Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel asks Brendon if he is going to propose to her on finale night… Brendon says no ..maybe in a year or so..

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12pm Brendon and Rachel are in the bathroom.  Rachel and Brendon are kissing and talking.  Rachel tells Brendon that she didn’t know she could like someone after only 40 days. Then Rachel says that Brendon has her whole heart.   They start to study for the competition again. Rachel starts going over what days the POV’s, HOH’s and the days they got saboteur messages.  Rachel then tells Brendon to recite them all back to her.  Brendon keeps messing them up and goes really slow.  Rachel tells him that he needs to say them again and really fast like his life depends on it.  Rachel tells Brendon POV’s go!  Brendon says what?!  Rachel says POV dates fast go!  Brendon tries but does it slow.  Rachel says how many times have I told you I love you.  Brendon says 1500 … Then kiss and she says let me say it again …I love you.   Rachel says that she is going to go pee really fast.  She goes into pee and Brendon puts his hands over his face and then picks his nose.  Rachel come back out and they switch places … Rachel says POV’s go!  Brendon tries and says them slowly.

Brendon tells Rachel that maybe they should bang it out.  Rachel asks what?  BLANK?!  Brendon says that he loves how he tries to be all subtle and she come right out and says it.  Rachel says that she would never do that …not until they are married… well maybe if we are engaged.  Rachel asks him if he is going to ask her to marry him on finale night.  Brendon says no …maybe in a year from now …then says that he would want to ask for her father permission first.  Rachel says that he doesn’t need to do that.   Rachel tells him that he could ask him on finale night.

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12:20am Big Brother calls an end to the HOH lock down.  Matt comes into the cabana room where Ragan, Kathy and Hayden are and he tells them that he took Enzo’s pool trophy bowl down from the HOH and put it in the living room.  Matt says that he scratched Enzo’s name off it too.  Kathy doesn’t understand and says that people don’t tell her anything. They laugh and say that its just a prank.  Britney, Lane, Matt and Enzo are in the kitchen.  Enzo has found his bowl and is eating out of it.  Enzo notices that his name is scratched out.  The others laugh.  Enzo wants to scratch out Lanes name.  Lane laughs and says that it wasn’t him … don’t touch my name.

12:40pm – 12:55pmBrendon and Rachel go into their bedroom and start packing their stuff.  Brendon tells her that he can leave her some of his things.  Brendon gives her his sweat pants just in case she gets cold.  Rachel asks but what if you need them.  Brendon says I don’t get cold I’m a man!   Rachel tells Brendon that Kathy had asked her what she was going to wear today and Rachel says that she said she was going to wear all black because it’s a day of morning.  Rachel says that she knows its kind of morbid but it’s a sad day.  Brendon tells Rachel that he is going to wear his tight jeans again tonight ….and that he’s telling her just so that she knows. Brendon offers her some more of her clothes and she says that she doesn’t need it. Rachel says what if you’re somewhere and you need it …what if you stay here and you need it?! Rachel says that she doesn’t need it. Rachel is sad. Brendon tells her that he hasn’t left yet and that he wants her to cheer up …that he hasn’t left yet and he wants them to enjoy their time together and not sit around being all mopey… Brendon says that he is going to take a shower. Rachel goes to the bathroom to change and does her hair and then goes back to the bedroom. All the other house guests are in the kitchen eating lunch.

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BAB - formally BB

Rachel is trying so hard to make this season all about her! She is beyond delusional!!!

team brenchel

This show shoudl be about her seeing as how this house is so boring. It’s going to be so much worse when Rachel leaves. At least she adds some drama to this place. There’s going to be no alliances fighting each other and things are just going to go according to the “plan” which is a snoozefest…

BAB - formally BB

Okay! Um, she makes my ears bleed! Enzo, Britney and Lane are pretty funny. Once she leaves tonight, maybe the party will begin! 🙂

SN: I think Regan is pretty funny as well.


The last POV comp confirms this. Once B/R were knocked out, well guess what? It became a party! Matt even slapped Ragan’s ass, and Enzo was having a ball.

Not gonna lie, shit’s gonna be fun to see when Brendover realizes they all voted Roachel out. FINALLY everything won’t be so predictable! I’ve hated how soap opera-ish this season felt with half of every broadcast being about B/R, and how power hungry/whiny they are.

I hope they do a bit on Rachel’s family and how whorish they think she is tonight.

BAB - formally BB

I agree with you Derp. It’s going down … 3 hours and counting!


NEWS FLASH: Ragan and Matt can get married in California on August 19th (well..if Matt is not married.) I want Matt to get a divorce and get married to Ragan “Live from the Big Brother house” and then honeymoon in the Jury house. Matt can not deny his love for Ragan.


no buddy i think matt is just comfortable enough with his own sexuality that he doesn’t need to act like some homophobe douche like brendon.


get ready, here’s y’alls chance….i think they’re related (brothers/)


He needs rockstar’s permission first. But that ain’t going to happen.


hahaha@jimik – nope, it ain’t gonna happen. I do not share.


Rachel really thinks she’s not leaving tonite?


‘”keep this to remember me by brendon”, Don’t you worry he wont be able to forget you,at least not until the rash clears up.


no wonder Rachel’s face is all red and pimply, it’s carpet burn


That’s great. Boy George is a gold digger and Brendover is digging for gold.


i love how they think he’s going to be evicted


I’m thinking that B/R really thought they had signed up for The Bachelorette. I can picture Breanda looking all confused in a DR session asking BB why there hasn’t been a rose ceremony yet.


Now, that is funny!


I picture Rachel yelling at Ali, “SO DON’T YOU DARE GET BETWEEN ME AND MUH MAN” and Ali going “lolwut”


I thought they’d been doing the nasty for quite some time?? And I must say she is NASTY!!

She's lying

She’s lying for the cameras and the parental units who are watching. Julie Chen confirmed that houseguests were having sex on Ferguson’s show. Rachel has told this lie before (about waiting for marriage) — I think she thinks that her oral sex and then physical sex with Brendon was so on the downlow (under the covers, late late at night) that the camera and audience didn’t pick it up. But she should know — big brother sees everything!

It’s rather sad what she’ll find out when she gets out of the house and out of the jury room. I think she’s really deluded herself into thinking that she’s popular among viewers. Poor insecure girl.


Just because she’s not popular on this board, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some fans. Every guest has fans, somewhere. And don’t forget, according to Pres. Clinton, oral is not sex. Maybe she feels the same way, I get the feeling many people do. They aren’t the first to do that sort of thing, remember Lydia servicing Jesse last season?


I’m a fan. I think she has issues, I think Brendon has lost his mind but it’s a house where your life is right there, there is no outside only what you see, hear, smell right there. Can you imagine being on slop, having to watch your back and being put on the block will do to your mind? No one of them are thinking straight.


yeah they have all gone wacky

Uncle Cool

When they are in the jury house together (if brendon doesn’t explode tonight), they will do the deed.

Is Rachel trying to tell the world that she has sex with strangers for money but she wouldn’t have sex with the ‘man’ she ‘loves’ until they’re engaged or married?


I can believe it usless rachel get something in return I.e Money(wad of hundreds), ring, booze she would keep her legs closed.


I’m pretty sure she would do it just for a wad…


omg, really?? They are going to make the finale about them no matter what!


As soon as they get in the jury house, they will bang it out. The only reason she isn’t banging him right now is because she is playing a role. Brendon said early on that they wouldn’t have sex until they are married, and she is just trying to fit his ideal so she can play him more. How pathetic is it that she is trying to manipulate him into a proposal? So if she agrees to bang him when they’re engaged, she will get him to propose for the cameras, bang him as his reward, then drop him when its all over.


I just finished watching the entire Craig Ferguson show on CBS and Julie Chen actually said “Brendon and Rachel are having sex”… . Aside from this comment, the feeds show some pretty obvious behavior under those sheets. Who is she kidding?…. maybe she thinks Brendon’s folks don’t have After Hours?….


the newest pics are hysterical. especially the bride of chucky! LMAO ( that movie was too funny) and kathy does look just lke that.


Hey, the girl has some principles about sex with a guy. Marriage or a fist full of $100’s. Whichever she gets first.




somethings fishy with the Rachael I was going along with it until she said she was waiting for marriage to sleep with Brendon which isnt a bad thing but now I am like this chick i think was using him all along to further her game. Something just aint adding up?????


She’s saying that because early on (week 2?) he said his parents wouldn’t approve of her and that was the first time she announced to camera that they would wait until they are married.


I’m pretty sure rachel was joking about no sex until marriage. She gave him a bj in hoh room last week
I think brendon thinks they are on Rock of Love and Rachel definitely looks like she belongs on the Rock of Love bus.


LoL @ Beth – she DOES look like she belongs on the Rock of Love bus! Maybe even they wouldn’t take her?!?


Its 2:00 pm Big Brother Time and all the houseguests, except Brendon and Rachel, are gathered in the storage room selecting the various chores and gathering the necessary supplies they will need in order to clean and sanitize the house for tonight’s live telecast. Noticeably absent from the group are Rachel and Brendon, who are busy packing up their belonging, dismantling Rachel’s stripper pole, and taking down the trapeze swing she has hanging over their bed in the Taj Room.
Just as they are about to leave the storage room, and head to their assigned areas, production says, “Houseguests please come to the kitchen and take a seat at the dining room table. Alison would like to speak to you about tonight’s broadcast.” Instantly, the joyous singing of hymns, lead my Kathy, turned to a chorus of “What the f**cks” and “I’ve had enough of this sh*t! Hearing this rumbling of dissatisfaction while in production booth, Alison selects the echo chamber option on the speaker and roars in to the microphone, “Hey, you ungrateful “slags”, I haven’t slept or eaten since yesterday, so don’t piss me off. Get your asses into that kitchen NOW or else I will make a loud noise into my mouthpiece and perhaps deafen you for life.” With that, as a huddled group, the houseguests, lead by Lane, make their way to the kitchen.
As they enter the dining room area, and glance upon Alison, all they could do is collectively swallow and let out a “Hoon!”, as if they were in a Scooby-Doo cartoon. Alison has undergone a complete makeover. She says, “Hey guys, check out this shit! Am I da bomb or what” and begins to twirl while singing “My milkshake brings the boys to the yard!!!! Do you think my blind date will like it? His name is QAZ, and we met online while I was stealing, um, trying to find out how America feels about this season of BB. I’d tell you the name of the site, but I’m still a bitch so I won’t. Oh, that QAZ, he says the most funniest and cutest things about me, especially my eating habits. We’ve only chatted once, but I know he’s my soul-mate! When he types, he’s speaking to my heart! I can’t wait. He’s picking me up tonight, to celebrate my getting this week’s highest rated show. We are going to Tad’s Steak House, the best all you can eat buffet in all of Burbank. They have the cutest “barf buckets” under the tables, “ya know”, in case you fill up too soon – they’re painted to look like cows – oh how romantic! He thinks of everything. His favorite dessert is Ambrosia too! I know he is going to hide the ring in mine, and propose during dessert!
Britney steps forwards, as usual, (since she has the biggest set of balls in the house) and says, as she gives Alison one of her famous eye-roll hugs, I am so happy for you. You are so lucky, I’m jealous! (Ragan and Britney play Fashion Police and review Alison’s new look tonight on BBAD only on Showtime)


Nicely done.. “dismantling Rachel’s stripper pole” LOL

can we get a GRENADE!!


for a second i thought you were serious


OMG! This is awesome! Where do you come up with this shit?


LOL GRENADES! My 3 step plan to getting Britney’s nude pics on live TV moves 1 step closer:
1) Seduce Allison “Frank the Tank” Grodner
2) Steal the keys to the BB house
3) Dress up as the Saboteur, enter the BB house, find Britney, and rip her bikini top off.



why stop there?


lol BB12 winner = QAZ!


So, is it like the whole Clinton thing? She is saying that a BJ isn’t sex?????

And of course Rachel wants Brendon to propose on finale night, then the spotlight will be on them…it’s all about camera time……


Whatever. She has already done it with him on camera. More than once. It falls into the category of things I never wanted to think about, let alone see, but unfortunately the cameras caught it all. What delusional hypocrites. The feeds don’t lie.


They’ve actually banged in out on the feeds? I didn’t think they had because it was never reported here. I thought the skankiest she got was the bj. Wow.


i used to love the brigade but after watching enzo suck up to b and r only to secure his jury vote leaving matt to take the hit. i think i’m ready for a new alliance. one that doesn’t involve enzo’s lazy ass!


yeah enzo reminds me of the tough buy who would snitch at the first sign of trouble.


4-2 Rachel evicted ! Enzo and Ragan vote for Brendon !


nah it’s gonna be 100% unanimous rachel gone


Rachel’s admission of waking up from a blackout with vomit spilled onto the front of her naked body all the while clutching onto a wad of 100s is by far the most reviled and revealing thing I’ve seen on a reality show. The fact that is was voluntary and used in such a way to afford her some sort of cred is just as appalling and should immediately throw her sense of reality into question. Note to this girl’s loved ones: Get her into rehab ASAP! Like Lohan she should be sent directly to rehab after her BB stay and Mrs. Chen should escort her.


AG on “dating in the dark”, wait till the lights come on. after all the posts, i had to google her, i had no clue about her other than BB and Qaz…you’d think with her money and connections, she’d get a makeover. Y’all are so funny!


Simon & QAZ – this in written in the spirit of fun! I love your comments and your sense of humor. Just had to say something about tonight’s pivotal and hopefully best show of the season. take care. I hope your stocked up for the evening. gook luck Simon/Dawg – biggest hits tonight – a record. I hope they pay up! Back soon!


I really enjoyed your post, thanks for all the support.


Who doesn’t love jimik? I will hit them over the head with my box of wine.


LOL box of wine …


Here is the outfit Alison is wearing – Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition tour opening act.


I love the new pictures! But why nothing for Reagan. He’s kind of a Howdy Doody! But you may not know who that is.


So well said…. loved the post.


rachel said she wont have sex til shes married but if she is a friend of evil dick you know she had sex with him why else would evil dick want her for a friend+i think brenndon has been inlove with every girl he has dated because he is very clingy

Jewish ninja

Their relationship seems to be the real deal. She might just be really good at acting (maybe they all are?) and is really just using him, but he seems to be really wrapped around her finger.


I think she was talking ‘big’. I think she might have saw something like that or heard about that but I doubt it really happened.