Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon wants Lane and Brit up and Kathy gives up just take her to Final 2

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:10pm HOH Brendon and Hayden Brendon saying how stupid the house was for keeping him over Rachel they all knew that it was going to be physical. Hayden explains that everyone was so threaten by her. Hayden telling him that beside enzo the rest of the house thinks he’s after Brendon and they want to keep it that way. Hayden had heard Ragan and brit talking about how enzo isn’t trying to win the HOH comps. Brendon can see that he thinks Enzo is holding back in all aspects of the game. Brendon lane isn’t a threat to either of us he’s strong but thats it, there is a good chance that Lane has really been trying in the HOH’s.
Brendon doesn’t think enzo is as close to him as HAyden, Brendon really wants to see enzo start trying. Brendon: “the time of idle players is gone he’ll need to pick the side”. Brendon says the power is going to shift again next week and they’re going to put up Me with either Hayden or Enzo. hayden says that once Brit goes down they might be able to pull Lane in so keeping Lane close might be the best idea. Brendon: “we can’t leave Lane in this house because he’ll float to final 3..Lane is the saboteur but i’m OK with that this week”. Hayden asks him what his choices are. Brendon says Matt/ ragan, ragan/ brit, brit/ Lane I don’t want to backdoor anyone but at this point I might backdoor Matt or ragan. hayden if i was in your shoes you don’t want to put someone up there that you don’t want to see go home i don’t think you’ll want to put up lane. Brendon agrees but thinks if lane goes up he’s safe unless they want him out. Hyden thinks they should maybe keep lane off the block and use that to pull him in. Brendon: “I would rather have lane upset with me going into he quiz comp then

ragan and matt gunning after me” Brendon is sure the other side will get a HOH the following week and brendon will go up against Enzo. Brendon doesn’t think lane is intelligent enough to win a quiz he thinks he’ll just float on and win nothing at least ragan and matt can win. if lane is pissed at Brendon it doesn’t matter he’s not a threat. Hayden: “worst case you put up lane and brit she wins POV.. will you out up ragan or matt”.. Brendon doesn’t know. They start talking about who the sab is, HAyden explains that the only way production would of been guaranteed the player would of accepted the position is if it was Matt. Hayden thinks that if they picked BRit and she said no they couldn’t keep asking people, but they could say because Matt opened the pandora’s box that he’s now the saboteur. Hayden doesn’t think anyone would pick the roll this late in the game.

Brendon says i’m putting Lane and Brit up but I don’t know how i’m going to tell him. Hayden thinks he should just tell Lane he’s going up as a pawn and he’s safe. brendon says he won’t tell Lane the plan is to back door Matt or Ragan because he doesn’t want it to get back to them. (I bet the DPOV is played this week)


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:40pm backyard Enzo, MAtt, Lane and Brit Talking about how useless Kathy is. Earlier today they kahty told them her mind just isn’t in the game this week so she would like them to carry her through.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:55pm Hot tub Enzo, HAyden and LAne Hayden telling them that Brendon is going to put Lane and Brit up. Enzo: “He’s gotta go yo I don’t care about side alliances what if POV is used Matty goes up yo” Enzo says he’s ready to bust out yo he’s tired of being sneaky. Enzo gets out of the tub whispers to Lane “no matter what happens your safe”. They go through all the scenarios of people going up and winning POV. hayden doesn’t think Brendon is the sab, Hayden says brendon thinks it’s Lane. Lane knows theres no SAb in the brigade. HAyden explains his theory about Matt being the sab because there is only 1 ways BB can impose a power on a person and that is Pandora’s box

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84 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon wants Lane and Brit up and Kathy gives up just take her to Final 2

    1. No they don’t especially since her good friend Ragan is throwing her under the bus when he said he would’nt. Ragan/Saboteur announced that there is still a couple in the house, a male and female. Now who could that be? Brit and Kathy are the the only females left so you know he’s talking about brit. He is a a true hypocrite in the worst way.

  1. I’m with you Simon. I see the Diamonds coming out this week. If Brit wins POV, it’ll defintely come out and Kathy’s gone. I think this is Kathy’s last week. I just have a feeling.

    Backup scenario for me: If Brit stays on the block, and I KNOW she is POV Queen right now, she’s out.

    You think the Brigade is still committed “4-Deep” strong? I seem to be feeling some rips happening. Maybe they are playing so well, they’re fooling us. That would PEES me off like sheet in my face.

    Here’s hoping: 4-Deep Yo. Grenades ’til da end.

    1. If Matt uses the DPOV, do you think he’ll just take off Lane? Or both Lane and Brit and if Brit wins POV and Matt takes himself and Lane off the block, who do you think Matt will put up?

      1. My guess is that Matt wouldn’t use the DPOV unless it was to save himself. Just the fact of revealing it shows a sneaky side he’s trying to avoid, plus it puts a bullseye on him for making a choice at all which will divide the loyalties and their alliances or side alliances.

        1. i would love to see lane & ragan on the block to see which one matt would use the diamond veto on or if he would choose not to use at all. that would make for good t.v.

    2. Lane, Enzo, or Hayden need to win a HOH so they can evict Matt ASAP. They have NO CHANCE to win the big $$ if he is in the final 2. The jury house will acknowledge how brilliantly Matt played everyone and give him the money.

      This week they need to rid the house of Britney as she has the potential win any HOH or POV competition the rest of the way. Next they need to get out Matt for reasons stated earlier. Brendon is not a threat to them as he would rather get out Ragan (or Matt). They can focus on Brendon AFTER they evict Matt. Then it becomes interesting as they would all like to be up against worthless Kathy in the end. Of course if Matt wins HOH next week then everything changes and Brendon goes home and The Brigade is final 4.

      1. Who do you want to win BB? you take out Matt, Brit or Brendon and you are taking out the only 3 players really playing the game.

        1. That’s my point exactly. My message didn’t say anything about WHO I WANT, but was about what is best for Lane, Enzo, and Hayden if they have any brains at all. CLEARLY Britney, Matt, and Brendon are the best players left and that is why they need to go ASAP if anyone else wants any chance to win.

          The house would be total fools not to vote out Britney this week and Matt next (Brendon if Matt wins HOH next week).

          As to who I want to win: I think Matt is the most deserving. He has had a solid strategy throughout. He’s been in a solid 4-player alliance from Day 1, has formed a bond with Ragan that allows him to manipulate Ragan’s every thought, has the sympathy vote for his wife’s “illness”, and can pretty much win any endurance comp that BB throws at him. I didn’t even mention the D-POV which he would be better off not using if at all possible. He’s already laid out the rest of his game using his rubber duckies. This guy is three steps ahead of everyone else.

        1. matt to win? i beg to differ. he lies about his wife having a serious disease…pics pandora s box and comes up with this lame one dollar scenerio hands down the pants loser lol

          1. Oh please carol….just shutup about the damn disease thing already. No one is caring anymore and not a damn thing is gonna happen to him as a result. And if you didn’t notice the pandoras box note SAID HE COULDN’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT WHAT HE GOT FROM THE BOX ANYWAYS! get your facts straight and remove your personal preferences before you day someone sucks. He is playing the best physical and social game and isn’t afraid to go after a soul in that house. And THAT’S A FACT.

            1. Thank you Justin, some people just don’t realize this isn’t supposed to be a Miss Congeniality contest. These people should be scheming and lying and backstabbing and then covering their tracks so they don’t jeopardize votes in the jury house. This isn’t supposed to mimic real life, it’s a game of lying, deceit and manipulation and the people who screw it up are the people who play it personally and not strategically. But they’re fun to have in the house too because they create a lot of chaos. I never hope for them to win though because in my books they’re not really Big Brother fans if they take the game personally.

    1. What about what Julie told Rachel last night? You know…”This might not be the last time you are out of the BB House.” Do you think that if Matt uses the DPOV then Rachel comes back? God I hope not.

      1. I thnk she said – :it is not the last we will see of you in BB.,……I think she just meant that Brendon got her Pix in the HOH

        1. Laura, I think you may have something there. Her picture is in the HOH room again. The only thing is her picture will always be there on the picture wall until the season ends. I don’t know if that takes away from your thinking or not.

          1. Yes – I think she was referring to Brendon RECEIVING her pix as part of his HOH….like an actual girlfriend pix……never saw that happen before but he did get a framed photo of her.

  2. nooo i don’t want britney to leave :( i was her and the brigade to make final 5 and then go from there she at least deserves it

  3. Needs to put up Matt. that way he is force to use his DPOV. Then the 4 guys will get mad at him for keeping that from all of them.

  4. if matt uses his diamond for someone, then the others will know of the brigage. i say matt holds onto the diamond unless he is up, otherwise he’s a gone!

  5. to me, playing the game would not be saving a strong player to expose that you lied to the house and had the diamond POV and get rid of kathy? why? thats 3 jury votes Kathy brenden rachel you wont get….dumb

    1. I love that Rachel was so awful that many of us have post traumatic stress disorder now and shudder and weep at the thought of her returning. Good job at finding the worst person ever though Big Brother. Reality TV was bound to find the world’s most annoying woman eventually and it seems CBS gets to take that honor.

  6. I think the dpov will be played and kathy will go. But I expect some repercussions from Matt having it and not being able to let them know. Matty is slick, like slick willy, he will find a way to smooth it over. Brigade will ultimately triumph, unless a twist … a jury member returns to the house, like James did?

  7. If Brendon doesn’t put up Matt &Ragan, he’s a wuss! I want to see the DPOV come out & watch Brendon fall apart & self destruct!

  8. Does anyone know if Matt is not put on the block but they attempt to back door him, if he could use the DPOV at that time? Or does he have to use it only if he is put up right away. I do know he could pull someone off then name a replacement but not clear on how it would work if he was the replacement.

    1. As far as I know, he can take both noms off the block and it is his choice to put up 2 new one’s. I don’t think it matters if he is back doored.

    2. Matt can pull down one or both of the nominees, even after POV, from what I understand. Probably live during the eviction. Once he pulls them down, he names their replacement, not the HOH.

  9. Best case scenario for me.
    Lane and Brit up.
    Brit wins and Matt goes up.
    DPOV used, Matt decides that it’s better for him to have a Matt-Brit-Ragan alliance, and he puts up Enzo or Hayden, and 1 of those 2 go home. They have the votes.
    It’s wishing, sure. But this isn’t a bad game strategy for Matt. Lane and Brit are almost guaranteed to go up, and Brit has a good chance of winning POV. Enzo and Hayden haven’t been doing crap in this game. Enzo hasn’t won anything and just talks game, but never initiates anything. Hayden won 1 HOH…because his team let him be the last one. And that way, Matt, Brit, and Ragan can all play for HOH the week after, and chances are, 1 of those 3 will win. Lane may go to the Matt-Brit-Ragan side because they just saved him, and then the 4 will go Final 4.
    This is a long post! Thoughts?

    1. That would be a terrible move for Matt because he wouldnt be able to win that way cause even if he did make it to the end then Enzo, Hayden, Lane, Brendon, or Rachel would vote for him.

    2. I like the way you think. That is a great scenario and it would be awesome if it happened. So, all we have to do is wait for tomorrow to see if Brit wins the POV. But, Brendon told Matt he would not backdoor him, so I’ll bet Brendon puts up Ragan….do you think Ragan and Matt are good enough friends that Matt would use the DPOV on him?

    3. Silly. Matt will NEVER use DPOV to put a Brigade member up. There is no guarantee that person would get voted out and he’d be assassinated instantly.

      1. Well if he were put up as a replacement nominee, Matt would have to use the DPOV to save himself. And it would be a terrible move to send Kathy home with such a power.
        Or it would also be good if Ragan saved Britney off the block…
        And at the end of the day, while some people in the jury house will vote personally, it’s supposed to be a game. And most jury members will come to realize that they should vote for the best game player. Most of them claim to be BB fans, so they probably respect the game.

  10. He cant tell ANYONE he has the dpov
    If he does the POWER is VOID
    DPOV its got to be secret
    No one can know only the Midget can know
    Only time they can find out is when he is going to use it
    Does everyone understand

  11. Iseriously doubt DPOV gets use this week. the brigade and thus Matt by proxy are in an excellent position. DPOV is just insurance.

  12. I know on normal POV ceremony, if POV is used the HOH can not go on the block, BUT If Matt uses the DPOV, can he put Brenden up?

  13. Brendon just told Brit she was going on the block. Brendon got in trouble for it, so shouldn’t BB tell him he can’t put her up?

      1. The rules state that the HOH can’t tell someone they are being put on the block before the ceremony-they can in a round-a-bout way…but not directly like Brendon did. He was sent to the DR and Brendon said they were freaking out about it……

        1. oh, thanks, but didn’t they used to do that? I thought in prior years they told people. Maybe I’m thinking of something else. (my memory ain’t what it used to be :) )

          1. Maybe??? I don’t know…..I only started watching in the middle of season 8. If they did it before then or even after, I don’t remember.

            Can anyone help kras and I out?

  14. This game is getting more interesting (: …Is the Brigade on the brink of a collapse? I’m looking forward to seeing how the nominations/veto/ and diamond veto play out. I don’t want to see Britney go – cos just 6 guys and kathy……….. no thanks. I’m thinking Ragan might leave this week. And yeah, it’s amazing how much less Brendon annoys me with Rachel gone.

  15. i am surprised that no one has figured out that mat and ragan are brothers. i think it is so obvious that is the twist they are talking about.

      1. Hey Grandma, I was going to suggest we add the, ” Can Matt put up the HOH if he uses the DPOV ” to the drinking game, but the friends thing is making enough raging alcoholics without that, lol.

        1. Yes, that friend/life long friends is getting me pretty drunk but I am all for adding your suggest, too. Hey, Rattlesnake Jake, go get another bottle at the liquor store. My Canadian friends and I are going to get on one tonight!

          1. Lol, yeah, im hitting the good ol Canadian beer, should have picked up more then I did though, cause im sure I don’t have enough to last long in the life long friends drinking game. This site will have to post a warning about drinking responsible if the comments keep coming about the life long friends, and lets not forget the grammar comments. I need a drink so, “Do You think Kathy and Britt might be mother/ daughter” DRINK.

  16. i’m still trying to figure out why the hell brendan lived with his future in laws for eight months. he sounds like a real winner to me. possessive AAAND broke? no wonder that chick dumped his ass… he’s probably DREAMING of living on rachel’s fistfulls of 100 dollar bills. no more cock-a-roaches baby!!

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