Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV players picked, Ragan: “My goose is cooked”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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8:10pm Kitchen, Lane, Enzo and Hayden They are trying to tell Lane not to worry, Brendon had come up to Lane 10 minutes ago and told him he’s not the target. They tell Lane that as long as Brendon says he’s goign to do even if POV is used it’ll be LAne/Brit or Ragan/matt and they have the votes to keep the brigade in. Enzo and HAyden say they will push Brendon hard to get Brit up if anyone gets taken down. Lane mentions the Nomination speech and how douchey Brendon sounded talking about taking out floaters. Matt joins them… They start talking about how Brendon really wants Ragan gone, they can’t understand why. Enzo starts joking telling the brigade he’ll take them into the Brendon alliance “I’m taking you all into the promise land”. Matt rehashes some of his conversation with BRendon on how he wasn’t going to back door someone and he wanted MAtt to stay int he game. Lane HAyden : “Brendon needs to go”, Matt: “I can’t believe that his target is Ragan over me and Brit over me it’s BLANK up I feel so offended”.. Feeds cut to TRIVIA WTF!


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:45pm Feeds back

Ragan is depressed he asks Matt if Hayden and Enzo will try to win it Matt says no they won’t. Ragan: “If I win POV you will go up” Matt: “YOU MUST SAVE YOURSELF”.. “I can get the votes don’t worry about me” Ragan thinks it’ll be the “How bad do you want the veto” competition. Matt says great, Ragan needs to do whatever it takes to win the POV. Brit walks in comments on how BLANK Season 12’s POV picks are, Matt tells Ragan he’s fighting againsrt 3 strong guys but Ragan is much smarter in the game then those, he recommends ragan keep his cool. Matt reminds him that Kathy will not win and Enzo isn’t going to win. Brit asks if Hayden will use the POV, Matt isn’t sure they might be able to talk Hayden into it. Ragan thinks hayden will use the POV because Brendon will want to Backdoor someone. Matt lays back on the have nots couch tells them he’s getting a brutal headache. Brit says she’ll take a penalty for a bowl of fruit loops. Ragan says the cards are staked against him there is no way he can beat those guys in a physical comp. Ragan: “Did you see me in the HOH I totally choked”. MAtt leaves. ragan: “My goose is cooked” Brit: “Don’t say that it’s not true and that is a lame thing to say”. Brit telling him that she thinks Ragan might have the votes to stay all he needs is three. Ragan feels like theres no hope, if Matt goes up with him he’ll be a nervous wreck. Ragan asks how Lane is doing, Brit says Lane is doing well but that is the way he is. Brit: “I’m sure he picked Hayden to be in the POV because he thinks Hayden will use it to save him”. Brit says he’s sure that the POV is going to be used, she’s sure Brendon wants to backdoor someone. She thinks Enzo, Kathy and HAyden will use it to save Lane and MAtt will go up. Ragan: “This is BLANK”. Ragan doesn’t think it’ll be questions
Brit: “Brendon knows he’s not going to win this game all he’s doing is going after revenge” ragan: “Brit so you realize that whoever leaves is going to have to be with B/R for an entire week because it’s going to be double eviction..He’s such a coward” Brit agrees.

POV players are ENZO, Brendon, HAyden, lane, Kathy and Ragan Matt and Brit sitting out

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:15pm eating with your mouth open in a mic

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134 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV players picked, Ragan: “My goose is cooked”

  1. i really love how ragan is crying and bitching, mr i would show sportmanship if i was in brenchels position. dont worry matt, u would thank brendon later when u find out ragan was going to win 20k with those lame sab pranks.

      1. They’re doing the same thing rachel did last week but crying more. So theres no diffrence.Rachel is just more annoying

        1. Lol the funny thing is Rachel started crying when she was nominated. Ragan starts crying 10 mins after brendon wins HOH…..

          1. Funnier than that is that Ragan IS the sabateur and could actually DO something about all this instead of crying.

      2. Starting to feel bad Regan, knowing he could loose the 20k 
        and has to be sent to jury house with Boy George =(
        Ugh! I would be crying too!

    1. He may be whining…but he is not glaring, chopping like a maniac or simply trying to turn the house upside down. He is plotting and gaming….EXACTLY what a sportsman does…..give him his fear – at least that….c’mon people …it is a song we’ll be singing – c;mon get happy……

    2. Exactly. No matter how you got there or what situation you’re in he should show sportsmanship. He didn’t say last week if I was put on the block based on x y z circumstances I would or would not show sportsmanship. He and Brit both said THIS IS A GAME IF I WAS ON THE BLOCK I WOULDN’T WHINE ABOUT OR CRY ABOUT. Now look at him I am going to say again like he and Brit said last week about Rachel KARMA. I hope kathy wins POV and put a dent in Matt’s plan, because he knows right now if he uses the d veto he will put up kathy, but if kathy has the veto he can only put up a brigade member or Brits.

    3. he’s not being a bad sport!throwing a bowling ball outta control & complaining the games are fixed is being a bad sport!he at least wants to be there & would give up his spot to Rachel.however,Regan does not to stop crying & man up…GET THE VETO,YO!

  2. cant they see ragan is acting how annie acted when she was backdoored? any way nice job brendon, now enzo has to feel the hot seat, flip and punch someone so his floating ass gets sent home.

  3. why is it ok for Ragan and Brit to cry but they were all over B/R when they were upset at being nominated? Just wondering is all.

  4. First of all – Why do they all defer to Enzo – he has done NOTHING and yet he walks around like a farting cocky rooster…..what a wannabe…….

    Secondly – on the sab – they have all repeated the original message several times today and not one of these idiots picked up on the phrase :CRUIZING” to the final four……That, to me is such a gay term (and I mean this in the positive, accepting way)

    1. Enzo-started the birgade, enzo made hayden get annie evicted, enzo pushed the idea to get out b/r. He is the best strategist in the house. If you look back you’ll realize that.

    2. I noticed that “cruising” thing right off, as well. I felt it was an easy giveaway, but not to those HGs. They picked that message apart, even focusing on the word and skipped right over *that* interepretation.

    1. I hope Kathy wins POV tomorrow. I hope it’s the pov where they have to figure out the faces because they are all mixed up, but then again maybe not because Ragan may be good at that, I know the the other guys probably won’t which means Kathy will win. I wonder if BB left Brit and Matt’s name out of the POV on purpose?

      1. yeah i feel like bb did leave them out on purpose…i mean i understand matt but that really sucks for britney shes deff going up if a veto is used..matt knows hes safe

  5. I am really starting to like Brendon if it wasn’t for his inability to see the shadow players. There really isn’t much you can do about that inside the house, because no level of observation can help you see that people are lying bastards. I hate that Enzo and Hayden congratulate themselves on playing a good SOCIAL game, that is such a cop out to make themselves feel better that they are FAIL at competitions.

  6. What an annoying little hypocrite Ragan is?!! Lol. Such a whiny little bitch. He’s almost making Brendon look like a man. Dun really care for most of these ppl. As game players, this season blows. Actually for the first time, these nominations seem interesting and might create some drama. Whatever the case, as long as Britney and Enzo stick around, I dun care who goes home.

    1. Brit as well wasn’t she just last week laughing at Brendon saying that he is full of it saying the comps are designed for small people, now she’s complaing about the POV comps are the worst this season than any other season, and saying the hoh comps was designed for strong people. I hopw her and Ragan never fight or advocate for women or gay people, because they seem to think being a woman, and gay and small means you’re incapable of doing a lot of things. But yet they want to be treated equal.

        1. geez, it’s okay ihatebigbrother, don’t worry about the nuts that swoop down watching for you to make a mistake, I still luv yah.. bites the snivelling douchebags with pocket protectors

  7. I love how enzo think they have movies and a rap album together. Lmao they will never be movie stars or make a hit as a rapper. Smh hes an old man thinking like a 18. Thats what bugs me about his lazy azz

    1. nonsense. i’ve got enzo booked at the starbucks in des moines. he’s playing for tips and free leftover muffins. if it goes well he’s gonna get a regular gig in the men’s room at quaker steak and lube. fingers crossed.

  8. I don’t have a problem with Ragan. He’s actually somewhat entertaining, and calm about most shit. The only interesting player in the game so far is Britney winning all the POV comps, other than that, they all pretty much suck. The Brigade is practically the laziest group of guys I’ve ever seen with the exception of Matt who’s actually won something.

    1. Lane fights, but he comes up short. He was close in this last HoH and he was final three before that. He’s just been unlucky so far. Hayden also won the first HoH. I think it’s fair to say Enzo hasn’t been much of a competitor, but the rest have done their share.

      The real skill in the Brigade is shaping the house and keeping their secret both of which they have accomplished admirably under adversity.

      1. Coming up second is not good enough. Hayden won by default and enzo is just lazy. They dont deserve 500k sorry

        1. I agree. Hayden hasn’t done shit. He won the first HOH because Matt let him go last. It was a team thing. Lane should have won last night, but he didn’t have the hunger to win that Brendon did. Enzo just plain sucks at everything. Even Kathy has done more than he ever has, knocking out Rachel last POV. I hope Matt uses the diamond POV and puts up Kathy in Ragan’s place, Lane is safe. I would love it even more if he put up Enzo, but I don’t think he would. What is Enzo doing practicing with Brendon for the POV? It’s time for Matt to break his ties with the brigade. Its not like they have ever done anything for him. I would like to see Lane, Brit, Matt and Ragan in the final 4.

  9. Enough with the t shirts……………I am getting so tired of Enzo and his noisy lip nonsense……This whole brigrade crap will be over BEFORE he gets back to Bayonne….they are already selling on Ebay and these boys won’t see a dime….what is that shit about a tour!!!!!! You have done NOTHING – what is your tour? four lame guys? I can see that at my house for free….you stupid morons…..enough already…..

    Such bravado for such little real work….please, please, tell me what Enzo has done? He has managed to stay off the block – they may as well charge him rent – because he is not playing the game, he is just subletting a room in the house…

    1. Thats so true . saying that their making a movie and a rap album. He is lazy along witrh lane and hayden, i hope matt ditch them.

      1. All he has done is run his mouth and scared people away from putting him on the block. They cant even win shit!

      1. Exactly why if I have ever have a criminal case against me – NO JURY….I have seen my peers and I have no faith ………..

        You are so right……..

      2. Lol sarah palin is so aggy. But she ran for president ,two diffrent ball games.They both should be off tv for the next ten years

    2. LOL at Enzo thinking they are going to the red carpet in their shirts right after the finale night. Too bad their inflated head won’t fit. They are waiting until the right time to reveal the Brigade – how about when the lights go out after finale night? Would that be too soon?

      Hayden and Matt are only two who are working hard in competitions and game strategy. Lane looks like a deer in headlights half the time and Enzo is too busy practicing ways to sign his autograph. At least Rachel brought some game into the mix. Brendon’s nominations are GREAT!

      1. Lol. I dont think hayden did anything either, but everything else I agree with. Lol hayden did nothing but tell the person who he knows is getting evicted not to worry. He tells all of them not to worry. He should be out before matt , he should never make it to final two. It would be a cruel joke if lane and eznzo make it to final two. the two people who never one anything,lol. Lame!

      1. i hope he uses it on Ragan personally for his own good…Lane is already 100% safe and the brigade is the most lazy alliance i have ever seen…he better off with Ragan…he would have a better chance getting to the final vs the brigade which can only guranteed a final 4…plus if the brigade are mad…WHO CARES???…they haven’t done shit at all….not that Ragan has done anything spectucular …but i think he is trying harder than the brigade…if Matt does that…he guranteeds all of his close allies in the house…which is better for him…

  10. OMG, could this game suck any worse right now. All of these people are stupid as hell. I honestly think Enzo could get jerk of the year. He is such a backstabber.

  11. Circumsize ENZO on live tv…..this should be his comp in the POV – he does it and gets the golden power of veto and Ragan can use it for chewing gum……………….omg…..forget I even said this………

  12. ragan is crying over matt possibly going home, i mean seriously upset, and when it was just the two of them in the hammock this morning, matt still fed this shit about his sick wife….maybe someone needs to have the sab. tell the house that matt is an f-ing liar and his wife is fine……

    1. maybe the POV tomorrow will be related to tear production (plays in the background, Cry Me A River by JT)

  13. I really enjoy seeing that feminine bitch cry his eyes out. Originally liked him, but after the way he treated Rachel, even if she deserved some of it, it showed me he is no better. Serves him right.

  14. matt needs to get his freggin hands out of his damn pants, stop proclaiming himself the genius of the game and beg forgiveness from the people who actually suffer from the disease he made up…..what a total d-bag…

    1. She is enjoying the attention from all the guys. Boy, good think Rachel isn’t there. Britney enjoys being the center of attention just as much as Rachel did. They both have different ways of getting it but they both enjoy it. Britney steps over other peoples talking.

  15. Hey Simon…how’s this setup for a crazy week…

    Brendan wins HOH and puts the 3 people he called out as cockroaches to be have-nots for the week.
    Brendan puts Lane & Ragan up on the block with the intention of backdooring Matt.
    The Brigade is once again safe!
    The Brigade works on Brendan to get Kathy up in case someone uses POV this week.
    Brendan wins POV and backdoors Matt to shock the house.
    Matt shocks the house and uses his Diamond POV and replaces both Nominees with Kathy & Britney.
    House votes out Kathy and Matt ends up having more blood on his hands.
    CBS announces it’s DOUBLE EVICTION week where Hayden or Matt wins HOH (we all know Lane & Enzo are useless) and puts up Brendan & Britney up.
    House votes out Brendan.

    The Brigade is safe once again and what a week of ratings this will be for Allison & CBS!!!!!

    1. Not so good. I do not want Matt to win. He is too arrogant. I woud like for Brendon to stay in the house and have a chance to play the game without Rachel. He needs to get to play.
      Matt is going to win based on the wife lie.

    2. Sounds good…..except for the part about Matt replacing BOTH nominees. That’s not happening. He has the power to veto and replace only ONE of them. And it will be Britney that get’s put up……because he WILL use his power.
      My question is…. How are both the Veto’s played? If another player wins the GPOV and either uses it or doesn’t use it….what happens next? Does Matt stand up at the end of the GPOV ceremony and say…”Not so fast people…I’ve got this DPOV and we’re going to do this all over again”?
      Anyone got any ideas on how this two veto system works?

    3. i think if wants to guranteed all his allies are here…he needs to save Ragan regardless of who is on the block against him…including himself….because Ragan will go home against anyone at THIS POINT…

  16. Britney didn’t want to get picked for POV. She told Lane earlier that she didn’t want to be picked.

    Someone needs to tell Ragan that he doesn’t have a single real friend in the house. BB needs to give him some real sabotage to do.

    1. I think since brit is not playing ragan will win and matt or brot will go up. Hopefully matt goes up and pull hisself of and put kathy up! kathy then goes home!

  17. If someone uses the veto on ragan then it will be lane up against brittney so then brittney will be out cuz the brigade has 3 votes to keep lane and if someone uses the veto on lane then matt will go up use the DPOV and put up kathy. So no matter what brigade is safe and it will be ragan (most likely), kathy, or brittney that gets evicted

  18. Wait, so if whoever wins the veto uses it on lane or regan, and brendon puts up matt, does that mean matt could then use the veto diamond and take it away from whoever won the veto in the first place?

  19. Simon and Dawg.. I thought it was just me that was raised with manners. I used to get thumped on the head for eating with my mouth open when I was 3. It really bothers me, they don’t even think to move their mic when they’re eating. Just glad Ratchel isn’t there to lick her lips after every bite.
    It’s just gross people. I hate eating at restaurants for that simple fact. ha!

  20. i don’t think Regan crying & being depressed is bad,throwing bowling balls & complaining how the games are fixed,that’s bad sportsmanship!Regan does need to stop crying,man up & try to win.but he’s not being a bad sport,just a weenie !

    1. Brit was saying the comps were fixed . Plus ragan has been red( from crying) since brendon one hoh. I think anyone be sad if they were on the block. He now knows how rachel felt.

      1. i’ve seen grown men cry when they lose the Superbowl & i wouldn’t call them a bad if you’re gonna cry & blame everybody but yourself…..Regan is not doing that.he’s just being REALLY emotional,like my wife emotional!!!

  21. Brendon just admitted that BB Production told him that he wasn’t supposed to tell the people who he’s putting up that he’s putting them up, before the Nominations.
    So he had to come back and pretend that he decided to change his mind, and told Britney that he wasn’t putting her up. or atleast he said “it’s not for sure if i’m putting you up or not”.

    1. Still pretty silly rule to me. No one every acts surprised when their key isn’t pulled. They just sit there and wait for the speech. Nothing is said by those nominated until later. After the key thing is done, they all hug. No one throws chairs or anything.

      1. Unless it is a new rule, there have been many times over the past 12 BB’s when the HOH told a houseguest they would be nominated

  22. Whats wrong with you guys? he’s crying in private. theirs nothing wrong with that. How is that bad sportmanship? He never said anything to Brendon that was considered poor sportmanship unlike rachel and brendon

    1. Are you forgetting all the stuff he and Britney said about Brandon (and Rachel) behind their backs? As far as I’m concerned, Ragan and Britney are the two nastiest people in the house. Rachel’s just annoying and Brendon is a dummy in love.

    2. Well it doesnt matter if he is crying in private or public, the AMAZING thing here is that HE IS CRYING!!!! hahahahaha Im so glad!!!! How much I hate that guy!

    1. Anne ragan is throwing a bitch fit and last week he was laughing his ass of filming the fake we hate brenchel show. Its funny how a week change people. I dont like brenchel by the way

  23. Its funny how the brigade is saying they didnt win but the came in at second and thrid. Lol. You still lost, either way!Lmfao.They suck!

  24. All my despair over a boring outcome in this BB has vanished. Clearly I love watching this display of human against human in an isolated and nearly perfect environment in which to assess. make no mistake.. I love and hate the beating of my heart in anticipatory moments that leave me almost breathless. If CBS had anything to do with outcomes it surely pitted Brendon against Lane in a battle of the brawn. Yum. How many morons are there out there? Good Gawd. There is indeed an Ass for every seat, but that has only a moderate effect on a situational environment such as this.
    I prefer to fly below the radar, but when forced into combative behavior, be wary. Those despised or appreciated at any given point may wellhange with the outcome of the game. Game. That is life. i’ve been reading everyone’s comments since the beginning. I am truly a study of humanity. I think Brendon is hot, hotter, hotter. I cannot begin to exrpress how impressed I am with Brendon’s nominations. Let the games begin!

  25. Enzo is the biggest kiss ass i have ever seen. will someone send this hair-receeding hooked-on-phonics man-child home?
    i have respect for both brandon, rachel, britney and matt as competitors despite how they irrational they have acted in the past. they gave it their all while competing in every single competition.

  26. I love all this pointless chatter. Bottom line, whoever Matt and the Brigade want to go home is going home. Brendon has zero to do with who is going home….absolutely nothing. I recommend we just sit back and let this stew for a few days.

    1. Your the pointless chatter dude. Get a clue because its OBV you don’t know much about the game. Brenndon gets too chose who goes up. That’s a big part in saying who goes home.

      1. Haha…here’s another poster that doesn’t watch the game. Matt will put who he wants on the block if he decides he needs to do so. If he decides that the people that are up is OK with him, he doesn’t have to do anything. If he decides to change the nominations he will, then the Brigade will vote out who they want. Do some research Kitty Kat, find out what’s ACTUALLY going on, instead of your own perceived reality. Really, all the chatter about Brendon backdooring somebody is pointless, if Matt wants them backdoored then they will be, if he doesn’t, then they won’t.

  27. I hope Big Brother learns their lesson with this whole Sabeteour business because neither of them could manage to stay out of targets eye for even one week let alone 4 or 2 lol. Last week when Regan was being mean to Rachel I was going “shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up” Because you’re supposed to survive the next to weeks, litereally as a floater. Mission failed.
    If I was the Sabeteour I would sit back and shut up, and if people were asking me to form alliances or sway my votes or whatever, I would say whatever I had to to make EVERYONE think I was on their side so that sticking around was never a problem. Annie especially should have been able to do it. If floating ass Kathy could make it THIS far, Annie should have had no problem, but TWO days before nominations you had to go and run your mouth.
    People are so stupid.

  28. well…if Ragan doesn’t win this…the chances of him going home are at 95%…the only reason i have a 5% doubt is unless…1) Brendon is trying to backdoor Britney….which is unlikely…or 2) Matt uses the Diamond POV…which i think is a teeny bit possible…but not very likely either…so BUH BYE RAGAN!!!…and i’m not happy to say that…but not sad either…

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