Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says there is gonna be some mad drama today YO!

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12:55pm Matt and Britney are in the storage room talking. Matt says that he really thinks its going to be a double eviction tonight and that Brendon will lose the HOH competition. Britney says that she is nervous. Matt says that she shouldn’t get nervous, get mad but don’t get nervous. Britney is worried about what Brendon is going to do and say to her. Matt says don’t worry about it, he’ll probably just say that you’re a spoiled brat or something. Britney says that if she had been there when Brendon said something about her brother …she wouldn’t be in the house right now because she would have smashed a glass over his head. Britney says that she doesn’t care if Brendon says things about her boyfriend Nick because he is his own person but that if Brendon says something about some like her brother that she feels protective of she would lose it. Matt says well don’t worry about it …they will probably be gone in a one two punch. Britney says that would be awesome and that if that happened she would get drunk tonight.

1:10pm In the cabana room Enzo, Hayden and Kathy are laying around.  Enzo says that he doesn’t think there is a power but that either way what ever happens tonight there is going to be drama.  Enzo says regardless of who wins HOH and who goes home there is definitely going to be some drama.  Kathy says MMm HMmm..  Kathy leaves.

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Hayden and Enzo talk about if they win who they would put up.  Enzo says that they need to make some power moves.  Enzo says that they need to put Britney and Ragan up.  They agree that Brendon will self destruct.  Enzo says that they need to talk to the brigade members but that they need to start getting the strong players out.  Enzo says that they can’t hide behind them.

1:25pm Ragan comes into the cabana room and sits between Enzo and Hayden.  Ragan tell Hayden that he should immediately come up to Ragan and Britney tonight after Rachel gets evicted tonight so that Brendon doesn’t have a chance to corner them and attack them.  Ragan says that if Brendon does get a chance to attack them then they will be frazzled for the HOH competition.  Ragan says that Brendon has attacked the smallest girl and the smallest guy that is also gay.  Ragan leaves.  Enzo asks why do we need to do anything.  Enzo says that they were egging him (Brendon) on ….why if you are scared of someone would you egg them on.  Enzo says that its better for us if Brendon does go after them.  Enzo says that we can do whatever the BLANK we want.  Hayden says yeah.  Lane comes in.  Hayden explains to Lane that they have to keep Brendon next week to keep another target in the house. Hadyen says that either Britney or Ragan need to go next week.  Hayden laughs and says that Lane and Britney are having an affair… Hayden says she follows you around like a puppy dog.  Enzo says that there is going to be mad drama today YO!  Enzo says that he hopes he doesn’t get thrown under the bus …he wants to stay away from the drama.

2pm Matt comes in and Enzo, Lane, and Hayden all laugh about the drama that’s going to happen and how they’re not apart of any of it.  Enzo keeps saying its going to be drama yo …its going to be crazy.  They joke that next week will be a triple eviction.  Matt says that he thinks it will just be a normal night and that everyone has been freaking out for nothing.  Matt says that no one will believe the saboteur after tonight if nothing happens tonight.  Enzo says that he wishes he could just tell Brendon that he is staying and Rachel is the one going home because he doesn’t what Brendon to be snappin on him.  Lane asks Enzo is scared?  Enzo says that he’s not BLANK scared he just doesn’t want Brendon coming after him and Hayden.  Enzo says that if Brendon snaps on him he is going to snap on Ragan and Britney.  They start debating whether or not its better to blindside Brendon or to let him know hes staying.  Hayden thinks its better for the Brigade if Brendon wins HOH because then his targets would be Britney and Ragan …but if hes not then Britney or Ragan could win HOH and one of the Brigade might go up.   Matt doesn’t think its necessarily better… he thinks its way better to blindside Brendon. Hayden leaves and says that he is going to shave his saboteur mustache. Enzo, Matt and Lane make fun of how Hayden can grow facial hair. They laugh calling him a little kitten. Matt leaves. Ezno and Lane are joking around saying their getting too deep … they’re doing too good that they’re loosing it … They are laughing and joking about how they are getting too deep and pretty soon they wont recognize each other in the hall any more. Enzo says that he wants to see his name come out of that box every week. Lane says that if he doesn’t see his key come out his is telling everyone to sit back down and that they will keep spinning that box around till his key comes out. Lanes says that he doesn’t care if they have to take nail polish and paint over someones elses name …they are not getting up till him name gets pulled out. Enzo says that he is getting his hands dirty after he wins HOH … Enzo and Lane talk about Britney. Enzo says that shes cute … but she aint got no BLANK. Lane says yeah she cute. Enzo says that Lane is getting too close. Enzo jokes that Britney better not be in the final two with Lane cuz he is voting for Britney. Lane and Enzo laugh….

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108 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says there is gonna be some mad drama today YO!

  1. Apparently when a blog isn’t about B/R or B/R bashing no one has much to say lol. Says a lot for how boring the house is going to be once the drama duo are split!

    1. I’m so sad Rachel is leaving she was such a great person she’s clean she pure she’s VEGAS. This will be my last day watching big brother until rachel comes back she is such a important aspect of the franchise. Why doesn’t CBS just give her the money right now it’s ‘obvi’ she made the show.

      1. Oh, not saying I like Rachel at ALL, just commenting that no one here or in the house seems to have much to say unless its about them :)

        1. yeah you have a point, it’ll be interesting to see what they do once Rachel is gone. Will it be one long pool tournament after another or will they start battling each other?

        1. i am upset she is going too, i will still watch, but probably not BBAD anymore….I don’t love or hate her bc I don’t know her!!! but I like watching her the most…life is stressful and she seems to take nothing too seriously (or perhaps not the things I do) and that is exactly what i want in my tv…she does seem like a fun person and not a mean person, she probably just has issues like we all do….i live in a place that is full of people like enzo if that tells you anything about me – and everyone else on the show seems so normal but I dont think I know anyone quite like Rachel…so from an anthropoligical stance, I’ll miss watching her:( it’s like last season when I didn’t want jeff to go and voila there was the coup d’etat – wish that could happen again

          1. I am also sad that she will be going – she certainly had some bad moments but she has been the show!

            I certainly don’t condone all the stuff under the sheets – I do think she is a great BB player and was a real fighter. If only she could have figured out there was a secret alliance then maybe her game would have been better.

      2. she gave a dude she knew less than 20 days a BJ on national tv, AND she woke up one night naked and clenching 100s of dollars, what exactly would you call that?????????

  2. They should keep Rachel because who will Brittney and Regan have to talk about and make fun of, because they are such good people and better than anyone else. LOL.They are just scum at least Enzo has some what of a heart wanting to tell Brandon.

    1. I agree. Enzo is really starting to grow on me (YO!) while Britney and Ragan both are taking a nose-dive in the respect category. Britney is especially catty lately and her true colors are coming out BIG TIME!

      Matt is in the drivers seat right now with all the special powers that should get him into perfect position to make a run at the final 4. Surprisingly it’s in his best interest to keep Kathy and Brendon around since neither can beat him in any HOH comps involving brains or endurance.

      1. It’s also in his best interest to keep Ragan. It’s not in his best interest to keep Lane, Hayden, or Enzo — all three of them would get more jury votes than him AND he’ll be the first brigade member the other brigaders will throw under the bus.

        Does Lane respond at all when they talk about getting out Brittney? Seems to me he slow-plays it and plans on keeping her.

      2. Yes! When that fight happened between Ragan, Brittney, and Brendan, I posted that she was egging Brendan on and I can’t stand it when girls do that then cry and act like a victim. I’m glad that Enzo saw it the same way, because some folks think that Brendan was the only bad guy in that scenario. Sure, Brendan acted poorly by charging outside to stick up for his girl. But Brit was the cause of all the rest of the drama and she didn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy. She doesn’t in any of the situations that have involved her … she’s an instigator and she’s just as guilty of hypocrisy as Rachel is. (Well, maybe more … because at least with Rachel what you see is what you get, Brit tries to pretend she’s innocent.)

        1. Doesn’t she remind you of the stereotypical spoiled brat that always gets her way? I’m guessing she is someone that is constantly stirring things up (whether it be inside or outside the Big Brother house) then turns on the waterworks so everyone feels sorry for her and lets her off the hook. Continuing the stereotype: She has her Dad wrapped around her little finger and her BF Nick is probably satisfying her every whim and she takes him for granted. Britney belittles Brendon for his over-the-top ass kissing of Rachel, but if she is true to form that is exactly what she expects and gets from her guy. It’s so hard to know what these people are like outside of the BB house, but my money is on this being a dead-on character analysis of Britney’s normal life.

    2. nothing against enzo, but I think he is the only one who is playing this game ALL THE TIME at 100% (well Matt too). I think he wants to tell Brendon bc being nice to Brendon can benefit him in the long run – bc if he is final two and Brendon and Rachel have to give a vote, they will probably vote for him over anyone else left in the house. He is the only one (along with Hayden) who has not done something horrible (in their eyes) to them. If he tells Brendon, that might be the one thing Brendon will remember and make them want to vote for him over hayden and even lane. I am not saying B/R won’t be mad and figure out what went on, but in terms of voting, Enzo will prob be the lesser of all evils.

  3. Enzo is so funny. So loud and full of testosterone but scared of the drama. He seems scared of Brendon which is funny to me.

      1. I think Enzo’s an ass. Doesn’t win anything – scared of Brendon….he’s NOT doing it to be nice, but to stay on his good side. Makes fun of Regan & Britney. Enzo’s so annoyingly cocky – what a FLOATER! Hope Lane turns to Regan & Brit and explodes the brigade.

        1. Exactly Ms Kewl. I 100% agree with you. I think it would be wise if Matt, Lane, Brit & Ragan teamed up. The Brigade is supposed to be a team, so why is it ok for Hayden/Enzo to pretend to be on R/B side, while Matt & Lane are going to get screwed from it in the end if they never find out. I somewhat like Enzo and Hayden as people but as far as game players they are total floaters.

    1. I agree Tim. What the hell is all Enzo’s bluster about? I can’t believe these guys wouldn’t even just stand up for Brit on principle alone (not sure why Ragan is afraid of another guy least of all Brendon). I think Hayden would but I do think Enzo is all talk and bogus! Sleeper Cell Kathy or Brendon will win HOH.

        1. I totally agree Brit should have stayed out of Ragan and Brenden’s convo so she got what she deserved. Maybe Brit should shut the heck up you cant keep running her mouth and trying to hide behind the guys.

      1. All I’m saying is I hate to see guy/girl fights. Ragan is a guy he should be able to defend himself against another guy. Even if he catches a beat down. I suspect Brendon is all bluster like Enzo. He gets a thrill out of thinking he’s intimidating. Hell even that confrontation with Ragan and Brit in the hammock was bogus. Scared of Brendon? Give me a break!

      2. Why would anyone need to take up for Brat. She deserves all that she have received and more. All she does is talk about people and lie. Raggy is also catty then they want to pretend that they are the victims. Give me a break. neither are playing the game and that is why they are going to be on the block

  4. I think it would be in Matts best interest to use his power tonight, save brenden and rachel, and put up Brittany and Ragen. The Brigade would still be on his side, and even if they were angry, Rachel and Brenden would still be bigger targets. Also Brenden and Rachel would be on his side. The only person who would be going after matt next week would be ragen or brittany, whichever stayed, and even then he would have the votes to stay.

        1. I thought it was he can take down one as well as name the replacement. Trumping both the veto holder and the HOH.

        2. He can. Either this week or next he has the power to take one OR BOTH players off the block at any time AND name the replacements.

    1. wow that is one of the best ideas I heard all week I would love that to happen.
      with b/r we had a lot of drama which keeps the show exciting.

      1. If Rach and Brendon stay BB has to promise to keep the cameras off them while theyare playing kissy face and huggy bear….I’m surprised they haven’t worn their lips down to nothing.

    2. That would mean the end of the brigade. The only way it is Matt`s best interest to use it is if Brendon wins HOH and puts him up on the block with another brigade member. That`s highly unlikely. He is more likely to put Brittany up than Enzo, Hayden or Lane. I think its a given that Matt and Brit would go up, and he wouldn`t be smart to use it because he has the votes to stay. If he has to play it, the brigade will be pissed that he lied about the one dollar. I think Matt has to use it tonight or next Thursday. It could hurt him in the final 4 if he plays it.

      1. Don’t you think Brendon would put up Ragan and Brit. Matt put them RB on the block, but Ragan and Brit made the love of his life cry.

    3. if matt did that he would be ousted form the brigade and that means no votes for him at all if brenchel puts them up which they WOULD and 2nd he can only take ONE person off the block with his power so what you said didn;t make sense from the start “brenchel fan”

      1. Lol I like Rachel, not so much Brenden, but really, if matt was thinking things through properly, it would make the most sense. The brigade is going to break up soon anyways, and if he makes if to the finals, he will not get brenden and rachels votes. he would not get brittany’s and if he was against another brigade member, he wouldn’t get the other two’s votes. He is the least liked member of that alliance, and the only votes he would get would be ragens. He needs to start making alliences with people other than ragen.

    4. I think the diamond veto allows one to change one or both…am I wrong in thinking this? I don’t know about this idea, except for the drama factor of Brit and Ragan on, b/r off…what drama that would be!

    5. That would be a great plan, if only matt was thinking, he would not only gain the trust of brendon and rachel but he would ensure that somewhere down the line when they go he would get jury votes from them.

      1. Exactly!! and considering him brenden and rachel have the majority of compitition wins, they could easily sweep the house!

  5. Shit man, I love Enzo, but the meow meow is a bigger pussy than I thought :| Afraid of Brendon snapping on him?? Who cars either way he has the numbers.

    1. It’s all strategy. Enzo is covering his own ass in case he makes it to the Final 2, he’ll get Brendon and Rachel’s vote for being the coolest one to them.

    2. He’s not afraid…I think he’s afraid that if brendon snaps on him he is going to lose his cool and either hit him or make himself look bad to the rest of the house. I’m east coast too man I know how it is.. we aren’t scared we’re just scared of someone setting us off because tempers can lead to bad representations of yourself.

  6. I’m guessing that bb is telling the houseguests to all pack their bags because of Matt’s power.. so there probably won’t be a double eviction? Or would they ask Matt beforehand if he was going to use his power thus meaning there will be a double eviction?

    1. They probably aren’t planning a double eviction in case Brendon walks out with Rachel. I am still hoping Rachel didn’t steal the DPOV I don’t think if Regan stoled to us it as the saboteur they would vote him off next week!!!!!!!!!

  7. that he wants to see his name come out of that box every week. Lane says that if he doesn’t see his key come out his is telling everyone to sit back down and that they will keep spinning that box around till his key comes out. Lanes says that he doesn’t care if they have to take nail polish and paint over someones elses name …they are not getting up till him name gets pulled out. Enzo says that he is getting his hands dirty after he wins HOH … Enzo and Lane talk about Britney. Enzo says that shes cute … but she aint got no ass. Lane says yeah she cute. Enzo says that Lane is getting too close. Enzo jokes

    funny shit right there

    1. to the rest of the brigade members are gonna start trying harder in competitions? GREAT after they get the ho out, it;s hunting season on cavemen

  8. Britney is wayy cute. I think all the guys are falling in love with her. She’s got that natural sexy charm. In a way she’s a total dick-tease. the way she was walking on Lane and Hayden’s backs last night as a massage. and how she kept saying how soft and smooth her legs were after she shaved. and then she was lying on her back and pulling her leg all the way up to her face. she’s hot yo. in a very natural sweet kindof way.
    but she’s very dangerous. Enzo is very smart for recognizing this, and strategizing a plan to get her and Ragan out next .
    I love you Brit, but you gotta go, baby.

  9. another site said Enzo basically just told B/R that it’s Rach leaving….is that true??? If so, I’m so disappointed in him. he really is all talk & no balls

      1. I have to admit that I was disappointed that Rachel didn’t use that line when talking about the saboteur in her DR session on last night’s show.

    1. That has been the plan all week. They have waffled between the prose and cons of keeping one over the other, but yes it’s pretty much a done deal Rachel is going home. Enzo is voting with the house YO!

      1. Yep I knew the plan was to send Rachel. but the other part of the plan was to make them think they were sending Brendon so he’d be completely pissed & frazzled for the HOH. Enzo keeps wussing out cuz he doesnt want Brendon mad at him so I was wondering if he finally broke down & told him

  10. I don’t think Enzo is afraid of Brendon…probably just doesn’t want to deal with the drama. He is always trying to smooth things over. He has a soft heart for a Jersey guy. Brit and Ragan are just icky. What happen to all that bravado they had the other night on the hammock. Anyone would be smart to take Kathy to the end. Hopefully someone will wake up and decide it’s time to take out the stronger players. I’m thinking we haven’t seen the best of Lane yet. It might end up to be Matt and Lane at the end.

    1. A soft heart for a Jersey boy, LMAO! I’ve known many a jersey boy having grown up there, most are soft hearted.

  11. I hope Julie has some fun with Britney and Ragan by bringing up the WWJD game! On nights like this when there is a major change in the game, they should go to a 90 minute format! Julie has a lot of ground to cover between the eviction, the DPOV, new HOH comp, etc. One good thing is instead of 10 mins of B/R,it will only be 1 minute!

  12. OR they are telling them all to pack there bags because there will be a double eviction & they don’t know who the nominees will be. Or Matt says he is using the power so they are all packing their bags.

  13. It’s almost time Rachel, can you feel the excitement yo? I think Enzo threw a grenade in her suitcase. Could be mad drama tonight my Brigade homies!

  14. Did I just hear Britney singing “No Romance Without Finance” will she 7 Brendon were in the kitchen? The should digitally add a little devil’s tails wagging behind her head, especially when she gets pissed off or she’s dishing people.

  15. There’s a secret game going on …..does anyone know what that could be. Do you think there really is going to be a special power.

  16. TMZ interviewed this “Prince Ali” of Saudi Arabia. All he could say is, “If that bitch didn’t have a p*ssy, there would be a bounty on her head.”

  17. Please Please Please tell me they are still sending Ratchel packing. If I have to hear another Heyyyyyyyyyyy, or Vegaasss, or Oviiiiiii, I’ll just stop watching till she goes. I liked her in the beginning, but the more her mouth ran, the worse I hated her. She is like hearing Nails On A Chalkboard.
    I agree, Enzo needs to grow a pair and stop worrying about Brendon. Brendon is a Puss anyway. Is he so stupid that he would give up his chances for someone he just met a month ago, and someone who is obviiiiii a ho??? OMG, if he is that stupid he needs to go on home, and just skip the jury house all together.
    I think Hayden will prolly win it all. I hope it’s either him or Brit. Brit is smart enough to win it all.

  18. Allison just ordered steak, lobster and of course Champagne for dinner and settling in for the show. Mmmmmmm….what a life she has.

    Mmmm….I wonder what flavor pop tart her buddy on the blog is having for dinner tonight? LMFAO!

  19. The funny thing about tonights show is that both brendon and rachel have to leave messages for one another cause they dont knwo who is leaving hheehe we will see one only

    1. Yeah, I wonder what she’ll do in front of the camera when she’s not talking about “Brendon and I” or “me and my man”. Will she lose the neck wobbles and her fake ghetto attitude? The world will never know…

        1. no it;s not double eviction, since someone possesses the “diamond power of veto” they could change the noms so everyone must be ready to leave out the door… simon i was scared too but there’s no double eviction this week

      1. Yes, I think he can. It is good for 2 wks.
        I’m with you…..”SHE” better go. I have no desire to watch her another nite!

      2. Do you watch the show? The diamond veto can be used right before the live eviction, that is why just in case someone else gets put on the block everyone needs to be ready to walk out the door.

    1. Maybe they’re all packing in case Matt uses the DPOV? I think Julie would have mentioned a double eviction last week.

  20. anybody know how much money they put into Big Brother??? i know the audio sets they wear are 4k a piece and thats about 56,000 right there

  21. Feeds back. Bren talking with Enzo/Hay. Less…
    They are saying the “2nd one is gonna be an endurance that will leave us hanging, but the 1st will be something anyone can win.” (Nothing definite, but it sounds like they were told something about the comp tonight…perhaps a double elim.)

    everyone is packing. What’s up?

  22. Nothing against Brittney’s fiance Nick, but I wish that she wasn’t engaged….she and Lane would be so cute together…..the next Jeff & Jordan! All you Brittney haters can say whatever you want….I think she is hysterical….love her and Lane together!

    1. Ugh! Not another Jeff & Jordan. That’s the last thing this show needs. I don’t know why people are always looking to shows like this for their romance fix. My suggestion is to read some romance novels or watch those bachelor shows or some soap operas.

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