Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt Vs Lane, DPOV, HOH, Double Eviction? all tonight

Tonight’s live show is a big one. Matt will Use the Diamond Power of Veto and put someone up as a replacement nomination. Will Matt have figured out that the Brigade wants him gone and nominate one of their members or will be play it safe and put up Kathy?
Big Brother 12 Live Show Results
Matt uses the Diamond power of veto and puts Kathy Hillis up for eviction against Lane.
Enzo votes to Evict = Kathy
Hayden Votes to Evict = Kathy
Ragan Votes to Evict = Kathy
Britney Votes to Evict = Kathy
MATT Votes to Evict = Kathy
Brendon is the HOH

By a vote of five to zero, Kathy is evicted from the Big Brother House. The Head of Household Competition is underway, it is based on the BB says game. Ragan and Hayden are the first 2 out followed by Matt and then Lane. Britney Haynes is the New Head of Household.
Julie Chen announces that Next weeks Live show is a double eviction episode.


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141 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt Vs Lane, DPOV, HOH, Double Eviction? all tonight

      1. My memory is hazy regarding wrestling, but wasn’t Yokozuna the enormous “sumo” that used to plop down from the turnbuckles and sit on other wrestlers’ faces? I wondered where that person went after the wrestling career was over. I think producing a hit CBS show like Big Brother is definitely a step up.

      1. No, No. Thanks to YOU!
        I just donated as well.
        Talk at you between the east and west coast feeds when the comments are open again and if the system holds up.

  1. Brendon — wearing faded brown short-sleeve, polo that looks like a cropped top on him, and messed his hair into a weird formation — looks better in his normal purple t-shirt than what he’s wearing for tonight

      1. Brendon is such a pussy, I swear I think that he is gay. He alos wears the same clothes for two or three days at a time.

  2. I just love Lane. He’s the most handsome guy ever. I’m really hoping Britney goes home. I was thinking…if Matt took himself and Lane off of the block…and replaced them with Hayden and Enzo…if by chance he did make it to final 2..he wouldn’t have any votes. That would be 4 votes against him (Rachel..Brendon..Hayden..Enzo). SEND BRITNEY HOME!

  3. I noticed Sleeper Cell Kathy has a tat on her back. Just maybe she was quite the rebel back in the day. I see Brendon opted for those uncomfortably tight azz jeans again. I’m hoping Enzo re-thinks the shocked baby chick look and wears a hat, as he suggested himself.

  4. Simon,
    How do you thing the votes will go down???
    nd will Matt have to use the DPOV before Julie announces the results, or after for more drama????

  5. first time showering since last week, got my slop, my Vitamin Water and my handmade diamond power of veto I made a couple days ago with some hot glue and glitter. Team Matt! Go Gremlin.

    1. Now, don’t let them start comparing you to Natalie and limited showering. You will see the show before me, so, you enjoy it first!

    2. you crack me up! I’m going to assume you’re holding the DPOV in one hand and the other hand is down your pants!!
      Go Gremlin!!!

  6. I think Britney’s hair is butt-ugly today.
    And that outfit makes her look like a giant Shirley Temple.
    She looks so much hotter when her hair is straight, and she’s wearing those tight tiny little pink shorts, and her Ugg boots. I want to bang her yo. It must feel like heaven up in there.

  7. Prediction: Matt will use the DPOV, obviously. But if Enzo and Hayden kicked him out of the Brigade today, he may put Enzo or Hayden up as his replacement.

    1. I sure hope even if they didn’t tell Matt anything that he’s figured it out & puts one of them up. Then he needs to win HOH – that will make for some entertaining BBAD!!

  8. There are going to be some serious reprecussions from Matt using the DPOV!!! This just might be the best week in the house yet

  9. I hope Matt is arrogant enough to think he’d be safe up against Lane and doesn’t use the DPOV. That’d be fantastic!

    1. yep – it’s sooo wrong most of the time. oh well – that’s why we have you & Dawg!! Good luck tonight with the traffic!!

  10. if anyone hasn’t already, you should check out rachel’s hoh blogs for the two weeks she was hoh. they’re classic.

        1. Matts is funny and he is well spoken. Rachress (ragamuffin you are effing hilarious) blogs were hard to follow. She writes like my 12 year old niece.

      1. get somebody (or yourself) to read them out loud with an annoying Rachel DR voice it makes the experience even better.

    1. It was a prize for the person who wouldn’t win but we thought might be able to do some damage. Way to disappoint us Ragan.

  11. Here I sit on the west coast waiting for the earth to shake from Brendon Head when it explodes because Matt has pulled out the DPOV. I will sit on high ground because I don’t want to get wet from all of Ragan’s tears of joy causing a flood. I wait to see if Matt will choose Britney, Kathy, Enzo, or Hayden to go see how Julie is dressed. Oh, the suspense…………………..

    1. sorry BBGrandma!! Soon you’ll be able to see it all unfold! I’m going have to wait next week or the week after b/c it’ll be pushed back to some ungodly hour for preseason football. UGHHHHH!!!

    2. Was there ever any doubt that it would be Kathy. No one in that house cares if Kathy goes home, Brit would piss of Ragan, Enzo or Hayden would piss off the Brigade. Why waste a power like that one taking out a competitor when you can eliminate the easiest target in the house with it.

  12. BOOOOOOOOM, there’s a reason why he chose, kathy, kathy has 0 chance of winning HOH and if she had won it;s a possibility of her saving brendon.

        1. Me neither. Brendon needs to be bashed. Let’s see if Enzo continues the outrageous asskissing.

          BTW, Simon, you are so right on the cbs edit — although it was even worse on yesterday’s show imho.

  13. What are these dumbass people going to do after next week when Brendon is gone? The only person who deserves to win this game is Lane, Ragan has turned into a complete basketcase, Britney is just a bitch, Enzo is playing all sides and Hayden just looks like a deer in the headlights, oh and least I foget the lying piece of crap Matt who lied about his wife shame on you!!!

    1. I threw up a little in my mouth when she said that she played with integrity and kept her word, etc. Kathy, we’ve seen you in the HOH with Brendon!

    1. Me too. He’s stuck in a house with people he continuosly call him despicable for bullying and then as if Matt was trying to be hipocritical, he calls Brendon a Big Dummy in his speech.

  14. Well, there’s one useless person out of the house. Now if only Matt were smart enough to win HOH and attempt to get Enzo and Hayden out of the game, considering they’re probably some of the worst BB players I’ve ever seen. Totally useless. I’m actually hoping for Ragan or maybe Lane to win HOH.

  15. i dont find it fair how brendon wins in what they say is hardest comp and the whole house is agianst him and he doesnt get to do anything with it

    1. That’s a good point. This Diamond POV was essentially a Coup D’Etat Lite and when that was used last year Chima got to play in the next HOH competition since her power was taken away. Since Brendon had his ability to choose who would be nominated revoked, he should have had a shot at the HOH.

  16. Thank you for updating this site quickly.

    I don’t need to watch the show because of this site.

    I hope Brendon goes next week.

    1. right hoh cant be played back to back by the last winner, if he makes it next week then he can compete again. he CAN complete in POV if his name is picked or he’s put up. :)

  17. i think getting kathy out was good cause she would’ve floated to the end now there’s hope for someone who has actually competed to go to the end and get 2nd place instead of her.

    1. I must be the only person who is neutral on Britney. She entertains the hell out of me though with the diary room soundbites.

      1. She’s witty and she is legitimately entertaining, but she’s bitchy beyond necessity. I mean, catty. I think her behavior with Monet was indicative (at least partly) of her real character. But who knows? Maybe she’s just bitchier in the confines of the Big Brother game.

  18. If Matt had any balls we would have put Brit who actually wins stuff but goes after kathy… what a loser. Hope the house gets mad at him and he goes next week. This was the big POWER PLAY of the season… and look how lame it was. Worst season ever!

    1. Although he claimed that Kathy kept the pretzel thing from him and was two-timing the house by talking with Brendon, I really think he did that because it was the ABSOLUTE easiest no-brainer. Getting Kathy out rocks no boats.

  19. Now I am pissed off, Matt uses the Veto that he told people about, which is against the rules but he did it anyway so I thought since he took one of Brendons nom’s off that he would get to play for HOH but I see him sitting. So BB has rigged the game again. now al the Brendon haters can sit around with there hands down there pants saying mean and nasty stuff.

      1. Can’t we all be civil? To say the least, nobody in this house is at all a good person. I only hope that Brit keeps her word; if she does then I will like her a lot more.

  20. If you are a Ragan fan..can you really be a Matt fan?..The way Ragan is breaking down for him is a joke..crying about the wife’s fake illness,etc. it has ruined his game

    1. Yes! I like them both. Brit too. Lane, enzo, Hayden are floaters. They want everyone else to do the dirty work. I jumped off the brigade wagon when they turned on Matt. And Brendon is just a joke. He is socially and emotionally weak.

    1. It’s a long shot, but I hope so, too. Unless they really do keep up the side alliances, watching the Brigade lick Matt’s taint is not going to be fun and Brendon has tried to be a competitor in this game (even though everything he does backfires on him). He keeps getting the shit end of the stick and he’s not as usefully conniving and clever as the others, but he has tried.

  21. oh god Brit is HoH… can’t stand her… wonder who she’ll nominate though. There is no one left other than Brendon so she’s going to have to get her hands dirty.

  22. yes we get to listen to britney sdit in hoh for a week and bash everyone behind their backs with their girlfriend ragan

  23. i knew it..sat right here and said brits winning. Bye Brendon.wished u could have made it a lil longer..if brit had any sense she’d take out a strong player ie matt

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA awwww brenchel fans whining that matt choice was a bad one, looks like it was not so bad, but don’t tear up so much brenchel will be reunited next week, which is exactly what brendon really wants he found true love( or so he believes) on big brother thats what he came for

  25. Enzo threw that trust me. it wasnt to his benefit to win this week and then not play endurance next week. no he let brit have it….so she can do the rest of the dirty work.

  26. So happy that Enzo lost. He’d possibly be worse than Rachel with power.

    Also, found the interviews with Nick, I mean Lane’s, family and Brit’s weird — I totally think they are the engaged couple.

  27. They should have let Brendon play in this comp. They let Chima play last year when the coup de ta was used… and this is basically half of that. I think Brendon should have gotten to play in this HoH it’s not like he would have won for sure anyway.

    1. feel happy Ragan fans, he is safe this week it would seem. In my opinion, Brendon and Hayden/Enzo is going up. If Brendon wins POV then it will be Hayden against Enzo

  28. Way to go Brittney, you would have been evicted! I hope she puts up Brenden and Enzo, and Enzo leaves!!! I’m so sick of him, he was willing to gladly evict Matt & all he did was bad mouth him constantly all week, nice partner in crime, in case you don’t have 24/7! He has NOT won one HOH or POV! I use to think he was cool because he was funny but the further the game goes along the more nasty he talks and is. He knows nothing when they all talk game and just repeats people as they talk! This HOH he guessed the answers! I could tell he was guessing, that’s why he kept stalling, he does tell you that on 24/7, that he guessed on most of the questions. Thankfully he finally guessed wrong! He is all talk and threatens anyone who would DARE to put him up! He has become one of the most annoying house guests! He has no loyalty to the brigade! He’s willing to add Brenden and he considered Kathy as one of them too! However now online he’s putting her down, making fun of her game! He’s such a user & hates Britney, he has had nothing good to say about her in a few weeks, while he’s up the HOH’s ass, whoever that is for the week! Lets see who’s ASS he kisses this week! I’m hoping his ass goes up and out!!!!!

    1. I totally agree with you Nancy. I hope Enzo leaves. He talks all day and long about nothing and thinks he’s the shiet. I would really like Brendon to have a fighting chance. It’s fun to root for the underdog. It’s incredibly annoying to watch a house filled with arrogant fools.


    1. She was referring to the Double Eviction. Britney will make 1 decision. Someone else will make the other decision.

  30. This house really sucks. It isn’t exciting at all. There are so many douchebags in the house and people who think they are deserving (Ragan, Lane, Enzo) who have done nothing at all. Matt and Brendon actually deserves to be in the final 2. I hate how so many people ragged on Rachel and Brendon when they weren’t anything special or better than them at all. They are worse because they suck up and pretend to be nice people when they clearly are backstabbing, two-faced assholes. No one in the house is nice at all. They all need to get off their high horse and start winning competitions before they can start shouting crap to people who have actually won competitions.

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