Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan Breaks down and Lane Teaches Brit how to Fend Off

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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8:38pm Cabana Brendon, Lane, Enzo and HAyden Brendon is telling them all about the beetles and Yoko Ono and how everyone thinks she is what broke the beetles up. Hayden asks him who Yoko Ono?

Enzo saying his wife must be pretty pissed off at him right now because he’s winning BLANK. Enzo: “What the BLANK yo is up with these competitions why don’t they let us hot wire a car or something yo”.. They all chime in about how hard the competition is. Brendon tells them this is what he calls a endurance competition.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:47pm Have nots Ragan and Brit
They both hate the act they are crying, Brit: “I always hated the girls that cried on reality shows” She suggests that maybe they should of kept rachel. The talk about how the rope was so heavy they couldn’t lift it. Ragan: “I feel like such a douche bag right now for melting down during the competition and calling Rachel a witch” Brit: “Neither one of use stood a chance in that competition lets be honest don’t be upset”…”nobody will ever know what we had to put up with in this house for the last week” ragan says he needed to be reminded how lucky he is to be in here in the first place. Brit: ” we must feel very fortunate for even being on this show” Ragan: “This is like you and Monet all over again” Brit wonders if they will find out about the saboteur tomorrow. Ragan isn’t sure.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:59pm Lane comes in to cheer them up Asks Brit if her brother and NIck would be made when they see him chokes her. Brit :”No.. because i ask for it” Brit wants Lane to curb stomp her or choke her out. Lane:”Like American History X” Lane jokes that he’ll do it but doesn’t no where they will keep the body. Ragan brings up weekend at berneys and they can just put a hat on brit’s corpse and nobody will now. Brit never saw that movie so ragan explains. Matt joins them. Lane starts giving tips to BRit on how to fend off a intruder. He goes through all these wrestling moves. Ragan tells him to show her the shoulder thing.. he explains to Lane what it is. Lane: “HUH thats WWF style”. Brit: “I want you to show me how to defend against a rapist”. Talk moves from football injuries to 69ing with a Australian chick.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:00pm Cabana Room Enzo and Hayden They are very happy with their position in the game. They have the brigade and now this side alliance with Brendon “GOLDEN YO”. enzo wants to name the new backup alliance. Enzo is a bit bummed out that he hasn’t won anything hayden tells him not to worry. Enzo:”We’re playing a good game yo.. we’re playing a very good social game” They laugh a bit at Enzo’s pathetic performance in the HOH, Enzo says his wife has left him after watching that performance.

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143 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan Breaks down and Lane Teaches Brit how to Fend Off

  1. Just curious … why was Ragan and Britney laughing at Brendon when he corrected them on how to pronounce neanderthal? I always thought it was funny how Ragan mispronounced it all the time, especially considering he has a PHD and is a professor. Were Ragan and Britney laughing because they thought Brendon was wrong?

      1. Ginormous is in there too. I think that pronunciation has been added due to the number of people who mispronounce it. I’ve never heard it pronounced that way in any educational venue or by anyone in the science field.

    1. they were laughing because brendon was overreacting again. he was verbally assaulting them without letting them get a word in edgewise. and because he sounded like a know-it-all correcting the pronunciation. he’s a dick.

      1. So right on about Brendon being a big D. He was playing the Knight again to protect his beauty, and he stormed over to Ragan and Brit without even knowing any of the conversation (which Ragan TRIED to say)… I am watching the AD right now and I am constantly amazed at the dark spot Brendon’s head is in (I’d say up Rachel’s ass but she’s gone so…)…he sees absolutely no blame from Rachel at all, and in all cases she really was the aggressor in confrontations. I just heard Brendon tell Enzo that he has no respect for anyone backstabbing and lying …however, in his interview he said he was absolutely going to lie and backstab…. And if Brendon has said the Enzo F word once, he’s said it 1000000 times. He’s sunk to the depths. His family must be so proud.

          1. Rockstar, why you up so late? This is the latest I have seen you on here. I guess it is early in the morning for you, tho.

  2. After Julie’s comment, it made me think that Rachel could be coming back. Because every other houseguest who was evicted could watch the season and they know about matt’s lie about his wife, and the brigade. Rachel most likely is coming back because she’ll be sequestered and she won’t know about the brigade or the lie. I hope she comes back, TEAM BRENCHEL YO!

        1. yea team branchel hopefully they make it to final two and all those hater will have to vote for one of them to win hahahahahaha pleaselet her come back, itll be loads of drama in the house, rachel rocks !!!!!!!!!

    1. At the beginning of the season, I heard that all the eliminated ones would be / have been sequestered…so I kind of thought that they’d be bringing someone back at some time.

    2. Yeah as a pov host!! She’s nothing but trash!! And trash needs to be takin out!! The house took out the trash!!!! Now Monkeyboy needs to go…next week he’ll be gone!!

    3. They do that every season. The jury members only get to see the POV, HOH and Nominations. The only other information they have is what the most recent jury member would tell them.

    1. Yeah … I just couldn’t figure out what was funny about it. And also couldn’t figure out why so many people made fun of him for it on the boards. I guess just because he corrected Ragan. But, I gotta say, if a professor or PHD was saying it wrong to me, I think I’d correct them too.

  3. Did brendon win HOH tonight? Cause he’s the only one not on Big Brother After Dark right now. Maybe he’s up in his HOH room is what I’m thinking. I wish they wouldn’t make us wait until Sunday to find out.

  4. Why do people always look towards shows like this for romance?? There are plenty of reality shows you can watch instead.

  5. you guys how come julie did not tell rachel about the brigades(flopgades) something in going on i hope rachel comes back

  6. Did anyone else think that it was strange that we didn’t see an interview with Rachel’s family OR Brendon’s, instead we see his ex-fiance’s family???? I thought that was really weird. I was SO hoping to hear his mother say how much she couldn’t stand Rachel!!!

    1. If I remember right, Brendon told Rachel that he couldn’t get his family to be excited about him going on the show to begin with. That they wouldn’t smile for a picture.

    2. I thought that was very odd. It was all bad against Brendon and here I’ve been thinking that Rachel’s been using him and treating him bad (ex: all the times she kept pulling away from him when he wanted to be loving). I wanted to hear his mom gripe about the vegas ho bag he’s hooking up with. Instead we get the ex who thinks he’s getting what he deserves.

      1. CBS was mean to air the former fiancee and expose all his flaws. I’ve been trying to figure out who would be the best and worst people to send to the jury house — alone with Rachel!!!

    3. Yes that was very weird. Makes you wonder if they have any relationship with their families. I thought it was bizarre. Did Roach and Brenda ever get letters and stuff from their parents when they were in the house?

      I also found it strange that Brenda lived at his fiance’s parent’s house for 8 months. Why would that have happened. He is a grown friggin man. There is something very weird about that guy.

    1. Well it sucks that Rachel might be back, and it majorly sucks that Brendon won HOH.
      You know what they say about guys with big feet, big hands and big noses don’t you???

  7. Honestly, Enzo is a really smart man. He is playing and excellent social game! he is the only person who has managed to stay friendly with everyone in the house and make ties with B/R.
    I’m not saying i dont like these people because i do like most of them but just a recap on how the others messed up compared to Enzo;
    Brittany and Ragan = Fake B/R seen this
    Matt= took all the “gernades” he does all the dirty work for the BG, also got out Rachel
    Hayden= had a mini showmance and was on bad terms with B/R for awhile.
    Lane= being linked to brittany and has done pretty well nothing as far as trying socially to make an effort towards B/R

    on the other hand Enzo has befriended both sides of the house, got together the Bergade and although he isnt doing well in comps he definelty is thinking a head ex: giving a really decent goodbye msg to Rachel.

    This Dude might be in the final two!

    I dont really no who i want to win, but to me it looks like Enzo now has a really good shot.

    1. and kathy who lol
      I guess if i really had to pick i would pick Enzo or Kathy to win, only because socially Enzo is really smart and Kathy would use the money wisely, she wants to put her son through college and that to me is a better reason then most of these people.

      i would say Matt deserves it the most because he has done the most but the whole faking his wifes illness was kinda low.

      Ohhh I also hope Brittany and Lane start dating!! 22 is to young to be engaged.

      1. Kathy has played the game, and done so well. She lost till the point to where she had to win. If she lost to Rachel she would be the target for the rest of the house, especially if Brendon or Rachel got the veto. Still she should have said “My bad” in private to Rachel, we all get excited, and we celebrate but you do have to say “sorry I got too excited, not sorry I beat you, but sorry I got so excited.”

  8. I loved Jordan and Jeff. Rooted for them all the way. You would think I would like the brendon/rachel thing but I don’t. I can’t stand it. I’m glad Rachel is gone. He has a better chance now that she is out of his way. Part of me thinks Brendon was much more serious than she will ever be. She’s seasoned in all the worst ways and he is very much a naieve person. God help him when he finds out how she really feels. Or moreso if she keeps her lack of feelings hidden to rule over him a bit longer.

    Someone above asked about why Brit and Ragan was laughing at Brendon’s correction… Brendon was right but the fact that he corrected them was hilarious to me. He seemed to be reaching for anything he could argue over. Maybe that’s why they laughed too? Just my humble opinion.

    1. It is not in Brendon’s nature to be confrontational. It was obviously very awkward for him, and if anything Rachel made him look like an ass, and I think she got a kick out of it. I admire him for being protective of the people he cares about (he defended Andrew). Rachel really got inside this guys head _ evil c**t that she is – and hopefully now that she’s gone, he can get his head and shit together! Rachel is Lilith!

  9. Wow are you effin kidding Brendon won! I hate him and Rachel so much, they are pathetic losers, I think that they should just give up, cause Matt`s gunna eff there sh*t up with that diamond POV

    1. You R crazy for hating someone because they had a Showmance. You must be a mean ole fuddy duddy and jealous that Brandon and Rachel both had beauty and Brains. You are the BIG F’N LOSER! Now the game will be boring w the gay Brigade. The only in the Brigade that is at least normal as a man is Enzo, and he is married w/a baby, they other guys are like BIG LOSERS! Adam is such a lying cheating A===H and couldn’t win anything when he was on Average JOE! Believe me he was less than average, he was gutter.

      1. Maybe its just respect of the game. This game is not about showmance. If you need that watch Days of our lives, read some romance books, or watch a love story. Yuck. Why are you so desperate for love you have to make this show about that, too?

    2. Matt’s Veto cannot be used on Bendon, he can choose anyone to replace Brendons nominations, but not Brendon and this is his last week to use it… so his Golden power does not really help him! It really hurts him… if he uses it then the Brigade will know he lied about Pandoras box if he does not use it then he cannot use it at all after this week! If he takes a Brigade member of the block with it, he blows thier cover… So it really does not hold as much power as you think! Brendon has won many Veto competitions…. so whoever becomes HOH next week can put him up and hope like heck he dosen’t win the Veto… He is really in good spot, not pathetic or a loser…

      1. Do you people not follow what is going on? These spoilers tell you EVERYTHING, but people keep posting stuff on here as if they don’t know what is going on. The Brigade don’t want Brendon to go home yet. They want Brit or Ragan to go this week and next week. They actually want Brendon and Kathy to go to final 6 with them. They played this out and talked it out all week long. They wanted Brendon to win HOH this week cuz they knew he had it in for Brit and Ragan and he would be targeting them. They have the votes to vote out whoever they want even if a Brigade member did go up. As long as it wasn’t 2 of them. That is why Enzo and Haydon have been playing nice with him so that they wouldn’t be targets. Matt won’t even need to use his DPOV. Even when everyone finds out about it they’re not going to be pissed because he didn’t keep it from them by choice. He isn’t allowed to tell anyone.

    3. They are actually the opposite of losers. It has been them two against 6 or 7 ppl and yet they have won a good majority of the comps. That doesn’t seem like a loser. You can hate them as ppl even though you don’t know them personally and it would be a sign of insanity on your part but don’t declare that they are losers when they in fact did pretty damn good considering the odds.

    4. Brenden has nothing to loose. Matt cant f anything up because none of them are on Brendens side so any of them can go hame this week but they will all still be after Brenden next week!!! Go Brenden!! So glad you won HOH!!!

  10. Ok, so I love Hayden and all and I’ve always liked him. But he is the either the luckiest guy in BB or the biggest floater next to Kathy because right now it looks like he’s totally riding on Enzo’s coattails. Enzo planned the brigade, the side alliance and basically Hayden just fell into it.
    He’s only in the brigade because he won HOH that first week and he’s only on the side alliance because Kristen was voted off.
    I love him, he’s one of my favorite bb members because he seems like a nice guy. But am I the only one who thinks that he’s really just tagging along with Enzo?

  11. Brendon winning HOH is what all the haters in the house deserve, I love seeing Ragan and Brittney break down, they are as bad as Rachel last week. What cry babies, one of them will go home next week, and Rachel will be back the following week, because she is the only one in sequester still, the other houseguests were released (Annie, Monet and Andrew for sure, maybe Kristen) and since Julie said that Rachel’s time in the big brother house might not be over, something is coming!

    1. I hope Rachel comes back that would be amazing. She deffenelty brings the ratings.
      Im also enjoying seeing britney and Regan cry….wasnt it last week when they were
      making fun of rachel for crying? Karma is a bitch

      1. I want to thank Simon for doing an excellent job on this website.
        Thanks for letting people post their opinion. I defiantly spend at least 5 hours
        checking this website and interacting with other BB fans.
        Thanks again :)

      2. I agree with you Valentina. They ragged on Rachel last week for crying and now that floater, spoiled Brittany & Queer acting Ryan are doing the same thing. I hope that Brendon can get one of them out of the house in revenge for Rachel. I don’t know why everyone hated Rachel, she was a damn good competitor. I think the people who say bad stuff about her are just jealous because she had such a great bod and brains. I am so dissappointed that she is gone the house will not be as interesting with her gone. Hope she can come back as the new Sabatuer. That would be really great if she could throw the stinky Brigade under the bus. I loved Brendon and Rachel together, what a bunch of bull that they all got their panties in a bunch over their relationship, What business of theirs if they wanted to hook up?

        1. Why do I feel like I am the only person defending gay people against the parade of ignorant bumpkins on this website? “Queer Acting”? Where do I begin: I for one do not like that Regan is turning out to be so cruel and vicious, leave that to the blond cliche. As a gay man he should know where being a fun catty bitch starts and being unnecessarily cruel and nasty ends. Wasn’t he harassed by above cruel, dumb and nasty people not unlike above commentator to know better? Bad gay. You are a grown educated man, stop associating with Neiman Marcus rejects like Brittney. Regan-I would bet money that Brittney and her small town sorority sisters would be making fun of your voice, your body size, your gay face and call you ‘queer acting’ if she had the chance.

          1. Let me know if theres inappropriate comments and i’ll remove them.. we had flood of comments there for a bit and I couldn’t check them all out.

      1. They were released after a couple of weeks there are no longer in sequester, they were given to much information about what was going on in the game, if they were to return it would be unfair to the other house guests, every one who got evicted except Rachel was told about the brigade alliance.

  12. KARMA IS BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. ARE THEY REALLY CRYING LMAO. Did Brit really just suggest KEEPING RACHEL, REALLY! And is she really saying that composition was designed for strong players. wow she didn’t like it when brendan suggested the comps being rigged for small people. she actually thought it was funny. I wish someone would playback the tapes for her to see HOW HYPOCRITICAL SHE AND RAGAN ARE BEING BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY WOULD NEVER ACT THE WAY RACHEL AND BRENDAN ACT. YEAH RIGHT. THEY ARE WORSE THEN RACHEL AND BRENDAN, AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN NOMINATED YET. This season is fianaly getting good..

  13. Lane and Brit are a couple..Remember at the beginning when they said there was a couple that was playing the game..When Rachel suggested to Britny that she should put up Lane Brit freaked out..So they are the mystery couple and I wonder how they are going to bring Rachel Back..This is getting Good!

    1. Brittany and Lane are not a couple, that was just a lie that annie made up to stir up the house, the truth is the saboteur whether it be Annie or Ragan is not privy to personal information about any of the houseguests, nor are they told about things going on in the house, so there is a zero percent chance that Ragan will expose the brigade and/or matt’s DPOV

  14. They were trying to make him look bad. If you have noticed, they do not show the nastiest of the Brit/Ragan tirades. They are trying to show them in a positive light for some reason.

    1. Even Britney says that Production is trying to make her out to be a Princess. They keep telling her not to say certain things in her diary interviews. She said she didn’t want to be the Princess of the season. Well, sweetie, I don’t think you are on BBAD but maybe on CBS.

  15. I have to say I think it was pretty low to get Brenden’s EX and her family on tv talking about him

    I dont know ONE EX that would go on TV and say wonderful things, let alone the family…

    seemed a bit classless…whether or not the stuff was true…put yourself in his position, Id be like WTF CBS!!!

  16. I hope Rachel comes back she was annoying but atleast she played hard unlike the dumb brigade that can’t win shit except Matt and there’s 4 of them.

    1. I agree i want her back.
      The bridage is lame.
      Yea there doing a good job at staying secret but it wont last that long.
      Matt needs to know that he should start taking them out now before all
      3 of them go after him in the final 4 because he has won 2 hoh and has the DPOV
      so if i was Matt i would use the dpov on himself and try to get a bridage member out.

  17. This week is going to be another boring week in the big brother house. Brendon will nominate Ragan and Matt, Matt for getting Rachel out and being a weasel and Ragan for going against Rachel at her lowest point in the game. Either Brendon or Brittany will win the POV as usual, since they are the only 2 in the house capable of winning anything and because Matt won’t even try because he has the diamond power of veto. If Brittany wins she will pull Ragan off the block making him safe, if that happens Lane will go up, then Matt will have no choice on thursday to take himself off with the DPOV and in turn put up Hayden. Now if Brendon wins the POV the nominations will stay the same and Matt will take himself off and Brittany will go up in his place. It is going to be a pretty predictable week, unless matt turns against the brigade.

  18. oh shut up branchell…talk about respecting people. do you really think rachael deserves respect airing her dirty laundry ton the whole house. he s such a dumb ass. she s probably trying to hook up with the prince of saudi arabia right now. i like enzo but he s really pushing it with his suck up

  19. Okay for all you Brenchel haters y’all need to shut up. Brendon won
    HOH fair and square. They all pick their own rope and lane so stop hating.
    Also i think he won because of how piss he got. He was so fired up and so mad
    that he didn’t care he just wanted to win. I’m enjoying seeing Britney and Regan cry
    it funny cause last week they were all making fun of Rachel how she cry and now
    look at those 2 karma is a bitch. I’m hoping for Britney to go home and Rachel to come back.
    I think that would boost ratings and drama since rachel is a drama queen <3. I'm hoping for either
    brendon or Rachel to win Big brother they have actually been fighting since day 1 and the other haven't had to. TEAM BRENCHEL YO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The chances of Rachel coming back are extremely high, she is the only one in sequester right now, and she is also the only one who has not been told about the brigade alliance.

      1. I hope she does come back. I do think that Julie didn’t tell her about the bridage
        because she is going to the jury house and she has to vote, but who knows i hope
        she comes back :)

  20. Does Kat know that enzo and Hayden were buttering up
    Bren last week? If so she might spill the beans to Bren to stay off
    the block. We all know she likes to gather info lol

  21. Lane’s sex story is the GROSSEST thing I’ve heard on BB to date. I wish he hadn’t been so descriptive with the ugly, gory details.

      1. He was talking about this chick he picked up in a bar who was with a bunch of girls in an engagement party. She was Australian, and he was turned on by her accent. He took her home and he began the obligatory 69. But as the 69 began and she lowered her vajayjay onto him, it was disgusting … as if she hadn’t cleaned herself in a long time. It was so bad he gasped, and I guess couldn’t continue the deed. He looked up right before she lowered herself onto him, and he saw this big string of “stuff” that was dangling from her V. He said it was like slow motion .. it could only go one of two ways .. break onto him or break another way. So the nasty string of stuff dangling from her vajayjay broke off SPLAT onto him. It was so bad he couldn’t perform. She asked “what’s wrong” and does he want to watch porn. He said no, he drank tequila, so they just slept. Gross.

        1. Oh .. and BTW, everyone was wondering what this “stuff” was. Ragan asked if it was a tampon string, but Lane said NO. It was just gross stuff from her nasty, smelly, uncleaned vjay.

          1. Good God!!!! Thats what he gets! How any guy would put his face in a strangers private area is beyond me! You dont know where that area has been, or if it has been with someone else an hour earlier!! Now think about what that string might have been!
            Thank you for the recap, I know that wasn’t easy!

            1. Lol. And how could any girl put her mouth on a stranger’s privates?? Never know what he had, or what he might have been doing an hour or a day earlier. But it did sound like she had some type of infection perhaps, and he couldn’t stomach the looks or smell of it, and therefore couldn’t perform. He claimed it was because he had drank tequila earlier that night but, truthfully, it was due to her uncleanliness. Lane is usually so quiet and lackadaisical that you don’t expect a story like that from him. When he went through it play by play (in good old fashioned football style) it was GROSS. Yeah, I’m repeating it, but no where near as good as he delivered it.

            2. He was also talking about this big girl he picked up (she was a chaser) and he followed her home. She told him about some numbing spray her sister had in her room, and Lane encouraged her to go get it. Guess the numbing spray was for the throat and helped the gag reflex from deep throating. Long story short, she couldn’t find it and Lane passed out. He thinks they didn’t do anything.

  22. I would be willing to bet good money that this weeks HOH competition was rigged in Brendon’s favor, I bet his rope wasn’t as tangled as other players and it is not like the viewers would every know because it just looks like a big knotted mess.

    1. He just looked like he was going all out in the competition. He also is very strong to hold the rope. I am sure the rope was the same, as they drew for lanes. It wasn’t preplanned what lane he was in.
      He just wanted it more than the others. They all prepped for a quiz comp and lost.
      I think it is priceless.

  23. I just realized what Julie Chen meant when she told Rachel “this isn’t the last time we’ll see you in the Big Brother House”. She was alluding to the All-Stars yo! probably in a couple years.

    1. Or was she alluding to next week or the week after, wooooo ooohhh, only she knows right now. Good for ratings though. All the haters and lovers will be tuning in, so it makes no difference.

  24. I’m not angry that Brenden won, that was fair, and I don’t hate Brit or Ragan either. But my God, some of the people here are idiots. Rachel is not coming back, get over it. Lane and Britney will not hook up, she’s engaged. And if anyone mentions the “lifelong friends” I will scream.

    1. Ummmm….. nobody’s forcing you to read this site dildo. You don’t like the “idiots,” then by all means go somewhere else. Grenade yo!!!

    2. That is just funny… if comments made on a website get you upset enough to scream…. logging off would be a great alternative! There’s an X in the right hand top corner of the screen….

  25. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I don’t remember Julie or anyone explicitly saying that the saboteur was the result of Pandora’s box. I could be wrong. Either way, I think that Rachel will be brought back if Matt uses the DPOV. The saboteur just seems like a very weak repercussion for such a big power. Ragan hasn’t even done anything interesting and I’m not sure if the houseguests even take anything he says as the saboteur seriously. Just my thoughts.

    1. You are wrong. The sabateur is a direct result of Matt opening Pandoras box.
      I do agree that the things that the Sabateur is doing are totally lame and not worth it for us.

  26. “Lane’s sex story is the GROSSEST thing I’ve heard on BB to date. I wish he hadn’t been so descriptive with the ugly, gory details”

    And yet, no one turns on him. Imagine if Rachel had told that story.

  27. No matter what is said about Rachel… She played hard! The girl was a threat so it was smart to get her out! She did blow up too often… and let her emotions get the best of her! People keep saying she is FAKE… however she was really one of the most real people in there! Her Real emotions got her kicked out… blowing up, saying what she felt, she talked in your face not behind your back…. most of these folks would not do that! She called people out in a heartbeat!!! And she is now paying a price for that! Crazy…. yes!!! Fake… not at all!

  28. Hay Brat do u want do the nightly show with Ragan?
    Lets talk about the recap of the day. U sucked in the hoh comp
    now youre a have not and u might be going on the block.
    It sucks 2 b u spoiled brat.

  29. I think now that Rachel’s gone, Brendon will be much more likeable. I really don’t see what he liked about her. He can obviously get girls who are WAY better looking. He’s a gorgeous man, with some sort of self esteem issue. Kudos to him for winning.

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