Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon opened Pandora’s Box and now he is gone for 24hrs while Rachel is in the house…

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3pm Rachel comes into the house and says that she is BACK BITCHES!!! RACHEL IS BACK IN THE HOUSE FOR 24 HOURS!! Rachel asks who is on the block. Ragan said he is. Rachel says oh what a shock, so you’ll be joining me on the jury. Ragan says he won veto. Rachel starts attacking Ragan saying that he isn’t really a man. Rachel says that you guys got what you wanted. Why are you still being evil. Ragan says it’s because of how she came in. Rachel says because I said I’m back bitches! Come on! …grow some balls Ragan. Ragan tells Rachel that she should make this opportunity to have fun. Rachel says that she will make every moment of this 24 hours miserable for him. Rachel says that Britney gave Rachel a dirty look when she came in the house.

Britney says that she didn’t. Ragan leaves the kitchen. Rachel says that she is really not that big of a bitch, but that there are going to be six of you joining me in jury and we need to try to get along. Britney starts asking Rachel questions about the Jury House. Rachel says that it is so nice…laughing and chatting with them. They talk about how Brendon was swapped out of the house for 24 hours. So Rachel came into the house and Brendon is gone. Kathy says that Brendon was up in the HOH room and now the door is locked. They are trying to figure out where Brendon was. Britney thinks that Brendon was offered a Pandoras box and it caused Brendon to be taken out of the house and Rachel to be brought back in his place.

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3:15pm In the kitchen Rachel ask why they evicted her with a 6-0 vote even though Kathy said she was voting for Brendon? Lane says they thought she was better than Brendon. Britney says they thought she was more of a threat because they thought the next HOH competition would be a quiz. Rachel didn’t know that Brendon won the HOH this week and so they tell her all about it. They tell her that Brendon said that this is for you Rachel when he won it. They tell her that Brendon nominated Ragan and Lane. Rachel asks about the hair extension comment in her goodbye message. Britney denies that she said anything bad and says the Big Brother must have put something together from her pervious diary room sessions. Rachel says that she left Rachel a really nice goodbye message. Rachel then goes up to the HOH room to see if she can talk to Brendon through the door if he is locked in there under solitary. Rachel finds that the door is open and walks in calling Brendon’s name. They all run up to the HOH room except Ragan who is in the have not room by himself. They figure that Brendon is locked in Pandoras box while Rachel is in the house.



3:45pm They are all up in the HOH room yelling Brendons name. Enzo stands at the side door in the HOH room …it has a question mark on it … Matt says that it is Pandora’s door. Enzo says meow meow and then says that Brendon will respond to that better than his name. Rachel knocks on the door and calls out Brendon, with no answer from Brendon. They talk about how he might be gone. Matt says maybe he’ll come back after 12 hours. They listen at the door and don’t hear anything. Rachel says that she didn’t know Brendon won HOH until she came back in. Kathy tells Rachel about the latest saboteur message. Matt asks Rachel questioning about what she’s learned out side the house. Rachel says she didn’t get any game play information or who the saboteur was or anything like that. Enzo says he hopes Rachel gets to see Brendon before she goes. Rachel says that she has to ask them lots of questions before she leaves. Rachel says she is supposed to ask each one, individually, questions that she has to ask before she can see Brendon. Matt says oh you have set things questions that you’re supposed to… Rachel says no, not like, they didn’t say I have set things…. the feeds cut out. When they come back they are still in the HOH talking about whether Brendon can see them or not. Kathy says that they should all go out side and look for clues because they havent been out there yet.
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Rachel is REWARDED for bad behavior, just like Jessie was…and yet someone like Kristen is not called back in. What’s with this show?!? It’s sickening to watch her get more air time. Makes me wonder if I even want to watch anymore. Also, why embarrass houseguests by digging up old fiances? Shades of Jenny Jones show.


Um highest ratings ever is that true??? I’m with ya on her behavior. She just annoys the hell outta me!!!! I think it’s HILARIOUS that she’s back and he’s gone too bad she won’t be spending any alone time with “her man”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why is Rachel back ?

One of the producer’s is probably in love with nasty, skanky Rachel.


This is exactly what the show needed. Rach provides drama, and keeps viewers watching. This is super drama and way to go.


Remember how Dan dressed up and did an immatation of everybody and they all laughed?Remember how they sat up talking about interesting thingz? Remember how awesome all those ppl were? I keep waiting for this season to pop. I think its going to get better I’m reading live feed up dates and its just not there. I’m not reading anything interesting. Speculation and opions meaning they aren’t that interesting they aren’t doing anything fun they aren’t making and impression on you guys enough to repeat what’s said. Rachel was so repetitive with what she said its like a broken record that’s not drama its stupid. So when it starts poppen and gettin fun let me know what they say. Please Thank you


Britney didn’t speak poorly of Rachel in her good-bye message — she said “tequila vomit hundred dollar bills” when she WAS VOTING. And the producers played that voting message instead of the good-bye message. Sneaky production but I LOVE that Rachel called her on that shit. I was hoping that Rachel would take it and try to encourage Britney as the Ragan replacement, but it looks like Matt is her number one target.

I’m sick sick SICK of the feeds-cutting. Production should have made some exceptions to what could be talked about with Rachel’s returns because this is ridiculous….we should all ask for our money for today back … with the constant cutting and the extended POV, hardly any footage.

Other K

No they didn’t. Britney’s goodbye message to Rachel was “I’m going to miss your hair extensions most so I can turn myself into the new Rachel and scream ‘Tequila! Tequila!'” It was pretty tame if you ask me. I don’t think it was all that mean it probably just wasn’t as nice as Rachel expected it to be since she thought Britney liked her. Britney’s going to kiss Rachel’s ass all day cause she doesn’t want Rachel to tell Brenden to put her up.




I guarantee that she’s coming back


just for 24 hours. 24 hours of RacHELL she gone hand it to em

just a thought

I was hoping we could get away from the Rachel drama for a while, UGH!

William Wallace

Finally this show might just be getting good!!! This season has been so boring with Brenchel doing just enough to keep it semi-interesting. The rest of this cast has sucked all season!! I didnt even know there was a Lane in the house, who is this guy?? I hope Brendon puts Matt on the block and makes him expose the horrible Brigade. A group of big talkers and NO action. Say what u want but Brenchel has won 3 HOHs and 2 POVs thats bigtime! So welcome back Queen Bee…….May they supply you with goblets of Patron and let the entertainment begin!! Bring back Kayser!!!


I really don’t want Britney to go home this week :\
Kathy should be the replacement.


thank you big brother, love u for making this, come on Rachael… make them rememer you for the rest of their lives,


Okay, so the bitch is back, but only for 24 hours. I can live with that.


The bitch (Britney) never left…LOL


Do you think BB will show where Brandon went?


Oh for godsake what now. Thought it was over having to hear an see her. From what she said about asking them questions Im betting Brandon can see and hear them. I dont know why BB dont just end it and give it to the witch and her monkey since it seems like thats how they have it playing out anyway. Sick of those too sick sick sick of them.


been thinking same thing sally and also don’t believe there only 24 hrs…..jury member doesn’t get to know all this info and get to go back and use all that to determine who to vote for………doesn’t appear that any HG is thinking she’s feeding them all BS which i feel she is……also she said that she has to ask e1 all these questions before she can see caveman…if that’s true she would do it much faster


Rachel is back????? THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!!!


Oh look, CBS and the producers put Rachel back in the game to cause problems and ratings. Shocking. Congrats to Ragan on the POV.

Force Convert

what the hell?

Force Convert

Oh, and because Britney just lied to Rachel about that bitchy Goodbye message, I hope Matt gets put up and he in turn puts Britney up and the house votes Britney to Jury. I doubt that will happen, but Britney needs some sort of comeuppance other than not winning a big chunk of money.


Well, if Ragan wants people to think he’s a basically nice guy, he just blew his chances of that happening right out of the water. Lately the more I see/hear of this guy the less I like him. In his DRs he is downright mean and condescending. Seems like he pretty much attacked Rachel when she came back, BTW I thought he said he would shoot himself if she did? So what is Brendon’s move now. Ragan won POV, so who will he put up. If he is smart, he will choose Enzo or Hayden, whom he believes to be in an alliance with, as a pawn and then the Brigade is split. Matt could use DPOV, but then he’s out with the Brigade because he would be choosing one over the other. Hmmm….could finally get interesting this season?


I totally agree fvr…at first I thought Ragan was a good rational person but lately his meanness has just turned me off him more and more. He and Brit are a good match. They are both nasty two faced people.

The Excitement

The Bitch is Back, Bitches!


hmmmmmmm……says that rachael has to ask everyone questions before she can see caveman……if she gets to see him that would be even more unfair………ohhhhh BB, you manipulate way too much


Things are getting interesting now. Since Pandoras box is suppose to be something good for for who ever opens it, and bad for the rest of the house, or bad for who ever opens it and good for the rest of the house, and since most people will say Rachel coming back for 24 hours is bad, I wundering if Brendon got something good, like a days get away?

The house should be happy, at least they didn’t get something really bad. Then again, how was unleashing the Sabateur being bad either?

The Excitement

Brendon is getting a massage with a “happy ending”.


YAY Things are getting interesting!!!!!!!!Go Brachel!


It”s really sad that Brenden and Rachel didn’t get a chance to see each other. That was real shitty of Big Brother IMO.. Matt got a good Pandora’s box

Yae Dum Dum

Grodner is hell bent on getting Vegas back in the house one way or another–this is far from over as I think there is a twist that will keep her there. WHAT THE F**K???!!!! Where the hell is Brendon? Well at least Vegas and Brendon are so much more exciting than that moronic Bro-gade!! Hopefully this twist will cancel ball scratchers DPV because I cannot wait to see that closet gay out of the house and the DPV is the only thing that will save his ugly ass!! I think Grodner regrets giving that turd that DPV!!! And what the f**k is wrong with Gaygan again?? Jesus H–he wins POV and he should be estatic instead he is having a breakdown in the HN room. What the hell is wrong with that weirdo?? Kevin from BB11 may have been gay but he acted like a normal guy and was funny as hell!! This one has some SERIOUS issues!!


Kev was my fav last season and i really wanted him to win. just watched him on youtube chest bump ronnie!!


Dr Valentina and Dr. Indiana do you concur with this asshole’s diagnosis?


Brit is yella belly coward


she’s all talk. at least rachel will confront you to your face and talk about you to your face.


Rachel…thanks for proving that once again you are a bitch…i mean…just because u don’t like Ragan doesn’t mean you have to act all miserable towards him…i mean…STFU and get some class…and now that Ragan has the POV in his hand…he is safe for another…IN YOUR FACE RACHEL!!!


What the hell are you talking about he attacked her first


No way – So Brendon is in solitary confinement somewhere. So if this is the bad in the house – what do we suppose Brendon got. Whatever! I am more bummed with Enzo kissing so much ass and throwing his brigade under. He wants Matt gone..


Since when does a houseguest get to request to turn off the live feeds because they do not want people to hear what they are about to say?


Who made the request and who were they talking to?


Brittany made the request when she was talking with ragan

Aaron C.

Great. She’s already back. Why does BB hate me?


hahaha this is great watch the drama now to funny

Jewish ninja

It’s too bad she wasn’t allowed to have game play information. Divulging all of that to the remaining house guests would’ve really caused chaos!


All I can say is I HATE ENZO !! If he thinks anyone will take him to the final two he is high!! Right now he kissing Rachels ass I hope he gets herpes like Brendon did!!!


Enzo is worthless….he floats his way thru the game, has done nothing at all at any time that ‘puts him in the game’, all he can do is be uncouth, crude, smack his lips with the most annoying eating habits , cuss, fart and be a traitor kiss ass. Get him gone!!!


I knew that she would be in that box. I wonder where Brendon went though?

Jake K.

Great…the next episodes are gonna have the best players in the game getting screwed and rachel back in the house. Welcome to the Week of Big Brother Hell.


For all the shit Brit and Ragan talk about Rachel behind her back, they cant take any of it back. They’re both terrible people.


ugh i hate her


Why wouldn’t Brit give Rachel a dirty look, why is she there.

Jewish ninja

Say what you will about these remainin hgs, but almost all of them (Brendon and Ragan excepted) are pretty good at being two-faced.


all of thjem are two-faced, some of them more than others…. the least two-faced brenda


wait until Rachel informs Brennon that Britney really isn’t her friend and what she said in the goodbye message. Maybe Britney will be the replacement nominee so she’ll go against Lane for votes. This would make Matt happy since he wouldn’t have to use the DPOV and Lane has the votes to stay.

Too bad Britney you just couldn’t help yourself and be nice with the parting comments…


i don’t think britney is capable of shutting up and not talking shit when people aren’t in the room. i mean she’d probably talk shit about herself if she was capable of separating her big mouth from her body. just a bitter spoiled delusional child. “i hate confrontations” lol. no shit. it’s much easier to talk shit behind people’s backs and to hide behind lane when you’re scared. hey nick, you owe lane a thank you note. he’s really taking care of your fiancée for you while she’s away. yeah, she looks real comfortable…


brittney is mean but only 2 people in the house is “delusional” and thats Brenchel, and their also the biggest hypocrites of the house


Wow. Didn’t see that one coming : ). Hmm, what to think???


She has been there one hour and already I am tired of her…..she is still making her case to be in the game and everyone is just placating her…..why wont one of them just stand the hell up and say you are a bitch, a skank and just really unpleasant to be around and though it is a game people can take only so much…but they keep just blowing smoke up her ass about what a great player she is………..what the f…….


She is a good player thats why she was voted out Go Rachel steer up some good shit




I have a feeling that Rachel is back for good!!!! WHO AGREES?


JUST FOR 24 HOURS… they would not cheat


me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it!!!


she is on the loose again she is out so let her stay out i am sorry she is back go back to vegass


we might have to call 911, AG took brendon hostage and will torture him by stripping for him while his hands are tired to he can’t cover his eyes, and then making his body a plate and eating pig slop off of him LOL


I think this is AWESOME! At least we will have a little more drama….don’t get me wrong, I don’t like VEGAS but at least this is something different for us viewers…..


NC doesn’t want her either!


Did Hayden tell Rachel in his goodbye message about the Brigade? I thought he did, but surely she would have outed them by now. I know he told Kristen, but I’m not sure about Rachel. If anybody knows, please let me know. Thanks!


nope they decided not to tell rachel about them… didn’t want to risk losing votes no doubt


I’m sure production edited any Brigade outing messages since they knew there was a chance she would come back. As much as production “cheats” the show isn’t rigged that badly.


He didn’t tell anything about Brigade

BigBrothers Big Brother

I’m officially hoping Enzo is put on the block. He’s worse than the females with this backstabbing and gossip. Rachel isn’t even important in the game (except for one Jury Vote) and he was the first one up there kissing ass and throwing people under the bus. WHACK GAME PLAY. WIN A DAMN COMP AND USE THAT TO FURTHER YOUR GAME ENZO!


I agree. He repeats whatever everyone says and pretends to sympathize. It’s like you want him to play the game already. If they all stood up to Rachel who apparently was only there to stir things up, she would have left with her tail between her legs. The Brigade only had one member who was a good player and that is Matt. I now believe he is the one playing a good game and hope he wins it all.


yes, yes….get Enzo on the block and get rid of him. He’s worthless…all talk.


She is being given more air time to be “nice” instead of bitchy. It sucks that they are trying to hand her the jury house favorite vote. Also she is getting way too much info as she is supposed to be in the jury and making her final decision based on what her experience was while in the game – now she is getting a whole different POV – so not fair. She will be able to manipulate the whole jury house because these people are spilling their guts just to get her vote.. And if she is able to talk to Brendon, or if he is getting to listen – then CBS is definately cheating us on this game. Can we shut her the F up now.

why is Rachel back ?

It is their plan to cheat. That’s how this game works. It is totally manipulated by the the producers.


Noooooooooooooooooooo!!! Please get her out of the house. I don’t want to see any more fake crying.


i think bb flew iin brendons nieces and there speding time together and all i can say for britney is karmas a bitch and the bitch is back sooo haha brittney!!!!!


I hope Enzo isn’t mad at me. I told darla about the incessant belly aches but her vapid response was tedious. The three green knocks were important to the elbow’s Grady. I like birds.