Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Must Be HOH She’s Making Faces again

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:30ish Backyard feed leak we can see production preparing for tomorrows competition

10:30pm – 11:15pm Jumanji Room everyone except for Hayden and Kristen who are in the Cabana room. They are doing a Big Brother rap, Enzo’s the drums and Ragan is doing the rhymes. Some house guests are throwing in their own raps.. sounds pretty funny

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Matts contribution to the rap calls it the 5 finger shuffle

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:09pm Cabana room Rachel, Kristen, Brit and Kathy Rachel walks in and “Smirks” at Kristen. Kristen tells her not to do that cause it’s rude. Rachel’s reply what are you talking about aren’t I allowed in the Cabana room to be with my friend brit. Kristen says yes your allowed but you don’t have to smirk. Rachel “Grow up Kristen i was smirking why are you causing all this drama” rachel tells her that she’s started all this and she’s the one causing all this drama when before there was none. Rachel starts making a bunch of faces to her again.. Kristen tells her to stop. rachel: “oh grow the fuck up Kristen” Kristen looks at the the other two girls in the room “Oh my God you just did it again” rachel “What are you talking about I never cause shit in this house you do” Kristen is flabbergasted at Rachel.. Rachel tells her to f**k off and she leaves.. Brit and Kathy say they didn’t see it, Kristen makes a comment that when the shows over everyone should check the live feed tapes out at all the shit Rachel’s been doing. Brit says she doesn’t want to be caught in the middle. .. After the fight Rachel runs into the kitchen where Brendon teller her to calm the hell down.. she gets called to the DR to get her HOH key.. (groan here we go again )

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:45pm HOH room Everyone but Kristen goes up the only quote i’ll include in this item slot is this one by Rachel “Is everyone here…This is our whole season.. well after this week it’s going to be”… “HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!” (ugh)

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194 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Must Be HOH She’s Making Faces again

  1. And….even tho all these peeps annoy me, Im glad Kristen stood her ground and didn’t go up to the HOH room after being douchly confronted by Rachel……now Kristen you MUST win POV biznatch! Just go and ask BB to make the comp geared toward something you an win!

    1. I completely agree. I wasn’t a Kristen fan before tonight, but I sure am now.

      Did she overreact when Rachel won HOH? Yes. Did she deserve what Andrew said or the backlash his speech caused? NO!

      Everything she said to Andrew in tonight’s episode was COMPLETELY valid. He overreacted. Andrew sure did make Jewish people look good tonight with his attack on Kristen. Sure, it’s true that they have a showmance, but that was not the proper way to tell everyone. I sure hope that Hayden’s goodbye message leaves Andrew feeling extremely guilty.

      Poor Kristen. This is going to be the worst week of her life. :'(

          1. LMAO GRANDMA. He didn’t like rachel either. hmm……….. I still don’t think he disrespected her. He just let the cat out of the bag! Maybe he could have said it a little better. Hey I love drama!

            1. In my opinion he disrespected her. It’s one thing to let teh cat out of the bag it’s another to call someone a “Tin Man” amongst other attacks that personally insult someone. I do get teh fact that this IS Big Brother and that tempers fly and all sense of fairplay is kicked out the window from day one so I can sort of let it slide.

              But personally attacking someone is disrespecting them. The only difference is that since it’s Big Brother, it really doesn’t count that badly

              Also, I like the drama he created but the drama really is a big yawner since right now it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo predictable that Kristen is going up and getting voted out or Hayden is going to end up going on.

              I want the Saboteur to be chosen soon so this snoozefest can be lightened up just a little bit. That or someone in teh house shoudl like… dress up, start singing and do a tap number randomly in one of the rooms. Or act like an idiot and jump on the bed before walking out of the room like nothing happened.

              I dunno, just something.

        1. I’d call it blatant disrespect to Kristen when Andrew tells Hayden “to get away from her”….. It was pure meaness to out Hayden and Kristen anyway. No one told Brendon to get away from Rachel and just look, he’s with racoon boobs babe who can’t say two words without inserting “like”. And that screechy voice and cackle laugh. I love the clip in this feed of her shoving up those boobies…and oh wait, did she remember this time to put on underwear so they don’t have to blur out her netherlands? That’s where we find out, folks, that she isn’t a real redhead..She’s annoying as hell. Brendon is smothering her and between the two….!!! Now to Kathy….who can’t speak without “I mean”, and “ya know”, talking about being a cancer survivor and smoking on national TV. And yet, I watch. Go figure…! Maybe Matt’s phantom disease he claimed wifey has is really down his pants and he keeps checking to see if it’s still there.

      1. why does anyone feel bad for Kristen? This is a GAME. She is a MORON (and Hayden too) If she had anticipated correctly, she would have known what Andrew was going to do (he even gave them the benefit of a hint) and cast a preemptive strike – make a deal or do what it takes to appease him. But no. They are wasting time sepculating what Andrew’s secret is. Do they not recall the past three weeks? Couldn’t they see the consequences of being exposed after they kept it for all this time?? IMORONS. Combined, the two of them owe someone IQ points. Like I said, they played a game and got outplayed. They just arent smart or saavy enough. And Kristen is even dumber for saying things like “my hand was by the buzzer” ummmm EVERYONE’s hand was. They design these games to screw you up like that. everyone “almost” got the questions right. What is this girl’s reference point in life – HERSELF? You go on a show to win money, then dont have secret trysts – everyone knows that brings drama so you are getting what you ask for. It’s only been three weeks, why do all htis for a stupid hookup with this random guy. CBS picks people who are little stupid so they fall into steretypically human patterns -and a lack of self control is one ofthem.

      2. What an ignorant comment. Does Rachel make Christian people look good? Really, not even part of the game.

  2. thank u andrew for the much needed drama. kristen is mad b/c she got called out in front of the hg and they know she basically cheating on her boyfriend on natl tv.

    1. I’m actually kind of wondering if Hayden IS Kristen’s boyfriend and they are the long time friends or something. I mean, it’s a good plan if you think about it. She says she has a boyfriend when really her boyfriend is in the house with her and they’re trying to throw both America and the house off by saying all that. -shrugs- I could be analyzing too much since I also am suspicious of Andrew and Brendon being the life long pals also.

      1. There is nothing to suggest that the “life long” friends thing is valid. Kristen and Hayden were not BF and GF before the show. She’s a cheater and there’s no way to rationalize it.

      1. Hopefully Kristen clues in on that too……that Brendon would…and if Hayden wont for you Kristen, maybe he is not worth losing the game over!

    1. Hayden needs to kick her to the curb to further his game. He’s NOT being a pussy by staying up there and thinking on his own and in his own best interests.

    2. i know, he just left her! brendon would never do that…but i think the two relationships are totally different. and hayden is a young college jock who is probably still a little immature and self-centered, that changes with time. he clearly isnt ready or looking for anything serious. Brendon is in another life stage and his priorities are different. Hayden seems like a nice guy, but Brendon just eems to be a more considerate, sensitive person in general.

      1. oh and i love how she said “you dont have to stay here with me if you want” and he didn’t have to think about it he was like “but i dont want to go in there” WRONG ANSWER lolololol and he had to mention that she looked hot while screaming – oh my goodness – this is what he is thinking about – they remind me of like a one night stand that’s been dragging on

  3. I very much wonder how rachel will react when she realizes that most of America hate her and her “twu wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv”.

    Can we please somehow get rid of her. like, make some sort of twist where the HOH has to be on the block also just this one time? I want her gone because I just can’t stand her. Even though if Brendon is gone there’d be some fun Rachel bitch out moments, her face is just grating along with her laugh.

    Who wants a bet that she’s just jealous that Kristen got a real man while she got stuck with Mr. Wish Washy?

    1. I was just tellin my hubby, cant we just one time have a people’s vote where no HG’s get to vote, just the people! Rach smell would be gone soooo fast!

      1. Maybe. She loves attention. But she has a valid point: people are gunning for her because of her showmance, and the other showmance isn’t even a target. Jealousy or validity?

        1. Jealousy. Rachel had her butt in everyone’s face and the others were a little more private about it. I don’t dislike Rachel but I think she is not liking it that she isn’t the showmance only.

      2. I don’t care for Rachel much, but Kristen has a mad face. Andrew blew it them up last night and I hope Hayden do what Andrew told him, stay away from Kristen she is out for herself. She was using Hayden to get further in the game.

      1. NObody likes her….America associates her with the Tiger Woods Hoars……..she’d go Down in a heartbeat, yes, pun intended! HOAR…..say with enzo’s accent……

        1. maybe it’s just me, but i am born and raised N.Y.City and i don’t hear any accent from Enzo ….. you see wati’m sayin

        2. You all of idiots! B/R rock! America thinks so to. Look at the polls. Do you think anyone else could have done what they have done with everyone against them? I’ll answer that. H3ll NO!!! Just plan ignorant!!!!

          1. Do you know anything abotu statistics?

            Polls are one of the worst ways to gather data on something because:

            A) Only people who care enough about the show would go through the trouble of voting on the poll.

            B) Polls can easily be rigged and inflated.

            C) Some people don’t even know that there even is a poll going on.

            D) Also, if the poll is via text message and you have to pay ten cents per text to send it in some people aren’t gonna vote because why would you pay ten cents to vote on something so… unbenificial and unpractical for you? if you have the extra cash and are a hardcore BB fan then sure, go for it. But I know I don’t have that kind of extra cash.

            E) If the poll is online, some people don’t have internet access or don’t even know where the hell the poll is.

            F) There are probably a ton of different polls taking place right now. Which particular poll are you looking at? One poll might favor Brachel, others might not.

            1. I thought the announcer said 1 dollar per text message.

              No thanks.

              I can’t even afford that for milk right now.

    2. I like Rachel and hope her or Ragan wins the hole damn thing. Kristen has to go, Matt and Brit also has to go

  4. This sucks. I feel so bad for Kristen. And Hayden, he looks so nervous, he caught in a tuff spot and he doesn’t know what to do. I just hope he is good to Kristen through this.

    1. thats what they get.every 1 else had to go threw it. she didnt feel bad for andrew when he was suppose to be her friend.

      1. Yes she did, she was upset all week, torn between Andrew and Cathy. Hayden and Kristen both have said to each other over and over how much they like Andrew and Cathy, before they were on the block and during.

          1. Oh yea, and Rachel is SO TOTALLY NOT fake.

            She practically timed her entrance into Kristen and Andrew’s fight to get mroe air time and that laugh? Homg, talk about a forced and hyena like.


    I have read on numerous websites, as I’m sure most of you know, that the evicted houseguests are being sequestered. So, maybe, even if Kristen is evicted this week, she can still return. HAHA, wouldn’t that be hilarious if she’s evicted, and then the next day returns as HOH… Mwahaha

    And these girls need to realize that they are just tearing each other apart by continuing to vote girls off. But, wait…Rachel can’t do that, because somehow, Kristen is coming between her and “her man.” ugh

      1. i wished all the girls would stick together along with ragan . the brigade is driving them apart with rumors.

        1. Why? The girls are pathetic. Attention seeking, bitchy, catty, destructive to other females, etc. Why is it always their first response to take other females down rather than band together and bring them up? Sickening. I hope they all go because I can’t stand their inability to be loyal unless it is as a sacrifice to the opposite sex. Uck.

      1. I agree BBGrandma. But, maybe the producers know that Andrew wouldn’t win an “America’s Vote,” anyway? Or they’ll just rig it so he can’t win.

        What if he tells the others in sequester??? Uh oh.

    1. It’s hysterical how Rachel has this stupid idea that Kristen in coming between her and her man, Rachel needs help. She is showing how insecure and dumb she truly is when it comes to having a boyfriend. I can just imagine how she is on the outside and probably cannot keep a man because of her insecurities and drives them away. This is just sickening.

      1. I could be wrong, but I think Rachael gets prodded by the DR to keep the “me and my man” thing going. I think she really did at first, but now production realizes the reaction and keeps it going.

    2. I heard the same thing. I do not think it is true because if it was, Julie would have never told Andrew that Matt’s wife did not have the disease. All of the gameplay would be kept secret so if he went back in he would be at the same level. Just a thought…

  6. I would love it if all these people got up and just walked out the HOH right now and said FU Hooker Hoar….we all hate you….NOW WHAT??? She’d have such a melt down she’d put her own damn self up for eviction…….oh thank god……….it ended!

  7. Now kristen knows how andrew felt. Karma is a b1tch! She was drinking wine having fun smiling and being sneaky all week. All the showmances has to go! I hope hayden and kristen get put up. kristen wins pov and then one of the other brigades go up. That would be funny as hell.

  8. that made it 10x more funny though because they CHOSE to keep her…and as expected, as they said…she cant win anything….you get what you ask for…they asked for kathy…andrew would have knocked em out

  9. ok – I feel like ranting – Rachel is a C U Next Tuesday. (Thats the PG version.) She is purposely saying all that shit in the HOH room in front of Kathy and Hayden about “how we are all going to toast cuz we made it to the Jury house, well everybody thats up hear did!!!” Are you kidding – look at how uncomfortable Hayden, Kathy, and even Ragen look – I swear he is regretting throwing the comp.

    And I don’t know if any of you all caught it when Brendon said ” I purposely didn’t answer because I knew you had it.” So instead of even giving his bitchy girlfriend props for winning he said I let you! Whatever!!

    And then just now in the HOH he talks about he ex girlfriend being a stripper in Vegas doing a lap dance for the Beckhams. It must be the same chick that posed in Playboy.

    So now I get it. Hotter stripper girl dumped him and now he is filling the void with this B-Rate version. They deserve each other.

      1. I probably am not the only one to agree with you. I thought Andrew’s speech was great…the house needed some drama to get all these a$& kissers playing the game. It’s in their faces now whether they admit it or not!

    1. But what if it is not really his ex girlffiend but Rachsmell herself! what if they are the two that know each other…..maybe they met in Science camp…not to be confused with Band camp back in the day!

      1. i think the hay-stin showmance is a set up ….. whenever they do kiss outside the blanket its a passive smooch
        me thinks they know each other better than they let on

      1. bab I dont like no of them! so how about u blow me. I’m not a dude, I’m a female. now buzz of weirdo!

            1. bab go find a job please! Lmao! Its a firgure of speech. Damn nobody has a sense of humor. I guess there bored to death! Just buzz off ! And i dont mean my way! .

              1. wow – sounds like you all are having a bad night in retrospect like jimik 60 and me last week. Does anyone prescribe EMO pills?
                xo =^..^=

              1. Thanks BBGrandma! I am hitting the sheets so I can get ready to look for a job. I’ll be back tomorrow!

                  1. bab good luck in your occupation endevour ….. sending good thoughts your way

                    could ya find a job fer me mrs too lol

  10. Am I the only one who equates Brendon’s pussy ass to K Federline? If Rancid, er, Rachel wants to get out floaters, how about jettisoning the one that’s attached to your face? He just looks like a guy who needs his gnads checked.

    1. You’re an idiot!!!! Can you count? 1 2. What comes after 2? Wrong. How many POVs has B won? How many have other? Are the any multiple winners beside Rachel? He is Mr. POV and Rachel is Ms HOH. Deal with it!!

      The floaters are Kristen, Enzo, Lane, Ragan and Kathy. Ragan, Lane and Enzo at least get close in competitions.

  11. Another week of this idiot Rachel acting as a queen. She is so pathetic and the way she flaunts her being HOH makes me want to vomit. I agree with LJ they should have all just walked out, of course Brendon wouldn’t, and left her high and dry with her mouth hitting the floor. Matt go home next week and then Rachel go home. If Brendon wins POV again this week, then I definitely know this show is rigged shall I say. There have been in the past seasons much better and smarter players and this didn’t even happen then. I know all reality shows are scripted to a point but it shouldn’t be this obvious. What can I say……….

    1. And that is why all we hear is “You are not allowed to talk about production”!! And is what has made me not love this show as much as I used too! Production plays too much of the game themselves which doesn’t leave much play for the House guests!

  12. Can’t wait until Rachel gets out of the house and hears that her friend “Britney” disses her ass hard! This idiot girl is dying for attention and affection like there’s no tomorrow. Glad that Kristen is standing her ground and will hopefully put Rachel in her place! Like they say – Be cautious of the quite ones!

    1. rachel and britney are the natalie and jordan fromBB11. Gnat hated Jordon but pretended to be her friend just to get to the final 2 and it worked.

    2. when ratsmell gets booted off with not one vote she will realize that brendon didn’t vote for her either …… she will leave the house, sit down, and accuse Julie of trying to come between her and her man …… lmao …… i can’t wait to hear those videotapped goodbyes ….. esspecially from camel toe brit ….. brit needs hoh so her family can snd more peroxide

  13. rachel is the villain in bb12 its official.. now I wonder how long CBS can edit her to be the opposite. It’s starting to look like they are turning on her. Did anyone else get that from the live broadcast today?

    1. lol. cbs blog has every 1 liking her simon! she is a major b1tch! But we all hate to love villians. what else is good to watch on bb12?

        1. if the talk about ratsmell dies down she exposes a body part to put her back on the map …… talk slows ….. expose ….. talk slows …..expose ….. etc ….etc …..

    2. I didn’t catch that – what did they do?? Also, have you seen a pattern as to who everyone is voting for for the Sabatour? I would love to see Enzo get it!

  14. see i saw through all that bullshit , i been knew she was secretly a “villain masquerading as an angel” from week 1….. brendon too but he’s just big and bad when they have power, he’s a pussy otherwise

  15. No matter what i dont see H or K going home this week……the POV will be used to take one off and Kathy will be put up for sympothysing with K too much this week and since the so called bri-gayed has the numbers they will make sure the other half of K or H that stays on the block stays in the house……sorry Brigade lovers, Im just a hater all the way around this season…….I liked Annie and BB screwed me on that sooooooo…….

    1. It should be called the guy-gayed instead of the brogayed…or maybe bigayed…from here on out just to piss their masculinity off. I am all for a strong male to win, as long as he isn’t a douch. Will was. Evil wasn’t….Adams in jail….wtf am I missing?

    2. it’s almost time for the producers to ratchet up brigade hatred ….. they will do something to make them turn on each other to increase drama ….. maybe its time for matts faux disease to backfire ( not that the disease itself is fake ,,,, mrs matt having it is fake and its time for that to come out so it doesn’t look like cbs is condoning his actions)

      1. Good post! Maybe Julie telling Andrew will give them some distance. IF he goes into sequester (as I heard they are doing??) and he tells Monet and Annie…if one does come back, Bingo! just hope it is soon! I am tired of his toddler like behavior of flicking his bic, and that’s what it probably measures!

  16. haha hayden and kristen felt so isolated and they arent even nominated yet. i hope they felt how brendon and rachel felt on wk 1 when they were nominated, except brendon stuck by rachel and didnt go up to the hoh to celebrate. hayden is so nervous. serves him right, i hope one of the bri-GAYS go home this week.

  17. Random thoughtst……Ya know why Matt always has his hands in his pants??? He is just making sure his mili-meter-peter hasn’t gone and disapeared on him……keeping track of something that small takes work…….cant take your eye (or hand) off it for a minute!

  18. Much rather see an overt bitch (R) than a covert one (K). Can’t stand it when people pretend they aren’t what they truly are. Kristen was concerned with appearing stuck up … why? You don’t just worry about being perceived that way unless there is a reason. She’s fake and poses as something she isn’t. Can’t STAND that type of girl. At least with Rachel, you know what sick ass sh*t you get. Rather than know up front than have someone forcing the fakeness on me.

    1. peep….. brit is a phoney two faced little bitch as well …. moping around the house crying when she was nominatted saying she never said anything bad about rachelle …… uhhhh hello wasn’t it brit and phonet laying in the hammock saying rach was a stripper and dresses like a ho ….. with her fake saggy tits and flabby ass ….. i agree peep just be honest and talk to someones face not behind their backs

  19. I’m sick of Rachels laugh, and I am very disgusted with Big Brother this year! This is the show I looked forward to watch but no more. There is no excitement in the show! It would have been better if Rachel and Brandon would have gotten split up sooner than later. Give me a break , I’d much rather see S**t hitting the fan between rachel & brandon, to see what the others can do and accomplish. This is suppose to be a game, not a love fest! Why is it that the 2 people who just happen to fallen in love in less than 30 days gain. You peeps need to learn from this…( CBS) I don’t watch Big Brother to see someones love life. I watch for the gaming and controlling of the game, to see who has the next WOW factor, to get ahead of the others!! Thats what I thought big brother was all about. CBS you need to gain control of your program.

    1. the other night on a different network “The Shining” was on and Jack was dealing with his cabin fever issues just like a few of the BB people

  20. watching BBAd live – matt again has hands in his pants. WTF is up with Brandon shaking himself while between kat & Crusten? he looks nervous like my banker lady who constantly shakes her foot under the desk. Why do women, ala hayden do this? What does it mean?

  21. Kristen and hayden got busted, it all true! then kristen gets mad because she got called out. Hayden is playing in 2 Alliances, he needs to cut his loses with kristen and go with the brigade. Kristen has said along she wanted to get rach/bren out, she has “played hayden like a fiddle”. Hayden is a good guy, I agree, but kinda of stupid, come on man, she has a Boy friend! Rachel needs to put up Kristen and Matt. Matt will stay and hayden plays on.

  22. Kristen and hayden got busted, it all true! then kristen gets mad because she got called out. Hayden is playing in 2 Alliances, he needs to cut his loses with kristen and go with the brigade. Kristen has said along she wanted to get rach/bren out, she has “played hayden like a fiddle”. Hayden is a good guy, I agree, but kinda of stupid, come on man, she has a Boy friend! Rachel needs to put up Kristen and Matt. Matt will stay and hayden plays on.

  23. Good night to everyone. And, Kristen, I did my best in sticking up for you tonight. I hope I have it in me to do the same tomorrow. Hayden, give the girl some love. Rachel, get off the power trip. It is a short ride. Brendon, put the lease on her. And, boys, Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, Duffest, get your head out of your butts. See you all tomorrow.

    1. Shit, that should be Brendon put the leash on her. Well, you can lease her out, too. I had a hell of a time with my spelling tonight. I think it has something to do with my throat. New excuse, I had to use it! Love you all!

  24. I wish this superpass thing had a block I could use on the HOH bedroom. I can’t stand to watch Brendon pawing her all the time…damn this must be his first sexual experience. He is so creepy.

  25. Can someone please tell the Tammy Faye Baker look alike (Kathy) that one, her lip liner is supposed to go on the lip not around the lip and two, her “best friend” in the house, her name is Kristen not Christian… You would think if you were to have your head that far up someones — you would at least know her name. And also, the lies she is telling are not lies that would further her in the game, she should be the mom on the movie “Mean Girls 2” She is becoming the most hateful, shallow person in that house! I hope she gets backdoored this week, then she can go home and watch how she acted and feel ashamed of herself!!!

  26. give Brendon and Rachel credit guys since day one they’re the target and stil in the competition that means they won competions and are fighting against the whole house to stay in the competion this sucks really and i never see it before
    i can’t understand how some people would root for those loosers who can’t win nothing
    they’re just there meeting talking shit about Brendon and Rachel and when the competition is up they loose hahaahahah
    iwould like to see one or two of them endure what Brendon and Rachel are enduring and you’ll see how they wil act pfff it’s too easy to be 8 vs 2 i am always beside the weakest (as number because they’re the strongest in competition)
    my english sucks sorry guys i am a senegalese but i like Brendon and Rachel because i am sure they’re nice and they’re good competitors

    1. I totally agree. They are kicking butt, regardless of their showmance! I am rooting for them because they have been the underdogs since Day 1. To me that make the show, always coming out on top against all odds….again regardless of how I don’t like seeing the showmance stuff all the time either.

      1. So, you guys don’t see the possibility of the game being rigged to help them stay in the house to attract those in the audience who want to watch a romance, thus keeping the ratings up?

        I think it is fixed.

    1. Not a B&R fan, but I was secretly hoping for this . The brigade has done nothing so far, they need a scare!! Hopefully this week will shake up the house and bring some excitement.

  27. You Go Andrew !!! That house { BB } has no respect for themselves. I,m so gald you cleaned & mopped the floor with each & everyone that had what you said coming. They poked fun of you & had no up-bring @ home, & there true colors came threw, & the look on ” ALL ” there faces was to die for. Yup ! now you can go eat & sleep in pease. That money means ” SHIT ” it well not last forever @ there age. Maybe if they were the age of my Father when he won 1,millon in the lottery in Jackson , Michigan @ 52, it would last. But they have to pay taxes up front & when they buy all there friends & family “oh ” @ give away money like o’l Hands Down The Pants Matt said he was going to do’ there well be not ” MUCH LEFT ” My father did very well, he retired & he & mom lived a normal life. But he did say he was not going to feather anyones nest, period. He gave to each one of us { 4-kids } but we worked & had to keep our jobs. He handed down a lawn mower if he got a new one, or he let you buy his car if he got a new one, but he never gave money so you lost the respect of yourself & others. In the end Mom & Dad came out on top. At an old age they both were well taken care of, now God is taking care of them, but we learned, just because you got it, it don’t last forever. So That crew in the bb house has a lot to wake-up too. They’ll still have to work! And god help if someone gets sick, the money well grow wings & fly right into health care. Last nights show finely got off the ground,so now we can put the seat belts on, we are on our way for a good ride. Butt Big Red Bottle has to go, & i think she well just because her true colors are going to come out !

  28. I was rooting for Rachel and Brendon in the beginning (mostly Brendon, representing California! haha), then they got really annoying, but come to think of it, they are good competitors. 2 people vs. the whole house, that’s saying something. I wanted to see Kristen and Rachel go head to head for the HOH comp but Kristen lost to Lane. Talk about drama, though. These girls don’t like each other.

    I don’t like the Brigade, I think Hayden’s annoying, especially when they air his DR sessions, but I happen to like Lane. Overall, I really like Ragan cuz he doesn’t seem like a jerk at all.

    I come on this site whenever I’m bored and when I can’t wait for the show to come on. I’ve been reading this site since Season 10 (my fav. season, Team Dan). I like reading the updates, but most of all, I LOVE the comments on this site. You guys make me laugh, and your opinions are so gat dang funny. Good job to the owners of this site. I’ll be sending a donation soon. Keep up the good work!

  29. Rachel and Brendon better get into the game……Get Kristen and Hayden out, if either get off the block, backdoor Lane or Ragan.
    How can’t this whole house see that these 3 to 4 guys together all the time and NO ONE see it!?

    Doesn’t anyone just lay around and listen?

    Kathy just lays around with her arm on her forehead “I’m Tard” in her comes and goes southern accent. Talks about her morals and upbringing but is a real snake.

    Ragan may actually be the worst, he flits back and forth and the look on his face in the HOH last night should have show those Brenchel idiots where he stands but they are both stupid as he told Matt they are……….

    This is a really weird season, player wise. Very odd strategies.

    1. leemy ….. BINGO ….. i said to my wife, how can nobody see the four prickade members always spending time together …… you mean to tell me not one person has questioned the time they spend together whispering????

      you mentioned stratagies ….. what stratagies ….. they change tactics when ever the wind changes ….. or when they get the new script

  30. are nominations/pov today? COME KRISTEN/HAYDEN.
    honestly; hopefilly kristen, she has a less chance of gettinq votes. hayden’s got the brigade votes.
    >i like how shes standinq up to rachael, &’d if rachael starts anymore shit; and im can asure you; rachael will probably cross a line somehow; then kristen has a right to flip at her, but for now: whats she’s doing is good: at least she we noe, she’s real. and even if she might get put up on the block, she isnt being a fake person & staying true to herself. and honestly; most people tend to think of her @ “uptight” cuz shes the quiet one. yesterday; i think she just wanted to let it out; cuz she being so quiet in the house; i guess it was built up anger, which she probably released in the DR. if she stays: i think kristen would be happier now, and start opening up more.

  31. I don’t think Rachel really thinks people are trying to get inbetween her and her man. I think her good-bye speeches are mostly jokes. I don’t think she is being serious when she says stuff like that in her good-bye speeches

    1. Me neither! And I think its more of a production thing to keep it going after the first time she said it! Everytime she says it I think its funny! And I think thats what its meant to be! I could be wrong but that’s what I get from it. Editing has her coming across as a ditz sometimes but to have a chemistry degree-your anything but!

  32. I just get tired of the same people winning things over and over and over… it’s boring. I think pretty much this entire cast is boring, it was fun finally seeing a fight break out last night on the live show though. At this point i don’t even know why i’m still watching this show.

  33. just saw andrew on the early show on cbs and julie asked him why he didn’t make his speech earlier in the game; he said that he thought he only needed 2 more votes to stay in the house ; he said that hejust knew for sure that brenden and rachel were going to vote for him.

  34. What grade are they in? My kids who are ages 7 and 3 make faces at each other and fight like that. They all need to grow up! Can the twist this season be that they replace some houseguests with better ones? PLEEEEASE???

  35. Will someone PHALEEZE, tell Matt to stop playing with his pee pee, he acts as if he might lose it.(Extreme security issues) Rach is very strong and pretty much on target with most of her beliefs and intuition. Not my fav in the house but strong. She and Brend will never last outside the house. The bra-gade needs to split up and regroup, not the brightest group of colors in the box. More like the “Stooge Brigade” than anything else. This group of guests are about the most unimaginative group I’ve seen. They are always complaining about being bored. That’s because they are boring people. Brit has the most imagination in the house, but she needs to unleash it. The role playing with she and Lane watching Rach and Brend was the funniest thing so far.

  36. All the comments I read are about how annoying B/R are. Seems CBS isn’t the only one making BB12 all about them. Am I the only one who sees how annoying everyone else is? Matt tells a huge lie for a sympathy vote and is playing both sides of the house. Constantly bragging about his intelligence and being a Mensa member gets a little old when he just made one of the dumbest moves as an HOH. Enzo keeps reminding everyone that he is from the Jersey shore with his accent and seems to be trying to play the mob wanna be tough dude. It’s not working! He thinks he is controlling everything, but is also someone who hasn’t done a damn thing, other than talk, yo, so far. In a way Kristen reminds me of Natalie last season, claiming to be the only honest player, but basically lying from the get go. I always find lying about being honest the height of hypocrisy and most annoying. Hayden is also playing two sides, the Brigade and Kristen, divided loyalties is never good. His personality doesn’t bother me that much, but the dude needs a haircut. I bet Lane is annnoying quite a few people playing up the poor rancher redneck angle. And you want to talk about weak players, what about Ragan? What has he done? Almost won HOH, hung in there, but not much else. He’s a floater too, I don’t see him with any alliance. And as for keeping Kathy, this almost smacks of BB9 where Adam and Ryan kept Sheila because she was a weak player and each knew they could beat her in the final comps, and they did. If Kathy is around to the end, my bet is that’s why. So why not move off of B/R bashing and move on to everyone else and how annoying they can be too?!

    1. Totally agree! I’m not the biggest B/R fan, but I like them ALOT better than Matt. I can’t stand to watch anybody that repeatedly calls themselves a ‘diabolical super genius’! And on top of that, the fake disease….If you can’t win a game by winning competitions and making alliances, then don’t play it. I hope he’s out soon.

    2. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! FINALLY someone that sees it for what it really is. How can you bash the only people in the house actually playing the game and winning something! And surrounded by a bunch of idiots who keep high fiving and playing up their brigade for making stupid moves or not doing anything at all and think that they are! I mean really????????

  37. One last thing. I am offended by Natt and his “lie” about his wife. There are many in the real world in that very position with other diseases that are fighting everyday as couples, trying to beat a horrible situation. My wife and I are one of those couples. There are just certain lines you do not cross and Matt crossing this one speaks loudly to his personality and his non-compassion for those that are truly fighting for their life. The big difference is that most people in the position he described would never “use” their plight in the way he is using his lie. Shame on Matt, he does not deserve to win anything. Providence will prevail here.

    1. david i agree with you ….. besides what kind of a man would leave his poor sick wife for all those weeks to play a game ….. i don’t care how bad we need money, if it was my wife i would be her shadow.

      1. I do not leave my wife for more than 5 hrs, 6 at the most at any given time. Someone once told me that there is a special place when we die for those that take care of others in these types of positions. Given that, I am sure there is a special place just for those like Matt as well.

    2. I agree with you and Phred. Not only Matt, but what about Kathy and her cancer talk with wanting to assure a future for her son? Enzo has a daughter, you don’t see him playing for sympathy. In fact, I’d like to see some game play from the grenade man!

    3. Agree! And how can those idiots not see through him?? He giggles as he’s telling the story, he can’t keep a straight face, keeps calling it a crap shoot….I mean really, they must be so gullible!

  38. BA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! This week is going to be great! I like Hayden, so sick of Kristen but I don’t want to pick on her because she looks a third down syndrome-ish.

  39. Rachel is makes some annoying comments , but come on people this year is a complete drag and this brigade shit is so predictable….Rachel winning last night was GREAT!!! Im from Jersey and absolutely not an ENzo fan….MEOW MEOW…come on and the ball scratchin Matt….this year sucks….Kristen prob gone this week. But Id like to see no personality Lane go!

  40. we need to upgrade BB ….. put a UFC cage over by the hot tub, if someone frosts your cookies call em out …… you, me, cage match right now bitch …. slap the piss out of each other ….. Julie in ref stripes ….. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEE ….. just don’t call out Rachelle …. if she blind sides you with one of those 48 triple d’s she could put you in a coma ….. and watch out for Matt he has a penchant for grabbin his own lil tallywacker so he might be inclined to grab ….. ok ok so there needs to be certain rules

    1. LMFAO i would love to see them fight too, this win half a million and a million onf Big Brother and Survivor respectfully is total bullshit, NOBODY actually earns they money, and bunch of challenges, and the rest is backstabbing, being fake, alliances ect… i want to see someone get their ass whooped for that HUGE prize….. can’t wait til the FCC Grow a pair and get some REAL REALITY in there and not this watered down soap opera and mix in a lil competition…… remember the movie “Running Man” thats what im talking about , i believe it was set in a “post-martial law/apocalyptic world” where people actually paid to see people fight to the death, that would be awesome to see on TV

  41. Woah, some of you need to take a chill pill! It’s only the fault of CBS for the B/R Bashing. If they didn’t capitalize so much on thier relationship and edit rachel to be the ditzy, control freak and brendon the big fat baby that needs a tampon, I would like them. I thought maybe it was just the editing, but after watching all 4 cameras on live feeds focused on them night after night, I realized that they just lack decent people skills and don’t have personalities that a lot of people would enjoy. I agree with the other house guests. They all have their little negative quirks, but by far the viewers are just sick of B/R and retaliate by the bashing. I agree if you take them out the drama and the excitment is over, since its always exciting to have a house “villain(s)” Or just someone you love to hate. Someone will take them out in due time, I don’t see them making it to the final two. And If they do, I’ll probably shoot myself between the eyes, or dig an icepick into my brain and out the other ear, whichever turns out most grusesome.

  42. What a crappy week. Even without the couple stuff I would despise Rachel. She thinks she’s hot but she is just absolutely nasty. She thinks she’s intelligent yet she is dumb as a rock. The laugh is terrible and add in her “get between me and my man” talk and I just hope the worst for her in whatever she does in the house and in the future.

  43. Woohooo! It’s game on now! I loved Andrew’s speech!! He was going home so why not stir it up on his way out. Most of what he said was true, and the parts that weren’t true pushed the right buttons. We finally had a cat fight, and I bet there are more brewing! As much as I hate Brendon and Rachel, I am glad she won HOH. And no, I don’t think it was rigged. They had this same comp last year. Rachel had the advantage because she and Brendon have played in every competition, but I don’t think it was unfair. Just to see the looks on the faces of the brigade and their satellites was priceless! First Andrew worked them all over, basically, he outed the brigade without even knowing it, and then Rachel wins. The only thing the Brigade has won is the first HOH, which Hayden didn’t win by himself, it was a team thing, and Matt didn’t win by himself either because Ragan threw it to him. I hope Rachel puts up Matt because he deserves full credit for wasting his HOH and keeping Rachel in the house, and Kristen. If one of them comes down, she can put up Hayden. Unfortunately, the best possible move won’t happen because Rachel is taking Kristen too personally and will fight to get her out, when Matt/Hayden would be the best move of all. Oh well, at least we have some drama brewing. Andrew shook up the floaters and now everyone will have to play. I love it. Let Rachel get on their last nerve. It will just make them both a big target next week, if the brigade is capable of winning anything. I think Enzo bought Andrew’s speech and I also think Lane did to some extent. Hayden is freaking out, Matt is having to live with his bonehead move and has to know he is in danger. Kristen, well, I don’t think she deserved it all, but now she has a chance to prove she isn’t just a floater. Game on! I just hope Pandora’s box isn’t the same lame BS we saw last year. It was the worst twist of all time, and I’m not convinced that Americas choice for saboteur is a good idea either. It just takes one more person out of the game, when virtually nobody is playing to begin with. What they should do is tell each and every HG that they are the new saboteur. Let them stay in the game and win extra cash for each successful sabotage.

  44. I have never been so disgusted in BB as I was watching that redhead from a box win HOH – she is so whacked-out of touch with reality – I think I threw-up a little in my mouth when it happened :<{

  45. HAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! Shoot me now! The ditz of the season is supposed to make you laugh and smile at her antics, Rachel just annoys the bajeebeez out of me! And another whole week of ‘BRACHEL’ kissing and being “married” is going to be rough!!!! I hope BB production finds other people to turn the cameras on, because unlike other showmances, this one is just painful to watch!

  46. Rachel really needs a face plant on the dining room table, i really didn’t think it was possible to hate someone so much!!!!!!!

  47. Rachel telling Kristen to grow up is like calling the kettle black. Rachel is the one who’s acting all immature with the face making like come on.

  48. OMG, Rachel is soooo damn ugly, and she has the nerve to make weird faces with an ALREADY weird face. What’s up with the childish angry face making? Pathetic.

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