Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The Third Showmance this Season?

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:52pm Kitchen Lane, Brit, Monet, Hayden

Brit asks Ragan: “would you consider someone who bleeched it”
Ragan: “umm no” (shaking his head)
Lane: “what! Bleach What”
Ragan “Your ahole”
Lane: “wwuwuuwuw why would you do that”
Ragan: “to make it look whiter”
Lane “what do you mean”
BRit: “Sometimes people don’t want the chocolate star they want the white and chocolate star” (WTF)
Monet:”Not the hair the skin they bleach the skin”
Ragan: “You know what makes it dark… it has nothing to do with poo”… “i know why this is i researched it the darkness comes the abrasion of taking all those poos”…
Lane: “I’ve never heard anything like that in my life.. the bleaching”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lane’s shocked … Ragan” I wonder what commercial Lane is going to get when he gets out of here” Brit starts doing the commercial (for ****** bleaching) she says it’ll start with him down saying “down set hut hut” … “well your going to be in compromising position like mine you can’t be going around with dark stains”…”I knew I saw a unsightly chocolate star and I new it was time to take my destiny into my own hands”…”If I can do it you can do it”..”the Process is easy…as he walks to the exam table”… “in a few short sessions you can look as good as mine heres a close up” she explains the close up being zooming in on different pigments in his skin before and after.. (funny funny funny .. If you have FLashback check it out 11:52 cam 3 and 4) LOL she keeps going “My life is so much easier now I have a boast of self confidence and I can take on the world in step at a time” she gets back down in her football stance. Lane “thats stupid” everyone is laughing… I think Ragan is going to piss his pants. .

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lane asks them “is popcorn made in a bag” (apparently they had a debate about this earlier today)
Ragan you keep going on lilke this”
Lane: “I rest my case”
Hayden “it is made in a bag”
Lane Exactly”
Brit “you do **** bleaching we don’t believe a word you say”
Lane “that **** bleaching came way after the popcorn thing”
Brit “uh LANE I’ve known about your **** bleaching for some time now”
Lane “is popcorn made in a bag”
Brit “NO”
Lane “Popcorn is made in a bag!” (this is so stupid it’s hilarious”
Brit “popcorn is made in a corn kernal”

They go back and forth arguing this silly point, it’s almost like their a couple and this is this seasons 3rd Showmance, Ragan jumps in and joins Briteny. This is the same kind of flirty arguing they been doing to each over for the last little bit.

Brit “what if I put Corn kernals in a machine… is that a bag… the machine a giant bag”
Lane just shaking his head “The seed is mad… Brit interrupts: “Thats it i’m not talking to you”
Brit “err the seed is made”…Lane interrupts “THE SEED IS MADE OUTSIDE THE BAG THE POPCORN IS MADE INSIDE THE BAG”
Brit “can anyone find me some popcorn seeds i would really like to grow a garden”
Lane just keeps going “The seeds are made outside the bag” Lane start to laughs asks where is popcorn made then?
Brit “oh please tell me how DOOOOO you make popcorn Seeds”

Kathy walks in “what are you talking about i’ve never heard of popcorn seeds” Hayden says “we got some popcorn seeds” Lane “YES and you put them in the microwave and they pop” Brit “oh please let me plant a popocorn garden” Lane starts play fighting with her she tells him that popcorn comes from corn… he’s laughing. She explains the corn husk… he tells her that America thinks she dumb right now. Hayden: “can I just say something.. its you and her non stop” they laugh…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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I’m telling you … Brit is hysterical. I love the chemistry between her and Lane.


all of this fighting changes nothing. monet is still going home. the “everybody now knows” mentality because of the house meeting is ridiculous. the brigade is sitting back and loving every second of this. even with all the attention on matt, he has played his cards very well.


Yep, kudos to Brit for trying and making something happen, and kudos to Matt for handling it well. Monet ends up looking like an innocent victim. Brit looks like she was just trying to set things straight. Matt looks like he volunteered to go up so he wouldn’t have to vote against Monet, and Branchel look like idiots. I love it!! Now we need Brit or Enzo to win HOH on Thursday because we all know who will go up!



Make it stop

Simon, don’t listen to the haters! Everyone loves how much you update and we understand how hard it is to get everything in with people talking over one another and you are trying to type, listen and watch what is happening and getting it all to your loyal readers. Thanks so much for all the hard work you do. I know I really appreciate it (and yes, I’ve gotten my husband addicted to this site too and he loves it, wouldn’t change a thing).


You are doing an awesome job……you’re doing a recap of what is going on, not writing an essay to be graded. Yes-there are mistakes, but you can get the gist of what is going on in the house.


Either way is fine with me. As long as we can eventually get all of the details. I love this website. Thank you so much for doing all of this work. I also love when you give us the actual time of some of the better live feed moments.


Simon don’t change a thing you guys are doing an awesome job. Love all the updates. Some people are just pains in the ass

chick from louisiana

Simon, DON”T change anything, please. I need my updates throughout the day. You guys do an awesome job, and I’m sure you will find more people satisfied with the site, then dissatisfied. This is my fave BB site. NO other site puts up this much information, and for people who don’t have the feeds, you guys keep us in the loop. (But you will always find at least one person in a room that will have to find something to complain about.) LOVE this site

chick from louisiana

Oh and my vote is “A”, LOL


Option C) Castrate this Brian guy!

I pride myself on being a good speller however I realize that many others JUST aren’t. Simon & Dawg, even with the typos I love your posts & understand what you are writing. Big Brother would be nothing without websites like these. I truly appreciate this website & all your efforts.


Option A for me!!!

Lennon's Ghost

Simon – My vote is “A” – Don’t change a thing.

Your site provides the the most comprehensive, accurate and interesting coverage of the BB house.

You and Dawg are awesome and your efforts are greatly appreciated by the vast majority of your readers.

Please ignore the “Negative Nellies” who are trying to spoil your great website.

Keep up the great work!


I agree with Lennon.


Leave it as is……and brian…..people who live in glass houses have no business throwing stones young man! I believe I see a couple of your own words JAMMED together in the couple of sentences you wrote…so let’s not slam on Simon or Dawg who bring us continuous updates…….believe me….This site’s members will apply a SMACKDOWN on you so fast your head will spin!!!


DUDE… don’t bother coming around here your being a Douche. I’ve been here since BB9 and I also go to at least 6 other bb sites and this one is by far the funniest. simona /dawg If you want to change one thing do this, don’t allow douche bag comments anymore on the site. .If I want things changed i’ll send you a email so you know otherwise keeping rocking what you do and you’ll get a donation from me in the end.


Thanks Simon!


Thank you!




Don’t change a thing! This is the only site i come to….I come to it probably 5 times a day to see what is going on. Good work guys!!


Wow. Guess all the drama isn’t at the BB house LoL I know voting is closed but I just want to say that I love this site & it definitely provides the most details & I appreciate that. I’ll be making a donation when I get home. This site is awesome. Thx!


SI & Dg: Dont change a thing – you two provide a site better than the actual show and feeds. There are wonderful characters on this site. Disregard the haters – karma will catch them. Rock, jedi, chloe, grand, jimk….(and those not immediately named sorry…you know, ALL the regulars…) You all are more funny every year. We were so happy to see you all log in one by one as the season started! My husband and I love to view the site and all the banter! Screw the haters/complainers. I missed the original post but assume they are just jealous.
Si- here is the donation I promised last year…still owe ya some more, or some cookies. You two keep up the awesome work. xoxo

BAB - formally BB

@ Simon – I definitely see the look he gives her in these pics.. hmm.. they would be a cute couple! They both have sarcastic personalities that could make for an interesting relationship. Maybe Britney should stay.


I LOVE this site just as it is! Don’t
change a thing- I check in every few hours and look forward to reading the updates! Who cares if it isn’t ‘cleaner’??? It is perfectly understandable and entertaining to read.