Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says Matt told her that he wants to go up cuz he knows he has the votes to stay over Lane & he wants to be the one to take out Brendon..

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9:50am Rachel and Lane are talking up in the HOH room. Rachel asks Lane why didn’t give Brendon his vote to evict him like they had talked about. Lane says up until the last minute that was the plan, but that Brendon had said he had three votes and only needed a fourth but then when I started talking to people I found out that he didn’t have any votes. Lane says that he couldn’t then stick his neck out and vote against the house. Rachel says yeah okay. Rachel asks Lane why she should vote for him in the end ….Rachel say I want to see you winning some competitions! Lane says yeah me too I want to start winning things too …Its just … these competitions aren’t made for me … I have been close but it just hasn’t happened yet. Rachel then tells Lane that she though he was the saboteur. Lane says that he knew that they thought he was the saboteur but he didn’t confront them about saying because he didn’t want to cause any drama. Rachel starts throwing Britney and Matt under the bus. Rachel swear that Britney was telling her that she thought Enzo was the saboteur and that she is lying when she says that it was me. Rachel says that Matt is playing really sneaky and he is playing all sides. Rachel says that Britney, Matt and Ragan always up here scheming. Rachel says that you can not trust Britney …you can be friends with her but …you cant trust her …I swear to god she said that she thought Enzo was the saboteur. Rachel says that lane can trust Hayden, Enzo and Brendon and that they will never lie to you. Rachel says that you need to team up with them.


Rachel says that Brendon putting you up on the block wasn’t to get you out of the house…. It was the only way to get Ragan out of the house. Lane says yeah I know. Rachel explains that if Ragan was put up with anyone else the other people would go home and that they need Ragan to go and that’s why Brendon put up Lane. Rachel says that Ragan is someone that Lane really needs to watch out for. Rachel says that they really need to breaking up Matt and Ragan. Lane agrees and says that Ragan will be demolished if Matt leaves the house. Lane says that he see Matt as the head and that once you cut the head off the other two (Britney and Ragan) will be lost. Rachel says oh yeah …they will try and attach themselves to you after too. Rachel says that the more Britney attaches herself to you, the more they’re all going to come after you. Lane tells Rachel that he knows when she is voting for the winner she will take the personal stuff out of this game and look at who’s competing. Lane says that he is trying and that it just hasn’t happened yet. Lane says that he will start winning shit now… then says lets just start from when I say ….lets start now. Rachel laughs and says okay….then says that she has seen Enzo and him trying. Rachel tells Lane that if he comes into the jury house she is going to yell at him.


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10:25am Britney and Lane are in the cabana room talking. Britney says that Matt told her that she can throw him under the bus and say what ever she wants to because he really wants to go up on the block. Britney says that Matt told her that he wants to go up because he knows he has the votes to stay over Lane and that he wants to be the one to take out Brendon. Britney asks Lane if she should go up and suck up to Rachel right now. Lane says no … especially if I just came down for there. Lane tells Britney that she isn’t the target … its Matt that they want out. Britney says that she doesn’t understand why Matt thinks he has the votes to stay …. He is banking on Kathy, Ragan…. And I also think he is banking on my vote to …and I don’t know why because I would be voting to keep you here.
10:45am – 11:15pm Lane and Ragan are talking in the bedroom.  Lane tells Ragan the entire conversation he just had with Rachel.  Lane says that it’s the same HOH dealing up there, you feel like you have to go up there and suck up. Lane says that he has been working on his speech for Monday and it’s really good. Ragan asks if he wants to practice it on him. Lane says no, it’s a surprise. It’s going to be so good that you’re going to use the veto on me and you’re not even going to know it. Then I’ll put it on my neck and I’ll sit you down and I’ll say DUH. Ragan laughs. Lane says that he is just not sure who he is going up against. Lane says that he just wishes he knew who was going up against him so he could pull a Tonya Harding on them and break a leg so they would have to forfeit. Ragan says that he just wants to stay in the bedroom till 3pm when Rachel leaves. Lane says that he just wants to hide out for the next three weeks …because they can put up they can they… They laugh.. Ragan says that he hopes the 24 hrs has been solitary confinement for Brendon, …he says that would be awesome. Ragan says that he just wants Rachel gone already!! Ragan says that it’s going to be a long week, and thinks it’s definitely going to be a double elimination. Britney comes into the bedroom after her shower…and wearing just a towel. Ragan calls Britney a hot momma. Lane asks what is that. …you wanna make out? Britney say no! Lane and Ragan talk about LA and how Lane wants to move there. Ragan says that it is really hard as an adult to move to a new city and not know anyone. Ragan says that it might be easier for Lane because he will have just had this experience and will have lots of people that recognize him. Ragan talks about how there are millions of people watching Big Brother, and that he thinks there are more viewers in Canada than the U.S..
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It’s amazing how things can changed over night. Crazy shit yo.
3 Deep yo!


Everything could change when Matt uses DPoV to put Brit up.


I think Matt is putting up Kathy or Brendon (don’t know if he can put up Brendon)….and that he won’t mess up his brigade or pseudo-alliances yet….and my guess is that he can’t use it until eviction night (remember they all had to pack their bags last eviction night). The suspense is killing me….I wish he could use it today!


Rachel implies that she seems to know all the reasons why Branden put people up. and has knowledge of things that trasnpired after she was evicted from the house. Do you think it is him she is talking to in the Diary room and it’s him feeding her the questions
to ask the others. If so , this is a very UNFAIR advantage for him in the game.


and the diamond POV isnt? what did matt do to earn it exactly? win HOH the right week? decide to release something on everyone else that ended up being the sab?…yeah, that only negates a HOH and POV…not unfair at all


I thought that, but that’s not really how Pandora’s Box plays out. usually it’s something very tempting for the HoH, but something else, completely unknown to the HoH that happens to mess up the rest of the house. Having Rachel back for a day is enough to piss the whole house off. She may break the Brigade!


Lane is getting more exciting now he thinks America thinks he is a big weiner with a small brain. finally, something to bring life into the lug


doh, why can’t I spell wiener correctly? why why, in my best Nancy Kerrigan voice, why, can’t I spell that damn word correctly. end rant

sickoftheir shit

That was a weird comment from Ragan that Canada watches this show more than americans. Like where did he get that info from? BB obviously told him something in the DR.


Pretty sure that Simon and Dwag or candians along with a lot of long time posters on this site.

sickoftheir shit

Yes there are some of us canadians on here but canada does not have anything even close to the amount of viewers they have on the states.


im canadian !


Hi samantha, me too.


I am Canadian too, but I haven’t lived there for years…but I know BB is very popular with the family and friends I have in Canada. They also like to watch Survivor.


What did Kathy tell Hayden and Enzo just now in the Taj about Rachel just leaving?


If Matt goes up after Rayan takes himself off, can he put up Raygan or does he have to put up Kathy or Britney? I’m thinking he can’t put up Raygan because he used the POV, but I don’t know if the DPOV trumps the POV. Either way I hope the Brigade gets their head straight. I’ve thought for awhiler now that Enzo’s paranoia would be the down fall to the Brigade. It looks more and more true every day.

sickoftheir shit

Why do they keep talking about how many people will know them and how many fans they have. It is just beyond lame. BB obviously screens the players to get people that are desperate to have recognition (bad or good). The whole show is scripted now. BB told Lane to prepare a speech in advance. (barf!)


So did Matt actually tell Britney he wanted to go on the block against Lane because he has the votes or did Britney make this up and tell Lane?

I can see Matt not caring if he goes up because he uses the DPOV to save himself, but his target would be smaller if Brit went up and he never had to use it at all.

The question is, if Matt uses DPOV, who is his target that he puts up against Lane? I think he’s still pretty loyal to the Brigade, and putting up Brit as the replacement would be a much bigger power move, even if Lane isn’t happy about it. It keeps all 4 Brigade members. Putting Kathy up after using DPOV seems like a waste of such a powerful weapon, though she would go and he’d still have Brit and Ragan on his side who would go after Brendon next week if they won HOH.


That could be his prize for the opening of Pandora’s box, like the advantage Matt got with the Diamond Power of Veto . I’m not saying it’s what happened it’s just a thought.

sickoftheir shit

I agree. They wont allow Brenda to talk to Roach. Brenda got a prize when he opened the box and Roach is just there as the punishment to the HGs.




I hope Brendon has some kind of power like Jeff had last season that would be Great and Matts DPOV doesn’t mean shit.


Rachel Left Early!!!!! She didnt get to talk to Brendon



sickoftheir shit

Did she really leave?


i hate how rachel is making stuff up about matt . he neverr said to rachel that hayden and kristen were in a showmance like wtff !! rachel was the one that said she heard them kissing and andrew was the one who exposed them its just really nasty how shes making stuff up and the worst of all is how enzo and hayden believe her omgg like are u kiddind me and then enzo says i dont think rachell would liee !! haha she was brought bak to lie theyre so stupidd


I know what you mean. I love when people lie and and manipulate people in this game but it only works if they have to be careful so they don’t also get found out and sent packing. Having her there just to say whatever she wants because she has nothing to lose is stupid and changes the game for the worse. I hate the DPOV too but hey it’s BB and anything can happen.


I think production let Rachel back into the house to get Brendon to nominate Matt, thereby forcing him to use the DPoV, creating more drama.

BB Just For Fun

If Brendon and Rachel talk, it’s bad for Brendon. It doesn’t help him to talk to her at all in my opinion. She will tell him to put up Matt, who will us his magic veto and put up Kathy, who will go home. That’s a wasted HOH for Brendon, and the loss of someone he might get a vote from if he were on the block. All this talk about CBS pulling for Brendon baffles me… best case, he puts up Brittney, she goes home, and Matt’s veto power expires. He’s better off, and they all start over again………..


I think Brendon got to talk to her very quickly before he had to get out. She no doubt is going to tell him who to put up. He probably told her to find out what she can, and tell him. Think about it, if you had 24 hours to help out a friend in this situation, what would you do? Be desperate, be crazy, be clever, be a kiss up, and be tough. You would do whatever you needed to help that friend.


Put my comments up yo!


What is Matt up too telling Brit that he wants to be put up?
Who does Matt want to put up after using the diamond??
He is the hardest player to read..

Does he break the Brigade?
Does he allign with Britgan?
Does Kathy go up so he looks good to both sides??

Great season…


Ha, this is Big Brother, expect the unexpected.

They should’nt have brought this one back. Guess they must think shes a star.
Sure glad they do because millions of others disagree.


Oh, she’s a star. she’s a $#!+ disturber like nobody’s business. I’d love to see her and Evel Dick in the same All Stars game. He’d eat her for breakfast. She’s an appetizer for him.


this is an interesting back and forth with brit and matt here, I think brit will end up on the block.

I know they want matt out, but I think they will take out brit just because rachel wants revenge for a few things and cant get ragen this week..

its funny to see lane all upset last night, looked like he might cry…then I realized why…hes on the block. Funny how that works for all those that talked so much #### then now say “its so hard being on the block and on slop”…yeah, you seemed to not remotely care when brenden had it back to back weeks with slop and an X on their back

other funny part of last night, Enzo. He said something about how they should have pool be a POV etc…and I thought if he only knew how tired people are of watching lane enzo and company play pool and say brigade…


Let’s say Regan uses the veto to pull himself off the block. Brendon then puts up Matt, and then Matt uses the DPOV, pulls himself off the block, then he (Matt) puts up Kathy. Kathy’s then gone. The HOH winner then puts up Brendon and a pawn. Unless Brendon wins and uses the POV, he’s gone, leaving the Brigage, Regan, and Brittany ( or Kathy if Matt puts up Britt). Rachel has just turned everyone against each other, casting doubts, etc. I’m hoping people wise up and figure it out. I really don’t like Rachel coming back trying to smooth the way for Brendon. That’s just not right. This “game” is turning out to not really be a game, it’s turned into a soap opera, and CBS is manipulating the “players”. The contests are not mixed up (two hanging on to small ledges), contests where they get to “pick” who they play against. If they’re doing all of this for ratings, maybe they should just drop the “Big Brother” concept and rename the show to “See if you can outsmart CBS”.

sickoftheir shit

I like Simon. Probably realy cute too. Simon have you every applied to get on the show? You would be awesome.


I can’t be on BB i’m Canadian

sickoftheir shit

Oh that’s weird. I’m Canadian too. No wunder I liked u.


i hope britney and lane can put together that matt must have some kind of power…why else would he be asking to be put on the block?? come onnnnn brit and lane THINK..hopefully brendan puts him up then he uses the dpov to put up enzo or kathy..i doubt he’ll put up enzo but hopefully kathy


“More viewers in Canada”?!?!
There’s 1/10th the population up here in Canada as there is in the US. There’s NO WAY there are more viewers in Canada. More per capita perhaps.
I’m here on this board all the time, because I can’t get the live feeds. *%£&^$£!!!*

sickoftheir shit

I agree that comment doesnt make any sense that is why I think BB told him some shit in the DR. This whole show is bullshit now. BB is constantly teling them crap because they keep talking about ratings and stuff.


Enzo is the slimiest. He believes Rachel’s lies. When they are all in the jury and Kathy, Enzo, and ? are in the final 3, I hope the rest of the houseguests realize Enzo was the ultimate floater and don’t give him the 500 gs.

Now that I have live feeds, I can’t believe how boring Kathy is. She’s barely present and then when she talks, oh major boredom. Anyone else notice yesterday that Rachel kept Enzo and Matt trapped in HOH for really long time, but when Kathy was talking to Rachel, Rachel actually tried to end the conversation early. Kind of funny too yesterday that Kathy was trying to talk strategy with Rachel (if I win HOH, ….) and Rachel was very disinterested.


Umm why are these fools even listening to Rachel….who nominated her queen advice? she gets on my last nerve


They’re trying to suck up for her jury vote.

sickoftheir shit

Yup. Like is anybody buying her stuff or what?



Yes I too thought that he was small brained guido who couldn’t win a competition if his life depended on it. But this guy is a true EVIL GENIUS.
1- He has road coat tails the entire season.
2- He has never been nominated and is NEVER in danger of being put up.
3- He has others do his dirty work and has made no enemies in the house or JH, letting others become targets (Matt)
4- He has cultivated an alliance to save himself and is now working on sub alliances to get himself even further
5- His plan to backdoor matt is brilliant. He knows that if the brigade makes it to the final 4 he cannot beat matt. So he creates a phony excuse for the cameras and the JH that Matt can not be trusted. Its BS but is a great cover story to sway both Lane and Hayden to get rid of Matt. They will take the blame. Brandon’s head is back in the game and if he skates this week Brandon may go after Lane and Hayden the following week. Enzo the ginzo is on nobody’s hit list for the next several weeks which will take him far. If he plays his cards right the only enemy in the jury house would be matt. His key is to get Brandon to take out the 2 brigade members and make it the finals with either kathy, brandon, ragan or Brit. They have been involved in drama, backstabbed, and made enemies. Enzo is Fredo Corleone with brains! I can’t believ I just said that!!!!


Which doesn’t make a shit of a difference cause he can’t win a competition to save his life. So 3rd at best? yay?


But no jury member would respect his game play (not winning comps) and he would probably not get the votes anyhow.


yea he’s pretty slick, he will be america’s player…..

sickoftheir shit

Bozo is going home. Matt will used his POV and put him up. Bozo has been too close with Brenda and Matt feels that something is up. Matt has the power and votes to send him back to stink town.


And he thinks he’s the greatest game player TOO. He’s sucking it up when Rachel tells him that he’s popular with America. He’s not popular with me because he’s

1) Boring to watch

2) Doesn’t do anything

3) Is more two-faced and schmoozy than Britney!


I honestly don’t understand people with this attitude. So you don’t like when people are “two-faced and schmoozy” in the game? It’s called a strategy. They’re manipulating people to get the results they’re looking for in order to win a game. I feel like some people on this site think that you should win BB because you’re the best at giant pinball or you stand on a wall the longest or you’re the sweetest person in the room. Comps are a part of the game but nowhere close to the most important part. Britney and Enzo are smart players and Matt’s probably smartest of all (which pains me to say because he calls himself a genius so effing much and it makes me wanna smack him). I think the house will vote for the best strategic player in the end, not just someone who’s good at bowling.


rachel’s back…?


the best scenior would be to put britney up and she goes but if matt uses the pov thing then hes out of the alliance hoefully kathy doesnt get bput up, i hope enzo wins next week puts up ragan and matt and hopefully bendon win spov doesnt save anyone good bye matt the brendan wins hoh and puts up lane and ragan and ragan goes hate ragan cries too much and shouldnt deserve to win the mobey for being sab do funner things then saying stupid lies come on man


I always said in a game like this street smarts wins out over book smarts any day.


unless it’s a quiz on world history


Everyone in that house knows Rachel lies like a cheap rug in more ways than one.


You honestly dont believe that do you, enzo is just a wannabe howie

Az girl

All of you are fooling yourselves if you think CBS doesn’t manipulate this game! Remember the comp where evil Dick started out with no shoes or jacket then the live feeds stopped and when it came back on Dick had both shoes and a dry shirt!!

J. P. Brigade

Call me dumb as a stump, but I don’t see how this (last 24 hours and Rachel) changes anything . . . really. Brendon puts up either Matt or Britney. We ALL know that.

If he puts up Matt, the Matt uses the DPOV and replaces himself with either Kathy or Britney. Either way, Lane is safe.

If Brendon puts up Britney, she goes home, Matt never uses DPOV and Lane is still safe. When HOH competition is over Matt can either tell the Brigade what truly happened with his Pandora’s Box . . . or not. It really matters not.

But either way, Rachel goes away in the next few hours, the Brigade stays whole anyway ya look at it (In terms of numbers), and Brendon has NO SAY in who goes home, Matt and the Brigade decides who goes home AS IT HAS BEEN SINCE WEEK ONE.

Why is everyone tripping on this little detour? ALL Rachel can do is stir drama. HELLO, THAT’S ALL SHE’S DONE ALL SEASON!!

Everything is status quo.

You folks really have to get to the bottomline of things.

Wise saying:

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This weekends festivities have been a prime example of that very thing.

Brigade Power. 4-Deep STILL!!!


I’m sure Lane will appreciate standing on the block, knowing he could have been saved by the hunchback and he let him stay up there?

4 deep up Matts ass!


what prize did brendon get u guys ????? i mean when matt won he got the DPOV but what about brendon,everybody knows that hte pandora box unleashed something bad and gives something good to the winner or vice versa but what if brendon got the CDT or maybe it’s just a trip


Maybe after Enzo gets kicked out he can play Snooki’s uncle on Jersey Shore


The Brigade needs to drop Matt and pick up Brendon. With Rachel gone, he hasn’t been such a pussy, and I could see him getting the Brigade farther, because he’s another target. Then they can just drop him at final 4.


lets be real here kathy neither enzo has no game what have they done but sit around doing nothing where the power is there is cathy how can she say that ahe should stay longer then brit when she has done nothing but smoke and talk trash. i hope she goes this weak


how come rachel got to come back, honestly.
that total bullshit, this season is just a total piss off.


Maybe Enzo could become an electrolosis technican and give Theresa from The Housewives of New Jersey a normal forehead hairline. Instead of having one from
Planet of The Apes


haha theresa is trash. good 1!




Also like it was with the coup d’etat when Jeff used it will Matt be ineligible to play for HOH?


It wouldn’t happen, but could Matt put Ragan back up???


Why is Matt’s name being dragged through the mud, and where is he to defend himself? Never mind Brendan, Matt seems to be missing in action. You’d think he was Ronnie version 2 the way they’re talking. It should be fun for him to use the diamond power of veto and screw with everyone. I wonder, will that be used during the veto ceremony or during Thursday’s live eviction?


matt can just sit back and relax bc he has the power…i think its funny…to him it doesnt matter who says what or who does what..bc he is sitting pretty…its comical..its like watching a train wreck…


I’m prettty sure HoH cannot be named as Nom if DPOV is used. I also doubt the Nom who won the Regular POV could be renamed. Those would be the only safe ones, I think.


Having “game” has nothing to do with winning competitions. The person who wins the comps never wins BB. Just the opposite. the best game players are those who dump the competitions. They are able to:
1- put the target on others who win competitions and fly under the radar
2- avoid making enemies in the JH
3- they are perceived as being “weak” and advance without being nominated from week to week
4- Are seen as an ideal person to go against in the final 2 or 3.
IMO, Thus far here are the best players to date

1- Enzo. Never nominated, no enemies, plays the DR game to america and the JH almost as good as Dr. Will.
2- Kathy. Everyone wants her in the final 2 or 3 due to her perceived weakness. If she skates this week and Brit goes up, kathy may have a clear path to the final.
3- Lane. Same as kathy. I rated him a little lower only because he is on the block this week and he gave the false impression that he is in an alliance with Brit that raised his profile. Should be okay this week.
4- Hayden. Little lower than Lane due to a smaller IQ.
5-Brandon- played terrible for most of the season due to the showmance with the ho. Seems to have his game face on. A real darkhouse to win. If he makes it to the end he gets a helluva alot of sympathy votes in the JH for gutting it out. Always a comp danger.
6-Ragan- Good at comps. He’s turned into an ugly b#tch with the catfights and has no solid alliance. 2 votes in the JH against him already
7- Brit- See comment above about ragan. Though she is the player I would like most see make a transition to hardcore porn.
8- Matt- The most skillled player made a mistake that he will NEVER recover from. the sick wife story was a horrible miscalculation that production will expose before the game ends, as CBS will NEVER let him win. EVER. Did I say they will NEVER let him win.


I think you’re wrong about Matt. I don’t really care that he lied about his wife and I’m sure a lot of people out there don’t care (it was smart of him to say she has a really rare disease so that America doesn’t think “How awful of him, my aunt died of ‘X'”). I think a brigade member will win if they’re in the finals simply because they’ll vote for each other no matter what in my opinion. I don’t think Brendan or Kathy or Ragan have much of a chance but I do think some people would vote for Britney since she’s good at the game. I don’t think she’ll make it that far though.


no way, evil dick and danielle won everything -becuase they had to- and it got em right to the final 2..


On BBAD last night Rachel slipped up and said that is what he (Brendan) said….she then said I mean they….she was talking to Hayden when this happened and Hayden said Brendan? That is when Rachel said no they (DR). So she may have talked to him before hand or each time she ran to the DR.


Did anyone notice that Kathy only won as much as she had to in the bowling competition, to get Rachel out yet not enough to make people think she was a threat .. Instead, they thought it was just a fluke.


I think this was just a lucky win for Kathy. Rachel picked her to go against and Kathy just got lucky. She has no skills in this game except being able to fly under the radar. It has taken her far, but won’t take her to the end.

BigBrothers Big Brother

I said it before, I’ll say it again. This BB12 has officially turned into a low budget soap. I thought this was all about game play/social experiment? Not this bogus bull with EVICTED players coming back into the game (essentially Nulling/Voiding the vote of the existing HGs). Even though she was only there 24 hours, she has tainted the game big time. Which is ironic since she professes to love,love, LOVE BB! Because I’ve come this far, I’m going to see it through,at least I think. Not sure yet. If more contrived antics occur, I’m done. All semblance of fair play have been washed away.


Hasn’t BB always thrown in unfair twists? I know there were a few last season… And from what others have posted past seasons have had “twists” as well.


Kathy and Enzo are the most disgusting wastes of space that have EVER graced BB.


agreed!!! get enzo off…he is a waste…maybe a little comic relief, but thats it.


it IS an experiment.. throwing curve balls and waiting for the human reactions, ultimately leaving 1 person left standing is totally what this game’s about… even though it doesn’t always make sense to us viewers, you can’t please everyone. there have been many advantages and disadvantages come into play over the years on BB.. remember it’s a show and they must have more to show you then everyone braiding each others hair so they add twists, it’s not messing with the game it IS the game. and rachel is awesome anyway.


Didn’t they say the DPOV enabled him to remove 1 or both nominated house guests and that HE would get to chose the replacements?

If so:

Hopefully Matt has figured out that Hayden and Enzo are no longer his allies. then it would be awesome if he used the DPOV to remove himself and Lane and put them both up.


agreed turbo…he should put up hayden and enzo….then he will still have brit and ragan…no matter what he does..he comes out sitting pretty. him revealing the dpov will put all rumors of him being the sab to rest bc they will realize he was acting funny bc he had the dpov…they will jump on team matt again and he will scoot to final 4. this season is like that game “telephone” that you played as a kid…by the end of the line you dont know what was really said….


Are the feeds down? Where are the new updates?