Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The Penguin Vs. The Gremlin?! Can Enzo break the costume curse??

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9:10am – 9:25am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the house guests. When the live feeds come back Matt is in the bathroom sitting on the couch looking depressed. The other house guests are in the storage room getting new batteries for their mics. After they are done they come into the bathroom. Enzo sits down on the couch and says that the keep playing the same Eminem song. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back Brendon is sitting on the bathroom couch …he asks Hayden how he feels about it today? Hayden says fine. Brendon says that he isn’t too worried about it because some of it is skill but its going to mostly come down to luck. Hayden leaves the bathroom. Enzo comes out of the washroom and sits down to talk to Brendon. Enzo and Brendon talk about how Ragan was complaining about it not being a quiz. Enzo says that he wishes it was a quiz too but its not. Hayden comes back in and Brendon asks them if Britney was confirming with that she wont go up next week. Enzo says that she kept talking about it being a double eviction and how she thinks there might be an eviction tonight and another eviction on Sunday. Hayden tells Enzo that he is heading up to the HOH to nap. Enzo says you’re already going up there? Hayden says yeah so he can get a good spot and nap, they’re going to get called up there soon anyways. Enzo decides to go up there too. They both head up and Britney opens the HOH door to let them in. Hayden grabs a spot on the bed and Enzo lays on the floor beside the bed. Hayden asks him if he wants a spot in the middle and Enzo says no he’s a penguin. Hayden asks if he is sure and Enzo says yeah …he wants to be on the side of the bed to listen to music. Britney, Hayden and Enzo go back to sleep.


9:30am – 10am Brendon is in the kitchen making his breakfast. Matt, Ragan and Lane are still in bed. At 9:40am Big Brother calls for an HOH lock down and all the house guests head up to the HOH room. All the house guests find a place to lay down on the bed or floor and go back to sleep…

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He’d better!


you forgot the word “not” at the end of your sentence

as long as u'r alive I'm alive

and you’re annoying this ain’t a grammer or a spelling class


Yo was not talking about grammer, they just think the opposite opinion of what Hmm said, duh!


Since you are so uptight about people being corrected, I can’t resist: It’s grammAr, not grammEr.


I think Enzo will beat the curse. I think the Gremlin will be going to the jury house. I hope they don’t do like they did Rachel and have him come back. If he does Ragan will really get flustered.


Why doesn’t Ragan tell Matt that EVERYONE wanted him out?! And why doesn’t Matt tell Ragan about the BG? How dumb is this? These are the dumbest people in BB history! Matt is going to kick himself in the ass when this is all over. He could get Brendon & Ragan to vote for him and after he proves the BG to Britney she can break the tie for him to stay. Oh well, the self proclaimed dumb ass is going bye bye today.


You are completely right on target.

And Enzo is such an idiot pig! For someone who knows nothing he is so sure everyone else is a dummy.


I was rooting for Enzo in the beginning, until I saw 1. how useless he is in this game and 2. how spineless he is! Sure Matt is slimy, but he’s always been about the brigade and getting the brigade to the final four and Enzo is the one that turns on him. If it wasn’t for Matt the brigade wouldn’t even be there. That being said, there were so many things Matt could’ve done this week to save himself… but instead he chose to keep the brigade a secret and thus nailed his own coffin shut.

Joliet Jake

I must either be watching a different show than you or you’re insane.


Oh, yeah, you’re watching Survivor. That’s why all the names are different.


there is a possibiity that Penzo .I mean Enzo will be sent to the jury house for eating non slop, broc and bean dip foods. I guess it all depends on how many times he was caught eating. it all just be a big tie and Brit would have to decide. then she can get rid of Penzo…I mean Enzo.

just a thought


you are so right Donna…. this should be punished… not right that he not following the rules. guess time will tell… I am not happy with Matt and his lies… (so BAD) but Benzo has become such a nasty person, would love to see him waddle out of BB….lol…But Matt is dangerous… Ps … Have you noticed that Brendens key is missing from the picture wall

Mike Hawke

No there isn’t. The only way he goes is to be evicted by his fellow house guests.

What you got in that pipe, yo?


Hey mike I think what she meant was that BB could give him a penalty vote for cheating. It has happened b4. Last year jeff just got an extra day of slop for drinking something so I think BB doesn’t do that anymore


Right! If there are no real consequenses then why should anyone ever care about being on slop again. Just eat whatever you want because if they don’t punish it now (and really strongly) then they can never punish it again.

Mike Hawke

Well this ought to be fun. I can’t wait to hear all the cries of “CONSPIRACY! – THE GAME IS RIGGED” if BB tosses him.


What has Enzo been eating? I think he might be thrown out on live t.v. tonight if he has broken the rules… expect the unexpected! So Matt is then safe, Ragan wins HOH if it is the quiz first, and puts up Matt and Brendan… Brendan goes… stupid game!


I have a hunch that Matt is way ahead of you with his thinking. I think Matt knows what’s up and I’d wager money that after last weeks test with Hayden and Enzo that he’s prepared for this scenario. He may not be talking about his strategy but if I’m right he might be able to shake the house. If he’s smart he will out the Brigade in his final speech before the voting. By waiting until the last moment he effectively denies the Brigade the chance to campaign against him and they won’t have a chance to make him out to be a liar. If he plays it right he’ll be able to show people what’s really going on. Then blame everything on Enzo. Peg him as the secret mastermind behind it all and he might have a shot of getting out of it. It’ll still be close but it might, just might be enough. We’ll see though, just my thoughts.

BigBrothers Big Brother

I’d like to think you are right and it’s a good plan. However, I think for future posterity sake Matt is attempting to hold the Brigade in place in hopes of them making it to the finals so he can look back and brag about being part of one of BB’s greatest alliances. Far from it, delusions of grandeur him and the rest of the Stooges.


Teammattyo. I said the same thing last night. I don’t understand what is going on. If Regan told Matt that everyone wanted to backdoor Matt b4 the veto comp then Matt would know the brigade screwed him over and then maybe he would tell them about the 3 stooges. I don’t get it. The 1 guy who was most loyal to him, Regan, he threw under the bus. But the guys who don’t care about him, the brigade, he won’t say anything about. That’s ok though because I bet when they do another allstars Matt will be there but those 3 boring idiots won’t.


whats really strange of matt is that he knew they were voting him out last week, remember him saying he got a glimse of how they really feel about him. well hello he shouldve outed the brigade before the pov comp or b4 the pov ceremony and brit wouldve never put him up she wouldve out up lane for lying to her this entire game. or better yet he souldve have put up enzo in his place last week and this all wouldnt be happening because enzo would be gonzo…yo…..


At this point Matt knows that his goose is cooked and he knows no one will believe him because if you throw your biggest ally under the bus when your back is against the way ppl will think you will say and do anything to save your hide…He should just go out the door with some dignity!


Several people were wondering if Matt will out the brigade tonight. I am wondering if in his speech he will tell everyone the truth about his wife, or will he wait for Julie to announce it at the finale. If he does, I think everyone will be shocked, maybe even throw them off their game a little. Well not everyone, but Ragan mouth will drop he will probably go into tears, and fight even harder to not be in the jury house with Matt.


i doubt he will say anything about his wife – probably not till big decision night of the two.


whose sleeping on the ground in the hoh room? it looks like brendon


yeah thats brendon


It is Brendon…you can see his eye mask.


With the all the talk about Brendon trying to align with Brit and Ragan and Enzo saying he hopes it’s a 2-2 votes to oust Brendon, what if Hayden or Lane(or both) vote to evict Enzo to make Brendon look bad, when in reality it actually evicts Enzo? I think that that could play out and Enzo goes home and Matt stays. Never have been a Matt fan, but Enzo is worthless to anyone in the house.


They are not going to vote Enzo out! … I think our only hope is that Matt convinces everyone about the BG early enough … or Brendan and Ragan vote Enzo and he gets 2 penalty votes for cheating


If ENZO was going to get ANY penalty votes he would have already known about it.. As soon as Hayden broke the pool stick and the vase in the back yard he was called in immediatley and told (after the vase) that he was on ‘probation’. Whatever that may mean IDK but the point is, production tells you right away when you have screwed up. Jen from ED’s season KNEW right away as well! So did the rest of the house!


nah, they are getting rid of matt because hes a HUGE threat and too close to ragen, its finally a smart move for them…not so much for brit.

brenden shouldnt be anyones target…and no one cares about jury votes it seems, and if they did…its obvious brenden has a MAX of two unless they somehow took andrew, threw him on the jury, and cloned him.


the next “big” move will be to get rid of brit without lane getting his hands dirty…that one will be tough, and to get rid of ragen, which just comes down to him winning or losing a POV comp


i think the reason matt hasn’t outed the BG is because judging on his DR sessions on wednesday nights episode, he doesn’t realize it is the brigade who wants him out, but instead he thinks it was britneys decision. Remember right before POV ceremony, he threw ragan under the bus to keep one of the other BG members from going up.


Last week, Hayden and Enzo told Matt that they would vote for him to be out of the house. They were in favor of keeping Lane. Little did they know, Matt had the DPOV. Even after Matt was told that Hayden and Enzo would vote him out, he put Kathy up when he used is DPOV, instead of putting up Hayden and Enzo.


I said the same thing as soon as he put Kathy up. How can you keep people who just told you there getting rid of you because your a threat. I would have taken out one of them so this way instead of being number 4 on the brigade I become number 3. That was his mistake. He keeps saying he souls have taken out Brittney. But that wouldn’t have worked either because Enzo would have won hoh and Brendan would have won pov and Matt would have went home anyway


the biggest mistakes REMAINS to be not using brenden to get further in the game….matt and ragen are playing this the wrong way, and matt is in the perfect position where he KNOWS the alliances in place…

instead, they all want brenden out, it was funny to see brit cry(before the chum/24 hour lock and key, which was hilarious and a great strategic move by brenden to tie up her HOH) and say “we cant get one person out” and talk about how she just wanted brenden out so we could all be happy….is she really that delusional? seriously? is a camp fire and some songs next? Its Big Brother? you want to send home a guy who has a zero percent chance to win against ANY remaining HG since kathy is gone…he has one MAYBE two jury votes if hes lucky…but they all keep making the SAME mistake….target brenden for no good reason, call him a DUMMY, and guess what, he WILL win the POV because it WILL be a comp where you have to WANT IT…these hg’s shouldnt complain about brenden, the guy deserved it, he earned it at this point….

of course, I will go back to being sick of him once rachel is back in the picture, but till then its sure fun to watch one guy that they should be giving a free ride to the final 2, continue to thwart all plans, including a DPOV…its hilarious.


I hope I am wrong, but with a double eviction tonight there will be no POV competition!


Simon says ( ha, ha, ha… that is funny!)… that there is a quiz first for HOH and then a ball game ( Matt and Enzo would be great at that one!) for the POV, then a drawn out HOH to end the night…


There is a live POV during double eviction.


when you think of it .. All HG’s minds are on getting Brenden out …lol.. Whats on Brendens mind is going on in the game … Whats got the RAT brigade and Brit and Ragan wondering how come they cant get this one person out … lmao… All those minds have turned to mush… Brenden reminds me of Jorden, a fighter, and a clean one at that. I can see him going to the end, as long as the viewers see how he has played this game .. with major HEART. this Canadian Gal is rooting for him all the way.


Jorden did not win crap!! Cu da ta… what ever it is save Jeff and her ass last season.


If Brendan makes it to the final two he will win hands down no matter who he is up against. He has fought from week ONE to stay in the house and once people get into the jury house they forget all about PERSONAL STUFF and VOTE TOTALLY on GAMEPLAY. Mark my words!


Some of Brits blog——Okay, now that you are all completely grossed out, allow me to continue! This game is getting seriously intense with only 7 people remaining, very soon to be 6. This week was supposed to happen entirely differently than it did, but hey, I guess it all worked out in the end. Regardless of what happens in this game I do have to say that I live with some awesome people. All of the guys are incredible and contribute to this house in their own way. Hayden is one of the greatest people I have ever met. He is such a genuine person with a HUGE heart for people. He lives in constant fear that you guys think he is some kind of doucher. So funny! If you want to give him a hard time, call him Hollywood! Matt is such a cool person. He has a very different kind of humor that I find to be hilarious! He definitely brings a lot of fun to the house. Ragan is just hysterical. He is so animated and can keep you entertained doing nothing at all. He just makes me laugh so much. I love having him in the house for that and many other reasons. Lane is without a doubt my favorite of everyone in the house, which is ironic because he is also the most mean to me! He treats me like a big brother would and gives me a hard time. But he really is such a good person deep down, despite the tough image that he puts off. I don’t know what I would do without him here. He straightens me out when I am stupid and makes me tough when I want to break down. He’s the best. Enzo is just Enzo. I know you guys love him!! He is the biggest character I have ever met in my life and is certainly a lot of fun to be around! He cracks me up all day long, even when he isn’t trying. Literally everything that he does is funny. Everything. He is just awesome. Brendon and I have certainly had an exchange of words a time or two, and I can’t say that I enjoy him as a person. However, I can say that I enjoy what he brings to the house, and that is comic relief that he never intended to give. If he wasn’t here for us to crack on, we would have to keep talking about Rachel, and even that gets old. But in his defense, he has been much more pleasant as of late and is inching towards tolerable/TOElerable. Game wise, what has transpired so far isn’t too horribly off base from where I wanted things to be at this point. My only danger in the house right now is Brendon, and I am working hard everyday to get him out of here and into the Jury house with the love of his life. Cough cough. But who knows what will happen from here! As the options for nominees and replacement nominees get more few, it is tough not to make enemies. If everything goes my way, we will see Brendon go home next, and ultimately see Lane, Hayden, and myself in the final three. That being said, nothing ever goes my way in this house (hello, Pandora’s Box!) and I have a feeling it will be more difficult to get to that point than I am hoping for. I will cross my fingers for a smooth ride to the end but I am not naive either … so I am prepared to fight! —– This girl is LOST people. Your best bud Hollywood is going to give u your BB pink slip asap!!


Dumb little girl!


I did not read any of that….


Britney makes me sick followed by whiney Ragan. This is a game and Princess Brit acts like they are all life long buds. Those guys could care less about her. I sincerely hope she goes home tonight right after Matt the rat. For Matt to use a disease to win a game is just disgusting.

Brendon deserves to win. He has been the underdog from day 1 and has fought to stay in the house. Even tho he and Rachel are an item, at least they were honest about their relationship which is more than I can say for any of the others.

Enzo, Hayden and Lane are good for nothing. They have done nothing in the game but run their mouths. They do not deserve to win anything. Send them all packing.


only one comment on Brits Blog… would love to be a fly on the wall when she sees the tape of all the has happened…. Now that would be one heck of a comedy …. OH how i wish i was that fly … Ps.. Dream on Brit …


I feel the same way about ALL OF THE HOUSEGUESTS!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE A SHOW WORTH WATCHING! TAPE ALL OF THEM WATCHING THEIR SEASON AT HOME WITH THEIR LOVED ONES!. Maybe not the whole cast but definatley from this point on! What do you think? Put cameras in their homes and broadcast just the ‘JUICY’ parts!!! SPLICE em and DICE em!!!


She really loves everyone for being such a bitch. Can you imagine being married to her?


i am sure the bf is getting an eye full… should she be pittied… NOT. She should step out of the fairy tale world she is living in … with luck it will be soon…


Um Brit – why the heck would you want to take 2 of the most popular (amoung HG’s) people to the final 3 with you??? Not a great strategy, dear.


You know Brit is a twisted, spoiled demented silly lil girl. now she thinks no one else deserves to play the game but her and the guys minus brendon. i so hope they get her ass out asap. all she does is rag on rachael but wont do it in rachaels face. she is truly a lil girl. when rachael was there then why didnt she rag on her then face to face. cuz she is again a lil girl. how anyone deals with her in real life is beyond me. notice since being the only girl left in the house, she has broken out the booty shorts. hmmmm anyway i am hoping lazy lane, egnorant enzo(yeah i know it starts with i but heh) hippy no lip hayden and bitchy backstabbing brit out that house asap. tired of these people getting free passes. oh and retard regan sorry only word i knew that describes him best lol


Damn girl, what game have you been playing… this is not Candyland where you slide down a chute and start over…this you lose lots of cash and look dumb for not opening your eyes to all that is transpiring before you! She is going to eat those words she wrote about the nice, funny people she cares so much about.


If Matt doesn’t go home, which I don’t like to happen, I don’t agree with Matt, he’ll probably win the game and Ragan and Britney will go up, so that he can keep this Brigade fairy tale. If Matt goes, Ragan will win HoH, Brendon and Lane will go up, Brandon will go out. Than Lane will win HoH, Ragan and Hayden go up, Ragan is out. This is how I see this DE.


I have mixed feelings about tonight. I would really like to see Matt go but if Enzo goes then I wouldn’t be upset. I can’t say that I am on team Brendon but I want to see him stay longer. I am just so sick of Brit and Regan talking about EVERYONE….I hope either one of them go tonight as well.


I really think matt has something planned for tonight, I can’t see matt not fighting

Youth In Asia

The only thing he probably has planned is spending some quality time with Kathy and Rachel, both in the jury house thanks to him.


i really hope CBS lets America know Enzo has been breaking the rules by eating. When Chima and Jen broke the rules CBS sure did let us know. I still laugh to this day that Chima got the boot! Now thats entertaining!!

okc watcher

maybe that is where they are coming up with the double elimination??? what else has he been cheating on?


They announced last week that there would be a double elimination this week, way before Enzo had the suit or was a have not.


We’ll miss you Matty. I had high hopes for you and the Brigade but it wasn’t meant 2 be yo.



Stop it!

Matt is gone tonight!!! Guess what? So is Britney!! 😀 yippee!!!


I hope Britney goes home. Take Hayden with you Britney.
I’m at the point now, I would rather see Ragan wins than Hayden.


I hope your right. I actually was hoping the final 4 would have been Regan, Brit, Matt, lane. But after seeing how stupid Brittney is I hope everything goes wring for her and she goes home tonight


Matt is a RAT!!!! He has to leave just because he has been so cocky! I will be so disappointed if he doesn’t L E A V E.

fan of lane

I agree!


When Matt goes to the jury house, i truly believe that Brendon has already 3 votes if he is in the final 2. and maybe even more if they put the personal issues away and vote BASED in the game.

fan of lane

Why does Matt ALWAYS have his hands in his pants? Drives me crazy!


enzo drives me crazy wen he eats with his mouth open you could hear it over the mic i wish he was the one going hm >:/


Bye Bye Matty. In honor of your eviction I will stick my hand down my pants for an hour.


Matt goes home tonight and hopefully Ragen right after him.
Matt should go home.
He wasted the DPOV on Kathy and then threw the HOH.
Good bye Matt don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


Matt’s DOH moment when he gives a double thumbs up throwing the HOH comp….Hil-arious!


Matt selling out the BG at this point in the game is way too late!!!


What do you think Britney, Ragan and Brendan would do if Matt fessed up about the brigade…? It is too late if he makes the speech in the final moments before voting, but his weasel ass needs to grab some balls ( okay, for real thought this time!) and tell the house what is up… does he want a Brigade member to win? Could that be his pathetic strategy?


his problem is that he still think he still in the BG….they are all playing him now. love the screen name buddhistgirl69…:)


I like my name too… you haven’t lived until you’ve done a buddhist girl special…are you Vietnamese? I know many buddhist Vietnamese souls…or does the LAOS stand for something else?


I hope when Matt leaves Brendon says got you little Dummy.
Good bye Matt it is way over due.
I don’t like Brit but I hope her and Brendon are final 2.
With Brendon winning
They have played the game since day one, never threw comps. like the rest of the house.
All the poles still show Brendon is most liked followed by Brit.


I am hoping all viewers would be rooting for Brenden… I think he has played the hardest, and the cleanest. I really cant picture any of the brigade going to the final two. Would be sad since all of them are face making coat tail riders…. As for jury… this bunch is the biggest bunch of whiners i have ever seen. I dont think they would know reality if it came up and got them in the butt… Brenden has shown more drive, guts, composer then i think any human can do.. Two thumbs up for his charater… He has my vote.


America should be able to vote for the winner, just like the American Idol, since we see who is real, fake, lying, two faced, boring, stupid and dumb little blond.
ooops, sorry, I got carry away.


I agree, America and Canada should have a vote for the final winner… we are participants too with our eavesdropping.


I so agree. I would think that the jury house would get to watch the show once they are away from the BB house. It would give them more insight on how they played the game, and what was said… who made the best face behind ones back.. Do we not get to vote who wins the views choice???


Last nights episode was the funniest of the season. Brite mouthing ‘help me’ …hilarious. Brendohn choosing Brite to chain himself up to a smart & funny move. I laughed outloud everytime those guys chose to take a prize. Only thing missing was Ragans tears.
Matt is gone tonight, leaving the Brendohn & Brite to contiue their winning ways cuz the rest of the house dont win shit.


Darky- I thought the ‘help me’ was funny too…


Hey rockstar what team are you going on after tonight?


simon – I said Brendon earlier this week so it’s a toss up between him and Ragan unless something drastic happens .. what about you?


I don’t know who i’m cheering for right now but I know it won’t be Hayden or Brendon


How come they are not showing Jury House reactions to when the new HG’s arrive in the JH? I can’t wait to see what Rachel has to say when she finds out that Brendon chose to be handcuffed to Britanny…..I bet she will loose her shit like she did when Kristen and Brendon had a private convo in the HOH. Rachel flipped out,….She will def. hate Brittany now….trying to come in between her and her MAN… Again…how come they arent showing JH reactions to new HG’s? They did last year?????


pigpen – they should show Kathy this week, they wouldn’t have shown it last week because there wasn’t enough time to set up the whole scene.. they never show anything until the 2nd week after the 2nd person is evicted


Rockstar…you ready for Weeds (The Neumans) to move to Canada?


They got turned away at the border – no birth cert for the baby.


I didn’t watch last nights show because I went to see the hilarious and rockin’ Ted Nugent… that boy is off his freakin’ rocker. I laughed so hard at his antics on stage but right now I am going to sit myself down and watch last nights show to see what I missed. You have me curious…


hi buddhistgirl69 – we miss you around these parts this season… glad you had fun at the concert. sadly we never get concerts around my town. remember the band The Travelling Wilburys? A concert was announced many years back in our local rec centre and everyone bought tickets and were so excited. It wasn’t the Wilbury’s it was our crappy version called The Travelling Blueberries.. It was awesome..


Rockstar, I know you’re in Canada, but where the heck are you? I saw the Chili Peppers when I lived in the Rockies ( Banff area) and travelled to Calgary for the show. Saw Nickleback too… what can I say… Tom Petty is amazing in concert and I am sorry you only saw the Blueberries… LMFAO!
Also, I have been putting in my 2 cents every now and again, but mainly at night when things have quieted down is this busy life. I just returned home after working in San Fran for 3 months… nice to be home.


I think Britney could actually do a little better in the game if she would learn to keep her mouth shut. I’m not talking about he nasty comments, just that she seems to tell the Brigade members everything anyone else says to her. Geez, doesn’t she know that knowledge is power. She should use what she knows instead of making it the common knowledge of everyone else. It’s not just her either. The strategic part of the game could be a lot more interesting if everyone would learn to keep some conversations private. Since seeing the POV comp. I’ve revised, a little bit, some of my opinions. I still don’t like Matt much, but one good thing he has going for him is that he was loyal to the Brigade, even though maybe now he’s realizing that loyalty was misplaced. If your own alliance is overtly backstabbing you, wouldn’t you do something to get rid of them??? And I think Hayden is a weasel. He totally threw Matt under the bus about the prizes. If he’s so sure he’s safe, why not just admit what he did?


Actually I agree with you and I believe that they are all making that same mistake by talking too damn much! Some things should be kept to yourself. That said I hope Brendon is safe tonight and gets to make it to the final 2. I’m tired of the rest of these chumps.


Will there be a POV competition tonight with a double eviction?


In the past, after the first eviction (Matt, hopefully), they roll right into the HOH competition and then that winner has to nominate two people immediately and they then vote for them — no POV — no time for that. That person is evicted and then…don’t remember what happens after that. No much time here for all this. Are we 2 hours tonight or one? I so want Brendon to win HOH tonight but it appears that they are setting up a competition to benefit Lane or Hayden. They’ll put Brit and Ragan on the block and one or the other will go home, too. what I don’t remember is whether or not the second HOH gets to stay the week or if they roll into another HOH competition and elect a new HOH for the week. Anyone recall?


I just checked. Tonight is only a 1 hour episode…


There is a ball game for POV after the HOH competition…it will go like this… Live eviction, HOH comp, nomination, POV comp, another nomination if necessary, then vote and out goes second houseguest, then onto a live HOH which will be on the live feeds but not resolved on the show… ALL in one hour!


Brtiney, Ragen and Brendon are listining to WHAT people say to do to other people.
The way to play is to figure out what you are NOT hearing.
When you never hear Enzo mention Lane or Hadyen, Hayden never metions Lane or Enzo and the same for Lane. Dr Will was great at figuring out peoples SECRET aliance by what he did’nt hear.

Matt has an easy sell if he got Britney, Ragen and Brendon alone for 5 minutes and explaines what that have’nt heard


I completely agree with you… it’s like you are reading my mind. What does Matt have to lose by outing the brigade and trying to save himself? Why hasn’t he done this already? Loved the Dr. Will season of this show… he was put up week after week and managed to not only get off, but win the whole damn thing too! But those were the old days when the houseguests voted for gameplay and didn’t hold a grudge. How the hell did Jordan win this show?


Jordan won the same way Enzo is going to win. By sucking at comps and not winning and being a floater so people take them further into the game. The only difference is Jordan doesn’t call women c*nts and b*tches and she isn’t homophobic like Enzo is

Mike Hawke

Why are they in HOH lockdown?


I don’t see how, time wise, they can squeeze a double eviction out tonight in one hour…unless its two quizzes.


The first HOH will be a quiz, the POV will be that ball thing they were practicing last night and the second HOH will be extended skill which you’ll be able to watch on the live feeds.


I won’t be able to watch the live feeds tonight. aurrggg..Hope Simon or Dawg will be working late.


yeah we got you covered tonight.


I hope in Brendan’s goodbye message to Matt, he says, “NICE TRY DUMMY!”


I agree


That would be so awesome!

But then again, you don’t want to make enemies since they will decide who wins or not from the jury house.


Matt take a shower! Change your clothes! It has been days!


Burn that stupid hoodie!!! OMG I can smell it from Michigan!


He doesn’t think H/E/L had anything to do with him being the replacement nominee. And even if he did out the brigade and it worked, he stays Enzo leaves, then he just screwed himself out of 3 of the 7 jury votes, and I seriously doubt if he would get Rachel’s vote either. So it’s a lose lose situation.


TO all Matt/Gremlin loving fans. I would like to take this time to tell you to get over it. He’s gone. The only chance he has of staying is pointless. Everyone wants him to out the brigade, it’s great for television and would cause plenty of drama. As far as it furthering him in the game, it would keep him there and Enzo goes home sure. He could even make it to the final 2, but now you would be talking about jury votes. He outs the brigade automatically he loses those 3 votes. Rachel will not vote for him. As a matter of fact I would like to know how many people in here think that Matt would even get 1 vote if he were to make it to final 2, no matter who he is up against.


If the penguin has been eating non slop items, he might go! There again is the curse of the costume…. Matt might have a golden Horseshoe up his ass for all we know. He might have more comebacks and reincarnations than Dr. Will!


Julie Chen says ” By a vote of 4 to 0, (long pause) Matt you are evicted from the Big Brother House”!


Julie Chen says: “Yo, penguin, stand up and remove your ass from the house for eating non-slop items and cheating”.


There’s your double eviction! lmao


That would be a short show… lmao!


Oh, I will get atleast 4 jury votes for sure. Regan, Brit, Brendon, Kathy.

Just watch, when the live feeds were out, I had convinced both Brit and Lane to vote for me. Lane is keeping up the facade to help a new final 4 alliance between me, Brit, Lane and Regan.

Do not worry fans. The rain of the gremlin shale continue 😀


Matt darling, if anyone finds out about the bogus wife illness thing, you aren’t even getting Satan’s vote!


Everyone in this house is clueless. NO one will find out. No one.


Season after season, people think the players will vote based on feelings, but they always end up making the righ choice for the better player, and matt has done the most in the game. regardless of who he throws under the bus, he would win in final two. I mean come on, EVIL DICK won. Remember evil dick?
Gremlin 4 lyfe yo!


Yo! Gremlin lover… Jordan won the god damn game last year!????? Sorry but she had no game at all… none!


Didn’t Jordan also say she had never even watched the game before?


Jordan did not have t.v. or internet or anything… she was truly in this game blind. Jeff took her along for the ride and took all the shrapnel and Jordan kept her pretty head uncluttered from any bad thoughts… except towards Russell! I loved his game play too… I like mean men… to a point. They are entertaining t.v. He sure set Chima off…


Gonna ask this again; those watching after dark HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED THAT BRENDENS KEY IS MISSING FROM THE PICTURE BOARD.??????


Perhaps Rachel took it as a souvenir to keep her warm at night? Maybe Allison ate it?



SSS ( blank, silly season)

If Brit was a little smarter, and Matty was a little less arrogant and outs the BG…they’d be teaming up with Brendon and taking themselves to the final 3. Brit for sure should team with Mr. B for final 2…silly HG’s just can’t see past themselves and these make believe BBF charades to do what they signed up to do and enter into the house of horror for…$500,000!


Those are alot of IF’s… think about the level of stupidity your dealing with here. Britney thinks Lane and the boys are her friends and so does Matty….

$$$ ( blank, $illy $eason)

changed my named!


I like it! : P


She won’t do it because she’s in love with lane


Matt will not out the Brigade because it would help Brendon and Matt does not want that to happen.


I really hope Hayden wins the first HoH, and being the whimper he is, decides to nominate Brendon and Ragan. Then for Brendon to win PoV, Britney goes up, and Ragan goes home. Then either Britney or Brendon win the next HoH and finally team up and get Hayden out.

A guy can dream, right?


I don’t believe Brendon can win F2 against Lane, Hay or Enzo. Ra is the only one I think Bren can beat in the finals. (Brend will have Rach & Matt’s votes for sure.) Ra would only get Brit’s vote, I think – because the BG can’t stand him but I’m not sure (vs Brend). H/E/L will get each others’ plus Brit’s (who loathes Bren) & Kathy’s (def H/L & prob Enzo b/c she hates Bren). If they vote like they play (personal), this is how I see it falling out.