Ragan says its so messed up to have a physical competition for the final 6

12:15am Britney heads up to the HOH to fold clothes. Hayden asks if she  needs help. Britney tells Hayden that he can come up and talk if he wants. Britney warns Hayden that Lane smashed up the bathroom, enjoy the smell.  Britney says that she thinks it will be a single elimination.  Britney says that Brendon is really the worst at the backyard game and that the guys have a good chance.  Britney says that she doesn’t think Ragan is going to put up Brendon. Britney says that he is paranoid.  Hayden says that he thinks he will put up him and Enzo or  him and Lane.  Britney says he have to win HOH.  Hayden says that he hopes its him and Enzo and not Lane.  Britney says they will keep him against Enzo.  Hayden says that he thinks he would go if he was against Lane. Britney says that she isn’t too sure.  Hayden says that he needs to win tomorrow and that he thinks next week will be a quiz competition. Hayden says that he has faith she will win the quiz and they will win in the final 4.  Hayden says that we can’t have Enzo win at the final 4. Hayden says that he wants to win this week if he can.   They talk about who’s really good, they say that  Matt is but that it doesn’t matter.  Hayden says that he feels he should tell Matt, just to be honest with him.  Hayden says that if Matt asks he will tell him.  Lane comes up to the HOH room to join them.  Hayden says that he wants Lane to feel his dreadlocks forming in his ratty hair.  Hayden says that if he was asked to be on survivor he’d do it…

Matt comes up to the HOH room. Hayden asks Matt to do abs and they leave the HOH room.  Britney and Lane are alone in the HOH room. Lane is listening to music while Britney cleans the HOH room.  Lane leave the HOH room and Ragan comes up to talk to Britney. Britney says that as longs as Brendon doesn’t win..  Ragan says that its two bullets they have to dodge with Brendon in HOH and the POV. Britney says that Lane swore he didn’t take the prizes other than the phone call.  Britney says that she isn’t 100% positive Matt or Hayden didn’t take the prizes. Ragan says that he feels like he is going to be very alone.  Ragan says that he is isolated.  Ragan says that she has Lane and the boys have each other and Brendon. Ragna says that if Brendon wins its the two of us going up.  Britney agrees and says that there is no way around it.  Ragan says that he is not going to win that thing.  Britney says that she is trying to give him hope saying that she was the worst at bowling and pinball and she won both.  Ragan says that he is just sad.  Britney says that if Brendon wants to make an alliance with her and him, act like you do and says that you won’t put Brendon up. Ragan says he doesn’t want to go down that road.  Ragan says he wouldn’t nominate Britney. Ragan says that he doesn’t want to jinx it and then he tries reverse psychology and says he will lose. Ragan says that he feels bad that Matt is leaving and being stabbed in the back.  Ragan says that he doesn’t want to know the details.  Britney says it will be hard to watch.  Britney says not one single person mentioned your name but everyone was trying to get Matt nominated.  Britney says that even people threw that POV.  Brit says that people might have told Matt they told him they told her they wanted Ragan nominated but Britney says they didn’t say it to me. Britney says that Brendon is getting an alliance with them is just trying to get in good with us.  Britney says that she hasn’t told the guys about his alliance but they know.  Britney says that the guys want him out hard core but she says that they could just be playing me. Britney says no one told her to put him up.  Ragan says that he needs to practice this thing more.  Ragan says that he has nobody.  Britney says that she is annoyed with him and everyone else is fine and says she want to argue with him but doesn’t.  Ragan says he is like a dog whistle. Britney is annoyed that Brendon is a Bruin fan and that he is a grad student and should be loyal to his undergrad.  Britney says that she is at that point with Brendon where her nerves are raw. Ragan says he needs to practice and says that he is going to go down.  Britney asks Ragan what he thinks of her live show outfit.

12:45am In the backyard Hayden and Enzo are practicing. Matt and Ragan decide to do abs.  Lane is laying on thehammock.  Britney joins him in the hammock.  Lane stick his feet in Britney’s face and says smell my feet.  Britney says no, they stink.  Lane tells her to look, I am not wearing any underwear.  Lane asks if she can see up my shorts. Lane asks if Ragan is aggravated.   Britney says yes.  Lane calls Ragan a big baby because he was complaining about the contraption.  Lane says if it was a quiz he wouldn’t complain.

Matt asks Hayden what’s going on?  Matt says that if the vote is held tonight what would Enzo say with his jury vote?  Matt asks Hayden to be honest and says that he can smell BLANK. Hayden says that he would be hard to beat.  Hayden says that you’re going to be harder to beat than Enzo. Matt says nothing else is going on?  Hayden says if he would stay with Ragan he would advance to final two.  Matt says that he would put up Ragan.  Matt says that he has already stabbed Ragan in the back.  Hayden says he wants to win bad  because of financial issues.  Matt says so its because he and Ragan are too close.  Hayden says that is part of the concern and despite throwing him under the bus.  Hayden says but me trying to win the game and Enzo and Lane but the plan they didn’t want to tell you. Matt says that he wants to know if reasoning will help him make a decision.  Hayden says him flipping or planning on flipping with Ragan is what help fuel the fire and that Matt is going to be very, very hard to beat. Matt says that being a big threat is a good reason to leave the house. Matt says that Britney has been weird around him since her and Brendon were handcuffed together.  Hayden says that Matt was throwing him “under the bus” and doesn’t know for sure.  Hayden says that Brendon thinks he has him and Enzo. Matt says that he thinks something personal was said from Brendon but Hayden says that he doesn’t know but calls him a big threat.  Hayden says that Brendon wants to play against Enzo more than him for the money.  Hayden says that its been mentioned from Lane and Enzo that he was taking Ragan’s side and admits he questioned it a little bit. Matt asks how long has Enzo known about him staying.  Hayden lies and says Monday night around 3 or 4 in the morning. Matt says you and Enzo better watch out about Ragan, if Ragan wins HOH you’ll be getting that guitar lesson sooner in the jury house.

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1:10am Hayden says that Ragan lied to him and that he is going after Brendon but he knows since Matt told him otherwise.  Hayden asks me and Enzo if that’s the plan.  Matt says that he cant mention it to Ragan and that if it gets out Ragan will know it was me.  Matt says that he wishes him best of luck and says that he hopes it will be final three brigade members. Hayden asks if he’ll be pissed if Ragan follows and says no since he’ll be there with Rachel.  They talk about meeting up after the game ends and hanging out. Matt asks who his ideal person is in the end and Hayden says probably Lane and Enzo will get the $25,000. Hayden says that Enzo would beat me in the end.  Matt says you have a better chance against Enzo.  Matt says he told Brendon would vote for him for final two. Matt says people are going to vote on how people compete and there’s no BLANK way people would give him the money and that America’s Choice is the polar opposite vote of who wins Big Brother. Matt says that Brendon is at the top of my list to win, he deserves it and so does Britney. Hayden says he needs to get out Ragan because he’s gunning for me.  Matt tells him that his best bet is with Enzo, Lane, Ragan and Britney and then Brendon who he would win against. Matt tells Hayden to take Enzo to the final two to win.  Hayden says that he doesn’t think he’ll lose to Enzo next week if he is on the block next week. Hayden says that people can beat Enzo.  Matt says that people are not beating you.  Matt says that Brendon and Rachel wouldn’t vote Britney to win.  Matt says Brendon told Matt he would vote who played the best and will not take personal feelings into account..

1:30am Matt says that despite Ragan being  his best friend in the house his head has always been with the Brigade and pleads to Hayden everything he mentioned to him about Ragan not to tell him.  Hayden says that he won’t. Matt says he can’t wait to watch the episode with Brendon and Britney and says that he needs to know what went on… Big Brother cuts the live feeds.  When they come back Matt and Hayden’s end their conversation.  Matt thanks Hayden. Matt heads to the bathroom and sees Ragan and asks what’s going on buddy?  Matt tells Ragan that oh well I tried and that Hayden was cool and straight up. Matt says that its over he owned up that he had the discussion monday night.  Ragan says nothing.  Matt asks Ragan if he is doing outside with the game.  Ragan says that he is fine but that he is not going to do do better than Lane or Hayden.  Matt tries to cheer him up for HOH and says that he doesn’t do with anything with balls ever.  Matt laughs and says you know what I mean. Ragan says that he has nobody in this house.  Matt tells him not to give up.  Ragan says that its so BLANK up they would do an HOH like that for the final 6, they have every single advantage, its over give the football player and the baseball player a ball to shoot into a box.  Ragan says he’s talked in the diary room that they haven’t fought for anything and that they have been a have not once and that this is the HOH competition.  Ragan says that it drives him insane. Ragan says he doesn’t want to wait another week being iced out and by myself. Lane comes in and asks what are you doing? They both decide to shower.  Ragan leaves the room without saying a word and gets into bed.

1:50am In the backyard Britney is going over her conversation with Ragan to Hayden and Enzo. Enzo says that he needs to win HOH. Britney says that Ragan is taking out Brendon calling them paranoid. Britney says that the POV is the only thing that matters and they don’t believe Ragan doesn’t want to send Brendon home. Enzo says that he wants Brendon to go. They say that Ragan isn’t telling her the truth.  Britney tries to make the point that he wants Brendon gone.  Britney says that Brendon will go up with a pawn. Britney says that going up doesn’t matter its POV.  Britney says that she is putting up Ragan and Brendon up. Britney is trying to convince them Ragan wants Brendon gone.  Lane says that Ragan isn’t telling her the truth because she put up Matt.  Britney accuses them of not looking at the big picture.  Lane says that we let Brendon win.  Britney says no, Brendon is a better competitor. Enzo starts going over what he beat Brendon in. Hayden says that he hopes it isn’t a double eviction so they have time to talk about it.  Britney is trying to convince them that putting up Brendon makes him fight for his life and that it would be better not to putting him up and back dooring him.   Britney says that if its double eviction put him up but if it’s not then she doesn’t think putting him up is a good idea.  Britney says that once people find out that they are the target they play differently.  Enzo says Brendon gets upset when they talk to people and was saying hedoesn’t trust anyone.  Britney says that when people think they’re safe, it throws them off their game.  Hayden says that he hopes Ragan cries his off ass. Matt comes back out into the backyard and joins them practicing.

2:20am Britney tells them that even though they don’t want Ragan to win the HOH …the worst case scenario is that Brendon wins.  Lane says he feels like he is going to win HOH. Hayden says he is going to win HOH.  Lane is jumping in the shower. Britney says that the fact that you’re jumping naked is weird.  Enzo joins them in the bathroom after practicing in the backyard and says this is such a stupid HOH.  Hayden gets into the shower and starts to sing a song like a white wing dove. Britney says no don’t remind me. Lane asks David Bowie, what the hell’s wrong with you dude.  Enzo says that he is bummed that tomorrow’s competition isn’t a quiz. Britney tells them that she is going to bed. Hayden tells her she wants to talk to her. Enzo asks why the BLANK do you got to talk to her?  Hayden tells him he can come too. Hayden tells Lane and Enzo that he thinks it is double eviction tomorrow. Enzo tells Lane that it is so awkward talking to Matt and that Ragan is so BLANK. Lane and Enzo talk about the upcoming competition.  They think it will be way different tomorrow. Hayden asks them if they think that Matt is still sabotaging? Enzo asks him what has he sabotaged? Hayden says all the double talk and gossip.  Enzo says that when Matt leaves they will get a competition that will be a quiz regarding the saboteur. Enzo says that he thinks the saboteur has to be Brendon or Matt.  Enzo thinks the sabotage could have been Matt screwing with the Brigade, he brings up the letter that was left under his pillow.  Enzo says that he thinks Brendon could also be the saboteur and says he better not vote for Enzo tomorrow or they’ll know he is the saboteur. Enzo hopes that they are going to get a quiz; he thinks Ragan won’t know what hit him if he got a quiz.  Enzo says that he really believes that one of us is going to win HOH tomorrow. Enzo says that he thinks the power has to shift their way this week. Enzo says that this HOH is for us yo! Enzo says that he wants to play a little more out there and then go to sleep.  Enzo says that he wishes for it to be a double eviction tomorrow and that we get back to back HOH’s. Lane says yeah and then they could get rid of Matt and Ragan. Enzo starts to go to the backyard to practice some more but he sees “Andy Dick” (Ragan) out there and decides to just go to bed.  Lane and Enzo leave the bathroom and see Hayden going up to the HOH to talk to Britney so they head up too.

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2:40am Up in the HOH room Britney, Lane, Enzo and Hayden are talking about tomorrow’s show. They talk about how Matt will go home and they talk about the possibility of a double eviction.  Britney and Enzo both says that they don’t think it will be double eviction this week. Hayden says he hopes it isn’t. Britney says that she wonders if it could be a double eviction week and that they have someone leave on Sunday. Hayden wonders if maybe the finale will be on the 19th. Britney says that historically they have the finale on a Tuesday but since they don’t do Tuesday shows any more it will be a Wednesday.  Hayden says that if Gaygan wins HOH, he will put up Brendon and one of us up.  Hayden says that they can still win POV and whoever else goes up they don’t have to worry because they’re voting out Brendon regardless.  Enzo says lets not over think BLANK.  Britney says that she thinks that because the HOH competition is such an elaborate set up then they couldn’t tear it down and rebuild something else for another competition.  Britney says that she thinks if they win HOH next week then they should put up Ragan and one of them as a pawn and then Brendon won’t fight so hard for the POV and if he does win then they just send Ragan home and if he doesn’t then they vote out Brendon. Britney says that Brendon feels like he is safe and that is why he isn’t practicing for the competition.  They leave the HOH room to let Britney sleep.

3:10am Enzo and Lane head to bed.  Enzo says that Britney is tripping up there talking about them going up as pawns. Enzo starts talking about his speech tomorrow; he says that he is a good speaker.  Enzo says that he is going to have fun with it. Lane thinks that will win him some fans. Enzo asks what happened to Matt, I can’t talk to him no more, it don’t make no sense.  Ragan comes in from practicing. Enzo heads to the HOH and complains about the stink in there. Brendon wakes up. Brendon says he doesn’t get why everyone is staying up so late when they have an HOH tomorrow. Hayden has joined Matt in the backyard to practice. Ragan has come out and watches them. Hayden heads inside.  In the have not room, Hayden and Enzo are talking.  Hayden says that Matt asked to talk to him in the Taj and says that it was the second time he told Matt he was voting him out and he told him the reasons why. Enzo says Hayden didn’t have to give him reasons, and that it is his decision. Hayden says he knows but he did anyway. Hayden says that Matt knows that my loyalty lies with the amazing Enzo ..the meow meow.  They say that they are winning HOH tomorrow.  They go to sleep.

3:50am In the backyard Matt and Ragan are talking.  Ragan says that he knows you would have to be knee deep in the game to be so upset by a teeter-tooter HOH. Ragan says that he is tired of breaking down in the diary room sessions and pouting and mopping around.  Matt says that he wonders if there is something America knows, something that is a running theme, that we’ll find out after the fact this season is so abnormally screwy. Matt tells Ragan that he has a great opportunity and that he gets to stay in the house. Matt says that he is jealous of the position Ragan is in and it makes him mad that Ragan doesn’t see that.  Ragan says that he is just clearing a blockage of negativity. Matt tells him to get it out. Matt says that Ragan has to be social and cool next week. Ragan says that he can’t believe he has to be here a week.  Matt thinks this has been a BLANK up series of events in the house. Ragan thinks at this point they should have competitions where the playing field is level. Ragan is upset he studied for hours on material for a possible quiz and he sucks at the ball and teeter-totter and says Hayden comes out here and makes it in every time. Ragan asks Matt if he wants to go to bed….Matt says he go to bed but he doesn’t think he’ll sleep.  Ragan takes a few more practice shots and says that he is done, I can’t do this anymore. Ragan says that he thinks he isn’t going to win this competition. They both head inside. They realize that it is 3:50am and question if it is a joke. Ragan thanks Matt for everything. Matt looks up at the cam as he walks by it and says goodnight, I love you baby, I am sorry. They both go to the bedroom and get into bed and go to sleep.

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8:55am Big Brother cuts the feeds to proabably wake up the house guests …

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Lane was singing the Stevie Nick’s song “Edge of Seventeen”.


yehh; first comment! 😀


Have to admitt it was nice of Hayden to tell Matt that he was evicting him. No lips does have a sweetness behind all that bushy hair (only if he would grow a brain and stop following behind everyone elses skirts). Lets see him start making power moves?!?


According to urban dictionary they know exactly what they’re talking about:


Look at item #25 under smash. They have plenty of other reasons to be berated but in this case it’s just a slang term.


i saw on another entry about like an HOH blog the houseguests were talking about? does anyone know where (or if) i can read them? (i figured i’d comment here since it’s the most recent)



theres a link to the HOH blogs under categories on this site


Why doesn’t Matt tell Brendon, Brit, and Ragan about the Brigade? It could be a game-changer? They haven’t been loyal to him, so why should he keep it a secret. I hate for Enzo to coast on in to the finish line without any real effort.


I asked myself that question a hundred times but Matt doesn’t know that the Brigade betrayed him, they all told him they wanted Ragan out, that’s why he hasn’t say anything :-S


He might just do that at his elimination speech…that would be crazy….just before they vote, Brendon, Ragen, Britney change their vote to ENZO!


I wish Matt would tell them about the brigade it might just save him….and i cant stand enzo…he hasnt won 1 damn thing…he’s an idiot!! and stupid brendon….wgat a freak…his g/f isnt no waitress plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….shes a stripper and no a doubt a prostitute…and she dont even look that good…………whoever is the final 2 if 1 of them is brendon they will not vote for him simply for the fact that he will share with the stripper…………



Brigade Floaters

I’m surprised the self-proclaimed “diabolical super-genius” still apparently hasn’t figured out (or is denial with) what’s going on with the brigade.

Right now it looks as if he’s going home without a fight. Too bad he hasn’t figured out some way to make it interesting. Now it’s in BB’s hands I guess…

The cool guys/jock-squad hasn’t done squat all game so it’s no wonder that they’re intimidated by anyone who’s actually willing and/or able to try and win competitions (in other words Matt, Brendon and Britney).

I’ll give the Brigade credit for being able to manipulate Britney into doing their dirty work. So much for people’s claim’s that she’s smart anyway. She seemed to know what they’d done to her right after POV but Lane talked to her and she seemed to get over being used instantaneously. Those cheerleaders are so easy when the football players sweet talk them; they’ll do anything for the team…

It’ll be interesting to see if those three do float their way past everyone without winning or if they’ll actually have to win something somewhere along the line.

Hayden’s suspect as a floater because he won the first HOH and managed to win TWO prizes in the last POV comp as well (the HI trip and $5K), but hasn’t won anything outside of that. (That’s discounting the possibility that BB rigged the buttons in the POV comp which seems pretty likely to me at this point considering what’s happened this season).

But it’s equally likely that he’s as mediocre a BB player as he was a Div I baseball player and/or student… (Played only one year – 2008 – in 7 games with one RBI.) And he’s 24 and still lists himself as a “college student” which I take to mean he still doesn’t have a degree.

After all the community colleges he attended I have to wonder if he flunked out of all of them too (and that “exercise and wellness” curriculum is pretty demanding I’m sure). Can you say “dumb as a rock”?

Lane and Enzo haven’t won ANYTHING of course.

As for the mean and nasty factor, Enzo’s making a late dash to be a contestant along with Britney and Ragan with some of his comments of late too.

Also curious as to why last night they all came to the conclusion that today wouldn’t be double eviction, especially since CBS said last night tune in Thursday for “special double eviction” episode Thursday.

Unfortunately at this point I can’t help but root for Brendon to win, as much as I dislike the guy. It’s just that I dislike the rest even more.


Ditto. What makes me more mad is how cocky Enzo is. He wouldn’t be sitting pretty right now if it wasn’t for Matt. He’s obsessing about how Matt threw Ragan under the bus. He’s so hypocritical. Does he not see that he just threw one of his “bros” under the bus by gunning for Matt. I’ve read the last 2 entries from this morning and I about to call it quits. I really would like to see Brendon and Ragan at the end. PS. I read somewhere that H/E/L are trying to get rid of whoever is a threat to them in the house because they haven’t won sqwat.


Agree on Enzo. He is getting pretty close to Britney and Ragan in the asshole department. I am kind of hoping that when they get rid of Matt tonight, the production immediately tells Enzo to pack his bags because he is eliminated for cheating. That should be it for the double elimination this week. It would be fair and make the rest of the game more interesting, because Hayden/Lane/Enzo are running away with the money unless Brandon or Ragan win either HOH or POV each week from now on.


Considering your screen name, you have no credibility on this “smashing’ subject.


How can Brendon be a favorite??? I am shocked by the numbers.


In every poll and on every site
I guess ur in the minorities with this
He has fought hard to stay with everybody against him
People like to see the underdog win

rachel's Nipple

He wins by default. Nothing more


I have to disagree. Although. I’m not a fan of Brendon’s I had to vote for him because he has played the game and has won challenges when he needed to. This had been one of the worst seasons I have watched because nobody want to win the comps.and povs but they all wanted to make it to the end to win the money. This is a game and I really don’t know how they all made it into the house. I hope the HGs will be much more competitive next season because I’m a big fan of BB.


by default u say
he has never thrown a competition like Matt
Heyden Penguin boy and laMe do nothing win nothing and take credit for everithing
If by default u mean is because is the only one actually playing the game than I agree


Well, then maybe you’re wrong about Brandon. There must be a reason why he is liked so much better than others. And don’t tell me that you are right and everybody around you is stupid. That doesn’t work.


Well, don’t be shock. It is what it is!


because he has been the target since day 1 and is now guaranteed top 6 plus have you been watching the other houseguests they all suck at least brenden is fighting to be there


Well, first he’s HOT. He wins competitions. He hasn’t lied to anyone. He’s shown incredible loyalty (albeit misguided). All of the houseguests treat him like dirt because he’s hot and he wins competitions, and of course his incredibly poor choice in female companionship. Face it – he’s the best competitor in the house, and by FAR the best person in the house.


David…you are definately right. He is HOT. I bet you look just like him 🙂


I want Brendon to win America’s favorite because it seems to me that the houseguests are mainly concerned that they’re hanging with the “in crowd.” It’s like they’re trapped. New flash: Enzo was popular in the beginning but the more he opens his mouth with nothing to show, his popularity is plummeting. I wish Brendon approaches Ragan with his final 3 deal so Ragan could set Brendon straight about Britney. What is Matt doing? I guess Matt wants to be in the “in crowd,” too.


I want brenden to win america’s favorite just to make the others mad, thats how much I dislike them, plus he is the only one fighting to stay


because of all of the words that you just used after ‘SMASH’! Just not as DISGUSTING!


I want Brendon to win. Simply because he is the one fighting the hardest to stay IN the game.. and it’s working.


I would continue to watch BB if Brendon won — I want him to win this season and take the money and go home and find another girl and realize that Rachel is not right for him. He’s a decent guy and they are all still backstabbing him. they are nice to his face and nasty behind his back. Nice people. He is consistently nice to everyone…to their faces and behind their backs. Want Matt gone — is time is up. Hope he admits that his story about his wife was bogus — I’d have new respect for him, if he did.


Hope Ragan tell Matt what Britt told him about all the house wanting Matt out and that nobody approched her asking her to send Ragan packing this week. Hopefully it will be a shocker show tonight because it will be the end of my watching if they let Matty go out the door. America wants Enzo gone because he: makes fun of everyone, eats with his mouth open, doesn’t follow the rules(it appears BB doesn’t care), can’t stand all his Yo’s and they claim his wife is smart?? Haven’t figured that one out?? He has his hand more down his pants and picking his nose more then he even trying the comps. BB you better not let that clown win over Matty and/or the HOH because You will loose alot of fans because WE WANT ENZO TO GO HOME!!


*his time is up*


Matt’s time is up Marigold. Everyone keeps saying that the Bridgade turned on Matt but if you watched BB from the beginning it was Matt who didn’t put up Brendon/Rachel as the brigade wanted which in turn made them to start to question Matt’s loyalty to them. Even though Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Matt were still in an alliance, they had started to kind of distance themselves from him a little bit from that point on. Not to mention, Matt did a couple of shady things afterwards that they found out about. So it was Matt’s own action that put the cracks in his first alliance!


Go home Bozo before we die of your grossness. Hope BB uses germ kiler after he leaves because he has more ball sweat on his hands than a jock strap!! LOL


I guess floaters are going to win again this year. Too bad CBS i really wanted to see something different this year. Next yr change some rules and make it really hard for them to win it!


The person that can get through to the final two with the least amount of blood on their hands usually wins (Hayden/Enzo/Lane), but with the way these dodo’s have been talking all year about house votes and getting out the floaters, it might be who wins the most comps.

The Art of War says: “One thousand victories in one thousand battles is NOT the most skillful. Subdueing the enemy’s army WITHOUT battle, that is the most skillful.

You Brendon lovers need to remember this is a social and strategic game, both of which Brendon has not done well.


Matt should out the Brigade at his elimination speech…that would be crazy….just before they vote, that might just change Brendon, Ragen and Britney’s vote….