Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane says that he pulled out a bunch of hay and a log cabin Ragan says Julie that’s just another Friday night for me!

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11am Enzo and Hayden are talking in the storage room.  Enzo and Hayden are talking about how it has to be Britney and Ragan out this week and next week.  They says that they want to keep Brendon to the final six then Brendon can get rid of Matt. They say Ragan and Brit need to go before Brendon does. Hayden asks who has their back 100% they say Brendon because he has no one. Enzo says Lane is in deep with Britney. They say there best scenario is Brigade, Kathy and Brendon final six. Then Brigade final four. They plan to keep pushing Ragan and Britney to be nominated this week, and to leave Matts name out of it.  Hayden says if he wins HOH next week, he may have to put up Ragan and Matt. Enzo says if they win HOH they will go after Matt and Lanes side alliance and that he will tell them he respect there side alliance and that if Lane or Matt win HOH then by all means go after Brendon.  Enzo laughs and says that if Matt questions Hayden and Enzo about their side alliance with Brendon that they will tell him that he has one too …so don’t be jealous just because our side alliance is better.  Enzo says that their side alliance is better because Brendon is a bigger target and so that he shouldn’t be jealous.  They laugh.

11:20am Matt is up in the HOH room talking to Brendon. Brendon tell Matt that they are the same in that they both keep their word. Matt asks Brendon who is his target. Brendon says that he doesn’t necessarily have a target. Matt tells Brendon that if he does happen to tosses him up there on the block he is not per say going home. Brendon says that the stupid house vote is easily swayed by what the HOH wants. Matt asks you think so?! Brendon says yeah. Brendon saying him a Rachel talked about it, and Matt has a lot of blood on his hands. Matt asks so when you said it was personal … it wasn’t?! Brendon says that it wasn’t and that he is a guy and 30 seconds later he is over it. Brendon says that he can certainly sway the vote in which ever direction he wants. Matt says well either way what ever Brendon does it will be remember ….good or bad … and rest assured if I stay I will get HOH next week. Brendon says that when he decided he will let Matt know what’s going on and who he is putting up …probably right after the diary room session. Brendon says that Matt is a man of his word and that he respects that.

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11:40am – 12pm Brendon talks to Kathy next. Brendon says that they don’t even really need to talk because he has already told Kathy that she is not going up. Big Brother calls for an out door lock down. Brendon says that its an out door lock down because the have nots are getting something. Brendon says that who ever we decide goes home it will be somebody threatening. Brendon tells Kathy that he thinks she is a genuine and real person. Kathy and Brendon hug. Kathy thanks him. Brendon tells Kathy that he had a different opinion at the beginning but appreciates that Kathy was there for those that needed her. Brendon tells Kathy that she is welcome up in the HOH anytime.

All the house guest head out to the backyard. They talk about what food the have nots will get.  They give out their suggestions of what they want.  Enzo says probably get dicks.  Matt asks if its gay if you eat a dick thats already cut off. They say no … and that especially if they get some BBQ sauce. Matt says well give us some dick! They start talking about the HOH competition from last night. Lane says that he pulled out a bunch of hay and a log cabin out of his BLANK. Ragan says Julie that’s just another Friday night for me! They continue to guess what foods the have nots will get. Ragan talks about how he gets really BLANK up if he eats sushi and drinks. Ragan says that one night he went out with his this guy and in the middle of the night he got up and took out his p**** and urinated in the guys computer bag. Ragan tells another story about staying at someones house and going to the persons master bedroom opened the door and pulled out his p***** and started wizzing on the floor. He says that they woke up and told him this isnt the bathroom … he says that he left went out side and came back opened the door again and finished pissing. Ragan says that he didn’t remember doing it at all.

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Brendon should out up Matt and Hayden.


I’m liking the fact that Rachel is gone right now. The group is finally talking and having a little fun. It was too much Romeo and Juliet and we all know how that ended. Yes, I’m sad Rachel is gone, I just like when they all get together and just gab.


Also, Brendon is seeming less douchtastic. I may end up liking him. Shocking.


I’m thinking the same thing…..if Brendon keeps apologizing for things he said and seems 1/2 way human, I may end up liking him. I’m glad Rachel is gone because I wanted to see how Brendon would play without her around, and the same with Rachel if Brendon had been voted out. I just wonder who he will believe….Ragan or Enzo.


I agree, if Brendon keeps acting 1/2 way human, I just may end up liking the guy. I’m glad that Brendon and Rachel are separated. I couldn’t stand them together and I really wanted to know how they would play the game apart. Brendon wasn’t joking when he said that he and Rachel play a different game… can always get more with sugar than vinegar. I just wonder who Brendon will believe, Ragan or Enzo.


Unfortunately Matt is undoubtedly staying this week, so It’s obvious that either Britney or ragan will go home this week.


I think it might be Ragan. The brigade needs to get rid of Matt’s side alliance


I think Matt and Ragan will go up. Kathy, or Brendan will win POV forcing matt to save himself from eviction and put someone else up, Only leaving him the option of putting up Brit.


Wait…..did Enzo say he wants Brendon to get rid of Matt? Brigade is falling apart yo! Enzo should be careful, he has big plans for somebody who can’t win anything.


matt is a snake and i think they y wanted to get rid for him after him not putting up brenchel week 3


Yup, there is mutiny


oh snaps people bout to die in the brigade? i saw it comin gremlins gone start commin out biting all the tall people in the ankles


I think he means once they get down to final 6-5, Brendons target will be Matt and by the time, they have to turn on each other anyways. I thought lane/Hayden had a final two deal anyways.


I hope they turn on Enzo! I’m getting tired of him and he’s not really doing anything. Hopefully something big and unexpected happens!


What’s Lane doing? Is he just more likable?


I watched the feeds and Hayden said “If we get down to the final six with Brenden and he happens to win HOH…then Matty goes home” and then him and Enzo busted out laughing. So they are still trying to get Brigade for the final four, but there just covering there bases and looking out for old numero uno. Pretty smart game play in my opinion.


Oh yea, a smart move in theory. Let’s see how well they execute it.


Yeah I guess the’re all “all-stars” when it comes to their plans, its the execution that seems to be lacking in there.


I know right. They’re clearly failing since they’re four big, strong men. They’re all still in the house at the halfway mark. They’ve never fought or flip flopped in their loyalty. They have their hand in every alliance. No one suspects them and they have no target on their backs. They’re almost at a point where they are absolutely unbeatable. These guys are laughably bad at this game.


I’d say it would be in the Brigades best interest to get rid of Enzo first. Unless he does something between now and then he will get most of the jury votes


simon or dawg, are they allowed to put sugar in the slop???


Dont know if this is still the official list but in BB7 when they introdued Slop you could use:
balsamic vinegar, olive oil, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, vegetable oil, hot sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, relish, salsa, soy sauce, steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, honey, black pepper, garlic salt, crushed red pepper, salt, vanilla, basil, bay leaves, cinnamon, leaf oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, brown sugar, artificial sweetener, powdered creamer, white sugar, tea and protein powder.
Got my info from
Sorry Simon and Dawg if its not allowed to post other sites I just want to credit where i found the info.


I would love it if Brendon put up Britney and Ragan. Then Matt uses his power to save Ragan. Then Lane goes up. Hayden and Enzo are done with Matt. And Matt goes home the next week.

Prob won’t happen though.


Brendon will probably put up Matt and Britney. I don’t think he is gunning for Regan. I wonder who he would backdoor… if he is playing purely off who is competition I would think he would backdoor Lane if it came to it. He is the next physical competitor next to Hayden.


Did anyone see Rachel on the Early show? Was she on the early show? She’s coming back guys… maybe that’s why they’re on lock down outside. Rachel will be coming back because she’s the only person that could come back, the other evicted hg’s have watched the season and know about matt’s lie and the brigade. RACHEL IS COMING BACK!!


I agree that she is coming back but I wonder on what basis?


I suspect JC was referring to inviting Rachel back for an All Stars show which should be coming up next season. I’d love to see Dick and Rachel square off.


I can see the tears (fake) now!!! Evil will have her crying so bad, she’ll love the brigade when he’s done with her!!! I can see her saying get your life vests floaters or bring it on!!!


I agree. I’m pretty sure she was refering to an all-star season. That would be amazing. Dick would rip her apart. And if we’re wrong and CBS dcides to bring her back to this season I may just go to CBS headquarters and shoot up the place.


This makes the most sense to me, I think you’re correct.


is an all-stars confirmed for next season?? if not, I doubt Julie Chen would go out on a limb to talk about it. They haven’t even confirmed Rachel would want to do it (she probably would but still, no proof). In that case, Julie probably wasnt talking about all-stars. A major national corporation like CBS wouldnt go around making baseless claims…I think they are planning on another twist – like if Matt uses the Diamond POV then Rachel has to come back or something (that who Pandora’s something good for something bad). Even if that isnt it, I am really thinking there will be another major twist that prob involves Rachel…


I would think if Julie was referring to Rachel coming back for All Stars, I would think she would have said something like, “Maybe we will see you in an All Stars cast, Rachel. Would you come back for that?” I don’t think she would have to be secret about that.


Yeah pov host….thats about it!


I think America will vote someone from the jury house to come back. That is why Julie didn’t tell her about the brigade. I hope anyone but Rachel comes back.


could she be coming back like Jesse did in the Gorilla suit


Ugh… Enzo needs to go. He’s a coattail rider and just likes to talk a big game.


I agree. He’s so boring to watch.


He is funny, but otherwise useless.


Can’t stand to watch or hear him eat anything–disgusting to the max! I must mute him then.


ditto…. he smacks his lips, has a 4 sentence vocab….”WTF”…..”Come onnnnnn”, and a few other choice repetitive sentences… and I mute him especially when he is eating. A few nights ago I heard him say “oh no we can’t do that, we have fans” at which point he lifted up his prone body and farted. Choice!!!

First time poster

Brendon is playing it cool with everyone…he will have them all thinking that they are all forgiven and that they are not his target! Nice bBrendonn vesus crazy irrational Brendon – what a differnce a day makes.I think he will be around for a while – target is off his back – Brigade thinks they can pick him off anytime and can count on him for some loyalty. Brendon cannot lose this week – he can be very nice- throw up the ones that have caused him the most grief and if he is really luck Matt will once again have the blood on his hands when or if he neeeds to use the veto. Fact is Ragan and Brit are expendable in almost everyones plans. Lane might miss Brit a bit – but he will suck it up if it means a ticket to the final 4. AFter all he is a manly man! I think Brit is gone this week! Brigade has had enough by eliminating Brit they get lane’s full attention to the end! The Brigade plan is still looking pretty solid!


OR by eliminating Regan they get Matt’s full loyalty. there’s good reason to do either. Brit has won vetoes and that makes her more dangerous than Regan, but Regan is with Matt who is more dangerous than Lane come final 4 or 6 depending on who wins HoH at final 6.

First time poster

I think if Matt has to use the Golden POV he will gone at the next possible opportunity to get him out of there. It will just one more reason for all of them – no matter what alliance to doubt his integrity and loyalty to anyone but Matt. I assume he has to keep the Golden POV secret – but he did that by telling everyone that there was only $1 in the box – no one believed that lie – he will get himelf into to trouble with everyone if he uses it! I do not think Brendon will put Matt on the block – more likely Ragan and Brit or Lane and Brit – with Brit going home no matter who she is on the block with. With nominations like that Matt would not use the POV. Is there an order in which POV can be used? Say Ragan and Brit are on the block – there is the POV competiotion and Brit wins, She takes herself off the block and Brendon puts Matt up. Matt then uses the Golden POV – can he put Brit back on the block or is she safe? .When does Matt delcare his intention to use his powers – before or after the other players dotheir POV thing?


something is tellin me matty doesnt care about the blood on his hands anymore hahaha
im team brigade to the finish but i think matt is gonna be the one they turn on because he’s the only one who wins anything

I am the saboteur

If it is brigade final 4, Matt could win POV at 4, HOH at final 3, and be in the finals against whoever he chooses. He still has the whole house thinking his wife is sick, and could easily walk away with the prize for sympathy alone. But he has also won more comps than the other brigade members, which would show that he is a competitor.


since the blood on his hands belong to the 2 crazies rachel and andrew, there are no problems

Carmen Diva

I like how Ragan is talking about pissing on floors yet got on Rachel for waking up in her own vomit.

But she has double standards?

And that isn’t so much a “brenchel” fan but reality


I don’t want Ragan to go “all Rachael” either. Some things should just stay buried.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Double standard. Don’t you know females can’t be fun loving and (sexually) free like men? Hell,even the story Lane was telling on BBAD last night about how he attracts women by mentioning his circumcision scar should’ve warranted more repulsion for the seemingly prudish persona of some of these people. Yep, double standards.


Rachel’s gross but that’s not the reason most people hate her, I would guess. It’s because she’s incredibly loud, obnoxious, annoying and self centered yet not even mildly self aware. She’s an irritating person with delusions of grandeur.


brendon is coll as shit when rachel not around… i think rachel the the that make a dude crazy around




If Matt goes in the final 2 he will win for sure, he did the most damage. That’s why Enzo wants him out eventually. Matt is not leaving anytime soon though. Brit finally got her revenge for Monet and now its time for her to leave then Ragan. Brigade still sittin pretty yo.


Is it me or does anyone else see that everytime Lane’s somewhere Britt the cl#t’s right next too him? She needs to go! She’s looking more and more like…..oh my gosh do I dare…..RACHEL!!!! What a frickin leach!!!


Ragan won’t need to get voted off. One more week on slop and he will disapear!


I really think Rachel is coming back THIS season. She’s the only evicted houseguest that doesn’t know about the Brigade or the lie that Matt said about his wife. And correct me if I’m wrong, but she wasn’t on the Early Show today right? Another sign she’ll be back. And… they’re on lock down outside.




she was in the early show the link is right here.

she doesnt know about the alliance and the lie of matt because they cant tell her
since she going to jury house and she gonna vote for the winner. So production cant
interfere with the game. The other 4 evicted houseguest went straight home and they get to watch what is happening.

Love ToEat Brit the Clit

Bring it


If Matt uses his DPOV, he will eventually lose his trust with the Brigade. That being said, if he is put up with Britney, he will think he will have the votes, 3-2. But, what if Hayden and Enzo flip the vote, 4-1 Matt leaves, the one who leashed the Saboteur (who in my opinion has done nothing to become even close to be able to earn 20Gs) and lied about having a wife with a terminal disease. It will be a good thing for the house.

But it is unexpected now. maybe the season will kick up a bit! This is why i am glad Brendan won HoH


Depends on how he uses it. He could talk to three of the guys about a crazy scenario where he gets one out if he sees any trust issues. Or he could use it to save them and put up someone else, if it comes to that. They’d respect him for keeping it a secret because he had to if he wanted to use it.


Does anyone else thing that production rigged the HOH comp? They could have easily made Brendons rope looser or easier to untangle just to have him win to get America talking. I totally see that as a possibility.




I miss Rachel 🙁
i saw her interview with julie on the early show
and it was sad.
here the link if yah want to see it scroll down.


it sounds like kathy just won POV, I’m not sure, or she won practice.


it does sound like practice, for sure, sorry

Yae Dum Dum