Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo and Hayden thinking ahead, they want to Keep their new Side alliance around for awhile

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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11:41pm HOH Enzo and Hayden They are talking about not wanting to put Brendon up because Brendon is in there side alliance. Enzo points out that Lane wouldn’t put Brit up and MAtt won’t put Ragan up so they don’t have to put Brendon up. They try and think of a name for their new alliance with their “Toy Soldier”(they call Brendon their toysoldier) the pump chump and the one week wonder. They doubt that alliance will last longer then a week. The rest of the house will be putting Brendon up if they win HOH. Enzo thinks if they win HOH they should keep Brendon for another week and take out Brit. They both agree they don’t want to be the one that takes Brendon out because it’ll cost them 2 jury votes. They talk about the POV tonight and wonder if it will be one with prizes, Enzo thinks that maybe they should jsut go for the prizes. Hayden doesn’t think it’s a good idea becuase if Ragan gets POV he could put up Matt. Enzo suggests cutting Matt out of the final 4 and take Kahty along. Enzo says it’s looking pretty good for the Brigade, Enzo is going to win, Hayden gets second, Lane gets fan favorite and MAtt already got the 10g’s in Pandora’s box but he’s not admitting it.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:00AM Brit and Hayden Taj Brit is telling Hayden not to use the POV. They both agree if the nominations stay then Ragan is going home. They count the votes, and the only 2 people that will vote for Ragan to stay will be Matt and KAthy. Brit thinks if Brendon wins the POV he’ll take Lane down and put up Matt. She’ll vote matt out if that is the case. Hayden tells her they need to think about the final 2 because if Enzo and Matt get to that point they’re is no way any of them will win. Brit is sure that POV is a puzzle and she has a good feeling that either Hayden or Lane will win it. hayden is still nervous about the comp. Brit explains Brendon’s weirdness today with the Votes. He told Brit she was going up and then 20 minutes later he tells me he has’t made any concrete decisions. She says she started to plead my case focusing on me being a competitor and the fact that she wants to not be backdoored she wants to be able to play for POV. Brit mentions how if she goes up against Lane it’s all over for her. Hayden doesn’t think so she’ll have Matt, Ragan and maybe Kathy. Brit isn’t sure kathy will vote for her. Brit explains how the pairs are going to be put up if POV is played. Hayden isn’t sure if that is what Brendon is doing because it would of been easier to just put the pair up first. Brit says Brendon is scared of competing against matt.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:30am Jumanji Brit and Lane Brit asks Lane who he has a final 4 deal with. Lane laughs, “I had one with Hayden, Kristen and Andrew”. Brit tells him not to make anymore alliances without her because she considers they are in an alliance. Lane doesn’t think they are . She goes to explains how she saved him when Kristen was on the block because she didn’t use the POV because Rachel told her she would put up Lane. Lane tells her they don’t have to worry the target is Ragan, Brit knows and asks what if Ragan win POV. Lane: “then it’ll be Brit or Matt up”. BRit is dreading going up against Lane, he reassures her that ragan is a good guy and all but he’s not going to win POV. Brit says if the nominations stay she will vote out Ragan. Brit will have to throw matt under the bus if Ragan gets the POV to prevent herself from going up. She not looking forward to it but it’s her only chance to prevent getting put up against Lane. Lane tells her to do what she needs to do .

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:40am Jumanji, Hayden, Lane and Brit Brit telling them how steamed ragan and matt where that Lane picked HAyden to play POV. She knows why he picked him, She doesn’t want the POV to be played. Hayden comments on how broken down Ragan is, Hayden: “He’s got thin skin”. Lane points to the floor: “Hey whats that”. Brit: “My panties” She goes to grab them, tells the guys she’s embarrassed. Lane asks why she walks around bikini bottoms every day.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:00am Brigade in training

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Man Ragan is far worse than Rachel ever was with the crying and whining. He is complainging about everything, now he’s mad because he has not been called to the DR since nominations. What possibly could he have to say that he has not already cried about? Could it be he wants to ask can he get the 20,000 dollars for being saboteur even if he gets voted out or could he be a SPOILED BRAT about it and want to quit being the saboteur. Or maybe he wants to work out a deal to stay. And Brittany is really being coniving, she’s prancing around like she knows she’s not leaving, and demanding Lane not make an alliance because she and him are in one. HOW STUPID BRIT, LANE DOESN’T EVEN DIGNIFY HER WITH AN ANSWER and she still has no clue that he is not on her side. Yet B/R are the dummies LOL


I would love to see Britney, Kathy leave the house. They are floaters kissing ASS to anyone that wins HOH. I LOVED Rachel/Brendon because they were a great team and competitive.

Force Convert


Karen S

Watch out Brit! Put your big girl panties on with the steel sleeves!


I hope that Regan wins pov, Brendon puts matt up, matt uses the diamond power, then has Britney and Lane up for evicition with Britney leaving. That would be such a big move and cause crazy drama!

Other K

No it wouldn’t. At this point the only drama that would be caused would be getting out a Brigade member or getting out Brenden. Those are the only 2 big moves.

Tom & Jerry

Best & Worst Case Scenario:
is that if Matt wins the POV and take both nominees down and has britney and kathy up.
Kathy’s Gone. Brendon’s HOH will be a waste.
If Matt were to use the Diamond Power of Veto…
Rachel may re-enter the bb house from what julie said. >=)


if matt uses it how can rachel come back it makes no sense

Tom & Jerry

Reply to:


Because Good & Bad Things would be coming out of Pandora’s Box when he opened it.
I.E : It unleashed Ragan as the Saboteur.

Like deebee said ” it could lead to another twist and that Matt wouldn’t even see it coming if he used it.

Also from what fvrplaid said ” it’s probably going to be a blessing and a curse.


Rachel will not re-enter the house as a houseguest this season. If she does return, it’ll be to host a competition or to participate in BB All-Stars.

Other K

Yeah I agree. When Julie said “this may not be the last you’ve seen of the BB house” I dont think she meant as a contestant. It’s too late in the game to be brought back. I think Rachel will probably host the Veto challenge when everyone has to play.

Tom & Jerry

Not to Sound Rude but, WTH!
It’s only going on week 6.
When r they suppose to bring someone back?
Week 3 or 4???
Just Saying…

BigBrothers Big Brother

Uh I don’t think she would come back as a guest host for any comp. This is still a live game and she is a juror. IMO bringing her back as anything other than an active contestant would compromise the rest of the players on going game. Sequester House is supposed to be just that, sequestered.


Good thought, perhaps using it causes another twist.

Ms Kewl

Sounds like lots of good scheming going on. GO TEAM LANE & BRIT! I’m tired of Enzo’s bragging – he’s done nothing in this game & is now hoping to ride Brendon’s coattails. I have more respect for Brendon!

BigBrothers Big Brother

Enzo is starting to irritate me big time. I hate people who talk trash but can never back it up with action. Sleeper Cell Kathy and END of the Line ENZO should be the replacement nominees!

just a thought

I hope Matt isn’t put on the block so he can’t use the DPOV. I don’t think he would risk using it on anyone at this point, but himself.


yoo find out who won POV?


i hope Kathy wins POV and then if anyone uses POV or if Matt uses DPOV they wont have her to puit up. They will have to go against there alliances


In the event of a double eviction does everyone play or would the current HOH (Brendon) have to sit out?

Other K

I would hope he’d have to sit out. I

Kathie from Canada

OK so Lane picked Hayden to play for the POV. Who is playing with Brendon and Ragan?Maybe I should have rephrased my question but you know what I mean.


I guy needs to go. That will rattle up cages. I hope enzo gets backdoored & voted out.


Him or Britney. Either one of them can go and I won’t cry.


Matt might be thinking the DPOV is a blessing and a curse. If Brendon had put him up, he would have just used it and I think everyone would have understood. But now, if he is backdoored because Ragan or Lane wins or is taken off, seems if he uses it, it will be going against the Bridgade. There’s also the question of when exactly he can use it. Is it during the POV ceremony or not until eviction time? Either way he’ll have talked with his alliance and he’ll know that using it may be good for his personal game, but it may also go against the house/Brigade. What to do, what to do? I think he’s now realizing what kind of position having that puts him in. He does have a lot to think about and depending on how the veto comp goes and the aftermath I think he’ll find himself as one might say between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Other K

It’s not until eviction time like the Wizard Power.


Wait, Enzo winning? I like him, but he’s done shit all this game and is using the Brigade to get to the final 4, where he shouldn’t be… if he’s up against Hayden in the final 2, I guarantee Hayden would win.


I was liking Enzo too but now he’s off my fave list. All this brigade talk is bull. He needs to go home

Other K

He makes me gag on BBAD, the way he kisses Brenden’s ass “I was like to the house ‘why do you want Rachel out? If the guy wants to leave, just let him leave”.”

He tries to control everyone in the Brigade and talks like he’s the leader but he’s done nothing in this game at all. He’s won no challenges and made no important moves in this game. He just lets other people carry him. The way he wont let anyone in the Brigade have friends because it “compromises their alliance” but he has no plans of putting his alliance with Brenden to an end.


Britney has to go. I found her funny at first but last night she pissed me off when she lied to Hayden, Enzo and Lane about Ragan and Matt freaking out about Lane’s chosen POV partner. Right now, it is a critical time and with Enzo and Hayden ready to break up the brigade, there is no longer a group effort. Britney needs to go now


Matt totally lied about the band too..I looked them up on my space..His name isn’t with that band.

Other K

No he wasn’t lying. I already You Tube’d his band. One of their music videos is up and he is the lead singer. There’s probably another band called Shooting Blanks. Matt said his band broke up.


What is the name of Matt’s band?


That’s not my kind of music, that’s for sure. I don’t think he can sing at all !
SO I guess he better do his best to win BB….LOL


What Bridgade? From what I have been reading Matt and Lane think there is still a bridgade, but Hayden and Enzo joined with Brendon behind their backs. I think Enzo is a backstabber and if Hayden follows him, then Hayden could be asking for alot of trouble. So, I guess that means Enzo and Hayden are not fighting for the POV, which Lane was counting on Hayden, maybe Lane should have picked Brit, at least she would have try and if she won it, she would have used it on Lane. Ragen thinks he is screwed, but I think it is Lane that is screwed. If Lane or Ragen wins the POV, then they will use it, but if anyone else wins it, then they are not going to use it, unless, Brendon wins it and uses it. But, if he did, then who would he use it on, and who does he want to backdoor? I think after the POV, Ragen and Lane are still going to be on the block and Ragen will be gone. I kind of dislike Brendon, but now that I know that Enzo is just using him, I hope he finds out and goes after him. I quess the only one that has stayed true to the bridgade is Lane, poor guy, I am starting to feel sorry for him.


enzo and hayden have a side alliance with brenden just like matt has with ragan and lane has with britney


Why does everyone think rachel is coming back? That wouldn’t be fair to any of the other evicted houseguests….The only way anyone would come back is if America voted , and I doubt very seriously that America would vote for Rachel to come back of all people!!

BigBrothers Big Brother

Haha. You actually believe this is a game about fair play? All notions of fairness disappeared to me last year when they gave that f’ed up Coupe de tat to the most undeserving player to save his game. I suspect the same is going to happen to Rachel, although with her I’m not so angry since she actually was playing the game. Annoying as hell, but she was playing the game.

Other K

So Enzo and Hayden want Britney/Ragan out because they don’t want Lane and Matt to have their side alliances, but they want to keep theirs going? They are such flip/floppers. Watching BBAD it’s amazing they ever make a decision. They’ve been going back and forth since Thursday on who to vote out. One minute they all want Britney out, then it’s Ragan, then it’s Britney again, then “what about Ragan?” The only reason the Brigade is still in full is because Matt has carried them with his HOH wins.


Can any one tell me who is playing in the veto compitition? If Matt does use the diamond veto will that be done at the eviction ceremony? At the time he was given the power did he say that he could replace both of the nominations?


Matt can only use the Diamond PoV right before one of the two live evictions after he opened Pandora’s box. It has all the same functions as the normal PoV, except that Matt is the one who chooses the replacement nominee instead of the HoH. He can only save one of the two nominees, and he cannot nominate the HoH, the normal PoV winner, or the nominee that was saved by the normal PoV.


Why are we not taking about the close relationship that was mentioned. Who could they be? Any suggestions? I think that could play into who would backstab who in the game and we would not have any idea because it is not a topic of conversation. Ragan and Matt????
There is a possibilitiy of Rachel coming back because we have yet to know what the down side of opening”Pandora’s Box”. She also was not given the information about the house when she came out like the others did.




Other K… Ragan would have won HOH both times if Matt didn’t. You are saying he would have put up the Brigade? Do you even think before you type?


…still thinking the life long friends are Matt and Ragan, they “favor” each other to me, could possibly be kin.




Not sure why Rachel wasn’t told about the Brigade or Matt’s lie – her reaction to each would have been great for tv. Maybe a twist concerning her is coming. Whatever.
DPOV won’t be used until just prior to voting (I think) – like Coup D’Etat (“special power”).
Not sure Brit would use POV on Lane since she might go up (Brendon’s choice).
Lane seems confident Ragan’s leaving so doubt anyone uses POV unless Ragan wins it.
I think Matt would use DPOV on Ragan since he (Matt) can also name the replacement. Matt can’t worry about having kept it a secret since telling about it would have rendered it useless, and he can tell the Brigade he would have used it on them. His excuse for not using it on Lane is that he “knew” Lane was safe with Brigade votes against the replacement Matt names (probably Kathy since she is unlikely to win POV).
If Ragan wins POV, Brendon’s replacement nom will be interesting. I think (with Enzo/Hayden’s support) it will be Brit, who will leave instead of Ragan. Lane will only be angry with Brendon for putting Brit up against him. Enzo/Hayden – since they are the Brigade members “responsible” for Brendon – will have a good explanation ready for Lane, as to why Kathy wasn’t put up instead. (Only other non-Brigade member)


I am thinking the DPOV will is to be used at the Veto Meeting, not on eviction day Thursday.


Rachel is going to re appear again. maybe not right away but she will be back.

The Excitement

I gotta go take a smash!