Big Brother 12 Spoilers: HOH lock down .. Rachel complains that her breakouts have gotten even worse…

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10:40am Big Brother tells the house guests that they are on a HOH lock down.  All the house guests head up to the HOH room and make themselves comfortable.   Rachel and Brendon are the last ones up to the HOH room.  They head straight into the bathroom and start making a lot of noise banging stuff around. Rachel starts giving Brendon a hair cut.  Brendon starts getting paranoid that Rachel is going to mess up his hair.  Rachel tell him that he needs to have faith, that she only messed it up once …and that it wasn’t even that bad.  Brendon says that he does have faith.  Brendon asks Rachel what her sister will think of him.  Rachel says that she will love him …that she loves everyone she brings around.  Rachel is trying to cut the top of Brendon’s hair with scissors and says that she does want him to look like captain douche bag.  Rachel says that she should stop because hair will grow back but having a bad hair cut on national television is not good.  Brendon tells her to at least make it even.  Rachel starts cutting again and says that she now has a great respect for those who cut hair.  Brendon takes a look at his hair and says that it looks fine.  Britney comes in and Rachel complains that her breakouts have gotten even worse.

11:20am The cameras switch to the HOH room where Britney is climbing back into bed.  Ragan and Britney are whispering about what happened when and to whom.  They’re studying for tonight HOH competition just in case it’s a quiz type competition.   Ragan whispers to himself, he is going through all the events since week one. Rachel comes out of the bathroom and sits by the HOH room door and Britney and Ragan stop talking. Rachel then gets up and goes back to the bathroom and closes the door.

11:40am Brendon gives Rachel a back massage in the HOH bathroom.

Rachel starts to cry for a second and Brendon tells her to SHHhhh…. then she straddles her legs around him and he pulls her in closer.

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103 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: HOH lock down .. Rachel complains that her breakouts have gotten even worse…

    1. Dawg! Find some screen shots of Britney nude or I will photoshop naked Allison Grodner pics and post them here! I have a widescreen PC monitor so it’s possible, but don’t make me suffer that visual atrocity!

    2. i thought she was giving him his last BJ, b4 she leaves him an go back to her life of getting financial favors from rich men, brendon’s love can’t compete with that

    1. why not the world has already seen them together on tv so he might as well be with her when he gets home. i think they will last. if they don’t it will be because of distance or rachel not willing to give up her life for a slower pace life style, but i think brendan will be willing to make it work.

    2. I like Rachel a lot better than Brendon. Rachel has esteem issues and can be an annoying party girl, but Brendon is just an idiot. His stupidity is so completely obvious, it is shocking to me. The sheer look in his eyes makes me want to punch him. I honestly feel he is party retarded. Rachel isn’t stupid at all, just that her behavior can be annoying. Brandon is the one who is overly emotional, too clingy, too quick and too suffocating with the “I Love You”. Rachel made the mistake of hooking up with a cretin who can’t win anything physical or mental.

    3. When a woman gets so blinded by lust that she can’t see what a douche the guy is, they says she’s just “dicknotized” by the guy. So in Brendon’s case, would they say he’s Brendon “queefnotized?” Just askin’

    4. Did you see the site had her photos from when she was a Hawaiin Tropic girl? She’s YUCKY! I want to slap the zits right off her infestation of a face!

    1. Yea…it sayz ‘I really aint gay, I just tell that to chicks so I can do whatever I want to them then tell the stupid broads its okay I’m gay!!’ Of course I’m paraphrasing but thats about this gist of it.

    2. It’s French; “Quelquefois un rêve est ce qui vous fait un esclave”.
      The English translation is, “Sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave”.

  1. I don’t feel bad for them. It’s just a game. They should have played the game differently and not been in each others behinds.And Rachel’s attitude should have been different. She was arrogant when she did win, and she has played the game personally. They both complain about stuff that they actually have done themselves but don’t see their own flaws. Rachel acts like what Brendon accused Britney of, that’s being a spoiled brat.

  2. How can you feel bad for them they have found true love just like Romeo and Juliet.. Hang on what ever happened to Romeo and Juliet :) Maybe the same thing that will happen to B/R.

    I stop caring about them the minute they stoped caring about winning the 500,000 they had a great chance to atlest get to the final 4 and instead they just isolated themselfs and turned the house against them. Talk about having no game.

      1. Your right using great chance was a mistake but they need to add to their alliance. They could have added dead weight Kathy just for her vote and as she had not being voting with the house they must have figured they she wasn’t allied with anyone else..It just that they didn’t even give any thought to adding to their team B/R thats what gets to me.

        1. You’re right they have not been playing this game. Like Russell on the last two seasons of survivor, playing for himself with no thought to how his actions would reverberate through the rest of the crew.

  3. I can not belive how dumb Brit, Regan and Kathy. They are so busy sleeping and make jokes out of
    B/R they do not see what is in front of their face. They should keep Rachel even though she is the worst person on this planet and work with her to get out the Four guys. I would rather go to the final two with one of B/R and collect the big prize. One of the Four guys has a cake walk to the end.

    1. exactly, i can’t wait to see their faces when they realize they’re being played, and i can’t wait to see the brigades face when they realize they’re being played by matt. why would he offer to be a pawn against brendan, but hen tell ragan and brit they need to win hoh? he is looking out for himself.

    2. Your right. If Rachel had any brains, she would have worked that angle. The game is already in the jury house phase and no one has even questioned a final 4 alliance. Do Brit, Ragan, and Kathy really think that one has not been worked out? If Brit was thinking game wise, it would have benefit her to make a deal with Rachel (Brendon is worthless and doesn’t win much). If Rachel stays (I know the thought makes me sick as well) and wins HOH she wouldn’t put up Brittany because Brittany saved her. I hate to say this, but Brittany just sealed her fate of not making it past the next 2 weeks. The numbers are just not with her.

    1. from your lips to God’s ears, pleeeeease let it be the skanky bitch that walks out the door by a unamimous vote. And I am also curious as to what Ragan’s tattoo says, does any one know?

  4. I would love it if Julie Chen would throw in a little twist tonight. Instead of her usual, with a vote of 6-0, Rachel you are evicted. I would like for her to say, “The vote is 6-0. Brendon…….(& as he starts to stand), you are safe. Rachel, you have been evicted.”

    1. I can’t wait to see what bredens people have to say about this gross showmance , rachels people are prob as annoying as she is .I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  5. This season sucks, well pick it back up in two weeks. Regan is the biggest girl on the show B/R should grow the F up and play the F/n game. The best thing is the fact that its half way over . Jeff and Jordo we great to bad they can`t play again. Football starts tonight, go Pack

  6. technically since hes living it, he has every right to tell brit that

    especially since shes the queen of the “std” talk

  7. dont feel bad for them

    feel bad for people watching who have to keep HEARING about them

    play the game, and stop doing the “we’re all close except B /R/K dance…they are all sitting on their hands….expecting R then B then Kathy….thats not good tv.

    ragen doesnt deserve 20k for whats hes done so far too

  8. Not a fan of B/R but it will be so boring once she leaves! I hope the brigrade self destructs so there will be something worth watching!

  9. now…answer this in a real way….WILL brenden walk out the door with rachel?

    I dont think he will…but I wouldnt put it past him

    1. if he wants to get some pussy from her ever again he will, after the show she’s going back to her life in vegas and brendon can’t afford her

    1. Yes’ it’s possible. All she has to do is keep drinking and shooting Botox and she’ll look like the wicked witch she is on the inside already in no time.

  10. I think it is funny that kathy, Ragan, Brit, and the Brigade all think they are friends. What is going to happen in two weeks? I know they are all going to turn on each other. Right now these players are playing with emotion, and not strategy. How dumb can these people be.

    1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend..I think that may be the immdiate logic for those guys. Once the gruesome twosome is out, things will have to be different. May be too late for them, but it will be different.

  11. Does anyone else think that if Rachel leaves tonight that there is a strong possibility that on her exit she gets booed or you only hear 1-2 people clapping? I think that would be hilarious. What I wouldn’t give to be in that audience tonight. I’d try to get everyone to chant “KARMA, KARMA, KARMA” LOL Also would love to see the other house-guests stay seated and have a conversation like nothing happened as she leaves the house. LOL

    1. CBS probably has the audience sign something so they have to applaud no matter who comes out. Bet Rachel mentions to Julie the whole house just wanted to get between her and her man.

    2. She’s going out the door to an empty parking and just the sound of crickets chirping! Hopefully she can thumb down an 18 wheeler going to Vegas! Wait that’s a great idea for a movie!

  12. I am not the earlier post jodie, but have posted on this site since i found it several years ago. It is awesome. I too am anxious to see if Benchel’s family will be featured. How embarrassed they must be. I would not claim R for sure, and would want B to get some rehab or something!! That is if there is one for a punanny.
    ps, love the ag jokes, they are always so funny!

  13. “saying that only Rachel and Brendon played the game” hmmm that may be the new drinking game rule…it’s tied with “this is the most boring BB ever”

  14. It’s funny enough that Brendan is staying while Rachel actually goes home, but it’s even funnier to think about when he calms down after going into a 10 year old temper tantrum he’s going to realize he gave a ton of his shit to Rachel.

    1. The guy is so romantic. He left her his deodorant. He said that in the unlikely event that he stays, it will be one of his strategies to destroy the others with BO.

  15. From the recent info, it seems Brn/Rach are all but convinced Brendon is leaving. I sincerely hope this remains until the eviction. The reaction by Brendon could be Not to mention the trash talk afterwards. No doubt the big manly man will pick on Brit and Ragan and leave the guys alone.

  16. Please, can we have more then Brendan and Rachel on all four cams to look at. I am sick of them. There are other players in the house. Maybe that’s where they got the idea the house and game belonged to hem from day one because the cameras are on them 24-7.

  17. Where’d all the B/R fans run off too? why are they not coming to the halots defence yet? I enjoy laughing at thier unkowledgable posts.

  18. When Rach gets back to Vegas and the fast life, she will drop Brendon. He will then not be able to understand the word NO from her, so, he will stalk her and most likely do harm. His eyes and expressions scare the hell out of me.

  19. The only good thing I can say about Brendon right now is that he has not thrown it in Rachel’s face that she cost them the game. He tried to tell her when she was on her power trips to knock it off. They couldn’t make any alliances because of how she was acting. She threw him under the bus last night in her DR saying a monkey could have knocked down 4 bowling pins & how he let her down. She then guilts him into trying to get himself evicted instead of her. He hasn’t said “I told you so” once for all the things he warned her about (& she didn’t listen to). I’m not a B/R fan at all & I’m glad they are getting split up. I was just finally able to find something good to say about him so I did. :-) If he stays & wins, he will give her most of that money or split it with her. (doubt he has a chance but just saying) If his plan to get himself evicted worked and she won the money, she wouldn’t even remember Brendon’s name, even though he threw himself on the sword for her. Kinda sad, but he’s a grown man & he’s had plenty of warning signs about her & has chosen to ignore them!

    1. The first couple of weeks, i was a brendan and rach fan, it didn’t take long to see she is so fake and a user. Brenden must have such low self-esteem to keep hanging on. Who expected this season to have such a depressing outcome for a showmance…he will def need psychotherapy and lots of antibiotics after this one!

  20. Other than Matt, the Brigade guys are not all that smart. They haven’t won any HOH or POV’s. They have a good game plan but I wonder if they can win the important HOH/POV’s coming up now. If Reagan & Brittney win them all from here on out, they could see their numbers dwindle. Especially if they let the cat out of the bag too soon. And why they would want to rub their alliance in the faces potential members of the jury and maybe loose some votes if they are not the last ones standing? Enzo is really a braggard and he may screw himself bigtime. Also, the way he talks about his bodily odors makes me think it must be hard to breathe in his presence.

  21. In Soviet russia, Brigades votes out you!

    And guy above hayden won the first hoh, and im pretty sure enzo and hayden have been throwing comps.

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