she can use that dress as a curtain. jeff was a shoe in for the fav…he has some charm that personally i find annoying. would’ve been cool to see dani & rachel pulling hair in a drag down dress ripping fight. rachel would lose & cry. brendon turned out to be pretty cool.

          finally…simon & dawg another stellar job you gents are the best at this spoiler stuff thanks for your time & effort. post a picture be great to see what you guys look like. have a great rest of the year.

        3. Bye-bye. You won’t be missed here next summer. I can’t imagine anyone wants to hear your whining. Go sit in time-out if you want to throw a fit.

      1. Oh, please. You know you’ll be back. Too bad Porsche won anything; she didn’t even deserve the $5,000 stupidity reward for opening Pandora’s box. They should’ve taken it back when she failed to evict Rachel. And talk about stupid — the almighty Dani voted for Porsche to win?! No wonder she was the second player voted to the jury. Her dad took her brain with him when he left week one. Did anyone else notice how she practically had no voice the entire finale?

        1. Well, Porsche played a better social game, by not isolating herself, like Rachel and Jordan did. She placed better overall in competitions when competing against Jeff and Rachel. And she played a pivital roll in removing Jeff and Jordan. She got to final 3 despite obstacles from production. If she didn’t blow that last HOH, she would have had a strong case. Her speech was even better than Rachel’s. Yes, Rachel defied odds, but with the help of production.

          1. HElP of Production??????? I am sorry but Porsche had the game won but her greed and NOT production cost her! Rachel won every endurance competition and was the Strongest player in the house period!

              1. Yes, production does put together Pandora’s box yet, no one held a gun to Porsche’s head to open it. She was in a pivital position, first HOH for the newbies in a while yet, when she saw $$$, she decided that was better than nothing and she took it. You should feel bad for her for being so stupid, just as stupid as Dani. It was HER decision to play for a paltry $5K instead of $500K. She is selfish and extremely short sighted. She even said to Kalia before hand that if there was a PB, she would be dumb to open it since she was in a great position. Yet, she did it anyway. Nobody to blame but herself & certainly not production.

                1. When Rachel had her PB, when she saw Tori Spelling, she considered Adam’s feelings in her decision. She said Adam would kill her if she didn’t let him meet her. Yet, according to some people (Dani/Porsche fans), she is just one step shy of Atilla the Hun. FYI, once the original cat ladies left the site, the Dani/Porsche fans took over and became the cat ladies yet pointed fingers at everyone else when they had no better comeback.

                  1. There’s still plenty of Original and new age Cat People (Drink) on this site.. Much like the term “Floater” (drink) the term “Cat lady” (drink) has morphed into something new. Basically this new breed of “Cat Lady” (Drink) is anyone who worships a houseguest no matter what they do. There’s instances of “cat Lady” (Drink) behavior in every fan niche, Dani fans, JJ fans and rachel fans. However I am starting to find that the JJR fans have coalesced into something called a “Super Cat Lady” (Drink Drink) and they out number all the other cat people 1 zillion to one.

                    I think the only reason JJ fans are called cat people (drink) is because they have the most fans and therefore have a larger slice of the cat population on their side. the proportion is the same with dani and Rachel. the difference is Dani and rachel have less fans and therefore less cat people (drink) . The phenomenon we’re seeing now is really quite fascinating albeit a little scary all the Cat people (drink) from JJ and R have formed to create the largest (By number not percentage of composition) of cat people and they are hammering the blogs and forums like all good cat people (Drink) should.

                    In summary JJR fans are NOT ALL CAT PEOPLE (dirnk) they have the same PERCENTAGE of cat fans as everyone else except they have a larger fan base and from the looks of things they are interbreeding casuing all sorts of crazy for big brother 14..

      2. Why shouldn’t Rachel have won? Explain please.

        Aside from the issues at the beginning with her. She played a very good game as competitors go. As many times as she repeated she self in her speeches, she did fight and claw her way though the game when almost everyone in the house was against her. Yes, Porshe won games but only after the stronger players were out. They only person the Porshe was responsible for getting out of the house was Jorden not a big play.

        1. That’s head on. Porche kept patting herself on the back for winning, but that’s it – she had gotten out all but one of the strong competitors! All she had to do was try and beat Rachel…and she didn’t do that often.

      3. Good riddance, big baby. Things don’t go your way so you pack up your toys and go home. Porsche & Kalia got $5K and she has no one to blame but herself for opening Pandora’s box. Greed won over reason and, since Porsche doesn’t have much of a brain, she couldn’t use reason. What’s really funny is that she said she isn’t very good at verbal stuff yet she wants to be an actress/show host. She doesn’t appear to have any credentials for either except her marginal looks, unlike Kalia, who has actually done theater.

    1. I can’t believe a bitch won and, another bitch was the single deciding vote. C’est la vie. Dick shouldn’t expect to spend this Thanksgiving with his daughter, that’s for sure. Thanks again Simon & Dawg, for a site that was more interesting than the show! Cheers!! :-)

      1. See… Anon #1 and StephieP could both learn a lesson from you DR in how to assuage your disappointment and anger with sarcasm and wit. If you’re going to bitch about the outcome, at least make me laugh.

        Well done!

    2. Well, I can’t believe a bitch won and, another bitch was the single deciding vote. C’est la vie. Dick shouldn’t expect to spend this Thanksgiving with his daughter, that’s for sure. Thanks again Simon & Dawg, for a site that was more interesting than the show! Cheers!! :-)

    3. YEA, PORSCHE LOST and RACHEL WON THE $500,000!!!!!!!!!! Rachel was so deserving and to bad she had to go to final 3 with Adam and Porsche!!! Loved how Evil Dick even threw Dani under the bus tonight saying what dumb moves she made, and at least Shelly finally did something right and voted for Rachel to win.

    4. This season was so predictable. It was all about ratings. The 2 couples were so obnoxious and it took away from the soul of the game. Rachel and whats his name have a sick relationship and who wants to see that. Of course the redheaded fake cheep ass won…………………that is what BB wanted from the get go

      1. I am glad Rachel won, she worked her heart and soul out to win that game. Don’t hate the players…it is personalizing it too much.. Why don;t you sign up for next year? Have some respect for women other than calling them a dog in heat. Yea, that’s classy.

      2. the soul of the game??? did you forget that twists are what the game has developed into? I guess you weren’t around for season 4 when they had the X factor. and also that All stars was already alliance determined from the beginning with season 6 vs everyone else.

    5. Wish Poshia would’ve have one, but leather face shelly messed that up.. Shellys gotta be bi-polar, she was all over the place in the game.. but thankfully the worst player and biggest douche Adam didnt make it to the final two. Wonder if Jeff returned Adams balls after the show???? Sorta sucks that evil Rachel won.. but it was a given, the production team was pulling her the RATchel.

  1. Thank you for all of the hours that you have put in to make this site, Online Big Brother, the best Big Brother site on the internet. The season was not bad like many of the posters say, you made it better! Now, just want Rachel to win.
    Now I have to have my Big Brother withdrawal, gets worse each year. But I do check back here once a week, just in case!
    Love you guys!
    Thank you for all you do!

      1. CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL you truly deserved it unlike the two losers that were with you in the FINAL TWO!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU and hope you and Brendon are very HAPPY TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. The only time either of them are tolerable is when they are apart. They have no chemistry and zero chance of having a happy marriage. Unless together, they are completely different outside the BB house, it will be a violatile and dysfunctional marriage. But hey, I will give them credit, they will try marriage at least. JJ will never walk down that aisle, there is no love there.

          Jusy sayin…

    1. Dawg and Simon, thank you so very much for your hard work. Now just be sure to make up for the lost sleep. I will look for you next summer. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Dawg and Simon for all the work you guys do to bring us this great spoilers site!!! Can’t wait for next summer and an all new Big Brother. See ya there ? =)

  3. I’m sure Rachel will take it, but I’m hoping for Porsche. I feel like she was the underdog the whole season. Sure, Rachel was a big target, but she was much more protected by Brendon and the vets… and the floaters to the vets side (Shelly and Adam). BUT I would not be upset if Rachel took it … as long as Adam and Jordan didn’t win I’m fine!!!!! Thank you so much Simon!!!!! Great website and will continue to support it!

    1. Same here. I’d like Porsche to win as I’ve always been a sucker for the underdog. But I won’t be upset if Rachel wins. I don’t really mind Adam, but I don’t feel like he’s really played this year and would be disappointed if he wins.

      1. So true! Porsche was a horrible player.. she never talked game… she just wanted to ‘chill with her roomates’ LOLLLL
        Congrats Rachaaaaaaaaaal

      2. I agree how was Porsche the underdog? When she won competitions she made decision that Dani would have wanted! She was dumb as a box of rocks. She never had to fight to stay. She was no better then Adam in that she was on Rachels side when Rachel stood up for her but when Rachel needed her she bailed until she again needed Rachel. Way to go Rachel u beat all odds even t
        Changing Danis mind to keep u which was the turning point for you!

  4. I know its been asked before but I forgot to save the link … what is the site that plays BB episodes live in real time? I am currently without a TV due to flood damage and I’d like to watch tonight, thanks! :)

  5. Go rachel she the only person in the house that desveres to win damn porsche and adam got pushed thower to whole game and rachel wilif she don’t adam should but she got enough jury votes and go rachel bc she wins the first part of the hoh than the second one porsche wins and I hope the last and final part rachel wins and if she’s smart she will take adam!!!!

  6. Go Porsche and Rachel, Adam has been playing for 3rd place ALL SEASON beyond JJ following them like a dog, let him win 3rd as he’s worked so hard for it….

    1. I don’t like to think that anyone is beyond help, but she sure as hell is. As for her winnings, she’s likely to spend a good chunk of it on plastic surgery, which will be a waste, as you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  7. Survivor is over & I change the channel :) Rigged Brother will never get ratings from me as long as AG is still in charge.

  8. I’m just sooooooo GLAD Jeff is gone and took his homophobic views with him. Jordan is a little B and I’m glad her spoiled butt is gone too! Both of them are HORRIBLE PEOPLE, just horrible, and I wish Julie Chen would talk to Jeff about his awful comments about gays, but we live in America, so we don’t talk about stuff like that on national television.


        1. OK Junior, nap time!

          Hey Simon, don’t you have to be 18 years of age or older to participate on this site!! If not, I think juvenile comments, such as this one, would be reason enough for enforcing an age restriction. There could be a standard set of questions administered via the Internet, used to establish the maturity level at least of potential users of such sites. Hell, we have aptitude tests, driving tests, IQ tests, and a myriad of other pertinent tests in place for assessment purposes. (I jest of course, but ………….. only slightly!)

          1. I think the questions asked should be – Are you a JJ fan? Then we could get those people outta here. If they pass that question we should start asking questions about geography. I won’t get all sanctimonious however I know a great deal of people from a certain country who do not know certain basic locations and that would be neat. Then if they pass that, I know they won’t but if they do we can sort of jump them in.

            1. LMAO! That would work too. Oh hell, please tell me you’re a fellow Canuck?! You’re dry wit is all too familiar …. and appreciated. Though I’ve found many kindred spirits in my neighbours to the south who post on this site. Cheers!

                1. Hahaha! You’ll never pass the Cdn. citizenship test singing our anthem while using those lyrics. The jig is up bro! Pop quiz: what does “none of it” (phonetically spelled) translate into if you’re a true Cdn?

                  1. DR- I don’t know if I would qualify as a bro even though I walk around like I have a load in my pants. Luckily I would not have to take a test. Smiling pretty would never get my my american citizenship so I could be on BB. I’ll have to try harder

                    1. Well then “Sis”, should you ever, by some miracle, make it on BB (Canada vs U.S.??), learn from previous BB’s mistakes and don’t sleep in too much, nor with anyone (unless like RB, you don’t mind the cameras capturing it all, nor disgusting your fellow HGs with you stains), not eat too much (TV & 10 lbs … you’ll be called a porker even of you look fine), don’t smoke too much (but if you do, find a less freakish way to smoke and look than S did ….. wild!!), don’t swear too much (you’ll sound uneducated & like someone who just needs to get laid), don’t have psychotic episodes (you’ll be exploited, rightly so, for the nut job you would be …. and men in white jackets would, rightly so, cart you away when the show was done), never come on with a really mean relative who has a love-hate relationship with you (could make for “awkward” family get-togethers). Oh yes, and never talk about how brilliant you are nor what amazing contribution to society you’re going to make (ya just end up looking like an ass). But other than that, you’d have my vote for favourite player!

            2. So, in other words, you want the game fixed for your favorite players and want to ban anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Why don’t you just start your own hate site and get it over with? **sniffle, sniffle, cry cry** Big baby can’t take anyone disagreeing with you I guess.

              1. BB – you hit the nail on the head. Bet you’re glad I don’t run this site or your post would never show up. Why are you crying? Is it because Jeff took your rhinestone earrings again?

                1. Exactly. I wasn’t crying, I was imitating you. And, of course, you don’t run this site because it is fair, unlike you who would like to censor comments you don’t like. Obviously a control freak too because, how DARE someone disagree with you? I guess you believe that everyone has a right to YOUR opinion, yet they aren’t allowed to have one of their own. Oh, and I know geography too, so I guess that shoots down that theory too.

                    1. sorry simon, I’ll be a good girl from now on. I thought I was being humorous but alas the crazy cat people refuse to see my brilliance.

      1. Hahaha, you’re right, it just sucks that BB was hiding it from the public. Guarantee he would not have won public vote if BB had shown his homophobic ass on national television. And just because you have the freedom of speech, does not mean you have the freedom of hate. Go ahead and support the cause for thousands of cases of homophobic violence, killings, and suicides, brought on and supported by idiotic people like Jeff and apparently yourself. It is not right to hate!

        1. How about you shut your Heterophobic mouth? You talk about him not accepting certain things about gays and come here on a rampage of hate towards him… I have no sympathy for you.

          1. Heterophobic? You’re an idiot. Familiarize yourself with what Jeff has said in both his seasons and then come back to the table to talk with adults. Its nothing compared to what I have said. You obviously have not been through what I have, and I require zero sympathy from you. I am here to aggressively inform and insert my views, just as you did. Sounds like you’re having a hissy fit.

            1. If only one statement was all we had to go on, but Canadian Bacon has been making idiotic statements for months now. Actually, his posts come off as something that a moron like Jordan would write. His views are as twisted and warped as the Rachel fans out there that think she’s a good person. So with her winning, it maybe a couple of years now before her debut in the porn industry.

          2. You’re looking at this site as some place to simply empathize with the cast of BB. I’m sure you’ve given some less than flattering comments on this site about cast members. Stop pontificating and enjoy the site for what it is, a place for people to give their opinions about cast members, not to chastise non-cast members for enjoying the drama on BB. If you want a healthy debate, fine. However, you’re sounding as melodramatic as R. Jeff’s comments have been inappropriate on many occasions and, what you say and feel in private is one thing (although some homophobic people act on their feelings in ways that can be devastating for others) but, allowing such comments to air on national television is irresponsible, on the part of BB Productions and CBS.

        2. Ummm, they did show it. He has a right to his opinion and so what if he doesn’t like homosexuals. THAT in and of its self does not make him a hater or bad person. You nor I have any idea why he has his opinion.

          Jeff is a stand up guy with character and ethics. He plays an honest game.

          1. It’s not just that he doesn’t “like” homosexuals, he has some really skewed hateful views towards homosexuals and has used several slurs and made several comments that were never aired on National TV. I don’t know why he is such a hateful person towards gays, but he is and that’s a fact. His gameplay was horrible by the way, he had a second chance and couldn’t make it any further. His bullying tactics and delusional contradictory statements were not playing to his favor.

            1. I agree, Jeff is a bully and talks down to Jordan. He got through this game by bullying people to throw comps or vote for whom he wanted out. Americas choice, I disagree. I doubt they watch the live feeds. I liked him on his first season til this season I got bbad, live feeds and reading this online blog….I saw him in a different light. He’s a douche! Jus sayin!

              1. how weak do you think women are, a man raises his voice and that makes him a bully, I have news for you, if someone yells at me I will yell back

                1. What the hell was wrong with Jordan tonight, and why did no one call her out on it. She was so jealous it was pathetic. When she said that Porsche only walked around in a bikini and cooked all summer – that was at least one more thing than Jordan did all summer. Why, why did no one call her out on her comments?

            2. if they were never aired, then how do you know there were any? I don’t like bullying of any kind but never saw any “hate” talk via Jeff so please show me the evidence. I don’t research contestants, it is a tv show after all.

        3. LOL you sound like BB11 Chima saying anyone who didn’t evict Braden was supporting and promoting racism.

          Take a chill pill, drama queen.

        1. Is it because Jeff was falsely portrayed in the season? And if you think that fighting hate towards gay people is being “bitter”, then you have never experienced what I and several gay people that I know have gone through That is quite possibly the most understated word for my feelings towards Jeff.

        2. I can not stand Jeff! He is a ass and a bully! What idiots voted him Americas favorite? Rachel and brendon aren’t as bad as Jeff and Jordan.

          1. Get a freakin’ life douche bag. Stop whining about poor homosexuals. You’re nauseating and pathetic. YOUR the one with Hate Speech. You are discriminating against him!

            1. I do have a life, and supporting gay rights is a part of it.
              Unfortunately for you, your life consists of posting contradictory comments that hold no merit.
              Yes, I am hating on Jeff for hating on me and the gay community. I take direct actions towards this issue. I am no MLK Jr or Ghandi for that matter. Sometimes it requires fire to fight fire, and believe me, it’s not the easiest path.
              Break it down, you’re mad because Jeff discriminated against gays, I called him out on it, and you then discriminate towards me. That’s really contradictory, I’m not sure how you didn’t realize that before you posted your comment. And please go look up the definition of discrimination. You are not using it right.
              Thanks for being a role model on hate speech!

              1. I think you should read the definition of “discrimination” over his shoulder while he looks it up, if you’re accusing him of discriminating against you.

                I understand your words and certainly IRL can sympathize with the cause you claim, but you’re certainly not doing yourself any favors trying so hard to be a victim. And before you get all over-dramatic on me for using the “v” word on you, let me clarify that I speak only in terms of interactions on here that I have read. I do not know you and have no idea what you may or may not have gone through in life, so I don’t call into question your RL struggles; but insofar as your posts on here go, you’ve done nothing but frame yourself as being up against the firing squad every time someone says something in disagreement with you, when all the while you’re blasting everyone with a flamethrower.

                Oh… and before you get a chance to take THAT comment out of context, allow me to rebut by saying that the “flamethrower” remark is very much intended rhetorically and has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. The only question is… are you gonna take the bait? :)

              2. Are you kidding me? You have a life, I does not look like it from where I sit. Everyone has an opinion, just like your an ass! That’s an opinion too! It a game, and Jeff and other have opinions. That’s the American way. Move overseas if you don’t like it.

    1. Jeff is a gay hater. Come on you know it, just because you have a boner for him doesn’t make it more untrue. You hate yourself. It is a proven fact. Don’t hate, masturbate. It’s okay, come on out of the closet, Jeff would hate you but I’d be your friend.

      1. I’m pretty sure ur comments are hateful but we don’t have a camera on u for everyone to see. Ur hiding behind a cOmputer like a coward and make ur tough comments. I’ve read these comments all throughout and still like Jeff. He made some comments without any intended malice. But some people like to create more hate by being ignorant themselves. Calling people dumb, stupid, fat…. That’s all hate and I saw so much of this here. It’s my first time reading this or any site instead of watching only the edited version, but I have to saw–I have seen so much negativity and hate here. It’s one thing to make comments about game play but some things are horrible. I did enjoy the time that was made in this site. But I’ll stick to the sites without comments.

        1. First off, please stick to the sites without comments. You neither offered any views, support, or facts on the subject nor did you state any case other than hateful comments. Which, please go back and read your second sentence, and then preach about hate and contradictory statements while you’re at it. LOL. Again, please stick to sites without comments and stay in your perfect untouched world, which i guess is your room.

        2. Agreed Jeffishorrible..calling ppl cowards bc they call it like they see it. So me, GTFOH with thay shit. If watched more than the cbs show, you ll see how big of an ass Jeff is.

    2. LOL, youre first words reflect your whole post. Go back and familiarize yourself with this season and the previous season. He has used fag, faggot, homo, he thinks homosexuality should not be in book and homosexuals should not teach kids. If you agree with him, please try to defend your views against me instead of writing no-nonsense hateful comments. People can’t make it ten lines before backtracking or just shutting up. I’m guessing your’s will be one line.

      1. your opinion is one of many and should be heard like everone elses. my son is gay and he watches the live feeds as do i and he didnt particularly care for jeffs views, but at the same time he put it to me like this… alot of people dont care for my views. but he liked him so that being said there was still likeability in the guy enough so to still get votes for 25k……. oh yeah JEFFISHORRIBLE you will never solve hate with hate… just sayin

        1. Thank you for your comments. As you can tell, I don’t get many comments that actually have consistency.
          Sorry, but I didn’t see any likeability in Jeff, especially after his homophobic comments. These are not comments to lay down and be walked over with.
          I am no MLK Jr. I am more like the Black Panthers. I deal with these issues directly and head on and I think that both parties were needed for the civil rights movement.
          While your son can like Jeff, through my discriminating/hateful/violent experiences and the experiences of several of my gay friends, I cannot support a person who uses slurs and epithets to belittle the gay community.
          This is the second year CBS has allowed this behaviour from Jeff without playing it. I understand how you think I’m responding with hate, but it’s more of fighting back. A lot of people use strong words for this issue and I have to be able to fight back. Hate would be sending death threats and such. Applying my opinions to my comments on a BB thread is not hate.
          I will willingly converse with anyone who presents a viable comment, but as you can see, that hasn’t happened. You can see the hate I’ve received. And I’m tired of it and I will not back from it. So keep it coming and please don’t throw any sympathy or pity my way, because I do not need it.
          It’s not a fight for everyone, but it’s definitely my fight!~

          1. Go you! You’re such a martyr, asking for no pity or sympathy (and then immediately lashing out with angry rhetoric at anyone who doesn’t entirely support you)!

            Question: when are they gonna finish your bronze statue for the Smithsonian?

    3. how is that not saying anything against gays. gays shouldn’t be in child books….why not? are they bad role models b/c they’re gay? as long as the character not playing grab ass with the kids i don’t see the problem. the problem with it is that if it wasn’t revealed that dumbledore was gay and the book stay the same he wouldn’t care.

      1. So, in Jeff’s world we would keep kids away from gay adults. So how does this work, anyone found to be gay be removed from positions where they come in contact with children? Or do we remove the children from the situation? So if we all viewed life through Big Jeff’s eyes, do we remove the priests that are found to be gay from the churches or prevent children from attending church? What about school teachers? Does this also apply towards positions that they have a small degree of interaction with kids as well? Do we prevent anyone that is suspected of being gay from working in the fastfood industry, entertainment centers and sporting events Should we conduct a nationwide investigation and remove all gays from such positions? At what age is it alright for kids to be around gays? I wonder what jobs a gay man could have in Big Jeff’s narrow-minded world? If any?

        Jeff’s “fans” can defend him all they want, but they can’t defend his stance on homosexuality. I used to be a Jeff fan, but since Season 11, I started to follow this site and BBAD and see him for what he truly is, not how CBS tries to portray him.

          1. Actually those weren’t suggestions, it was an attempt to show how stupid Jeff’s views are. However, I am not surprised that JJ fan’s aren’t bright enough to realize that on their own.

  9. OH WOW. From the looks of it, if came down to porshe and rachel. Rachel might even get shelly’s vote! HAHA. That will add to her Brendon,Jeff,Jordan votes.

  10. JEFF you’re an IDIOT. You just defended Rachel for being a floater, but I guess those rules don’t apply with Porsche or Adam. I guess you’re too stupid to think of noncontradictory statements. You and Jordan both have 1/8 of a brain, if that, and together it doesn’t come close to a full brain. You’re bullying is rude and intrusive and uncalled for. Go Kalia!!! I wish someone would punch him in the face!

    1. You’re the Idiot, the people you like are toads. Kalia . . . please, if talking and eating like a pig was a comp she is a winner. Porsche . . . she wasn’t the biggest floater, but her butt got bigger as the summer went on. Funny that you think everyone dislikes Jeff, but they voted him 25K twice and your people only got votes from their family and you. Loser!

    2. I find it absolutely RIDICULOUS that the some of the jury members were saying that Rachel was a floater – she was anything but that,

      1. Yea to say Rachel was a floater is just silly. I am not a Rachel fan and wanted Porshe to win….but to say she was a floater is wrong. She won more comps then anyone. There truly was only one floater and that was Adam. For him to think he is an All Star is just as silly. He had zero game. I too was surprised at Adams vote. His vote proved that he never stood by his convictions or what he said he believed in.

        Everyone is saying how Smelly did the right thing….She voted the way she did to appease Jeff and Jordan….a way to make up for what she did. I dont believe for one second that she voted with conviction and who she believed actually should win. Thats not to say Rachel deserved to win….she did.

        Dani was right about Rachel, Rachel had hateful words for a lot of people in the house. Her display of outlandish behavior speaks for itself. It is a shame because without Brendon she was actually likeable. Her relationship with Brendon is toxic at best. But who am I to judge.

        Last thing, anyone else notice that CBS during the recap of the season failed to mention how Rachel and Jordan escaped eviction with the “duo-twist”? I for one was really disapointed in the way this season was handled. First, it was set up for a vet to win. The votes were stacked against any other HG from the beginning. These people already played the game. They absolutely had a unfair advantage. Production had to know that they would form an aliance. I would hope that CBS learned some things from this year.

      2. they keep getting erased because you keep posting them.. are you new to posting on OBB?

        If you’re new to posting on here I would be glad to explain how posts are moderated and how the automated filter system works. Sometimes people posts trip the alarm and they end up in a filtered folder. (This process is automated)

        A human being called simon or dawg sometime reads sometimes jsut scans all comments before they approve them on the site.

        1. Actually, no. I have posted many times but the page never finishes loading. I can leave it loading, literally, for hours and all I get is a white page or the header unless I refresh. It’s the only site in which I have this problem and it occurs with the stories too. They won’t completely load and I have to keep refreshing and it is not because I haven’t waited long enough. Sorry, no offense to you or Dawg. I just have had these problems since day 1 and it gets frustrating. I am starting to learn to copy my message before I hit Submit so I don’t have to try to remember what I said.

            1. I use Firefox but I will try Chrome next time. I do truly appreciate all of your hard work. This is my first year on spoiler sites and I love it! I don’t know what I am going to do without it, actually. Sorry I can’t donate this year due to unemployment but I will donate extra next year if I am *hopefully* working. You and Dawg do a fantastic job and are the most thorough of the 3 I read. Looking forward to next year. You guys get some rest!

              1. Thanks I appreciated the complement and the feedback. We’ve had some issues with the server load this year something I’m going to start to overhaul in the new year.

    1. Dani is such a vindictive person. Even Evil Dick thought her game move was a bad move. My jaw dropped at hearing her telling Rachel that R was lucky not on a personality contest! Are you serious, Dani? Such a loser!

    1. She is just crazy..she just wont admit she was the weekest player the whole season…ugggg makes me want to pull MY hair out….such an entitled bitch

    2. Jordan did even less than Porsche she shouldn’t be talking shit, she just mad her alliance didn’t carry her to that money like she planned. HAHAHAH More reason Shelly should get the 25k she made sure Little Jeffrey and his Idiot didn’t win…

      1. Jordan did not do less than Porsche. Jordan talked more strategy than Porsche’s 2 effing minutes. Jordan also formed alliances and played a strong social game.. Porsche just FLOATEEEEEEEED and COASTED.

        Jordan at least tried to paly.. instead of bake and sleep.

  11. Hmmm…Did Kalia just shut Jeff down in the Jury house meeting? LMAO

    It will be interesting if its Porsche and Rachel in the Final 2. Adam will definitely be the deciding vote.

    1. I don’t think so. He put her back in her place by saying that “I guess the show is over now.” because Kalia seems to think she controls everything, even when the discussion ends. She is so full of herself and her abilities it’s ridiculous. It is true that all she did is eat and sleep, which is why she couldn’t drag her lazy ass through the donut competition. She was breathing hard the first time she went through and moved like a pig in slop. She is another one who’s face I would like to see when she reads these comments. She obviously thinks, like Adam, that she was seriously popular and was loved by all. LOL

  12. OMG Jordan STILL wont give Porsche any credit…How can she sit there and say she hadnt done anything…Jordan you couldnt and didnt do Sh*T!!!! This girls arogance has no limits!

  13. well the final episode of this season is on now .. still torn on how i truly felt about this season somedays I looked forward to nothing more then coming over here to check out the spoilers ( and read the comments of you fascinating people) and otgher days I just want to bang my head on the keyboard at the insanity of it all ..(and at the bat shit craziness of the cat people)|

    so good people I say adieu, until next year .. DAWG .SIMON YOU KNOW YOU GUYS ROCK and truly look forward to next year . so good people raise a glass to Simon and Dawg , lift your cups to our fellow posters , and hoist your libations to a better season next year.

  14. I believe this was the first time EVER Rachel showed true emotion in the house. Her fake tears and drama queen ways were a turn off. It was nice to see her be human instead of her fake over processed ways.

    1. The jury decideded the questions,not Jordan,so stfu and know wtf your talking about before showing your true uneducated ignorance!!!!!!!!

      1. You might be right, even though Jordan said the very same thing as soon as Porsche’s name was brought up, then she read it verbatim from the card. So it was either her question (which would be coming off as bitter) or that she knew to say that because she read it off a cue card which would support two theories…Either she’s too dumb to think of anything to ask and has to be told what to say. Or that she does nothing unless someone else tells her what to do (which would suggest she did nothing this summer). I think its a combo of being brainless and bitter, now that is the Jordan I am used to seeing by now.

    2. I know! I was thinking WOW still being catty Jordan?? Bikini and Nothing… Isn’t that all YOU dis both seasons? Agh I’m glad I’m not forced to watch her anymore after tonight

      1. Yes, thankfully you will no longer be held at gunpoint to watch Jordan on Big Brother. Your team lost, get over it, maybe go get a little fresh air.

      2. You are SOOOO wrong. On season 11, she ate a lot of cookie dough. This season, she twirled her hair alot. She does soo much more than just sit around in a bikini being dumb.

      1. No, not evil, just incredibly stupid and unaware of her own actions. To hear her say someone else has done nothing in this game is unreal. I imagine in her broken little brain, she’s an all-star elite level player in the BB house and that she is close to winning every comp. Wow, she needs a dose of reality, STAT

        1. Well lets hope your daughter grows up to be just like Porsche,since she’s such a great person and has soooo much class and respect for herself.

          1. Compared to Rachel, Porsche is practically a girl scout. And yes, I would definitely rather my daughter to grow up to be like Porsche over Rachel. I would be appalled if my daughter, or even a niece of mine acted like Rachel does. Having sex on tv isn’t role model behavior. Nor is coming to in an alley half naked clutching hundys. Sorry, but she’s a horrible example for young women. I would say Jordan isn’t a great role model either. I would want any daughter or niece of mine to understand the value in intelligence and having a sense of self worth. I wouldn’t encourage them to be in a relationship with someone like Jeff. They should have a strong enough sense of self worth to not let some guy belittle them all the time. I could say the same about Brendan. I also wouldn’t want my daughter to think that you get far in this life by being dumb and pretty. Would rather she learn that you have to work for it, like most people have to do. Sitting around and dumbing into money doesn’t happen often, actually it seems to only happen in the BB house.

  15. wow what a load of bs that came out of Rachel’s mouth, kissing Kalia’s ass to get her vote, no Rachel Kalia would not of won the game if you didnt evict her

    1. so true. K would not have won. JJBS were going to vote together no matter what/S vote with them cuz she love them (blah). R was stroking K ego
      K still voted for P

      1. Come on. Anyone with half a brain cell can see Jeff loves Jordan for herself, not her money and vice versa.

        1. Umm, he may like her alot as a friend, but he is not in love with her. JJ fans, there will never be a wedding date, because they are not a couple. Sorry, but it’s true. Someday you will learn to accept this…

          1. Yep. Jeff loves Jordan as a friend.
            I think maybe because so many people don’t have “real” friends they can’t understand that. Jordan is beautiful so then most people can’t perceive a man “only” wanting to be her friend. …..however, underneath Jeff’s ego to want to be right all the time….he is a decent guy….and he truly loves Jordan as a friend and vice versa. I could see Jeff getting married…and Jordan being his best friend in the wedding party.
            They are not going to tell the public this because they are milking the money out of it…and why not…it is not hurting anyone. The only issue will be if America hears that Jeff or Jordan are dating someone else.

            Although, I was not that crazy about JJ this season, I truly truly appreciate their friendship. …again some people don’t have real friends…so then they wouldn’t understand their relationship….some people just date…and never consider the opposite sex for friendship….especially if the person is super attractive. JJ are both very attractive people…and yes —they are only friends and they do love each (as friends though).

            1. I disagree. Jordan said many times that you don’t have to be all over each other to be in love. Also that she wasn’t going to embarass herself or her family by doing anything with Jeff on TV. Apparently, they are moving in together in LA. Don’t call me a crazy cat lady either. Just pointing out the facts.

      2. Whoa! Didn’t know that. I thought she was a strong minded woman. Staying with a cheater is one thing, but staying with a man that cheated with a man, is unacceptable! Weak woman.

        1. He didn’t actually cheat with a man. He (and James, another BB alum) were set up by man dressed as a woman and jerked off to him/her online, which they then posted online. Not exactly the same thing as knowingly sleeping with a man in person.

          1. Oh, that makes it soo much better. WTF…sorry, but what he did is the actions of a desperate man. Even more pathetic was the apology over the internet. I still watch that when I need a laugh.

            Brendan should just tattoo a big L on his forehead.

      3. You are an idiot. First off Jeff won his own money and second Jordan used her money to buy a house so how did Jeff get any of her money?

    1. People just act crazy when they’re stressed out. Out of BB, Brendon is a target no more. BTW, BR just showed everybody why couples/BF+GF should not work in the same company. Can you see how much the BB fans are stunned when Rachel just came out and became clingy on Brendon, not even the applause can go btw Rachel and her man. Wow, she was really telling the truth!

  16. Can someone please back hand Jordan…ohhh she just kills me….Girl coming home i hope folks put you in your place… Hell if i see you out and about i might school you myself!

  17. I believe Jordan was threaten by Cassi and Porsche’s looks and that Jeff would be tempted. She is definitely insecure. Probably the least sincere person of all the houseguests.

        1. what are you talking abt lmao. Jordan’s wayyy prettier than Porsche. And Jordan cried when she had to nominated Cassi and Shelly because she knew Cassi was going to go home…

      1. Intelligence…I can’t speak for all men, but I know most prefer a woman with a brain. That narrows down the field that would be interested in Jordan for a relationship. Sure alot would tap that, but wouldn’t want to date her. She’s a bootie call type of woman. Not the marrying and having kids with type. Seriously, who would risk her lack of intelligence being passed along to their child.

    1. We have a winner for the funniest-because-it’s-from-so-far-out-of-left-field-and-misses-the-bullseye-by-two-galaxies comment of the night!

    2. No. rewatch the episodes. Jordan really liked Cassi. If Cassi had stayed in the house, she probably would have worked with JJ to get Rachael and Brenden out.
      Jordan put Cassi up because she did not want to ruffle Rachael’s feathers. Jordan kept saying over and over, “I got to stick with my alliance”
      had Jordan put RB up instead of CS,then R or B would have been evicted because this happened after Dom won Veto. Jeff told Jordan to do what she wanted to….and Jordan seemed really scared to go against BR. In the beginning episodes EVERYBODY was afraid of BR except for Dani…this is why fans split …because viewers were loving Dani’s spunk and courage to be different.

      Rachael and Portia are the key people that wanted Cassi out. This is true. …but mainly Rachael because Cassi would not bow down and kiss her booty.
      Yea Cassi!

  18. Ugh. The jury just voted … I *know* Rachel is going to win. :| Adam is so annoying! PLEASE CBS DO NOT INVITE HIM BACK FOR ALL-STARS. I’d even rather have Shelly back (yes, I said it!)

    1. LOL!

      What happened to Adam saying that he was going to vote for whoever won the last HOH? What a FLAKE! ADAM YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE FLOATER!

      I agree PLEASE CBS DON”T BRING HIM B A C K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. On Evel Dick’s backyard interview, Adam said he saw Shelly’s vote when she was putting her key in. Since Rachel had already clinched it, he gave P a sympathy vote.

        1. Do you believe that?
          I think it’s a bunch of shit! He is a floater in real life too. He said he would vote for whoever won the final HOH because they deserved it and he waffled on that as well. WHAT A LOOOOOOSSSSSSEEEEERRRRRR!

    2. I don’t think we have to worry about Atom coming back. Once he gets out of the house and realizes how poorly he was recieved by the BB fans, he is going to need years of therapy. I truly feel that he believed that he would have a large following and that he is regarded as an all star candidate. His world is going to be turned upside down if he reads the comments. I tried very hard to like the guy, he just refused to play the game. He opted for the wallflower role. He had opportunities to make some moves, but he lacked the testicular fortitude. Poor Atom, he can reflect back on what could have been.

  19. Comment: hope rachel wins it she deserves it she played a better game. And danny u r an ugly person inside n out, ur just pissed that rachel played a better game than u. Goooo rachel

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Her venom was spewing through my big screen.

      She is a disgusting human being. I hope she gets what she deserves. Oh wait, she did. She did win. Rachel did YAY!

  20. DirecTV dropped the show at about 10:30 … other channels are on. Cancelling it tomorrow … tired of all of their technical problems!!!!

  21. Im glad Dani stands up for herself..It wasnt Dicks game it was Dani’s and she is her own person. But as a mother of a 20 yr old..I really hope they can have a good relationship someday.

  22. I kinda think Dani is making an ass out of herself. She’s sitting there pouting & getting mad, rolling her eyes & kind of acting like a punk. She didn’t have to say that to Rachel on Live finale night in front of her family. Not a rachel fan just think that Dani could have a little more class. The game is over and it seems immature

  23. This is pure speculation and just the opinion and observation of some random chick that likes a reality show a bit too much ;) But, I get the feeling that Dani is really, really bitter. It’s like instead of owning to her own mistakes and realizing SHE may be the reason why she is where she is, she somehow spins all of this hate and cattiness towards Rachel. I totally get that Rachel has a crazy bitch side but she ”played” this game very well and I think so much more of her this season than last. Also, I haven’t seen the whole show tonight so I’m basing this on just some tidbits, but I just got a really icky feeling from Dani. Also, I don’t care what Kalia says: She is so far lodged up Dani’s ass. Anyway, it was nice hanging with you all this summer and especially to those that kept it nice and in check. See you next year! :) Thanks Simon and Dawg for your hard work.

    1. After a few days in the JH, Shelley figured out the only way to
      attempt friendships with J/J was to vote their way. She did exactly what
      J/J told her to do.

      1. But of course, JJ are your best friends as long as you do exactly what they want you to do. Their fans will like you too as long as your lips are attached to JJ’s ass. Shelly is the perfect example…early on, she’s a straight shooter, then she’s a backstabbing b1tch that their fans had to issue death threats againist her family, then she voted as JJ wanted and she was redeemed. Seriously, the crazy cat people are absolutely insane.

      1. I think the outcome would’ve been exactly the same. Rachel still would’ve won the veto and the next HOH. Shelley would’ve not won anything and gone out 4th or 5th.

    1. Agreed. This I will never understand … even today he proved how much of an idiot he is. “I don’t dislike Danielle … well, I do.” And the cougars think it’s funny. Such a douche.

    2. Just address me as madame’ and my favorites schooled your favorites!!!!! Rockstar I would verbally put you in your place To the point that you would beg me to stop!!!! You are “interesting”. Hahahahahahaha.

    3. And just who is more deserving, and don’t tell me Evil Dickless Danielle, who made dumb move after dumb move in the game. If you’re voting for a player, than it’s Brendon, Rachel or Jeff. If it’s a nice person Jordan wins. Best floater Adam. Biggest eater and talker Kalia wins. Porsche . . . more clueless than Jordan. The people who didn’t make jury were all clueless and worthless, so who do you think should have won, come on . . . make me laugh, I’m waiting.

      1. They asked to vote for the favorite, not the best player. I can’t lie to my gut. Jeff is really like a big brother and he is hot, period. I vote Rachel/Jeff 8:2.

    1. Most viewers of BB are women and they tend to vote for looks and confidence and the man that would most likely beat them if they were in a relationship together…they always go for the bad boys.

  24. OMG. Now I understand all the Shelly hate. I always thought Adam was the swing vote but it was fn Shelly. After she talked trash about her to her face… low self esteem for sure!

  25. WTG Rachel….it was twisted that Shelley voted for Rachel and that Adam voted for Porsche….if Shelley hadn’t flipped YET AGAIN, Porsche would have won…

    1. Shelly has always said she would never vote for Porsche and Adam is a true floater even in real life he waffles. He said he would vote for whoever won the final HOH.

  26. America’s Choice is RIGGED. RIGGED. It’s RIGGED. There is no way on this green earth that people voted for that bloody douche bag to win again. No way. It’s RIGGED!! I’m writing a letter. I demand a recount.

    1. Rockstar, lets just hope that he was paid the $25gs and we will never have to see him on BigBrother again! That is worth it to me.

    2. Christ Rockstar…you supposedly just show up and instantly start your lame rigged bullshit already.Your a fuk’n sore loser…are you saying this site is rigged also?The votes on here clearly show Jeff by a mile…Rach. even beat your beloved Dani in the polls!!!!!!!!

        1. How is Dani my beloved? What? I suspected it years ago and this year my suspicions have merit, you have a Jordon brain. It is pea sized with flotation devices to keep it in your head and not sliding down into your gut.

        1. BBX – it’s just Mario. I pay no mind to him at all. He’s been trying to touch my bum for years. He loves to call me out and try to get me to play with him. He is trying to get me to skype with him. It might be Brenden with a cellphone.

    3. It seemed like everyone knew who it was before Julie said it, even Jeff wasn’t surprised, but that;s the Big Brother Great Edit called “America’s Sweethearts” for you. Jeff didn’t do shit to earn that just like in his season, Shelly did more than JJ combined. He won both times because he’s good looking. Damn you lonely horny, delusional women.

    4. Even on this site the polls were showing Jeff leading. Just because you don’t like the outcome doesn’t mean it is rigged.

  27. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her, she deserved it. Adam is a poor sport.!!!!!!!!!!!! He said he would vote for her if she made it to the final 2 and then because she dosen’t take him , he voted for Porsche. He is full of sour grapes. So is Dani, both are poor losers, and they screwed themselves, no one is responisble for their losing but themselves . Adam thought he could win if he made it to the final 2, what a joke LOL LOL I bet people are killing themselves Jeff won favorite LOL

  28. The finale made me just hate Adam. Before I just didn’t care one way or the other but the way he kept trying to hog the spotlight…. sheesh. Maybe if he had been like this in the house, things would’ve been more exciting. Annoying. I just CANNOT see him on all-stars…. why does he automatically assume he’s gonna be chosen?

    And Dani/Dick…. wow, clearly some issues there.

    Also, I like Dani a lot but really thought she would’ve respected Rachel’s game and voted for her.

  29. Just want to say thanks Simon. This is the first year I found this site and it was great fun. Also a good way to voice.

    Hope to see you all next summer.

  30. Very happy Rachel won. Shelly shoot straigh in the end. I was surprised by how bitter and tacky Dani acted on the finale. Thank you for this site.

    1. This just delays Rachels new porn career by a couple of years. At least now, CBS won’t have to fund their wedding, they figured out a way to get out of that, push Rachel to a win on BB. Problem solved, as they had no way of selling a show of their wedding. Those that had BBAD got a taste of that trainwreck waiting to happen. I did like the foreshadowing that the trashbag wedding gave us.

  31. OMG Adam is really a jerk…he said he would vote for whoever won the part 3 competition and he is just SOUR GRAPES !!!! I’m so glad Shelly redeemed herself with Jeff and Jordan and gave Rachel her vote….she was the deciding vote and YAY RACHEL !!! you deserve it !!!! be happy with Brendan…..and congratulations on your wedding…DONT INVITE ADAM !!!!!

    thanks again Simon and Dawg… guys are great !!!


    I was team Rachel since first seeing her on season 12!!! I thought she was hilarious and in this season she was even better.
    gooooooooooo Rachel!!!

    I cannot believe those morons in Jury – Adam, Daniele and Kalia… I mean I understand Kalia, but Adam and Dani are supposed to be BB fans. How would they like it if people voted personally?? Effing lunatics I swear… that is why they are in Jury, they got 0 like they deserve!

    I hated Shelly but she just redeemed herself with that vote!!! Go Shelly! They only newbie with a brain!

  33. I’m shocked and disgusted Adumb gave his vote to Porche??????? It blew my mind
    Khalia just proved that she does whatever Dani does and she was playing dani’s game… She was talking in the jury house how her whole perception of Rachel changed & said Rachel was most deserving and then she votes for Porche (she’s Danielle’s puppet)..
    It didn’t make sense that Adam would vote porche after he threw her hard under the bus in his final speech SHOCKER…
    The right person won the $$$$ with who was left…

    1. if kalia and porsche were daniele’s puppet then shelly was jeff/jordan’s, yeah sure she turned on them but she obviously kissed ass and voted the way they wanted her to for rachel to win to get back on their good side.

      1. rofl why do you poeple keep saying shelly voted rachel to get back on jj’s good side? TEH SHOW IS OVER! Why should shelly give a flyin fuk what jj think of her & i dont think jj actually give a shlt who she voted for either. Some red headed waitress won, you think that effects jeffs life? are jj gettin any of that $? NO

        1. i’m sure jj didn’t give a shit who she voted for but she would have done anything to get on their good side because she desperately wants to be friends with them outside of the house because she is such a superfan.

          1. Shelly’s family received death threats after she voted Jeff out. I think that she voted for Rachel because of her connection to JJ.

            1. Shelly voting strictly on GAMEPLAY……. She didn’t vote to get on Jeff & Jordans side…. That doesn’t make any sense…. How do Jeff & jordan benefit from shelly voting Rachel to win???????
              Shelly wasn’t a fan of Rachel on a personal level so it was probably a little bit harder for her to give Rachel her vote…. But shelly voted properly by taking Emotions out of the equation and voted on GAMEPLAY

    1. you took the words out of my mouth…. Shelly did redeem herself and Adams stock dropped voting Porche… I was stunned he threw her a vote

    2. Adam thought he would have won if Rachel took him… I think Danielle would have voted Rachel if that happened… How about Adam talking about coming back for BB All Stars ???????? I won’t touch that one…. Adam looked Julie Chen in the eyes and said he did pretty good in Competitions???? He said this after Julie Chen just told Adam that he didn’t do very well… Adam really soaks up his own awesomeness (it’s all he’s got…I guess)…. He’s sooooooooooooo DELUSIONAL..

    1. I didn’t see adam going that way at all…. He even said himself that he would vote for whoever wins the final HOH and Porche didn’t get one answer correct…NOT a single one…. it shows how much she talked to NOBODY in the house…..Porche must have promised Adam $$$$ for his vote or they made a deal if either of them made it to the final with rachel

        1. Porsche is actually pretty bad at question competitions. Take the fortune teller HOH, for instance – she wasn’t even close to Adam and Jordan.

      1. well I was wrong about Rachel taking Adam to the Finals…It almost cost her $500k bringing porche….It shouldn’t have been that close…

  34. Yayyyyyyyyyyy Racheeeeeeeeeeeeel!!! Rachel won 500K and Jeff won 25K! I wonder if Porsche is regretting evicting Jordan! Of course, Rachel deserves it more than Jordan but c’mon Porsche would’ve won for sure if she had taken Jordan to the end!

  35. Damn shelly.I should’ve known you’d do anything to make JJ like you again. Way to go…. Now the 500K can be spent on a psycho wedding,, stripper heels, and red extensions.

  36. It should have been 7-0 for Rachel based on gameplay…. Danielle wouldn’t vote for Rachel because she’s a jealous Hater….I still can’t believe Adam voted for Porche…. I didn’t see that coming…. If Danielle voted for Rachel you can be sure Khalia would have followed… It ended up being much too close but Big Red pulled it out….i

    1. It should have been 7-0 for Porche based on productions pandora box rigging…. Jordan wouldn’t vote for Porche because she’s a jealous Hater….I still can’t believe Shelly voted for Rachel…. I didn’t see that coming…. If Jeff voted for Porche you can be sure Jordan would have followed… It ended up being much too close but Big Red Waitress pulled it out….i

  37. So happy for Rachel! I was surprised when she chose Porsche over Adam, I thought she would lose..but way to go Shelly! I actually felt bad for Adam…until I saw he voted for Porsche…I didn’t trust Porsche either…oh well…yay Rachel!

  38. no one that played in the house this summer deserved that win more than rachel. she was a target, she was on the block, she talked her way and won her way back to safety, she kicked butt in competitions. seriously, no one else is even on her level. the end.
    congrats rachel!

  39. those saying fan favorite is rigged..did you look at the poll on this page? People on here are voting for him too. And no, I didn’t vote for him, just saying.

  40. Leave it to Shelly to make another unexpected game move. She voted for Rachel, whom she bashed all summer long. I guess she thought Brandon and Rachel could use the money more than Porsche who is just starting out in life. Also she needed to redeem herself with the JJBR alliance so she can remain their friends.

    Again I am not disappoint in the outcome. R -500K and P – 50K and 5K. At least Adam got what he so richly deserve, which was nada!

  41. ED’s a middle-aged asshole, scumbag. Couldn’t defend his daughter in front of millions in any way? Showed more affection to full-of-himself Jeff. Maybe wants to get his lips on Jeff’s balls too. Wish you the best Dani.

    1. The big brother finale always leave you wanting more. Most of the airtime was used showing the final challenges, when it should have been used interviewing the house guests. Porsche looked a mess with here recycled dress. Julie didn’t ask Dom or Lawon a single question.

  42. Shelly voted for Brendon NOT Rachel. She had a good relationship with Brendon and knew he would benefit from her winning. I knew it before they voted and were going to a commercial breal with Shelly smiling and shaking Brendons hand she was gonna end up voting for Rachel. Had Brendon not worked his magic on her Porsche would have won. At least Adam didnt win anything. He was really annoying the crap out of me.

    1. and it didn’t hurt that Rachel told Shelly in her last week that Shelly had played the best game in the big brother house to that point…and it visibly shook Shelly, she couldn’t believe what she had just heard….and she repeated it at the Jury house the following week, so I knew it had made a very good impression with her. Everybody likes to be complimented for their body of work and Rachel complimented Shelly’s. That is what truly turned Shelly’s final vote towards Rachel.

  43. Rachel won and she deserved it ! She beat all her competition fair and squarely ! Only the jealous people didn’t
    want to see her win ! She is by far one of the best BB competitors that has ever been on that show ! And
    Jeff………..He is America’s sweetheart ! He’s a great guy ! Glad for them both ! And Adam was an asshole
    not to vote for Rachel because she didn’t take him to the finals……….why ?………simply because he did NOT
    deserve it ! Glad Porsche won 50 grand ! ! ! At least she did something to win it !

    1. If by fair a squarley you mean the rigged pandora box & redo of the first hoh comp for veto that she already won…they yes it was fair & square LOL

      as for adumbs vote…no one votes the person to win that just evicted them, human nature.

      1. Just so you’re aware, its illegal in the US to rig a show that has prize money…….CBS isn’t going to risk that. If they were, why did the “Friendship Alliance” win and not Janelle. Seems to me that that would’ve gone over better if they hadn’t won, and would’ve been the perfect time for BB to rig the show

        1. Come on now..Jeffs evicted & Rachel/Jordan are crying non-stop & saying they should just quit the game. Then bam a pandoras box that was not revealed by Julie which it always was in the past. Brings back to duo twist to obviously save Rachel/Jordan. It was even more obvious when the pov was the same competition as the first hoh competition which Rachel ALREADY WON! Gee I wonder who has the best shot at winning a comp they already won LOL!

        2. LMAO…yeah, the government has nothing better to worry about than the legality of a reality show. Besides, I don’t think BB falls under the gameshow classification that would be required for the enforcment of such a rule. Then again, the season is over and I couldn’t care less. It’s football season and the return of the fall lineup, BB becomes a distant memory to me until next summer when all the good tv shows are running reruns.

  44. Yess rachel won! I was not a fan of hers coming into this season but I ended up @ the end cheering for her the last few weeks. She fought every week. And she clearly lives & breaths this game. Porsh floated and followed dani and yes she did good when she had to some of the time but that makes it worse because if she really tried to play this game hard through out she could have beeb soneone that earned their spot. Ps. Dani kalia and adam are bitter. Dani tried to call rachel a floater bahaha they all talk to whoever is in power. Kalia your a joke you said that your mind changed aboit rachel and u think she deserved to be in final 2 but clearly dani got to you cause you vpted danis way and adam you use to be a fan but now your just a crazy bitter man.

  45. People actualy watched the show and feeds and voted for what they seen not what others were saying about Jeff. Far from a bully it just shows who the real bully’s are and thats the ones that cant see when someone is telling the truth to people in a passionate way that is not bullying. The right person won on both accounts.

  46. Have the Dani petulant cheerleaders left yet? HAhahahahah!

    RACHEL WINS!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!

    JEFF America’s Favorite!!!! YES AS I HAD SAID!!!! HAhahahahahahahahah!


    Well a Winner that totally deserves the money. COWlia still in denial — “I have no master, I played my own game, I didn’t do what others(Dani) wanted me to do, I’m a player and I was a great one” ROTFL!!!! said the one that snoozed and ate most of the time… wow some people are soooooo delusional.

    Danielle a real spoiled brat that shook her head like a 9 years old when her father just started to answer Julie’s question on his daughter’s game play… Man.

    That’s it I’m out. As for the Dani cheerleaders… “In Your Face!” Ta ta. :-)

  47. Kathie – Dani was stuck between Brenden and Jeff. My tolerance for bullshit would have been on zilch right about then. She is nicer then me, I’d have fed him exlax to give him the poops and put my Nair in his face wash to get of that stupid douche patch he sports, so Dani did better then I thought.

      1. So according to you, Dani is, at the minimum, 12 educational years ahead of Jordan.
        No wonder Jeff can manipulate Jordan and not Dani.

  48. Who did Dani get to do her makeup for the Finale, Krusty the Clown?
    Oh well all the “right” people won the money, in a perfect world i would have substituted Pinto with Shelly but you cant get everything…
    Jeff, 15k in comp prizes plus 25k for Americas Favorite. 40k, not bad Big Jeff and you get to lay the boots to Jordan tonight, i’m a little jealous.
    Felt sorry for Dani, poor girl, has so much hate in her and when Dick was pointing out her terrible game play i really though she might burst out in tears. i hope she gets the help she needs…

  49. Adam is a joke, what was one of his favorite sayings ? Who ever wins the last HOH should win, thats who he would vote for. And then he goes and votes for Porkie and gets booed he must think he has a chance at her, she’s a high priced VIP waitress, he can’t afford her, go Rach

  50. So when AG did the whole bring back the twist to save Jordan and Rachel, I knew this game was Rachel’s to give away. And as mad as I was with BB production being the unseen houseguest, I honestly get why AG did it. For the past two years CBS has capitalized on Rachel’s mental health issues, and they know that girl will never get a real viable job in the future. It’s easier to give her 500K, instead of hiring her for life. Once Brendan graduates, she wouldn’t work anyways because his field commands such a high salary. Rachel needs to ask for the tapes from the show, and sit with a therapist going through them frame by frame to get her head right. This year, i’ve actually felt very sad for her. When a college grad, with a degree in chemistry says “all i want is to get a job as a hostess,” that says it all. She said she was always asked in job interviews, why did you act like that on tv. Just ask yourself if you were hiring a new employee and during the background check, Rachel’s info came back, would you even interview her. Most ppl wouldn’t. So I’m glad she’s won. Good job AG, you did the right thing. And for those that think i’m being a hater, i’m not. I acknowledge she was a beast as a competitor.

  51. I am happy that Rachel won. I wasn’t a big fan but between the two but I felt she deserved it more. I didn’t like Danielle and her comments. She always said that she wouldn’t play emotionally, well she did and she voted emotionally. I’m glad her father said what he said.

  52. Here’s hoping simon and Dawg get a good nights sleep tonight. Thanks guys for all your hard work. Even though I sulked at the end of my bed shaking violently ‘safe warm place, safe warm place’ for most of the summer, was one heck of a website this year surpassing all other years. wicked job!!

  53. i am so happy for rachel and brandon get married and be very happy you both deserve it. invited jeff and jordan to the wedding. the rest i forget them. glad you won rachel the way they treat you so happy. from lady who been married 54 years.

  54. Dear CBS,
    Adam is no AllStar. We, the fans, deserve better.
    Thank you,
    A loyal BB fan from day 1.


    Thank you so much, Simon and Dawg! Awesome BB summer! I enjoyed this year as I do all BB seasons.

    Yay congrats to Rachel! Congrats to Jeff! And mehhh ok fine congrats Porsche.. better her than Adam. Was that his true personality tonight? He couldn’t leave the screen fast enough as far as I was concerned. I had been hoping he would get the 50g but in the end, I’m glad Porsche did instead. I hope we never have to see him again. He talked all week about voting for whomever won the final HoH. He’s full of crap in addition to being useless. Jeff was right.. he IS a bozo. Good riddance, Adam.

    Good job, Ra-chel! Sorry, haters, Jordan is probably the most adorable person on the planet. and Dani, not surprisingly, was a nasty little witch til the bitter end.. she was the only juror who just had to say something nasty as she voted… SHOCKER!!!! good riddance, Dani.. please Big Brother/CBS enough with the Denunzios already!

    1. I don’t agree with anything you typed. I would delete it all except for the part about not wanting Adam on All Star’s. No thank you. He gave me 43 seconds of game play tonight and that was it. That is not enough to make an All Star

  55. Simon This will be final Update of BB Season:
    Big Brother HOH/POV winners total (Recap)
    Big Brother 1:None No HoH and POV due to fans vote to banished the Houseguest
    Big Brother 2:HOH introduce-Hardy (3 new BB record),Nicole (2), Rest of HGs (Mike,Krista,Monica,Kent)-(1)each Total:9 HOH wins (New Big Brother Record of HOH wins)
    Big Brother 3:POV can’t be save him/her from the block until the golden POV introduce:HOH-Marcellas,Jason, & Lisa (2)each,Gerry,Roddy,Chiara,Amy & Danielle (1) each Total:11 HOH wins(New Big Brother HOH Record previous by Big Brother 2:9);POV-Gerry (2 New POV record), Marcellas,Danielle,Eric,Amy,Lisa, & Chiara-(1) each Total: 8 POV wins (New Big Brother record POV wins)
    Big Brother 4:Golden POV introduce and can be save with replacement nominee:Jee & Allison (2) each, Nathan,Dana,Jun,Justin,Erika, & Robert (1) each Total:10 HOH wins POV-Allison & Robert (2 Tied Record with Gerry) each, Dana, David, Jun, Nathan & Jee (1) each Total: 9 POV wins (New Big Brother POV Record,Previous Record held by Big Brother 3:8)
    Big Brother 5:Jason (4 new Big Brother Record-Previous Hardy:3),Nakomis (3), Marvin (2), Jase, Diana, & Adria (1) each Total: 12 HOH wins (New Big Brother Record HOH Record-Previous Record by Big Brother 3:11);POV-Jase,Diane, & Adria (2 Tied Record with Gerry (BB2),Allison & Robert (BB4))each, Scott, Nakomis, Drew, Michael & Karen-1 (each) Total: 11 POV wins (New Big Brother Record, Previous Record held by Big Brother 4:9)
    Big Brother 6:First time in the History 2 Fast Forward-Janelle,Ivette & Howie (2) each, Rachel, Eric, Kaysar, Maggie,Jennifer,Beau & April Total:13 HOH wins (New Big Brother Record of HOH wins-Previous Record Big Brother 5:12); POV-James (4-New POV Record;Previous Record for POV wins,Gerry(BB2),Allison & Robert (BB4):2 each),Rachel & Janelle (2)each,Sarah,April,Ivette, & Maggie (1) each Total:12 POV wins (New Big Brother Record, Previous Record held by Big Brother 5:11)
    Big Brother 7(Allstars):Former HG’s Return-Janelle (4* Tie Big Brother Record HOH w/Jason),Mike (3), Jase*,Kaysar,James, Erika,George & Danielle (1)each Total:13 HOH wins (Tied the Big Brother 6 HOH Record);POV-Janelle (5-New POV Record;Previous Record by James BB6:4), Erika (2), George,Mike,James & Danielle (1)each Total: 11 POV wins
    Big Brother 8:Dick (3), Danielle,Jessica & Zach (2) each, Kail, Jen & Dustin (1) each Total: 12 HOH wins
    POV-Danielle (5-Tied Big Brother w/Janelle(BB7:Allstars)), Jen (2), Dick,Jameka,Eric & Zach (1) each Total: 11 POV wins (Tied Big Brother Record POV wins with Big Brother 6:12)
    Big Brother 9:Ryan (3), James & Adam (2) each, Alex, Amanda, Chelsia,Joshuah,Natalie & Sheila (1) each Total: 13 HOH wins (Tied the Big Brother record of HOH wins with BB6 & BB7:Allstars:13) POV-James (3),Matt,Natalie, & Ryan (2) each, Joshuah, Sharon, & Chelsia (1) each Total: 12 POV wins (Tied the Big Brother Record with Big Brother 6 & Big Brother 8:12)
    Big Brother 10:Dan (3), Jerry & Keesha (2) each, Jessie,Michelle,April & Renny (1)each Total:11 HOH wins; POV-Memphis (3), Jerry & Dan (2) each, Jessie, Michelle & Keesha (1) each Total:10 POV wins
    Big Brother 11:Jessie & Jordan (2) each, Ronnie, Russell, Michelle,Chima,Jeff**,Kevin & Natalie (1)each Total: 11 HOH wins** POV-Michelle (3), Kevin & Jeff (2) each, Jordan & Russell (1) each Total: 10 POV wins
    Big Brother 12:Hayden (4), Rachel & Matt (2)each, Brendon, Britney & Lane (1)each Total:11 HOH wins; POV-Brendon & Britney (3)each, Regan (2), Matt***,Hayden & Enzo (1) each Total:11 POV wins***
    Big Brother 13: Rachel (4),Danielle & Kaila (2) each, Adam, Jeff, Porsche & Jordan (1) Total:12 HOH wins-In Progress, POV-Brendon (3), Rachel, Porsche, Adam & Jeff (2)each, Dom & Jordan**** (1) each Total:13 POV wins***(New Big Brother Record:Previous Record-Big Brother 6 & 9)
    Big Brother 14 (TBA/TBD):TBD
    **Jeff Receive Coup d’etat remove a House guest off the block
    ***Matt open the Pandora Box which him receive the Diamond Power of Veto
    ****Rachel won POV w/Jordan off the block and replace the nominee due to Porsche open the Pandora Box

    Winners/Runner up of Big Brother
    Big Brother 1:Eddie McGee 500K,Josh Souza 100K, Curtis Kin 50K (2nd Runner-up) (Based on votes)
    Big Brother 2:Dr. Will Kirby 500K, Nicole Schaffrich 50K (Final 2:Will vs Nicole)
    Big Brother 3:Lisa Donahue 500K, Danielle Reyes 50K (Final 2:Lisa vs Danielle)
    Big Brother 4:Jun Song 500K, Allison Irwin 50K (Final 2: Jun vs Allison)
    Big Brother 5:Drew Daniel 500K, Micheal “Cowboy” Ellis (Final 2: Drew vs Michael)
    Big Brother 6:Maggie Ausburn 500K, Ivette corredero 50K (Final 2:Maggie vs Ivette)
    Big Brother 7:Mike “Boogie”Malin 500K, Erika Landin 50K (Final 2:Mike vs Erika)
    Big Brother 8:Eval Dick Donato 500K, Danielle Donato 50K (Final 2:Eval Dick vs Danielle)
    Big Brother 9:Adam Jasinski 500K, Ryan Quicksall 50K, (Final 2:Adam vs Ryan)
    Big Brother 10:Dan Ghessling 500K, Robert “Memphis”Garrett 50K (Final 2:Dan vs Memphis)
    Big Brother 11:Jordan Lloyd 500K, Natalie Martinez 50K (Final 2:Jordan vs Natalie)
    Big Brother 12:Hayden Moss 500K David “Lane”Elensburg 50K (Final 2:Hayden vs Lane)
    Big Brother 13:Rachel Reilly 500K Porsche Briggs 50K (Final 2: Rachel vs Porsche)

    Big Brother America Favorite Houseguest winners
    Big Brother 9:James Zinkand 25K
    Big Brother 10:Keesha Smith 25K
    Big Brother 11:Jeff Schroeder 25K
    Big Brother 12:Britney Haynes 25K
    Big Brother 13:Jeff Schroeder 25K

    Total HOH All Season Big Brother
    1)Big Brother 6:13 HOH wins
    1)Big Brother 9:13 HOH wins
    1)Big Brother 7:13 HOH wins
    4)Big Brother 5:12 HOH wins
    4)Big Brother 8:12 HOH wins
    4)Big Brother 13:12 HOH wins*^
    7)Big Brother 3:11 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 10:11 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 11:11 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 12:11 HOH wins
    11)Big Brother 4:10 HOH wins
    12)Big Brother 2:9 HOH wins

    POV Winners Big Brother All Season
    1)Big Brother 13:13 POV wins*^
    2)Big Brother 6:12 POV wins
    2)Big Brother 9:12 POV wins
    4)Big Brother 7:11 POV wins
    4)Big Brother 8:11 POV wins
    4)Big Brother 12:11 POV wins**
    4)Big Brother 5:11 POV wins
    8)Big Brother 10:10 POV wins
    8)Big Brother 11:10 POV wins
    10)Big Brother 4:9 POV wins
    11)Big Brother 3:8 POV wins
    ^open pandora box gives advantage for the Veterans
    Individual HOH wins
    1)Big Brother 6 & 7:Janelle 6 HOH wins
    1)Big Brother 12 & 13:Rachel 6 HOH wins
    3)Big Brother 8 & 13:Danielle 4 HOH wins
    3)Big Brother 12:Hayden 4 HOH wins
    3)Big Brother 2 & 7: Mike “Boogie” 4 HOH wins
    3)Big Brother 5:Jason 4 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 11 & 13*:Jordan 3 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 11 & 13:Eval Dick 3 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 10:Dan 3 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 9:Ryan 3 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 2:Hardy 3 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 5 & 7:Nakomis 3 HOH wins
    7)Big Brother 10 & 11:Jessie 3 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 2:Nicole 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 5:Marvin 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 6:Ivette 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 3:Marcellas 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 6:Howie 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 3:Lisa 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 4:Allison 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 4:Jee 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 8:Jessica 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 8:Zach 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 9:James (II) 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 9:Adam 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 10:Jerry 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 10:Keesha 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 12:Matt 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 13:Kalia 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 3 & 7:Danielle (II) 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 5 & 7:Jase 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 6 & 7:Kaysar 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 4 & 7:Erika 2 HOH wins
    14)Big Brother 11 & 13:Jeff 2 HOH wins
    35)Big Brother 2:Krista 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 2:Kent 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 2:Monica 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 3:Roddy 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 3:Chiara 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 3:Amy 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 4:Nathan 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 4:Dana 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 4:Jun 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 4:Justin (E) 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 4:Robert 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 5:Diana 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 5:Adria 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 6:Rachel (II) 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 6:Eric 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 6:Maggie 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 6:Jennifer 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 6:Beau 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 6:April 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 6 & 7:James 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 1 & 7:George 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 8:Kail 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 8:Jen 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 8:Dustin 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 9:Alex 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 9:Amanda 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 9:Chelsia 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 9:Joshuah 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 9:Sheila 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 9:Natalie (II) 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 10:Michelle (II) 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 10:Renny 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 10:April (II) 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 11:Chima (E) 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 11:Ronnie 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 11:Michelle 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 11:Russell 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 11:Natalie 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 11:Kevin 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 12 & 13:Brendon 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 12:Britney 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 12:Lane 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 13:Adam 1 HOH win
    35)Big Brother 13:Porsche 1 HOH win
    (E)=Kicked Out

    POV Individual winners
    1)Big Brother 6 & 7: Janelle 7 POV wins
    2)Big Brother 12 & 13:Brendon 6 POV wins
    3)Big Brother 8 & 13:Danielle 5 POV wins
    3)Big Brother 6 & 7:James 5 POV wins
    5)Big Brother 11 & 13:Jeff 4 POV wins
    6)Big Brother 9:James (II) 3 POV wins
    6)Big Brother 12:Britney 3 POV wins
    6)Big Brother 11:Michelle 3 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 3:Gerry 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 4:Robert 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 4:Allison 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 5 & 7:Jase 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 5:Adria 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 5:Diane 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 6:Rachel (II) 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 2 & 7:Mike “Boogie” 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 1 & 7:George 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 3 & 7:Danielle (II) 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 4 & 7:Erika 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 8: Jen 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 9:Ryan 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 9:Natalie (II) 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 9:Matt 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 10:Jerry 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 10:Dan 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 11:Kevin 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 11 & 13:Jordan 2 POV wins(PB)
    9)Big Brother 12:Matt 2 POV wins(PB)
    9)Big Brother 12:Regan 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 13:Adam 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 13:Porsche 2 POV wins
    9)Big Brother 12 & 13:Rachel 2 POV wins
    33)Big Brother 3:Amy 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 3 & 7:Marcellas 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 3:Eric 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 3:Lisa 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 4:Dana 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 4:David1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 4:Jun 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 4:Nathan 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 4:Jee 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 5:Scott 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 5:Drew1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 5 & 7:Nakomis1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 5:Michael 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 5:Karen 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 6:Sarah 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 6:April (II) 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 6:Ivette 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 6:Maggie 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 1 & 7:George 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 8 & 13:Dick 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 8:Zach 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 8:Jameka 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 8:Eric (II) 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 9:Joshuah 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 9:Sharon 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 9:Chelsia 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 10 & 11:Jessie 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 10:Michelle (II) 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 10:Keesha 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 11:Russell 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 12:Enzo 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 12:Hayden 1 POV win
    33)Big Brother 13:Dominic 1 POV win

    1. That post screams “Help me, I need a life”

      Did you really just do a break down of number of wins for each contestant for each season? I hope you copied and pasted that from somewhere or you’re even sicker than I thought.

  56. Anyone who thinks that Porsche deserved to win is so far beyond delusional. She was terrible, and getting hot a few weeks from the end proves nothing. And thats an overstatement, winning a couple is nothing. Latching yourself to Danielles leg and floating along like a stage 5 clinger is sad.


    1. Rockstar you crack me up with your bitterness. You are much worse than you “think” Jeff is…… But he IS AMERICA’S FAVORITE. YAY RACHEL AND JEFF.

    2. Hey Rockstar, I think you just made a stalker. You make a post and this HeyHeyJJ idiot has some elementary school response. They are putting off those same vibes that CaptainCreepyArchNemesis was putting off about Jeff. Watch your six Rockstar, no telling how long this one has been off their meds.

      1. BBX – It’s okay. I know karate and if that doesn’t work, I play soccer. My cousin who plays for the All Stars would train me so I would be the toughest girl. Tears mixed with blood so I’m good. I always get back up. Unless it’s that time of the month and then I lose my shit and start screaming about the unfairness that the potato chip ratio from bag to can. haha

      2. Absolutely agree with you:Hey Rockstar, I think you just made a stalker. You make a post and this HeyHeyDKPidiot has some elementary school response. They are putting off those same vibes that Squabble or whoever names is was putting off about Dani. Watch your six Rockstar, no telling how long this one has been off their meds. Yes we know, I absolutely agree with you.

        1. Speaking of stalkers, its that CaptainCreepySniffinJeffsPanties freak that has no life on here, yet again. Please continue to drop the collective IQ of the comment section with more of your mindless ramblings. That is when your not too busy collecting pubic hairs out of Jeff’s underwear to knit into a sweater.

          1. I totally agreed with you:Speaking of stalkers, its that Squabble or whoever names is freak that has no life on here, yet again. Please continue to drop the collective IQ of the comment section with more of your mindless ramblings. That is when your not too busy collecting pubic hairs out of Dani’s underwear or thong to knit into a sweater. Yes, I totally agreed BBXposed!!!! Squabble or whoever is a real stalkers. Yeah, where is Squabble anyway? BBXPOSED told me that Squabble or whoever name is really stop stalking Dani. She doesn’t like you.

  58. It’s Rigged, it’s rigged. Rachel got more time for her speeches. Write a letter, demand a recount. Porcha only got a few seconds. Rachel was talking for hours

    1. And, poor but now rich Rachel kept saying the same thing over and over again. She was the main target the minute she walked through the door and again she was the main target and again she was the main target.

  59. Shelly’s sorry. After all the nasty GB messages Rachel gave, I was glad Dani said something to her. I thought Adam was pathetic with his camera hogging, it’s so sad that he thinks anyone would be interested in him for all-stars. Those people in the DR must mess with these people’s heads so much, I hope that they talk to this guy before they release him; I’m embarrassed for him.

  60. Adam thought he would have won if Rachel took him… I think Danielle would have voted Rachel if that happened… How about Adam talking about coming back for BB All Stars ???????? I won’t touch that one…. Adam looked Julie Chen in the eyes and said he did pretty good in Competitions???? He said this after Julie Chen just told Adam that he didn’t do very well… Adam really soaks up his own awesomeness (it’s all he’s got…I guess)….

  61. So again we see Dani and her unclassy attitude,Daddy calls her a dumbass on tv and she has to throw 1 last dig at Rach.Well guess what bitch..she won and you lost again.Kalia throwing out the race card…Typical…and yes Kalia you was Dani’s lil black puppet/slave up until the show went off the air.When you and fat ass Porsche make decisions on what Dani would’ve wanted,that makes you a puppet.Kalia buy yourself a muzzle bitch and Porsche,buy your white trash ass a car,so you quit having 3 somes for car rides.Team Dani sux!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I really don’t think Shelly really liked Rachel or Porsche on a personal level, but the only other factor would be gameplay, so………..

  62. Adam, what a jackass. A supposed super fan just made the biggest SPITE vote in BB history, thank god Shelly made the right call. I must also point out how stupid everyone looked who voted for Porshe especially after her speeches that made her look like a joke. I can see the newbies doing this but that ANNOYING ARROGANT B*TCH Daniel shows her inability to both play the BB game and Vote with Respect to the game. I put Daniels play this season in the top 5 of the worst games in BB history. She went from the best position in the house to the worst overnight from her “big “”loser”” moves”. Looks good on her though, and her dad put her in her place nicely tonight. No more Daniel ever again please BB. One last note, it seems to me that Kalia was on board to vote for Rachel as she boasted a lot about Rachel’s game play in the jury pow wow (deservedly so as I don’t get how anyone not voting out of spite could vote for Porshe). You know the pow wow where Dani called Rachel a floater………LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. She was so jealous, she was talking like a mental patient. Later though I think Dani again forced her will on Kalia and got her to vote Porshe, too bad it made her look like an idiot and Dani worshiper yet again. Dani, you won nothing! Decided nothing! And are good for nothing! GOOD RIDDANCE. Enjoy the Money Rachel, you deserved it as much as anyone who has ever won BB.

    1. Hey Rachelforever, do you actually know Rachel? I’m going to guess no. Nor do you know Dani, who is actually a great person. Get a life idiot.

      1. Wow. You know Dani personally, good for you. Watch your back. Oh, yeah I find it hard to believe that her mean, show boat, arrogant, evil, wanna bee better then daddy attitude I have witnessed through two seasons of BB does not surface, outside of the BB house.

      2. Evil Dickless Danielle is a loser skank, and if she was in the same room with all you Dani 4 life fans, would make fun of all of you and call you all ssstupid.

    2. I completely agree. I came into this season liking Daniele… and that changed very quickly. She played a horrible game and yet talked like she was the best = delusional!

      And then at the end she voted like an idiot…

      I have 0 respect for Dani and Adam. Both act like they know everything about BB and then when they lose they act like 2 year olds and vote out of spite. They are both delusional. Kalia we know isn’t the brightest, but those two act like they live and breathe BB and yet they play the worst game ever.

      1. Ditto, I only found her annoying in BB8, probably because I really liked Evil Dick. I had hopes for her this season, thinking she may have matured, but as for reasons you said, those hopes were dashed early on. This season I pretty much was disgusted every time I seen her face, every snicker, grin, and snide comment about everything. Maybe BB gave her a bad edit, but I doubt it after seeing the live show tonight.

        1. BB did not give Dani a bad edit! I watched the live feeds and she was so mean to Rachel the entire game. Every second word out of her mouth was Rachel bashing. I would mute my feeds when she was on because it became very repetitive. I found it hypocritical too because she blamed Rachel for playing personally and yet it was really Daniele that did that as is apparent by her final vote and her continuous rallying of the troops against Rachel for anything and everything (if Rachel so much as looked at her a certain way… boy we were gonna hear about it in the feeds for a full 2 weeks).

          What’s funny is that Rachel can give credit where credit is due. For example, when they were talking about who had a nice body Rachel defended Dani and said that she looked great. Yet, Dani cannot give 1 word of credit to Rachel for anything, which again reflects her immaturity (please don’t ever stick her on another jury). I think that Rachel was just more confident as a person and had the gameplay to back it up, while Dani was insecure, talked a big game, and failed so miserably… kinda like Adam! LOL

          I really don’t see why anyone likes Dani.. if someone could give me one reason? – Personality… nope, gameplay… nope…nice abs… ok I concur but I don’t have to like her cuz she looks good… so why do u 14% of u like her? it’s mind boggling really…

  63. Rachel!! Congratulations!! You sooooo deserved to win!! And don’t invite anyone to your wedding that you DON’T LIKE !! Definitely not that jerk Adam!! He kept saying he would vote for the “best competitor!” What a load of crap!! America is just happy that Shelly somewhat redeemed herself by voting for the best player!! Thank God!

    1. I didn’t understand Shelly at all. She talked about Rachael like she did not deserve to win; and then she goes and vote for her.

      Brenden probably pulled her to the side and offered her some money :)
      Doesn’t matter, Rachael deserved to win….Portia did not leave empty handed… then for me it all ended well…I’m just overall disappointed in the season and that has nothing to do with Rachael….it has to do with CBS and how they cast BB13.

  64. a fitting ending i guess to what i and alot of others consider the worst season ever, hope next season they either hav all new people or hav a redemption season for people who hav gone out within the first 2 or 3 weeks like cassi and dom and keith, but please no more vets until all-stars, but enough of jeff/jordan he’s such a sore loser douchebag why people like him i will never know and jordan so sweet and innocent yeah right, she’s just as catty as rachel if not more still complaining about porsche not doing anything, what show was she on, porsche actually cooked and won some competitions unlike her who just sat her ass talking about everybody, enough is enough.

    1. WA WA WA cry me a river. Stupid Porshit was so dumb she opened it and it cost her $450,000.00. I know that production made her do it. She was a greedy dumb blond, who is phoney. She deserved to lose. She sat on her ever expanding ass for most of the game. Rachel worked her ass off and deserved to win. Maybe Porshit can go lose herself in Cambodia. She is a twit!!

      1. remove your lips from rachel’s ass and i might, if u know that production made porsche open pandora’s box then how is she dumb, phoney, & greedy, that would mean that it was pre-planned so who’s the dumb one u r for making that comment

    2. I absolutely agree. Keith, Cassi, & Dom deserve an opportunity. CBS was not fair at all.
      ….that gold key mess and pairing folks totally screwed it all up…..and then to add the vets to the game was just chaotic.

      Hopefully CBS will consider bringing those 3 back. I would like to see their game without being hindered by CBS’s stupid twists. I like some of the twists…but this year they went too far.

      1. Well if you haven’t noticed, there have been twists every season now, so it’s nothing new. They’re meant to impact the way they play the game, you know.

        1. I know that they have twists every. I did not like the stupd twists that they had for BB13 because they hindered too many people from winning. A twist like having an American player that does what American viewers want is a good twist…because it may or may not handicap someone…..but having the golden key was stupid, making them pair off was stupid…..and bringing back the vets with newbies was the maximum of stupidity.

  65. congrats rachel even though i dont like you as a person at all and the way you blatantly disrespected people for no reason at all (*cough cough cassi cough*) you deserved it. but i’m just glad porcshe made the final two and not useless adam. solid season. solid cast. solid summer. cant wait for bb14 (please give us a WHOLE new cast) oh and shelly screwed porsche out of 1st place!!!!!

  66. another summer and another wild ride is over. Thanks simon and dawg for giving us something to run to, a couple of times during the day. It was fun. And there’s still time for folks to click the donate button to send a few bucks your way. Thanks for plugging away for another season.

  67. Great job Simon & Dawg on this site.

    I hope CBS was paying attention. The golden key was NOT a good idea. Pairing people was not a good idea. Bringing vets in with new house guests was a terrible idea.

    I’m happy Portia won 50k and ….well yea….good for Rachael too. Rachael worked very hard for it…and she endured quite a bit.

    I was not that excited Jeff won 25K, but Jeff and Jordan will always be popular…more people know them and that’s where the votes went.

    BB14!!!!!! Let’s get some NEW super house guests or do a super all star game….but PLEASE don’t mix it….I really think BB will lose fans and ratings if they mix the new with the the old house guests again.

    Peace till next year.

  68. Well , Rachel is not a winner and she won because Big Brother gets total idiots to play the game- I will never watch again, you get super floaters(Shelly & Adam) and idiots to play and women with big boobs- please get people with brains next season but I’m done watching!!!!!!You producers screwed a good game up with pandoras box you manipulate too much

  69. I honestly didn’t think it would came down to Shelly actually voting game (not personal) and Adam the biggest loser (supposed to be biggest bb fan) voting for Porche when he knows Rachel worked her ass off to be in the final 3 (actually helped dragged his sorry useless, ass-kissing ass to the final) and he vote for Porche who coasted till the end (yes she won some comps at the end, but everyone has better odds of winning comps. when u only have 3 or 4 people going against u and who was she against? some of the weakest player left-big accomplishment. Thou a win is a win in bb, she didnt work nearly as hard as rachel). Adam u really showed what a LAME player and person u are. I lost complete respect for him. Honest Adam? I think not more like just Bitter Adam. So glad Rachel won. Wasn’t crazy about her bout with crazyness but she got it together to play the game and really WORKED to be at the end. Adam did nothing the entire season but swing his d*ck to whomever had the power. It swong so much, no wonder he didn’t have d*ck or balls left by the end of the season. Really digusted with Adam and how he voted after talking about voting based on best game played and not personal.
    Anyway, thank u so much Dawg and Simon for the great job u guys do. You’re the only site I come to to get BB updates. I knwo what’s going to happen before my fellow bb fans who watch the actual show does. Thank u. It was my pleasure to donate to ur site for all the work u put into this site. well i’m on the west coast so bb has not air here yet but it’s about to come on shortly so i leave u once again with a thank u for the heads up.

    1. Adam was such a waste of time and after all “I’ll vote game play”, or “I’ll vote for whoever wins the final HOH”, he voted the way he did. Hate him and wanted to like him.

  70. YAYYYYYY omfg I’m SO freaking happy right now!!!! Victory goes to RACHEL!!! BAMMMMM in the face of all the haters!!! :D GREAT JOB Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Dani, Kalia and Adam took this game way too personally. They were all bitter that Rach had a hand in getting all three of them out. Dani indirectly and the last two directly. A true player should put his/her personal feelings aside and vote for the best competitor. I do believe that Rach made a big mistake taking Porsche to the end though. Hands down she would’ve won all the votes with Adam since everyone hates him more than Rach.

    1. The fact that Daniele didn’t vote for Rachel in the end makes her such a hypocrite, since she was someone who was always preaching about competitors and good game play.

  72. *sigh* never has a season had such a pre-determined ending. The finale was just a parade of shit that I could’ve guessed without ever wasting my time watching it. Many say they won’t watch next season but not mean it. If I hear rumor that Big Brother returns to a pure contest instead of the manipulated shit from this year I’ll be back. Until then I won’t be watching or reading. Peace out all,

  73. Why was Jeff wearing eye liner? Did he think he was Cher? I bet with that 25 thousand he can certainly buy stock in pantyliners and win the Kotex Cup in All Stars.

  74. Grandma – sometimes I channel my inner Jeff. I bring about my diva attitude, rip the tiara off of Ms Universe’s head and complain that because I showed up I should have won. It’s a character flaw of mine.

  75. wooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo so glad rachel won…hahahahahaha all u haters, she deserved to win…boo hoo Dani u freak and Adam all he wanted was the money that PORSCHE promised him

  76. Grandma – Adam was finally amusing. Granted, I find him kinda sexy in a way. I’m a little mental at times. I like my men all scruffy and roaring. haha

  77. hope they bring Cassi back next season.
    It was cool to hear that Texas twang again.
    Good job Big Red, I didnt want to see that dumb ditz of a blonde Porka get any money not even second place bread.
    Salute to Big Jeffrey ya didnt it again homie
    u and Jordo go tear down that hotel room tonight!

    Once again good going Rach. Last year at this time u were pissed now you’re sitting on top of the world :)

  78. Didn’t Adam say that his vote was going to whomever won the final HOH? Also – where is this wrap party and is it something we can witness? Lastly, Rachel will be on with Julie tomorrow morning, right? If so, does anyone know when this show starts (I am in Michigan)…would like to set a recording for it. Anyhow, thanks again simon and Dawg. I couldn’t contribute too terribly much this year but will be able to donate a little more next year. Thanks for the site and especially for stepping in when people are over-stepping boundaries. That’s awesome. See you for BB14.

  79. I wanted the final two to be Porshe and Adam but it was not meant to be. I am very surprised that Shelly voted for Rachel to win. Jeff as America’s favorite? Are you kidding me? Yikes! As for Adam, he was respectful to everyone in the house and I liked him. Maybe BB will bring him back for another season. He is a nice guy. Anyway, I am happy for Porshe and Rachel and wish them the best. I’m sure both of them could use the money. I still think that Rachel does better without Brendon. After Brendon was evicted, she actually was not as annoying as when she first came into the house. I really liked Daniele and Kalia and Shelly and good luck to them as well.

  80. I”m happy for Rachel but I really wanted Jeff to win and he should have… Shelly’s vote shouldn’t have mattered…. Jeff threw the clown shoe over the box and didn’t see… The comp was Tailor made for him and I believe production wanted him to win also….. It’s obvious production had to TILT the show “NOT RIGG or CHEAT…. Porche chose to open pandoras box and everyone had fair shots in competitions…. I wish people would stop saying it was rigged… TILTED or MODIFIED is better….. Production has to do this for ratings or it would have been a super boring season


  82. Haha, Jordan has already won 500,000, Jeff won Americas favorite player=$25,000, oh and by the way, RACHEL WON IT ALL=$500,000- so all you newbie fans of Dani, Kahlia, Porsche, CAN TAKE YOUR LOSS!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  83. You ppl really to STFU. The season is over and RACHEL won get over it. It seems like all the house guests are happy with the results and here you guys are arguing with one another. Quite honestly i really wanted porscha to win….but the mere fact that rachel went through SOO MUCH more made me realize that she deserved to win! Of course Porscha fought, but not as hard as rachel and for that she deserved the $50,000.

    BTW anyone think jordon was being kind of a bitter- bitch to Porscha with the bikini question? I mean its obvious that she was the one who wanted to ask it from her speech during eviction. That is what you call a SORE LOSER. She also claimed that Porscha did nothing all season, last time i checked all she did was sit around pouting, or lying down with jeff in the hoh room -___________- What’s funnier is she doesn’t realize it.

    PS. Simon and Dawg thanks a million for the live feed coverage, and thanks to everyone else for the very stimulating arguments.

  84. SO SO HAPPY RACHEL WON!! Shelly redeemed herself!!!!!! Whoo Hoo. YAY JEFF WON AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!! Turned out just like I wanted!!!!! Thank you Simon and Dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Adam was sooo Retarded for throwing his goggles away???? How do you plan on seeing under water??????
    How about Porche’s speech about getting to know all houseguests and building relationships with everyone…… She didn’t got ZERO answers in the final HOH… That was pathetic… I think the jurors should have been able to see the final HOH competition replay to see how well rachel did and how crappy Porche & especially Adam did…..
    Rachel should have told the jury how she had a deal with porche to take her to the end to show she was loyal…Even though Rachel had a better chance to win $500k versus Adam…. I think the votes would have been 7-0 for sure..
    It should have been 7-0 for Rachel BUT…………
    1.Dani is a Jealous hypocrit always talking that its a game and not to play with emotion…. Well she hates Rachel and Rachel won more than anyone
    2. Khalia did what Puppet Master Dani said…. Khalia was praising Rachels play earlier and said she deserved to be in the finals + she made a big stink how she was playing her own game/ not Danielles & then she does a 180 turn and flips her vote to porche (or whatever Danielle was voting)
    3. Adam only voted Porche because he was bribed or they had a mutual deal if either made it to the finals
    Everyone else voted proper… ongrats Big Red…. You are one of a kind and have ZERO social skills and is probably narcisisstic and I love you at times and there are times I couldn’t stand her but she deserved it between who was left in final 3
    Jeff needs to go on Survivor now so he can have the big 3 reality game shows on his Resume
    Big Brother
    Amazing Race
    (around the world for free wasn’t for contest money but it was an amazing experience and he may have been paid for doing it

    1. Looking at Adam’s finishing time in that competition, he was more than two minutes behind Porsche and I think if you were playing for half a million dollars, it wouldn’t take you that long to get out, grab them, and put them back on. I don’t think he would’ve won even if he had his goggles.

  86. The reason that Shelly voted for Rachel is because Rachel told her that she (Shelly) played the best game in the house. Shelly even told that to Jeff in the Jury House. That Rachel is smart…stroked Shelly’s ego and she got her vote when she needed it most!

    1. Rachel NEVER said Shelly played the best game….Just another Shelly Lie…. Rachel should have won regardless and the voting shouldn’t have been that close….But Rachel won so alls well that ends well…Go Big Red Machine

        1. when did she say that?????? Shelly said Rachel stood up infront of the whole house and said shelly played the best game….I don’t recall that happening

        2. i missed it….I thought Shelly was making it up……Thanks for the great summer Simon & Dog…This is my first year on this site but I’ve been watching all seasons of BB with my wife & am greatful you are here….thank you & all the best to u guys during the next year

  87. Thank God!!! Rachel won. I felt bad for Adam until I found out he voted Porsche!!!! Did u see how Cassie was BFF w/ Jordan. She wants NOTHING to do w/ Shelly. I didnt have alot of faves this season…but did know who I did not want. Porsche was soo conceited thinking she had Jeffs vote and that she was Jordans equal.. She obviously has Daddy issues and uses her looks to manipulate men. I could not stand her…. Go BIG Jeff!!! Americas fave!!!

    1. LOL….good one….Keith would have beat Rachel if she brought him to finals (kidding) They didn’t even let Keith talk in finale

      1. Keith knew that Portia was fake and with the vets….but his downfall was going off about REALLY loud.
        In the BB house…you gotta know when to shut up. …this is why the bricade won season 12…..they did not speak their true feelings and had everybody fooled.

        ….another thing is that they always showed keith lifting weights with his muscles popping…I think the vets saw the handwriting on the wall and knew he had to be the first newbie to go. probably a smart move on their part…but I would have liked to see him play the game.

        The gold key messed him up. ….talking too much. ….and trusting that his alliance (the newbies) would not flip.
        shelly & Kahlia flipped…so off Keith went. Kalia flipped because Keith told her off in front of everybody…which he should not have done (at that time…maybe later) blah

  88. jordan is so dumb it’s not even funny anymore, it’s hard to believe anybody is that clueless, all she wanted to talk about was porsche wearing a bikini and not doing anything, last time i checked porsche at least cooked and won some competitions legitimately and jordan was in a bikini more than porsche was because i watched BBAD every night and not 1 time did i see porsche in the hot tub in her bikini but jordan was numerous times and if she didn’t have her bikini on she was sitting with her feet in it, that’s all she did besides sit on her ass and call everybody names and say they didn’t do anything, when the only person she was actually describing was herself, her and jeff both r the 2 biggest sore losers i have ever seen, porsche has more class in her pinky finger than jordan does in her whole body, when they came up with the term dumb blonde she was obviously the blueprint for the term hands down.

    1. The biggest sore losers I have seen are the fans who claim the show is rigged simply because the players they liked sucked.

      1. hey dumbass where in my comment do u see me saying it was rigged i was just speaking the truth about jordan, go back and read it again idiot, another typical comment from a jeff/jordan fan or r u a family member taking up for the airhead in the family.

  89. No wonder Dani and her dad go years without speaking…. that girl is an unforgiving brat and I can’t believe the things she said about Rachel. She needs to grow up.

    1. What Dani said was true. Rachel does not have a good personality at all! So if it was a personality test, Rachel would not win that.

  90. did anybody else catch adam’s constant and persistent claims of being an “all-star”? he said when he comes back for all-star season he will play differently.

    is this guy kidding? hahahaha. he came in the big brother house a fan, and left the same way. nothing changed. he will not be contacted by big brother again, ESPECIALLY not for the all-stars…. lmao.

  91. Well, I think it is awesome that Rachel won. Has anyone ever seen a bigger looser than Dani? Her jealousy oozed out of every pore. Rachel is everything Dani isn’t. And the way Dani talks, please. The annoying sound of her voice.

    And…poor Adam. What a joke he was. NO ONE was going to vote for him. He made a first class fool out of himself all season, but, during the finale…standing in front of Julie…running around like an idiot. What a colosal moron. We spent the season listening to him pass gas and burp and chew.

    So glad that Evil Dick told his daughter what a fool she’d been.

    Good bye big brother – until next season.

    1. Oh now don’t be so tough on Adam. He was what he was, a leftover random floater, really not much different from Porsche. The running around in front of Julie wasn’t that big a deal. I do agree with you on Dani though, wonderful stuff watching her tear up as her father told her she wasn’t good enough once again.

  92. People trying to get comments through talking shit about this site need to give up I’ll trash them and ban you. If you have something to say to me or OBB send it in a email.

    1. Simon and Dawg…. your site is fantastic! I just wish I found it earlier this season. Great job and can’t wait until next season. YOUR site made the show so much better!!!! You guys ROCK!!!

      Oh… YAY, about Rachel winning! Jeff is HOT and Jordan is such a sweet gal.

    2. Thank you Simon and Dawg for a great season. This was my first time watching BB on the live feeds and reading sites like yours and it really adds so much more to the game. This is also my first time really commenting on blogs; I usually just read them and keep my comments to myself. Thank you for all your hard work!!

  93. Haha…go smoke some crack and drink some 40’s of Shlitz. Taste that humble pie illwill..outta anybody on this site…you deserve it with your bullshit rigged conspiracies,crying over Dani leaving,hating anybody not Team Dani etc.Rach did win and Jeff did win AF…so chew on that till nxt summer you racist douchebag!!!!!!!! And you said JJ would vote personal,looks like Dani is the one still pissed and even her daddy busted her ass on national tv…lol.

  94. yay Rachel!!
    allll the houseguests said mean, ugly, uncalled for things. Rachel by far was not the only one! She deserved it, she played the best game out of the final 4!

    Adam made a complete fool of himself tonight!!! i feel sad when he gets out and see’s what the BB fans really think!!

    and why the heck didnt we get to hear Lawon “defend” his dumb ass or hear a funny comment from Dominc! dang it!

    :) :)