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1:30pm – 1:45pm Matt and Ragan are in the have not room talking. Ragan is still wiping away the tears and crying saying how much he doesn’t want Matt to leave. Ragan asks Matt how he will act with Rachel in the jury house. Matt says that before the whole pretzel message he would have been nice to her but not now. Matt goes on to say that there was no reason for Rachel to mess up his game after she was already out and that it wasn’t right. Matt says that it also could have just been Kathy making it all up. Matt asks Ragan if he has made his HOH request yet!? Ragan says no …that all he really wants are his dads suspenders and a letter. Matt says but you could ask for different toothpaste and stuff. Ragan says that he thinks it would be bad luck for him to go ask though. Matt says oh okay. Ragan says if you go I wonder what Julie will ask you “So you seem to have formed a strong relationship with Ragan” Matt says yeah she probably will ask that. Matt says that Hayden was saying some super nice things last night and said that he wanted to tell Matt this stuff because his goodbye messages always suck. Ragan says that his goodbye message was really long… big brother cuts the feeds. Ragan asks Matt if he like all the media stuff. Matt says he doesnt mind it but that once he is home he just wants to be at home and not be in any newspapers or anything. Ragan and Matt leave the have not room.

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1:45pm – 2pm In the above picture you can see Matt pull the diamond POV out of his jeans that are folded up.

Meanwhile, In the kitchen Lane, Enzo, Britney and Ragan are talking about random stuff ans what they are going to wear tonight. Britney talks about he birthday coming up …and Enzo mentions that his wedding anniversary is coming up too. They tell him that he can get the producers to call and wish her a happy anniversary for him. Ragan goes into the cabana room and starts crying again. Ragan says that being here has taught him what is really important to him and what his true values are… Kathy is laying beside him, listening and rubbing his arm. Kathy tells him that they can choose which way they go and that with their values and moral there are more bumps in the road. …Ragan says that from this week especially he see why he keeps his friends close to him. Ragan says that the game is a metaphor of his life and that it brings stuff out….

3:40pm Feeds on Trivia

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154 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Sign-up for the Superpass Live Feeds & SEE What Happens LIVE!! FREE 3 Day Trial!

      1. She’s not fat. She would never make the show the biggest looser. The people on the biggest looser are bigger than she is.

        1. A guy I know went through the tryout process to be on Biggest Loser. According to him men evidently need to be 100+ lbs “overweight” based on their chart of “ideal weight” for that person’s frame and height. I’m not sure what the requirement is for women to be on that show. Although AG is not a small woman, I’m sure you are right, she is probably not close to being considered obese. I’m sure QAZ would beg to differ. :0)

          1. Allison Grodner can easily eat 100 pounds in one sitting. It might take her 8 or 9 hours to do it, but damnit, she’s a strong women who’s not shy of obstacles. Unless they’re hurdles or stairs.

    1. wow that was nice….whos is Allison Grodner anyways?? I keep hearing people on here say a bunch of fat jokes about her???? or did she do something mean that made people talk like that about her???

      1. oh okay. because there was an impostor on there stealing people’s names and trying to make people mad. and there was an impostor on this site too so just wondering.

  1. The live feeds cust. service is so nice. My grandma died three weeks ago and I didn’t have the money for the feeds but I really wanted them, so i called and they gave me a free two week extension on my trial

    1. Basically they stroke his ego by saying he is a bigger threat in challenges when discussing it with him, but they have yet to actually tell him they are voting him out, at least that Im aware of

      1. Yeah, they haven’t told him yet. He was discussing with Ragan that people delay bad news and wouldn’t delay if it was good news. Also, that Enzo has let slip — by talking about what Lane should do next week in comps — that Enzo is planning on Lane staying.

  2. No offense to Ragan, but as a former college student, I wouldn’t be able to take him seriously in a class if I saw him crying like this nonstop on the show. Would be hard to respect him as an authority figure after this.

    1. I would look past the crying and see him stand up for himself to Rachel when she tried to beat him down and I’d admire him for his alliance with Matt. Crying doesn’t bother me. Some people are more emotional.

    2. I agree. If I saw the live feeds, I would like him, but I would also feel like he’s not quite an authority figure. If I saw the CBS show only, I’m not even sure I’d like him. CBS hasn’t given him OR Matt a very good edit. I like Matt tremendously based on Live Feeds, whereas just from this blog and from shows, I didn’t like him at all.

    3. put it like this regan is as much a college professor as rachel is a chemistry teacher…. i think they lie about their bios on the BB page to make them look better in the eyes of viewers…. Regan is really a “Tabloid Gossip Columnist” and Rachel a “Stripper”…. after watching them on big brother proved that either they are playing stupid on TV or are really stupid in real life….

    4. I agree, Mike. There is crying , there is out of control sobbing, then there is the ridiculous crap Ragan is doing. Respect is EARNED and not received just because of your position in life. Like you, in no way would I be able to view “Professor Ragan” in the same light ever again if I was one of his students. Of course my college years are in the distant past, but I’m sure my son would feel the same way if one of his Profs was so emotionally unstable.

        1. No, but being around Ragan would make ME emotionally unstable. His crying is over the top. How many more of “you are my sunshine” speech is Ragan going to have? I think he had ’em with all the houseguests except for Rachel, Brendon & Kathy.

        2. If Ragan was simply crying then I would agree he is not emotionally unstable. However, he is bawling uncontrollably practically 24/7. Combine that with his outbursts/flare-ups/rants when under any kind of stress and he is considered very unstable emotionally. Not an opinion…by the book and clinical.

          1. Ragan has said that even in his life outside of the BB house, he cries on a regular basis (daily?). He is in love with Matt( I’m not exaggerating) and, although he knows nothing can come of it, he is experiencing anticipatory grief over the loss of the object of his affection. Matt could offer cryptic reassurances/ hints to Ragan (as he has done with Hayden), but just as he confessed to “messing with Monet, just for fun,” he is needlessly toying with Ragan’s emotions. And this is someone he has said is a true friend. When he pulls out the DPOV, Ragan will be so happy, he won’t have time to notice Matt’s manipulations because it will all be chalked up to Matt’s having to keep the power a secret.

  3. I love big brother, my favorite summer show, i cant stand Enzo and Hayden. Talk about floaters. They need to go!!!! I want Ragan, Matt, Lane, Brittney in the final four!!!!

    1. i am so with you!!!! i absolutely loveeee matt lane and brit is my overall favorite…i like ragan too but i’d prefer to see hayden in the final four with those three ragan would be my second choice

  4. Ragan is going to wet himself once he finds out Matt is staying. Of course, he’ll cry from excitement.

    He’ll be crying before eviction time and after eviction time.

    I think he should be drinking plenty of water, so that he doesn’t dehydrate.

    Ragan – get over it – Matt is someone you met just over a month ago, not your lover.

    I shouldn’t be talking this badly about Ragan. I know one of his best friends very well and I’ve met Ragan a couple of times in the past, but come on – quit crying already. Ok – you’re emotional, but keep it together. As Rachel said, it’s a game.

    Can’t wait to see to night’s show.

    1. To be honest, I think 10% of his tears are his thoughts that once Matt is gone, Ragan’s chances for the win are diminished. He knows that Brit prefers Lane and vice versa — he also knows that Hayden and Enzo prefer each other and Lane more than him….although he dreams of a strong man’s alliance with them. I think 5% of his tears are because he has bought Matt’s story about his sick wife.

      1. Yeah, and it’s great how Matt just keeps letting Ragan cry over him leaving and his sick wife, which are both lies.

    2. I could totally be friends with Regan. He is sweet, loyal and funny! He is emotional but that is how he relieves his stress. Doesn’t bother me at all.

      1. I’ve seen him and his friends out many times and they are quite a fun, hilarious group when they’ve been drinking.

        He keeps saying about Brendan, how can he feel that much for someone (Rachel) when he only met her a month ago. Ragan, you are feeling the same way with Matt.

        Matt will stay. Just have fun and enjoy your time there. Eventually most of the houseguests are gonna have to evict someone they like. There’s no way around it.

        1. That’s hysterical. I never thought of the Brendon/Rachel & Matt/Ragan similarities. Ragan has been clear that he thinks it’s stupid that B/R have such a strong bond after they only met one another a short while ago. Look in the mirror Ragan. Are you playing the Rachel or Brendon role in your “relationship” with Matt? Pot meet kettle.

    3. Some people are able to build bonds in a short time period. There are numerous people who have became couples/best friends on the show so how could Ragan and Matt be any different? BB is not just a game, it’s a social experiment. There’s going to be emotions, relationships, fights, etc.

      Also who cares if he cries. He’s been trapped in a house with the same people for a month and a half. Who wouldn’t be a little on the emotional side? It’s not bad to be emotional, it shows that you have a soul and care. Plus no ones forcing you to watch him cry.

      1. I hate to break it you, but ability to cry does not determine whether you have a soul. Do we really want to go down that road and get into religion and/or spirituality? Crier or non-crier we’ll just keep it simple and say you can still have a soul. Of course crier or non-crier you also may not.

        1. Coco, the soul doesn’t need over watering. It also needs shit for fertilizer to grow. So, as you said, you can have a soul by crying or not.

    4. “Ragan – get over it – Matt is someone you met just over a month ago, not your lover.”

      LOL, that is exactly what they were saying to Brendon about Rachel!

      1. Give Ragen a break, they have been in that house 24/7 for more than 45 days! They have spent more time together than most people spend with their families! More people than Regan have attached themselves to others in the house just as fast! Matt & Regan have been pals since they first entered the house. In there I’m sure based on their statements that in there friendships develop faster than the real world! Add that he is a sensitive person, he has the right to be emotional! Obviously you are not that type of person, maybe your not even close to anyone, don’t put him down just because he is like that. I can totally understand the friendship, after the end of the show I feel like where are they, what are they doing? The show just ends and thats it. After watching them 24/7 you get invested somewhat. But that is my personalty as well. Regan, I’m sure makes a great friend.

  5. lol @ matt being a great competitor…having small feet isn exactly all that and a bag of chips, lets see him win something for real without using his tiny feet and the producers giving him a dpov :P

    1. It’s not only winning the HOHS, it’s having the guts to win — the other brigade probably could have won, but I’m sure Enzo and Hayden dropped because they didn’t want blood on their hands…and didn’t want slop. Matt has also played the DPOV pretty well — he’s laid all the groundwork for them to not be overly PO’d when he uses it (they’ll be PO’d but less than they would have been) and I DOUBT he’d be on the block this week if it wasn’t for production’s manipulation of Rachel and allowance of rule-breakage — hell, I think production was even manipulationg Hayden and Enzo so that they lost trust in Matt and campaigned against him with Brendon — I think Britney would be out if production hadn’t manipulated so that Matt was on the block.

      1. I agree with you as well Mimimew! I wok think the “pretzel incident” would be cheating since she had contact outside of the house!?!

          1. I think Rachael should be banned from voting for the winner of BB. She knows the rules, and BB had to see the pretzel message if they showed it on the show last night.

      2. Those competitions Matt won didn’t take skill or guts. They were about how long the hgs could last in those awkward and physically stressful positions they were put in. Being short and slight was definitely a big advantage in both those competitions, so it’s no coincidence that he and Ragan were good in them. Britney seems like she’s allergic to any sort of physical stress, so that’s probably why she didn’t do as well.

  6. Ragan crying over Matt leaving all the time is hilarious. Like he is so sure that he is leaving. if I was the undiabolical genius, I’d be very suspicious of that. LMAO. I think Matt secretly loves Ragan repeatedly falling at his feet like that. Could he not be anymore of an idiot??

    1. While Matt is using Ragan, I also feel (and his HOH blog said so) that he genuinely likes Ragan. He gives Ragan good advice to further his game (at least up until it would hurt Matt’s game). He also has praised Ragan to the brigade — he’s convinced them that Ragan is completely trustworthy — the most trustworthy after the brigade — whereas once the brigade wanted Ragan and Britney out, he’s turned them into focusing on Britney if they can’t get out Brendon. And he doesn’t disparage him with the Brigade — He’s nothing like Enzo — can you imagine how Enzo would trash-talk him if there were a Enzo-Ragan side alliance?

      1. Hi. I noticed that you said Matt’s blog read?? How do you read what the Houseguest blog? I would love to know. Believe it or not I called CBS and they had no idea how to ready what they blog. Thanks!! V

        1. Hi Vicki, You can read the HOH blogs on Matt’s are really good, Rachel’s – not so much! I haven’t read Brendan’s yet.

  7. Regan could have won both of the hoh comps Matt won but he didn’t want to “get blood on his hands” so he jumped off like a little wuss. If Matt didn’t have the DPOV it really would have been regans fault

    1. Actually, I think that Matt let Regan know that he wanted HOH and wasn’t giving up. So maybe Regan figured he probably couldn’t beat Matt but he could trust him.

  8. anyone know ow eviction is going to go tonight? do they have all house guests pack there bag’s or are they just playing it off like matt and lane are up on the block?

    1. My guess is that part of why they are having the extended “houseguests are playing a game” message on Live Feeds is that they are telling the houseguests all to pack. They told them all last week to pack — I can’t imagine they wouldn’t tell them this week to pack because they KNOW one of the unexpecteds is going home tonight instead of Matt. Although I’m sure production knows who Matt is going to oust (I’m sure he’s told them in dr) so they could possibly get the person’s things while houseguests are outside playing HOH comp….but wouldn’t they want the drama of seeing them all freaking out being told to pack? Or maybe more drama if they haven’t been told to pack? Mmm, I guess I’m not sure myself…..even though I took 3k words to say it!

      1. Matt isn’t ousting anyone, he will simply be putting them on the block. The rest of the house will be voting like usual only now they have no time to gameplan for their nominations for eviction. HAHA It’s gonna be a good one tonight!!!

  9. I don’t know if anyone commented on this yet because I’m at work and can’t read all the comments but did anyone else think it was dumb that Brendon’s strategy for POV comp was to copy Ragan, the person he wanted to beat, while he was a letter behind him? Like hello if you are taking the time to copy his puzzle and he is one letter ahead then you are going to lose cause Ragan will finish first. The level of idiocy that comes from Brendon does have me picking at everything he says so maybe I’m being too harsh but that was so DUMB to me.

    1. S-T-E-L-L-A! Yeah, I thought the same thing. That’s a sure way to lose a compeition, worrying how others are doing. He should’ve been focusing on himself and no one else or else it’ll mess you up.

    2. I thought the same thing last night. I guess he just didn’t want to be still on the first letter when the game ended. LOL!!

  10. Wait did I read that right that Enzo and Hayden want to be in a movie together? The only part Hayden can play is a grown up Justin beiber with that hair cutt. And the only thing Enzo will star in is a commercial for the hair club for men. He looks like a dog when he smiles and does that stupid laugh. Oh I wish Matt knew the truth about them.

  11. I love how Rachel was like, “it’s just a game, you can’t believe what people say” but she sure fell for the “I love you” thing, didn’t she??

  12. From what I saw in the feeds Acrazy1, I only saw Brandon pack his bags, and I believe that was becasue it was his last day in the HoH room. I herd something about Lane saying about him having to pack.

    I didn’t see or here about anyone else packing so maybe that is what they are doing now. They are all told to pack and get their stuff ready for tonight.

  13. I have a question, when did we find out that Matt couldn’t tell anyone about the DPOV?? I didn’t know that he couldn’t say anything, I think he chose to not to tell anyone. But if someone can tell me where I can find this information as fact as oppsoed to our speculations.
    Thanks SJ

    1. I can’t remember for shure, but I am shure it was on TV when he won it, that it was mentioned that he can’t tell anyone about it.

    2. IF Matt is not supposed to tell about the DPOV then he’s blown it. What do you think it means when he tells folks he’s not gone til he’s out the door? He’s ALL BUT saying it.

      Those that haven’t figured it out weren’t listening.

      1. “he’s not gone til he’s out the door?” how exactly is that even implying that he has a power, goddamn you brenchel fans never stop with the making up bullshit…

    3. When Matt was in Pandora’s box reading the DPOV card instructions/rules, he read that he couldn’t tell anyone about it.

      1. It was he couldn’t say he had the DPOV…He has never said that and that was in the note. To not let anyone know he held it.

  14. I can’t wait to see Brendon’s face when Matt uses his dpov tonight. It’s going to be great!!! How will this work, will everyone have to pack their bags to go home, how will they know who needs to pack at the last minute. Matt hasn’t even said who will take his place when he uses his power. I think he should just go ahead and put Kathy up. I like her, but she really needs to go. Anytime I turn on the live feed she’s burning one, or in bed.
    If Matt put up Enzo, I’d be jumping for joy! I can’t stand that loser. He is as nasty as they come. I lost all respect for him a while back.

    1. it’s probably the same thing as when they do a double elimination. the person who is eliminated doesn’t know they’re going and doesn’t pack their bags. the HG’s have to pack for them after they leave.

    2. Matt is a little weasel, how can he use his wife like he is doing? what if something really happens to her and she does get sick, how is matt going to handle that? I’m ashamed of him, thats not game it’s just cruel, he’s a little worm under my shoe…”smash”

  15. I’d love nothing more than to see Britney go but Matt knows Ragan considers Britney an ally.
    Britney is loyal to herself only. Well, in the end they all are.

    I think Kathy will be the one to go.

  16. And Simon, I see ya listened to my suggestion about a link for HOH blogs. That you! That means we ONLY have to come to YOUR site cuz, let’s face it, the others just don’t cut it.

  17. Last Night’s Uncredited Performance:

    Due to budget cuts, The Zingbot was played by Rachel’s vibrator!” Reason for Brendon being the only one to give “it” a hug, followed by a look of familiarity on his face!

    1. That’s funny jimik. I kept waiting for him to pull the head off and it be Jessie underneath. It scared the crap out of me!

    1. Though I like Brit, I am certainly not pulling for her to win, but if they want to best chance of sending Brendon to the Jury House next week, keeping Brit is best play. This way, its a win-win for the house to get the other half of Brenchal out of there.

  18. Allison Grodner was recently spotted at the new “Five Guys Burgers and Fries” fast food chain. Apparently she has a side gig as a critic for Zagat’s Guide. When asked what she thought, she replied’ “When it comes to fast food and “fast casual” restaurants my standards aren’t usually very high…probably because I’ve been let down so many times.

    Same can be said for her EP duties on BB12.

  19. Ragan…what can I say! It’s pretty funny how someone who talks (and cries) about the importance of values, morals, honesty, loyalty, integrity, and friendship signs up for Big Brother.

  20. I think it will all happen when Matt has to stand to give his speech. Brendon will almost have a heart attack, Enzo, Lane and Hayden will be too stunned. He won’t put up a brigade member because he needs to stay longer. He would put an even larger target on his back and the remaining guys would band with Brendon.
    I think Brit is out. Matt and Regan were trying to get her nom before the POV ceremony. Matt knows that Brit is smart and knows this game very well. She has also won the POV 3 times. Kathy isn’t a threat to him right now.

    1. Kathy is a threat. Don’t forget that she voted for his eviction when Monet went home. She also is a wild card he can’t figure out. If she makes it to final 3 with Brigade members, she is a favorite to take to final 2 for an easy win. He needs Brit/Ragan to stay to help him evict Brenden and when the time is right, other Brigade members. Plus she is a for sure vote to evict against Lane this week.

    2. I was wondering about this too. I think he’ll send Kathy. Kathy’s not anyone’s alliance. He’d be stupid to out a Brigade member at this point. He could even use his outing Kathy as another show of his “alliance” to the Brigade—plus then he keeps Ragan and Brit who are both on his side. I think putting Kathy up is his best bet.

  21. Brief, brief cut in trivia and Lane, Hayden, and Enzo in cabana — saying, well, we have 2 votes if he…and after, they’ll be 6 in the house. So, I’m guessing that 1) they told or are talking about telling Matt and still worried that he might go off and expose brigade 2) they think tonight is double eviction (maybe told to pack their bags and don’t realize it’s because of secret power? and to the person who said that they were told to pack bags earlier, I don’t think so…all I saw them doing this morning/early afternoon was lying around talking while it took Lane and Matt quite a while to pack their bags last night.)

  22. I sure wish Matt could put Brendon up… Since he can’t I hope he puts up Kathy and Enzo and they send Enzo home and then next week everyone get Brendon out of there… Can’t stand him… I would love to be on this show… But wow, people can be vicious…I wonder how ticked Brendon is going to be tonight… Can’t wait :)

  23. Best Line By Kathy (during the veto contest): “Im takin my time!”

    Best DR Response: Britney to kathy’s Comment – Britney Mimicking Kathy says “Im takin my time on this one?” “OH on this one, well take your time that’s OK Kathy, it’s not like its a race or anything! ZING!”

  24. Brendon’s HOH blog. While the live feeds were on trivia for hours (except for 60 sec showing of cabana room with Lane, Hayden, and Enzo), I’ve read Brendon’s HOH blog. What a whiny beeyatch! Although not as bad as Rachel’s.

    1. Brendover applied his handwriting analysis expertise to his HOH blog and determined that El Salvatore is in the bag of pretzels.

  25. It was after Jeff produced the Coup d’etat last season and saved himself that Chima went bananas — furious that her HOH had been overturned and negated. She was so angry with BB that she wouldn’t do anything they told her to do. Ultimatey she was evicted. Does Brendon know about Chima???

    1. I think Brendon will explode but not leave the show. He will act just like he did when Rachel was voted out instead of him. However, Matt playing th DPOV will be a complete surprise and might catch him off guard and he does have a temper. But, I think he will just get mean and not leave.

  26. Live Feeds: Enzo, yeah, I want to do action, I want to do mafia, I want to do comedy. (Talking about films he wants to do….)

  27. 7:00pm est, brit doing her hair and make up now. I guess the guys don’t care or take long to get ready before TV time LOL.

    Lane sitting on the kitchen counter or breakfast counter. Come on Lane you are indoors take your cap off. Feeds cut out for the moment.

    1. And you act like MALES are supposed to spend all day getting ready like a woman? What do they have lots make up to put on? Not even a gay man like regan spends more than 20 mins in there. I mean I hate to pick on you but a lot of your statements a ridiculous I read here everyday. Just because you wear “guyliner” and blush in your spare time don’t act like it’s gonna take that much from Hayden to get you “excited”.

  28. I believe that Mattt and Ragan are the close friends still in the house….it would explain all the crying that Ragan does……he has cried so much on BBAD that I have stopped watching it………I have been a teacher for 30 years and could not imagine going back to school and facing my students after crying constantly all summer long on TV……

    1. I agree …I figure the students at Ragan’s school have indeed been watching him wither before their eyes….and I still believe that Brendon probably won’t have a job when he gets back if the staff or students have been watching him dethrone his balls, and learn to say the F word every 2 seconds. What an accomplishment…!

  29. 4:05-6 Cali — Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden in Taj. Enzo getting ready, Brendon lying on bed. Enzo says, “yeah, matty going home” Enzo going over numbers of things for the HOH comp.

  30. ?Will the house erupt (LIKE OH SHHIIITT!) or will everyone be shocked in silence…? I forget what happened last time w/ Jeff. We know Regen will be whimpering like a lost puppy dog

  31. I been reading wondering what you think about everyone not knowing yet its ragan as the sab , and how cool Matt has been that no one supspects he has the dpov .These people are either blind or dumb ,I say dumb . What ones I thought was smart just shoot them selfs in the foot. There is not one in house that is better then anyone else its a game and poor playing one for sure this year with all admiring them selfs in mirror .There is not one there that has not talked about what the can gain from this show in puplic ,if they only knew !!!! biggest disgrace is matt lying about his wife to further his gain .Shame for shame

  32. Bathroom: Hayden putting volumizer in his hair “big sexy hair” brand. ;) Does Hayden the hairy one really need pouffier hair? Brit even told him that she didn’t think he wanted that but ;) he said yes he does.

  33. I really haven’t read anyone’s thoughts on how Ragan will react when he finds out Matt’s lie about his wife… If Ragan is crying so much now, and talking about what this game has taught him ( and cancelling Just the Tip pissed me off!!!) then how will Ragan take the news that his bestie told a horriblle lie???? He keeps reiterating it in his campaign for Matt… Btw: I’m still for ff: Ragan, Matt, Lane, & Brat…

  34. Rachel/Brendon have treated everyone with respect Ragan/Britney were being cruel to someone who treat them as a friend and then lying to everyone what was said and Ragan
    wouldnt have to defend himself if he didnt start crap and then cry saying he was picked on for being small and gay .Het the Brigade has talk crap but at least theyre respectful to the person

    1. What show have YOU been watching?! Seriously, go get that eye checked….there is some bull@#$! ALL up in there! I am conserned.

  35. I hope brit puts up loser azz enzo and hayden. Their all so lazy and can’t even win an hoh. They don’t need to be there.

  36. She should put up Brendon and Bozo, Brendon can win POV, Hayden will go up in his place, everyone gets rid of Bozo, Lane, Ragan, or Matt can win HOH next Thurday, and after Brendon is booted 15 minutes later, he’ll be able to catch a ride with Bozo so they can travel to the Jury house together.

  37. It’s simply crazy to think Brittney is such a “good girl” she’s a rotten little freck, she needs to get someone to straighten out that eyeliner she wears, she is one of the most rude , back stabbing b*tches thats been on big brother, she cant play a game right the only reason she is still in the BBH is she’s flapping those goofy lips about everyone, Oh she’s the big dog now since she won HOH but give Enzo credit he did really good, If only he could have pulled it off, I wanna see how people looks at brittney after all is over with she wont be know as the little pagent queen.she’s a horrible person that has no real feelings for anyone, I dont know how her boyfriend is going to beable to handle the little spoiled witch, if she doesn’t get her way she’ll go running back to mamma

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