Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane, Britney & Enzo are wrestling.. Enzo yells out BOOGA HOOKIE! Brit asks whats that?! Enzo says its when you hit someone that isn’t looking..


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11:40am – 12pm Big Brother calls an end to the HOH lock down. All the house guests leave the HOH room. Britney is the last one to leave the HOH room. She throws all her things in the center of a blanket and folds it up, and then she grabs her bag and leaves the HOH room. Britney forgot her microphone in the HOH room and tries to go back for it but the door is already locked. Enzo heads to the bedroom and takes off the penguin suit and borrows clothes from Hayden and Brendon because Big Brother gave all of his clothes away to charity. Enzo wanted different clothes to have under his penguin suit for the live show. Enzo leaves the bedroom. Brendon and Hayden talk about how they don’t see Britney excelling at any of the upcoming competitions. Brendon says that then it will get them down to the final four. Brendon leaves the room and then comes back. Brendon and Hayden talk about the how the game in the backyard will be different for the HOH or POV competition. Brendon thinks that it will be a quiz HOH competition and that the POV will be the backyard game.

12:10pm Britney asks Lane if ex-girlfriends ever called him nick names.  Lane says that one called him god.  Britney tells Brendon that she used to call her ex snuggles and he called her cuddles.  She says at first it was cute but looking back now she thinks its kind of disgusting.  Britney says that she used to make up names to demasculinise her ex-boyfriends.  Lane comes into the kitchen and throws a rolled up towel at Britney.  Britney grabs it and chases him out of the kitchen while she whips him with it.  Lane comes back into the kitchen and they wrestle a bit.  Enzo is in the kitchen too and gets into it and say booga hookie… They stop wrestling and Britney asks him what booga hookie means?  Enzo says its when you hit someone that isn’t looking.


12:15pm – 12:35pm Lane starts quizzing Britney on the questions that are on the back of the Raisin Bran cereal box. Enzo heads to the bedroom and talks with Hayden. Hayden says that they are changing things up and that maybe it’s a double eviction. Enzo asks if Matt has been trying to talk to him. Hayden says yeah, but that Matt hasn’t thrown him (Enzo) under the bus not even once. Hayden says that was pretty cool and Matt knows he is voting for Enzo. Hayden and Enzo then start studying the time line of the events of the house. Hayden tell Enzo to go over the POV’s and Enzo says that he doesn’t study them because they are just two days later after the HOH’s. Hayden starts going through who won the POV’s and when. Hadyen lists off Brendon and Britney’s name a bunch of times and Enzo says Yo …we got to start winning things. The door opens and they stop talking. Brendon comes in and they continue to go over the events. Brendon starts studying with them. They go over the HOH’s, POV’s, have not’s, Saboteur messages. They are going over the messages and confirming the days and events with each other.

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If the shoe was on the other foot, Enzo would throw the entire Brigade under the bus in an instant. Without even second guessing himself and justifying it with; this is just a game and I have to look out for number one -sort of mentality. Matt you are dumber than you claim if you don’t have something up your sleeve for this FAILgade.


First. Bazinga!!!


hahaha… morons like you crack me up thinking your special to post first… and then you don’t even have SQUAT to say… Put some effort into a post instead of proving your essence of stupidity and immaturity.


Especially when you’re second, lmao.


Wonder if Penzo feels a least bit guilty? Nah….


If Enzo says ‘We have to start winning shit one more time’ or ‘im gonna win this HOH/POV’ one more time, i may shoot myself.


We have to start winning shit. Im the grenade Hayden is Animal, and nobody messes with brawny




Handing you a loaded gun….


He’s the male Gnat from last season. It will be awful when he makes it to the final 2, just like it was when she did. Sigh. Get your gun, and hopefully your aim isn’t that good.


He makes me laugh every time he says a “WE” comment… he is a clinger, hanger on, floater, wannabe, ball smelling mess to watch… I loved someone’s comment on here who said “What are we going to watch all season, Enzo’s hair falling out?” You folks make me laugh when you’re not being mean…


LOL! I hope he keeps his record as “most winless”.


THAT should be the new drinking game… Everytime Enzo says “We gotta start winning shit yo” DRINK!


U know that the moment Matt is sent out with a 4-0 vote, hes gunna turn and call out the Brigade to everyone else, not that it matters now with Brendon in good with Hayden and Ragan and Britney now the minority


Gremlin won’t say a word about the Brigade. He’s blaming himself for asking them to push for Brit to nominate Ragan at the last minute, and making Brit suspicious of him. He thinks he blew it by not getting rid of Brit with DPOV, and he has no idea that the Brigade betrayed him. Poor Gremlin, outfoxed by a hairdo.


Matt continues to stay mum re the brigade because he is afraid of potentially losing 3 jury votes. At some point he has to realize that $50.000.00 is better than nothing. If he can’t see that, then he deserves to spend what will seem like an eternity in the Jury House with that she devil.


Look, it’s over people….the Unabomber is getting the “shun” tonight. Find a new “team” and hope its not as lame as this super diabolical douchebag.


I thought he fit right in with the douche brigade!


When will Lane kiss Brit? I think within the next 5 days. The sexual frustration that these two have cannot last!


I think Brit the exctiable lil clit will stay true to her nerd. Don’t see the kiss or more cumming.




Merci Beacoup, madame


Lol Brad. I thought that was pretty funny. Nice rhyme and I think pretty accurate. I agree with you too, there won’t be any kissing or anything else between them.


Wash your mouth, son.


Sometimes when she’s listening to Lane she get that crush smile on her face. I feel a little (not a lot) sad for her. She is so buying into what he tells her.


I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She thinks she can manipulate him, but he’s doing that with her. That’s what you get when you think you’ve got someone wrapped around your finger.

The Excitement

Hayden seems so ready for the HOH competition. Hayden and Britney are the 2 best prepared for the quizzes. Ragan comes in right after them. then i’d go with Enzo barely beating out Brendon, and then Lane is dead last. Lane is awful! There is no way he’ll be able to get to the Final 2. Even if he does, he should not deserve it at all.

I personally would love to see Enzo winning the whole thing.
But the best positioned player to win it all is Hayden. Not 1 person hates him. And he’s studying his ass off in Quizzes, and he’s the most physically skilled of all the remaining people.
I hope he wins HOH tho. Then he can put Ragan and Brendon up.
Hayden will atleast win the POV challenge. He’s awesome at the ball launcher thingy.


That game in the backyard is going to be a quiz. When did such and such happen, then you flick the ball into the spot. Ragan should really quit bitching about them making it not fair, because that is what they did. A straight quiz he’d win, they made it fair for the others.

The Excitement

ah.. that makes good sense. a Quiz/Skill competition. i like it.

speaking of Ragan… i hate how he’s been telling the HGs last night that he’s positive it’s only a single eviction instead of a a double eviction. He’s totally wrong. maybe he’s still trying to sabotage them on his own will.


I think that is the same comp. as last year, that gave jessie his second hoh, which means anyone can win because it is all luck


Just a heads up in order to handle the traffic after the live show the comments will be closed until the traffic cools down. The site will be up the entire time and we will continue to update everyone on what happens during the life show but new comment will not be accepted on the system. I Expect the 2nd HOH comp to run late for the live feed viewers.


good idea simon… this is going to be a wicked episode… you need to be able to appreciate it as well as us..

It’s a sad night in the Rockstar house tonight.. I’ve got my Kleenex, Vitamin Water, my busted up glitter Diamond Power of Veto and my hand down my pants ready for the end.. Nothing can save Matt now.. I’m just hoping he tells Ragan before he leaves..


You may as well have some rubber duckies for dinner too…


I just took my filthy dirty hoody that says “Punk is not Dead” out of the dirty laundry pile, put on my raunchiest sweatpants, put a bunch of fake tatoos on my arm, grabbed a pile of slop in the biggest bowl I have, and I am ready for the end too Rockstar… but wait, The Gremlin has one more surprise down his pants, and he does not go home, the Penguin gets taken out by Bat Girl aka: Julie Chen! ….Come on my friend, Matt needs you now!


But if the 2nd comp runs late, the HOH won’t be able to nominate the blockees and the house won’t be able to vote and evict the second player. There are supposed to be 2 live evictions tonight. Right?


why can’t matt grow a pair and out the birgade
he shold have told britney about the brigade the second he heard she was even considering putting him up
matt calls himself a “super genius” but really hes a retard that cant figure out a simple strategy that would have given him a good chance to stay in the game


If Matt was smart he would tell Brit and Regan and Brendon about the brigade and make a deal with them something to the sort of we been winning everything they done nothing and there all ready counting the money.


I like that idea but Matt seems to be clueless.


I dont want matty to goo 🙁


Matt should call out the brigadeee on live showw now thatll be a grenadeeeeeeeeeee

Karen S

There’s your clue folks! Nick (names) Brit and Lane could be the life long friends.. and Nick doesn’t really exist. ha! Wouldn’t that blow your mind? *gwen steffani*


It just cracks me up that people are still speculating about this life long friends thing…I think if it was true, CBS would use it a little more to boost ratings.

The Excitement

good point. it’s probably fake.

brigadelover- TEAM LANE!

Plus on his facebook page his ex fianace(Amy) says there not life long friends…..and that he didn’t knoe Brit going into BB.


Our first DRINK of the day.


Matt and Ragan seem like they could be brothers… I am obsessed with the clue about life long friends… I wish I never heard that. It is so distracting to me.


make that a DOUBLE!


I thought I was the only one who thought that, maybe even brothers – they look alike.
His wife told him to befriend the gay guy – maybe Matt was way out in front with the Blog . . .
a hidden message.


We are in full prefunction mode now … no use counting!

The Excitement

I think the life long friends would have to be Hayden and Lane. They keep talking about the same spots for ski trips, and how Hayden’s sister lives in the same town as Lane.
They seem like they could be cousins.


I don’t put much stock in the life long friends….but if it were true, I think there are two couples that look a whole lot alike. Hayden & Kristen have the same skin tone and facial structure right down to the beady eyes, so they could be brother and sister. If they were making out, then I’d guess they are from Arkansas. Kathy & Lane also look a whole lot alike, and I can see them being mother and son, or aunt and nephew, or worse….cougar and prey! LOL


Jeez, I guess we are still counting drinks, better make a beer run before things get busy.

Karen S

It was said, tongue in cheek. puhleeze! ha


Does anone know where I can watch past seasons episodes? I just got into this show last season. I have been trying to find somewhere to buy the seasons on dvd but cant.


Look up Quirkydude’s channel on youtube. That guy has every single BB episode from the past 12 seasons.




How can anyone still like Matt, when he threw his wife and best friend under the bus?

GTFO Matt!!


I still like Matt. Lying and throwing people under the bus is part of the game. I am sad he is leaving. Go Britney and Ragan!!!


I believe awhile back I stated that Brit was not engaged at all, especially when her mom said she could see Brit bringing home Lane…… I like the life long friends thing, but remember the Sab said these messages…..cannot remember if it was Ragan or Annie??? I just wish Brit would pull her head out and realize that her first gut feelings are correct…..just young and gullible (not sure if that is spelled correctly)…Hoping it is Lane or Brit that wins….used to like Ragan, but he is a little to whiney….


I also found it odd that Nick was not at Britts parents house watching the show with her family when CBS was there interviewing only her mom spoke and no one ever metioned Nick and Britts mom did say that she thought Britt had a crush on Lane and could see Britt bringing Lane home. Lanes Family said the same thing and clearly everyone knows she has an engament ring on and talks about nick constantly. HMMM somthing is definatly up with this situation, but I don’t think she could keep that big of a lie up for that long. I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out!

So sad!

After all his hard work….this is what it comes down to….Matt would rather be loyal to the stupid Brigade than save himself!!!!! What an IDIOT!!!!!!!!! Bye Bye Matt….I guess u didn’t really need the cash….you just wanted to feel like you were a part of some lame gang! You even threw your loyal Bromance partner under the bus for those fools…

I can’t wait til Brit gets voted out….hopefully right behind Matt…that’ll teach her….

I hope Ragan goes all the way…..and Brendon….who I dislike takes second….the others are worthles pieces of………………..

The Excitement

when Jesse came out of Pandora’s Box last night, i couldn’t help but wonder if he asked Britney for a handjob because that’s what Lydia did for Jesse all the time last season.

Go Brenchel!

When I saw Jesse pop out I immediately thought Britney got the BAD and the house got the good. lol. And since the house got the BBQ….it was TRUE! lol. Wonder if Jesse knows he wasn’t the prize but the BOOBY prize! ahahahaha.


We keep saying that each eviction and HOH is going to be exciting and it’s always a big let down dud… Rachel leaving was boring no outburst, Matt and DPOV was boring he sent home
a no threat. Don’t see why today will be any less boring.


Has anyone been able to confirm if lane elenburg actually saw some playing time with the Texas tech football team? I see his name but doesn’t say his position or number. He says his name was on espn all the time but I have not been able to find any stats on him and I haven’t seen a picture of him with the team. I’m a football coach an usually when a players name is there with no position or number it means he is just on the practice squad. If anyone has more info please let me know. Thank you


i cant find his position anywhere… he isnt listed anywhere on or wiki. but i do see where he was suspected of being involved in an assault with his brother so he may have been dismissed.


I thought he said #38 and he played linebacker. He said it last night on BBAD.


Uggg….when he came out I puked…..cannot stand him….poor Brit….but not really, she deserved punishment for being soooooooo gullible….


The best move tonight would be for these season to be over. BB needs to revamp there hole look of the game get rid of the pov let america deside what game they should play and get rid of that pool table make them have to talk to one and other also make them all sleep in one big room no doors on anything so they can’t hide. Also make the hoh room glass so you can see what’s going on in there but make it sound proof that why you can cut some deals but everyone can see you.

CBS Executive

We got your memo regarding us spending more money on the show and letting America control everything, and after seeing shows like American Idol and America’s got talent and witnessing first hand how America as a whole is dumber than actual shit, we respectfully decline your proposition and wish to inform you that we are currently rolling in the ridiculous amount of money we make every year by doing EXACTLY the opposite of your aforementioned suggestions. Thank you, and we wish you the best of luck getting that shit out from between your ears.

CBS Executive


Original and funny!


aka CBS E., Wow Granny, you and I are really hitting it off tonight you silver fox!

For the record, I’m PRO BRIGADE, and I think they’re making the right move dumping Matt now because he was by FAR the closest to his side alliance of all the Brigade members. I feel like the Brigade has played a great social game and strategic game, and Hayden is leading that pack right now.

Grandma, you can hang till the end, don’t let any douchers on here run you off.


I do dye my hair dark brown…….don’t tell anyone.


Enzo is not gonna win the 25,000.
America hates his lying ass.
Im hoping for either Rachel or Brendon to win the 25,000