**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Vs Brendon Eviction and New HOH Results

Enzo votes to Evict = Rachel
Lane Votes to Evict = Rachel
Hayden Votes to Evict = Rachel
Ragan Votes to Evict = Rachel
Britney Votes to Evict = Rachel (tequila vomit hundred dollar bills)
Kathy Votes to Evict = Rachel

Evicted HouseGuest: Rachel
Rachel walks out Doesn’t say bye to anyone else but Brendon
Brendon: “You better be ready all of you” Matt: “What did he say”

Enzo walks up to Brendon tells him to stop talking

HOH: Brendon
Brendon in the lead LAne in second place
Brendon is going to win this one
Brendon wins HOH hurray



Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:35pm Everyone is scurrying around trying to get ready for tonights live show. They are all thinking that it’ll be double eviction because they have all been told to pack their bags. In the Cabana room Brendon, Enzo and HAyden are talking about the first comp beging a crap shoot but the second will be a endurance. Earlier Enzo had talked to B/R and he was heavily implying that the house is going to vote out Rachel but he’s not sure what the BLANK the house is doing Rachel’s mood has changed alot since yesterday she realizes that Production never gave her a power to stay. He tells them that he will not vote against the house he can’t jeopardize his game. Brendon is running around the house eating Bananas he tells Rachel she should to so they can prevent muscle cramping during the competition.
3:45pm Ragan upstairs near the chess table studying like mad. Ragan now going through his strategies for tonight on how to deal with Brendon.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:00pm Brigade members meet up for some quick game talk basically they want to keep Brendon for one week to take out either Ragan or Brit. Matt is telling them it’s not a good idea because it’ll out the brigade and they need more players in Jury before they can reveal their identity. Lane is nervous that if Brendon wins he’ll put Lane up with Brit. Enzo tells him not to worry.

4:16pm Enzo is asking Matt what they should do yo. MAtt says they each need to do what they need to do the end result is all for the common good, “One Two Knock out punch tonight”. Ragan in the background telling Lane whatever happens they’ll all be better off when she goes.

Matt: “In 2 hours it’ll be a whole new world …Thats nothing thats a nap”

4:22pm Enzo is whispering to Hayden: “Matty and Lane there going to put them up aren’t they yo they better stick to the plan” Hayden tells him they’ll do what they have to do. (The brigade is freaking out right now trying to make sure everyone is one the same page. Only matt is calm. I’m pretty sure there no double eviction )

4:27pm Cabana room Enzo tells Kathy she’s going to be alright people will want to take her to the end, Enzo:”don’t worry yo your safe”

4:39 Feeds Cut ceya later Boy George

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212 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Vs Brendon Eviction and New HOH Results

    1. I believe that after the 1st eviction they have a comp and the new HOH nominates two people, but I don’t think there is a POV comp. They then vote off another person and have a 2nd HOH comp. The 1st HOH is only HOH for a few minutes.

      1. yeah the new HOH nominates two people right away but don’t they have two days till the next eviction?? so the HOH weeks is shortened? I think that is the way it worked in season 6….does anyone know if they have a double eviction every season?

    2. Here’s how the double eviction works: Allison Grodner eats two people at random.
      (About to leave town for a few days. I’ll be back Monday night and look forward to hearing what I missed! Feel free to speculate as to whether I’m off seducing Allison Grodner or not!)

      1. Your gone until Monday? You doing weekends in the clink? Allison gotcha eh. hahahhah.

        No problem. We will hold your seat open.

    3. I’m pretty sure that even during a double eviction there is a POV comp. They have to give those nominated a chance to save themselves.

    4. The reason for everyone to pack is not for double evction, but becasue of the Diamond Veto and the potential for Matt to replace either nominee with anyone just before the live vote.

      1. right…
        and none of these houseguest wil realize it…
        when they all should….hello someone has some type of power…

    1. BRIGADES= floaters, one of the worst alliances, not the best alliance like matt says and nor is matt the best player to play this gamer. they are pathetic 8-)

        1. brendon and rach have won almost everything this season… its just unlucky that the whole house is against them.

          TEAM BRENCHEL!

            1. Haven’t Brendon, Rachel, Britney, and Matt won EVERY competition since Hayden won that stupid HOH hot dog game to start the season? Can you at least try to look past your shallowness, pettiness, and obvious hatred to acknowledge these four as achieving something special in THE GAME. The STD humor is getting rather old, don’t you think?

              1. your totally right, Coco. brenchal has won more competitions than the brigade combined. ppl need to focus on the important things, not on how many std jokes can we make about BR. everyone here and including the houseguests seem to always/only bash and talk sh*t about BR..only because its easy and convenient. how dreadful. are we that shallow and judgemental? the only credit i give the brigade is for managing to still be in the game, but thats what they get with their sh*t talking mouths. ALTHOUGH, i am glad that rachel is out, i just couldn’t stand her hypocritical ways anymore. so long bb alumni! imma go watch the rest of the houseguests suck-up to brendon while they sh*t in their pants lol. oh my, the tables have turned. ;)

  1. i think bren and rachel will be safe and they will pick 2 new people to go on the block since mat took the diamond veto

    1. I don’t think he’s used it yet, this is just the regular double eviction episode. When the new hoh is announced they have to immediately name 2 for the block and an immediate vote. then I think a new hoh comp is played. correct me if wrong. I expect him to use it only if nomed.

      1. If this is a double eviction and anyone other than Brendon goes up, he’ll use it I think. Brendon’s going to make an ass out of himself again tonight and they will all be willing to get him out. Plus this is the last time he can use it I think, right?

      2. since mat took they VETO(good for mat..but bad for house)..bren and rachel will pick 1 person each to replace them(bad for house) and mat could use the VETO to save one..or save it for nwxt week…

        1. are you blind or are you just making up shit like the rest of brenchel fans, the only thing that happen when he took the DPOV was releasing the New Saboteur(regan) THATS IT….rachel is GONE get over it

    2. the DPOV can only remove ONE nominee….. and the reason everyone is getting ready to go because he has the DPOV and if he uses it to take ONE of them off he will put someone else up, so they ALL must be READY long as he has it.. there is no double eviction tonight

      1. i agree no double eviction…but i think there is a twist..like bren and rach being safe…since mat took the diamond veto..(good for mat) the bad for the house will be bren and rach choosing someone to take there place

        1. there are NO twists.. unless production want to prove the game is rigged and step in to save them, then the show as a whole will be a botch…

  2. If there is a double eviction tonight, how does that impact Matt’s D-POV? He has it for “two weeks” as I recall. If so, does that mean that he could use it tonight on the 1st HOH’s nominations or next week on the 2nd HOH’s nominations? If so, he would have had the option for 3 nominations.

  3. I realize that all need to pack, but it would’ve been better if BB had not told them beforehand about double eviction. The surprise would have been awesome.
    It’s gettn deeper, yo!

  4. So if racheal doesn’t leave tonight….i will load a gun and than if brenden wins hoh….I WILL USE THAT GUN…Go brit…she needs to win hoh!!!!!! or ragan

          1. I like Enzo too but he plans to put up Brit and Ragan (two funny bitches) so I dont want him to win yet. I want Brit, Ragan or Kathy to win and put up some douchebags in the Brigade to shake up the dynamics in the house.

    1. PLEASE, anyone other than the spoiled bitch (Britney) to win the next HOH! Ideally Brendon wins so The Brigade can send Britney packing and they come away clean with Brendon looking like the bad guy.

  5. Actually, I am not entirely sure about the poptarts but I’m pretty sure he eats them. Like for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

          1. Ok. Allison just bought 1 million dollars in stock in the poptart company. Chump change for her. Hedging her bets. Smart lady..

  6. Just curious. But usually Julie will announce durring the live show that something big is gonna happen to shake up the BB house. Or even durring the promos for the show on CBS they will hype up that something is gonna happen in the house to make it a crazy week, but as I recall, nothing was mentioned last week about anything and I havnt seen a commercial all week about anything. Do you really think they will do a double eviction without hyping it up for viewership? I’d love a double eviction just to see how the brigade handles a situation without having time to stratagize, but I can’t help but think it’s just BB production screwing with them cause everyone thinks there’s a secret power floating around the house. Will def be an awesome night reguardless though!!

      1. simon…wouldn’t production ask Matty if he was using the DPOV ahead of time? So if they asked him and he said yes…..then that may be why everyone is packing. Otherwise it seems silly to have everyone pack….and then pack again next week if he doesn’t use it tonight. Production knows something. Is Matty turning on the Brigade??? NOOOO

    1. Everyone has to be packed tonight just in case Matt uses his D-POV. If he does use it (which I highly doubt) then the Producers have no idea what HG is going home so they all must be packed. Don’t expect a double-eviction.

  7. I guess I’m confused. I get there might be a double eviction, and I understand why Matt is so calm….but who will the brigade put up after the 1st eviction tonight? They can’t seriously be thinking they want Brit to go over dumbass (Brendon)? Why wouldn’t they just get him out like Matt said and why wouldn’t Brendon want to go out? Then he and whatsherface can stay in the jury house all by themselves for a whole week…….

    I really want Brit to stay and hopefully Lane can save her and talk some since into Enzo and Hayden.

  8. We KNOW there won’t be a double eviction. If there was, Julie would have announced it earlier so as to get more viewers. The production purpose of a Double Eviction is for more viewers to watch that episode. It hasn’t been announced, thus it isn’t happening. It’s hilarious though that the production is screwing with them by telling them all to pack. Priceless! It’s probably to prevent them from realizing the real DE (which may be next week)?

  9. Can Matt use the DPOV on anyone? What if its week two and Brendon still hasn’t gone to the jury house and he is HOH? Can Matt use the DPOV to put a HOH on the block? That would ultimate power ( just like Julie said).

    1. I agree…..what’s he doing, implying to B/R that it’s Rachael leaving? whole idea is to blindside him so he will be too rattled to compete tonite

    2. Matt’s demeanor is cool because he KNOWS that in no way is he going to go out this week or next. Its due to the DPOV that makes him so self-assured.

  10. oh and the double eviction.. remember at the beginning of the show (in July), according to CBS there were supposed to be 14 players but one backed out way too late for a replacement. so maybe there won’t be a need for a double eviction.

  11. The eviction door is locked when Rachel goes to leave. She cannot open the door. OhOh. It looks like there will not be an eviction tonight or a double eviction tonight. Brendon and Rachel both get to stay tonight. Who locked the eviction door? The Saboteur…

  12. You guys are crazy. There is no coup de tat. Nothing is going to save either rachel or brendon. Rachel will go, thank ya jesus. They have told everyone to pack because matt has the Diamond POV and it’s just a precaution. That’s it, that’s all. I’m out!

  13. To Brenchel Fans…. there is no special power that will save brenchel, the ONLY way brenchel will be save is if production rigs it that way, ‘ie CHEAT

    1. I think they should cheat. They cheated last year to let Jeff and Jordon win so now it’s my turn so suck it. haha

  14. So, the DPOV means that Matt can cancel someone out before a vote to evict? Not an actural POV with the change being the diamond gives him the right to pick the replacement not the HOH as in a usual POV. His replacement has no opportunity to compaign for their position to stay? That makes it a power to choice who you can get evicted. Wow, if he should use it, the replacement has no time to save themselves. If he wants to shake it up, he sure can.

    1. Allison becomes the new HOH and she will torture the HGs and make them feed, her while she’s singing “FEED ME SEYMOUR,FEED ME ALL NIGHT LONG”(Little Shop of Horrors)

  15. well atleast Rachel is getting the 25k,i have found a site where a lot of people wii vote for Rachel to get the 25k at the end because they say the others talks thrash 2 much and she’s a better player btw simon ur a joke

    1. guy – where is this magical site you speak of, please tell us so we may go look around and make fun of.

      why is simon a joke? do you know him? Are you crushing?

    2. I seriously doubt that whatever site you are referring to does not represent how america is going to vote. Her polls are lower than anybody else in the house arent they? I dont think america is going to give that Ho a dime.

    3. the official Big Brother we worship brenchel site? a lot of people going to vote for her, yes that makes it official gay

    4. guy, go douche or something. get off simon’s balls. holy shit I am sick of all the bratty shitheads on here talking smack to simon and dawg. go start your own mf website.

  16. why are people saying rachel is god good at this , OK the drama she caused was priceless, but she won a “guessing game and and quiz”(ANYBODY in the house could’ve won)… so basically shes the best player because of the DRAMA, well that drama spelled her and brendon’s demise SOOOO in other word she’s not the best player she’s pretty bad at this game

    1. yep anybody could have won, but SHE WON. she did fairly well in competitions seeing as the only people who have won are: britney, brendon, hayden, matt and her.
      ps. i’m not a rachel lover by any means, my ears are on the verge of bleeding from her “dont chu get between me and my man” comments and the annoying AHUHUHUHUHUHUHU.

      1. Seriously! Everytime someone gets evicted she tells them “donchu get between me and my man.” She really is annoying!!

      1. Brendan’s ex is throwing him under the bus. She says that Rachel is blinded by Brendons good looks and she hopes Rachel sees the light. Brendon wanted to change the ex, to make her more like him.

  17. I second that emotion (the shit editing that is). They bleep out so much cursing in just normal conversation, but they totally take out the part where Brendon asks Britney how many guys she thinks Nick is banging while she is away in the middle of their fight. They should’ve showed that and then the part where Lane consoled Britney afterwards.

  18. The only thing that I would like to what are Brit, Kat, and Ragan’s plan on surviving in this game. They spend all of their time with the Brigade Alliance(unknown to them) bashing B/R instead of trying to form some sort of alliance in the house. If they were truly smart, they would try to form something within themselves. I hope Brit doesn’t think that she is just going to POV her way to the top. I know Kat says she just wants to get to the jury house. Well, she should be there in a couple of weeks when and if they have double evictions. I just don’t understand those three.

  19. Julie chen asks them to name the most underestimated player left in the game
    Brit, lane, Kathy = Ragan
    Ragan = Ragan
    Matt = kathy
    Hayden = Brit
    Rachel = I would like to see them compete hardy there all underestimated

    missed enzo

  20. Ding dong, the witch is dead. Oh Rachel, all you needed to do was shut your mouth but no one ever listens to me. Since I was your biggest fan, I think you need to send me your extensions to go along side my Jessie t shirt.


    and how about them editing the time when Matt and Ragan were talking and they were agreeing to evict Rachael but talk about it as if they were evicting Brendon and CBS edited it as if they were really saying let get Brendon out…

    I do think that them bringing Brendon ex-finance into it was a unnecessary low blow however (at least talk about how she called it off and refused to give back the ring)…

    and lovely how Rachael can’t even be nice at the last minute when Julie ask them all a question and her answer is basically spitting in everyone else’s face…

  22. is there a free CBS live stream so i can watch the show right now?? i’m on the westcoast, it’s doesn’t come on here til 3 more hours. i want to watch teh eastcoast feed. but i can’t find a link! help!!

    1. I think Roach and Brenda’s parents probably dont even talk to them in real life. I suspect Roach’s momma is a Ho spending time in lockup and Brenda’s mom is in the looney bin.

    1. Are you serious? He whipped his pants off? hhahahh. I guess it’s on like donkey kong now. Sounds like he is going to have a nervous breakdown. That would be sooo sweet!

      1. He ate a whole pile of bananas before the show started to prevent a leg crap during the quiz. This should be good..LMFAO!

    1. Brit likes Lane a lot. She even asked him last night how she should do her hair. Leave it curly or straighten it. She was trying to please him

    2. I saw Brit hug Lane, what is up with that I thought she was engaged!! This show sucks, how boring is it going to be without Rachel, GO BRENDON! Get those two babies out of the house Ragan and Brit

    1. Hey Rockstar, did you notice how Rachel didn’t act surprised when Julie said that, she looked down and didn’t show any kind of surprise.

    1. OMG if they let Rachell back in the house then it just proves that CBS pokes their noses in.. and that will be so not fair… guess we will have to wait and see.. but I hope that is not what is going to happen..

  23. why are HG ever ‘mean’ in their goodbye messages once people are in the jury house just in case in they make it to the finals and the person votes on emotion and personal reasons…

  24. Julie just told Rachel that this may not be the last she has seen of the Big Brother House!!! What Does That Mean?

  25. I took Julie’s final sentence to Rachel to mean

    “Rachel, CBS will do whatever it takes to keep changing the rules to make sure that you are never “really” evicted and BB will bring you back week after week until you are in the final two and give us ratings”

    Did anyone else interpret it as that?

    1. exactly! never mind the fact this is supposed to be a competition & she lost fair & square. they screw over the people that have played the game & stayed so far by bringing her back. brenchel have been whining & crying about how BB was against them & cheated them and now they are gonna bring the poor loser back!!! that blows!

  26. I just read in some associated content crap that all the other evicted houseguests were left in sequester until today. Then they were all released.
    Seems like CBS kept them there to bring one back, until rachel got evicted. Now they’re really going home.

  27. Rude goodbye messages are really stupid gameplay.

    Why leave them with a horrible last impression?

    That’s just dumb!

  28. Maybe America is going to vote someone back into the house.It doesn’t necessarily mean it would be Rachel, but she would be in the running.

  29. I bet they rigged this competition in favor of Brendon. He probably has the easiest rope to untangle.
    pathetic if he wins.

  30. I’d love to see Brit shown the door next week and have to be cooped up with Rachel for a few days – especially after that good-bye message. Talk about meow-meow!

  31. Stupid question:

    I know they close off the backyard from time to time to set up a challenge. Why dont they just have a room/yard adjacent to the backyard where they can set up the challenges and then just open the door on competition day? This way we get to see MORE pool table! Because that’s what we love. The thrilling saga of nightly pool table (ha ha, sarcastic). But seriously. They should have a challenge yard so they dont disrupt the backyard.

  32. if Brendon doesn’t win HOH it is a guarantee that he will say it was unfair because he is to big to have been weaving around the course (of course, I am sure that the rope will start to get heavy and that requires good arm strength, but no matter)…

  33. It makes sense that they would bring back Rachel though. There were originally 14 house guests selected, but one opted out at the last moment. That leaves a lot of room for BB to pull something like this…

  34. I hope Brendon wins and I see that retard Britany and Reagan freak out, that would be lovely. I don’t like them and I can’t wait for them to go to the jury house. If Brendon wins he will make Brit, Reagan, and Matt have not, lol. Also DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT JULIE TOLD RACHEL THAT THIS MAY NOT BE THE LAST SHE SEES OF THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE? IS THERE A CHANCE SOMEONE EVICTED WILL COME BACK? SHE DID NOT TELL KRISTEN THAT? IS THERE A CHANCE RACHEL WILL BE BACK IN THE HOUSE, WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

  35. Brendon wins HOH! How fixed is that I am sure his rope was not as wrapped as the other hgs. So he puts up Matt and possibly Ragan or Britt. Matt takes himself down with Diamond POV puts Kathy up. Kathy goes home. Way to create drama without really altering the game. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  36. I think Rachal will be back. They told her she hasn’t seen the last of the big brother house and they didn’t tell her about the bragade. Everything may back fire on the bragade next week with Brendon winning the HOH and the double eviction. Two gone, Rachal back????

  37. Brendon wins HOH by a huge margin and immediately begins talking smack

    Britney, Ragan and Matt will be have-nots

    90% chance that either Britney or Ragan goes home either by being up against Matt and losing by at least 3-2 or by being up against each other with only reason for Matt using the D-POV if he is up against Brit/Ragan, one wins and takes down the other and another Brigade member goes up as replacement against Matt (doubt he would use it if Kathy was going home and put up Brit/Ragan as replacement).

  38. all they had to do is make brendons row just not as knotted up cuz cbs wanted him to win and give him HOH and the power to bring her back-rigged-barf (ohterwise the others would not have been so far back-

  39. Seriously! NICE! I’ve been pretty disappointed this season. Everyone is pretty sucky. Brigade….Bah! Ragen-Gutless Wonder. Britney-vicious biatch. Kathy-FLOATER! Matt-Pond scum(lying about his wife). Pretty much a bunch of unworthy contestents. Rachel was a bit of a diva, but she wasn’t necessary a bad person. I hope Brendon kicks some azz this week. Enzo-well, he’s the only only that I haven’t seen a dirty side to as of yet. I’m not rooting for him just yet, but he’s the only one I kinda like at this point.

  40. I like what Julie said, that would be awesome is she got brought back. I also noticed no one said anything about the brigade in their goodbye speech, that’s a good indication production told them not to reveal too much. Just a thought. Oh and buh bye Bitchney

  41. TO DJC – Enzo doesn’t have a dark side? Have you not been reading all the shit talking he does? His plotting to turn on Matt first and ripping on Lane for being close with Britney? He’s the darkest dude in the house.

  42. The new Saboteur will be Rachel!
    Big Red will be back as the new Saboteur when Ragan’s 2 weeks are over.
    Who would be better to have as a meanspirited saboteur than Rachel?
    CBS will get their ratings and Simon will have to put up with our rantings!

  43. Are some of you for real? How can you stomach Rachel and Brendon? They are both
    such poor sports! Rachel didn’t mind making Kristine’s last few days miserable but when
    it happens to her she can’t take it! Boo hoo hoo! If I had a child being coached by Brendon
    they would not be on the team. He ought to watch his behavior in the bowling game! They
    make me sick! If they bring her back I just don’t know if I can stand to watch those two!

    1. i think the subtext of last night’s episode and the way it was edited is that britney is a fool, they showed her looking like a moron at every possible turn, it was almost uncomfortable to watch

  44. brit has no class…you dont taunt a guy, then say “dont come after women”

    its not remotely fair to do that…brenden DOEs need to calm down…but…its just not fair for her to basically say “lets fight” while hiding behind the “but im a girl….”…thats like a handicapped person saying that then going “im in a wheel chair…”….lame

    Brenden for HOH is good since it forces others to play the stupid game.

    I thought it was a bit shameless to show brenden’s EX and her parents bash the guy….who wants their ex to bash them on live tv? yeesh

  45. Brendon is a collossal tool. His skank girl friend is gone, too bad it wasn’t a double ellimination so he could disappear too. It sucks that he won HOH. Brit should distance herself from Ragan, and find some alliance that the rest of the guys can respect. Frankly, I’d like to see Lane win this. Hayen and Enzo are ok, but Lane and Brit would be a great final two.

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