Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan asks if Matt thinks his wife Stacy is pooping in her pants right now. Matt says she’s probably screaming at the TV saying idiot!

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7:45am All the houseguests are sleeping when Big Brother rings the bell for Rachel to get into the stockades. Rachel says that don’t you think ants are smart, and like how they can lift 10 times their body weight. Brendon says well no, they have innate abilities … Rachel says well I think they are really smart ..I know that they follow scents but.. They continue to talk about ants. Rachel says she saw ants eat a whole caribou in Africa. Brendon tells her that he doesn’t think Caribou live in Africa. Rachel says well whatever the little things with the horns. They talk about how some animals eat their babies. Rachel says you know Brendon …I could be locked up any time.. hehehe .. Brendon says what!?
Brendon asks Rachel if she has given anymore thought as to what should happen. Rachel says no, that she went to sleep. Brendon says yeah. Rachel says that she doesn’t think Monet deserves to go home, now that she knows Monet isn’t targeting her or Brendon. Rachel says she thinks everyone might target Matt next week. Brendon stops her and says don’t count on anything happening the way we think for next week, the house changes day to day. Rachel brings up how Matt called her a bully. Rachel tells Brendon that Matt came up and talked to her last night. Rachel says that she told him that they don’t go sit in the hammock and talk about the game all the time. Racehl says that Matt gave them too much credit. Rachel says that she loves how Brit came up and talked to her. Rachel tells Brendon that Matt is the stupidest player ever. The feeds cut to the we will be right back.

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8:45am The feeds come back up and a minute later the bell rings to release Rachel from the stockades. All the houseguests are up and walking around. Britney, Kathy, Monet, and Rachel are all on the couch in the backyard talking. Andrew is out in the backyard by the pool table and Brendon is working out on the elliptical. Big Brother tells the houseguests they are on an indoor lockdown. The houseguests talk about how they think there might be a luxury competition coming up. Rachel and Brendon go up to the HOH to makeout.


9:30am – 9:50am All the houseguests are getting ready for the day. Ragan and Matt are laying in their beds talking. Matt talks about his wife and how he is here for her. Matt tells Ragan that both Brendon and Rachel and explicitly told him that if they made it to the jury house and he made it to the end they would vote for him because he is in the house for his wife. Matt says that maybe he shouldn’t gun for Brendon and Rachel just yet and wait till the jury house…. then Matt says maybe its too late for that. Matt asks Ragan what he was going to tell him. Ragan says that someone told Rachel that Kristen was going to flip her vote to keep Monet …which is not true… but Rachel said it, ….its fishy …its manufactured drama. Matt says yeah if they want to start the drama ..thats a good way to get the ball rolling. Matt says this is an exciting season …he want to go home and watch. Ragan says no you don’t. Matt says yeah. Ragan asks if Matt thinks his wife Stacy is pooping in her pants right now. Matt says that she is probably screaming at the TV saying hes an idiot.
9:50amAnother Brendon and Rachel HOH room make out session. Brendon stops her and says wait let me get the food out of my teeth. When hes done he says how you doing sexyness?! Rachel says Mmmm good.. Back to making out ….


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63 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan asks if Matt thinks his wife Stacy is pooping in her pants right now. Matt says she’s probably screaming at the TV saying idiot!

  1. Rachel actually wrapped her lips around the following sentence “…now that I know that Monet isn’t targeting here and Brendan?????” Are you for real? You cannot be this stupid and gullible and be allowed to walk around without a helmet. If I told Rachel that Skittles came out of may ass when I pooped she’d follow me up to the bathroom looking for candy. What a moron.

    1. lol Yeah, she said that last night on BBAD, that monet wasn’t coming after Brandon and her, she is a complete tool, if she thinks that…

    2. completely agree. anytime someone goes up this year they are going to say, “you’re not my target.” monet and brit both said that to rachel and somehow she actually believes them. and although i don’t want matt to go home it really is stupid how she was saying that because she wanted monet to go home that everyone has to vote her way because it is week 2??????

  2. Rachel has got to go. I used to be a fan but lately she is annoying the shit out of me. If they make it to the jury house and Brendon goes first she is going to annoy me so much by saying that she wants out and she will be volunteering to go up. If they get her out before jury house I will be so happy.

  3. Rachel and Brenden…puke.
    What type of “chemist” work does Rachel do exactly? She seriously can not be that “smart” but be so stupid, what moron.

    1. I tutor english but if you check everything I’ve ever typed you’ll find thousands of mistakes, spelling errors or bad grammar. In my professional life, I’m a lot different then I am in my personal life. No one would believe I was a tv junkie with BB in picture in picture on a big screen as well as my on lap top. So, I think that being thrown into a house with a bunch of people trying to be nice, trying to make strategic decisions is very difficult. I have to give her some slack because I understand.

  4. You guys are great on this site!!!! I have been coming on here for three years now and first comment here. Brandon has to be gay! nothing against gay people but that boy needs to admit to himself he is gay. the reason he hooked up so quickly is he didnt want anyone to think he was gay! It has to be a cover up. A straight man would never let that laughing stripper grope him for 3 weeks without some relief!

    1. Welcome FFB. Jump right in. I have wondered if Brendon was gay but I thought Jeff was gay too. It doesn’t matter if they have a girlfriend or not, it could be all a ploy. One of my best gay guy friends kisses all his gal friends. People refuse to believe he is gay but he is, he just kisses girls.

      1. Hey Rockstar, On a side note you must be the most popular commenter on here we get at least 2 or more fake comments daily from people pretending to be you. Yesterday you came out of the closet and today your a white supremacist… I wonder what tomorrow will be… Maybe a Brendon / Rachel supporter.

        1. darn I missed the ones today then. It’s funny sometimes. I don’t think I’m popular, I think I’m just the most annoying one. haha I do like B and R. I could do without all the kissy kissy crap though. I’m too emotional and I post how I’d feel in the same situation which gets me in trouble. Some day I might make a friend until then next time someone might comment as me wanting Lane and Enzo to have a showmance. Hey, it could happen. haha

          1. Well, whatever you are, where ever you are, who ever you are, weird, wacky or wise, you are a friend of mine on this site. Along with a lot of others. When my daughters ask what are you doing? I tell them I am just hanging out with my friends. (My daughter almost made it this year on the show. She was in the finals but they went with Kathy. But they told her to be sure to tryout next year. She always tells them she would be doing it for me and my friends.)

              1. Well lets hope she gets on next year.. we’ll be cheering her on!
                I have a remote control blimp i’ll fly into the backyard for her with Spoilers to help her out ;)

                1. I told her we could count on you. They did ask her if she would hook up with someone. She said, whatever it takes but mom said no sex on TV, she’d be watching. Her boyfriend said he wouldn’t be. LOL

                  1. that is awesome BBGrandma. Matt was in the finals last year and made it on this year so you never know. I want to be on it so bad and I would do everything except have sex unless my hetero life mate was playing beside me and then I’d have to think about it. haha

                    I’d be scared to comment though on your daughter. I wouldn’t want to offend yah. I can be mean. I wouldn’t want you putting a hit out on me. I’m easy to find online.

                  2. I want to be on BB really bad, too. I’ll never try out tho’. The consensus is that I’m pretty much a bitch and my husband said I would be arrested for murder within the 1st week.

    2. rachel may be a ho with brains?, but i would NEVER leave that puss un’tampered with, but rachel is going to tear into brendon when they are alone in the jury house so she mentioned

  5. I cant wait until Brendon and Rachel see how America really feel about them. She has things going on in her mind,that’s not there

    1. They won’t care. Look at last seasons cast. Every one of them think they are super stars. The only two who are revelant are Jeff, Jordon, Jesse and maybe Chima. The rest no one cares for except a scattered fan

        1. I’ve posted before, that this season is so conservative when it comes to calculations and strategy…Ronnie would go far with this group….He got a bad draw, with the drama queens from last season, and his style just didn’t mesh…

  6. It’s so easy for u guys to say Rach is an idiot while watching on tv
    I think its a lil different when youre living it, and not knowing
    what people are saying behind your back

    1. I agree with you with any other house guest, except Rachel. She’s way too self-centered…all she cares about is constantly looking into the cameras, talking about how awesome her-her boobs-and her with Brenden are, and the fact that she loves hearing herself talk (otherwise she wouldn’t say the same things over and over and over). She’s vapid and delusional!

      1. did anyone see on the live feeds rachael getting completely dressed up at 11:45 staring at herself in the mirror for what i counted 10 straight minutes. I hate this girl even more than i hated Natalie, and I can not wait until she gets sent home. GO BRIGADE!

  7. Isn’t there no chance that Monet stays…at best she will have Brenden, Brit, Andrew, and Kathy, voting to keep her. Kristen, Lane, Enzo, Hayden, and Ragan seem guaranteed to vote Monet out. True?

  8. The days gotta be numbered for Big Bro, the contestants and the audience are knowledgeable about the game. All you need to know is how to lie and “expect the unexpected.” Even if you’re in the BBhouse its gotta be a snap to figure out the alliances. I give it 1 more season tops.

    1. No way. With 3 showmances this season so far, people are eating it up. The more hate someone gets the more viewers there are. Everyone claimed to hate Natalie last year and they may have but she had everyone talking and plugging in to find out what was going on. 20 people deleted their feeds and at the end of the game a lot of people get bored and delete their feeds anyways. Last seasons BB was the biggest ever next to the all stars. The stats keep going up and up.

        1. Last night Brit and Lane were flirting/arguing and i thought to myself that this was a more real showmance than the B/R barf we’ve been seeing.. I know Brit has a boyfriend but Brit and Lane are really funny and cute together.

          anyway heres the post Link

          1. I seen them in the kitchen.. thought I missed something else. Yeah, Lane is always cutting the eyes at Britney! That would be amazing if something did happen – but Britney would just pass it off. Thanks for sharing the link!

      1. I wish for CBS to give all of you the rhelm. Way better to watch you guys and root for you then the pre-packaged professional reality stars that have been on other shows. Pigpen versus Rockstar vs. Dawg vs. BBhater…..sign me up! LOL! – really.

        1. does pigpen hate me? oh noes. I guess I need to remove my fake air brushes fingers nails with f u written on them and tape up my fingers for a fight. just don’t hit me in the face, my dental benefits haven’t kicked in yet

          1. I don’t think so, I was just naming off the top of my head. There are a bunch of the regulars that are soo on the mark. More than 13…. You guys are way more fun to read than the house guests. Wake up CBS.

            1. CBS discriminates against us Canadians. We may be a friendly country but with the prospects of winning 500 thousand, fame doesn’t enter our mind so we would throw down and honestly it could start a war.

      2. I just found it odd that the house couldnt figure out to break up the Brenden & the redhead alliance when they had the perfect opportunity. Instead it was a total landslide to bounce Annie. That tells me that somethings funky in BB town. Annie wasnt that upset either telling me that she’ll be back.
        As you can tell I dont talk to people much, but theres a lot of ‘things’ that talk to me.

  9. Stacey is a gender neutral name. I wonder if Matt might not be a married gay man? He seems to know an awful lot about gay culture and is naturally aligned with Ragan. What do you guys think?

      1. LOL, wouldn’t it be funny if he won and Stacey walked out and gave him a great big smacker? Jaws would be dropping!

  10. BBgrandma-Sorry your daughter didn’t make it on the show! Hope we see her next year!! Kathy is a hag and a bore!!! Go Britney–suck it Rachel!!!

    1. Did it ever occur to you that Britney is Kathy’s daughter!!!! Duh!! Two people who know each other. Ever see them together?

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