Big Brother Spoilers: Britney and Lane talk about the points Ragan made… Lane asks Britney if she will rub his inner thigh.

12:10pm – 12:55pm All the house guests are out in the backyard. Ragan is on the hammock by himself. Britney, Lane, Hayden and Ezno are sitting on the couch. Enzo has a bowl of cereal and he goes to eat it then says I don’t even want this yo! Enzo says that they (CBS Big Brother production) better be doing something in there, cuz if there’s nothing I am going to be pi$$ed. Britney says that they are probably fixing something. Enzo says this is why I am going to sleep all day. I am just going to start breaking things until then give us something. A airplane flies over head and and Enzo yell I’m on you b!t#h. In a couple weeks Imma be on you! Britney says that she is so jealous of the people on the plane. Enzo starts talking about how how in season 3 the members of a jury were asked how much of the $500,000 they would give up to charity and that the person that said they would give up the most got to come back into the house. Enzo yell out to big brother …yo make up a bootleg competition or something .. anything. They all want a Luxury Competition. The house guests are commenting on how there are lots of helicopters over head and they wonder if they are filming a movie or something. Enzo does his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression saying get to the chopper now!

Britney thinks that theres a huge car crash with a celebrity and that they’re filming it right now. Britney says oh my gosh …I hope its not Britney Spears. Lane says he’s sick of them and then jokes that if he sees one back on the ranch, he is going to shoot at it. Lane asks what if its 4 guys that just busted out of prison and they hop the fence and come in here. Britney says that would be awesome. Britney says then Lane could beat them up. Lane says four of them…what if they have shanks … I’d make friends of them and invite them to the pool. They continue to speculate what happened and what the helicopters are doing. Enzo thinks its Octo-mom and that the reason they dont hear any police or sirens is because no one cares. When the helicopters leave …the house guests all sit in silence, Big Brother House is pretty boring right now. Ragan is now sitting with his feet in the pool with his back to the other house guests. Big Brother announces House guests the lock down is over, you are now free to move about the house. They all get up and head inside. Ragan heads straight for the Taj bedroom and lays down in his bed and stares at the wall. Britney asks Lane if he is going to nap. Lane says that he wants to work out but that he feels too lazy. Hayden says that he’s going to make breakfast.

1pm Britney goes up to the HOH room and asks Lane if Ragan talked to him already. Lane says that Ragan made some good points. Lane asks Britney what shes going to do. Britney says that she’ll probably go lay out… and that she’s so bored. Britney gets into the Head of Household bed. Lane asks her if she will rub his waist. Britney says no. Lane asks her if she will rub his inner thigh. Britney laughs.

1:05pm – 1:55pm Lane says again that Ragan made some good points. Britney says that Ragan told her flat out that she has no chance of winning. Lane says that he would never let anyone ever tell him that. Britney says that she understands that she can’t win and that she is going for the $50,000. Lane says he has a better shot of beating Hay than Enzo. Lane says that if Ragan stays he has a worse shot of getting to final two because it’s harder to get Ragan out. Britney says that Hayen might send him out next week if he gets POV and she is HOH. Lane tells Britney that he would pick her at final two. Britney again tells him that she thinks Hayden would put him out over Enzo. Britney says that Hayden will get Brendon’s vote. Lane agrees, but says he thinks can beat Hayden because Hayden got the prizes during that POV competition. Lane tells her not to go tell Hayden she knows about it. Britney saying she thought he had won because before the competition he asked if the jury would know who won the prizes. Britney says that makes her feel better about Matt…and that was part of the reason she put him up. Britney says that Hayden will deny it. Britney tells Lane not to say anything to Hayden. Britney says that she knows she’s playing for the $50,000 and that anyone would be dumb to get rid of her. Lane says that he knows what Hayden is doing and Hayden knows what he (Lane) is doing. Lane says that Enzo knows he has to win everything to stay. Britney says that Enzo deserves to the win the least and that she doesn’t want him to win. Lane says that he knows. Britney says that Ragan has good points. Lane says he does and he agrees he would beat Ragan in the end, but it’s harder to get there against Ragan. They both agree they don’t want to compete against Ragan in the final three, especially in endurance. Lane and Britney go over the scenarios. Britney tells Lane that they are going to ask you what your big move was ….and you are going to have to say something. Britney says that she is going to say getting out Matt was her big move. The conversation changes to talking about their dogs. Britney says that when she gets out she is going to buy so many doggie toys for her dog when she gets out. Lane and Britney both tell stories about their dogs. Britney and Lane talk about Nick. Britney says that Nick can see what she is doing any time she wants but that she has no idea what he is doing. Britney says that the difference between Nick and Lane is that Nick is engaged and that he is not allowed to text or be calling any one. Lane says that this is how it is going to go … you will get home and he wont tell you right away will have sex for a couple weeks to make him feel better and then he will get lazy and let it slip. Britney and Lane keep speculating on Nick cheating on her. Lane says that she was with someone else for a long time and you thought that would work and it didn’t and now you’ve been with Nick even less time so it might not work out. Britney says that at the finale she is going to tell him to tell her 3 things that he did wrong and that she wont hug him till he does. They end with Lane says that Nick is probably a good guy and none of that happened.. Lane says 82% that wont happen..



2pm Enzo is passed out sleeping out on the backyard couch. Up in the HOH room Britney and Lane talk about Monet and other random things. They talk about what it was like in the beginning and how they have made it so far. Britney says that she is proud of herself for making it this far. Lane says that she is going to get the most opportunities out of all the people that have left before her.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:26pm Jumanji, Brit, Enzo and Hayden Enzo sleeping, Hayden and Brit reading each others HOH letters aloud. 10 minutes before this Brit was not there and enzo/hayden were talking about whether or not they would still vote for Lane in the final 2 if he took brit. They both come to the conclusion that they will but both will be pissed at him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:15pm Indoor lockdown sleep fest on the Big Brother Live Feeds These house guests seem down and out until another competition comes up or Production does something to stir the pot a bit.

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94 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Britney and Lane talk about the points Ragan made… Lane asks Britney if she will rub his inner thigh.

  1. About time sum real game talk I think for Brit and Lane. Regan is their best bet cuz he pissed off 2 people in the Jury already

    1. That is true but Ragan would probably beat both of them in endurance. He ended up in 2nd place in both endurance challenges this season. If they take ragan they would definetly get to final three but they wouldnt make the final two. Thus Ragan will leave on Thursday.

      1. He sworn that he did try something with her, but her left eye appeared as if she was looking at something moving in circular motion. And her right eye just dropped down to the floor. It freaked him out so much that he dropped his pennis right there on the floor and ran for the door.

        1. hmmmmm aren’t you one of the ones that said they hated Brit because she was mean and made fun of everypne? I’m pretty sure you were so what do you call what you are saying about her? What a freakin hypocrite you are.

          1. OMG, you caught me. I’m a hyprocrite. I must hide my user’s name or at least change it. I can’t show my user’s name any more. From now on, I’m ByeByeThere.
            I must leave you now. I wish we would’ve met under better circumstance.
            So bye bye my friend bbfan.
            But before I go: Please Bite Me!

  2. BB is so boring and loaded with do-nothings because AG cast too many people who are already well-off, don’t have any money probs, and are in it for fame rather a love of BB. Slacker Lame with his rich parents, snowboard bunny, still living off his parents, washed-up wannabe athlete Hayden, Brit’s parents pay for her stuff, and Enzo has a CFO sugar mama . . . none of them REALLY care about whether its 50K or 500K because none of them will suffer if only 50K. All of them are not in it for the money — they are just in it for the chance at post-BB Hollywood careers and bar tours. And they know that you don’t need to be the winner to get fame opps at the end — for example, Jeff didn’t. IF they’d cast all desperate, in debt people like Ragan, bar maid Rachel, and poor Brendon, people wouldn’t have been able to survive by throwing comps.

    1. I’m guessing Enzo is lying about the wife being a CFO of a Fortune 500 company seeing as there are only 44 such women and none appear to be his wife. At first he said she was an investment banker. Anyway, I can’t imagine such a high powered exec taking him along to socialize with her colleagues. He doesn’t deserve airfare home since he hasn’t done shit since day one.

        1. Ohh. Anyone can form an alliance. That’s easy. He has not won anything except ONE veto and that’s only because he practically pushed Ragan out of the way. He hasnt done anything good except say “Yo” and form a useless, stupid, floating, arrogant alliance.
          Surperb gameplay Enzo! (barf)

  3. It doesn’t matter. This is the most predictable season. They will not vote Hayden out. Even though Regan chokes at comps that aren’t questions they still won’t do it. Even though Hayden will beat lane in the end they still won’t do it. Even though it could be a move showing that lane actualy can think for himself and make a move without the other 2 he still won’t do it. None of them did anything in this game. Basicly they are banking on who wins the final hoh. If he takes Hayden out and Brit wins hoh and Enzo wins pov then Regan goes home. But if he votes Regan out and Brit wins hoh and Enzo wins pov then lane will go home because Enzo is closer with Hayden.

  4. Why waste our time listening to Lane and Britney talking about the game? We all know that Britney and Enzo are going to evict Ragen. I guess BB told them to talk about it, just to give us something to talk about. SO BORRRING.

    1. Hey liz your right they do need to get Hayden out but Peggy is right too. BB told them that they need to atleast make it interesting so just talk about it and act like you will think about it. If he keeps Regan then regan is still enzos target first then Brittney. Lane would be his last choice. If he gets rid of Regan then enzos first choice will be Brit but if Brit wins hoh and Enzo wins pov then lane is gone.

  5. Lane and Britney seem like they really do like eachother. Do they or not. They flirt all the time and talk about eachother.

  6. Mike and Peggy, you’re both right. Although BB will edit the crap out of it and including scripted DR segments to create drama, Hayden will stay and Ragan will be voted out. It’s a bad season because production has made bad choices all along — from the cast dominated by rich wannabe famous slackers to fixing competitions so that those slackers won — to allowing those slackers to cheat with impunity. It would be best if BB just admitted that it’s THE HILLS with an uglier cast.

  7. Why do the HGs think theyre going to be big reality stars? Come on ppl. Get it together. After this, no onw will remember your names. You really think youre going get movie roles. Maybe, The Amazing Race.

    1. I think everyone is overreacting to the HGs thinking that might become famous. They will have fame in their local area for some time. As well as making appearances for a healthy sum. I seriously doubt if any of them think they will be the next Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts, there are many different levels to fame. Just ask Kathy Griffin!!!!

    2. BB is LOW on the list of past reality tv stars becoming even moderately famous . . . Survivor, The Bachelor, Project Runway, and The Apprentice have created the ones with the biggest Hollywood careers — and even their biggest fame is limited to hosting a tv program or being on another reality tv program. We’re making fun of them because these BB guests are unlikely to even get anything beyond a real player gig OR being on BB All Stars — even The Amazing Race would be a reach goal for most of them (although Brit and Lane would have a lock on a spot if Brit breaks up with Nick to date Lane….). But Hayden, Lane, and Enzo truly believe that they’ll get tv host gigs, movie roles, and bar tours out of it!

  8. Someone mentioned if the HG read these blogs when the game is over. I doubt they would read all of them there would be alot to read. But I bet their family members are reading right now. Just a thought. I know there are alot of people that hope Regan gets voted out but I think it would shake things to keep him.

  9. I’m testing paint colors on my living room wall. I find watching the paint dry more interesting than the feeds.

  10. am i not getting this right? but i thought no one “took” anyone to the final 2. I thought it was a final 3 with the winner of the 1st comp. moving on and the winner of the 2nd comp joining the first or something like that.

  11. This is retarded. First, last week Lane and Hayden were planning to shun Enzo and keep Britney as the final 3. Then, this week Lane and Hayden changed their tune and plan to shun Britney and keep Enzo for the Final 3. Now, today Ragan throws a grenade at Lane, and now Lane is thinking of shunning Hayden and keeping Ragan. lol! wtf??
    Production has really gotten into these people’s heads. Which in a way is good because now i really don’t know what the hell is gonna happen.
    Personally, i’d like to see all 3 Brigade members in the Final 3, as planned.
    And ultimately, I want Enzo to win the whole thing because in my opinion he is the most deserving. Here’s why: 1) Enzo founded the Brigade; 2) He’s played the ultimate social game by far. He is the true puppet Master of the whole house. He manipulated everyone in the house, including the Brigade.
    Go Enzo!

    1. You are soooo Funny, and way off base, Enzo has done nothing, but win one POV. He does not deserve anything, but a boot in the ass out the door, hopefully next competition. The guy is a joke, but he is very funny at times.

      1. you are so right. Enzo has done nothing to make it to the end. I don’t even think he is that funny. Mostly annoying.

        1. I do believe that no other house guest has annoyed me as much as Enzo. I got upset with Evil Dick and I screamed at the TV screen, but Enzo is the one rude dude who makes me either hit the mute button (if he’s talking, eating or farting) or I just leave the whole channel to get away from his braggadaro mouth. …. he talks a big game and has done nothing. And from some of the previous comments, who knows if he really won that POV from Ragan. I doubt it. Personally with all of his bragging on how famous he is going to be, I hope he learns first hand the real meaning of SHUNNED.

        2. While Enzo is not my first choice to be the winner, I still like him for his sense of humor.
          He’s entertaining. If Ragan leaves on Thursday, I want to see Enzo go all the way to the end.

      2. Sorry so late, but I agree, I don’t think that Enzo has done anything to deserve any part of the money. He did play hard in one POV! That’s it, all the other challenges he gave nothing, he let the other guys try to make a play to no avail, so he had to turn coat and play with Brenden!
        That;s how desperate Enzo and Hayden got! Let’s not forget them playing with Brenden for two weeks, first in the Have Not Room then in the HOH room as Losers again! Sucking up so that they would not go up on the block! They couldn’t even be faithful to Matt! The only Brigade member who enabled them to move along in this boring game of BB12! (the most boring game of BB History). Enzo has sucked up to every HOH! Even admitting it saying that you gotta do what ever HOH wants! OMG especially now, since the Brigade has been broken, play the damn game! Make some strong move and make this at least a smart game in the end,, not a boring 3 loosing guys! I love all 3 of these guys for there own reasons, however left in the house, only Britney has made any significant moves. She deserves to go to final 3 & compete, but I think Regan should be there too. Enzo NO! Sorry, just my opinion.

    2. Enzo is a comb-overed, lazy, sexist creep who didn’t mastermind a thing. . . Matt was the power who kept the brigade in place until the big red parrot was defeated. Watching the Live Feeds for one week, I was truly repulsed by the hate Enzo spewed and the hypocritical azz-licking he did whenever he was in any HOH’s presence. I don’t understand how anyone could find him anything positive.

          1. yes he must be related to Enzo sorry dirk must me all that inbreeding thats going on in your family I dont blame u its not your fault

        1. pucker up for a kiss dirk diggler, look in the mirror and that’s what your asshole looks like. (Compliments of Dr. Oz)

        1. ouch! Sad commentary, soothe! During the election I was ready to Lorena Bobbitt Florida, Now I guess I need to include Joisey!

    3. Poor excitement is as delusional as the Brigade. Dirk is just elated that he found someone as disgusting as he is, so he can feel accepted for one minute in his life.

      The Brigade and Enzo in particular are worthless members of society. They lack social skills, ambition, and the innate ability to survive on their own, kind of like leeches.

    1. in all fairness cause I am a vey big BB fan, this summer BB has had no competition as far as other channels showing something better to watch in the BB time slots. at least not here in the states where we have four major channels, ABC,CBS,NBC and FOX.

      1. not speaking for all americans but most my friends and family cant stand and never watch reality tv. if i talk about shows like BB (which is only 1 of a few reality shows I watch) they dont have a clue. most people i know in america dont even watch tv hardly as a matter of fact.

  12. enzooooooooooooooooooo all the way. he has been the best player to date!!! he’s brilliant.
    GRENADES all the way. second place lane, 3rd Hayden. go brigade go. team brigrade.

  13. If you look at the Big Brother description it says Lane Elenbug, Ragan Fox, Brtiney Haynes as the description. It has said that since the begining of the season. So we already new the final 3 on day 1

  14. I don’t think these HGs are that well liked by America to have stardom after BB is over. Such stardom is very rare and only a few HGs were able to procure more than 15 minutes of fame. Will, Jeff, Evel Dick, Kaysar are the few that come to mind and they were so loved by America, that America actually wanted to see them more. Regardless it is extremely difficult, so I guess keep dreaming Enzo and Hollywood Hayden.

    1. Actually, even all those you named haven’t become famous — they are only famous to BB fans. And it’s a small portion of America who are BB fans. . . far less than Amazing Race or Apprentice or Dancing with the Stars or The Bachelor or Survivor. Take any non-BB watcher out there, ask them who each of them is, and 90% of them won’t have a clue.

      1. Yeah they may not be Hollywood famous, but Dick was cast in a movie, he played the villian, Kaysar appeared in the soap opera The Young and the Restless, Will starred in 90210 and Jeff has his own show, so they did prolong their 15 minutes of fame to a certain extent.

    2. Marcellas. Can’t forget Marcellas! I have to look up Kaysar since I can’t remember who that is, but the name is familiar.

    3. Too funny “Hollywood Hayden” how about “Egomaniac Enzo” these 2 really think they are going to be stars….yeah in their dreams. LOL

    4. they can always make money doing clubs and stuff. the last season of the bachelorette show one of the guys that made it to 4th place appeared at a club in detroit, Michigan to host a booty contest and he was paid a couple thousand for that.

      1. Wow, really a couple of thou, heck that’s a whole years salary for Hayden. I guess you really dream big Dirk.

    5. Don’t forget Jeff and Jordan. Everyone you mentioned was mature or mature for their age. This group is the most immature spoiled group of turds in BB history. BB needs to mix up the ages on the show, a few young ones, a few older ones and the rest in the middle. At least they’ll know how to connive and be deceitfull. This group of young ones are so stupid the only talent they have is bashing other people in a mean and hatefull way. They want fame? Britney can go on Mean Girls and the brigade can go on Tool Academy. Of course these shows might be too intellectual for them.

      1. Tool Acadamy is perfect for Lane. We have seen all his playbook for putting down girls (not women) who want to chase a bad boy. Yes, although Enzo talks like a Tool in the house, I doubt he does that around wifey, but Lane talks smack to and about women and somehow it has worked for him — but what kind of female with any self-worth would put up with that bait and switch?

  15. Simon and Dawg, there has been a discussion in the comments here and on some of the other blogs (Bitchy Big Brother blog) about the Hollywood fame that will or won’t happen to these contestants post-BB. How about a poll about whether people would
    1) buy a Meow Meow shirt
    2) go to a bar to see Enzo
    3) watch a program where Hayden is the host
    4) watch a program where Brit is the host
    5) expect to see Lane anywhere doing anything in Hollywood after the show
    6) expect to see one of this year’s BB cast in a porno in their washed-up future.
    7) Laugh, laugh, laugh at Enzo when he thinks some producer is watching BB and is going to cast him in a movie — Enzo don’t hold your breathe for the call

    1. Enzo can always become an electrolysis technician and appear on The Housewives
      of New Jersey and give Theresa a forehead.

  16. I think Lane’s brother is really Britany’s “Nick” even though his name is different. “Nick” could be a middle name and the picture Brit had of “Nick” was really her brother or someone else to throw the house off ,and that is why Lane and Brit are so close. Notice how Brit drooled over Lane’s brother’s picture.

  17. jus cause i dont go along with the majority i get alot of hate comments. I have a right to think enzo deserves to win. at least i have a mind of my own and am not afraid to step outside of the box. enzo got this far by not doing anything so good for him. he’s proof you don’t have to be a good or ambitious player to make it to the top or even win. rachel played to hard and got played. brendon too. matt fell for the good ole “trust” thing and is gone.
    to all the enzo haters
    don’t hate the player hate the game.

    1. This forum allows everyone to have an opinion and they should never attack, spew hateful insults, but it seems there are those who have to call commenters names because they gave their own view on the subject. I don’t agree with you on Enzo because he really offends me, but you have a right to your view. I’m sorry you are getting hateful retorts.

    2. Enzo only got this far without doing anything because his buddies also got this far without doing anything. When half of the house is on your side and the other half are making noise and putting a target on themselves, you don’t have to do anything but sit back and create one grandiose delusion after another.

  18. To Recap: Lane was wondering how Britney got 2 degrees in 3 1/2 years. Hey dufas, hint: Blow Jobs. Hayden been in college for 5 years and is already a 2nd semester Sophomore. And Enzo, come on man I’ve watched Jersey Shore and they don’t say Yo at the end of each sentence. Loser. And what did they find in Britney’s butt in Spain?

  19. “he’s proof you don’t have to be a good or ambitious player to win”

    Did you seriously just write that?

    Dirk, Get your head out of your ass, see my comment above. You are not getting hate because you like Enzo, you are getting hate because you are just like Enzo.

  20. I will say…. until this season of BB is over…… Lane and Britney are engaged to one another! They are the ones with the life long relationship. They have known one another for a l-o-n-g time and will continue to do so. Mark My Words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My story and I am sticking to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lane doesn’t want to have a relationship with that little girl. All Lane wants is some ass while he’s locked up in the Big Brother’s house.
      Lane said that he has a couple of girl friends outside the house. The boy got oil money.
      Why should any good looking babes in TX have to pay $2.79 a gallon for gas when they can get barrels of oil for free.
      The boy is duh, but his family has beaucoup money.

    2. I totally agree! When they showed Britt’s family in the interview a couple of weeks ago, where was “Nick”? Not on the couch with her mom, dad & brother. If “Nick” is someone other than Lane & is her fiance’ he should have been in the interview as well. Also, Lane’s mom said that Britt is someone that Lane would totally go for. I just have a feeling.

      1. EXACTLY! AND, when Britt talks about going home, the first things she says is….I can’t wait to see my mom and spend time with her and my brothers! NEVER has she said she can’t wait to spend time with Nick! I have had this gut feeling since the show first aired.

      1. PLEAZZZZZ HE S FAKE AS HELL… Enzo talks about every1 behind their back as much as the next then kisses ass in their face. I am a New Yorker and he makes Jersey sink worst then the hudson dumber then a box of rocks

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