Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon whines to Hayden about how the midget owes him an apology for bashing his intelligence.

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9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Brendon and Hayden are in Taj bedroom. Brendon is whines to Hayden about how the midget owes him an apology for bashing his intelligence. All the house guests lay in there bed trying to sleep more. Britney, Matt and Hayden talk about their diary room sessions. Matt and Britney joke that Hayden has to go through hair and make up just to do his diary room sessions. Matt asks Hayden to do his diary room character. Then he tells Britney to do hers to show Hayden what they are talking about. Britney then does her over enthusiastic impression of what she is like in her diary room sessions.


10:30am – 10:50am In the bedroom Britney is complaining about the picture her mom sent her for her HOH room. Britney says that she hopes her mom and everyone hears her thoughts about picture and that they feel bad. Ragan talks about his blog called The conversation changes to traveling and Britney tells them that they need to go to Europe and it’s totally different than USA. They talk about where they might go after show for interviews and crazy events, speaking gigs, to talk about their experiences. Ragan starts to talk about being a cast after show, Stacy and Matt being starred in a fund raiser, Britney starts asking questions about when Matt wife is going to have her surgery, and people will want her to speak for herself about disease. Matt says that he is going to do a fund raiser for sure. Matt says that surgery will be around sixty thousand. Matt says that him being on the show win generate tons of donations. Ragan and Britney start studying and talking about what events happened when.


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10:55am Britney asks Lane to crack her back. Lane starts limbering up and Britney tells him to just do it already. Lane says okay …take a deep breath and take your top off! Matt and Britney laugh. Lane cracks her back …then Britney goes and sits on Lanes bed and finds a Rachel hair and says ewwww…why do you have a Rachel hair on your bed? Matt says that Rachel is still trying to get into the house.

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The Excitement

Ya Big Dummy! lol 😀

The Excitement

Brendon’s pants are so tight, MY balls hurt.


Mine too, and I dont have any!


It’s called fashion…you dummy!


Lane and Britney together are the most entertaining people on the show. So funny!


Matt sucks but he is playing the game the best… he is alligned with everyone in the house except Brendon. Matt is really playing smart he is cool and calculating. I hate that he is the best.
And they all suck but I can’t stop watching

just a thought

ITA, I hate Matt is playing this game the best. I hate when he keep perpetuatins the lie. GGGRRRR. That is what made me loathe him to begin with and each time the sympathy and caring from teh house guests comes up, I want to rip Matt’s freakin’ heart out. Gee, I am sounding like Brit now, LOL!


Allison Godner……this is what you called interesting…..singing kumbayaaaaa and holding hands for these idiots contestants…..what a boring season! Better casting next time!!!


What do you guys think?..when the truth comes about Matt’s wife..will his “friends” be pissed off or just think it is good game playing?..and if he makes it to the end..Does Andrew, Moet or Annie spill the secret at the final? before the vote?

just a thought

They are all emotionally involved with this lie. I think for some, like Ragan, he will be upset. I am not so sure about Enzo. I would be upset with him. He knows how to play the game, there was no need for this lie!


I missed a few episodes and I would like someone to tell me all about what and when Matt talked about his wife’s illness. Thanks


On You Tube search Quirkydude or Beerville, they load all the episodes. Great for me here in Spain. Quirkydude also has all past seasons. These guys and this site make BB so fun!!


Let’s hope Britney got some hair dye in that HOH basket!


Being a gay guy, Ragan is such a disgrace for our community. he cries likes there is no tomorrow, bitchy in every way and so dramatic……why cant we have one that is classy and non-dramatic? and plus his looks is not attractive….sighhhh

just a thought

I haven’t watched too many seasons. Were there lesbian cast in this show? I know Annie said she was bi. If they got a decent gay man, where would the drama be? Just like Rachel? They could have gotten someone from Vegas that wasn’t a nut case, but what fun would that be?


there was a lesbian in the season of secret siblings she was sister to the cowboy. I forget which season but she had horse teeth and always dyed her hair a different colour. and of course the producer of the show is a lesbian (allison Grodner)

BigBrothers Big Brother

There was also a season with a cuban lesbian who was kinda sexy and feisty. I don’t remember which season but it was the one where she was fixated with another cast member they called Cappy, who was more like Crappy.


@James, I’m also a gay man, and I find your comments more offensive and disgraceful than anything Regan is doing. Who are you to say what is acceptable? I don’t recall you being appointed the arbiter of who is fit to be gay on tv? So please dont presume to speak for the community, speak for yourself.

Regan is annoying as hell sometimes, and is certainly flawed, but they all are (and by the way, I suspect you are just as big a mess as he is judging from your comments). Regan isn’t the spokesman for all the gays in this country, and its certainly ok to dislike him on so many different levels, but cut the bullshit that he represents the gay world. That isn’t a burden anyone should have to carry and you certainly have no right to assign him that role.
Any asshat who chooses to judge all gays by his actions (whether good or bad) is pretty much inclined to dislike gays anyway so why do you try to allign yourself with them? That’s the real disgrace.


Thank You for your comment I agree w/ you100%…


Another bitchy-ass queen…what’s new?? pfffttttt…… i hope i don’t see you tonight in West Hollywood wearing a pink shirt with “Team Ragan” logo on it drinking a cosmo with your legs crossed.
AND….If he is gay and on TV….yes he represents the gay community whether you like it or not….Again he is a disgrace!

the " Brain "

Funny how the Mantis / Brendon always picks on the women & smaller guys.
He’s just a bitter egotistical nerd. HaHa he deserves the Ratress…


He doesn’t pick on the women and small guys. The women and small guys in this mix just happen to be backstabbing trashtalking illogical bitches. The big guys here act cool and normal.


They all backstab and they all lie and they all talk about each other. None of them have ever openly said “I hate you and you’re going up and I’m gonna get everyone to vote you out.”. They all make deals and try to backdoor the other person. Stop singling out the people you hate that do it, and apply it to everyone.


Have you been watching BB12? Benchal is a backstabbing wuss!


I disagree…they are better than Britney and Ragan….did you even see the LIVE FEEDs? WAKE upppp….




I’ll YO that



Word Yo The Gremlin’s gonna win!


Brit the clit is HOH and a PLC. Funny chic at the expense of others. Go clitty!


Once the show is over, these jokers will be back in their regular life. They’ll forget about one another after a few yrs. Now about Matt’s lie. Big deal. This is a Big Brother game and he’s a contestant who chooses to play the game, so let him play it his way.

He has every right to say whatever it takes to win, as long as he’s not hurting anyone. I doubt seriously by him saying that his wife is sick, she’ll get sick for real. It’s a strategy, perhaps in bad taste, and not to some people’s liking, still a strategy.

I hope Matt wins at the end. If not, then Brendon, Enzo or Hayden.


rachel is still trying to get in the house!!!!!!!! that was funny lol

Ali from SC

Does anyone know what Ragan’s tatoo says on his forearm? Just curious.


I have been wondering the same thing. Anybody out there know?


it is a picture of a cock and balls


Something in french.. i’ll do come digging I have it here somewhere


I think this is it, This was originally posted by unreality on this site last night

The tattoo on his arm is in French and says “Quelquefois un rêve est ce qui vous fait un esclave”. That translates to “Sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave”.

Ali from SC

Thanks, Simon! I love this site and appreciate everything you do!


I agree that Matt was rude in his speech. Brendon was nothing like Rachel in his nominations speech. He was nice and said that he was giving them a chance to play the veto and good luck, etc. Matt on the other hand was rude. He called him a big dummy. That was uncalled for. No one in the house knew he had the dpov, so in that case they must all be big dummies. I think he is playing the best game, but I hope he is OUT soon. If he wins, I will be sick! He is just too cocky and annoying for my taste.


Truth is..Brendon is the only one who’s been bullied in the house. And Matt is not a robot. It’s personal for him now even if he won’t admit it. He got a kick in the nuts last week. He can’t help it.


brenchel fans still making up bullshit huh??


I’m NOT a brenchel fan, however, I do like them more than Matt. He is at the bottom of my list of houseguests. I do not like cocky people and he is by far the cockiest. I think without Rachel, Brendon is fine. He made me want to gag myself with a spoon when she was in the house. That being said, when she was rude and cocky :”bring it on!” , he was the first one to tell her that it was ridiculous. I just think that he’s not a ‘big dummy’ b/c he thought Matt was leaving. Had Matt not got lucky with the dpov, then he would have left. He is probably the best player they have, but even the best walk out the door if they are put on the block by an opponent. The big dummy comment and the wife lie are going too far in my opinion and I hope that Ragan totally dumps him after the show.


he called him a big dummy for thinking he was going to get rod of him for hist master(rachel) because in reality he could not make up his own mind…. he has good reason to say what he did


they all thought Matt was going


Once again, he was not making a big dummy out of himself for thinking that. If Matt had not gotten lucky with the dpov, he would in fact be in the jury house with Rachel today. No matter who told Brendon to do it, or what his reasons, fact is, he put Matt up and everybody thought he was going home. He is no better than Rachel with her bring it on comments. They are all hypocrites for not seeing it. And NO, I’m not a brenchel fan, I personally like Lane and Enzo……bring on the hateful comments. I know they haven’t done much game playing, but another way of playing the game is forming alliances that have your back and will not put you up…..which Enzo did immediately and did a pretty good job at it. He formed the Brigade and Matt has taken them this far. I like anyone that can play the game, get far and not be rude (or cocky).


Pretty sure Bendon has made numerous comments about Matt’s stature as well as the digs he’s aimed at Brit and Ragan. Name calling is pretty lame, but let’s be fair here – they all do it.


Yes, name calling is done. I understand that. But calling someone a big dummy on live national TV for something like not knowing about the dpov is a little low. How could he know that he had it? At least with the coup de tat, the hg’s knew that there was a power, they just didn’t know who had it. This year, they knew of no such power. He wasn’t a dummy, he just was blindsided. And they are all big dummies when you get right down to it, b/c they will hand him the money to help his sick wife.


I for one loved matts big dummy speech, let’s face it Brenda is a big ole dummy and cry baby to boot most of the time…jmo


I agree!


Not saying he’s not a big ole dummy, and yes he is a crybaby, but if he gets up Thursday and calls Ragan a crybaby on live TV, then he will look like a turd. Sometimes, you bite your tongue and not call people out to at least look like you have a little class. Of course, this is Matt. Anyone that lies about a fake illness has no class to begin with…


I really think that if Brenden was such a stand up guy he would have put Matt on the block in the first place instead of a pawn like Lane. Then Matt really would have had a chance to fight for the pov. This whole “giving you a chance to fight” thing is just a bullshit excuse whenever anyone uses it. Not to mention Brenden is playing right now to please Rachael. When he first said he was going to avenge her I thought he’d think it through and realize he needs to play for himself to win, but no. Maybe getting rid of Matt would have been best for him in the game but he made it VERY obvious that is not why he put Matt on the block. He keeps walking around telling people he controls two votes and now three because of Kathy so look out! Don’t make him mad or send him to the jury house because there is three people who won’t vote for you! Give me a break! So you are really telling people don’t take me to final two because I have atleast two votes in the bag.

I don’t know, I think they all have their flaws, it’s what makes the game fun to watch.


I agree they all have their flaws. If they put the 12 apostles in their you would have some of the same stuff. I know I have my preferences in the house. But I hate when people have their preference and can’t see any of their flaws.


I agree, playing the game to avenge another person is the stupid way to play the game. Matt or Brit either one would have been the best person for him to get out to further himself in the game. Ragan was a stupid choice to begin with.


I think Matt is too full of himself—-so smart, he thinks; are we sure he had to keep diamond POV a secret or just what he told all of them? And, Ragan, I dislike him as much as Natalie from last year. He goes on and on about how wonderful he is when he is the biggest meanie in the bunch. Would love to see Ragan and Matt hit the road and be in jury house with Rachel for a few weeks. HA; show might shift to jury house for drama


Do you watch the show? When Matt read the instructions that came with the Diamond POV it said keep it a secret or risk losing it.
Also i have never heard ragan say anything about how he thinks he’s wonderful.
You must be watching another show.


i think i’m mr.slick i don’t grin for nothing cuse i’m cool like dat


I could of sworn I saw Brendon playing pool with Matt last night. If Brendon has a problem with what he said than he can go to Matt and talk to him. Matt is pretty level headed and doesn’t seem that hard to approach. Matt is also indifferent to a point, that’s one reason why I don’t think he minded lying about his wife having a disease. To Matt, it’s just a game.