Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The house guests are having their Have/Have Nots competition right now!!

11am Big Brother cut the feeds for about five minutes when they come back everyone is in the living room talking about an up coming challenge. They talk about how they will be having a have/have not food challenge. They talk about how maybe they have to eat something disgusting that’s put in front of them. Brendon says that everyone better eat what ever is put in front of them …eye balls, testicles… whatever… Hayden asks about last season where the house guests had to put the faces together if it was for the HOH. Matt and Ragan both says that if was for the POV ….and that it was the one that Jeff had to win.

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Matt, Raga, Lane and Enzo are still sitting in the living room. No one is talking …then Matt says that he is having flash backs about where he and Ragan are sitting. Lane asks him where he is sitting …Matt says on my face. Lane laughs. They talk about where Britney is and Lane says that she is probably changing. Matt says that it will have to be something that they can clean up quickly because we still have nominations today too. Ragan agrees. They sit there in silence …then Hayden says here she comes… Matt asks you heard the door? Hayden says yeah. Then they realize that the noise came from the storage room and figure that it must be big brother putting their costumes for the challenge in there. Brendon and Hayden start talking about playing sports.


11:22am Britney comes out to the living room in her costume screaming OKAY HOUSE GUESTS ITS TIME FOR THE HAVE/HAVE NOT COMPETITION!!! Everyone is in the living room and they weren’t enthusiastic enough so Britney had to do it again. Matt says how are we supposed to be excited about having to compete to be have nots. Britney goes around the corner and then comes back and yells again that its time for the have/have not competition. The other house guests see Britney’s outfit and wonder if its country competition or an Alice in Wonderland theme. Britney tells them that they will just have to wait ….. Then Big Brother cuts the feeds to TRIVIA….
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12:35pm The live feeds are still showing TRIVIA… the house guests are still competing to have/have nots….

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197 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The house guests are having their Have/Have Nots competition right now!!

        1. I can’t stand that bitch britney and I agree with marigold. She needs to get some chap stick for her crusty ass lips that she is always picking at. And did you notice how she always repeats what someone else says and as if it was her original comment. Can’t wait to see her go to the jury house.

      1. I’m not the kind of guy that digs girls that look like Rachel, but i’m sure there is plenty that do she does have a lot of “personality”. I do agree with you that Rachel’s dress on eviction night was one of the better things she wore this season and I bet when she’s all done up in Vegas she turns a lot of heads.

        For my taste she needs to drain the gummy bears and cover up her vag, but thats me i’m boring.

        1. Rach would make a decent booty call in a pinch. I dont dig the fake bust, but she looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

        2. her personality is frighteningly familiar to a girl i dated, the sex was amazing and is the main reason it lasted as long as it did but the fact that if i looked at a waitress a little too long in the restaurant it would cause a fight was a nightmare.

          i feel sorry for brendan, he’s a nerdy guy in a jocks body and because he’s so socially awkward he clings to any girl that gives him attention (also me to a lesser extent physically) been a real eye opening season as far as that showmance is concerned

          1. I bet Rachel is more educated than you are Anon. After all, she has a bachelor in Chemistry. Do you even know how to balance a chemical equation or write a chemical reaction? Wait a minute, do you even know what a chemical reaction is?

            1. she’s a waitress… rachel fans fail to see the social retardation and insane amounts of jealousy is beyond me

              she may have knowledge in a very specific scientific field but that doesn’t make her any less of a clueless bimbo overrun by her emotions and lacking in the ability to step outside of a situation to evaluate her and others peoples positions on any particular argument

      2. I remember clearly that when Rachel got evicted, she had on 2 tank tops. The white tank top was longer and she wore it under her red Nike tank top. She had on pants.

        Now the other gal, I’ve forgot her name, the boring one, she had on a black laced dress. Her dress was cute, but she was not.
        On the same night, Britany had on a shirt dress. It looked like a blue table cloth. Her make up and hair was done perfect, ( hooray to the hair and make up team)……….but her posture ruined it all.

  1. Britney telling Ragan he has to go to Europe.  Hewants to go to Canada.  He says he remembers Chelsia telling them if they got far in the game, SuperPass would fly them to Seattle.  They talk about travel opportunities and they come up with an idea.  They want to get together as a group and have a huge fund-raiser for Stacey. Matt’s wife.  They feel Matt and Stacey are the face of her disease now.  There are probably websites set up and lots of online support.  Matt says  I would totally do a fund-raiser.  They could do a roast at the event.  They continue to plan the fund-raiser.  Ragan says The surgery is a ridiculous amount.  Matt says Even the fund-raiser would not cover it.  Hayden asks How much is it?  Matt lies  Ummm, about 60.  Hayden is paged to the DR.  He leaves.   They think Matt will get America’s Favorite Player.  Matt thinks there will be tons of donations.
    Britney says There are over 10 million viewers – if  just some of the vierwers gave a dollar each . . .
    They also hope rich people and celebrities will help out too.  They say  You would not have received what you received (DPoV)  if America did not like you.  That was circumstance, Matt says.  No.  they disagree with him.

    1. I hate that lie. It’s taken on a life of it’s own now and it is going to bite Matt in the ass when they find out. It may not happen in the game because they all believe him because who would lie about something like that right?! I wish he just played the game because he can and has, the lie just makes me disgusted and dislike him. I know, hate the lie, not the liar, but in this case, it’s hard.

        1. He said he would donate money, if he wins, to the charity for the disease he said his wife has, on national television.

          I believe him.

    2. I can’t believe the othe HG’s are this naive. If someone in BB told me their spouse/kid/dog had a serious illness my first instinct would be to immediately disbelieve them. Its been done before, it’ll be tried again.

      1. It’s worse than that. She thought Matt would create some fake illness that she (his mom) had so she made him promise not to. He agreed not to say she had cancer or something else. His mom was mortified to see he instead said his wife, Stacey, had an illness. Technically Matt didn’t lie to his mom, but what a sleaze. He even apologized on his HOH blog so he knows how big of a douche he is being perceived as. At least he also promised to donate some of his winnings to whatever foundation is associated with the actual illness. We all know how meaningful his word is so I guess they shouldn’t expect more than $100 out of the $500,000 (or nothing at all).

    3. Does anybody else smell Productions hands in this conversation? They are setting up the next house drama. I bet they were all told in their DR sessions to start discussing Matt’s wife disease then later Production will plant the seed of doubt in one of their ears and eventually it becomes a full blown issue in the house that Matt will have to confront at some point.

    4. There is currently a big news story in Toronto about a girl in her 20’s from Burlington. She decided to ‘have breast cancer’. She shaved her head, plucked out her eyebrows and eyelashes etc (she really looks the part) and things got crazy. Friends and work colleagues had fundraisers and set up Facebook pages asking people to help. She actually visited children with cancer to offer them moral support. Her parents are divorced and the details are complicated. Long story short, Dad finally called local hospitals and figured out that it was all untrue. He contacted her and told her to turn herself in or he was going to the police. She did and is now in a heap of trouble. Her family has publicly disowned her, her friends are completely disgusted, collegues can’t believe they helped raise money for her. No one will post her bail etc. And of course, she has spent all of the funds raised. People are not very forgiving when people fake illnesses and then prey on the kindness of others. Britany and Regan’s concern proves that. Matt may find this all amusing and a unique strategy, but this could really blow up in his face.

  2. Matt doesn’t sound like he feels any remorse that his lie has grown so big. It’s taken on a life of its own. I don’t know how he is going to face these people once they find out the truth. I already feel badly for Ragan who is sure to be crushed that his beloved Matt was lieing to him (and the others) all the time he was in the house. I can’t stand Ragan and a lot of his antics in the house, but c’mon Matt, you douche, you are going to shatter this guy to pieces.

    1. If he wins..he’ll have 500,000 things to distract him from the disappointed HG’s. If he doesn’t..meh, he’ll never see them again anyhoo….

    2. why would he feel remorse, it’s a game and several players have lied about their jobs among many other things i’d imagine. if it wins him the game it will just go to show how stupid everybody has been this season. those who hold it against him are doing it purely out of jealousy for not having though of it or embarrassment for falling for it

      1. I guess I come from a different generation. I should recognize that us baby-boomers grew up in a different time. The Gen-X and Gen-Y youngsters certainly view “using” family members differently. We didn’t grow up feeling entitled and actually worked our asses off for what we got instead of having it handed to us by the government or family members. Of course I am grossly generalizing and I know there are many fine young people out there…somewhere. USING a family member in a lie to advance yourself, game or not, just is despicable to me. Politicians from our generation certainly have that lower moral standard though. >:0( No need to wear sunglasses anymore…the future’s NOT bright.

        I am now stepping off my soapbox so let the lazy, entitlement-using, take-everything-you-can-from-the-system youngsters start with their obnoxious comments. Those that actually are good young people sit back and watch what some of your “lesser” peers are like by how they respond. Let me have it, jackasses.

          1. I’m 39 and I don’t get the problem with his lie. IT”S A GAME PEOPLE. It’s simple minded people that have been lead down a path that teaches them there is someone “watching” over them and if they do bad things they will be punished upon death, oh unless of course they admit their sins then all is forgiven. WHAT A JOKE. Do you actually think that since he used this “lie” to gain sympathy from the other players his wife is going to come down with some disease that she would never have gotten had he not told that lie? Wake up!!!!

        1. Sorry to go politics but the baby boomer generation is the one that saddled my generation and my kids with giant debt that we will have to pay off because they wanted massive tax cuts and not pay for anything

          1. Massive tax cuts work just fine if government spending doesn’t grow out of control when those cuts go into effect. That was the disconnect between the Bush tax cuts and the Democratic Congress that decided to simultaneously expand entitlement programs for YOUR generation just so they could get your vote down the road. Bring in less and spend more…a recipe for disaster. Do you have any idea how many people are abusing the different programs meant to TEMPORARILY help those that fall on hard times? Unemployment and Welfare were meant to be a TEMPORARY means to allow families/individuals to get back on their feet . It has become a way of life for a huge chunk of your generation. Well, at least for some of it…deebee sounds like he/she has his/her act together. As I stated earlier, The US Congress is a bunch of douchebags (kinda like Matt in BB) and they span a few generations; yours and mine both.

            Now back to BB: How about that Britney…what a bitch! LOL

            1. Hey Coco,

              The problem is that the rich aren’t taxed enough (tax shelters) and the middle and lower class do not have enough social programs Medicare, Schooling ect…. Compare an average person making 50K a year in the US to countries like Canada, Denmark, Sweden excetera and you will notice that they get alot more even though that they are taxed more.

              Back to BB I agree that Brit is a Bitch…but she is hottt.

              1. You just named a bunch of socialist countries that has the government take everyone’s money and doles it out “evenly” to everyone through entitlement programs. Personally, if I am getting handouts, I don’t consider that “better”. I like to work for what I get and not have that incentive removed because what I earn is being giving to lazy a-holes that aren’t pulling their own weight. The only ones living the good life in those socialist countries are those in charge. Canada is not at the level of the others you named though. I have a buddy that is born and raised in Denmark that almost literally works around the clock to pay for the outrageous taxes to help support that system. Hmmmmmm…that sounds vaguely familiar doesn’t it, Mr. Obama.

        2. I am a generation-x ‘er, and I do not see anything wrong with this lie in this game. The game is about lying, deceit, backstabbing, etc…basically whoring out your morality to win a prize and entertain. He is taking a calculated risk and it might blow up in his face, either in the house or after he is back at home. All of the players know what they are getting into, they all chose to participate, and we all choose to promote it by watching.
          Bottom line is don’t hate the player, hate the game.

            1. It should be noted that I DON’T hate the game, as I am sure Simon doesn’t either. The game is what it is.

      1. BB EXPERTS!!! Question for you guys. What is like the most hideous lie a HG has told? Something worse than the dieing wife??

          1. Allison- BB4- What advice would you give to future BIG BROTHER HouseGuests?
            Lie! Lie your face off. Lie, make sure your alliance lies for you, make sure everyone lies for you, otherwise you’re not getting any money

    3. I don’t like his lie either. Had he lied about his job, like some of the other HG I could swallow that. But to use some obscure disease and to let it snowball like he has is crazy…. And when they were talking in the Cabana room (I don’t remember who was all there but Matt was for sure) one of the HG said they thought it would be dispicable for someone to use a family member and fake an illness just to get ahead. Matt agreed with them. I feel bad for all people who actually suffer from this disease, I hope that he finds out how much a surgery actually costs and donates that amount to a charity of that disease.

      I know big brother is a game of manipulation and lying comes into play, but there are moral lines you should not cross. Lie about yourself, what you do, where you are from, who you know or don’t know in the game, why you need the money, what you know about BB but keep your morals intact.

      I think it’s funny that the other HG speculate who America likes and dislikes, if only they knew. If only they knew. I don’t think Matt will get America’s chose. I hate to say it but I think Brendon or Rachel will get it or possibly Enzo. It just goes to show you…. when you are in that house you are definitely cut off from reality.

  3. Hahahaha. A fundraiser for Matt’s “sick” wife. Priceless. Well maybe they can use the money for braces or dental work for her.

  4. Did anybody else notice that matt pulled the DPOV out from under his chair????

    Whats the point of reality t.v. when its going to be manipulated by production!

    1. I’ve rewatched that scene about a dozen times because I love the reactions of everyone, and he most definitely had it in his pocket. You are correct.

      1. I agree, i’ll keeping a closer eye on the comments for anti gay remarks.. If someone is spreading hate please bring it to my attention and i’ll fix it.

        1. So everyone who says anything about rachael or brendon needs to be censored to. Ragen talks about morals but he talks worse about people than anyone.

      2. I don’t think this comment was homophobic just sick of these to players. Ragen talking about his morals when he consistantly bad mouths people, and Matt with his discusting lie. I think that is what Mattsucks ragen was meaning dispite the name. Some of the gay comments are no worse than what ragen, brit and people on here call rachel and brendon in my opinion.

        1. I really can’t imagine why anyone who watches BB would like Brendon or Rachel. They are both ridiculously socially and emotionally immature.
          Rachel went looking for fights with Ragan. Ragan stood up for himself and he did a damn good job!

  5. Brendon was in the storage room throwing out a lot of good food in the trash can. I guess he figures the less the others have to eat the weaker they will be for the competitions. He knows which food is good for what. He made Rachel eat bananas on the days prior the comps for the potassium. He told her that it helped with leg cramps, He should be fined for throwing good food away. I draw the line on wasting good resources-I don’t care if it helps this creep to deal with his anger and frustrations. He is a total creep!!!!

    1. Eriene Can I ask how you know it was good food ? He is the only one that cleans around there the rest are pigs, maybe the food is bad, but Brendon haters always think the worst.

        1. Anonymous
          I think your nasty comments are uncalled for and what you just posted disgusts me, are you 12 years old ? you need to go back home and live with your mom have her teach you some manners, and how to talk to women. Please grow up honey you will get along a lot better in life, I am sorry that you feel the need to talk to people like that.

  6. Over here in Ontario, Matt’s lie is even bigger. This has nothing to do with BB but not shure if you herd about a girl who claimed to have cancer, and over $20 000 was rasied and now the money is nowhere to be seen. Too many of us have loved ones who are sick.

    Matt’s lie hits a nerve for many of us, that is why we are so pissed at him. Also how come the HG are not questioning Matt why is he not with his wife? Too spend 3 months away from her is so wrong, even if it’s to win money. If you love someone you do not spend time away from them when the are sick.

    1. I hear what you’re saying but what about this. Matt is matt, hus morality and value system obviously allow him to lie about an illness his wife doesnt have. Does this mean Matt is insensitive to those with serious illnesses? I dont think it does. What if he won and donated half of the money to a pediatric aids or similar charity? This is a reality show; contestants often enter with a mindset of ” ill do w/e it takes to win” If that infringes on a viewers values or morals, there’s always the option to change he channel.

    2. Wow have you been taking lessons from Regan&Britney on how to be a nice person ? Lying about a job is no differant than saying your wife is on her death bed and we should have a fund raiser. What is wrong with you that you think that is a good thing to do.

    3. Davor, I sort of agree. While I believe BB is a game and you must do whatever to win said game, the news about the girl pretending to have cancer is crazy. I have major issues with it because of previous fundraising positions I have taken locally and wondered where the funds went. Matt upset me with his lie. I still want him to win but I would kick his ass for it none the less.

    4. There is a big difference between what Ashley Kirilow did and what Matt is doing. Nobody is actually planning fundraisers or raising money. Matt isn’t stealing this money from anyone, he or anyone else can say whatever they want to get that money. It’s the game. This is being blown way out of proportion, i’m sure people with Melorheostosis really give a damn about it. They are probably cheering for Matt for bringing awareness and a potential donation to their cause.

      1. Yes, but Ragan – for one – is giving him his full support, and would possibly let Matt win (or give him a good chunk of the prize money) because he feels so sorry for him.

    5. Well, I was going to respond to his comment, but since you said just about everything I wanted to say and more, I’m going to leave it alone. LOL.

    6. If the prize money for Big Brother was donated by the general public and we didn’t know about his lie I’d be pissed. However, being as that is NOT the case, I don’t think Matt’s lie can be compared to that piece of shit lowlife who faked cancer to fleece people.

    7. Davor, some of the responses to your comment are probably prime examples of the difference between Canada and America.

  7. as for the jury house members finding out about matt’s lie….
    one of the 1st four houesguests to get evicted (that are able to watch the show) will blurt it out on finale night. It’ll be the same way that Ronnie blurted out to Jordan that Natalie wasn’t 18.
    My money is on Kristen.

    1. I don’t think Kristen is IN the jury house – the first one there was Rachel. Matt’s lie will be exposed, but probably not until the final votes are cast. None of the jury members can watch the show, they are sequestered. The only information they get is the DVD that the next evicted HG brings with them showing highlights from the previous week.

  8. They are still drinking Jimmy Jones Kool-Aid I see…..would u like a cup of this juice Brit?, how bout u Ragan still thirsty?

  9. WHY is he a creep?? WHAT did he do that was so creepy? Creepier than Matt?? I don’t think so. C’mon people, what did Brendon do??? Aside from hooking up with the extremely skanky Rachel, that is.

    1. Brendon didn’t do anything for people to dislike him. Rachel has her little personality but if you look at it just a TV show, she’s good for rating.
      I don’t understand how any of us feel so strong about people who we don’t know, and probably will never meet, yet we hate or we love them. That’s the mystery of human nature that I don’t understand. Take for instance, I can’t stand mouthy, aka Britany. Hayden and Enzo, you’ve better send this little girl home soon.

    2. Brendon is very passive-aggressive in the house as well as a know-it-all. Most people I know don’t like either one! Plus he’s stuck in rachel world. Falling “in love” with someone like rachel so quickly is what creeps me out.
      I thought Brenda was a level headed & a disciplined guy in the beginning. But when he started hooking up with Rachel, my opinion of him changed. He’s CRAZY for even getting involved with her.

      1. You have to remember that being in that house, they’re around each other 24/7. So for Brendon to spend 3 days with Rachel in the BB house is more than what regular couples spend together in a month.
        So in one month they grew very close to one another, which is understandable. One month in there is like 9 months out here.

        1. If what your saying is true, Brenda should have WOKEN UP by now & broke up with her! When I met my husband we spent TONS of time together when we weren’t working. Granted not 24/7, but pretty close. So I’m not buying it. They are both creepy!

          1. Love is blind, and great sex makes you more blind, as if that’s even possible.
            Some lovers stay together even when they know their mate is not good for them, or even after they out grow one another. It’s life. Different strokes for different folks.

      1. NOT. He is a smart player! Read his HOH blogs. He is well spoken and funny. Rachels are difficult to read, I highly doubt that she has a REAL college degree.

  10. None of the HG’s will know until after the show is over. I, personally, would never lie about a family member being sick but Matt is playing the game folks! And look where it has gotten him…. Lots of allies in the house, a DPOV, & a couple of HOHS.

    It’s the HG’s own fault for not questioning him, they ought to know that people lie in this game.

      1. The jury house knew, but Natalie told Jessie about her lie during the game, so it’s not like it was a HUGE secret like Matt’s lie.

  11. Ok please if someone out there gets to interview Enzo please don’t suck his D***. Please put this guy in his place and bring up every name he’s called people in the house. This guy is the biggest dirt bag I’ve ever seen. The worst thing anyone has said about him is that they don’t think they can trust him, and that’s only Brit being a good judge of charachter. Why does this guy have to resort to the name calling he does. I wish I was kathys so. Because I would love to get the free shot to his face and knock him out. Enzo is such garbage. I really hope Brendan wins pov this week and Hayden goes up and Enzo goes home. I know this is BB and everyone talks about everyone but everyone in the house likes Enzo and for some reason he hates everyone except hayden. That’s why I want to see Hayden and Enzo up so we can see just how fast Enzo says stuff about Hayden. Atleast Brendan knows that Brit and Regan don’t like him. Please don’t vote for this guy to win 25k and please when someone interviews him please call him out and don’t bow down to him.

    1. I totally agree with you Mike! I cannot wait for Enzo to leave the house, I hope he gets evicted this week. He is absolutely disgusting!

    2. Why all the Enzo hate. i mean i dispise New Jersey as much as the next guy but i dont see him doing anything most of the other HGs havent done

  12. Rockstar, I don’t know your beef with jimik60, but when you say: ———” I will never ever ever comment on anything you type ever never ever again (however if you post after me then the deal is off) ” ———- it seems you are cutting off a valuable old friend to this site. You, BBGrandma and Jimik60 have always been my favorites, but seems you are a bit of a bully with this war of words, and a sensitive guy (jimik) with a lot of imagination that we get chuckles from is now feeling like they can’t come here without being attacked.

    BBGrandma, I know you are rockstar’s good friend, can you talk some sense into her? Can you give her a batch of cookies? Can you give her a hug that she needs? (But she says she is thick skinned, so it probably is jimik60 that needs the hug!!!) How about if there’s a truce and you two just avoid commenting on each other’s posts? I don’t want to lose ANY of you!!!! Help me simon!!!

    1. I’ve been trying to help this situation without getting too involved. Its good to have you here electra to try and cool everything down. I really don’t know what to do, I’m going to play the OBB drinking game tonight so hopefully I can figure it all out then.

      1. thanks simon. There are times we are all vulnerable to harsh words, even from those we don’t even know. A young, brash new checker at my favorite grocery store made rude comments to me, and because of my thin skin at the time, horrified, I have not ventured back — and though I miss them, I didn’t go back because I just didn’t want a confrontation, even though the manager has called and apologized and asked for another chance. I understand that jimik recently lost a friend is is raw to such confrontations. And so, we all lose.

      2. why can’t I have a hug? I got slammed last year, this year and because I defend myself I’m less then jimik. I never attacked jimi, he/she attacked me, called me out, called me a liar and said I made fun of dead friends and aids. I should sit here and smile because it’s okay for someone who cries and needs attention to say whatever they want but because I’m thick skinned I should laugh it off? What? No bleeping way. How do you know what I go through in a day? How do you know if I come here to escape for a few minutes because my life sucks and I have so much stress that sometimes I want to die but because I put a brave face outward I can’t be respected or cared for or be treated equally? jimi can post all he she wants. I could care less. I posted above that I won’t be commenting to him or her again. I find this oh woe is me ploy sad and if that makes me a bully then so be it but I refuse to sit here and be called a liar or be called out into a public forum and attacked when I was nothing but nice to jimi. No way, no how. I think I’m going to start crying. I lost my job, I just paid 2 grand to get my car fixed. My dad is very ill, my brother is ill, I take care of them both. Did I mention I lost my job? Did I mention I wanted to die that I’m sad all the time and suffer from severe depression and I can’t have children and that the one person I loved more then life itself died on me. Seriously, when it is my turn? someone love me

        1. Rockstar heres the hug you deserve…..

          I think this argument between Jimik and Rockstar is starting to get a little out of control I will be putting it on ice. please lets get back to arguing about BB12

        2. OMG! Im totally going to cry right now! I wasn’t going to get involved, buttttt since JIMIK has berated me one too many times too I just cant help it!
          First, Rockstar here’s you hug *******
          Second, I have been following this since yesterday and agree with everything you have said Rockstar!
          I too lost my job last year after 10 years at the same company, Im a recovering addict who struggles daily with peoples bullshit! I have been with my husband for 15 years trying to have children and over $50,000 later in debt and no children I come here for some eve fun! I have been attacked on sooo many levels for not having the same oppinion as others and have rarely attcked back! I noticed that the more chummy I got with BB-Ma the more I got attcked by Jimik……I am not a troller……the last straw for me was after listening to Jimik whine about gays and suicides and then attck me and say “I hope you never reproduce”.which I cant…I didn’t post for a while after that and donated to the site instead! I am a tuff girl who doesn’t take shit from people and to have someone cry about being treated badly and then turn around and be sooooo blatenly mean to others disgusted me! I have to say there is no bigger hypocrit than Jimik……to associate yourself with CBS and then to say all the horible discusting things you say on here just shows what type of a person SHE is…………
          Sorry BB-Ma….you were the reason I haven’t spoke up before…….but I couldn’t help it after reading the similarities I have with Rockstar….I know what she is feeling and there is noooo reason for it! OMG….I could go on but Im not going to……already spent tooo much energy on garbage………
          Hugs and empathy Rockstar!!

    2. Right on Elect! Well said. Everyone take a breath because you all contribute to this site and make us all laugh. I go back to my original idea this season…. you all should have your own show. AG could actually somewhat redeem herself a little…… BB 13 – jimik, Gran, Rock……all of the regular contributors… would be hot.

  13. You need muscles in order to have leg cramps and all rachal has is pimple, fat, and silicon in her body. Rachal never did an endurance comp so eating those bananas were for nothing. Unless her legs cramped just from the weight of her fat legs while she stood there and answered questions.

  14. Mike, true words! I hate as well how CBS edits it to make Enzo appear funny rather than the. True slimeball he is. Matt and Ragan get editted to show their worst while Hayden, Enzo, and the ogre look far better on the show than live feeders know they are.

  15. Almost 4pm est, got a quick tease. Saw Brit in her blue dress, so I thought the game was done. It looked finished, but feeds cut out again. Instead of the quizes it just the “we be right back” message so hopefully soon the feeds will be back on.

    1. anonymous you are so much like Britt and Ragan no wonder you have nothing respectful and truthful to say. Here goes the Britt,Rag and Brigad fan lying about Brenden again.

  16. I think Matt watched the season of “Survivor” with Jonny Fairplay on it waaaay too much…..probably where he got the idea to lie about his wife’s condition….he just made her sick instead of… Fairplay did with his Grandma

  17. GODDAMN just like i hoped Hayden,Brendon and Enzo A.K.A “Two Douches & No Lips” are the have nots for this week….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. To all you Matt haters! I am NOT a big fan of Matt but you have to give it to him, he is outplaying everyone in this game, he has symapthy votes, he has two alliances, and he wins competitions! Like him or not he is by far playing this game better than anyone else that has been evicted or is still in the house.

  19. 4:35pm est, Brit and Matt in the HoH room. Matt laying in the bed with comforter covering him, Brit pacing. Saying something about “I don’t want to talk to them, what am I going to say?”

    Matt hand down his shorts, reading Brits letter.

  20. Matt’s lie is great! What’s the big deal? You all act as if lying about an illness is taboo because it tugs on emotions. So what!! Everyone dies; millions are sick; and if he can get you to fall for it then more power to him. I had 6 grandmothers dies in college whenever i handed in a paper late. My uncle passed when i needed time off from work to go to Vegas one week and my sister was a rehabilitating crack ho when I needed some meds! lol……Kidding aside, lighten up people. Death is a part of life so why not embrace it and use it for what its worth. You think GOD is going to punish us all for lying on income taxes; job applications; and to spouses?? If so, he will be one lonely dude in heaven. Spare me the morality crap and creating your own scale of what’s acceptable behavior. Britany and the girls flashing their asses and use their bodies to win over guys in the house – is that wrong too?? Enough with the preaching! Good lie Matt – hope it gets you votes!

    1. Theres some things you just don’t do in life. One of them is every lying about a family member being sick. It looks for many this is not a big deal. For others it is a big deal.

      Just like wearing hats indoors, yawning not covering your mouth. For some it’s a big deal for others it’s not.

      1. Well, in that case, this show is not for you because it’s about lying, manipulating and back stabbing. I think you’re running late for church. You better hurry and catch that church van.

      1. If someone lied about me being ill I would love it! Might even show up at the finale in a wheelchair drooling!!

  21. Team Rockstar here :) you took a lot of $hit last year and this also. I still don’t get the Natalie thing but then again if we all liked the same hg it would be extra boring. Hugs from MD

  22. Matt telling Brit how he to do his nominations. She is either acting, or dosnt know how to act when doing nominations.

  23. Brit got Dr Pepper, and Chez-it. They talking about Brendon how he made deals with everyone.

    Looks like Brit got play doh, wich Matt is playing with. Brit saying about how Brendon made deals with everyone. She said Brendon isn’t playing the game very strategically, and will be a bit personal something about her fiance Nick how he would like him out for things Brendon said about him. What did Brendon say about Nick?

  24. Matt and Brit discussing how terrible game play Brendon. Brit making it personal. Some how Brendon attacked Nick on National Television, Brit says. So it looks like Brendon is going up. Good, he can at least fight for the PoV. So far don’t know who the pawn is going to be.

  25. If you are paying for these feeds why do they get to turn em off? Any idiot can see on BBAD who won what by paying attention to their conversations.

    1. the feeds don’t get turned off very much.. sometimes the houseguests say things they don’t want us to hear. Like people’s names, address, phone numbers, production details, etc etc

  26. Brit says she is going to be really nice to Brendon and watch him throw everyone under the bus, then later she will not play nice.

  27. You can tell Brit is getting upset at Brendon. She is asking Matt and Lane now if Brendon said anything about her family. Lane saying no he didn’t say anything.

    So it’s ok for her to talk about people behind their back, but because Brendon does it he is an asshole now? Why is it that these people do the exact thing that they complain about the people they hate?

  28. LMFAO, Lane “if all the guys have their shirts off, and the girls have their shirts off, you (Matt) will be dreaming about the guys”

    Matt “No I will not be having dreams about the guys”


  29. Hayden not Brit. Matt is making Hayden out of play-doh. Matt saying how it’s a solid piece of craftmanship. Does look good lol

    Lane”that is not haden in dreads is it?” LOL.

    Yes I am bored and have no life :)

  30. On the contrary, he is making people aware of this disease, and more people aware of the disease will of course bring about more donations by people who became aware of it. It is certainly not right to make fun of diseases, or of people who have diseases, but it is right to make people aware of diseases(look at AIDS awareness day for example) to make people avoid getting it if its contagious, or help others who have it and are in need of help. If tomorrow an actor plays the role of somebody who has a rare disease and how he fights it, would you say that the actor is a liar and a cheat? Would you say the movie sucks balls? On the contrary, the movie raised awareness of the disease. BB is a TV show, big difference between this and a movie? Consider Matt to be just an actor, who is playing the part of “my wife has that disease and i have to raise money to save her”. He is in NO WAY making fun of people who have the disease, he is just like an actor passing a message. Show me WHERE he is making fun of the disease or people who have it.

  31. Matt leaves know, “to be continued” about his play-doh and leaves.

    Brit “whats up?”
    Branodon asking about if their deal is still intactl
    Brit couldn’t hear too much, but something not shure,

    Brendon talking about not trusting Matt. He is telling Brit how Matt and Ragen wanted Brit on the block and if they won PoV Matt wouldn’t have used it on Ragen and that they have no loyalty in the house.

    Brit asking about who wanted her gone, and Brendon saying how peopel who want him gone wants Brit gone too because she is a strong competitor.

    Brandon says if he is put up, he is put up. He says if he is put up, he will not butter her up, but if he is not, it will show Brits honours her agreement with him then.

  32. Brit saying if Matt didn’t choose the replacement, Brit saying to Brendon that he would put up Brit. Then they agree they don’t want to play the BB what if game and what could have happened.

  33. Brendon saying if he goes home to jury house, he has 3 votes, his, kathie’s and rachels vote that will not go to Brit. Keep that in mind.

    He says, if he goes up he goes up, but don’t play the game for Matt and Ragen. He is saying fianl 3 and she is not part of it.

    Brit saying nobody made any final deals with her. She is saying nobody has even tried to make a final deal with her at all.

    Hehe, Brendon says something about being impressed with Brit if she honours her deal and that he will win HoH next week. He says it will be a memory game (sorry I am not good at writing out the details so could be wrong here. I am doing my best.))

  34. Brit telling Brendon she dosn’t want to make enemies and she dosn’t want to put anyone up.

    Brendon saying things so he dosn’t get put up. I don’t know, but I would rather be put up so I know for shure I get to play for PoV. Well that is my opnion. I would hate to get back doored.

    Brendon saying how he appologiezed how he made it personal to Matt and Ragen (but I think this was last week and they still don’t like each other) He saying how nobody felt bad how rachel when home, and Brit says, I felt sorry for you guys.

    He saying do what you need to do for yourself. If that means putting him up (Brendon) do it, but think clear and hard.

    1. brendon sucking brittney’s ass hardcore HAHAHAHAHA sorry caveman it won’t work this time. but hey look on the bright side the whole world knows you don;t want the 500k so just get evicted and go be with your hoochie

    2. i know plenty dudes who fall hard for hoochies nothing against that, she admired things to him most men wouldn’t stand for, “her constantly getting financial favors from rich men, her passing out drunk, waking up naked with 100s in her hand” cmon now he practically told him she a ho in many different ways, and he STILL doesn’t get it, poor man gone get his heart torn to shreds..

  35. looks like Brenchel fans need major therapy their becoming just as pathetic and delusional as rachel and brendon

  36. Britney looks more and more like a junior Dolly Parton to me — or an early Dolly Parton, before the surgery to “augment” her figure. Same smile, same kind of prettiness but not nearly as nice a person as Dolly is. Britney is a spoiled brat and a supreme bitch. I’m glad she is not my daughter!

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