* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: ENZO, BRENDON, & HAYDEN are have nots …They get to eat Broccoli & Bean Dip!


12:55pm The live feeds come back on from having their have/have not competition for a split second before 1pm, all of the house guests are in the backyard. Britney is still in her blue dress costume with her back to the camera. The guys are sitting and standing in the backyard in cowboy outfits. Britney says that if they were matching shots…. and then Big Brother cuts the feeds to the “We will be right back” screen. When the feeds come back again the cameras are on the inside of the house showing a large pile of broccoli sitting on the kitchen table …moments after the screen opens letting the house guests into the house. They all come in wearing their cowboy out fits. The come over to the table and Britney reads aloud the announcement telling them that the have nots get to eat broccoli and bean dip. The all says that it is better than what they have been given before.

1:20pm They all head to the bedrooms to change out of the cowboy costumes. Matt says that he has enough bandanas to last a life time now. Brendon, Hayden and Enzo are all have nots this week. Enzo is a have not he says that he doesn’t mind broccoli that he can cook it up and put salt on it. Brendon says that they could grill the broccoli too.


1:30pm Lane, Hayden, Matt and Ragan are in the living room.  Hayden has one of the bean dips and is reading the nutrition label.  Brendon is yelling from the kitchen asking what the protein and carbs are?   Hayden tells him.  Brendon says that its not too bad.  Lane asks Hayden if he is allowed to eat chips with it.  Hayden says no.  They start talking about the competition.  Lane says that he couldn’t read him when they were closing their eyes.  Lane says that Ragan was crying.  They talk about grilling up the tonight.  They talk about how they are going to be given a BBQ grill.  They laugh about how big brother waited until Kathy was gone before giving them a BBQ because she was always out there smoking. Hayden asks what the final score was …Lane says that it was 2 to 1. Matt asks Britney if she was guessing along in her head. Britney says that she was but wasn’t right all the time. Lane says that his team all had different faces each time. Britney and Matt says that he could smell them first. Matt says like the jalapeño one. Matt says that he had to spit after and then he had to spit every time just so that people wouldn’t know any different. Apparently they each had to eat something and someone from the other team had to guess which one ate something specific. Like guessing who ate the jalapeño.


1:50pm Britney tells everyone that she is going up to the HOH and if any one wants to talk before nominations they can come up. Matt goes up to the HOH with Britney and says that he is trying to win $50 for blocking Brendon from being able to talk to Britney. Matt reads Britney’s letter. Britney asks Matt what the best thing she do with nominations. Matt says that what she can do to make things fare is to nominate people that haven’t been up before. Britney says that she wants Matt to help her with her speech. Matt talks about how she can tell Enzo that he is in already in a competitive mode and that he has a chance to win the POV. Matt says that he doesnt know how overt she wants to be with nominating Enzo as a pawn. Matt tells her to tell Brendon that they are just as good as the deal that he made with her before. Matt tells her to just leave it at that. Britney says that she thinks her speech to Brendon will be to tell him that he has made a deal with everyone in the house and that she is also making it partially personal ….and to consider it as a thank you to Nick her fiancé. Britney says that the best thing to do is to nominate the person Enzo who is closest to Brendon. Britney says that she like to play this game strategically and that strategically he sucks … Britney goes on practicing her speech saying that he made a deal with both him and her and that he knew full well that he would have to break one of them.. Britney says that it is personal because he decided to personally attack her fiancé so he can consider this from him … he (Nick – Britney’s boyfriend) says your welcome… Matt asks if she is just going to flat out tell him that he is going up or if she is going to string him alone …. Britney says that she doesn’t know …she doesn’t want to talk to him at all … she wants to hide out in the bathroom and if he comes up tell him I’m taking a deuce.
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** Updated **
1:50pm – 2pm Lane comes up to the HOH room. Matt is playing with the play doh. Britney starts asking Lane if he heard Brendon trash talking her or Nick last night. Lane says that he’s not sure. Britney asks him what do you mean you are not sure …did he say anything or not?! Lane says that he doesn’t know. Britney tells Lane that he is acting suspicious. Lane tells Britney to tell Brendon that he is the saboteur. Britney says that the saboteur is over. Britney leaves to go get batteries. Lane and Matt talk. Matt says that he is going to stay up there until nominations because he wants to win $50 cuz thats the only way he is going to win money. Lane gets mad and says that he cant stay up here all the time. Matt says that hes going to … The joke about how they want to hide up in the HOH to listen to Brendon talk to Britney. Matt starts talking about how his wife told him to befriend the gay guy in the house and he said that he didnt want to because he knows that the gay guy is always friends with all the girls and he didnt want to be. Matt says but thats how it ended up. Lane says just says for instance that all the guys and girls took off their tops in the house ….Lane says that Matt would be the one to have a dream about the guys. Matt says no he wouldn’t, I dont think I would anyway…

2pm Britney, Hayden are in the bedroom downstairs talking about the Have nots competition.

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151 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: ENZO, BRENDON, & HAYDEN are have nots …They get to eat Broccoli & Bean Dip!

  1. I can confirm they actually do have broccoli and bean dip. They distracted Allison Grodner by leaving a trail of cookies that led down the street and around the corner. TMZ has photos of the carnage that ensued.

      1. I like Lane, but he needs to do SOMETHING. Def not Enzo…he’s beginning to get on my nerves. Well, I guess that leaves Lane…he’s gotta make some kind of move soon. OR make out with Brit…that would work!

    1. Why the A.G. hate.
      I’m all for the rigging. If we are going to have a crapfest..least we can do is pull out all the stops.
      They should get rid of Julie Chen though. They need somebody who comes off as more sympathetic. a Cat Deeley clone maybe.

    2. *rolls eyes* With all your complaining bout Grodner, the fact you are watching the show still proves how much of a moron you are with those comments on her. If you can’t talk about anything else, why bother commenting on anything?

  2. wow, matt is such a sore loser. it is okay to nominate brendon but is unfair when he does it. WTF did they want him to do? nominate himself? considering all the rigging was done in his favor, he should just shut up and worry about him going up if brendon wins POV.

    1. matt is no more a sore lose than brendon, brendon whined every time he lost a comp.., but i guess as a brenchel fan you forgot that huh???

      1. Matt is the worse kind of sore looser. He doesn’t even have a legitimate reason for wanting Brendan out. he is a hypocrit and a two faced liar. He has been using everyone in the house from day one, and to lie on your wife just to win, Yes it’s a game but if you’re going to play it that way then have some common sense and not complain about people when you’re doing the same things they are but in a worse way. He has poor Brit and Ragan so fooled that they can’t even see it. I mean this guy is a total douche, how can you use your on friends at the expense of a dollar. All he does is go around playing on one reality show after the next. He needs to get a life and stop trying to want to live out his life on a reality show, but I guess that’s as close to hollywood as he’s going to get.

        1. Matt was put on the block because of Brenda. That sounds like a good reason to me! Brenda is there just to do what he thinks Rachel would have wanted. You can’t respect that. Matt is playing the game. Brit and Ragan won’t blame him for his lie in the end. It’s all part of his plan and he’ll be the one laughing to the bank if it works. I thought the lie sucked, but that’s BB..you gotta be sneaky. I’m rooting for him.

        1. He is a pathetic, whiny, poor sport. But he is nice looking. A needy man is not attractive. His choice in women tell me all I need to know about him.
          I liked him at first but if you look pussy whipped up in the dictionary there is his photo.

          1. my thoughts exactly little lu!
            brenda is the most pathetic man i have ever seen.
            god to be that needy and whiny gross!!!
            he is also very bipolar…..snaps and gets crazy quick

            what a disgusting wack-a-doo!! he BETTER be gone on thurs…

      2. he has no choice other than whine when he loses? being angry is one thing, he wasn’t mad at himself for losing he mad pathetic excuses for him losing , thats makes him a sore loser… if he was just mad he would say something like “damn i should have played better” but he didn’t he said “they made this comp for small people, it was no fair for tall people” but he JUMPED off both HOHs willingly he clearly wasn’t in much pain after, now if he had stayed on til he was in extreme pain then i would believe he tried but soon as he jumped off he began whining.

          1. laid back is okay for real life (kind of boring) but not in big brother. we want some excitement – thanks to brit and matt and enzo.
            matt is a total game player-read his hoh blogs
            brit is very funny. she reminds me of a character in a book that i read where she appears bitchy but that is her shield.
            enzo is good for a few laughs
            ragan is sweet and loyal and a decent player
            hayden/lane are boring
            brendon is a tool and I hope when he sees the show he will get some counseling and grow up

          2. to be honest, i don’t care who wins. I feel like this cast is boring!!!

            Brendon- sore loser
            Matt- lies too much
            Lane and Enzo- DON’T WIN ANYTHING!!! (they are like guy versions of Kathy)
            Hayden- too fake (he always tries to be something he’s not, for example the way he talks) I watch big brother after dark and he does not talk the way that he does in the diary room. He is too annoying and he also lied about kissing Kristen even though she is gone so it doesn’t matter.
            Brit- sucks up to the HOH too much, luckily she doesn’t have to do that this week
            Ragan- finally won a pov, but he still has to prove himself

      1. Lane is a complete fool, he can’t think for himself, he can’t win any of the competitions.
        He always comes to Hayden and Enzo to see which way he should vote. Lane is not even close to winning any of the contests, he is always eliminated by the middle of each competition. If anyone deserves the cash it must go to Matt, he has used and abused the most house guest especially Ragan and Brit, he has them wrapped around his finger and they will do what ever he wants of them. Ragan and Brit are the weakest people emotionally left in the house and Matt controls them completely, they are basically his slaves.

    2. exactly. they are a bunch of hypocrits. Now I am anxious to see the backstabbing that will take place for the double eviction and after..Now Brendon shot himself in the foot kinda but u know what so has everyone else. It just amazes me that they all can trash talk but Brendon cant. They can backstab but Brendon cant. It would be funny if it comes down to Brendons and rachael vote for someone to win hahahahahhh a bunch of immature kiddies are in that house. Enzo wife I would be appalled. all the cursing, playing with himself and then going in the kitchen cooking yuck Matt fondling himself while in front of others especially regan ok wondering on that one. BB please next cast get some people with class pleaseeeee

      1. amen….everyone is BASHING Brendon and Rachel….but have they REALLY done anything that the others have not???? I do like Brendon much better without Rachel. I’m wanting Lane to win now. My 2nd choice is Hayden. Britney’s a big hypocrit, and I can’t stand Liar Matt or smut mouth Enzo.

        1. my reason for not like brendon and rachel are not for their game play. i do not like them do to their personalities and the ‘real life’ choices they have made in this game regarding their relationship. they have both embarrassed their families with the way they have acted as a couple. the sex, the drunk fights, the soul mate comments after knowing each other a few weeks. brendon trying to get evicted because he is a knight in shining armor EWWWW

    1. And, if they can have milk or creme (can they?), you can steam the broccoli and heat milk or creme throw it in the blender with salt and pepper and have a broccoli soup!

      1. That sounds good LJ. I will have to try it some time! I also like to add a little soy to the garlic broccoli. Not sure what they can and can’t have, all I know is I wouldn’t be able to handle “slop”. I’ll go through periods where I’ll eat a head of broccoli a day.

  3. I am one of the biggest BB fans but this season is the worst on of all. I hate Brit I have no idea how she has lasted,and Regan well He is a complete looser I dont think it was a least bit funny how he treated Rachel. I like Brendon and Rachel. Rachel is the ONLY one that was playing the game. The rest a idiots…

    1. U know Jamie, the last fight was over the top. I think Regan is trying to gain some heart. He went crazy. I don’t care who it was, the things he said was for shock value and he thought it was cool. Yet he is a College Professor, yea ok seems a poor excuse of one if u ask me. He thinks its ok that he is scheming and yet no one is supposed to play the game cept for him and his girlfriend Brit and Matt.give me a break. I hope anyone cept them 3 wins

      1. Yes and as badly as Ragan berated Rachel, she did NOT respond in an out of control manner. She laughed about it but did not go after him as he did her. She’s playing the game. He’s being downright rude.

        There IS a difference.

        And I am still waiting for when they ALL find out about Matt’s lie about his wife being sick. Heaven help him if he wins that money with that lie. I am betting he does not.

        1. the only chance he has to not win the money if brenchel continues to play person in jury, but none of them will find out about his lie until after the show. but then again they hate matt so no chance of them voting for him, everybody else will vote for matt

    2. You’re pretty dumb. If you’ve been watching BB for a while like you say, then you should know how and why Britney has survived with ease. Rachel was definitely playing the game hard, but if you seriously think she’s the only HG playing, then you’re a fool. You’re one of those people Matt has talked about, who think that just because you like BB, you’d be good at playing the game as a HG. You would get torn to shreds. The BB fish are probably better players than you would be . . . and that’s including the half a dozen fish that have literally died so far. Surprisingly, they didn’t die because Allison Grodner ate them. They just flat out died. And they’re still better BB players than you.

      1. I agree. Brit has the skill to be two-faced, while coming off as genuine and cute. You have to be a little selfish and ruthless and entitled to play this game.
        Rachel was intelligent and competative, but socially inexperienced in many ways. she couldn’t even relax for her DR sessions and interviews, much less when interacting with hgs. girls like brit who grew up popular and liked in life are much much better equipped to handle it.

      2. K first of all I never said ever said I wanted to play they game or could for that matter, sounds like you think you are a BB master, As does everyone so shut up. All I am saying is I hate these show where ther real competitors go on and win,when the ones that do play hard are the ones that get kicked of first. And i was just voicing what I thought of this years BB its been the most boring yet. And FYI I HATE BRIT AND REGAN!!! Everyone has a right to there own opinions…….

        1. yeah. it sucks that way. but it’s the way it’s always been. It’s how the game started and how it stuck around.
          Dr Will never won anything in 2 seasons, I think.
          Controversial outcomes sell.

    3. Since Rachel left, it’s not interesting any more. Rachel has her little outburst, but at least she wasn’t nasty in her confrontation like Ragan. I don’t know what colleg he teaches at, but if wouldn’t be associated with that school after what he said to Rachel in the yard.

    4. These are some of the worst BB players ever. Worse than Season 9. The only good ones are Brendon Rachel and Matt and when Brendon made a power move he got screwed over by BB. I’m sorry, but these powers people get by luck and not skill are just ridiculous. The Coup De Tat ruined last years whole gameplay, and this Diamond Power of Veto just granted a wish to two of the most bratty and selfish people ever. The little thing that came out of the DPOV was the saboteur, which did nothing. BB, stop trying hard and stop with these wizard powers.

    1. yea like matt tried his 1st HOH? no thats a bad idea, put who you want out up n the block… this backdooring shit is shady

  4. Now Now we are allowed to be fans of whoever we choose, No need to disrespect each other over our own opinions. I hope we all just can voice our opinions without being ripped for doing so. Let’s all be adults about this. Have a happy Friday all.

    1. i agree. some psycho on here posted paragraphs full of insults and namecalling, (calling me a lardass and similar for no reason with zero provocation. what happened to agree to disagree.
      please keep the mental patients off this board. :D

  5. OMFG brendon is STILL playing the game for rachel? PATHETIC…. if it was flipped she would be playing for HER because she actually wanted to win the money.

      1. true love never conquered half a millions dollars….. they shouldn’t played a better game then they can spend half of that 500k million on their wedding but they played horrible and they know it, brenchel fans ain’t quite figured it out yet

    1. I said it before if Brendon is in the final 2 if you vote for Brendon you are actually voting for Rachel. That is all Brendon says I am playing for Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb A**

  6. If I saw Britney come out in that little blue dress, I would ask her to turn around (in a serious tone), then – after she did – tell her to bend over and say how turned on I am. I’m funny like that. Also a manpig. Thanks.

  7. without question this season totally blows team gremlin is the lamest group of hgs this side of hayden and bozo, plus with all the rigging that slime A.G is doing is making it even worse. whothe hell wants tosee gaygan, gremilin and bitchny in th final 3? no thanks get a better cast and pulease!

      1. Ragan and Britney are not playing the game they are being played by Matt.
        Matt controls these two out of control emotional zombies, they can’t make a move without think how this will effect Matt.

  8. show me one houseguest on this show that isn’t an emotional wreck when they’re nominated.
    every single one of them is a sore loser.
    bbad has been unwatchable the last wek or so. as much as you hate rachel, she was the show this season.

    1. if you dont like it dont watch it noboby is makeing you are they. im glad rachael is gone to me she is the worst hg bb has ever had and i have watched every season

  9. you know whats sad, only 1 person in this game is playing a good game, and thats Matt… the rest have been backstabbing, playing personal, and talking shit……………. TEAM GREMLIN

  10. 5:25pm est Brendon saying if you keep your word this week it’s huge for him and he will not put her up. He says he will not put her up even if someone wins the PoV.

    I wouldn’t say he is putting anyone under the bus, but he is saying that Regan is really good at covering himself. He talks a good game, but he is with Matt and not her. He points out about Matt and Regan, no real mention of Enzo, Lane or Hayden.

    So he points out how they are with each other and in the end no room for Brit. I wouldn’t call that throwing under the bus. He says play the game for her and not for Matt and Regan.

  11. I think that if they do not put Brendon up they will be sorry….look at Matts first reign as HOH…did not put up thinking to backdoor him and he could not do it…veto was not used…

    1. But look at the house, they would all use the PoV to get Brendon up there and back door him. So the only way of not him winning the PoV is not nominating him and hoping his name is not pulled out.

      So I believe the house is together in using the PoV except of Brendon wich he wouldn’t use it.

  12. I love how Brendon said that it was BB putting in the invisible hand in giving Matt the DPoV. Then Britt says how Matt was pissed with the pretzel message and they get in shit if the leave messages on the couch or what not and how this was allowed.

    Brendon said that message had nothing to do with is deceision.

  13. Brendon saying how Brit is the most dangerous player. They think everyone thinks Brendon can’t win quizes. Brit says no they dont thing that.

    Brendon making good points why he should stay. But I would rather play for the PoV than being back doored as I said before. Why he dosn’;t see this, I have no idea.

      1. I thought because the HoH plays, and the 2 nominiees play, that means each one pulls a name out of the hat, that would leave one person to host who dosn’t get picked because there is 7 people. I only notice 6 people and taking part in the PoV.

  14. putting up brendon woiuld be a stupid move he has no alliance, she should put up gremlin and the fag that would shake things up and make this more interesting with her and nick, i mean lame lane

  15. LMFAO. Brit goes to Hayeden, why does everyone say that Brit has Lane. She makes one of her funny faces and says me and Lane are friends, just like she is friends with Hayden. She can’t understand LOL.

    Well maybe not wrapping your arms around him from time to time would help I guess LOL. You don’t wrap your arms around anyone else.

  16. The real backstabbing and throat cutting will start next week when they all find out it’s a double eviction.Matt’s about to find out he should have nominated britney instead of kathy.Brit’s the biggest two face in the house,next to cry and snot ragan and matt.Will big brother hook up ragan with marcelas and they can be a happy couple.

    1. Every season I somehow find a way to forget the rules/procedures: On a double eviction do they have a second POV comp? Or does the new HOH make immediate nominations followed by a quick live vote to evict?

  17. Looks as though Matt will be spending more time up in the HOH room than Lane, that’s got to piss Lane off a bit. I think Lane will be gunning for Matt even more now. It’s gonna get dirty soon!
    BTW-Matt, your band sucks!!

  18. LMAO @ Brit……You know like I can’t put up Brendon and his TOE!!! lol Doesn’t even blink an eye….crack a smile or anything….too funny!

    1. I remember seeing a pic of Matt’s toe. Put the pics up against each other and see who’s is worst. Matt or Brendan?

    1. Shocking isn’t it? The rerun season must be exceptionally awful this season…LOL. On network television Reality TV rules the summer with BB and AGT. They are definitely nice distractions from what’s going on with the struggling economy, double-digit unemployment rates in most of the country (and they don’t even count the self-employed, independent contractors, etc), the government spending my grandson’s future away, and questionable decisions almost daily in D.C. Gotta have my Big Brother fix! :0)

    2. I am one of those who think this is a boring BB. but like I said, I can’t seem to look away. I am always hoping something good will happen. I admit, I am hooked ragrdless of how crappy and boring the cast is this year. I am sure I am not the only one and there for ratings are up!

  19. Hayden not putting anyone under the bus. Not shure if Brit is stringing him along or not, but she said the house is Brendon Brendon Brendon and they not thinking of anything else. She is not shure what to do.

    OOOOOOOOOO Hayden saying how Regan and Matt are close. “Just know that they are close” he tells her. “I agree with youuuuuuuu” she replies.

    Hayden leaves the HoH room now.

  20. 6:03pm est, Lane into the HoH and Brit again said, I don’t need to talk to you but don’t want anyone else in here.

    Brit telling him that they think or Hayden thinks they are a pair.

    She saying to Lane, that he though Ragen under the bus. Now is he, Brendon or Hayden? I am guessing Hayden.

  21. Does anyone know with the double eviction next Thursday is there a pov comp as well next Thursday or does the hoh just put 2 people up and one goes home???

  22. I think it is funny someone would call me dumb for rooting for Bendon. Guess it shows were you lie on the class scale as I would never call you dumb etc for liking other players

    1. I think it is hard for many people to understand how Brendon is likeable. Sure he is good looking but he lacks qualities that you normally find in an adult. He is socially and emotionally unstable. He latched onto Rachel and anyone can see they are NOT a good fit. He seems like a homebody and she is a self described partier. He is a bad sport. If he doesn’t win he blames it on something rather than realizing the others did better than him. He wanted to quit the game for someone he just met, that no one else likes. How can a man of 30 fall madly in love with some one in a month? He knows nothing of her in REAL life. I could go on and on and on and on. The only quality that is likeable at all is his looks.

      1. I agree falling in love that fast is odd and Brendon does have a few less social skills, Rachel is a little out there, but they have been the game and they have tried to be kind, yes they have had their moments of being against people that are out to get them, however, all I can say is Rachel’s kind heart shown through when she would not stoop to that little freaks level when he was so mean to her. She does not like to really hurt people she just wanted to play the game. Rachel and Brendon are good people and are having a hard time believing the bad is so bad. Where ever that little freak teaches students, hopefully parents will try and get him fired. He is a poor excuse of a human being, him and Britiney can dish it out but they can’t take it. They say such horrible things about Brendons posture well watch that little freak walk in the BB house and see who is worse. Britiney thinks she knows fashion, look at the dress she wore when Kathy was voted out, PLEASE it was HICKSVILLE. Hey little freak, America does NOT like you or at least I hope I am not the only one that you make sick, I hope there are a few people that agree with me. LOVE BB

        1. I have not seen them be kind to anyone, must be watching a different show?
          Vegas said a monkey could do better than Her Man did, as she boo-hooed.
          (such a class act: “even a monkey could have taken out more than 3 pins”)
          I wonder how her Man will feel when he sees that kind comment from the love of his life…LOL

        2. Is he a freak for freaking out at the Vegas Freak who starting freaking out on him first, how would you defend yourself after being on freaking slop for so freaking long as some Vegas freak is trying to feed you freaking gooey cookies and get you freaking penalized in the freaking game?

  23. I haven’t kept up with people’s comments so maybe it has already been sai, BUT all Brendon has to do to stay in the house is say the following to Britney .. “We made a deal that if I didn’t put u up or backdoor u that u would do the same for me, I expect u to stick to the deal. If u do not u can say goodbye to any chance of winning $500K, u would be playing for 2nd place. U need 4 votes to win and Rachel & I can be 2 votes for or against u. What u also need to think about is that u want me sitting next to u at the end to guarentee u winning the half a mil. Why waste your HoH getting rid of someone that could go next week under someone else’s HoH. AGAIN u screw me and go back on our deal and u will need 4 votes from the remaining 5 people on the jury and that’s not happening so congrats on 2nd place at best”

    1. ahhhh, said from a logical observer. Brendon is emotional and going to avenge his true love (gag). He is blinded by those things. Brit is also blinded by how much she dislikes Brendon and Rachel. She cannot seperate her emtions to think logically, neither of them can.

  24. Hi all,

    Lets all vote Lane as Americas Favorite Player as a protest. Everyone else has been self rightious, hypocritical, annoying, and downright stupid.

    Vote Lane ….pass it on.

    1. What has Lane even done in the game? He is the same as Enzo but Enzo is at least funny. He will not get my vote for AMericas player!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I don’t care who win they just have to be taller then 5’9.
    Can’t root for the Midget Mafia ( Brit Ragan and the Hunchback)

  26. Brit will lose to whoever makes it to the finals with her so no matter what she does it won’t change the fact that she is getting 2nd place. If Enzo makes it tho the finals then just like last year the biggest floater of the season will win because they think Enzo likes them. Now if BB would let the JH see the true Enzo then he wouldn’t win a dam thing

  27. @ Easy E Brendon did say that, but in a nice way. In no way was he berating or threating to Brit when he was talking to her about game play.

    @ the people asking about double eviction, it should go, they evict who ever is on the block, then everyone but Brit plays for HoH, then the winner of HoH has to nominate 2 people right away, then they do PoV and then see if it;s used or not, and then vote again to evict, then this where i am not to shure, they do another HoH compititon or do it later. The winner of the 2nd HoH dosn’t get to go in the HoH room at all unless they change it this year.

  28. Why don’t Britney just put up the biggest competitors? That would be………Matt and Brendon. She would say they are the biggest competitors, and they each have ample opportunity to show what they are made of……Just a thought. Remember, she has no alliance with anyone.

  29. I just woke up after having the worst dream. I found myself in BB backyard minding my own business when all of a sudden “rockstar” came out and started taunting me with cookies. Then all of a sudden we were saying nasty things to each other and just when I was about to call her a red headed parrot with zits, I woke up! Was it a dream? Did we finally get a chance to work it out? Did she bake me cookies? I am in such a fugue state right now!

    1. Shit! Now Im in real big trouble! I went to make some toast and ended up electricuting myself. Now I have one of those dreadful 70’s “porno perm!” What’s next?

    1. Why is Kathy in my bedroom ransacking it for cigarettes? She looks badly strung out and his holding my hampster captive! Ouch! She just pistol-whipped me! What’s next?

  30. I hope Brit puts Enzo and Brendon up. I hope Brendon wins POV and then Hayden takes his place. That would insure Enzo goes HOME already.

  31. perfect 3 to win have nots. hopefully 2 of them will go home next thurs. they are floaters and even though enzo is funny i hope he goes home. how surprised were they when matt used the dpov! my favorite moment this season, well except when ragan went off on rachel and called her the wicked witch and cackled.

  32. That big brother house is going to stink this week. Poor enzo will be having poop troubles.
    Brit and Matt are the only game players in the house. I hope they make it to then end.

  33. Finally, they have something that can put some life into the house…the caveman bros eating Broccoli and Bean Dip……the farting, the jokes, and the look on Brit and and her sister Ragen’s faces as they polllute the air should be hillarious.

  34. Brendon will be up this week and will not fight… his heart (cock) over rules his head . His desire to be with Rat chal…..and oh yes he’ll pretend he’ll be fighting to stay but he wants OUT…and in my opinion the sooner the better….

  35. Bitchny’s morals for sure came from her family. Her mother approved if she became involved with Lane? Wait, didn’t they say Lane was married? Wait isn’t she engaged? OMG, no wonder she is a two face low life along with her family. I don’t think bb should have exposed how rude and where Bitchny got her morals. Too bad the hamsters believe this horrid person who lies, she is going nowhere but out of the bb house. She is a loser with a capital L.

  36. If you remember Britney got upset when Brandon said her finace Nick was probably
    cheating on her while she was in the house.. Her reply to Ragan was I know and
    said the girl’s name.
    Who can blame the mother for not liking the guy..no mother wants their daughter
    engaged or married to a cheater. Sounds like the guy has hurt her alot and she has
    looked the other way and fogiven him.
    Seems to me she has very good reason to hope Britney finds someone else.
    Lane isn’t married Enzo and Matt are married.

  37. O come on people, can you say GAME!!..i love watching the drama, but in the end its a game. In one way or another all these people have personally attacked each other. It might not have been done in there faces, but has anyone else watched the diary room sessions. They have all not played with what they call “integrity”..so as far as the most honest person to say everything out in the open would have to be Reagan. He may have attacked, but at least he puts whatever he says in the diary room out there as well. I hope he makes it to the end, and takes it all. I say this even though i like all the other players. I dont believe there games are different really, just Reagan puts it all out there.

  38. I hate the Gremlin’s lie–it has taken on a life of it’s own now! The HG’s talking about fund raisers for Stacey and every damned thing else now–What the f**ck??!! I GUARANTEE THAT KARMA WILL EVENTUALLY CATCH UP WITH HIM ON THIS ONE AND HE IS GOING TO GET A BIG DOSE OF REALITY OVER THIS SOON ENOUGH!! IT IS GOING TO CAUSE HIM SO MUCH HEARTACHE HE CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE!! His mother begged him and I mean BEGGED him not to do it!! This is another example of his generation not listening to anything anyone with experience has to say–that is why they suffer so much in life–jag-off deserves whatever bad comes his way!!

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