Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The house guests get a smaller table … and Brendon and Britney have a talk…

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12:20pm The house guests are on an out door lock down. They are talking about random stuff like traveling, flying planes, tipping,  paying bills online, renting movies.  They talk about how a lot of the lottery winner end up committing suicide because of all the family and friends hounding them for money.  Britney says that they can all forget about winning the lottery because they were lucky enough to get on Big Brother.  Brendon talks about how most people live well beyond their means and that no one really needs to win millions of dollars.  The conversation changes to talking about movies.


12:45pm Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back all the house guests are crowded around the door waiting to get in as the wall lifts up to let them inside the house. Inside the house the house guests notice that the table has been replaced with a smaller table.

Brendon says that isn’t it crazy that one of is gonna win a half million dollars. They talk about how crazy it is that they got this far. Brendon says that they are just the same size as a family ….and that they have fought just as much. Kathy tells them that they should all hi5. Enzo says that he will be happy when he makes it to final 4, that final 8 is great and all but that he will be really happy to finally make it to final 4. Britney says that she was really hoping that it would have been the food for the have nots. Enzo says yeah …when will they do that like in a couple hours. Britney says yeah …I just really wanted to eat.

12:55pm Matt and Ragan are in the have not room. Matt jokingly says that the small table is so unfair for little people. Ragan and Matt start talking about Ragans conversation with Brendon earlier in the HOH. Ragan says that he told Brendon that they are the reason why he stayed last week. Ragan goes over all the things that he and Brendon talked about.

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1pm – 1:30pm Britney is up in the HOH talking to Brendon. They are talking about Brendons HOH letter and his niece. Brendon says that all that a side …personal stuff … I just want to say that I am sorry and that with the POV I am sorry it got so personal. Brendon says that he is just really in love with Rachel and that he was trying to save her. Brendon says that he is sorry for ever saying that Britney’s boyfriend would cheat on her. Britney says that she really took it personal and that he wouldn’t have wanted someone to say that to his niece or sister. Brendon says that he really felt like shit after he said that and that he regretted it. Brendon says that he is probably the first person to try and get themselves evicted and fail at it. Britney says that she was never for getting Rachel out ….and that of course she wanted Brendon out after what he did. Britney says that they were all afraid of Rachel winning the competition if it was a quiz. Britney says that she really appreciates him saying sorry and that it really means a lot to her. Brendon says that it wasn’t him and that he is not like that … he says that even Rachel fought him on it and that she really didn’t want him to do it and look bad. Britney says that she knows he is mad that she didn’t use the POV but that she couldn’t. Brendon says that he knows that and that he isn’t playing the game on what happened the day before or the week before. Brendon says that he is sorry but that he would do it all over again just to save Rachel. Britney tells Brendon that she always had Rachel’s back and that she doesn’t think that she deserves to leave.

Britney says that she that she doesn’t want to walk around the house on egg shells. Brendon says that this next week will most definitely be a skill or quiz competition and that she is really good at that. Britney says that she doesn’t think that she is particularly good at either of those. Brendon says that Britney is one of the people that study and practice and that now that Rachel is gone …she now has a target on her back. Britney says lets just be honest there are three people that are targets for you right now. Brendon asks if he doesn’t put her up …is she going to put him up next week? Britney says she cant say for sure if she will put him up or not but that she has other people in the house that are targets. Brendon tells her that he appreciates her being honest. Brendon tells her that he would really want the people that have been winning things to still be here …like her, Matt, and him. Britney tells Brendon to listen to his instincts and trust them. They talk about how much they hate that some people are floating through the game and that they would rather fight it out with people that really want to be here. Britney tells him that she appreciates him being honest. Brendon says that he wishes they could trust the people that are competing really hard … but that they cant and that the others are going to take the people that are floating through ….like Kathy and Enzo. Brendon tells her that he isnt sure who he will put up …but that he will tell her before hand if its going to be her…. Britney and Brendon head downstairs…

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sickoftheir shit

Sorry Brenda…Sorry Brit..Sorry Brenda..sorry Brit…Brit leaves the room and mumbles “Douchebag!”.


Hmmm… Brandon does the classy thing and admits he was wrong and he is sorry. He is HoH and he didn’t have to. But people still keep calling him names? Now I know who the classy people are. He is classy us people on the internet, most of us are not. Me included.


I agree. It get me so mad that britney was like yea i took it very personally and it hurt and stuff. Im like WHAT!?!?! last week all you did was bash brendon and rachel every single minute you could. Ugh she makes me sick!


I wish someone would tell Britney to stop putting her fingers in her mouth and playing with her hair.


At least we are through a week of her picking her knees…whatever it was she was picking.
And all of her split ends SURELY have to be gone by now, donchathink? ….


It’s the internet, there is no class on the internet. But at least you admit to it so a gold star for you~ 8D
But I’m gonna have to disagree with Brendon having class. When you’re in the big brother house, no one can be classy because there’s always an ulterior motive being the apologies and alliances (aka, he’s doing it for the jury votes). And that counts for everyone in that house.

sickoftheir shit

Brenda classy? Oh thats rich. hahahah.


SHES A CU#T Britney that to hear she gets the crap beat out of her one day…i hope she gets blindsided and put up against lane…lane will stay cause of the shitgade and she will wimper her ugly ass out..GET OUT SHITNEY


You seem like a really lovely person though.


Your f**ked in the head.. You never wish violence on a woman you sick f**k..


wow this is just a game i cant believe you could wish that on anyone. I really feel sorry for you, maybe take a break from bb so you can relax.


I agree, Davor. Brit is so vile. She should have been up there apologizing for the way she egged him on and made a fool of herself. I hope she is out this week.


ONE DAY of classiness compared t the last 40+ of doucheiness? he’s not over being called brenda just yet


She has been classless since day one. Her and monet or whatever her name is talked about and made fun of people since the beginning with their classless remarks. Are you kidding me one classless act maybe of the thousands.


that’s exactly why she’s a have not, and on slop with esparagus, and escargot, because she have not a care or clue for that matter. brendan may be a douche, but he’s sitting pretty this week, and she’s not.


If Brit doesn’t go home, she has a good chance of winning next week HOH


I agree


good i wanna see how fine her sisters are, see if she look like her momma


I am curioius to my fellow Canadians. Anyone watching BB after dark?

Looks like Brandon is a gentleman after all. It’s not easy to admit when a person is wrong, and he has done this, while he is HoH. He is not trying to suck up to people to be off the block. It looks like he is genuenly trying to be sorry for the way he acted.

At least if he is going to put up Brit he will tell her ahead of time. So it looks like he is playing the classy game now.


I didn;t even think we had showtime in Canada. Never seen it.
And I agree. Brendon will grow on me if he continues acting this way. Love to see how he plays without Rachel, said that from day 1.


I don’t get After Dark, I just watch the feeds. I like Brendon more now then I ever did. I called it in the beginning that Rachel and Brendon together were poison. Now that they are not together you get some great conversations, good game play and it’s not half as boring.


Rockstar, I agree. Looks like the game can get good now, and let’s hope that Brendon doesn’t get sucked into Brit’s delusional comments.

give me a break

Only a real douch bag would start saying things about somebodys parents it really shows what kind of person you are thank god you dont see the true person brenden is or alot of us would be the kind of person you are and that is not much of one.



sickoftheir shit

Oh yah we all saw what kind of person Brenda was when he did a violent overthrow on the bowling alley nearly hitting Jordon and Jeff endangering their physical safety then stomping off and yelling that it wasnt fair! Like what exactly wasnt fair? That guy is a whackjob and has serious mental issues. As far as I am concerned he is a danger to society. It was of no surprise that he was suspended for unethical behaviour as a teacher.

Would I be surprised if Roach ends up in a dumpster? Hell noo..I expect it!


I’ll make fun of your momma any day. BUT and she has a big butt, haha but I would be the first one to run and be there for you if you needed me.


yeah…what sick said !!!!!!


soooo right sick……i think both brendon and rachel have some kind of emotional problem. maybe a personality disorder…they def don’t have their heads on’s almost scarey watching how they act,knowing that one day we’ll be reading about one or maybe both of them committing some crime against society.where does BB find these nuts???

sickoftheir shit

I agree. Brenda and Roach both have Personality Disorders. Roach is a Narcissist and is Bi-Polar as well. Brenda’s violent behaviour on the bowling alley was frightening.


None of us really have the right to judge seeing as wee haven’t been in the BB house and we haven’t been put in a position like that.


Yeah, geez, Lance is right, let’s sit her and exchange cookie recipes.


As unlikely as it sounds, you have to admit, a Britney-Matt-Brendan alliance would DESTROY everyone in the house.


As unlikely as it sounds, a Matt-Britney-Brendan alliance would DESTROY everyone else in the house.

sigh 23

I really hope brendon puts Kathy and Enzo up.they’re floaters and Enzo hasnt been pulling his weight in the brigade.but thats farfetched.i hope its Matt and Ragan then Lane wins POV and it wont be used.then Matt wil use his DPOV to put u hopefully Kathy and she leaves.I dont know that that woud happen but thats my best case scenario.


You know I wonder how many of us would have really liked Brendon better if didn’t and wasn’t attached to Rachel. He doesn’t see her like she really is that’s for sure.Oh I forgot, he thinks she’s a scientist. But I can’t imagine a girl like Rachel bringing the best out of a man as far as character. Brendon needs his head or childhood examined that’s for sure before he gets into any relationship with a woman if that’s the kind of low standards he

Britney, isn’t doing herself any favor by possibly not making a deal. She doesn’t know that she’s alone in the house and doesn’t have Lane. Maybe she should have told Brendon she wouldn’t put him up next week if he doesn’t put her up this week.


Brendon was a total ass whenever Rachel was in the house – but now for the first time he’s thinking strategically about the game. I’m amazed at his foresight and logical thought process. I didn’t think he was capable. It just shows how Rachel affected his thinking… Last week I would have said he would have been the first to go but now actually he’s in a fairly decent position to progress – especially if he can get Enzo and Hayden to see Matt for the defector that he really is. Britney and Ragan will never trust him and if they win HOH next week he will go up so he should just leave them alone and get one of them out this week.


Now that Brendon looks like the hero all of us are saying “wouldn’t it be nice to bring Rachel back?” boom she is back.


I don’t think Brendan is nice for apologizing or a hero. He’s trying to portray the “knight” stereotype that he believes he embodies. Problem is that when it’s hard to be nice he goes ahead and acts like an asshole and a huge whiner and poor sport on top of that. Anyone can be nice when they’re HOH, but it takes a really good person to be kind and respectful even when they aren’t getting their own way. He’s only nice now because it reinforces the stereotype he believes about himself so it makes him feel good.


Kind and respectful … like Brit?


But at least she doesn’t walk around saying that she’s the sweetest person and everyone’s just out to get her at every turn. Plus she never whines about games being rigged and she actually bothered to connect with most of the house. She just hates a few people, but in a fun way!

season 12 sucks

What do you mean? Britney was complaining to Rachel about Brendan talking about her behind her back. She is completely delusional and hypocritical, and the only reason she “connected” with anybody in the house was when they were in power. She is so fake and two-faced and I don’t see how you can be a fan of that.


Because she’s funny and entertaining and good at this game that we’re watching.


I’m drinking Becks tonight. Agree with all you have posted.


I feel an odd sense of pride after that comment Moaner.


Brendon is obviously only apologizing to try to get jury votes. Right now everyone is trying to mooch off of others to et jury votes. Brendon needs to be on people’s good sides so he’s apologizing, trying to make friends and all that. If Rachel was still here, he’d be trashing them with her while being nice to them in the ace.
Almost similar to Hayden and Enzo being nice to Brendon and Rachel to their faces while plotting their demise.
So we can’t say that Brendon is a real gentleman for being nice and apologizing “when he doesn’t need too”. He obviously does need to apologize if he wants the target off his back.
We can’t say that the rest of the house are good guys either, because they aren’t. Everyone is backstabbing everyone. No one is the good guy and no one is the bad guy unless the game is played personally (aka Rachel).
Right now, I have to say that I am proud of Brendon for finally putting his head (no, not his lower head) in the game and trying to build alliances and trying to get the jury votes. I don’t see him as a gentleman, I see him as a potentially good player who could get far if he knows how to play his cards right. But I don’t see him winning Big Brother because he won’t have the jury votes despite his scrambling to get them.


“If Rachel was still here, he’d be trashing them with her while being nice to them in the ace.”

thats why they acted the way they acted this week,, now YES they took it WAAAAAAAAAAYYY too far, but dammit rachel and brendon were being cocky and throwing their success in their faces, then when they get similar treatment pretend to be victims PLEASE.. but now we see brendon is cool, rachel was making him insane.. if that skank listened to him they would still be together playing a ‘”strategic game” but nope she wanted to play personal and now look where she at… if she played it cool 2nd HOH, a brigade member would be in the jury


Wow, it is so funny how quickly people and situations change in the BBHouse, and even our opinions of them on the outside looking in as well. I hated Brendon when Rachel was in the house, but I feel like this is a different Brendon than we have seen thus far. I think he is genuinely trying to be a good person in his life, and between the effects of the BBHouse and Rachel, he got lost somewhat. Brit has COMPLETELY resorted back to her bahavior of when Monet was in the house. I don’t think she can hear some of the vile shit coming out of her own mouth. She is so beautiful on the outside, I don’t understand why she seems so ugly on the inside.


Here is something for everyone to think about..
What if Kathy wins POV. Which would be great for Brendon because when Matt uses his diamond veto he wouldnt be able to put Kathy up.
So if Brit and Ragan go up and Matt was to use his Diamond POV that would mean he would have to put up one of the Brigade.
If Matt and Ragan or Brit go up and he takes himself down then he would have to put Ragan Brit or a brigade up.
This is the best. I hope Kathy wins POV its time she did something.

just a thought

Matt wouldn’t use the DPOV if Ragan or Brit go up because he would have to put a brigade member up if Kathy won POV (“IF”).


he could use it on Ragan, he trusts him more then some of the brigade


Brendon is a good guy. He really is. He’s the only person in the house that is actually genuine. Everyone else talks bad behind his back. Rachel and him were genuinely in love, and I know that she let the power get to her head and she started to act obnoxious but, I am still a fan of her. Brendon also did things that I did not agree with, but he seems like a good dude. I hope Rachel comes back this season. From what I notice, it looks like she will come back because she is the only person who doesn’t know about the Brigade or Matt’s lie. Rating will most likely go down and CBS doesn’t want them to go down, so they will probably send her back in the house. Like her or not, she brought the most drama to the house and that’s why we watched and commented on her and everything she and Brendon did.


I watched and commented because this is Big Brother and I always watch and comment. My boyfriend would actually bury his face in a pillow half the time Rachel was wailing in her kermit the frog, booming voice. I’d love it if I never had to hear from her again. The moment when I was the most happy was watching her cry after the POV loss. I think I actually cheered. I thought about stopping watching the show this season because she was so annoying and I’ve actually only begun caring now that she’s gone. Today is the first day I’ve been obsessively checking to see what’s going on in the house like I always did in past seasons.


What a crock! Do good guys make people swear on their children’s lives not to nominate them for eviction? I didn’t think so.

Aaron C.

Damn it am I going to have to start liking this guy now?

Love can make people do really, REALLY stupid things.

Maybe he’s not as big of a douche bag as I thought/think he is.

I guess I’ll probably be firm in my opinion again one way or the other after seeing how he acts this week.


I think Brendon will nominate among those he made have nots.

I am thinking Matt and Ragan because he feels most betrayed by them or feels Rachel was most betrayed by them. Tho Ragan and Britney are really working their charms on him today.

BUT if Matt has to use the DPOV that he hasn’t even admitted to the Brigade that he HAS then they will all know he also lies to THEM and that would have him first to go among the Brigade. IF he goes with faith that the Brigade will vote to keep him in so that he doesn’t to USE the DPOV then he has a much better chance.

I also am VERY CURIOUS about what Julie meant when she said Rachel hasn’t seen the last of the BB house. I am thinking they ARE going to bring her back. WHY? Because with her out the house is boring and in the end it is about ratings.


I think that a houseguest will be brought back in a few weeks. But I think they’ll get america to decide who comes back based off of who ends up in the jury house. I highly doubt that they’ll just throw Rachel in there for no reason. There has to be some sort of vote (If anyone is even going to be coming back).


what time does the nom ceremony happen??


not sure but from everything I am seeing, it appears as though Matt is going on the block by tempting Brendon. Brit and Ragan went up there and basically did the “please don’t hit me in the face with the dodgeball” thing. and Matt did the “Bring it, because if you miss I’m gonna knock you out”


I totally agree on your assessment of Britney. The problem with voting her out is that is exactly what The Brigade wants. They are sitting back watching everyone turn on one another and vote HGs not in The Brigade out one by one. If Britney leaves then Matt will probably win yet another HOH next week and put up Brendon and Kathy (evicting Brendon). That would leave The Brigade, Ragan, and pathetic Kathy in the house which puts The Brigade as a lock in the final 4. If Lane, Enzo, and Hayden were smart (which they clearly aren’t) they’d get Matt out ASAP because he will win the $$$ otherwise.


The birgade are pretty pathetic in my opinon but in comparison to the rest of the house they seem really amazing. If they were put in an all stars season like with Danielle bb8 or dan bb10 they would look like the worst bb players ever.

just a thought

I wonder which way Brendon is going to go with this. He seems so gullible and easily swayed. He seems to buy the crap Ragan, Matt and Brit are spewing. Of course they are going to play nice this week because they know they are the targets. Do they ever show feeds of Brendon alone talking this stuff out to figure out who has his back and who doesn’t? He would be dumb to trust Brit, Ragan or Matt. I hope he puts up Brit and Ragan so that Matt doesn’t feel the need to to use the DPOV. If Matt uses the DPOV, he is putting up Kathy and we all know who is going out then.

After getting caught up, it’s kind of nice hearing the house guests were having normal conversations as a group.


hopefully Kathy does something this week and wins POV so Matt cant put her up

BigBrothers Big Brother

It’s amazing how power changes the tint we view people with. Brendon is the same person he was before. He just has less stress on his back so he can afford to be gracious. Let the stress level increase and the Jackyll/Hyde flip flop will occur again. Brit is definitely going up. I’m just not sure if it’s Matt or Ragan sitting next to her.

just a thought

I’m an equal opportunity hater! I have no favorites in this game. A few of the players are less vocal and catty, so they move up on the ladder, but no one has won me over.




I think they’ll bring her back in to host a competition or pull some saboteur moves later on this season at most but I don’t think she’ll be playing again. The people who like her and Brendan make it sound like everyone likes them but the truth is America voted for Ragan to be the new sab so he’s obviously a favorite and pretty much every mean thing that he gets suggestions to do is against those two so most of America must hate them. I don’t think many people want to see her come back and so I don’t think it would help the ratings if she did.

just a thought

Simon/Dawg? Did Kathy really hear them talking about her? I don’t have live feeds so I don’t know if that was just a story she was telling Brendon to get sympathy or if it was real?


sorry, i meant to say that this might NOT be the last….

BigBrothers Big Brother

What the hell was Kathy talking about earlier when she says they were making fun of her in the Have Nots Room? Did that actually happen and if so, who was making fun of her? What were they saying?

just a thought

What a vivid picture you painted for me, thanks!


What happened to all the Brendon/Rachel bashing done by Ragan and Brittany last week? Now that Brenden is HOH all of a sudden there is no more Brenchel bashing. They are both crying like women (Ragan even more so) because they both know what could happen to them. It’s ok if they cry and get angry, but Rachel was not supposed to. What two faced people they are.

just a thought

but if their love is real, it would be worth a lot more (paraphrasing Hayden’s exit speach to Rachel), LOL!

give me a break

talk about them not seeing that they are doing the same as everyone else you are to just for the other side so please take your own advise.


Brit is no better then Rachel. If you watch the feeds Brit is a big bitch that back stabs everyone. If she is engaged why is she hanging all over Lane. I am sure her boyfriend hates it.


I thought it was already mentioned that she thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her anyway. Besides, she and Lane haven’t crossed the line.


Strangely enough for Brenchal to be the fabulous over-the-top romantic couple, they really brought out the WORST in each other. That says alot.


i cant stand brit and now that her boyfriend really knows how she is hes not going to marry her..her and ragin talking shit all week about other people. now her friends know what she says about them when there not around .


She’s funny, smart and hot. I’m sure her boyfriend is quite pleased with his choice.

People talk about each other in the BB House all the time. They’re going stir crazy and she’s really young so get over it. At least she’s good for a laugh.

sickoftheir shit

I agree. Brit is a hoot. She isnt afraid to say what she wants. I thought it was hilarous when she burst out laughing at Brenda when he corrected Ragan on the pronouncation of Nederthal and then she gets up and starts walking like one all over the yard and chased Brenda into the house walking like that. That was some funny shit.


Thank You! Yes, that was the funniest part of the season.


And then she cried. Yes, that WAS funny.


So, you hate her for being mean but you like watching a girl cry? Sounds like you’re one of those people who got picked on and this season is bringing back some memories for you. Britney is not the girl who picked you last in gym class and didn’t invite you to her birthday party. Let it go, man. Let it go.


Just to let everyone know I just checked out the polls and Brendon is still the favorite house guest and Rachel is 2nd. It seems with Rachel gone people are still voting for her. Maybe because everyone thinks she is coming back.


Everyone who works for me watches this show and the whole lunch room is always abuzz with Rachel and Brendan bashing so I don’t think your poll holds much water. There’s clearly a large margin of error.

reality what?

Really your office of what?! 100 is an indication of the CBS polls holding water?!?


Looks like my office is pretty reliable since the poll actually indicates that Britney and Ragan are winning. Sometimes when something sounds fishy, it is.


im with you watcher


They miscast that show “How to lose a guy in 10 days”
Rachel would have been perfect.


at this point i want final 4 to be haden regan lane and matt or possible brit over matt…can’t stand Brendon..glad rach is gone..enzo has no room to talk about kathy’s skills he can’t do crap! I miss kristen.

Go Brenchel

Please provide that link so we can see the results of who is the most popular houseguest as well as vote for ourselves. I was looking at the networks website and couldn’t find it.


As much as I like the brigade members, they are really worthless. Enzo and lane cannot win shit. Yea, they say they’re throwing comps, but I don’t buy, I just think they suck. Hayden should team up with britney and brendon and make a final 3 deal. If they got enzo and lane out, the game would become much more interesting. Kathy is playing better than lane and enzo. Brendon disgusts me as a person, but as far as the big brother game goes, he can go far if he aligns with the right people and enzo is not the right person.


Britney and Ragan seem to be winning on that poll, then Enzo and Lane.


This just in…Lane and Ragen are nominated….