Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Nominations are Today, and Brendon is Done Suck!ng peoples D!cks

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:51pm Backyard Lane and Hayden Lane asks him who he thinks they should take out this week, Brendon or Rachel. Hayden thinks that after his talk with Brendon in the Taj room he’s pretty sure that Brendon is broken they should Evict Rachel. Lane agrees “his heart is not in the game anymore”. Hayden: “right now Brendon just wants to hang out with Rachel”. Hayden explains if Brendon wins HOH he will nominate Matt and Ragan. If the Power of Veto is used then Britney will go up as the replacement nomination. Lane wants Rachel gone because she causes so much Drama and is a real pain to have around. They start to talk about Pandora’s Box and they think that Matt won more money than a dollar, they’re thinking he may have won 10 thousand. Lane is sure that Matt will tell the brigade what happened when they’re alone.

Indoor lockdown called


4:55pm Brendon is offering to make her dinner but she tells him she want’s nothing. He reminds her she needs to eat to keep her strength for tomorrow’s POV Competition. Rachel corrects him that the Power of Veto is on Saturday’s, Brendon nicely says that tomorrow is Saturday. Rachel is having a pity party saying that Kristen was the b!tch in the house not her, Brendon assures her that If America watched the show they will know what Rachel is all about and that she’s not a b!tch. She tells him all she wants to do is sleep. She’s hating her experience in the big brother house. Rachel rattles off a bunch of complaints, her head itches, her head hurts and her BOTOX is wearing off, “I need a botox injection STAT” Brendon tells her she doesn’t need to use botox anymore she’s beautiful the way she is.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:08pm Head of Household room BRIGADE Matt is going over the Brendon and Rachel deals. He tells them that he got just 1 dollar in Pandora’s box and that’s the truth. Enzo jokes that he should sell it on Ebay he might make 2 dollars. They start to go over how Enzo is doing befriending Brendon, Enzo says he’s in there tight and Hayden isn’t in that bad of standing either. Lane laughs at Enzo because Enzo has to hang out with Brendon all the time. Enzo: “That guy is f****ing done yo he thinks we’re close” Lane points out that nobody is close to Rachel and they have 2 brigade members (yo) that are pretty close to Brendon so it’s kinda a no brainer to get out Rachel this week. Matt and Enzo agree, they bring up that Brendon isn’t as deadly as Rachel in competitions. Enzo thinks the entire pandora’s box shifted everything a day they will feel the effects of Pandora’s box tonight and nominations will be tomorrow. Matt brings up that Brendon was telling him that they have not had any real endurance comps yet and when they do he’ll most likely win it so they should keep brendon he’ll keep matt safe. They all laugh, wonder why the hell he would say that it’s a dig to matt. MAtt says he doesn’t let brendon get away with saying that shit anymore. Enzo tells them ealier today when they were talking one on one with Brendon he told Enzo that he’s done trying to make fake friends he knows Matt is against them and he’s against Matt. Enzo rehashes what Brendon said “I’m not sucking anyones dick anymore”. Matt tells them they have next week covered the worse that would happen is Brendon puts up Lane/Brit or Matt/ragan either way they have the votes to stay. Matt says he loves ragan he’s a great guy and a good friend in the house but he wants to win the money just like ragan does. Matt tells Enzo he needs to convince Brendon to put Matt and ragan up if he wins HOH to ensure that 2 brigade members don’t go up. Enzo “yeah i can do that”. Enzo is amped about the Brigades position in the house he says that this has never been done before in BB history what they have accomplished is a masterpiece. They all agree they could out the brigade right now and no one will believe them. Lane starts joking that when they out the Brigade they should make whoever is left in the house be a have nots. Matt asks what is going on with kathy she’s being very active in teh game right now. Enzo: “I told her to just relax and smoke she’s going to final 5” they all laugh. Matt tells them that rachel has been acting weird since her Diary Room session.. they think it has something to do with Pandora’s box and they hope to hell it’s not a special power given to her. Enzo says if Rachel has a special power then she’ll Nominate Ragan and Britney the brigade has nothing to worry about.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:20pm Everyone in the HOH room They briefly talk about the screen changing in the living room it now says NOMINATIONS ARE TODAY
6:15pm trivia nominations ceremony going on right now

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93 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Nominations are Today, and Brendon is Done Suck!ng peoples D!cks

  1. So I just had an idea…what if because Matt opened Pandora’s box, the only elimination for his HOH is the Saboteur ie Ragan…..and on Thursday they reveal the Sab…Sab leaves cause it’s the fifth week…then they have an HOH contest with the second elimination……this would mean that Rachel and Brendon will not be eliminated AND have a chance at the Thursdays HOH …that would really shake Sh*t up!

    1. huh interesting thought. But I think last week, Julie said that if the sab was evicted this week the next person who had the most votes would be offered the role. I don’t know if they are still planning on removing the sab since it failed with Annie

      1. No, I mean that originally the Sab only had to make it to the fifth week to get the money…this is the fifth week…so the Sab would be revealed to the house on Thursday, given the twenty grand and leave the house…

          1. I think it’s still the original 5 weeks but a change in the amount of money they would receive…20 grand now instead of the original 50

            1. the new sab is only for 2 weeks of tricks and he still can win it all. can’t remember how much he makes if he successfully pulls off his tricks.

              as for pandora’s box – julie said that if matt opened pandora’s box it would unleashe the new sab on the house. If matt didn’t open it – no new sab,

              nothing else was mentioned for if the box was open. production probably didn;t want to be too specific in case this sab is just as bad as the first one,

    2. They said on the live show Thursday, that the new sabateor can play til the end and even win at the end. They aren’t going to make ragen leave, so thats not going to happen

  2. Where Can I find a man like Brendon???? I mean he is so far up in her a$$ it is un-flippin- believable. Rachel can take a Crap and Im sure Brendon will tell her “Dont worry Hun, its a beautiful brown colored turd and it smells like roses, I Love you”. She cant do wrong and even when she clearly is wrong, he is still right there trying to crawl further up her butt… GEEZ why do guys like Brendon always fall for witches and by pass the women that would truly respect and appreciate them. He must enjoy and crave someone treating him like an a$$. FORGET IT ! Im gonna be a crying, whinning, ugly, mean, witch like Rachel for now on….. Nah J/K. :)

      1. Aren’t you the person who was calling for calm and nicer language earlier saying your kids read this… you want your kids to see the kind of things you post?????????????????

        1. BB Just for Fun, Interrachel is only 18. He was pulling everyones leg earlier. No, we are not related. I just wanted you to know that in case you hadn’t read it earlier.

      2. well… i am brendans ex and omg he is so good in bed. he can last for hours and his cock is massiive..he was too much for me .. thts y i let him go

    1. what women would want a man with no balls? that will cling to them like a ho to a crack-rock?? like a cop to a doughnut?? like redneck to a trailer park?? like a pin to a grenade???

    2. Couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!! Brendan is really a good guy. If you watch long enough, you see the maturity and class come out. Not to say I approve of all that he’s done, but far and away he is the most kind and most decent of the whole group. He’s just not right for this show. Too good of a guy, without the attitude and quick wit of someone like Jeff. He’s not like the other people on this show, which alienates him and makes him seem weak, but in reality, he’s a much better person and will probably be more successful in the long run. Unfortunately, those good qualities will for sure hurt him on this show. However, in the real world, “not right for this show” is a compliment……….

      1. How can you say he is mature? My 15 year old has more emotional stability than Brendon. He is so sweet looking but so is my baby nephew.

  3. When Rachel was in the have not room laying on Kathy’s cot sulking, she was handling “Socks” the sock monkey and she broke it’s mouth. Wait till Kathy goes to bed tonight, she really loves Socks. Rachel appeared to be trying to fix it, but couldn’t and then she kinda giggled. So mean.

    Socks was in Hayden’s HOH basket, but Kathy sleeps with Socks every night and has become so attached that Hayden is thinking about letting her have it .

      1. I hope not…then Kathy would have to go on the block, or be removed instead of Rachel or Brendon getting a chance to go…that would sort of suck simon!

    1. Holy evil hell, that bitch needs to be snuffed in her sleep. That post almost made me bust a tear. I have grown very fond of Socks. Taking her passive-aggressive bipolar $hit out on a poor lil stuffed monkey. Maybe Hell will call BB Production and ask for their leader back.

  4. CBS has really botched things up this season: first, the saboteur they promoted was ousted week 1, now the houseguests’ next choice after Roachel to go home is the new sab, Ragan. He won’t make it the 2 weeks whether he accepts it or not. I hope Jeff shows up tmrw at pov comp, watch Roachel throw herself at him (pissing off Brendon) and Jeff just looks down at her on his leg and says, ” That’s one irritating laugh. Anyone ever told you you look like Boy George?”

    1. Remember when Jeff was in jury house and saw Gnat in the robe get up? He said: just for that outfit, NO VOTE!( hand slice across the neck) I’m lmao just writing about it…

    2. Roachel throw herself at him (pissing off Brendon) and Jeff just looks down at her on his leg and says, ” That’s one irritating laugh. Anyone ever told you you look like Boy George?”

      LMFAO that alone would save this season and make it sore to high ratings

  5. I don’t understand Brendon at all! What in the heck does he see in Rachel. Has anyone else noticed that he tells Rachel all the time that he “LOVES HER” and she has NEVER once said it back? Both of them need to go!


    1. I CAN’T WAIT until they show Brendon and Rachel’s family to see what they think of this “relationship.” I bet Brendon’s family is HORRIFIED!!!

    2. Brendon might be one of those guys who likes a woman he can fix. But know how to give him a BJ as well. He might seem like a nice guy but he’s also a little brat. He chooses to see what he wants to see.She says I’m Vegas. He says that’s not who you are and why I’m in love with you etc etc.

  6. If it didn’t mean that kathy would go home instead of B/R, I would wish that when Kathy sees Socks broken mouth, that she would slap the taste out of Rachels big fat mouth. Rachel will probably lie and say she knows nothing about any broken mouth on Socks. That filfty Bitch grates on the nerves so bad and she doesn’t have a clue. Brendon is such a pussy whipped, poor excuse for a man, and has his head so far up her ass, his head must smell like shit. But then her whole body must smell like shit, cause she never washes her skanky body.

    1. Come to think of it jodie….I haven’t seen her take a shower…has anyone else? We see Kristin,LANE(OMG YEAH!) Hayden, Kathy, Matt, Brittany, Monet….I only seen her in the bathtub with Brit!!

  7. i always hate that the house guests guess whats next-when the game is expect the unexpected-glad they are mixing it up a bit but i think this whole BB show needs to mix it up a lot more so even we are surprised

  8. Julie said the new Saboteur will be offered the opportunity to get $20,000 if they avoid eviction the next two weeks. That means, if Ragan accepts he will have two weeks to cause all hell and then get his 20 grand. Those of you who are relating the first saboteur (five week max) to this saboteur are confused. Brigade Yo!!

  9. hmm, kristen was a bitch rachel?
    i dont think so, LOOL.
    rachel ass has gotta go, she’s had a good game. but if she had for dignity, and if she wasn’t so bitchy i think i have liked her.
    feel bad for brendon, hes a good guy, stuck with her. i wanna she if their realtionship will work out,

  10. Let me start by saying I have no favorite, yet. But, I think it will be entertaining to see both Rachel and Brendon up together. How will they handle it? Who will win POV and will they use it on themselves or on the other one. Now, should they vote out Brendon, how will Rachel handle it? I have a feeling she will handle it like she does her job. She will work on Lane and/or Hayden. She is a pro on getting men to do things for her, per her own statements. She gets men to buy her bottles of Liquor that cost $1000. She will work on them to get their votes. Now I am not saying she will have sex with them but she will be sexy with them. Is that entertaining? Oh, yes!

    1. BBGrandma, I have a feeling we are in the same age bracket! I think I had to escort you out of Studio 54 one night back in 1979! It was the night you jumped up onto Mick Jagger’s table and starting to dance “topless!” It had to be you. (And yes, I did work there – briefly from Sept. 1978 until Jan. 1979. I was a waiter there and I still have my nametag and uniform which is a pair of red satin gym shorts and a “white wife-beater” t-shirt!)

  11. i really miss from seeing a lot of game play this season. i was so used to people winning competitions and putting people up. i realize that the brigade have their own way of winning this season by throwing comps, but imo, it is really lame. i’m very disappointed

    1. they are not throwing anything, they suck – why else would Lane be first runner up and second runner up respectively in HOH comps that past two weeks…no skills – that’s why their only chance is to get the good players out first (Andrew, Rach, Brendon, Ragan, then Matt and Brit)

  12. Has anybody that’s watching the live feeds heard who was nominated? Please spill the beans or at least what you’ve seen so far.

    They are actually the only ones that really are winning.
    Matt wins because of his little feet. lol

    1. Matt is a fool he should have made a deal with B/R the three of them are winning everything, does he really think that the Brigade is going to take him to the end ? Not he is stupid !!!!!!! I hope he goes next week !!!

  14. QAZ! See what you started. You pissed off AG! Now we all have to pay!!!! PS: You should try having Dominos deliver 20 pizzas to her office! It cost me $30.00 but it was worth it!!!!

  15. Julie said last night that THIS HOH would be the most powerful one of the season. That makes me think double eviction.

  16. Alright so Matt puts B/R up on the block… What’s gonna end up happening is that one of them wins the POV…

  17. Woot! Woot! Rachel and Brendon on the block. Brendon says he will win POV and give it to Rachel. He doesn’t point out that the two POV’s that he did win were thrown to him by Andrew. Brendon didn’t win anything.

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