** Updated ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon wins HOH

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6:50pm Brit is crying to Lane asking him if people win the POV if they will use it on him. She goes to talk to Ragan and Matt. They are talking about the nominations being 2 of the 3 of them. Ragan says all they can do now is win veto.

7:27pm Have nots MAtt Brit and Ragan. Ragan is crying telling them that whatever happens he knows he’s going to be friends with the 2 of them after the show is over.



7:32pm Enzo joins them in the Have nots. They talk about how hard the HOH comp was and how awesome Brendon did. Enzo tells them kathy is sucking up to Brendon already he warns that she’s going to win the entire thing if we don’t watch it.


7:38pm Enzo and Brendon bullshitting about the HOH comp. Enzo is being very friendly to Brendon.


8:00pm Nothing big going on BRit is washing her hair and The rest of the houseguests eating and talking about how hard the Competition was.

8:09pm Taj Brendon

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305 thoughts on “** Updated ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon wins HOH

    1. Yeah, Kathy being nice to Brendon = sucking up…..but Enzo himself sucking up = ?

      Will someone place go after Enzo? Get his lazy, losing-every-challenge, stinky butt out of there!

      1. But Enzo was smart enough to leave a respectful goodbye message for Rachel. He is obviously looking ahead to jury votes if he makes it that far. Brit on the other hand screwed herself in the ear.

        1. Yes, Enzo is good at the sucking up. Britney on the other hand is stupid enough to let her brattiness show. Britney’s statement was classless but not surprising — she’s been pretty two-faced and classless all along.

          1. All is missing in Brit is a “c” and a “h” in between the T in her name rachel never did a bad thing to her and she always disrepected her. I hope she goes to the jury house next and have fun eating piie

            1. Yeah… I mean putting Brit on the Block could NEVER be considered at “BAD THING”. Rachel only put the people she liked most on the block, because she was so nice and kind like that. smh :?

    2. Matt has to break from the four and take Brendon to the finals. The three loons will be unable to vote for Brendon. If Matt is trulybthe brains and with him having the veto now is the time to do some spinning.

      1. i think they will vote for brendan, because once they watch those tapes in the jury house and see how matt was playing both sides the will get mad, but then again maybe they will say it was just a game.

  1. Wow Brendon wins HOH! I am sure Matt will use his little diamond veto. Does anyone know if Brendon can get nominated if Matt uses the veto?

    1. Really, the Brigade has the votes. Matt doesn’t even have to use the diamond veto, and it probably would be smarter NOT to use the DPOV for the sake of not putting a bigger target on your back.

      1. If he is on the block, he will use it for two reasons… 1. to explain the $1 lie and say he would lose the power if he revealed that he had the power. 2. NOT using it would look either incredibly suspicious or incredibly stupid.

      2. he would be stupid to take that chance of having his life in the hands of someone else when he can choose for himself, besides if he uses it he gets to put up a replacement which means he will put up kathy (unless she wins pov) to keep his alliance strong with brit and ragan, which at that point will make the brigade nervous about him.

  2. what an easy game to rig-one row that is not twisted a lot and rigged for brendon to win then give stupid brendon a power to bring back the b***h. so see thru

    1. I know. If they give him a power to bring back Rachel I will be so done with this show it’s crazy. You can’t bring someone back from the Jury House. Maybe someone from the first few eliminations but even then, at this point it’s too late. If they bring back Rachel it’s obvious who will be in the finals and CBS will have effectively turned most of their audience off the show. I will not ever watch again.

          1. Just because you can’t take back the hours we watched this show does not mean we are one of the dumb ones to not question it whatsoever like you and atleast save another month of my summer since it clearly won’t get renewed again lol. Just compare Survivor to the first 10-15 seasons. OH WAIT…. Who makes that show again? Oh not CBS! Sorry it is the end of integrity for the last good reality show on all of tv and being such diehard fans as you clearly are why wouldn’t you at the least question it? It’s not all “reality” now for the people in the corporate world at CBS fighting to keep there job. But screw all of us that even pay for the dumb texts for have not food and the thousands who pay $15 a month to watch a big foam party AKA bubbles.

        1. CBS will miss more than a few! I know many who would quit watching if they bring back someone from the jury! How fair is that? They sure never chose house guests from different races either…. just realized that after reading a post about Monet

  3. haha cry Britney cry I love it. She talks so much crap behind people’s back, and is sooo fake. I want her to cry all week every minute!!

    1. Keep crying Britney! I’m sure Daddy will buy you a new car when you get out because you had your feelings hurt. Spoiled brat!

    2. Exactly what happened to what she said last week when rachel was crying, she laughed and said that if she was in rachel’s position she would be a better sport at it because it is just a game. yeah right. and ragan i guess he won’t be able to do his saboteur duties he is so distraught. i hope brendan drives them crazy.

    3. I think it would be hilarious if Britney was sent to the jury house and had to spend a week trapped and all alone with Rachel!!

  4. Everyone thinks Brenden will nominate Ragan/Brittney, I doubt it. He’s going after Matt, and maybe Lane. Brenden is convinced that Lane is the saboteur. Unlike Rachael who was putting up floaters, Brenden could actually be targeting the stronger players. Just saying.

    1. In which case, Matt uses the DPOV, saves himself and Lane, leaving Brit and Raga toast! That would knock the wind out of their sails and make Matt the hero to the Brigade,

      1. matt gets to choose who goes up in place of whoever comes off its like coup d’etat but used during veto ceremony not eviction.
        hes gonna/ should put up kathy and she goes home.

        heres the big FU to brendon, matt has a more powerful power and nobody in the house is on brendons side so theyre all gonna vote the same, if kathy goes up on the block next to anyone else theyre gonna vote her out.

        1. alley cat may let brendon play for hoh again if the d-pov is used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          what then…rig job if ever there was one

      2. he can only save ONE person from the block and nom ONE person as a replacement. But either way, they (Bro-Grade) have the votes so they are good. Brit or Ragan are dead men walking right now!

  5. I’m so glad brendon won it keeps the game interesting. I think rachel should totally come back though she was annoying her and brendon competiting against the rest of the house is far more interesting them keeping the brigade take out kathy and the other floaters. Vote to keep her and let the game begin!!

  6. WOW IS THAT BRIT CRYING! REALLY! Didn’t she say last week, “IT’S A GAME, IF I’M ON THE BLOCK I’M GOING HAVE SPORTSMANSHIP.” Well now the tables have turned and her and her buddy’s are on slop. I bet they wished they had kept Rachel. Rachel never would have made it through the mud. Now let’s watch Kathy suck up to Brendan. I hope she wins POV though. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS TOO GREAT.

  7. I love now how Reagan and Britney are shaking in their boots. Serves them right!! They shouldn’t have been so cocky last week when Brenchel was nominated.

  8. I donot like Britney and Ragan – and what did Brendon do to deserve everyone is after him. Obviously he will not win this game but when he gets voted out – I am soooo looking foward to see the others turn on one another.

  9. I donot like Britney and Ragan – and what did Brendon do to deserve everyone is after him. Obviously he will not win this game but when he gets voted out – I am soooo looking foward to see the others turn on each other.

      1. yes they are. They make fun, and call b/r behind their backs and when brendon does it to their face he’s the bad guy. I hope brendon puts up brit and ragan, then matt won’t use the veto.

      2. yes they are. they are both guilty of something rachel never did, and that was call people of of thier names constantly. they made fun of her the whole week, and ragan kept saying he was not going to loose his self respect well he did he was spiteful and hateful, and why rachel did nothing to them personally. they were mad because she voted out two people they liked, well only one could sin so she did them a favor.

      3. Yes. they are. Ragen and Britney are just plan mean. Britney has no class. That speech she gave was a spoiled brat move. Ragen is also a jerk with his comments in the diary room. He used to be a favourite of mine. not so much anymore

      4. Sorry but they are. At least Brendan and Rachel say it how it is and to their face. Brittney, Ragan, Enzo, Kathy all talk behind there back saying Rachel was being a cry baby yet here she is crying. I hope Brittney or Ragan go home.

      5. Yes they are…they have been baiting Rach and Brendon all week and then when they blow those two say….see how awful they are. Snivelers …both of them. YUUUUUK

    1. i bet to make it more interesting either way matt will end up in the block whether he puts him up with brit or ragan or he puts up ragan and brit (one of them will win pov) and matt will be put up just to make the show interesting so he can use the d veto. CBS did not introduce a new veto to not have it played.

  10. Is Rachel going to be inside a Pandora’s Box for Brendon?

    Is that what Julie Chen was alluding to during tonight’s episode?

    If she returns to the house, I will fly to LA and barf on Allison Grodner and possible all of CBS.

    1. I hope they don’t bring her back she was voted off and doesn’t deserve to come back as would any other person that got voted off. I mean that means CBS is saying we want that person to win the money.

  11. just to let you guys know; there is a good possibility that rachel is coming back in the house. julie chen’s comment either meant she’s will be returning this season or she’ll be a part of a possible all stars next season. but most likely she’ll be back this season because of that one person who dropped out at the last minute they need someone to come because when that person quit their plan for eviction went out of whack and now they have an extra week where they would either have to bring someone back or have a week of nothing. so we’ll be seeing her again and whether you like her or not, she is good tv. she starts fights, she’s delusional, and she’s eccentric. and cbs loves rating.

    1. I was just asking about the Julie comment! I think it wil be this season too! IMO, you are so on point! This week should be very entertaining!

  12. I bet America will vote on who they want from three people to be brought back just like in the couples season with james.

  13. He’s going after the people he made have nots….Ragan, Britney, Matt, and Lane. If he knew what we know, he’d nominate Hayden and Enzo.

    It will really suck if he has the power to bring back Rachael. I don’t hate her as much as many of you but she is incredibly annoying, especially when she goes on a power trip.

    I felt a little sad for Brendon when his ex-fiancee was talking about him…dirty laundry aired on tv and it doesn’t even sound like he was that bad a guy — more that CBS was trying to make something out of it.

    1. What kind of family would go on national tv to trash an ex like that? They have no class probably got paid some $200.00 to talk trash, they looked desperate and envious, and the ex was a granade too!

    2. Lane’s not have not, just the other 3 you mentioned…..Julie said HOH got to choose 3……and why would you feel sorry for “Neanderthal” not airing any dirty laundry….all his ex said was behavior we have all seen, too emotional etc etc

        1. The houseguests have the opportunity to talk sh!t behind thier ex’s backs on national TV, on SHO2, and on live feeds on the internet. The opporunity to reciprocate is only fair.

  14. My, my, my……oh my how quickly things change and the shoe can be on the other foot! Too damn funny! Who was that talking about Rachel cry’n last week? Hmmm I wonder! Did Julie basically say Rachel has a chance of com’n back?

  15. I really hope brandon put up MATT and Brittney, and let matt take himself off bing replace by kathy. brit goes home and pandoras box bring recheal back. now that would make my day.xoxoxoxoxoxox

  16. Brendon’s family and friends are rejoicing and dancing in the streets right now….maybe he can redeem himself this week and next…Brendon dig deep MAN!

          1. Yah, and that is why she is all for Rachel. She is hoping Rachel drops him, too. And, how does her mother know that what Brendon was saying to Rachel is the same things he said to her daughter? Was she listening through the door or on the phone?

          2. she left him because he was trying to change her, that alone is psycho how you gonna just tell someone they have to change… rachel will be leaving him because no way will she give up her luxurious life in vegas getting financial favors from rich men, you can tell by rachel’s face while listening to his goodbye message, no upset look no nothing she was just USING HIM to further her game… if she stays with him she will soon see what his ex saw the “Norman Bates” in him.

            1. We only heard one side of the story in the romance and breakup and maybe Rachel didn’t show much emotion in Brendan”s good bye message because she knows she’s coming back to the house, she didn’t show much surprise to Julie’s sayin, that she might not be done with the BB house either.

  17. People it is obvious who BB wants to win this year. Remember when Julie said that Rachel hasnt not seen the last of the BB House? Sure is strange that Brendon finally won a HOH after Rachel leaves the house. I am so tired of these two I am glad Rachel is gone and I just wished Brendon would JUST Leave! Take your bimbo and go home do not pass go and do not go to jury house. Just think now all these houseguests has to put up with his bull crap for the next week. I knew he would choose Brit, Matt and Ragan has the have nots no surprise to me. Lets just play this game and not go after people for revenge of Rachel., Start acting like a adult and grow up or just exit please. I hope who ever he puts on the block finds some way to take themselves off and shove that POV down his throat

  18. I’d feel so bad if Rachel was brought back in an Matt used his dpov, and put her on the block and she was voted out again!

    1. Matt can only use his veto this upcoming week. Meaning during Brendon’s rein as HOH. So if Rachel came back he could not use it on her. But i’m sure if she came back she would be back up on the block soon enough.

  19. I just want to see Brit and Ragan cry and see how it feels to be on the block! I hope Brendon shakes it up! But up Lane and Matt. Matt will use his power and brit goes up and goes home! Love to see her squirm going into the Jury house.

  20. I wonder if Matt is gonna tell the Brigade that he has the Diamond POV.
    He’s so safe, it’s perfect. This is his last week to use it too.
    I can foresee Brendon putting Matt and Ragan on the block. then Matt will use the DPOV, and Britney will be put up. however, the POV competition itself will be interesting if Britney or Ragan wins that. Or if one of the Brigade wins the POV, would they use it??
    now come to think of it…. Matt doesn’t even have to use the DPOV because he already has the Brigade votes! lol. so he’s safe no matter what! this is perfect. Brigade!!

  21. It looked like Brendon’s ropes were not as tangled as the others!! The fix is in!! They they were going to hand him HOH that is why Grodner gave her little pet ball scratcher the DPV because he is going to need it to save his ugly ass !! Matt is so gross i want to puke everytime I see his ugly face or hear his girly sounding voice. His wife must have been desperate to marry that disgusting thing!!

    1. I am sure they just all got up and picked a lane. I am sure there wasn’t someone saying Brendon you have to have this lane. I mean COME ON! When I seen the news I knew there would be a lot of comments like that.

  22. The Brigade is running this shit yo. Brendon winning is best case scenario, hopefully Brit and Rag go up and Rag be gone.
    Mad grenades all up in this bitch.

    1. no he can’t, the diamond veto acts just like the regular veto except he gets to pick the replacement nominee. Brendan will put up matt and ragan or matt and brit and matt will use his veto to save himself, because he won’t win the pov. i don’t know what will happen if someone wins the pov what happens then like if ragan or brit wins and save themself then brendan will have to put someone up, and then if matt will use his and put someone else up.

    1. Hands down the best BB site that everyone wants to log onto. Being overloaded for a short while is a small price to pay for the quality content we get here.

    2. Kudos to you Simon. We were just showin’ the love. Next exciting night, mabe we should all just have a time-out drink break!

    3. I’m so glad I finally got your site back up. I was really freaking out! I realized what it was going to be like when big brother is over. Thanks Simon I love this site! My husband thinks I’m crazy, go brigade!!

  23. If Matt is put with either Ragan or Britney and ragan does use the dpov on himself then Kathy will go up. And I’m pretty sure the house will be covinced to get Kathy out rather than ragan or brtney

  24. Yes!! This is actually amazing. I’m glad Brendon won. He’s going to be a cocky dick all week, possibly put up Matt and Ragan …he’s going to think he runs the house and then BAM…Matt pulls out that diamond veto, replace himself with Kathy…bye bye Kathy and Brendon’s face will be priceless.

  25. how can you say teh brigade are doing anything??? if sitting on your rear end is doing your best to win then I feel sorry for you. the game is supposed to be about working to win not sitting back sliding through!! UGH they dont deserve to win. I dont care for matt either but at least he does something!

    1. I hate to say this, but The Brigade is genius. They are simply sitting back and planting seeds. Each member is manipulating one other HG and watching the rest of the house self-destruct one by one. The laziest and yet most effective alliance in BB history (so far).

  26. Hmmm….seems Brendon has a really tough choice to make this week of who to put up. He said he would avenge those who hated on Rachel, just about everyone. I think he will leave Lane, Enzo, and Hayden alone because they were a little more discreet in their bashing. Matt put them up, Britney didn’t use the veto, Kathy and Ragan were both really mean to her this past week. That being said, he really needs to stop playing so emotionally and start playing strategically. I get working the social angle for future votes and stuff, but if he doesn’t do the strategy now, his game will be over. I also get the feeling the other HG’s genuinely like Brendon, but obviously they hated Rachel so I think the psychological term is transferrence of that onto him. I think Kathy will be the first one to work the suck up angle, followed by Britney, Lane, Hayden, Ragan and Enzo.

  27. It’s so weird and crazy that NO ONE has won an HOH outside of the Brigade Alliance and the Brenchel Alliance. It’s annoying too.

  28. The fix is always in with these quasi reality shows. They go in knowing exactly who they want to win. I hate cheaters though. This type of ‘twist’ is what made me stop watching last season. This year I might suffer through since I really have no strong feelings on who I want to win. Only who I don’t want to win.

  29. Simon, wow, you must have really got hit hard. I just now was able to get back on. It took close to 2 hours! Well, I am here now and watching CBS.

  30. i really think rachel is pissed!!!!! probably for two reasons…..brendon didn’t come through for her when she thought he should have and now he will not be joining her in the jury house this week………love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Yes Rachel will be back in the house. No she is no longer a contestant. Maybe she will be hosting an PoV or Luxury challenge. Maybe the Luxury challenge will be a Vegas theme. Maybe the winner goes to Vegas with Rachel for the day LOL.

    They did this before, where the person evicted came right back to host the HoH that day. So my guess is she is coming back to host something. Just like survivor when they say something OMG will happen and we watch it, and it was so LAME. Julie said it so we talk about it, and come back big time on a Sunday to see what will happen.

  32. Folks news flash, this game is not rigged folks. However, producers do make statements and ask questions, that will play with the players minds. That causes Drama, which equals better ratings. CBS loves Rachel, she’s eccentric, overdramatic, and comfortable with her sexuality. People just love to hate her. She does get on my nerves, but she’s great Television. I’m glad Brendan won, so this game, gets interesting again.
    My opinion of the players are:

    Brit – she is the most two-faced woman I have ever seen.
    Lane – sits back and watches everything, and does nothing.
    Ragan – a bitchy guy, but he’s not stupid.
    Kathy- these players should be keeping an eye on her. She’s gonna continue to dodge bullets.
    Brendan – Well he’s the HOH this week, and he’ll have to continue to win Veto’s. He’s needs to leave Rachel alone though, she’s gonna chew him up and spit him out.
    Enzo – All he does is blow hot air. He’s useless.
    Matt – Just an all around a&&hol#.
    Rachel – this crazieee will be back, and can you say “Tequila”.

    1. Agree with every single word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t stand Britney, by the way. She gets by with being sooooo mean and not really called on it.

    2. So I guess if somehow it was Kathy evicted tonight I’m sure Julie would give her a maybe she might be nvm too huh? Gawd, just because I loved it for years an years doesn’t mean I’m ignorant enough to keep watching and ignoring what’s so evident to be production ploys! I’ll save the 3 hours I watch BBAD most nights and get more outta my day! I don’t just come here to hate on this show, I just couldn’t take anymore BS after today. FACT- BB overseas is on last season FACT-USA BB is fighting for renewal next year as they did for this season IT’S JUST A LAST ATTEMPT TO SAVE WHAT WAS SADLY THE LAST GREAT REALITY SHOW. Save the short time and look around because its not coming back next year prob! When a show casts an entirely white season (and monet), clearly they probably are as biased in production for RATINGS and “crazy twists” as they were for there cookie cutter casting! It is over and besides when Brendan can’t keep integrity and composure in a sport as laid-back as BOWLING, do you think he could really handle some cowboy ass stuff?! No one here dare blame it on the Lane, he came in as close as possible since any further back an everyone watching would turn off this crap! Plus most of them throw the damn challenges anyways, YES EVEN THE HIGH AND MIGHTY ENZO!

    3. Folks news flash, this game is not rigged folks —-> I’m glad Brendan won, so this game, gets interesting again

      Not only was the first statement a bit on the redundant side, you just contradicted yourself a few seconds later. lol Of course Brendon won!!! Get in the game! The houseguests talk about the game being rigged all of the time, psychologically rigged in the DR, competitions being lopsided. Ragan himself came out of the DR and said production told him he was missing an alliance in the house. Simon or Dawg, can we implement some kind of prerequisite of watching more than the network shows before we can post here? lol CBS has a lot invested in things going certain ways, anybody who doesn’t understand that along with advertising and viewer ratings should probably just keep their TV in the OFF position.

  33. Can you imagine what that Jury House will be like with Boy George with Regan or Brit??!! LOL, too bad there’s not a camera in that house 24/7. Also, I hope Brendon lasts a few more weeks in the BB house. The longer he is separated from Boy George, the better!!

  34. Well hells bells. I’ve been sick all damn day and fell asleep. Woke up just as Rachel was evicted. I was all better for about 2 minutes and then heard Julie say to Rachel that this might not be the last she sees of the BB House….and then I puked. Then I find out that Brendon won HOH…I puked again. I’ve never said that I hate B/R,and I’d love to see some good drama in the house and want to see Brendon actually play the game….but some little part of me wanted to see Brendon follow Rachel out the door……….I may be delerious with a fever. Please forgive me everyone I really start babbling incoherently.

  35. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I am voting for those three to be on turnips and tofu. i am glad they are have nots. or maybe the eggplant and escargot, let them get a total feel of have not.

  36. Matt,Brit, and Ragan are stronger than Enzo, Hayden, and Lane. Matt should use the diamond veto and protect Brit & Ragan.

  37. Maaaan I use to like Britney and Ragan. But now I really cannot stand Ragan. He is beyond annoying. I wish Enzo was voted as the saboteur. He’s becoming my favourite since Ragan has become so annoying and Britney has had her funny moments but has also proven to be a really fake bitch. And why does she hang on to Lane sometimes like it is her boyfriend? Unless it secretly is. But yeaaaah. Lane and Brit together could be cute….if she wasn’t engaged to someone else.

    I feel like most of the house guests are some of the most unlikeable people to be on big brother yet. Season six, all stars, season 10 and even 11 were more interesting. I think BB is losing it’s appeal. This makes me sad cause I really like the idea of the game. It’s also sad that production interferes with the game so much. Thats “reality” tv for ya.

    1. although i agree that this season suckkss, NOTHING NOTHING will ever be as bad as season 9 “the love season” wtf? it was bullshit

      1. I have to totally agree with you there. They tried to mix big brother with some kinda love reality show. Horrible. I don’t even think I watched the whole season.

    2. I agree, it is losing it’s appeal. If they want another season, they need to come up with something new. For these HG’s there’s no surprises really, same comps just different props and costumes. This casting was just wrong, I feel like the mix is a little too homogenous to be any good. Too many truly intelligent people and too many just blah people. If they really wanted to shake things up, I think they ought to go back to the way Season 1 was and the way the rest of Big Brother around the world is. Let everyone be themselves and let the viewers decide who gets the boot. They still get to play comps. for luxuries and prizes and there’s still drama with everyone trying to be on their best behavior, but adjusting how they act based on who got voted out. Could be fun?

  38. i feel bad for Britney and Ragan.although idk which two he will put up.he said hed target matt so i think it will be Matt and Ragan since Britney still acted like they were friends.i hope Brit wins the veto.

  39. WOW, all that studying took away their strength. they should have known with a long lockdown like that it wasn’t going to be a quiz. they should have spent more time relaxing instead of talking. i bet brit and ragan will be quiet as a mice. thank God.

  40. I thoughtPandora’s Box was Ragan as the saboteur? Why are people still thinking Pandora’s Box has anything to do with anything?

    1. them not winning anything don;t make up for how fast brendon was going… it was rigged , but a good rig, this keeps the drama going

      1. I agree to a certain degree with that, but Brendan was more motivated with Rachel just getting voted out of the house. I just think its kind of silly to say it was rigged, just because Brendan won, and especially when last week, Brendan claimed it was rigged against him.

  41. Yeah I love how I watched this show religiously for years and now if you told me they all got scripts in the DR I would definitely believe it. Seemed so easy to make a comp that Rachel would def not prob win, I mean since production knew that Brendan was staying. Oh how bout a comp that is very easily overlooked just in case his designated row happened to have looser knots or hey maybe even less. I mean lane is worthless but ppl like him and I that been around ropes and horses and stuff know every knot and ties by the time we are 13 years old. Even if it wasn’t I HIGHLY doubt that if someone like Kathy got evicted today there are less a chance of Julie telling Kathy she might be back in house THAN the odds of Rachel wearing a Purity ring! The show is On the ropes and not renewed and rumors are it’s over in USA just like overseas. But hey anything for ratings! I mean the reason why I watch the Real World is for unscripted tv! Lol please. I GOT THE ROUTINE ALREADY CBS, GO AHEAD AND PUT RACHEL IN PANDORAS BOX FOR BRENDON SINCE SAB ALREADY GOT HIS HOPES UP AND HE WILL OPEN IT! Enzo should win the entire thing because he’s most liked and fair to everyone to there face. Brigade controls votes for next couple weeks blah blah blah. Sorry I’m not drawing conclusions I’m just realistic! Just go watch Survivor from 2-3 years ago and look at last season. 6 immunity idols on one tribe!? All found too! Wow that’s like winning lottery. I just hope Enzo isn’t really just a cast reject of Jersey Shore and CBS went and grabbed him for some acting job. Julie Chen is Korean and hosting he show, yet out of 13 ppl you find one MIXED girl of ethnicity?! Lol. Sorry it was fun, but now it’s too much CBS.

  42. I am glad Rachael is out and I hope BB keeps her out… I think that the game should be played where you are evicted, you stay evicted…if you want to bring someone in, bring in someone new…. This isn’t the most exciting cast but they are who they are… Brendon gets on my nerves…HE NEEDS to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  43. Isn’t it funny no has said this HOH competition was unfair because _________. Yeah because the big whinning Brenden won and the brigade is a bunch of idiots. They probably threw the competition, but can’t seem to win a damm thing. I hope Brittany will wins POV again – let Ragan or Kathy go home. Regan hasn’t had to do anything to be the savitor – Annie had to run around the house and do things — Regan is done nothing!!!

  44. Horrible edit by CBS on tonight’s show. I watched it on the east coast feed and am now watching the west coast feed and it is just terrible. I’m only watching it again to hear Julie’s comments to Rachel and make sure of what she said.
    BBAD will be either very spirited or very dead tonight.

    1. he’s not allowed to do whatever he wants, he has to choose out of the top 3 or 4 things America chooses for him. America sux donkey ass when it comes to choosing

      1. He doesn’t choose anything exciting. I am sure there are more exciting ideas from America. Hell, we have some really good ones!

  45. Please help???
    What did jay chen mean when she said rachel may not be out???
    Maybe the bb house will still be interesting for the next two weeks.
    i thought i could go on vay kay for ten days. finally some xcitment i hope

  46. why is everyone hating on brit and ragan…people…brit was playing a game, she was playing the card when u be really nice to the hoh, which she was nice to racheal cuz she didn’t want to get her butt kicked out of the door, its called game. people play it differently….but in all the seasons i watched I have NEVER seen such immature human beings for their age- Brenden and Rachael are the most rude, bad sports at all the games, retarded and some people here are going for them???????? Brenden is horrible to woman! and hes the biggest dick! racheal….shes a bitch! so how on earth are their people in the world that like Brenden and racheal??????? i have never in my life seen a grown man act like that towards britney.( evil dick, maybe but he was just awesome) I know it was is goal to keep racheal in the game…but hmmmm why didn’t he mouth off to hayden…or enzo..or lane….cuz hes chicken shit…god I dont think I have ever hated a big brother person so much!!!!!!! I just can not fathom the people on here that like him? most people hating on britney…cuz shes a “spoiled bratt” okay just because shes done some ass kissing…doesn’t mean shes a brattt….I do have to admit that in the begging she did trash talk the people their…I know thats not right…but come on people…please dont tell me u guys like brenden over ragean and britney and all the others hes not even that cute looking……??? i just dont get it, someone please explain to me?

    1. You obviously don’t get the live feeds or after dark, because if you did, it would be apparent why so many hate britney and ragan….

  47. Low blow on interviewing someone’s ex. I can imagine what my ex would say and I would have plenty to say about him but I wouldn’t. Why? To say you are glad he is your ex and not your son-in-law. I am not a Brendon fan but he did not deserve that. Besides, we all knew it anyway.

    1. Grandma I agree. That was totally shitty to do to Brendon. If anyone wonders if the game is rigged, take a look right there. Brendon is the golden boy of this season and look what they do to him. He came across as being a psycho. Of course his ex is pissed off. Geez, I can only imagine what my ex would say, wait a minute, I do because he said it to my face, tried to have a girl beat me up by saying I said stuff about her, etc. I don’t talk behind peoples backs, I say it to their face but this girl was pissed off and tried to smother me in the girls bathroom. Ex’s have no place on tv especially.

      1. This chick and her family get to say what they want on national tv, but B cannot respond. Leaves her looking like the next Brittany. And to the parents, it is always wiser to not comment on your daughter’s love life.

    2. I also agree with you Grandma. I thought the whole interview with the ex was irrelevant and unneccesary. I was looking forward to an interview with Rachel’s family….production had to know she was being voted out. Wonder why they didn’t do the family visit thing on her?

  48. CBS is definitely doing this on purpose..nothing like a little scripted reality folks.

    this week will be a moper for the house because Brendon’s Pandora Box WILL be Rachel. (which extends the season a week..making it a full season since they were a HG short). And since Brendon is an emotional douchebag, he’ll think with his “heart” instead of his head and pick both matt and ragan. To which when PoV time comes, It don’t matter who it’s used on..Matt will bring out the DPOV..probably give it to Ragan instead of himself and nominate Rachel yet AGAIN… This is when the real drama between Rachel and Brendon occurs..probably lots of shouting, throwing shit, etc. This will be the BEST TIME to check out the feeds..hee hee. At this point the house will be SO HAPPY that the next eviction will be another 6-0 Rachel eviction! Since Brendon’s dumb emotional ass is out the next HoH, he’ll be out next week. Matt will be a hero!

    woof-woof reprezentin da brigade out before BB presses the ‘you are not allowed to talk about production’ button.

  49. exactly…….as soon as I saw it was like a maize, untangling ropes, I said this is right down caveman’s alley…..physics involves logic etc……..and boygeorge coming back…….thanks AG, way way soooooooooo obvious………. guess all that whining about competitions being so unfair and geared towards certain people’sizes finally paid off,,,,,,,rest of the house played it wrong as far as eviction……..had to know all that lockdown time, wouldn’t be a quiz,,,,,,,,also knew brigade wouldn’t fight that hard……all this is working out just the way they wanted, they wanted him to win to get out at least one of their targets

    1. I didn’t see that. Julie is a professional. She was nice as she is with all of them when they are evicted. In fact, she was smiling and took Rachel’s hand when she said “you might be seeing the house again.”

  50. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!! Not a huge fan of Brendon just a bigger HATER of Britney, Ragan and Matt. Hate those 3 with a passion. Talk about “mean girls”. All three are mean girls.

    Someone finally says something to Britney and she practically has a nervous breakdown but she has been making fun of people since DAY 1. She can dish it out but can’t take it. She must have no life in that small town other then gossiping!!! Ragain who always talks aboiut being nice and honest and playing with respect has surprised me the most. She is nasty and cruel when you would think he wouldnt be because he talks aboout being bullied as a kid. And Matt, well Matt is just an arrogant jerk!!! From the story of his sick wife to those stupid pajamas to his stupid creepy nervous looks he does, he is just horrible.

    And how stupid are those three doing that to jury members!!! Just dumb!!!

    Never thought I would say this, but by process of elimination I’m now voting for Enzo. He is playing the game right. and has the sense to stay on the good side of the jury members. I mean did Britney think she would get B/R votes with that goodbye message?

    Yes everyone talks about everyone, thats always, but those 3 are just downright mean and obnoxious.

    1. Can’t stand Rachel, but Brit is BY FAR worse because she is so fake, two-faced, and a bigger hypocrite than them all. I don’t understand why anyone would have a shred of sympathy for her. She’s cold hearted, plays a victim, and is down right mean-spirited. She’s got nothing but cruel and vicious things to say about others, then cries if the slightest thing is said to her. Truly a bitch.

  51. Even if what you are saying is true, so what? The other competitions were indeed geared toward smaller people, especially the paint can one. So, in some way each competition is rigged for someone to win. And just to make the point, Brendon was playing this competition smart. Instead of standing up each time he climbed under a rope, he just partially stood and fell onto the other side of the maze ropes. The others were standing up each time, then ducking down, etc. This caused them to loose valuable time and energy. Don’t like him, but have to give credit where due.

  52. Once again the reason that I dislike the BB fandom…. seriously every time something doesn’t go the way you guys want it it’s a ‘conspiracy’ but once you start to cry, whine,complain and threaten somehow, somewhere your stupid wishes are granted i.e Jeff and the Coup de tat. Come on people the man just lost his ‘girl’, thinking he was the one going to the jury house, and was his only desire was to ‘avenge’ her like the ‘chivalrous warrior’ he is… If he didn’t what then? All of you would start bashing, laughing, jesting about how useless, whiny, and weak he his… Seriously guy grow up watch the game… it is a game!!! Not Everyone gets to win!!! Sometimes people lose, sometimes people win that you don”t want too… not everyone wanted the Lakers to win, Spain to win, Serena to win, Nadal to win, Saints to win, etc….. GROW UP people ‘cuz this threatening to stop watching bs and conspracy theories are getting old.. Don’t even like Brenchel or anyone for that matter but I respect their game play….

    1. Touche’. Very well said. Rational and unemotional. But surely to evoke the opposite from those you speak of.

  53. Rachel comes back because in Brendon’s Box is the ability to bring someone back. The show was one person short. Yet it will be triggered by Brendon using his diamond power of veto, that would be the twist that keeps fans watching and not totally pissed off. Also, if Hayden had won then Kristen could’ve came back, or Monet could’ve came back for Britney….

  54. WHO WANTS TO SEE MY MAN’S HOH ROOOOOOM??????????????? I hope there is tequila and vomit and 100 bills. Nobody messes with me and my man. I just hope he proposes on finale night, because I have already sold myself to a bachelor party the day after…..if i don’t get a ring, i will be getting it ALL NIGHT LONG for tons of jose cuervo and GW’s……..WATCH OUT FLOATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. I don’t know why people are getting all irate about Brendon’s ex bashing him. First of all when he chose to go on this show he opened himself up for this sort of thing. Second of all, I’m sure they tried to get his family to go on air and talk about him but I am sure they refused because they are 100% embarrased and humiliated by this idiot they spawned. I also don’t understand all of the Britney bashing either. All she is doing is showing her sadness, and she is young as well. Rachel & Brendon are ridiculous people, we all see it, everyone in the house see’s it. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. If they bring Rachel back I will not be happy at all. Those two made me cringe and made my BB watching almost unbearable. I am for Matt, Lane, Ragan, and Britney FINAL FOUR!!!!

  56. Same people who are claiming this was rigged for B are the same people who were denying there was any advantage for smaller people in the prior physical competitions (when in fact, there was … can’t argue with science). Quit whining about it being fixed. It isn’t any more fixed than the rest of BB. Why is it you haven’t figured that out yet??

    Part of what isn’t shown is when they do draws for slotting, etc. to make things as fair/random as possible. Production did not give Brendon the slot he had, he got it randomly. If you listen to live feeds enough, you may ocassionally hear this discussed after some competitions (like Rachael and Brendon drawing 1-2 in the Lovers Lane competition).

    I do hope that Brendon staying around is good for humor however which is also why I hope that between Britney and Ragan that Ragan goes because Britney is by far more entertaining when you watch the live feeds.

  58. It will be funny if Ragan goes home next week and doesn’t get the $20,000, but never really puts himself at risk or goes out of is way to do anything that might put his game at risk like Annie did…

  59. I think I would not hate Rachel as much if she acted and talked when with Julie Chen. But I dunno if she is prompted to act fake in DRs and messages. It’s like she is trying to act for the camera and it is just so fake.

    Though I know production may help steer the game in the way of better ratings. But i’m not sure if Brendon was given less knots or anything. From what I saw in the comp he was diving and covered in mud trying so hard. Though I don’t doubt they picked a competition that he would be better at.

  60. Thank god Brendon won!!!! This whole house is full pansies and little bitches! Brit and Ragan r just wastes of space and If Kathy was a sheriff in my town I’d become John Dillinger she’s a joke. Hate B/R if u want but they are making this season, this wholes cast has sucked!!!!! They all want to be friends and vote together, where the hell is gameplay?? CBS has just about lost me and I used to love BB. By default im going with da white puddin but the Brigade is lame. Its like these people just came for a free trop to cali. I cant wait 4 someone to smack Britney two faced hick. Brendon don’t keep it classy give us why we want…..drama! Long live the Queen of Vegas and Bring back Kayser!

    1. William is right, the Brigade has made the game mundane. They all have their sway over someone outside the Brigade and that has neutered the game. Brenchel was a two-person power trip and thus what made it intresting. If it was 3 two person groups it would be a very different game. Including Kristen still being and Andrew’s bombshell would have been even more impacting.

  61. I know why Enzo told Rachel and Brendon ahead of time how the vote was really going to go, he was covering his ass and to keep himself as a good guy. But, I was really looking forward to seeing the surprise on their faces when they learned that they had all lied to them. Damn, Enzo, you ruin that for me! He could have saved face in his exit comment to her.

    1. Read the messages around you….everyone is bashing the houseguests….can’t you disagree with someone without calling them a vile empty headed bitch…just because they have a different opinion than you….who made you the authority?

  62. I think in the veto or the next HOH a while down someone will get something if they win HOH or a veto prize where they get to bring back a house guest and after seeing brendon fight for that HOH brigades gotta come up with some damn good grenades yo

  63. They are all flawed and annoying, but I understand Brachel way more than I understand Britney, Regan and Kathy. Those 3 are going to feel like idiots a few years from now.
    It’s sad that Lane is the only person I find likable now. He’ll lose his mind at some point, too.. i am sure.
    Are we all like this? damn.

    1. Wow 2 cents you are dead on. While I found BRACHEL so annoying over the past couple of weeks, everyone here is starting to work my nerves. This has got to be the most egocentric group of losers in all of big brother history. In the past, there was one super ego loser, this year they are all stuck on themselves and with the exception of BRACHEL they seem to be useless. ESPECIALLY KATHY!!!!

  64. Where was Rachels family? Didn’t they film her? Just Brandons ex? I wudnering if Rachel will be jealous that Brandon’s ex got air time and she didn’t? LOL.
    I use to like Rachel. I lost repsect for her. Still going for Brandon. I always cheer for the underdog most times. Expcept for Kathy.

  65. Why are people saying Rachel will be brought back with Pandora’s Box? I thought it was just Regan becoming the Saboteur?

  66. also, the show is not rigged as a whole season. they couldn’t care less who won. it’s rigged for power swings and revenge and drama week to week. that’s why they call people out during ceremonies. they want to win the production vote. you create drama. you stay. Brendon is not there to win. He is there to demonstrate character and create opportunities for himself. Trying to get himself evicted over ‘love’ is a pretty good move in that respect

  67. LOL!!! Go Brendon! He’s needy but the only genuine nice person in the house. Legitimately the only person in the house who deserves to win(except kathy but shes boring). ENZO: thinks hes famous and can make money on ebay, MATT: wears feety pajamas every day, RAGAN: backstabbing drama queen, BRITNEY: googly- eyed cold hearted spoiled brat, HAYDEN: Couldn’t spell HOH if the only letters he knew were O and H, LANE: grab your life vest, there are more respectable floaters in julie chen’s toilet. No your accent is not cute its called coors light not cuuurrrrss, go milk your cows loser.

    1. Nice guy huh? Seeing he goes after gay guys and women for pleasure. And all your reasons for everyone else involve no facts just your ignorant high horse opinion. Yeah owning farmland and lots of cattle would suck since it pays a shitload but you think beef comes from the grocery store so….

      1. He went after them because they are fake has nothing to with Britney being a girl or ragan being gay .. Ragan flipped on Rachel cause she called his alliance out and Britney well she’s as fake as they come .. If u can name a time any of the guys gave brenden a reason to confront them then maybe just maybe your pointless paragraph might hold some truth but oh wait they never did so stfu

        1. he went after them because they were smaller than him, if lane or enzo was talking shit no way would brendon step to them like that…

          1. i think he would step to whomever was giving him or Rachel trouble, but perhaps that Enzo, Hayden and Lane are secure enough in their abilities and themselves that they dont have to cause the meaningless petty drama that Britney and Ragan do to bring an ounce of fulfillment to their pathetic lives…think about it – what types of people in this world bring drama and make fun of people….the brigade has not give Brendon a reason to argue at all

      2. He never once attacked ragan for being Gay or Brit for being a woman so thats not a valid argument!! Ragan and Brit are both super argumentative and once Brenchel was on the block they turned into Assholes!! So Brenden attacked them for that. I find it funny that ragan was talking shit about Rach crying when she lost and him and Brit are crying before they even get put on the block!

    2. Brendon only went after people who were on Rachel’s bad side- if you notice the big guys never said anything to her or made her upset so he isn’t picking on small people he was defending his lady lol which he would of done to anyone in there

  68. Julie Chen said Matt could use the Diamond POV on anybody and then Matt would pick who would replace the vetoed person on the block. Can he pick from all the remaining houseguests INCLUDING THE HOH. That would be so funny if he did use the Diamond power of veto, took off 1 of the nominated houseguests and then put Brendon on the block.

          1. No it is a dumb question, it’s called common sense maybe if
            You watched all the seasons
            You would know that that could
            Never happen.

              1. Obviously Matt will use the diamond power of veto. I think Kathy will then be nominated and evicted. Thus uniting brenchel once again. Matt what have you done!!!!!

    1. Are you kidding me? even Jeff (coup d’etat) couldn’t nominate HOH and the POV Winner.
      HOH and POV don’t go anywhere

    2. Matt won’t use it….if he did, everyone would know that he lied about it…even though he had to. I ‘m not sure he is willing to take that chance. Even if he is on the block, he has the votes to stay unless the Brigade turns on him, so even then, I doubt he’ll use it. And he won’t be able to nominate the current HOH or the Veto Winner.

    1. I think Enzo & Hayden are trying to play both sides now. On the Live Feeds they were both saying they were “golden” because they have two alliances. (One with Brendan & one with the Brigade!) I’m getting tired of Enzo he does nothing! Somebody needs to step up in the game and take over!

  69. Karma is a BITCH!!! Bye bye Britney. Have fun in the jury with Rachel… OH wait. Rachel might come back. And I don’t think Matt will use the diamond pov unless two brigade members are on the block. And even if Brendon puts up Brit and Matt, Matt has the votes to stay. KARMA IS A BITCH. Bye Britney. Hahahahaha. Team Brendon.

  70. This is perfect for the Brigade! Now Brenden gets out Reagan or Brittany so their hands are still clean. People want to bash them for being lazy, but they’re playing extremely smart. Cause now Breden can’t play in next week’s HOH which means he does their bidding this week then gets booted next week. Even if Brenden does some crazy Nomination Matt has the Diamond Power!!!!

      1. She would come back only if Matt used his Diamond Veto. That would cause the Brigade to turn on Matt and that would create drama, which is what we all really want. Look at how chummy everyone was during the Veto competition after B/R left. Do we really want that? We want drama, and I think B/R will get knocked out pretty quickly but still it brings out the brigade and forces some serious drama.

    1. That Diamond Veto only gave them the ability to put the sab that they wanted. Matt uses it, it might have unexpected effects like the HOH getting to bring someone back.

    2. Julie said, at the end of the show, to Rachel, that maybe she hasn’t seen the last of the BB house. She didn’t mention the golden veto, it has nothing to do with it.

        1. Oh yes they have brought someone back once they were on jury. Her name, I believe was Amy. Don’t remember which season but the one w Marcelle(?).

    3. Didn’t Julie Chen say that this might not be the last that Rachel sees of the Big Brother house? Which means Rachel might be coming back. I hope she does because everyone else is boring.

    4. Pay Attention!!! Julie said it last night to Rachel as she was interviewing her on the couch. She said this may not be your last time in the house! EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!!

  71. thats was the brigade’s plan, if they wanted to win this they would have, now brendon will get ut brittney or regan and then next week brendon will be will his “love” or should i say temporary love because soon as she see what his ex said about him being the “controlling” type .. she not gona let him tell her to quit her VEGGGAAAASSSSSSS life

    1. Unless he wins the Veto! If Brenden is seriously a Monster he could fight till the end and take the 1/2 Million!! I think as soon as lane or Matt are gone Enzo and Hayden will really give thier loyalty to Brenden!

  72. Too bad, but instead of thinking smart and playing the game, and using this HOH to build relationships and further himself, Brendon will get soon get vengeful and start mouthing off, and piss everyone off so much they’ll all be gunning for him. Without alliances, since he’ll only get to knock out one player, he’ll be gone with the next HOH winner. All those athletes in the house and they let Brendon win?

  73. Ugh!!! I wanted Brendon to lose the stupid HOH comp. The most exciting thing to happen to this game was Ragan’s sab speeches. I was hoping he would win HOH. I am so sick of the love/showmance crapola! UGH!!!

  74. flshback isn’t working right……..keep trying to watch rest of competition and it keeps going back to same feeds over and over, in middle of night, no matter what hour I pick grrrrrrr

  75. After Julie’s comment, it made me think that Rachel could be coming back. Because every other houseguest who was evicted could watch the season and they know about matt’s lie about his wife, and the brigade. Rachel most likely is coming back because she’ll be sequestered and she won’t know about the brigade or the lie. I hope she comes back, TEAM BRENCHEL YO!

    1. The only one that knew that Matt lied was Andrew. Julie told him on the couch. The rest of the evicted houseguests were sequestered. I have no idea why she chose to tell him, or if it was just a freudian slip. It was mentioned on other interviews about “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED” that someone MAY come back into the house. There is NO way that ANDREW would be allowed with that knowledge!

  76. they won;t bring rachle back unless they won;t let her see the “tapes” as usual for jury members, but if she sees them she can’t come back because she eill know everything hthat happend including mat’s DPOV

  77. I like that idea of Rachel coming back as the sab but not in the game. However, they have brought back evictees before. There was Kasar and I think one other one.

  78. The brigade does nothing, i’d rather play solo than be in a brigade of losers. wont be long until they start turning on each other. Who wants to bet not one of them even knows what the word brigade means? And britney just sounds stupider every second her mouth is opened. Zip it! no one cares britney, youre just background music until you get evicted next week

  79. I think most people are sick of the sabatour shit. If ther ewas no showmance, this would be one of the most boring shows ever made. Even worse than Amercian Idol this year. Boy that was a bad season this year. If not for Rachel and Brandon, BB would be worse.

    1. That’s b/c Ragan is the worst sab EVER! BB made a mistake in letting him choose what he gets to do. He skips over everything until he finds something that has to do with B/R. America flopped with this decision.

  80. I understand that some people hate/dislike Britney and Ragan. But I don’t see how anyone can say that Brendon has been genuinely nice. I’m not sure if you’ve watched the show the last week with is name calling and bullying. He’s has been genuinely over emotional and over dramatic.He’s not aware of the extent of what’s been said about him or Rachel behind his back unless production told him. Up until tonight he hasn’t won anything and if it was a different type of competition he may not have won HOH.

    1. Maybe you didn’t watch the show he won 2 POV’s…
      And he said he was going to try to keep Rachel by taking the attention off her by being shrewd and vindictive and what is up with people emphasizing Ragan’s sexual preference? I’ve seen gay men the size of linebackers!!!!

  81. Rachel will definitely be on all stars. she stirred up a lot of drama, but you cant deny she was a great player. she was always preparing for comps and future comps, studying with brendon on questions BB usually asks. she was a VERY strong player. she will be back this year, not as a player but i know in some way she will cause more drama and rub salt in the wounds of the brigay and britchney

  82. The person with POV cannot select HOH. He/she can chose to save himself/herself or someone else, but POV holders cannot nominate anyone. That’s how it works. HOH has the ultimate power, thus the title. Double elimination would be great during Brendon’s week, so he can get sweet revenge on all those haters. He made good his promise to Rachel, by sending the three most obviously mean people against Rachel to the Slop/HaveNot Room . Brendon’s got the body of warrior but the heart (and vengeance) of a woman scorned. It will serve him well.

    Go Branchel Team! Sorry Brigade fans, those guys are a bunch of arrogant testosterones who need to be exposed and taken down, like a good WWF match. Perhaps Brendon can do it.

  83. We haven’t heard much about who the two are that knew each other before the show. I’m betting that it’s Britt and Lane. Not girlfriend and boyfriend, but maybe siblings or cousins or something like that.

    I wonder why the houseguests aren’t concerned about who these people are. If it is Britt and Lane then does that mean that at some point Lane will abandon the Brigade to protect her? Just wondering.

    1. That whole thing is not true. the saboteurs (ragan and annie) wanted trouble. she even admitted it was not true



  86. sorry for the double, they said my first one was a duplicate comment so i changed some words. sorry for the caps too! blame it on libations hey hey heyyy

    1. libations LOL. watch out for brendon kathy alliance, neither have anyone else in the house who cares if they stay or go

  87. Justin just so you know my name on this site before a few days ago was raganator. i have nothing against gays or women

  88. i hope brittney goes i can’t stand her anymore she’s just stupid making fun of people behind their backs if she had any balls she would say it to their faces… BUT SHE DOESn’t… AND I WAS A BRITT FAN AT ONE POINT… BRENDON NEEDS TO WIN THIS SEASON EVERYONE ELSE IS STUPID BRENDON/ENZO FINAL TWO

    1. agreed. Couldnt stand brit when her and monet would sit around and trash everyone else. once monet left brit was more likable, her true colors showed after she would take a bath with rachel then go tell everyone what she said, then the next day she would tell rachel what the house said

  89. there is a couple and that couple is Lane and Brit. Okay I dont get the Diamond power of Veto. He can veto the 2 nominees and put 2 more nominees up but not the HOH right?
    The Diamond of Veto is like the Coup’d tat that was given to Jeff last year and Rachel is coming back but they are making us wait to see..Julie is the one who actually said that there was a couple..Take a Good Look at Brit and Lane they are connected. Brit defends Lane all the time.

    1. Anyone catch the bit where Brit walked up behind Lane right after the eviction and put her arms around him???? Nick who????

  90. Nobody believes the game is rigged (all the way anyway)….but if you believe that the game is not manipulated from time to time, you should do a bit of checking bro. It’s so easy for them to manipulate. lol Brendon said so himself. He pretty much said that the women had no chance it that competition. But, he doesn’t seem mad that it was a one sided competition since he won this time. lmao. Doesn’t matter at all, The Brigade had decided before the competition that it was really in their best interest for Brendon to win HOH. Plus, they don’t even know that Matt has the DPOV. LOL BRUHGADE!

    But, here’s a breakdown. Production knew Rachel was going home. Brendon said himself that there was no way Rachel would have won that competition if she stayed. Matt has the DPOV. Production wants Matt to have to use it for TV purposes. Hey, Ive got an idea, let’s have a competition where each person has to use different equipment so that maybe we can manipulate that rope, put a few less twists and turns in Brendon’s rope, he’ll have to put Matt up on the block, then Matt will use the DPOV for our TV show. I’m not saying for sure that’s what they did, I’m just saying think about it, then go over past competitions along with the situations in your head and see what you come up with.

    What will be funny is, Brendon probably isn’t smart enough (he may be but I doubt it) to put Matt up with someone besides Britney or Ragan, then Matt doesn’t have to use the DPOV and I hope he doesn’t, just for fun.

  91. all i really hope is that matt doesnt win. his lie about his wife says all you need to know about him. Diabolical genuis? took 2 HOH’s for him to get just one member of brenchel out of the house. Diabolical asshole is more like it

  92. I love how Everyone was making fun of Rachel crying when she was nominated and then when Brendon wins HOH, no nominations, britney does the exact same thing.

    1. ragan was the only one I liked until he got mad at rachel and brenden for no reason, I can understand being a little upset, but why is he that mad

  93. This is one of things that I have always loved about BB.. Think of how many times the person that was on the block comes back and wins the next HOH. I wasn’t shocked at all Brendon won. Just seeing how determined he was during the live show it was a given he’d pull it out.
    That being said, the people in this house are more vile then in quite a while. They all seem to forget that they are playing a GAME and the goal is to be the last one standing so crying because you got put up is stupid. It just means that people see you as a threat and rightly so.
    I have no doubt he’ll put Brit and Matt up. It will be interesting to see if Matt uses the DPOV.

  94. My Top 3 To Win ;;
    Enzo — Brenden — Hayden. [ Rachaels’ in there if she comes back ]
    This is all about KARMA this week in the BB House

    Britney & Ragan you both are for sure going to get your KARMA this week ::

    Matt — Your very lucky you have this diamond veto b/c if you didn’t im sure not just I would want you out of this house by wronging so many people. Britney, why on earth did you have to be so nasty? Brenden had a valid point by how your up everyones ass when in power now what are you going to do the same now that he won HoH. Ragan, your doing your thing with the sab. that your doing a good job of, but by hurting Rachael you hurt your chances of staying.

    Kathy — Im sure you really are a good player as you claim but your a sheirf you shouldn’t be playing so weak, you cant flip flop eaither it just looks bad.

    Lane — Ypu seem like a sweet guy but you have to back off Britney it might ruin your chances if Brenden sees how close your getting to her so just be careful


  95. bb, there not going to read this you know? haha. idoit
    anyway im all for team matt go matt you will for sure iwn this!
    if not america will be right here voting for you to be americas choice!


        1. i don’t believe amierca is hating on him because if that lie, only idiots assume that, not that i think he will win, that will be enzo, nobody was more entertaining then him, but thanks for pretending to represent america. :)

  96. We all figure Brendon will nominate among those he made have nots.

    I am thinking Matt and Ragan because he feels most betrayed by them or feels Rachel was most betrayed by them.

    BUT if Matt has to use the DPOV that he hasn’t even admitted to the Brigade that he HAS then they will all know he also lies to THEM and that would have him first to go among the Brigade. IF he goes with faith that the Brigade will vote to keep him in so that he doesn’t to USE the DPOV then he has a much better chance.

    I also am VERY CURIOUS about what Julie meant when she said Rachel hasn’t seen the last of the BB house. I am thinking they ARE going to bring her back. WHY? Because with her out the house is boring and in the end it is about ratings.

  97. The one smart thing the brigrade did is not go around argueing with people. That’s why their all stil there. Now as for Ragan and Brit agueing with Brendan was an idiot move. Especially when they were keeping him in the house.

    If I’d guess Brendon will nominate personally not strategicly…….Ragan & Brit

  98. I was hoping Brendon would get HOH. Not that I like him.I just wanted to see the look on the hgs face watch them scramle

  99. I was always on R+B’s side.I think the others should be ashamed. I have seen all of the B.B shows and I have never seen such rude people as Brit. and Rag. and I guess the Brig. as well. I was thrilled when B. won H.O.H.

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