**Updated** Big Brother 12 Update- Matt Opens Pandora’s Box and Gets a Dollar

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:15pm Cabana Room Matt, HAyden, Kahty, ragan and Brit Matt is telling them that he opened Pandora’s box, he was told he would get riches if he did and all he got was a dollar. Ragan is suspicious that Matt got pulled into DR for pandoras box then right after Rachel gets pulled in. They are speculating that Rachel might be give a special power. Ragan tells them that America loves drama and Rachel is the biggest drama queen ever so it’s not a stretch that she’ll be given it. Brit brings up that kayser had been voted back in and he was drama less, Hayden brings up that giving the POwer to Jeff last year was definitely not a drama vote. They all agree that Rachel has a horrible poker face so they would all know whats going on the second she comes out of the DR. Matt starts to go over the what happened during the pandora’s box event. He was in the HOH and there was a card that read “you will uncover great wealth” He opened the secret door in HOH and inside was a briefcase inside there was a card and a dollar. The card read “This is the wealth you have attained… Beware of the consequences this power will unleash on the house” Ragan is convinced that a houseguest is coming back and it’ll be america’s vote. He’s certain it’ll be rachel. Hayden thinks it could be another Coup de tat, ragan agrees. They decide to head up to the HOH room to wait for rachel to come out of DR and see her reactions.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:35pm Matt, Brit and Ragan HOH Matt is going over all the recent conversations he’s had with B/R. They told him that they are 2 strong players and that MAtt aligning with them would be his best course of action. Matt told them that he doesn’t see the logic in keeping 2 strong players in the game this late. He thinks that early its a good idea to attach to dominate people but now there getting into the meat of the contest and they need to worry about who can win the competitions and who can’t. Matt says B/R told him that the house is filled with floaters who are holding back and they will start winning next week so matt has to worry about them, but if he keeps B/R he’ll have there protection. Brit interrupts tells him to put the HOH cam on the living room so they can catch Rachel when she leaves DR, “if rachel is skipping and runs to brendon then we know something is up.” Hayden gets called into the DR so they all check the screen to see Rachel leave but she doesn’t.. they guess she must of been released when they were going up to HOH. Brit heads down to investigate. She finds Rachel who isn’t in the best of moods, Brit asks her where she’s been Rachel says the DR and walks away. Brit runs back to HOH to tell the guys. Ragan is still convinced that they are going to give Rachel some special power. Brit doesn’t understand why she’s certain America hates rachel based on the questions she’s received in the DR. Matt isn’t sure what production will do but he has a feeling that pandora’s box will be a silly twist nothing like the wizard power or bringing someone back. They see Rachel roaming around on the screen, Matt: “That does not look like a happy rachel”. Matt brings up that rachel told him she is winning POV and will be off the block then next week the HOH will be a quiz which she will win because none of the other houseguest will even try. She told him that the entire house is after MAtt and ragan so he better take B/R alliance offer. Brit “umm the entire house is after you MAtt.. well i didn’t know” (ragan and matt laugh) . Matt tells them that B/R are convinced they are winning POV and next weeks HOH, “All I told them was Bring it lets see what happens” Ragan brings up that rachel said the same thing to him. Matt says he told them straight up last week that he wasn’t making any deals with them then and he’s not making any deals with them now (Matt’s growing balls finally.. must be all that massaging he’s doing). MAtt says they’re just being bully’s, Ragan: “Not the best way to play this game”


4:10pm Feeds cut to Trivia Nomination ceremony

4:27pm Feeds cut to Trivia Nomination ceremony


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:38pm Feeds are back Kathy, Ragan and MAtt in the kitchen talkign about how the nominations ceremony hasn’t happened yet. Usually production posts “Nominations are today” on the living room TV but they haven’t yet. Ragan is freaking out he thinks that something is up, “I have a bad feeling about this”. They all head outside.


4:42pm Enzo , Kathy, ragan, MAtt they’re all freaking out because the nominations have’t happened yet. Kathy tells them she say Rachel in the have nots laying in the cot “With a smirk on her face” (theres no smirk Kahty has gone senile) Enxo tells them theres something fucked up going on because a) she’s in the have nots b) she not with Brendon. Kathy asks: “Wheres Brendon” Ragan: “hopefully at the bottom of the pool”. Enzo: “Don’t they usually tell us if there is a coup de’tat so we can strategize”. Matt: “Not necessarily” Matt gets up to talk to Rachel to figure out what is going on.

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116 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Update- Matt Opens Pandora’s Box and Gets a Dollar

    1. sorry but I honestly do not think Ragan is going to take the deal – remember he said that he likes to think long term which is why during the last POV he took the chance to play for this week’s veto instead of the 5 grand….i know that 20 grand is a lot but I really think Ragan is there to win and that he believes he has chance to

      it seems like a waste for America to have voted for Ragan,Enzo probably should have gotten it and I think production was hoping a more interesting player (like Enzo or the would not have mentioned second place) would have won it, i am not sure what is going on but it seems like production is trying to come up with all these things to make the game more interesting and none of them are working, whether you love or hate B/R once they are gone a lot of people are going to stop watching, noone wants to see a house full of guys who cant win competitions

  1. “They all agree that Rachel has a hor(r)ible poker face. . . . . ” – Come on guys, you can do better than that! Start reading the shit on this website if you need some good material!

  2. It’s just pissing me off that everyone is hating on Rachel. I’d like to see some of these people on this website go in the BB house and see how they act.

    1. I agree I like Rachel and wants her to win it all if she goes on the block I hope she wins POV and the next HOH and puts Matt and Hayden up.

    2. People would hate her but after a week of R&R and viewing the dvds in the jury house hopefully you would have chilled and gained respect for her game play.

    3. I can’t stand Rachel because of her very unbecoming ,arrogant and better than everyone else attitude. She has no morals and thinks that whatever she says to anyone or does to anyone is justified when it isn’t. She is also a very annoying person who drinks and can’t handle the alcohol.This is just a few things why I can’t stand her and want her gone. Her game play is pissy IMO. When she is HOH she is in a better mood but when she isn’t it’s hell for everyone and her moods are psychotic. I am just sick of her and she is an embarrassment to all women who aren’t bitchy all the time the way she is and she has no idea of how real women are because she is so immature and insecure.

    4. OMG!!! It’s cause she’s a FRICKIN HO!!! Wake the hell up!!How can people be so blinded…if it walks like a ho,or talk’s like a ho,or acts like a ho…….guesses are it probably is a HO!!!

  3. I hope they do give Rachel a special power… and what happened with Ragan being the saboteur? I thought Julie said if Matt opened Pandora’s box then Ragan would be unleashed as the saboteur…

    1. If Ragan accepted it, I guess we will see him start doing something with it. He would just start now that Matt released him. But, was it for sure Ragan said he would do it????

      1. Glad your back!!! I was worried about you last night. You were swimming with sharks late last night. i postponed my Palm Springs vaca until November. Its too hot there now. Guess who old I’ll be in November?!

        1. Yes, I was. I was wishing you were there to help me. I didn’t even have LJ or Canadian Fan to defend my honor. I hope I took care of myself but missed you guys.

          1. Wha hapened?? I logged off about 1:30ish cause I thought Simon might want a nap!!! Im on now but am going to try to be a good girl……..not sober tho as earlier intended!!

    2. If Ragan did accept it, would it be under the same circumstances that Annie had about winning $10,000 in 5 weeks and not going for the big prize? Just curious about this.

  4. Ragan has to accept being saboteur! I wanna see if Matt has any balls! As for Brenchal….they are a couple of LOSERS!!!

      1. No, the deal was whoever won HOH had to choose to open Pandora’s box for the offer to be made to Ragan. Since Matt won HOH, he had the option to open Pandora’s box which means the offer will be presented to Ragan!

          1. It seems that way. I’m sure something will happen for us to know if he accepted! I also heard that if Ragan declines the offer, then they will present the offer to Enzo since he was the houseguest with the 2nd most votes. That could be wrong, but interesting if it happened!

  5. Is the great wealth that of Ragan’s becoming the saboteur(for $20,000 or something) now that the box was opened by Matt?

  6. Julie Chen said this HOH would be the most powerful HOH…wouldn’t that imply that they would be getting a power?

    1. I suppose the “power” was choosing whether or not to open Pandora’s Box. Pretty lame, but technically, it would be the most power an HOH has had yet.

      1. Well, Julie said that the new HOH would be the most powerful HOH everrrrr. So, hopefully there will be another part.

    2. Well he had the power to unleash a new Sabeteour. I thought for sure that it meant the HoH was gonna get the Coup D’Etat in Pandora’s Box, but I guess that’s not the case. But maybe there’s more to it.

  7. I just read that Julie Chen was on Craig Ferguson and stated Brendon and Rachel are having sex in the house. Furthermore, Rachel keeps telling Brendon she REALLY, really needs to talk to him aboutsomething unrelated to the game. Oh how funny would it be if that she-spawn is prego,lol

    1. I thought I read the other day that Rachel was complaining about it soon to be “that time of the month”

      Haven’t read anything else about that. Things that make you go hmmmmmm

  8. does any one look at the keyboard when they type? i wish you guys could do a spell check or a quick run through because half the stuff i’m reading about the house is so confusing simply because the grammer is out of whack. i’m sorry to sound whiny. just proof read.

    1. That’s a common misconception. Simon and Dawg are what Allison Grodner named her left and right club hands. It’s not her fault her fingers are too fat to use a PC keyboard successfully. Please don’t be insensitive to fatbergs.

              1. grammer is incorrect, the proper spelling is grammar. oh dear, you can’t bitch at someone for improper gramm(e)r when you cannot spell to save your life.

    2. You didn’t use spell check – the correct spelling is grammar not grammer. You are complaining out grammar and spelling but yet you don’t check your own spelling. Couldn’t resist this, too funny to let it pass. LOL!!

    3. Hey, Simon and Dawg make this site for all of us and we enjoy. If you don’t like it then go to another site. They put this out there for us and we appreciate it. Either donate money or get the hell out of here.

  9. C’mon Simon. How come no side picture/alternate ego for Lane?? I’m sure you can come up with something good!!

      1. You should do one for Julie Chen and Allison Grodner too! I know! Allison Grodner could be eating Julie Chen! With a bubble caption that “I LOVE CHINESE FOOD!”

          1. Sorry, I replied but Simon won’t let me ever post URLs on this site. *shakes fist at Simon* Can’t blame him though. Pictures of Allison Grodner would probably hurt his site’s traffic ratings.

            1. No worries, I think I found a workaround. Click my name =P I did a Google search for Allison Grodner and one of the first images is her scarfing down food with a gumball machine in the background. The whiteboard is most likely her diet calendar, which you’ll notice is empty.

            2. thanks for the heads up simon, there are some assholes out there who would try to give you a virus if you opened their “files” so I don’t blame you at all. I have Norton and still caught a virus a couple weeks ago and had to reset my computer back to factory settings ( and in the process wiping out all my programs, movies and music files ( thank god I had that all backed up on flash drives) what a prick who did it. i’ll admit it came from piratebay but whatever… so good for you , better safe than sorry.

  10. I think Ragan accepted to be the saboteur; it seems like he’s planting idea to keep Rachel and Brendan. If they were playing smart, vote out the well-liked one since the jury seems to vote on their likability. There should be a final four deal among Brendan, Rachel, Matt and Kathy.

  11. Let’a hope that the Pandora’s Box does not throw a wrench in the works and scare Matt out of putting B/R pn the block. I am afraid that they think that Rachel as been given some special powers that will allow her to save herself and Brendon, which I don’t think is the case, but I could see the paranoia in the BB House and Matt thinking that way.

  12. I have a bad feeling that ol Matty is going to chicken out and put up Kathy and Brit. He is way too scared of consequences….here’s a thought: everyone is too scared to put up B/R because it is 2 jury votes….but if no one puts them up, then no one has to worry about jury votes because they will all be in the jury house and B/R will be the final two.

    1. Well, if he puts up Kathy and Britney, I am sure they won’t vote for him when they are in the Jury House. We already know that Britney doesn’t like him and Kathy surely won’t if he sends her out. Of course, according to Kathy, she just wanted to get to the Jury House.

      1. True…unless he plans on taking B or R to the final two. If you think about it, anybody who goes up against either one is taking home the prize. The smart move for any player would be to take Rachel to the final two; it’s a guaranteed win. Matt is a sneaky little shit and he might have that up his sleeve. I don’t feel his loyalty to the Brigade like I do for Lane, Enzo, and that beautiful surfer boy Hayden. But if I have to listen to her ignorant rants and drunken retardation all the way to the final two I may have to shoot my face off….which brings me back to what I want and what I need and that is to get her the shit out of there, yo. BBGram, you are very sleuth-like in your comments (very careful). Who are you rooting for??? Do dish!
        *Mad grenades*

        1. I’m worried too that Matt won’t follow thru with the B and R noms. Everytime it seems that someone will “make a move” they back down. If Matt had done his job 2 wks ago, at least one of them wouldn’t be in the jury house. If it was Rachel, I’m sure that Brendon would have given Matt his vote for getting R out of the house and making Brendon see the light.

  13. kathy looks like a racoon most of time because of the black goo lining her eyes. and she talks like a lesbian. maybe that’s the twist, she’s Alison’s lover . LOL

        1. Well, you certainly found her updated. But, do you see the eyes? Does that not look like Kathy? And, Simon, the jaws are like Kathy’s tobakie filled ones.

  14. Haha. No wonder she’s a sheriff. She needs a gun at all times in case they can’t get a dinner reservation and her tubby hubby gets hungry. BB13 should be a Godzilla themed season, where Allison Grodner stomps on them in the backyard and reaches her hands and wrist through the windows and try eat the slowest and weakest.

  15. If Rachel was thinking strategy she should have put on a show pretending she has something to convince Matt it’s in his best interest NOT to put up B/R. That would be hilarious if he accidentally put up two others thinking she had a special power. Obivously, he and the HG’s would eventually figure out she doesn’t but it could be too late and it definitely would make the game more interesting. I’d love to see Matt squirm…..He reminds me of a weasel.

  16. Something is definitely going on in the house… I can tell. Matt’s probably lying about the dollar. I hope Ragan accepts being the saboteur. And I hope they give Rachel some special power. But something is going on because Matt didn’t nominate anyone yet.

    1. Pretty observant. There’s a rumor in the house that the prize was a rotisserie chicken, but Allison Grodner ate it before they could seal the box up. So production had to come up with a quick solution.

    2. i agree. i dont think it was a dollar…he’s obviously lying like he does about everything else…i think it’s a special power with all the “most powerful HOH ever” talk on thursday’s episode. cant wait to find out, hopefully it will kick the show into gear! even though i cant stand matt :(

      1. I can’t stand him either, he lost all of my respect when he said his wife was sick with some kind of blood disease. That made me mad because my 87 year old grandma had blood problems, she had a stroke, and recently died. So I don’t have respect for him whatsoever.

  17. If Matt dosn’t put up Bendon and Rachel, I will have more respect for him then, because he will be playing the game then, and not having the Brigade or the house tell him what to do.

    What ever his game is, will make it interesting to watch then to figure out what he is doing then.

  18. The reason Matt keeps his hand in his pants is because he can’t believe he doesn’t have any LOL…….Actually I think the reason he does it is to impress Enzo…….He attempts to emulate Enzo often, which is the highest compliment.

  19. Actually, Rachel was a have not the first week…..with Kathy, Ragan and Matt…That’s why she let them stay in her HOH room the first time she won. They were just all good sports about it so we didn’t notice as much that they were on it. They also got to eat popcorn with it.

  20. This is a game and only 2 people been playing trying to keep them self in. I am not a big fan of Brandon and Rachel but but when it comes to game play they been doing it. but if Rachel is sent packing it is because her month runs like a bad toilet lol none of the people are playing stagey they are making it personal there are to many two face people in the house i am not in there and i cant trust any of them lol

    1. Rachel can win comps and fulfill her plans to evict each week, but her strategy, objectivity and foresight sucks. She gets it done but she does the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.

  21. So I just had an idea…what if because Matt opened Pandora’s box, the only elimination for his HOH is the Saboteur ie Ragan…..and on Thursday they reveal the Sab…Sab leaves cause it’s the fifth week…then they have an HOH contest with the second elimination……this would mean that Rachel and Brendon will not be eliminated AND have a chance at the Thursdays HOH …that would really shake Sh*t up!

  22. I think Ragen is already beginning to play Saboteur with his talk with B/R, Matt and the rest of the house. Suggestions he is making, defending himself against B/R. etc. He is sly and very good at having his voice heard by all.

  23. The reason most are not liking Rachael is that she is doing questionable things on tv nonetheless. She is there to play a game. All that shomance yea ok if thats where she wishes to go but u have to have morals and character. Play the game. don’t let the game play you. Personally she alientated herself when she won hoh and got cocky. ur power only lasts a week. you have to socialize and get in good graces early on and she burned bridges to fast in this game. all that bring it on crap..you cannot do that. and Brendon sealed his fate gollowing behind her. She may be a genuinely nice person and I know on a show like BB u have to change your persona but you do not have to change your morals. Plain and simple.

  24. i kinda dont want brendon and rachel to leave cause then it would be boring i mean i love how they think the brigade is the shit and sooo secretive and stuff but they havent done one BIG move from where i look at it

    1. This is just my opinion so please don’t lash out at me lol…but I think the Brigade’s M.O. is to stay on the DL. The covert “moves” they make are overlooked due to the distraction by all the loud drama in the house. That’s what makes the Brigade Boys work. They don’t have to be obnoxious, drunk, sexually active on live tv, bossy, arrogant, or intimidating…to be successful. Their success lies in the fact that they do not make bold moves that puts targets on their backs. They have Brit in their back pocket – and she has insider info on B/R. That’s not two-faced of Brit but that is game play. The Brigade dominates and infiltrates; yet no one can point fingers at them or openly give them credit (or give them shit) for their work. 4 Deep Yo.

      1. The brag- ade hasn’t done anything. They have talked since the first week about getting B/R out and in spite of having HOH twice they couldn’t do it. Rachel, on the other hand, got out the person she wanted both weeks that she had HOH. I don’t like her but she gets it done.

        1. The Brag-dage….lol, that’s a perfect name for them they haven’t done a damn thing Enzo’s a big talker he needs to (yo) his ass back to jersey, Hayden is lost in space, Lane doesn’t know his left from his right, Brit the newest member run’s her damn mouth too much which will come back to haunt her in the end & Kathy well…..she’s just there, Ragan’s becoming annoying, The Brag-gade does not deserve to win the $500,000/$50,000! COME ON BB BRING ON A TWIST SCREW PANDORA’S BOX!

        2. The brigade may have done nothing but they are still together and not noticed as an alliance. Hell, Ragan and Kristin practically outed the brigade and still no one believed it…..that is called stupidity. Rachel got the two people she wanted out, but out of spite not strategy….if she had been thinking, she would have taken Ragan’s advice and watched the brigade members and ask that Hayden be voted out. Rachel is losing it. She may be playing the game, but she has lost her ever loving mind!

  25. seriously guys

    your making a big deal about nothing..

    ever think maybe Ragan accepted Saboteur and first thing he did was delay Nominations to make people in house go crazy? And maybe MAYBE told Rachel she has coup d’etat but its not true ?

  26. I don’t hate Rachel….She actually puts forth effort in the competitions and isn’t trying to fly under the radar like Kristen & Hayden BOTH were. I’m not a fan of her life choices, but to each his/her own. I think Brenden is too clingy and needy. As far as the possibility of her being pregnant, the thought had crossed my mind, too. If production suspects it, they won’t allow her to drink, so that would be one way to know. However, if her monthly bill is due to arrive, she will be more emotional and bitchy. Comes with the territory. The stress of the game can throw off her system causing her to be late and fearful that she’s pregnant. I’m sure production will push an HCG test if they suspect it. Back in the first couple weeks of the game, the HG’S DID joke about how funny it would be to have a BB baby……I think she deserves to go far in the game because she’s actually PLAYING the game. The Brigade has done very little in the game but sit back and let others do their dirty work. Yes, that’s a strategy….but I’d rather watch someone play the game. That’s what they’re in there for. Y’all will be bored to tears when B/R are voted out. Once they’re gone, I’ll shift my support to Enzo for pure entertainment value. At least he’s humorous! :)

  27. That picture you have of Kathy turned to the side with Ragan’s back….I had to double glance that cause it looks like Britney!

  28. HEEEEAAAAAAY. Rachel is driving me friggin crazy with her mood swings, her pissy pouting and her drunken glares! Run Forest Run… I mean Run Brenden Run…. she’s a wild cat that you can’t handle! As much as I’d love to see Vegas get their go-go girl back, I’m going to enjoy the meltdown and the dramatics when Baby Ass Brenden gets booted! Go Team Brigade, you guys are making me laugh so hard!

  29. Haydenfan……I so agree with what you said “the Brigade’s M.O. is to stay on the DL. The covert “moves” they make are overlooked due to the distraction by all the loud drama in the house. That’s what makes the Brigade Boys work. They don’t have to be obnoxious, drunk, sexually active on live tv, bossy, arrogant, or intimidating…to be successful. Their success lies in the fact that they do not make bold moves that puts targets on their backs. They have Brit in their back pocket ” GO BRIGADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are smart, playing it on the DL and so cool!

  30. written by simon – (Matt’s growing balls finally.. must be all that massaging he’s doing).


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