Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon: “I warned the people of the house you let her go and you unleash a F**king monster in this house”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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9:44pm Taj Enzo and Brendon. Brendon is pissed that everyone is in the havenots. Brendon: “why I didn’t know HOH was moved to the have nots”. Enzo: “Yo i’m not going to any Have nots to hang out yo”. Enzo is complaining about how BLANK he’s doing in the comps and how his wife is embarrassed by him. brendon wonders why Hayden is in the have nots with brit, Ragan, MAtt and Kathy. Enzo says that Ragan was crying now everyone is having a pity party. Enzo: “Only one person goes home yo “. Brendon is really getting annoyed that hayden is in the Have nots. Enzo tells him not to worry Hayden is just there gathering information. Brendon lecturing enzo on how they need to worry about the jury votes now. Enzo says that this is a very hard game and he has a much greater respect for the champions now. Brendon brings up up that the physical competitions are not only hard you have the isolation. Enzo:”the best idea is to have a girlfriend in the house it’s the best alliance”. Brendon agrees then says him and Rachel got backed into a corner since day one they had to fight against the house because the house took it personally. Brendon now pissed that they didn’t vote him out like he wanted to, Brendon: “I warned the people of the house you let her go and you unleash a BLANK monster in this house”. Brendon says all the crazy things Rachel did was for the TV and brought on by the other players. Enzo just agrees with everything brendon says standard brigade intelligence gathering. Brendon says everyone in the house hasn’t been playing the game and if they’ve won anything it’s because they play dirty. Enzo :”yo it’s bb MAN” Brendon isn’t going to play any tricks this week he’s going to go into the have nots and ask them if they want to come up to the and see his HOH room they can but don’t be fake happy if you come. He forgives them for what thet did to him but he won’t forgive them for what they did to Rachel. Enzo :”hey hey yo hey making her cry and BLANK hey” Enzo: “Did anyone come and congratulate you on winning the HOH”. Brendon says now, Enzo: “yo man you gotta respect the game you thats not right” Brendon thinks he can hear through the walls and hear what they are talking about in the Have nots room. He walks up presses his ear to the wall and says that he can hear them they’re are talking about past Big Brother seasons.
Kathy comes in and says she wants to go outside and smoke a cigarette.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:00pm Have nots Matt, Brit, Lane, and Hayden random funny conversations


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109 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon: “I warned the people of the house you let her go and you unleash a F**king monster in this house”

  1. If Brittany and Ragan don’t go see Brendon’s HOH room then they are the absolute worst sports ever to play this game, at least when matt won HOH, brendon and Rachel both went to see his room despite hating his guts.

    1. How would it not suprise me if Pig Sowie and the Golden Flash in the pan can’t make it up to the HOH room. Yeah, I went there and brought college sports into it.

    1. Enzo purposely doesnt try in the competitions because he leaves the dirty work to others. Remember in that paint competion – he bailed right away. He doesnt want a target on his back.

      1. Wow. Its amazing how ppl can make the stupidest leech in the game seem like a genius. Very convenient for Enzo, not bringing any game to the game because its all a tactic ::waves hands magically:: LOL Are you serious right now? I guarantee you, men hate other men who leech off other ppl who pull all the weight and are only useful till they aren’t. Enzo knows that and the rest of the Brigade is just ignoring that blaring fact until its time to drop the axe.

    2. And that’s part of the game? He’s playing an amazing social game, don’t deny it. Why should he win anyways? To put a target on his back? This entire game of Big Brother isn’t not just about winning the competitions, it’s knowing which comps to win and only when you need to win them.
      Why would Enzon even want to TRY to win HOH when the Brigade agrees that they don’t need to win this HOH?
      Why should he win HOH of POV and have everyone pissed at him because he nominated them or won’t take them off the block?
      All he needs to win is that TV of his and now all he has to do is kiss ass, suck up and talk big so that he has the jury vote to stay.
      If you were in his position what would you do? Comprise the BEST position in the house right now? Enzo has no enemies in this house. He’s smart, he’s cunning, he’s sly, he’s a mole. He’s not all talk, he’s all game right now and unless someone flips the lid and the brigade turns on him, he could very well win BB.
      I mean, think about it. He has the Brigade’s vote and Brendon and Rache’s vote. BB might as well write the check up with his name on it already.
      The next person who might win BB (though I highly doubt it) is Matt.
      But if Enzo is up in final two with ANYONE it’s guarantee that he has the votes.

      1. I totally agree with you with one exception….. At some point a letter from home and a picture of wifey and his baby is just what you need to make it through the rest(the second half) of the game.

        1. Agreed, I think Enzo and Lane are both playing a really great social game. It would be hard to spend a lot of time with someone you don’t really like to keep together your alliance. Hats off, I think it would be easier to win HOH than to spend time with some of those people.

          I wasn’t sure of the Brigade at first but they really are playing a great game they seem to have all the angles covered. I just hope Matt doesn’t bail on them for Ragan or Lane for Brittney…although they need to keep them close.

  2. Brendon does not think further by revenging and talking like he is god. Next week, when he can not compete for the HOH competition, he will be put on the block.

      1. Yo, look back again. He can not win the POV with all the rage he has. The POV will be a quiz with high possibility. Hes not good at it. He can not win either if he can make it to the finale. I dont see any chances he can win BB if he dont try to make alliances and realize the existence of the Brigade. Enzo now is doing his move to win the whole thing if he can make to the finale. However, he is really bad at quizzes.

      2. Yeah she’ll come back as a pov host….BB knows she’s a SKANK!! They had Julie say that to give all the R/B skanks out there some hope!! FAT FUC#ING CHANCE!!!! Now they’ll play up the Britt and Lane card so everyone can say how much a ho-bag she is for flirting with Lane when she has a finace back home…..BOOHOO!!!

    1. Its all according to the plan. Brigade didnt want to win this week, didnt want to have blood on thier hands for sending home Kathy, Brit, or Ragen. Instead they are letting Dodo Head do it for them. Brigade is nicely securing jury votes for themselves. Smart Smart Smart. Its really sad that the only HOH that Brendon wins is the one the Brigade basically handed to him….Brendon has no common sense.

    2. Maybe, maybe not. Pretty sure he threw the paint can HOH competition and the bowling because he was sure he was safe – Rachel was the target. I’m still thinking Brendan has a connection in the brigade. His attempts at defending Rachel were half hearted, mostly just empty promises to her – securing her vote if he makes it to the end. The guy’s an athlete – he could have hung on to that paint can for days…

      1. the paint can comp. was slanted towards smaller players your retarded if you think brute strength is the key to endurance comps, why do you think ragan and matt are always the last ones?

        1. I didn’t say I favored Brendan. I said he was an athlete. I didn’t mention “brute strength” – swimmers swim endurance laps for hours every day. That’s how they train. Swimming isn’t an easy sport. It’s tons of hard work, year round. He could have hung on as long as he wanted.

  3. Simon/Dawg: You guys going to do a separate blog (similar to the one you did on Brendon) about Lane and his criminal charges?? BBAD only covered a little bit of it so I didn’t get the full story.

      1. Lane was talking about him and his brother Gunter getting arrested, I think for assault? He was told that his charges would be dropped if he turned his brother in. He called his brother and he got busted for a fake call, but I don’t know the rest. But, hey, turn about is fair play. If you out Brendon let’s out Lane too!!!

  4. “Brendon says everyone in the house hasn’t been playing the game and if they’ve won anything it’s because they play dirty”

    who played dirty?? or is this typical brenchel delusions???

    1. Typical delusions. Brendon and Rachel were so upset that Matt played the game and nominated them that they made things up to make themselves feel better. Matt promised them safety 3 weeks ago as long as he was safe the week after, he kept his word. Then Rachel wins HOH and keeps her word and puts up Hayden/Kristen. There were no further deals made and Matt even told them he wasn’t making any more deals but as soon as they get put up they decide that Matt’s a liar. They are horrible losers and horrible winners. This is what people hate about them.

    1. Not really…Matt can only take one person off and if he takes himself off
      he would replace someone else. It not like the coup d’eta

  5. Matt has that “magic” POV which he probably will use when Brennan puts him up for eviction.

    Ragan or Brit will win the POV and save themself and Matt will “save” himself …I can see this truning to have Hayden or Enzo up for eviction.

    1. Just a thought but, given that the DPOV came from Pandora’s box, and Julie telling Rachel she may not have seen the last of the BB house, maybe the unknown downside to using the DPOV is that it brings Rachel back?

  6. This is the biggest reason I believe Rachel is coming back at the beginning of the show if u listen carefully julie said big brother brought them together tonight it will tare them apart, she never said it will seperate them apart. and plus she said rachel you have not seen last of BB so there is definitely something there ( last week when matt won hoh julie said before the competition this might be the most powerful hoh ever and we saw what happened )

    Now on to brendons HOH. I think the only thing he did was save himself this week because more then likely he would be out this week if he didnt win. This gives him time to ease in with the others and hopefully he sticks around for a week or two more.( i would say he got to keep winning to stay in the game chances are low people will keep him around) My gut feeling tells me Kathy will be leaving this week, brendon will put either matt britanny or regan up. Matt will use POV to take himself off or reagan , And matt will nominate kathy. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST KATHy will leave this week.

    1. Brenda doesnt give a rats azz about Kathy. His rage against Brit and Ragan is massive. They will be going up. Matt will not use his power to take them off either. Brit will be going home.

    2. No way. Brendan is ANGRY at Matt, Brittany and Ragan. Mostly Brit and Ragan. Therefor IMO Brittany and Ragan are going up and Lane is going to talk to the Brigade about saving Brit. (he told her last night that she was NOT going anywhere) therefor Ragan will walk out the door next Thursday.

    3. I think Brendan threw the paint can HOH competition (this guy’s a swimmer, which is a tough sport – they have more stamina than that!) – because he knew that it was really Rachel that was being targeted (even though he put up a pathetic knight in shining armor routine – the only people who appeared angry with him were Brittany, Ragan and Kathy)…remember, 2 houseguests have a secret connection…maybe it’s Brendan and a member of the Brigade…just throwing it out there.

  7. watching bbad…. at least i was. can we bring back rachel yet? even kristen i wouldnt mind seeing and i cant stand her. the remaining HG’s are a snooze fest

  8. I’m pretty excited that Brendon won HOH and now it’s my turn to go “waaaah waaaah” and add my two cents worth on the HOH comp…
    Because I think that it’s rigged for Brendon to win. I know, it’s totally unfounded but it’s a bit too coincidental in my opinion that not only does he win HOH when he needs it most (so far the HOH and POVs seem to conveniently be won by people who need it most except for Kristen and Hayden’s POV and Brachel’s POV) but he was also able to nominate THREE people to be have nots. Kinda convinient, no?
    Because he only has three people he’s targeting, he even said so: Matt, Ragan and Brittany.
    Just my two cents worth.
    And like I said, it’s pretty exciting to see Brendon as HOH and we can finally see his room, not just Rachel’s and Matt’s.

  9. I think you have mental problems.
    Last week they were all bashing Brendon and Rachel every second
    and now your piss cause he attack someone. Give me a break..
    go to sleep buddy

  10. QAZ just sent me some intel while on his blind date with AG!
    Clue is in Julie’s wording, “SEEING THE INSIDE of the BB House AGAIN”. Rachel will be back only so Brendon can propose to her on tv! she will not be let back in the game.(Just like last year with J/J fans – Jeff didn’t come back) Wait there’s more! AG has accidently set the restaurant on fire due to sparks flying from her knife and fork.

    1. Brenda already told the Ho he aint proposing at the Finale (much to her dismay) and that he would have to date her for at least one year.

      1. Your right, but it would be more powerful for the “proposal” to happen this weekend, plus it would give her the opportunity to help him strategize in order to stay in the game. As AG would say, its best to strike while the iron is hot, especially if your making grill cheese sandwiches!

    2. SOS from QAZ! AG asked him to kiss her where it stinks so he drove her to East LA. When he tried to ditch her by driving away, she caught up to his carat a red light and blew out his back tires with her teeth! Holy Ring Dings!

  11. what criminal charges do you know about brendon and lane? i know brendon was suspended from teaching for a week but thats not criminal. someone please fill me in

    1. It was assault charges, I think, according to BBAD. Brought up on them, but not sure what the outcome was because BBAD didn’t cover all of Lane’s discussion. Him and his brother were accused.

  12. They should have kept Rachel. I would seriously bet MY LIFE she would not have won HOH.

    America is laughing at the house right now. hahahahahahaha

              1. but we’d never get nothing done. I need to be tended on. Someone has to make my dinners, draw my baths, rub my back, shine my tiara.

  13. Just want to say Simon/Dawg (especialy simon) GREAT JOB. This is only site i come to for BB news. Hope your making money off this, you do this well

  14. Best case scenario: If Matt and Ragan go up as nominee’s, Britney again wins POV, takes Ragan off, Matt uses his DPOV, takes himself off and nominates Kathy. I don’t think DPOV is going to be used until just before the vote. From what Julie Chen said.. it won’t be until next Thursday that we’ll see if the diamond pov will be used. hmmm This is what I am hoping for, anyway.

    1. Best case might be too strong of a word there…

      I call that Brendon will put up Britney and Matt. One of them, preferably Britney cuz she is1) hot and 2) a beast at POVs will win (and I really want her to break Janelle’s one season record) and take herself off the block. Matt will go up as the replacement nominee. Then on Thursday, according to the Brigades plan, Matt will use his DPOV to put up Ragan and they will take him out.

      Preferable scenario 2 is:

      Brendon puts up Ragan and Matt. One of them, preferably Ragan cuz he will be ensured the 20k, will win the POV. Lane will go up as a replacement nominee. Matt will use the DPOV to put up Britney. Britney goes home. :(

      Preferable scenario 3 is:

      Brendon puts up Ragan and Matt. Brendon wins POV thinking he is all smug. Then Matt totally owns him and uses the DPOV to put up Britney. And, Brigade takes out Britney.

      On the sportsmanship debate, I still side with Matt, Britney, and Ragan. I think they will all go up to the HOH room. Even if they don’t, Rachel and Brendon’s behavior last week was horrible. Though, people making fun of them could have been a little less. The couple was totally delusional and they acted way worse than April and Ollie from BB10. Like Bryan said at the season finale of BB10, the entirety of America is watching and that behavior on national television (even if it is to save your girlfriend) is totally unacceptable. I really hate Brendon now, but I can see where he is coming from. As long as Britney and Ragan don’t incite fights, they will not look as bad as him. It is totally fine for them to cry and continue to mock Brendon. It’s part of the paranoia game and it makes them feel better. Plus, it is pretty funny.

      Matt is by far my favorite player. He has the best cocky attitude, kinda like Jessie cept without the muscles. In addition, he has the brains, always thinking 10 steps ahead, like Dan from BB10.

      That’s my two cents.

    1. we can’t handle the traffic.. a upgrade has been ordered should have it running early next week. Every year we out grow the server we hand the year before.

        1. Hey grandma! I thought only mean girls could be popular! At last that’s what I remember from HS. No. your right! I just hope it paid off for them tonight – they definitely earned it!

  15. Well, I guess eating all those bananas did help Brendon. Everybody seems to be starting the nice, nice with him now. They might go see his room after all.

    1. NO-ONE knows. Not even production. Its a wait and see game!!! Its depends on HOW DULL NEXT WEEK IS! The power that the DVETO has is YET To Be Determined!

  16. How could u think thr hoh that bren won was set up for
    him to win? But midget matt the guy who is in the most powerful
    allince gets a d pov to give him even more power, when
    they could just gave him 5 to 10g’s instead.

  17. I don’t understand why it is soo far into the game and Matt/Hayden are the only one’s from their alliance that have been put on the block? And neither of them were really the target when they got put up anyways!!!!! I really dont understand how they can live in a house and not realize that there is a four person alliance?!? And Kristen realized too late and I think people just figured she was trying to throw Hayden under the bus….Brittany/Ragen/Kathy and especially Brendan need to wake up this week if they want to make it any further..But Brendan burned most bridges this week and there is no hope really for any of those 4 .. I really don’t like this season at all..I usually have a fav by week 2 or so or at least an idea of who I would want to win…this season I want them all out can we start over with a fresh group??!!!?? If i had to choose from the brigade I think I would go for Lane—Hayden is a hypocrite going after Brachelle for the showmance—Enzo is a coat tail rider, and will ride it as far as he can—- and well Matt he is the worst of them all, telling so many lies that will eventually catch up to him except the one about his wife which just may give him the money…..I know it is the BB house and lies are expected but c’mon thats pretty fricken low…
    I’m pretty sure none of his “friends” inside the house will want anything to do with him when it is all said and done

      1. The difference is his lie was sickening…You don’t lie about someone close to you being illl…I bet if he had a kid, he would even make a sick lie about them.

        1. I dont understand how its sickening. He is trying to win a game that is COMPLETELY based on deception. Regardless of the lie, they are all the same. Karma is a total myth. If his wife gets sick in the future, its because sometimes people get sick. Again…..the lie didnt even remotely affect anyone.

    1. I think its because Rachel set the tone for this season game by making it personal, not strategic! Instead of targeting the guys she went after the woman for emotional reasons – they were after “her man”! Besides that, the house allowed themselves to get destracted by B/R “bedroom olympics” they weren’t focusing on the game.

  18. I heard from one of Britney’s old sorority sisters, that if you go into the bathroom, turn off the light and say Britney’s name 3 times into the mirror, that she’ll pay you a visit while your sleeping and accessorize your entire wardrobe.

  19. the one about his wife? I think it was alot bigger—-smart yes for him to get the sympathy votes—but personally if i were in there with him, gave him the money and then found out it was just another lie I would never speak to him again…the other lies I could let go of and to be honest I would probably do myself but they keep coming back to bite him and if he uses the D POV his brigade may try to get him out first when it gets down to 4

    1. Last weekend during Rachel and Britney’s mud bath, Brendon said that he knew that Matt made up the whole thing. Anyway, Brendon knows that Matt made up a like, which could be this week’s plot devise?

  20. First of all, they LET Brenda win. That was their plan.

    They should all avoid the HOH room and let shithead sit there by himself.

    I do not want to see any sucking up from anyone.

    If he venture’s out, they should all remind him that he wants to leave.

  21. He calls himself a f#@king monster….maybe more like learch from the Adam’s family!!!! He even walks like him!!! I personally think him winning hoh this week is great!!! He can take out Britt,Ragan or Kathy and have the blood on his hands…or be the knight in shinning armor, for Rac-HO…(think I just threw up a little)!! What ever….he did the Brigades work for them!!! GO BRIGADE!!!!

  22. If Matt is nominated, he won’t use the DPOV. He told a big lie to the entire house (incl. the Brigade members) by saying he only got $1. If he uses it, he risks being targeted by the rest of the Brigade members.

    He will still have 3 votes from Enzo, Hayden and Lane.

    Then there’s another nominee out of Britney, Ragan and Kathy. So only two votes for this group.

    Either way, the votes should go 3-2 in his favour and there’s no point in using the DPOV unless he wants to jeapordize his alliance with the Brigade.

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