Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Blames it all on Matt, “All I did in this house Is stick up for Myself”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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9:05am Backyard Couch Kathy and Rachel Rachel wants Kathy to give BRendon a message to explain what is going on in the house. Rachel is dead set that MAtt has to go up. Rachel says that Matt has been targeting their friends since week 2 and he’s the reason me and kristen turned on each other he’s the reason Kristen went home. Kathy: “Oh my God” Rahcel adds that Matt is why she put up Brit and Monet. Rachel thinks Brit is a big threat but Matt is more dangerous because he’s sneaky and good at endurance comps. Rachel mentions that Brendon made the right nominations trying to split Matt and Ragan up but Ragan ruined it my winning POV now Brendon needs to put Matt up to complete that goal. Kathy brings up last nights conversation with enzo and how Enzo beleives everything Rachel says because rachel has no reason to lie. Kathy isn’t sure where Lane site in the house alliances, Rachel doesn’t know either she thinks that after this week it’ll be clear who Lane is with. Rachel brings up last nights blow out, Rachel: “why would I lie about what Brit said.. I hate the sab don’t you Kathy, Kathy: “I want to get a gun and shoot him”. Rachel tells her that she misses Brendon a lot but she doesn’t want to see him until the end because she thinks he can win. Rachel brings up that she loves Vegas but she also cares about Brendon. Rachel says her mom is going to be so mad at me over how I acted on this show all I did was stick up for myself a lot. Kathy those are just stupid fights .. you never did what Annie did. Rachel makes fun of Annie saying “rewind the tapes…uh like i ever said that” Rachel gets up to go into Kitchen and prepare breakfast, Rachel: “Oh I wish Brendon was back”.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:27pm Kathy goes back to sleep, Rachel is in the kitchen making breakfast

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Vicar Geraldine

CBS is so crappy, bringing Rachel back! This is the last season for me watching Big Brother because CBS interferes too much. I guess for ratings or whatever they have people they want to stay in the house and win so f**k u CBS!!!!!


She’s only back in the house for 24 hours she can’t win pr anything.

Team Brenchal

There is way more to it then this. Ok so Brendan opened Pandora. Now Rachel just gets to stay for 24 hours? Rachel is back in the house for GOOD. Either that or Brendan got something really good. Pandora always gives the GOODS.


I think Brendon got the second DPOV. The bad (Rachel) was leashed onto the houseguests and the good leashed is the second DPOV. Or maybe Brendon will get to compete in the HOH since his current HOH was useless.


I have to agree bringing rachel back in the house is tthe same if the would have brought jessie back into the house after jeff evicted last year nobody wants to see that…


I think CBS told her to target Matt so the dpov will be played. Rachel was guided by CBS. Her coming back makes the game more exciting due to thedrama. It doesn’t seem fair to the other players. Production should let the game play out without getting involved.

sickoftheir shit

I agree and the whole show is scripted now. BB calls them in the DR and tells them what they should do and say. It is complete bullshit now.

Vicar Geraldine

I would rather Brendon the baby win instead of Enzo the butt wipe.


if u had the live feeds,you would have been happy like the rest of us who have the feeds to have seen the fight between rachel and britney when bbad ended last night !!!!


whoever is not happy with the fact that rachel was brought back are out of their minds,and you guys obviously dont have the live feeds,so u missed all the drama,and please dont say u read everything online…its not the same !!!!! !!!yesterday was the best day for all of us who had the live feeds!!!


The fight between Ragan and Rachel was awesome, especially Ragan’s last rant! But, I’m not happy about Rachel returning
to the house because I can’t stand her and she certainly doesn’t deserve anymore camera time.
Is her mission to ask the HG’s questions and if she succeeds in asking all 6, she gets to see Brendon? I hope Brit and Ragan don’t go to the HOH with her so she can’t finish her mission.


best day ever!!


I agree! The updates are so much more entertaining insted of getting the same-old same old: playing pool and talking about Rachel. Now we get action.


I hope that Brendan does put Matt up. With Matt using the DPOV to save himself and put Kathy up instead the rest of the house won’t trust him and realize how much of a threat he is and start gunning for him. Plus the Brigade wants Kathy in the final 5 I assume since she’s a weak player so I wonder if Matt will put Britney in his place instead.


I really really don’t like that Matt is using fake illness about his wife…..Thats not a game thats stupid. To many really sick people out there and for him to make that kind of lie na I don’t think so….I mean really his wife didn’t even agree with it.!!!!!


Playing the DPOV is a perfect opportunity for Matt to heal the rift in the brigade. They might still be mad when he doesn’t put Regan up, but none of them would put their side alliance up first either. There’s still hope for the Brigade.

Other K

He wont. I have a feeling he’ll “magically find out” about Enzo/Hayden gunning for him by Thursday. I’m hoping something big happens like Matt putting up Enzo. In that case, Britney, Ragan, and Matt would vote out Enzo and he’d be gone. That said, BB would never let the show be that good. So most likely, Kathy will be put up and sent home. Then the house will start gunning for Matt unless Matt, Ragan, or Britney win HOH.


why is it that people are F**king stupid. Last year Jeff believed the LML. Ragan is the only one that has any sense to stop and say look at the source of your info. Hayden and Enzo are idiots. It’s simple logic after a convo with Rachel all of them should get together and discuss what was said and then call her out all at once to f**k her up. I really hope Matt gets info after using the DPOV about them turning on him so he can team with Ragan and Britney and pick them off since they can’t win anything. At least it’s getting good now. I hope he’s smart enough to put Kathy up and not Brit.


I totally agree with you. I hope Matt figures out what Hayden, Lane and Enzo are doing. I wanted Lane to stay, but only if he is going to help Brit’s game…..those 3 have done nothing in this game but talk. I was giving credit to Enzo for forming the brigade, but he deserves nothing if he is going to be stupid enough to believe a word Rachel says.


Except for the fact that most of what Rachel is sAying is true, especially about Brittany


yeah but Britney really did say that she thought Enzo was the saboteur and Brendon did think that Lane was…..when was she lying??


I wasn’t speaking of Britney lying. More about Hayden buying the fact that Matt was pushing for her to put up Hayden and Kristen and pushing for Hayden to leave. Matt never said that, if he was smart he would just call her out in front of Matt so they could get her on all her lies.


Regan is the only one not lying




Agree with you totally on this Rob.


I was thinking the same thing Rob, these people just sit around and speculate and not observe any thing that is going on see for your self and it would be clear just f… look around, sneak around ease drop do something stop speculating. And everyone is saying the same thing about the saboteur speculating and now they say Brittany can’t guess like everyone else, her guess is so different then the rest. She did not say that Enzo was, she said he could be, just like everyone else these people are so hypocritical

Other K

Amen to that. I actually hope he’s smart enough to put Enzo or Hayden up.


I think they were looking for any excuse to get rid of Matt because if Matt made it to final 2 with anyone, Matt would win. Not only game play, but also the sympathy factor (his wife’s fake illness). Also, Matt’s in a really good position. He has Ragan, Brittney and the brigade.


I couldn’t watch BBAD last night because of hyena Rachel with that stupid laugh of hers and her voice is so irritating. And as usual, Rachel blaming everything on everyone else, typical Rachel BS. If CBS brings her back in to the house to vie for the winning money, I am done. CBS is playing with fire that is going to backfire on them. Boo to CBS!!!


Agree, Red. I think CBS is trying to manipulate this entire thing. It just doesn’t sit right with me at all.

Just because Rachel causes drama and the viewers love drama doesn’t make this situation right for the ones who got her out of there.

If CBS wants a certain outcome, then why don’t they pay people to do things they want and get it over with?? It’s complete BS.


relax it’s just a tv show, not the end of the world. if you can’t stomach watching rachel why do you waste your time talking about her.


We are relaxed and just voicing our opinions about the show, not about what other people are saying (hint hint)!


Agreed! CBS f**ked Matt over…
I am not cheering for anybody really but when CBS influences the game it REALLY SUCKS!!!

I want to see a season of NO TWISTS!!! how would that be for a twist?
Let’s see who can win when it is HOH, NOMs, VETOm EVICT…NEW HOH…

I would love to see someone win BB period! not BB with CBS changing rules every 5 min…
Enough is enough…


I would like to take a moment of silence for the fallen brogade,it was good while it lasted but Enzo and Hayden go and f it up one last YO for the brogade….

byebye brigade

i second that…i just took my moment of silence….thank u


I love how Bozo ,Hairdon,and Lame can’t win shit believe Hatchel then have the balls to wan’t to get rid of Matt because he’s sneaky, my god what do they thing Hatchel is honest and nice?…

Hope Matt goes with Brit ,Ragen, Brendon and dumps the losing Brigade..


I meant to call her Hatechel.. my bad..


I hate to say it but I am glad they let Rachel back for 24 hours, she started up just enough shit. I was liking the bridgade, but now that they are turnning on Matt, I just hope Matt finds out and turns on them, and I mean ENZO. My hopes: Ragen takes himself off the block, Brendon puts up Matt. Then Lane, Hayden and Enzo tell Matt that they are against him and planning on voting him out. Then, eviction time: Matt stands up to give his speech and tells everyone of his DPOV and then takes himself the block and puts up Enzo. Now, that would be a show I would watch. Like to see the final three be Matt, Ragen and Brendon, the rest are all floaters.


This is such a desperate act bringing Rachel back. It sickens me. She was voted off and should stay off. CBS is truly killing this show. The producers should be fired.


I can’t argue with the ratings boost, however, CBS lost the integrity of the game by bringing Rachel back in. If the producers are going to so blatantly manipulate the game they are going to dangerously weaken the house guest candidate pool.
Think about the HG legends of years past. During those seasons was it production that made the game great or was it the interaction of the house guests?


Why on earth would they believe a word out of her mouth without taking into consideration her motives? To say ‘Why would I lie, I can’t win anything anymore” is ridiculous. You
would lie to help Brendan’s game. If any of those people other than Ragan can’t see
that , then they don’t deserve to stay in the house.
They all say Kathy has done nothing in this game, well Enzo has done as little as her.
Except that he brags and talks like he has done everything. Get rid of Enzo he is more
of a threat than Kathy. Get rid of him and you break up the Brigade and when Matt
uses his Diamond Power of Veto they will gun for him and two of the Brigade will be
gone. You can kill two birds with one stone.. Why get rid of someone who isn’t a threat?


I like the fact that rachel got to come back for 24 hrs, after all it is expect the unexpected isn’t it?


Rachel will help Brendan win the $500,000.00 then con him out of half of it if not more.
He wants her to move to LA to be with him and she will probably say she can’t afford
to move and give up her job and Vegas, she won’t have any money or any income.
Once she gets the money it’s Adios sucker and back to Vegas.


i was rooting for the brigade but now i want them to split. matt all the way. hayden, lane, and enzo are stupid. after all the weeks of rachel’s and brenda’s bs theyre listening and trusting them. rachel was brought back by cbs for ratings. if they stick to theyre plan they can make it to the final 4.


Rachel (Wrentchel) is pure 100% White Trash……………CBS does it just for ratings ! They
try to make the game their way ! It won’t work CBS !


All she did was expose herself as a complete skank, a lush and prove that she has a short memory. She blames everyone else for her own mistakes. Mistake number one was getting into a showmance on the first day. Yeah, she has been a target all the while, but its her own stupid fault. What did she expect? That everyone else would let the two of them cruise to the end for the sake of love? And don’t make me gag. Those two are so deluded about life in general that they have no idea how to love someone else. You have to love and respect yourself before you can love somebody else. If Rachel is gone, it is her own fault. Another reason to not like her. An honest and balanced person will admit they lost a game and won’t take it personally or blame anyone else. Even if Matt did try to get her to put up Monet and Kristen, she didn’t have to listen. Everyone else had ideas about what she should do, and she chose not to listen. Is it Matt’s fault that she did what he wanted? I don’t even think it’s true that he wanted Monet and Kristen out. I am pretty sure he told her that he was cool with whatever she decided.


Yeah lets all listen to zit face ho bag….she’s tellin the truth!!!!! Barff!!! Brendon really needs to get tested for std’s when he gets out….while he’s at it, get an aids test too!!! CBS YOU SUCK!!!!!

Kat 14

Why does everyone keep saying that if Matt goes up he will use the dpov and choose someone to be put up? I thought no matter what the HOH is in charge of who goes up.


If Matt chooses Kathy as the replacement nom, it’s a waste of the dpov!!! Get rid of Enzo or Brenda now, Kathy can be taken out anytime!!! Btw, I saw the Ragan vs Roachel fight!!!! It was great 😀 best part was at the end: Ragan slammed door, Rachel just stood there for like 5 minutes!!! Meanwhile, Britney just kept playing pool by herself like nothing happened, and Kathy was on couch trying to steal glances of Roach’s face!!!! It sucks that R & R hugged it out like an hour later!!! I thought afterdark would be worth watching, but it wasn’t… Even the Brit/Roach fight happened after showtime was over…


Just do what the do ……..but face to face.
make um squeal!!!!


I wish that if Matt is put up he outs the brigade, teams up with Ragan and Brit, and puts Enzo up! Now that will be some good TV. I really hope Matt finds out that Hayden and Enzo want him out before they get the chance!!!

J. P. Brigade

Call me dumb as a stump, but I don’t see how this (last 24 hours and Rachel) changes anything . . . really. Brendon puts up either Matt or Britney. We ALL know that.

If he puts up Matt, the Matt uses the DPOV and replaces himself with either Kathy or Britney. Either way, Lane is safe.

If Brendon puts up Britney, she goes home, Matt never uses DPOV and Lane is still safe. When HOH competition is over Matt can either tell the Brigade what truly happened with his Pandora’s Box . . . or not. It really matters not.

But either way, Rachel goes away in the next few hours, the Brigade stays whole anyway ya look at it (In terms of numbers), and Brendon has NO SAY in who goes home, Matt and the Brigade decides who goes home AS IT HAS BEEN SINCE WEEK ONE.

Why is everyone tripping on this little detour? ALL Rachel can do is stir drama. HELLO, THAT’S ALL SHE’S DONE ALL SEASON!!

Everything is status quo.

You folks really have to get to the bottomline of things.

Wise saying:

“The more things change, the more they stay teh same.” This weekends festivities havev been a prime example.

Brigade Power. 4-Deep STILL!!!

byebye brigade

they are no longer 4 deep. that is the problem! she got them to turn on each other. pay attentiuon! no status quo!!!!!!!!!!


rachel and brendon yes they played very well in competitions but it’s a proven FACT that they played the most shitty game in the house turning everything against them week one and then working HARDCORE to keep the house against them, and whining and acting like victims pretending they did nothing to deserve it….. i feel sorry for their idiot fans who can’t see their bullshit.. there would be NO drama if they would’ve got back with the house week 2 but they got clock and started threatening people to vote their way or else… i laugh at people who actually believe their bullshit.. i want to see hem in All-Stars so they entire hour 1st day will see them for who they are and target them immediately.


i am so upset everyone is all over the place. the way people win this game is to have one true alliance that doesn’t waiver, and i thought the bragaide was smatter then that ho!

I really wanted britney to make it to the final 5, she has been playing the game by trying to win pov’s, to keep herself safe. but i have a feeling that brendon will put matt up, matt will use the dpov and then britney will go up and go home )@:

If Kathy was so worried about money, she would of stayed home and continued working, I am not buying that crap!

I was so sure kathy was britney’s aunt. but now i am sure she isn’t.


yo guys i think that when br. opened the box , the 2 things (bad and good ) are the bad is rech. coming back for 24 and the good is br. gets to watch the house via cbs crew for 24. this way he will find out about the lamegate


I am completely amazed that these idiots are taking everything Rachel is saying at face value especially the Brigade when it comes to Matt. Sure Matt tends to do his own thing and is very close to Ragan but they should at least check in with him before taking Racho’s word, and throw him under the bus.They each have “side alliances in this game. Enzo saying “oh Rachel wouldn’t lie” is totally asinine and of course she would lie she wants “her man” to make it to the end. As far as CBS bringing her bsck into the house I think these house guests needed to be shaken up and she has succeeded at that very well indeed. It speaks though to the lack of intelligence of these people (Ragan excluded) not to clue into what she is doing. This is the most effective thing CBS has done so far to make this at least slightly interesting. I hope Brendan does put Matt up so he can use the DVOP and put up that two faced little bitch Brit up and out and perhaps salvage what is left of the Brigade. Should be interesting though when Brendan comes back into the house as to who gets to him first and if he finds out how badly Rachel wants Matt up although I suspect that that has been his plan all along if Ragan won POV. By not putting up any Brigade members Matt might be able to save that alliance.


This is such BS. Just like how CBS sided with Jeff and Jordan, they’re doing it again. Favoring the popular players, disadvantaging the good players, all for ratings.

Cheap gimmicks like this usually spell the end of long-running series. Which saddens me greatly. On the other hand, a bastardized version like this is not the version players like Dr. Will dominated and revolutionized, so all things considered, maybe it won’t be so sad to see it go.


i agree…cbs is messing up the game…i liked enzo two days ago, but now…not..hes an idiot yo!

Regan's A Dick

Vicar… Red…. Do you really think CBS gives a ratz azz that you both threaten not to watch upcoming seasons? Get real… There’s hundreds of thousands who watch for the drama, the back stabbing, etc. And Rachel certainly has brouht that into the game….

Keep up the good work CBS !

sickoftheir shit

Big Brother 12 Updates 9:30 am BBT Sunday, August 15, 2010 – Rachel questions Lane. Delusional Bitch is stirring up shit.

Rachel continues making breakfast while everyone sleeps on.

Rachel is called away from her cooking duties for a DR session.

All feeds switch to the Sunset room so we can watch Kathy, Enzo and Hayden sleep. Rachel calls out to Kathy to come watch the food while she is gone. Kathy goes to the kitchen, turns the hash browns, then starts stacking the dishes. (She seems totally lost when it comes to cooking… ) Rachel returns and Kathy says thank god that didn’t take long, I was getting nervous. She says I know you don’t want to cook, but I have to talk to someone and get some things. She goes and asks Lane if they can talk for a few minutes. They walk together and Rachel says it was sad cause Brendon’s not here and it sucks.

HOH: She wants to know why they never became friends in the game. He says he wasn’t trying to go against them. She says I just didn’t understand why we never had a conversation. I love southern boys and I didn’t get why you didn’t want to be my friend. I never wanted to nominate you or anything like that. Lane says I consider you my friend outside the house. The house the way it plays might look like that, but when the votes came… Rachel says we specifically to vote for Brendon. Why did you go against it. Lane says he told me he had 3 people and near the end, I found out that he didn’t have those three votes and I wasn’t willing to stick my neck out. Rachel says I get that, why was the entire house wanting me out so bad. Lane says you were the stronger competitor. All the stuff Brendon was doing, was pissing everyone off and payback. Rachel says payback was the enemy, I thought that was it. She says if you make it to the end, why should I vote for you. He says I don’t know why I’m not winning comps. She says do you think you will pull through? He says I know the surfboard made it look like I jumped but I really did fall off. And the paintcan. She says one more question… are you the saboteur. He says no. She says we asked you to vote Brendon and you told Matt that we wanted Brendon out. Rachel says she really did say stuff about you although I can’t remember what it was. She is doing it as a defense mechanism. He says ‘m not the sabo. Lane says I’ve heard that you all had a feeling I was the sabo, but I wasn’t upset about it. Rachel says I thought you were because you were so chill and not the type of guy to gossip or start drama. Lane says I’m the same inside as I am outside.

Lane spills his guts abot all the info Britney and Rachel discussed in their baths. Lane says as the game went on I found out she was talking too much and trying to get votes against me. Lane says Brendon also warned me about Matt sneaking around. He says after me and Hayden talked last night we figured out he was doing shitty stuff. Rachel says he said me and Brendon were going after Kristen and Hayden. We never said that. And because of that I think Matt has been telling people we were coming after them. Between Matt and Britney they are both stirring stuff up. She asys I’m a person wo will stick up for myself, takes 2 to created drama. Lane says Brit will also hide behind her shell… Lane says you and Brendon are really smart in this game and we didn’t see the game the way you two did. When you pointed out these situations, we should have seen it a long time ago and… Rachel says now I’m gone and I don’t deserve it. She says I don’t understand why people didn’t what to be on our side. We wanted to work with people, we wanted to be friends, and to break us up? Of course it makes sense… we wanted to be friends with you, Enzo and Hayden. We didn’t want to be friends with Britney, Matt and Ragan. (this whole thing seems rather unfair to me…)

Lane says their game was to say whatever they could to keep us from teaming up with you all. Rachel says Matt did it week 2. I called every single move he made. He did everything in the order that he would do it. She says he told us that if we didn’t win POV he was going to backdoor one of us. IN week four I knew I had to win or we would be on the block. We had no option but to fight and win or go home. We didn’t have time to hang out and make friends. Lane says this whole game has been a lie when we thought we were all friends. Of course you are the victim of this. Rachel says that is why I came back to let you know what is going on and call them out. She says they are working to turn everyone on each other. She says it is like you guys are not thinking, you have to know you can’t trust them. She really did say that about Enzo. She is going to lie after I leave. Brendon is not here and I got sabotaged too. Now that I’m here people like Enzo, Hayden and Brendon are not going to lie to you. If you trust them… Brendon is such a good person, he is playing this game with his heart, get to know him Lane. He only put you on the block to get rid of Ragan. (yep, unfair to allow her to lie with no consequences)

She says Matt thinks it was a power move to put me on the block, it was actually an easy move. When I put up Kristen and Hayden up, that was a power move. She says and Matt was in my ear telling me stuff about Hayden and Kristen. She says Matt told me Hayden and Kristen were a couple (lie) She says so matt won endurances, anyone that small could have. I could have won those 100 percent. Rachel says Ragan didn’t stay on the paint can because he didn’t want blood on his hands/ Breaking up Matt and Ragan will give you guys a big advantage. I think I could have won that puzzle too. She says Matt, Ragan and Britney knew that and that is why they wanted me out.


Big brother needs to go to another network


I wish i could reach thru the TV and smack E/H/L upside their heads. They have surmised about 500 different scenarios on why Matt has flipped and left the alliance, but havent come up with one on why he is acting this way that doesnt involve flipping. Geebus!!!, they even said its been in the last TWO WEEKS that hes been acting different. Well genius’s what happened approx 2 weeks ago…1st Pan Box..and the only result they witnessed from that was the sabateur returning (bad)..Where was the good?..theres always both. They havent even guessed he might have some uber power. Frustrating. The only hope I see for the Brigade is the following: Matt gets put up in ragans stead..he uses DPOV to take him and lane off..and puts kathy and Brit up..If anything could restore their faith in Matt its that.


What’s with some of you thinking Matt has the power to remove TWO people from the block?
He only has the power to remove ONE ane ONE ONLY.


in conclusion bringing the hypocritical skank back for 24 hours didn’t do shit for ratings, only got some brenchel fans excited.

Eric the Midget

Brendan = Encino Man…Encino Man played by BRENDAN Fraser. Coincidence? I think not.


HMMM interesting


You have to enlighten me why Brendon is labeled a caveman, aside from Brittney mocking him that time. Granted, I haven’t been a Brendon fan after 20 minutes or so of the first episode of BB when he hooked up with Rachel, but my initial impression of Brendon was he’s good looking. I can’t see that now because his personality and hookup with Rachel but if you want to talk caveman, it’s Ragan. He looks like one. Very fugly.


You people are boring. Having rachel back is awesome. Way more exciting. She has been hated ever since the start of the show, because all the houseguests were jealouse of her degree, and looks. Especially Brittany. Im glad CBS brought her back in to screw everyone and everything up. Matt needs to be voted out…..then Ragan, then britney. Then its fair game after that. Cant wait to watch. CANADA LOVES BIG BROHTER!


and your complete idiot just like all brenchel fans

byebye brigade

i second that


Rachel’s sister ?

byebye brigade

must be


Why get rid of matt. He is the one who has kept them all in this game. To listen to rachel is just plain stupid. She should be in the jury house not in bb house. Cbs needs to let the game play out on its own.


I’m hoping that BB plan is to only have Rachel in the house during Brendon’s lockdown, then knock her out before they can say “hi” to each other. Please don;t make the mistake you made last year with Chima and start creating new twists just for high ratings. It was a totally mess!! Stick with the rules of BB.


I love the fact that Rachel was brought back. Even if it was only for 24 hours. You have to give it to her. The girl brings the drama, and CBS/ Big Brother wants anyone in that house that will keep the ratings up!! Without her in the house it is going to be boring!!! We all know that!!




It is really not fair to any of the houseguests that Vegas is back…it will only benefit Brendon, which sucks royally! I want them both gone for good!




What made me the sickest yesterday was Kathy telling Rachel she missed her smell! How sickening.


Stop shouting! and I think you mean DOUBT!?!? and BRIT!?!?!?!

But I agree with your point, hate brit and Ragan as well. Matt is not even a human, he a natural liar, a crotch grabbing little hunchback. Small mans disease, PJ’s, dick holding, lying. Shame he never grew to 6 foot.


Cbs has always messed with the game except season one. Pov didn’t exist for a few seasons and when they did start it you could not use it on yourself. Changing the rules and doing unfair stuff is all part of the game of bb. If you don’t like it than you really don’t like big brother. Just saying is all.


Apologize for being behind here, but why is Brendon in lockdown? Because Rachel was back n for 24 hrs? As for this season, it is the most boing ever and bringing Rachel back in was a pathetic attempt to inject any life into the house. I don’t care for snarkiness, but this group needs some major caffeine.