Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon tells Rachel that he tells her things out of pure love.


12:10am Ragan and Kristen are talking. Ragan tells Kristen about how he cast his vote and how he could hear the audience laugh. Kristen says that she understands that Andrew must have felt betrayed and decided to lash out against her when he knew he was going to leave, but what he did was so wrong and far-fetched. Kristen says that she thinks Andrew and Brendon were in an alliance or that maybe they were the life long friends. Kristen says that she is so mad that she didn’t win HOH and that she needs to protect herself this week. Ragan says what’s done is done. Ragan says that he thinks Kristen is an amazing person. Kristen says that she feels like she’s tried hard in every single competition and wants to stay really badly. Kristen says that she lays her cards out on the table and is honest with everybody. Kristen says she knows she’s going up but isn’t sure who will be up with her. Ragan says that he felt bad knowing that Kristen was downstairs and was the first person to leave. Kristen says that she just could not be fake, but understands that everybody needs to do what they need to do. Kristen says at the same time it’s hard for her to watch everybody be so fake and suck up to her right after trashing her.
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Ragan tells Matt that he is going to have a talk with Rachel to stop the cattiness. Kristen brings up the the look that Rachel gave her. Enzo asks is Rachel and Brendon will spend all their time in HOH or will they hang with the group. Most think that Brendon and Rachel will socialize with everyone still.
Hayden is talking to Lane and tells him that he should spend more time with Kathy and Kristen together this week. Hayden says that way, if there is a replacement nomination assuming Hayden and Kristen are the ones on the block that Rachel will go after Kathy. Hayden says that way, Lane will be safe, and two brigade members won’t be up against one another. Enzo says he wants to punch himself in the face, that the only person who deserves to be in the brigade right now is Andrew after what he did today. Enzo says that he wants Andrew back in the house.

12:30am Rachel, Brendon and Ragan are up in the HOH room talking. Ragan says that he trusts Kristen and does not believe a single thing that Andrew said in his eviction speech today. Ragan tells Rachel that she needs to take it down several notches. Rachel says that Kristen didn’t come up to HoH, and she definitely would come up if Kristen had won. Rachel says that she thought of Kristen as a friend, but Kristen turned her back on her. Rachel says that it’s not personal. Ragan and Brendon both don’t think she would have come up if Kristen had won. Rachel says that she tried to apologize but Kristen would not accept it. Rachel says Kristen had said that she was smirking when she wasn’t. Ragan says that Rachel needs to act the bigger person, that she’s making digs at Kristen that may upset other people in the house. Brendon agrees. Ragan starts talking about slop and not being in the mindset of saying, screw everyone else. Ragan tells Rachel to get over the drama. Brendon and Ragan tell Rachel to not cause problems. Brendon says that she needs to pretend that the drama does not bother her. Brendon thinks that Rachel will look like the good sport and will make other houseguest’s like her more. Rachel says that she doesn’t think Brendon understands what Kristen’s doing. Brendon says he’s coming from a place of love and care but Rachel just seems to feel he doesn’t understand. Ragan and Brendon tell Rachel that she is not in the state to be talking to anybody right now. Brendon says that nobody is mad at her for the way she feels right now. Rachel responds by saying that she’s attacking me! Rachel says that she’s the one who walked away while Kristen was talking shit. Rachel says that Kristen didn’t come to see HOH and instead just sits and stews in the lounge room. Brendon says that Kristen is pissed that Rachel keeps winning stuff. Brendon and Ragan tell Kristen that she shouldn’t care about Kristen and that the fire in her (Rachel) will mess up her up in the game. Rachel asks don’t they see what Kristen is doing? Brendon says it doesn’t matter what she’s doing, she’s downstairs, and you are get to make the HoH decisions. Rachel says it’s not clear that Hayden is going up next to Kristen, and that the others should be coming up to talk to her. Rachel says that she has already walked away from arguments from Kristen and has been the bigger person. Rachel says that she doesn’t even understand why they are arguing, that she was best friends with Kristen two weeks ago and said in her blog that Kristen & Ragan were her best friends.

Brendon says girls are going to be catty but she needs to rise above it. Rachel says she gets it and apologizes. Rachel then starts talking about who she should nominate with Kristen this week. Rachel says that Hayden is a cop out. Ragan says that he didn’t see any of this coming from a mile away. Ragan says that he was saying to himself, is this happening? Ragan says that he thinks this situation is different than with Matt, because he’s closer with Matt than Kristen, but this fight was more intense. Rachel says that she doesn’t think she did anything to piss Kristen off, but that Kristen kept putting Rachel up, four times total, and that she even put Rachel up against Ragan. Rachel says that she thought Ragan would beat Rachel. Ragan says that he thought they were friends. Rachel says how Kristen had said if she won HOH previously she would have put Brendon and Rachel up. Rachel says that Kristen has been mean to her this whole past week while she wasn’t in power. Brendon and Rachel both think that Matt went out on a limb not putting them up. Ragan says that he thinks Julie was trying to out Matt during live show. They all agree that Matt is still good with them for a while. Ragan tells Rachel to not think about this week, that she should be thinking about next week. Ragan says that the best thing she can do is try and mend things with Kristen so they can be in the same room with Kristen. Brendon says that she doesn’t want people to feel like they have to choose between the two. Ragan says that this season is unique. Ragan leaves the HOH room.

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1:15am Rachel and Brendon are talking. Rachel says that she doesn’t think Brendon is ever on her side. Rachel says Brendon never understands. Brendon says that he doesn’t want Rachel looking like a mean person and that tonight she was looking mean. They talk about how they really don’t think Matt was out to get them. Brendon says that they could stick with Matt till the end. Brendon says that he doesn’t think Hayden cares much about Kristen, but cares only about saving himself. Brendon tells Rachel that she is not in a state to talk to anyone tonight. Rachel says that she wants to talk to Hayden. Brendon says Rachel has time to talk to people tomorrow. Brendon tells her not to worry about it. Rachel says that she wants to know the chance of Kristen winning POV. Brendon says that he wants to go to bed and sleep on it. Brendon says if you love me, you’ll do this for me. Rachel says that she hates people telling her what to do. Rachel says that she feels pressured. Brendon says that he is trying to tell her that he tells her things is out of pure love. Brendon says he loves her very much and they will be together the rest of the summer. Brendon saying he knows it’s not easy and that he understands that someone she thought was a friend let her down. Brendon says that he is her best friend in the house and will never let her down. Brendon says that they’re meant to be and they’re together for a reason.

Brendon says that the fist time he said he loved her was because he meant it, and the second time he says that he really realized it. Brendon says that he loves that she’s so feisty. Brendon says he’s here to be Rachel’s best friends. Brendon says that Rachel is a bigger person than all of the fighting and arguing. Brendon says that he wants Rachel to challenge him and that they can challenge each other. Brendon says that he wants them to make each other better people. Rachel says that this game is not about making each other a better person. Rachel says that she doesn’t want to hear a lecture. Brendon says that he is in love with Rachel. Rachel says that she loves him too. Rachel says the harder they fight the further they can go. Rachel says that they need to win this POV. Rachel says that if Kristen stays here she’s in more trouble. Rachel wishes she could double evict people this week. They make out some more.


2am Enzo and Lane are in the Kitchen talking about the HOH competition. Lane says that he really hates those types of competitions. Enzo says that sucked asshole. Enzo says that the Brigade is going to be fine as long as their numbers stay in tact and that they just have to get through to next week. Enzo says that he and Lane need to get close to Brendon so that if Brendon wins HOH next week, they can talk him into putting up Kathy and Britney. Enzo says that they gave Rachel life in this house, the first week and last week. Enzo says that Kristen has to go, that she is a firecracker. Enzo says that all the floaters are doing good now. Enzo says that right now it’s the Brigade verses the super couple.
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Kristen and Kathy are talking. Kathy tells Kristen she can’t do this without her. Kathy says she came her to be herself and she isn’t going to change. Kristen says that she is the same way. Kathy says that she came in as herself and is leaving the same way. Kristen says her too. Kathy says Andrew wanted her to hug him when and if he left, she says she didn’t. Kristen says he was voted out 8 nothing. They both laugh. Kathy says Andrew is probably thrilled Kristen doesn’t have the power this week.

2:25am In the bedroom, Enzo says that this game is getting interesting. Kathy says that Andrew told her that there are 3 people who are coming after her. Enzo asks how would he know that? Enzo says that Andrew didn’t talk to half of the house. In the other bedroom Matt, Ragan, Lane and Britney are talking. Lane says that he thinks this week is going to suck. They start making fun of Brendon. They talk about how he is a know it all! Britney wonders how many times Rachel has to tell Brendon his pants are too tight…. Britney says that when Brendon wears the jeans he was wearing tonight, Rachel always tells him they are too tight. Lane says that Brendon is a nice dude, but that he just doesn’t mess with his personality. Lane says that Brendon is smart as shit, I’m not smart as shit!! Lane says after a day like today you have to feel grateful that you are here a part of Big Brother.
3am All the houseguests are asleep.

7:54am Houseguests getting ready for the day Brendon is making the red witch a breakfast yo


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How do you plan on protecting yourself this week Kristen? By pouting by yourself while everyone goes to her HOH room? I hate Rachel too, but suck it up. Being fake is all part of the game and your inability to do so is gonna lose it for you!!


No way I love Rachel. If it wasn’t for her and Matt there probably wouldn’t be an drama…Without them the show would be nothing.


i think that kristen needs to man up and go talk it out with rachel before the noms. it might not make a difference, but the air will be clear. rachel hated monet and britney at first, now her and britt are bff and she regrets evicting monet

Joliet Jake

no way, let them be at odds… it causes more drama. I hate when everyone is all buddy buddy… I want people to hate one another.


i am sick and tired of ragan trying to stop the drama that is going on in the house. i know he means well, but this is good tv


LOL!!!! Ain’t it so!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t care who’s in danger, who’s safe… all I care about is that FINALLY this is getting interesting!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been begging in posts here for someone at CBS or in the house to make things interesting, and thanks to Andrew, it happened. I see a ray of light in this up-to-now humdrum season… kick my ass and call it a love story; I’m happy!;)


if ragan keeps on interfering, it will get back boring again. i need to personally evict ragan myself


Yeah, no kidding. I am not sure what his angle is.


maybe ragan just don’t like mess, BUT I DO!!!


That is what I am thinking, he doesn’t like conflict. I know he is trying to be everyone’s friend, but come on, let people do what they are gonna do.

Uncle Cool

Roach is the most unlikable BB guest I have ever seen. There is nothing about her that is even close to being watchable. She is completely and utterly disgusting in every way possible. Add Brenda and it makes her even worse (if that is possible).

Roach wants to get the women out because she wants to be the only one there. I wouldn’t even call her a woman, actually. She is filth.


like the names, roach and brenda


Sounds like someone is jealous of roach and brenda’s good looks…


Ouch….that was harsh


LMAO!!!!!!!!! I still don’t dislike her as much as Natalie from last season, but she’s gaining ground with me;)


Well said! I though Ratsmell was a good name but I think I like Roach better!


Sigh. I was rooting for Kristen, but she made the mistake of not talking to out with Rachel and accepting her appology, she could have gotten out of trouble, but now she’s totally screwed. I’m pretty sure even Hayden will just throw her under the bus. I like Enzo, but he’s seriously, an idiot. Comic relief aside, he needs a reality check. The Brigade is half-retarded. The only one who ACTUALLY has brains in that alliance is Lane, they just never listen to him.

As for Bendon I seriously, can’t stand him anymore. I feel like I’m watching days of our lives mixed with those soft core porn channels on cable you would watch when you were younger when you’d stay up past your bed time. Keep Rachel, she’s better off without Brendon and I think she knows that. I love when she gets sick of his whinny BS. This girl is going to break his heart, and he can’t even see it coming. To think I used to think he was playing her,


rachel just may change her mind and not put up kristen


Bredon seems like the kind of guy that gets obsessed and clingy, the kind that smothers you. She’ll drop kick him soon enough. Unless Kristen wins POV, then she will be gone for sure. C’mon CBS, you rigged the comps so Roachel won……now rig them so Kristen gets POV. Have a “Hike your pants up your crotch” contest. Kristen will win that for sure! I like the fact that Kristen doesn’t cry when she argues like most girls do (and, yes I am a girl!)


I totally agree with you about Brendon, meowmeow. Besides being obsessed and clingy, he’s controlling, manipulative, insecure, and passive-agressive. I hope she gets drop kicks him while they are in the BB house so we can all watch. 🙂


Everyone keeps talking about how much America hate Brenden and Rachel and why production keeps cramming them down our throats. Well, love and hate both produce strong emotions. Either way, it will keep people watching the show. If you love them, you will watch and hope they win. If you hate them, you will watch and hope they get evicted.


Definitely agree on that part. Yeah its fun where everything goes arrocding to plan, but it’s even more fun to see the person you just can’t stand stick around and shake up the house. (Except for the whole making me want to drown kittens and slap babies)


That is the down side, isn’t it, LOL!


I also love that Enzo was saying Andrew was the only on who should be in the Brigade. I guess he’s catching on they are a worthless crew, doing a lot of nothing.

Joliet Jake

That’s not necessarily true, i started fast forwarding BBAD whenever Rachel was on the screen. Her voice, teeth, personality, the continuous repeating of everything thing she says is annoying.

I’d rather put my dick in a blender than hear her talk about how she is fighting for her life every single day. It’s gotten to the point where i barely watch anymore BBAD because of her. If she stays on this show much longer i’m out, she raises my blood pressure and makes me want to spoon my ear drums out with a tablespoon.


HAHAHA, well between you mutilating your body and me drowning innoccent mamals and abusing babies, it’s pretty clear. But the rage I feel inside for her doesn’t allow me to look away. I guess im some sort of crazy masochistic bitch.


Too funny!! No one could have said it better!!


LOL @ Joliet Jake. I feel the same way. I’m glad they have stopped showing so much making out during BBAD. I turned it off when they kept B/R on there kissing and making out. But I have a feeling the make out sessions may return since R won HOH. Ugh! And I think Brendon is attractive in looks But I question what the hell is wrong with him. Maybe he’s been dating straight laced types all his life. I don’t get these two or their “love”. Can’t imagine how sickening they would be in the jury house together. I also wonder what his family thinks his “relationship” with her.


Brendon and Rachel are the most hated in the house….therefore the underdogs. However, the best competitors. I love underdogs!


Gotta agree. They both know everyone’s gunning for them, and you could especially see that in Rachel’s face when competing for the HOH last night. And when she won? Seriously, I still like this woman about as much as I’d like getting a battery acid facial, but when she won the HOH last night, I had to hand it to her.


LOL @ Dawg’s comment under Brenden’s picture of him cooking breakfast. The red witch, classic, LOL! I see he isn’t cutting up fruit, LOL!


this season has no fiya!!!
as soon as they think theyre getting nominated they give up and start talking about how they have to win pov! kristen man up, stop pouting and talk to rachel. if i were kristen i would tell rachel how i hate britney and britney hates me and since rachel was spending so much time with her she didnt want to hang out with rachel because she knew britney was bashing her. and that the only reason she said she was going after rachel and brendon was to protect herself from being nominated since the rest of the house is going after anyone b/r are allied with for example andrew!


Gaygan needs to go! – “She” thinks she’s running the whole show and tells people what to do. None of his buisness!!


Rachel knows how she gone win this by playing ruthless… the true rachel came out last night, i hope they fight for real i wanna see a ghetto hoochie fight those are the best kind of female fights, they fight barefoot, hair gets pulled out, nails get dug in faces and gets broken, police gets called but they wait a minute before breaking it up, all the while everybody else is watching eating popcorn and drinking beer, GOOD TIMES…. if you think Brenchel has made ratings for the show , let the girls fight ratings not gone stop going up…


Soooooo I guess Hayden and Kristen won’t be hooking up anymore…


Rachel should put Lane and kristen and after the pov if brendon win it Hayden will be in trouble lol


Sorry, but I’m still dying to see ‘The Brigade’ break up. ‘The Brigade’?????? Seriously, this is the best you four could come up with? I’d be more apt to call them ‘The View’ than ‘The Brigade’, Enzo being Whoopi Goldberg.


“if you love me, you’ll do this for me”. He tells her things out of pure love. COME ON, this sounds so manipulative and potentially abusive behavoir. I don’t like Rachel, but girl those are serious red flags. She should put Brendon up, wouldn’t that shake up the house?!


This chick is driving me freaken crazy. She is crazy. Anyone in the house knows (from previous seasons) there’s gonna be drama, and you suck up to HOH because that’s how you keep yourself in the game.
And Kristen drives me crazy because, well Brit has a natural (non flaunting/flirty) beauty about her (although I doubt her hair at least is real), Rachel is annoying as hell but shows how she really is. Kristen is completely two faced, and it annoys me so much watching her parade around for Hayden. Can someone please explain to me, unless you are going to the club why you would flatten your hair at like 8/9 at night. In spandex pants? I don’t know those pants ever came back in the first place, they are to be worn under skirts and such not as pants.


Sorry forgot my rant on Brendon. I mean SERIOUSLY LOVE? You have got to be joking right? You have known this girl for what like a little over a month, while I don’t doubt people may love eachother that quickly in real life, truth is you are in the house. The only thing you get that normal society doesn’t is everyones flaws under a microscope. There is so much more to a relationship than what is going on inside of BB house. Like if you family will like the other person. Sorry Rachel I like you but no sane mother would want you to date her son. And Brendon, while you may get along with parents fine you are such a little boy. You are stuck on Rachel like she just took your virginity. Good God, grow up, stop whining and be a flippen man already. Or just shut your mouth. I don’t mind looking at you. (ALTHOUGH, you did totally steal the beanie wearing thing from Jeff) You will never be Jeff. Jeff was sweet, good looking, a good player and didnt whine. You do not play this game. Your G/F does, you are the king of the floaters in this house.


Totally agree!

Joliet Jake

I dont have an issue with them supposedly “being in love”, i mean within a month of dating my wife i fell in love with her and i didn’t spend every single day with her for that month so its completely plausible.

The thing that just makes me rage is the continuous coddling and saying the most white knight things to her. For the love of all thats holy please chill out on the cornball cheesy ass stuff i’d expect to hear from a 15 year old kid with his first girlfriend (lets me honest all guys are embarrassed how they acted with their first love, we act like idiots.)

I’ve never in my life said anything remotely cheesy to my wife out of the 8 years we’ve been together. I’m not going to caress her face and give me a hundred pecks on the lips to settle her down because she’s upset over a friggin GAME! That would be like me consoling my wife because she’s upset while were playing a game of monopoly.

Brendan is the most beta whinny guy i’ve ever seen.


That was nice and I like your name. Rattlesnake Jake tells everyone he fell in love with me in the first minute but he didn’t tell me for 2 months. It took me longer but I had been in a wrong relationship once. Now, if I was upset in a monopoly game I know for a fact (yes fact-been there and he has done it) Rattlesnake will turn the board over and say “Funs over!” Got to love the guy!


I am not saying it isn’t possible. I think it is, I just have never seen it. But he is acting exactly like those little boys. I dated a boy once, we were 19 (I took his virginity) and he only acted 1/2 as bad as Brendon, and that was WAY to much for me. Ended up “breaking his heart” after a month of dating.
But as you said he is just way over the top. Sure the thought of some guy running to your rescue is nice, but gosh it would get tiring.
I understand with the spouse thing, Hubby and I have been together well 2 years, and now going on 5 years this August. He has never and will NEVER speak to me like that. 1. He wouldn’t and 2. I would hit him if he did.

Still hope either Rachel or Lane win, we will see…


why can’t they vote out julie chen? She really needs to go and that nose of hers.


I have a girl crush on Julie Chen for years and years… she is a class act.


For anyone that still thinks Brendon is a nice guy, just take a look at what a dick he is being to Rachel. Hey needledick. You are not HOH. Rachel is. You should be supportive of her and listen to what she has to say. Instead Brendon made her cry. Granted, I like seeing her cry, but FFS I hate it when he treats her victories as his own and his victories as his own. He only hears her talking, but he never listens to what she is saying. He thinks she needs him to tell her what to do, how to act. I don’t blame her for getting upset. Pussyboi needs to shut the F..k up and let her be HOH. She won it, it’s her call how she plays her own game. If he thinks her gameplay will hurt him, then he should either suck it up or distance himself from her. It’s his own fault for getting himself into a showmance in the first place. I see the Latin macho mentality in him. No matter what, as far as he is concerned, it’s all about him, unless he loses. Then it’s her fault. What a tool. I don’t like Rachel, but I dislike Brendon even more. I would love it if she cut him loose and let him play by himself. Maybe he would then appreciate that without her he probably wouldn’t still be in the house.


Needle dick?lol. You guys are cracking me up on this site. I love reading you all’s opinions. I agree I think he’s manipulative. It’s okay to fall for someone at first site or if you connect instantly ,but I’m not buying that’s what happened here by any means. I really believe he planned to hook up with someone before he came into the house, and Rachel’s personality fits perfectly for him to be able to do that and for him to be passive aggressive. Maybe he’s a stand up guy outside of the house but he really should have played the game on his own. I don’t get it.


soooooo did hayden not get in kristen’s bed last night…….??


I have been a BB fan for years now, since my then 70+ year great aunt got me addicted because she loved Dr. Will and beleived his “showmance” was real! Every year I seem to be in the majoritiy as far as which side of the house I liked or hated. (Ex. loved Jeff, hated Jessie, Chima and Natallie). But it looks like this year I am in the minority. I really like Brendon and Rachel. Yes, Brendon needs some seriousl counseling because he didn’t get enough love as a child and Rachel seems to have good heart. I can ignore her loudness (I’m part Irish & Italian), her flips of that awful red fake hair and her narcisisim at times. I like Enzo. What I can’t stand is Kristin, she reminds me a wet fish. Last night was the livliest I have seen her. Hayden is boring as well. Andrew’s speech was the best ever and will go down in history. I really grown tired of Kathy talking about morals and then backstabbing. I keep hoping that someone overhears her trashing them.


I agree with you momol2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything you said is exactly how I feel as well, from last year’s take on BB to yesterday’s events.



Where is everyone…no updates or responses since early a.m. this morning!


lol huh? we’ve been posting all day yo hundreds of comments yo this shit is legit