Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Wheres the Brigade? Enzo: “Its operations Donnie Brasco right now yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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2:00PM Backyard Enzo and Lane

They are talking about the nominations and how if Brit and Ragan go up they are going to take out Ragan, Enzo thinks Kathy is getting a little big int he head. Lane: “Theres no way that women is a deputy”. Enzo is getting a little excited they are nearing the end, one of them will be winning 1/2 a million dollars and it’ll change their life forever. Enzo: “I’m going to retire yo”. Lane wants to pull out the brigade right now. Enzo agrees he thinks it would make life in the house easier, they woulnd’t have to bullshit with Brendon all the time. Lane says next HOH the brigade comes out. Enzo: “tell them to go stick to there side of the house we’ll stay in our side and we’ll just battle it out every thursday” Enzo: “Brit will cry, Brendon will bitch, Ragan will yell at Matt and Kathy will be like whats the brigade is that like the saboteur”. Enzo: “After the pov the brigade comes out yo… it is time”. Lane joking about how deep everyone is getting with their side alliances and they need to all come back to the brigade. enzo says Brendon told me he’ll carry Enzo to final 2. Enzo: “I thought he wanted to hug me yo.. I’m like am I the new Rachel”..Enzo: “We gotta come out soon the side alliances will still want to be side alliances”.
Lane: “we got fans they are wondering where the brigade has gone”. Enzo: “Its operations Donnie Brasco right now yo” Lane laughs says that Brit has been asking him what she should wear. Enzo: “next time one of us gets into a fight with someone in the house the others get in their face and go YO BRIGADE “. They agree the Brigade has to stay hidden until at least the POV competition is over.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:40pm Lockdown over Eggplant and Escargot

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:47pm Lane, Hayden and Enzo Lane telling them that he’s sure Brit hasn’t made any deals with Bredon. They are discussing coming out. HAyden thinks they should wait till next weeks POV. Enzo:”Why!! who are we coming out to Ragan and KAthy.. argh Brigade” hayden tells them matt doesn’t have to worry even if he goes up, He thinks the only thing they have to worry about is if Brendon is the saboteur. Lane goes on to tell them about his conversation with Brenodn how he told Brendon he wanted to keep him but the entire house flipped at the last moment, He told Brendon he appreciates not being on slop …
2:55pm Hayden and Enzo They don’t want to put up Brendon if they win HOH next because Brendon has their backs, Enzo is worried that another brigade member might get made and put them up if they keep Brendon in. Enzo: “that really pisses me off because I would never put up a brigade member if there was still other people in the house. Hayden thinks they should just let someone else in the house take out Brendon. Hayden says they will tell Brendon they want to back door matt and we’ll tell ragan/brit and Kathy they will backdoor brendon.
Enzo: Nominations at 5o’clock Hayden: I’m going to go talk to brendon.

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Just heard that Brendon is thinking of putting up Brit and Ragan, not a surprise….but what happened to Brendon hating the floaters? That is something Brit certainly isn’t….


Brendan actually just hates women, not floaters. That’s why he fell in love with the low rent transvestite version of Ronald McDonald.

Remember his fiance? She said that he never cared about her and just wanted to make her into the person he wanted. Like she was his property to be molded. Hmm, kinda reminds me of when he would tell Rachel that she’s not acting like her “true self”, the Rachel that he loves.


Becks: I almost pooped my pants from laughing so hard reading this….Ronald McDonald….bahahahhahaa….I’m lovin’ it!


Ever heard of sour grapes? Many ex fiance’s will take bad about the person they broke up with. Happens all the time. What type of person is she? You don’t know. But we DO know that she’s the type of person who would go on tv and trash someone. She might be the same type of bitchy girl that Britney is … always saying something bad about other people.


not take bad .. but talk bad (oh for an edit button!)


She didn’t strike me as that type of person. She didn’t even trash Rachel and she’s such an easy target. Plus I can already see what kind of man Brendan is with my own two eyes, she just confirmed it.


You can’t judge somones character based on there actions being stuck in a house meant for conflict, lies and dramma.


Actually I can judge anyone based on any factors I see fit. I wouldn’t even want to watch BB if i was supposed to reserve all judgment of everyone in the house. That sounds boring.


Yea cause trusting an ex fiance’s opinon is definitely right.

sickoftheir shit

I knew he was going to put up Brit and Ragan. He has the mentality of a 2 year old. He is just getting them back for hating Roach. Nothing has changed. He is a sorry azz lozer.

Other K

I thought he hated Matt more then all of them? Guess the DPV wont be used at all. Another fail on BB’s part.


If Matt was smart he’d use it on Ragan and put kathy up in his place making Brendon’s HOH a waste and ensuring his loyalty with Ragan. Then Ragan may take out the birgade for him 🙂


he’s thinking Brit and Lane


Earlier someone had mentioned about BBAD in Canada. If you receive the new reality station, it is on that channel. Was pleased to see it there, but now I stay up far too late!
(Great site btw – best one I’ve found!)


well Joseph D. Pistone anyway


He should put up Hayden and Enzo.


No, Lane and Enzo. Two total floaters. Lane hasn’t even been a Have Not yet.


It’s a little 2 early for breaking out the Brigade yo. Give it another week and then BOOM.


lane and enzo r definitely stupid. if they come out after this pov and ragan or brit goes home (most likely ragan), then brit, useless kathy and brendon can form an alliance and brit has a strong chance of winning hoh, which means one of the brigade goes home(matt) and this game will be 3 vs 3 in the disadvantage of the brigade b/c all three cant win shit to save themselves while brendon and britney win things but kathy will be a burden

J.P. Brigade

I am not a woman hater but I’m with Brendon on this one point. You line up a female beside a male (other than Rachel in hte final two and that’s still a big IF) and their odds are better just because they can act all innocent and sweet better than any many ever could. Could ya really vote against Brit looking at you in the eyes? It’d be tough.


noms are wrong… Brit and Lane


NO – he nomed Ragan and Lane….