KABOOM – Brigade Tosses a Grenade.. Brendon and Rachel up on the Block YO!!!

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:16pm Brendon, Brit and Brendon. Rachel is PISSED OFF.. she keeps complaining that it isn’t fair she’s had to fight since day one in this house.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:25pm cabana Room Brendon and Rachel Brendon tells her that she deserves the 500K more then he does so they have to win POV and take her down. She tells them that Matt is playing personally (something she never did) she feels like the only reason why she’s going home is because of Brendon and her falling for him. She doesn’t want to stay in the house anymore she wants to just go and bitch them all out. Rachel doesn’t understand why they all hate her.. she doesn’t even want him to use the POV on her because then the other houseguests will hate her even more. Brendon tells her she still needs to fight for the POV like never before. BRendon calls Matt the midget he thinks they are so stupid for putting them up. Rachel points out that it’s obvious that Lane and BRit are a couple why not put them up. Brendon calls Brit 2 faces, they can’t trust her anymore. Rachel says that MAtt is dumb he can’t win any competitions that are mentally hard or Physically hard, “If they come to vega they will be kissing my ass” (not unless they want a disease) She disses the 2 endurance comps Matt won calling them fake. She accuses MAtt in getting too cocky. rachel whimpering tells him she can’t do it alone, why does it have to be so hard for her. Brendon tells her she deserves to win big brother she a fighter. He says he loves her and chooses her love over the 500K. Brendon tells her he’s trying to make alliance for her after he leaves that will further her in the game. He’s sure Hayden and Enzo will help her out he thinks now that Kristen’s gone Hayden needs someone. (Jesus Murphy Brendon is bad at this game)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Dinner time

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230 thoughts on “KABOOM – Brigade Tosses a Grenade.. Brendon and Rachel up on the Block YO!!!

    1. LOL! Dreading Rachel’s interview with Julie next Thurs nite. So sad, but you know she’ll think everyone in the studio came to see her. Pathetic. Hope Brit wins the veto and does not use it…again! hehehehe

  1. hot damn. now please someone else besides these two crazies win POV. and poor, poor rachel. it’s ok when she does it to someone else but it’s [queue the whine] not fair when it happens to her. what a hoot.

  2. About time B/R on the block, just hope neither one wins POV. Rachel is pissed, no sympathy here. Her I feel sorry for myself card is not going to work. Please let Rachel be gone next Thursday!

  3. It’s about time! Finally!
    Funny how the tables have turned, she had absolutely no problems doing this to Hayden and Kristen last week! Karma!

  4. if she wins the pov, will she take herself off or brenden? i say she will take brenden off the block. kathy is getting a free ride to the top. kathy might end up in the final 2

    1. She won’t take Brendon off the block, she is getting tired of him. She realizes that he is not good for her “game”. I think Brendon might use it on her tho’.

    2. That selfish bitch would never act in anybody else’s benefit. I’ll put money on that one. She has always only ever used Brendon as a shield to feel like she’s not actually alone in the house. Brendon is a dunce for playing along. I hope he does dump her.

    1. i completely agree! i hate how the people who actually play the game and win competitions get targeted and the people who do nothing (kathy) just sit there and watch until they get the $500,000 check.

      1. Nah, Kathy wont get to the final 2 if all 4 of the brigade members stay in the game….The best Kathy could do is final 5…..That’s only if the brigade stay intact….All the brigade needs to do is keep winning HOH….and if they get put up, aslong as they don’t have 2 members up on the block….They will always have 3 votes to keep the other one…..Throw in some POV wins, and they have a high chance of being the final 4….

      2. Yeah I agree Rachel is playing the game and she’s good at it but she is just way too much of a bitch and I dont like her lol

  5. seriously it is abt time
    i am sick of her saying i have had to fight since day one
    like no one else has had to fight to stay there and u know that when brendon doesn’t win pov she will blame her going home on him

    1. actually she’s right in that sense. Not many others had to fight to stay there. Brendan and Rachel are the only true targets.

  6. Yeah!!!!!! Finally Big Brother is getting interesting! It has been so boring up until now! Keep an eye on Britney and Lane! I don’t think they are in a “Showmance,” I think they are in a REAL Romance!!!!!!

    1. I called that day one about lane and Brit…… he got caught asking her were the ring was when she didn’t have it on

    2. I have been thinking the same thing! Especially after she said “nick” has a beard like lane. I hope they are a real couple they would be so cute! He is hot! And I think she is so pretty.

    1. so you like how she talks to people on their way out the door.. the way she’s called all the evicted women bitches? oh yeah, she’s real classy. but good for you.

      1. Yo..bring it said the bleached red hair extension wearing sleazy Vegas hooker. Well it’s been brought. Can’t cure stupid, which will also get Brendon’s played for a schmuck ass out next…BRIGADE BABY!!! Gonna roll to the Final Four and settle it among men.

    2. I am so sick and tired of people saying that because you dislike someone it is automatically hate. You like them fine but just because you do doesn’t mean everyone else has to like them. I can’t stand them, not hate, I don’t hate anyone. I dislike them and there is a difference between dislike and hate, two different things. Karma is coming back to bite Rachel in the arse, karma just does that.

      1. ok you think it is boring now… if B/R are gone then where is all the drama and excitment going to come from. Atleast they make it interesting.

        1. i agree. There aren’t exactly a houseful of stellar personalities left. Who will we have to bitch about??

    3. I like them too but recently Rachel is over the top. I give her props for playing BB and she can be a lot of fun (when sober) but all this emotional roller coaster is a bit dramatic. The way she goes on and on about Vegas and the party life you would think she was a High Class hooker. I also get the impression that she may be using Brendon and that is very sad. He seems like a decent and sincere guy who has fallen for her and it is obvious they do not have compatible life styles.

      I don’t like the Brigade b/c Matt is only one who is taking risk the others just sit back and fist bump when they have cover another week.

      I hope Ragan can somehow mess up the Brigade plans and see them out in the light doing their BB plays. Rachael and Brendon have been in an uphill battle the whole time and it’s been in full view of the house.

  7. I wonder if they have alcohol tonight. Can you imagine how wasted Rachel will get? Oh this is getting gooooood finally!

    1. Simon, I think they might. I don’t think Rachel would take Brendon off if she won POV. He might take her off but I don’t see her doing the same for him. She seems to being getting tired of him not winning the HOH. She does believe that she is the strongest of their team. She may just be.

      1. If Rachel gets the boot this week,would Brendon be allowed to follow her sorry ass out the door?? Seems like something he might do on the spur of the moment. He is one with the Rachel.

    2. Brendon’s game was ruined when he hooked up with Rathell. He’s so whipped. He won’t break up with her and he’s so whipped he’d probably take her off the block if he won POV—and she would NEVER take him off. She wouldn’t do it. I believe she thinks she’s running the place and she honestly deserves to win. SO happy Matt finally grew some and put her in her place. FINALLY worth watching!

      1. actually allining himself with rachel might have saved him because remember how he had a target on his back since day 1? And Rachel won those 2 HOHes so….

    3. But then what would happen to the BB baby? : )
      Could you imagine either of those two putting a child first?

    4. They won’t break up tonight because B said he would use the VETO on her if he won. So, if he doesn’t win then I would say they may be breaking up. Or if he does and he uses the VETO (like a pussy) on her then she will leave his spineless ass as the door kicks his butt out the door.

  8. Now we just have to endure a few days of her whining, pouting, reminding everyone how she is the only one who has had to fight to be there, throwing hissy fits, being a bitch to Brendon, crying, adjusting her boobs every 3 minutes … and then we are FREE! …. unless she is saved by the POV … ugh.

  9. Agree, she will probably break up with tonight since she kept saying last night she needed to tell him something but never did. B is on the way out of R’s nasty life.
    GO BRIGADE! Way to go little Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hmmm……..maybe Matt is thinking about back dooring one of his brigade……seriously what have they done…….dont you think it would be smart of Matt to take Rachel to the finals………..cos who would vote for her in the end……… the plot thickens…..

    1. no because if he screws the brigade he loses all his jury votes and taking rachel to the end with all these boy george fans she would win americas vote.. no no i think i’d rather it be predictable this week then surprising

  11. It took me a while, but I finally got sick of Rachel. Now I hate her (slightly) more than I despise Brendon. As long as one of them leaves, I will be SO happy this week. :) If they break up BEFORE one of them leaves, that will be EVEN BETTER! I want to watch the meltdowns.

  12. Well said Sophie! You are spot on :) Everyone is evil when Roachel is on the block but when Roachel puts someone on the block, she is a good girl playing the game. Wtf ever biotch, take your skank ass back to the stripper pole, mmmmkay?

    1. They didn’t show that far as I know, it was on the trivia screen the entire time for me. Guess they like to save a few things for the shows :)

  13. karma?? heres a douchebag named matt who lies about his wife being ill then people call it “karma” for rachel being put up. Its a game, everyone will be put usually at least once, but lying about an illness is another story. No amount of money(500,000 grand isnt that much in todays economy) should make a NORMAL person say such a thing about a loved one. Just goes to show what LOSER Matt is. Karma WILL pay his ass back some way or another.

    1. I agree, when it gets to the end the rest of The Brigade will turn on Matt, he will be the first of the group to be cut off

  14. so they “brought it on” and she can’t take it.. someone please call the “Waaaaambulance”
    LOL.. so happy they are finally on the block!

  15. Finally…. whoooo hoooooooo….you go, Matt….. At least one of them goes home. That’s a start. I actually hope it’s Rachel….Maybe Brendon will snap out of it with her gone.

    1. Even if one of those 2 stupid perverted pieces of trash come off the block it will be a 6-0 vote for the one still up to go home. Have you not noticed how everyone else hates them both?

  16. would love to see Brendon go and the rest of the house torture Rachel for a few weeks. Let her stew in the pot she poured.

  17. If I was the House I would get rid of Brendan this week and torment the hell out of Rachel for a solid week…Lol

    Grenades YO!!!

  18. Britney, I love you more than my wig collection, but could you please use a booster seat when you sit at the kitchen table. All I can see is the top of your head.

  19. Bummer. I’m not a Rachel & Brendon fan, per se, but I like having them in the house because it pisses off the Brigade. They don’t do shit in the house and they act like they’ve been running the show from day 1.

    1. Umm, they have 3 HOH wins, they are all still there and the rest of the pinheads in the house, minus maybe Ragan, have no clue they exist 40 something days in. They ARE ruling the house dude.

      1. they keep with that same tire song, THEY DON’T DO AJNHYTHING, yea not doing anything got them 3 HOHs, rachel’s 1st HOH was a guessing game 2nd she won because everybody kept putting her up, do this bitch relaly think she did anything of Brenchel brendon did the most in comps

        1. But no one believed Kristen and she only guessed 3 of the 4. Remember Roachel the Vegas Brothel skank and her girlfriend Brendon’s goodbye messages? LMAO…..

  20. It’s too bad that Brendon is through sucking people’s dicks, he should have sucked one for the Gipper, and maybe he would not be on the block. LMAO !!!!!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!! just plain ole HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!

  21. is this brendon first girlfriend or something? he is smothering her……he is like 2 inches from her all day long!

    1. I agre! And every time she starts to whine or bitch, he kisses her while she’s mid-sentence. Hmm, wait, maybe he’s trying to shut her up!! lol

    2. My first thought was this guy can’t be a virgin can he? That is how he is acting like 16 year old getting his first piece of ass!

  22. To anyone sticking up for Rachel, please remember back to last week & how she acted after she won HOH. And when she put Hayden & Kristen up. The night she won she was so smug & so fake laughing just to rub it in their face. She kept trying to start fights, following Kristen around & making faces. I can’t believe she even has the nerve to act mad at everyone else. Since this season started, everything that Rachel accuses others of doing is exactly what she’s doing. Can’t she even hear the words coming out of her mouth???? She’s nutso! She will throw Brenda under the bus faster than he can say, “you don’t mean that, you’re not a mean person” LOL

  23. I hate the brigade, its not fair they get a free ride in this game and its ok for them to trash benden and rachel, but if brenden and rachel trash them they are all of a sudden the scum of the earth. I cant wait for the brigade to eliminate britneys bitch ass cuz she is truly a scumbag bitch the way she has played the game.

    1. Pretty much…..The replacement nominee would have to do some of the worst self-imploding in BB history, in order for both B/R to stay….

  24. Rachel got what she wanted. She faked it until Brendon said he’d use the POV to keep her in the house. Is he being played or what?

    1. I’ve always thought she picked him out day one because she knew how easily she could manipulate him.

  25. cbs please out the brigade and give rachel the power to eliminate matt and lane. lane your a hick stop acting like ur some stud hard ass cowboy, not that like brenden but jesus its a game land and brenden probably could beat ur ass lane grow up needledick

    1. I agree rachel will be staying through some twist or by winning POV. She’ll cause havok in the house and we’ll all hate her and love it .

  26. i don’t care for the brigade either but i like the BR less. and don’t ya love BR’s comments about Matt winning the easy competitions? if they were so easy, why didn’t Brendon win? oh that’s right.. it was rigged against him because he has size 20 feet. boo frickin’ hoo.

    1. you think brenchel got ratings during their showmance?, just wait until rachel has a nervus breakdown on national TV and brendon proclaims how much he is SORRY, even though deep down waaaaayyy deep down he knows this is all HER fault , if she had not went all Queen Bitch on the house last week they would be safe for at least another week she made an already huge target bigger, THANK YOU RACHEL… he better do damage control to make sure he’s not in hot water and be sent home instead of his “master”

  27. That photo of Rachel spread eagle is priceless lol…..She don’t care either lol…She spreads her legs as easy as peanut butter on bread….

    1. Hayden won by default, so can you really count that? And if the rest weren’t riding Matt’s coat tails, they’d be gone. Matt, Rachel and Brendon are really the only ones playing. Matt has been directing the game since day one. He determined Hayden’s noms. as well as Rachel first hoh noms. she mentioned 2 others but after talking with Matt she nominated exactly who he said, Brittney and Monet.

      1. Actually Enzo is the real strategist in the alliance. If you look back at the episodes you’ll see that the whole brigade was his idea and he is the strategist. In my opinon sure in this season of weak and boring houseguests sure there a good alliance but imagine them against some real competetors like chilltown or Janelle :P

  28. I don’t understand how Brendon cannot see that Rachel is only using him. There’s NO WAY she’s keeping him around after BB. He needs to get a mind of his own, however, it’s too late for that now. He seems like a nice guy, but for someone that’s supposed to be “smart”, he’s totally oblivious????

    1. Brendon is a nerd, and a awkward one at that…..Outside the BB house, a girl like Rachel wouldn’t give Brendon the time of day…..Rachel would have hooked up with the first guy that made an advance on her…..It just happened to be Brendon….pure and simple…

    2. Right on, as soon as she’s out of BB it’s straight back to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch for this ho-bag nasty diseased skeezer

  29. i just cant wait for britney to be eliminated. she is sexy as hell but i can’t stand her two faced attitude. you aint winning britney, u aint winning ragen so enjoy ur couple weeks in the house u two bitches. lane doesnt realy like u britney u ho.

  30. *Sigh* brenchel’s delusional idiocy is growing… matt is playing person oh that right rachel has not been playing personal her entire game, sorry matt is playing strategic something brenchel never once did, he’s getting out the “strong players” another thing brenchel never done, looks to me like matt is smarter than the both of you…..enjoy your wonderful future together

  31. if brigade wins hoh next week then they got it, with brendon or rachel gone the other will be worthless, that leaves kathy britney ragan and either b or r left, brigade can easily take em out. at first the brigade was dumb but these guys basically got it in the bag…. brigade yo

    1. New flash. The Brigade can’t be final two, so obviously they are all going to have to pull some powers moves against each other.

      1. Do the math Kathie. The only way they can be stopped from the Final 4 is if 2 of them go up in the same week. Otherwise they have the votes to control each elimination, especially when/if whichever of these 2 losers on the block now goes home next week.

  32. Brendon will go….The brigade since week 1, wanted him gone…..Even though Rachel deserves to go…..It will be curious to see how Rachel will play, since no one likes her, and thinks she is weird/rude/annoying…..Ragan will be the only one that will talk to her, and maybe Britney(but not much)…She will go into a stay of depression for a little bit, maybe sending her packing next week….Will see….If Enzo, Lane, or Hayden win HOH, I think the target would be rachel…..

  33. Matt is still a loser (have you ever noticed how the desperate ones always claim to be a genius with a very high IQ)
    Rachel is still delusional (she may be chemically imbalanced)
    Brendon, well Brendon is a jackass (…)
    Brit, Lane and Ragan are still making me laugh (no matter how mean they are)
    Enzo is now grosser than Matt (all the blatant ball scratching)
    Hayden has a really small mouth (no lips)
    (I’ve done it now, I AM BEING MEAN AND PETTY. )

    1. Ahahaha!! Lydia… Now there’s someone to look up to! *thumbs up*
      From one crazy bitch to another!
      Is anyone else as bothered by Rachel’s laugh as I am?!?

      1. The diff between these two was that at least “Lydia” played “Lydia” – occasionally she’d go ghetto – but it was”Lydia Goes Ghetto.” Rachel doesn’t know he she is unless she gets directions from the DR!

  34. its sad no one sees t his

    if b and r win pov

    brenden falls on the sword…period…there is no other outcome to that….is it smart? heck no, but he thinks its right, its what he will do…

  35. Thank god that idiot Matt put those two up.. I cant take anymore of the “you tried to come between me and my man” from Rachel.. Cant stand her ass!

  36. I agree with lovingmycbs……IT’S ABOUT EFFEN TIME!!! Now i’ll start watchin….Go back to vegas and swing on your pole!! Brendon….for your sake, I hope you are playing Rachel….cause if you ain’t…you are the hugest WUS in BB history….your mama must be so disappointed!….you should be ashamed of yourself!! Can’t wait to see Jeff & Jordan!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Come on Rachel win P.O.V and take yourself off! The reason I like them is because they actually do something in the game unlike the rest of the house.

  38. Every move Rachel has ever made in this game is personal and she is mad that Matt is playing a personal game? Wow Rach, getting Monet and Kristen out of the game was such a big move! And seriously, production gave her one win and she guessed the other one. Nice game Rachel.

  39. Hayden, your gettin’ a spankin’ when you get home. Your momma ain’t too pround about your goodbye message to Kristian.

  40. Coup d’etat should be back in play now that pandora’s box has been opened. American could vote on who to give it to this week. Now that would make the show interesting.

    1. America wouldn’t give it to Rachel, so production need to have something else up their sleeves to save the show.

  41. I love Rachel and Brennon…at least they’re real…everyone else is so fake…make me sick actually…probably wont even watch anymore if one of them goes home………….

  42. YEEE.. :)
    they are finally leaving, payback is a bitch, BITCH.
    hope rachel leaves, she probably feels stupid putting kristen and hayden on the block. karama came back to bite her in the ass.
    i feel bad fro brendon, he’s a good guy. can do so much better. but he ruined his game by being with her,
    i wondering how their “showmance” is going to surivive after, if it does.
    i can see kristen and hayden together, but i dont know we’ll see.
    she’s nothing like janelle, i’d say kristen’s more like janelle from BB7 more of a fighter, and manipulate. but still a chill person. if rachel didnt come on so strong, she wouldnt be hated so much. you dont have to be a bitch to win a game,

  43. “(Jesus Murphy Brendon is bad at this game)”
    Truer words were never spoken. Can also be applied to other areas of B’s life: school (took him 5 years to get his Masters), love (no need for an explanation), getting his parents’ approval, communication, and on and on.

  44. someone on twitter is claiming to have meet brit thru lane some years back! I Believe it !! now that’s a twist

  45. Rachel and Brenden are not very smart. 2 hohs and they get out Monet and Kristen?

    Come on, they should have gotten out Hayden and Matt. Seems like those 2 hohs were wasted.

    1. Shows how stupid Rachel is — she is more worried about getting even for some little things. Brendan looks stupid also …nose up her thing!!!

    2. yes, wasted like rachel on any day of the week that ends in a “y”. rachel can say what she wants, but her whole agenda was to get girls out she felt were more desirable than her. the only reason brit is left is because she is adept at kissing rachel’s ass. two faced indeed. (but with a body like that she can get away with it.) rachel has no one to blame but herself for letting petty jealousy control her actions. now she’s up ka ka creek sans paddle. yo.

    3. She thought of absolutley nothing but spite and retaliation for some imagined insult, he is just a spineless tool. Neither of them “deserve” to NOT go the hell home.

  46. I think Rachel is related to Ronnie! It’s in the eyes and especially the mouth. I know it was a lie by Annnie that 2 HG are related. If she put on Brendon’s baseball hat and borrowed Ragan’s glasses – you could see the resemblance.

  47. Don’t celebrate too soon people. One of the two of them will win POV and Matt will put up a replacement nominee that will go home. Or some dumb shit like last year’s coup de tat will save that dynamic duo. Just you watch. Besides, one of them needs to be in the final two to ensure victory for whomever it lucky enough to make it that far. Watch it’ll be Kathy. She’ll be too busy lounging out at the pool smoking to get up and collect her $500K.

      1. I agree. Production will rig the competition in favor of R/B. Production does a great job of taking the reality out of reality television. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the show is scripted, and each player signed on to play a character.

    1. Nah….CBS goes by ratings, and America’s Choice votes….I’m almost certain America hates rachel(and probably Brendon as well)……Unlike last year, when Jeff/Jordan was adored by America…..CBS would prefer if Brendon or Rachel went……The CBS viewers will be bummed out if one of them doesn’t go….

  48. So if one of the two win PoV, and someone else is the “Pawn”, my quesiton is, has a “Pawn” ever stayed in the house? To my knowledge, a Pawn has always gone home.

  49. Finally a BB thats almost close to what my plan would be….get all the bitches out first….they are the apple biters.Ask Adam and the snake .Not winning any comps or even blowing the comp IS playing the game .The only ones you need to win are the ones that keep you in the game or the last veto comp.Winning at the wrong time puts you at risk……..remember get the bitches out now….Skankel then Dolly Parton then Fish Mouth ……

  50. Rachel told everyone to bring it and now Matt did. Rachel needs to understand that this is big brother everyone can’t bake cookies together and sing kumbaya.

  51. One more thing. I read an interview AG gave before BB12 started and she essentially said there are no pre-existing relationships this season. All contestants are strangers, so there’s no Lane/Brit or anybody else who knew each other previously.

  52. You guys are all jealous of Rachel yo! lol… not!
    this chick is cukoo!
    I hope Britney wins the POV and says “I ain’t using this shit on you 2 retards!”, and runs behind Lane.

  53. OOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE new El Salvador also gets to play for the 500k goddamn the game just got deouble good 1st brenchel goes on the block with one of then headed to jury and now this??????????

  54. Omg brit tells lane to much. She is not playing smart right now. If she was she shoould team up with ragan and make a final 2 deal. No One would think their together

            1. WOW…OK…Im convinced!! He is cute and does resemble Lane more than anyone else in the house so I can see why she has gravitated toward him! I never thought of going on You Tube for that kinda info/updates!! Great find! Thanx!

                1. yes, Nick is better looking! Did you watch afterdark?? Im catching up right now! Gonna go lay down early tho…Aunt Flo came to visit this morning and she has me feeling a little depressed tonight! I’ll be glad when she leaves in a few days! She is such a downer party pooper !!

  55. The Brigade sat back & let big red do the dirty work for them. Little Britt is laying low & so is Kathy. And they all let Red think she was ” HOT SHIT ” well now ” Hot Shit ” is not so Hot This week . Cry big red, I pray it’s bye bye time, just for the way you act & treated everyone in that bb house. What goes around, comes around, lets watch your pain now. ! No one has ever been or acted like you. Shame shame on you.

  56. Rachel is ridiculous and makes women look cheap…she is constantly talking about how she’s a party girl and how she looks and how nice her body is…she fishes more often for compliments than any previous BB house guest I can recall. The girl is full of herself and she is clearly far too immature to call herself a lady or a woman. The best she knows how to do is insult every other female she sees (and she is not that cute) its not entertaining anymore and never was for me…she is just as annoying as that Chima character from last season. brendon…honey get a clue your so called girlfriend is nothing more than a cheap bottle of wine pretending to be aged…..

  57. We need to stop Rachel from taking advantage of Brenden’s kind generosity. He has told her that if he wins POV that he will take her off & sacrifice himself to the game. All she talks about is Vegas, I don’t see how she is looking out for herself only. Today she wouldn’t give Brenden the time of day until this afternoon after he told her the above! Then all of a sudden she’s lovey dovey. Please write to CBS.com under feedback and tell them that they won’t allow Brenden to pull her off. She’s just using him!

  58. I don’t understand why people think the Brigade are doing nothing.

    They are a foursome that has been together since the beginning.

    They are doing something. They are surviving and working together on votes.

    They are doing well.


  59. Me and my man… I think I want hernext to me in the final. 2. They might think she’s the better player… Kathy needs to start playing better in comps or the guys back home are goingto look bad.mmm Brendon isgoing to givebrigaid arun for thir money cuz he’s been winningmore than them. Itlooks like matt and regan might go final E. The way they are last man standing in hoh… Enzo and lane they r votes I dontsee them doing anything but calling shots as hayden and matt do the work… So the less ppl the more they will have to try or they won’t when final too… – think matt will take reagan …brit omg 2 triple faced shell get caught indeception… I think brigade will take out brendon first if possible and then hope rachel. Quits orthen take her out next.mm don’t think

  60. Simon, I give you a lot of credit for sitting through the feeds on this one…. all I could do to read it, never mind watch it!!!!

    1. thank you Gina even though it has nothing to do with me personally but strategically haha I love this place and I would not want anything to happen to it or for simon or Dawg to say to hell with this crap and disappear. Last year flipped me out when the website was gone. I love it here and I am very thankful for everything the guys do for us. It makes me happy when others appreciate it as much as I do because I have loved coming here for years whether I posted or not.

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