**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit WINS HOH

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Double eviction Next Thursday


Audio Leak, MAtt explaining that Rachel was going through his stuff and produciton said she was allowed… You can hear production telling him that Have nots is over at 9:00pm. Matt telling them that he was going around telling everyone there must be a power in the house and to not lose hope but he was told by production to stop it. They houseguests saying that they didn’t believe he only won $1, they all thought he won 10 grand. Matt thinks they are done with twists for the season. Everyone starts talking about the sab, they all think it was Kathy. Matt jokes that not even Kathy knew she was the saboteur. LAne wants the person to just admit they were the saboteur.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:14pm Taj BRit and Ragan Ragan: “I need to compose myself the adrenaline is really getting to me” They go over the shock when Matt pulled out his DPOV they are both absolutely ecstatic.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:19pm Pretty clear that BRendon, Hayden and enzo are not too happy. Ragan: “I’m so glad your left matt” Matt says thanks him, Matt: “Theses assholes were going to evict me” (says that infront of everyone) They left a bunch of Kathy’s smokes behind..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:20pm the ogre

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:36pm a bunch of conversations are going on, Matt talking about keeping the power secret, Brit and Enzo talking about the HOH questions, Lots of Saboteur talk everything is happy for Kathy to get the money because they all thought she needed it.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:42pm Audio leak brit is asking production if she it’s too late to request somthing for her HOH

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


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337 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit WINS HOH

      1. Yes, yes, YES!!!! My gal Brit won!!!!!!!! Send Enzo and/or Brendon packing! (Double elimination, after all!) Put that in your pipe & smoke it, Jersey boy & Neanderthal!

        1. Um, actually, it’s NeanderTALL… HAHA I hope that douche goes home first this week. Don’t care who is next just as long as Brendon goes.

    1. Britney is one of the worst people I have ever watched on TV, they did not show how mean and nasty she is on the show, and her parents would be happy and supportive if she brought Lane home, what does that say about the way they feel about Nick ? No wonder that girl is messed up !! She thinks she is a princess and should get everything she wants, Please let her go next week PLEASE I am so sick of her !!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. That was weird when Brit’s mom said she would be ok with Lane being Brit’s boyfriend. So does Nick exist? Is he a code name for lane? If Nick is real he’s probably pissed as hell right now. Engagement is off!!!!!

          1. I agree with you. I don’t recall Brit going into any details about “Nick”. Also, what kind of mom agrees with her engaged daughter bringing someone from game show? Who was the guy on the couch with her mom? He looked a lot like Lane? Anyone else notice?

            1. yes, momof2, I noticed the same thing………if I remember right, think brit said her parents are divorced so I’m thinking……….could it be possible that brit and lane are stepsiblings?

      2. LOL I thought I was the only one questioning that? She will support her decision? what? My mom would never say something like that if I was engaged… then again I wouldn’t be flirting with another guy either…

        1. Yeah I agree… I thought that was a weird comment but I can’t decide if it squashes or plays into my theory of Lane + Britney being the could that knows each other (*DRINK*) Otherwise wouldn’t they ask Nick what he thought of it?? They always like putting people in awkward situations that would have been the perfect opportunity.

          1. Thank you!!! that is exactly what i was thinking. I would NEVER speak poorly of my DAUGHTER on national television. Do any of you have kids, and you are pathetic parents if you would say that you would do that to your kids and let everybody see.

            1. She didn’t have to insult her but she clearly showed she doesn’t care about britney’s engagement which i think is a pretty dumb thing to do on tv when her daughter’s fiance is watching

      3. Britney is the way she is because she is “not a princess”. Britney’s “meaness” probably comes from the fact that she had to work hard or even fight for the things she wanted. Nothing was handed her. Her parents look like “hard-working” middle-class people who have to work hard for everything they own and have instilled that in their daughter. She is not spoiled by any means.

          1. Oh give me a break she is a Bitch, does nothing but complains when she doesn’t get her way, and backstabs everyone, cries when she also doesn’t get it handed to her. She didn’t like and couldn’t handle it when she had to be a have not and on the block, but she’s OK when she does it to others. The others and I that have had to work for what we have and to get where we are, have been able to do it with more honor and integrity than this brat. Nobody gave others or me anything, we worked for it. She acts like a spoiled little brat. And she’s not that good of an actor. Last the STFU to Princes was uncalled for. Brit, Regan and liar Matt need to go, they think their better than everyone else in this game, yet another clue about her true bring up and personality. They will not make to the end. Because the house would explode with all that hot air. Please try to be nicer to the others who post, this is just a game, we and including yourself are just having fun with this whole thing.

            1. Jimik60 has a right to be pissed. We all do. We’ve wanted nude pics of Britney for over a month now, with no success. This is all your fault, Simon/Dawg! Look what you are doing to jimik60!

            2. ts, somebody or something gave you the drive to make something of yourself. I’m glad you took that drive and made it work for you. And, did it without bullying or picking on others. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that is great!

      4. dont you guys get it there is no Nick the life long friends in the house are brittney and lane and they are engaged in real life. They are a boy and a girl like ragan as the sab said and i think that production gave him that specific clue to read as an allusion to lane and brit even though the hgs all thought it was a lie.

        1. I think that Lane and Nick are actually good friends, they probably grew up together or something and that is how and why Brit and Lane are so close. She said after she won HOH, “Ooh goody I get to see Nick”. So I’m pretty sure he exists.

        2. Do you really think Nick doesn’t exist? If so, do your research. I’m sure somewhere along the way you will stumble across a pic of Brit with Nick. Then you will see that you should not assume anything without facts.

      5. she is the worst person i have seen so far. i think that cbs is editing her good to win America’s Favorite to win the 25k’s. Brit said once before that production had called her in and told her to start acting sweet in front of the camera and she told them no.

      1. I hope Brit, Lane, Ragan & Matt team up otherwise they will be influencing her to keep a Brigade member safe. Matt said he wants to go up so he can play the POV against Brendon which I really hope does not happen. Also what’s interesting is Brit promised Brendon he would not go up if she won HOH in return for him not putting her up so I am curious if she will stick to the deal, but I highly doubt it! I hope with Brendons back against the wall he will oust Enzo & Hayden saying were pushing to get Matt up on the block! That would be awesome :) One more thing, last week Brendon & Matt made a deal and shook on it that Brendon would not put Matt up or backdoor him and Brendon broke his word. They did not show this exchange on either of the last two shows. I wonder why!

  1. Yes yes yes. That was the best thing Matt could have done. Well except he could have put Enzo up. If Brendan wins pov the brigade is done because Enzo and Hayden will go up. Is Kathy kidding. She talks about integrity?? Lmao. She ran to whoever had the power. She makes me sick. Too the people who don’t like Brit. Don’t worry she will be gone next week in the double eviction

    1. nothing is for sure. she is with lane and lane could easily tell her regan and matt are her biggest competition and push for regan. that is if brendonn wins pov.

      1. somehow I don’t think she’ll honor that deal – and if Brenda really wants to believe they have a deal then he deserves to go home. Maybe he won’t be the first to go in the double eviction but I bet he goes in this double eviction.

        1. as long as he goes!! and i doubt she will keep the deal since he is mean to her she couldnt have forgotten but then again anything can happen in that house LOL

      2. Britney did promise Brendon she would not put him up AND immediately recanted that promise as soon as she was out of his sight!

        1. Brendon made a deal with Matt that he would not put him up, but he did…. so Brendon should not be shocked if Brit doesn’t honor her deal with Brendon.

      3. She recanted that right away in DR. She said she would’ve promised her first born child if it kept her safe doesn’t mean she is keeping that promise. He should’ve trusted Ragan if he wanted an ally. I think Ragan would actually stay true to his word, Britney is a dirty lying skank.

    1. i never got that. swearing on a relationship. or on your family. or on your daughter. so what happens if you lie? does the other person come to your house and kill the person you swore on? It’s like… I swear on my grandmothers grave. So, if I lie, what are you going to do, dig her up and spit on her?

      and why isnt Britny in pigtails with that shirt she is wearing? and daisy dukes?

      1. hahaha….lets see it’s been 12 Big Brothers and yet we all wonder why people are going back on their word if they ‘swore’ on their whole family’s life?

        Ummm hello, they’re there to play a game and will lie about EVERYTHING to get ahead. Why would Brendon ever believe Britney…I think he knows she won’t keep her word – I mean no one is even hanging out w/ him.

        1. “Ummm hello, they’re there to play a game and will lie about EVERYTHING to get ahead.”

          Unless you’re Amber or whatever that dumb Vegas mom was named from Evil Dick’s season. I think people here called her Wamber because of how much she cried. Man was she nutso and annoying. She’s one of those people who would mostly be a perfectly nice neighbor, until one day you really get to know her and realize she’s batshit crazy.

      2. Those plaid dresses/long shirts are very in right now. Not saying I’d rock it with the belt she did. Wearing it with leggings or skinny jeans would’ve been a better choice. It wasn’t that bad tho.

    1. At this point, I think she is aligned with Matt and the cry baby. The rest don’t really matter anymore.

  2. I’ve never dislike someone as much as I do rayan. He’s such an idiot. I don’t understand how America voted for him. He’s such a tool.

      1. i can’t agree more…he is really working his 15 minutes to DEATH!!! he’s an obnoxious little twerp with a big friggin chip on his shoulder..”it’s me against the world!..look at what i can do!”
        just wanna bitch-slap his ass.

    1. I hate him! He talks about nasty rachel but he is so disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate him, i cant stand him! Skinny bitch!

      1. Lol! I didn’t want to say hate, because that’s a strong word for someone a don’t know personally. But yes I hate him too. Poor students of his.

        1. yah! like- has he even ever seen his entire body in that mirror? no…cuz his friggin oversized alien head blocks his view!…surprised that little twig neck hasn’t snapped yet.

    2. Kar and Neli are obvious members of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling C**ts!” They all love to hate Ragan just to hate him.

      1. Like I give a shit you homophobic twats. I bet you think Sarah Palin is real Presidential material too! Don’t lie, I know you do!

        1. So if someone doesn’t like 1 person, whom just so happens to be gay, they’re homophobic? You sound like Sarah Palin, making no sense.

  3. Lil disappointed they cut off matt’s nom speech…wanted him to say something about her knowing the pretzel msg was there & not telling him beforehand while he could do something about it. Wish so bad he would have known that Kat told Enzo & Hayden too!!! Would have been fun to see him put Enzo up! Oh well, still a good move considering jury votes & targets for next week’s DE!!

    1. if he wins veto it is a wash anyway…
      Brit can say she is keeping her deal, Brendo can relax his ass all the way through the backdoor into the jury house and Rachels exit from the relationship…

  4. Booooooringgg. How expected. When is someone going to shock me in this game. No one seems to want to get thier hands dirty. MAtt should have taken out Enzo, he’s just as useless as Kathy and will cruise right through to the final 2 and probably win because he’s so well liked from all the ass kissing. Its true that you need a great social game to win, but at least TRY to win something. Ugh. I’m pro-brigade but Enzo is just horrible.

    1. WOW another predictable event! I’m so excited to see who Britney puts up, wow its going to be soooooo unexpected LAMEEEEEE, I’m seriously debating on watching next week. Now I really want Brendon to take them all down and win the whole freaking game. Matt is soooooooooooooooooooo ghetto!

      1. I sooo agree with all of u!!!! Never was Brendon fan but now I am turning into one because at least he tried to make a power move I hope he makes it far… highly doubtful but ya never know

      1. Matt is such a dumbass he has a chance to make a big move and what does he do, he evicts kathy, kathy and brendan are the two people you want sitting next to you, brendan will only get one vote-rachel and kathy wouldn’t even get that What a dumbass!!!!!!

      1. Is CBS really going to throw away millions of ad dollars by having a double-eviction when they started the season a player down? They do a D-E every season, but they started with only 13 instead of the scheduled 14. I’m shocked they still plan on following through with the original D-E plan. Maybe they bring someone back (Rachel for ratings?) then have a D-E. That actually makes more sense financially. Of course if their numbers are way down because of this lackluster season (haven’t bothered to look) then the ad dollars have dried up anyway.

        1. Go to wikipedia.com and type in big brother 12, the ratings are higher than last year. It’s been consistently #1 every night in it’s time slot and when it wasn’t it was a solid # 2. Get your facts straight.

        2. The new season of Survivor starts the 15th(?) and will be on Wednesday nights now instead of Thursdays. Besides the original saboteur was only in the game for 5 weeks, that’s it, without a shot at the finals, so by now they would be short 1 player for the rest of the season.

      1. More and likely the first person will be evicted as usual by next Thursday. When the remaining house guests go to do the HOH battle, the FIRST LOSER, or LOSER will probably be eliminated right off the bat.

        I think this is how the double elimination will go down.

        1. they do the first eviction and them have another hoh, nom and pov all live. so everything is mostly like today’s hoh comp

        2. Partly correct. After the second HOH is named, two new nominees are seated followed immediately by the vote. No time for campaigning.

    1. i’d like to know as well….. if she was refering to America’s choice for the Have Nots I will be mad…. I am not liking this season at all… it seems like a complete waste of my time

  5. Brit is so annoying. I can’t stand her, she is going to put brendon up. I would of put matt up as well, for one he sucks ( he really isn’t that smart), and two he put of brendon last week. So all should be fair.

    1. Britney beleives she’s in an alliance with Ragan and matt and I’m guessing lane, so I see her putting up Enzo.

      1. Holy smokes, I prayed all day Matt would put up Enzo, darn it!
        Kathy needed to go but double eviction would have handled that.
        Britany will put up Matt and Brendon, would not want to upset Lane and the “fakegade” the guys that were so easily going to get rid of Matt the only one that can/could win shit over the useless other 3.

        and no celestial Matt said “cuddle buddy”

    2. Gee that is such a SMART Strategy? This is BB not Shoots & Ladders! How did you learn to use a computer! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  6. Matt totally threw that HOH competition! Now that Britney is the new HOH (doesn’t really matter) I think she will put up Brendon and Enzo. With double eviction coming up, this POV is very important! I hate that Enzo and Hayden have the look of disgust on their face after Kathy was evicted but I think Matt knows that his only alliance is with Ragan! TEAM MATT! :)

  7. Pretty clear it will be Brendon & Enzo going up this week. I hope Brendon wins the POV so he stays in the house or it will get even more boring (is that possible?). Once he is gone it will be just a bunch of people sitting around bashing jury house members all day…LOL. If Brendon does win POV then Enzo vs Hayden on the block will OFFICIALLY start the dismantling of The Brigade. I fell a snooze-fest coming on over the next few weeks. Looks like I’ll have to go to Borders or Powells and pick up a new book to read. NCIS reruns?

    1. its going to get good next week, double eviction and scrambling and true backstabbing will begin.watch the brigade will crack,they have to get matt and regan out if they want a shot at winning. why is everyone protecting matt and regan till the end. dont get it.

  8. Brendan was also going to break that deal but rachal changed his mind with that messege. Please people don’t start with the Brittney broke her promise thing. Everyone has promised everyone. Enzo and Hayden turned on Matt because he’s friends with regan. It’s BB. Everyone has to break a promise to win this game. Enzo and Hayden were ready to take Kathy to the final 3. So let’s no bring up breaking promises or deals.

    1. exactly!! sick of the breaking deals whining. right up with the DPOV wasn’t fair to Brenda crap. It’s BB – it’s a possibility. For me to believe it’s truly reality & not manipulated by production they’d need to put out a list of comps once the houseguests are in the house. Then they can sort of call it reality tv. I hate how they edit & the portray HGs and even more how they cater the comps & pandora’s box to try to make good tv. They try too hard and it backfires.

      oh well, done ranting now!! how to fill the time till BBAD???

    1. i was hoping he would put up brit or enzo. kat is a waste of power and a waste of brenden’s hoh, well, it did allow him safety for this past week

  9. Regal told Enzo there would not be any retaliations(repercussions- see my comment from original conversation it proves our college professor isn’t as smart as he should be) for his vote. Do we think the brigade has crumbled?

  10. The Ogre’s ultimate mistake continuing to play for rachel and not , havign the balls to play for that 500k, we knew this week 3 he was no longer playing for the money, but rachel still was….

    1. She would only put him up as a pawn. How come you ask???

      Cause MATT is a very good competitor and wants to make sure that Brendon has to truly fight to stay. If Matt won the POV then Brendan for sure would be sent to the other house. But, she may put Enzo up with Brendan and hope that ANYBODY but Brendan wins the POV to make sure that Brendan goes still. Enzo does need to PLAY to stay.

  11. Sorry Brendan lovers! Haha. Brittany won and the Ragan Matt Brittany Lane alliance is safe!!! She will put up Brendan and Enzo. Either way a jerk is leaving!!! Sorry Hayden and Enzo, you both were ready to make a deal with Brendan and evict Matt. You kidding me??!! Matt has SOLELY kept Brigade alive. Hayden and Enzo are the floaters. Grab your lifevests boys! Hahaha. Love Karma!

      1. I actually like Matt and the way he has played this game, but that was HILARIOUS!!! HA HA HA … annnnnnnnnd people are forgetting one thing … Lane is also a “floater” to speak … he has won no HOH, ORRRRRRRRRRRR POV … so, there you go

  12. If your a true BB fan you have to be glad that kathy left. She was no existint in this game. She was just floating on through. She was horrible at the game. I don’t even remember seeing her DR sessions on the show. She had no personality

    1. Oh I’m glad she’s gone, but they should have taken her out when she was on the block against Andrew. Who knows what the game would have been like if he was still around. I mean it can’t get anymore painful to watch, can it?

    2. Kathy’s main attribute in the game was letting each and every HOH know they didn’t have to stay up in that big lonely room by themselves, she would stay right there with them.

  13. i am so gladdd britney won hoh i think shes putting up enzo and brendon. matt might go after hayden and enzo for almost voting him out. enzo-BRIGADE UP SHIT CREEK YO!!!!!!!!

  14. I think a lot of dirt is going to surface this week regardless of the goal of putting Brendon out. Lots of dirty dark secrets will finally come to light – lots of accusing,back pedalling and even more back stabbing and ass kissing!

    1. Why? Britney, Regan & Matt & Brendon (even if he is a dumb oaf playing for the love of his life Rachel the delusional wh*re) are actually playing the game better than the others. They actually try to win HOHs & POVs because their are not scared little pussy boys like Enzo the butt wipe & Hayden the dumb. Lane is alright but not much good at anything but making smart remarks.

  15. all this talk about Brendon. my thing is yes he hurt his game with the showmance,but why are they faulting him. It’s all cool that the other players are sucking and floating but when he plays the game and try making moves. Matt did a punk move and got rid of Kathy okkkkkkkkkkkkkk no u should have made a big move. him, regan and the rest want others to do their dirty work. remember the jury votes people. Now once Brendon is gone cuz brits going back on her word, then the real battles will begin. Enzo threw that cuz he knew next week brit couldnt play and if its physical then he may have a shot…the real shit will hit the fan next week with double eviction and the fighting and backstabbing.thats when bb will get good cuz right now everyone wants to take out the easy targets and not get their hands dirty….

    1. I totally agree with you.

      Matt is SMART. He threw the HOH comp because he KNOWS there’s a double eviction that is inevitable…so staying out of the mess of putting two on the block keeps him away from being a target. Brittany on the other hand…she’s probably going to be sent home round two of HOH next week if she does NOT win the comp. She’s in trouble now…

      Matt evicting Kathy was, if not a BIG move, it was a SMART move for Jury House votes – if he gets any. In the next two weeks he’s going to have to make a HUGE decision about bringing Ragan with him to final two. He wouldn’t win against Ragan…I don’t think so anyway. Once everyone gets to the Jury – they ALL change their minds. Look at the Jordan/Natalie finale. Natalie was for sure to get at least 5 votes in the JH and only ended up with 2.

      Blah blah blah…I don’t get why people don’t like this season – I think it’s better than most seasons.

      1. i don’t see that being a smart move for matt in the jury house. you need 4 votes to win. he will not get kat, rach, or brenden’s vote.

  16. this site reminds me of big brother house who ever has the power most people start saying ohhhh yeah go go last week when brendon won most people were like look at reagan and britt crying they deserve it britt is a bitch and all that stuff now this week its all about go britt go britt get brendon out and talking shit and all that

  17. Well I’m sure Brit will put up Brenden and Enzo. Brenden wins POV he’s safe for a little while, but could still go out in double eviction. So my prediction for houseguests most likely to leave this week are Brenden, Enzo, and Britney.

  18. Moaner – we have our new drinking rule every time someone brings up that Brit made a deal with Brendon so either a) she won’t put him up or b) she’s a lier because she put him up

    take a drink..

    1. Matt did the same thing and please show where brenden shook hands with matt or was that the conversation that brenden just kept saying yes and never came right out and said it.

  19. Well they said they were going to let Britt win but my god how obvious it was. at least Enzo tried his best not to make it look like he threw it but he still was to obvious how pathetic these people are.

    1. Funny thing is, I think Enzo was really trying ot throw it at the end but just didn’t realue he was choosing the right answers hence why he would take so long LOL. Hes just that dumb.

      1. there is no end to your creativity, I’m sure we will want to know what your are pursuing at the end of this. bravo!

            1. jimik – I’m curious… I’m not trying to slam you, I’m just wondering. It’s wrong to talk bad about gays but it is okay to make fun of people with a weight problem? I would like to know your reasoning about that because I was with you about the gay bashing but I’m trying to understand the overweight bashing comments.

          1. The Allison Grodner biography has already been made, and dastardly diluted by Hollywood. They had the audacity to cast Julia Roberts as Allison Grodner, and they named it Eat Pray Love instead of Eat Eat Eat. How dare they?!!!

  20. It was very smart of Matt (I say this even though I don’t like him) to throw the HOH comp. If he had won he would have obviously put up Brendon and then he would have had to ruin one of his alliances, either one of the Brigade or one of his side alliances. He wanted no part of that.

  21. YAY BRITNEY! Everyone hates on Britney but she is the only one, out of the remaining competitors to win 4 competitions. 3 POV’s and now a HOH. She deserves to be there more than anyone. I want to say she is going to put Brendon and Enzo or Hayden up against him. However, if she were smart, she would backdoor him, or simply align with him. The only ones winning anything in this game are Brendon, Britney and Matt. I would say get the floaters out of this game, that way she’d stay in the house longer. If Brendon wins the POV, she will be walking with a target on her back and will fall victim to the double eviction. She should keep Brendon, and by doing so she will ensure her safety next week partly because no one in the brigade will win HOH. Best case scenario, backdoor Brendon and pray that Ragan or Lane win HOH the night of double eviction. TEAM BRITNEY!

    1. More than anyone? Eaaaaaasy there. I highly disagree.
      Brendon was competely right when he called her a spoiled brat and that’s what she is. She’s won competitions but hasn’t had to fight to stay. Did I just get posseded by Rachel?… oh lord.

    2. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you forgot that 2 (TWO) people are being eliminated by next Thursday. This means that Brendon should be sent packing for sure. Either way, this should become an outcome due to him being on the block this Sunday and if he wins the POV, then he has a chance to being voted out anyways following the FIRST elimination round on next Thursday.

      Oh well … You have to give it to Matt however. He is truly playing this game well.

      1. I AGREE!!!!

        Matt is the diabolical super genius he keeps saying he is. If/When he makes it to the final two – imagine his speech to the jurors? It will be MIND BLOWING. He really has played this game – and the ONLY person in this house who is.

        Team Matt. <3

  22. I am so disappointed with this week pov dpov all the hype and it was nothing, pandoras box DPOV what is going on in that house where is all the drama, i think we need to bring racheal back to start things going BRING ON SO EXCIETMENT.

    1. I think he’ ready to just walk out of the house. He looks so humilated, defeated and like one of Rachel’s used tampons! He is beat! Brenden the Baboon Boy!

    2. Yeppers and the house guest have NO CLUE that it is double elimination cause Julie had her thumb off of the button when she told the audience


  23. I find it interesting that the HG think they know who the Sab was but not once did I ever hear of any of them guessing Ragan… so funny… but he sucked as the SAB.

    1. Actually, if you watched the live feeds, or read the spoilers you would have noticed that THEY ACTUALLY did question him as the saboteur amongst a few of them, but did not air it. Lane brought up that Ragan was the last person in the room after Kathy made the beds.

  24. Enzo did not throw that. He did a great job guessing though. Enzo knows that if Brendan wins pov it’s him or Hayden going home.

  25. So I wonder who else holds the power? Could it be the game they played ealier today?

    Also did you see how disgusting Brit was? After she casted her vote and just before she opened the door she was dancing her little happy dance jig, and then she opens the door acting all sad. What a TWO FACE. If that wasn’t classless, I do not know what was.

    Did Brit really have it in that much at Kathy? Classless, just classless.

    1. No…No…No! It is only classless if Brendon or Rachel does it. At least that is what I gather from most of the posts on this site. If either Bratney or Reamer do it then it’s all good.

    2. Hey, I’d have been doing the happy dance, too, if I were Brit! Kathy was just plain useless, floated all around the place, ran to whomever would listen to her drivel, complained about people talking about her (like SHE didn’t do it, too!) and then wouldn’t hardly participate at the end. She set herself up. Brit was celebrating the fact that 2 of her friends – Matt & Lane – were both staying! I LOVED her ability to go from happy to sad face. She should be an actress! She’s certainly cute enough, too – regardless of the catty remarks Enzo makes. Can’t wait to see his wife & if she’s really as HOT as he says….?!

    3. If anything that was “Classic” Britney! She is going to be loadedwith “Piss and Vinegar” this week! Expect a lot of Britney DRs.

    4. Kathy was throwing Brit under the bus for weeks: she doesn’t need the $$ because she shops in Dallas (big whoop!), she has traveled all over the world, etc. But I do wish Matt had put Enzo on the block. I am tired of muting my tv whenever he eats or does his ridiculous mout-smacking thing.

  26. Question – Anyone know of the final two deals among the Brigade? I’m assuming Hayden and Enzo but any others?

  27. Enzo will pay the price for his wavering loyalty to the Brigade – Brendan is stuck to him like glue on the live feeds. He is already looking annoyed.

    1. I hope Brendon follows Enzo & Hayden around like a little lost puppy – sleeps with them even! They had their noses so far up his butt this week, they DESERVE him! HA!

    1. Sweetie, I am fine and so is Muc. I got a little whiny last night because I wasn’t drinking. I am tonight so let them bring it on. I agree that this year the site has gotten ugly and even Canadian Fan, who I am a FAN, won’t comment much anymore. But, I am toughing up. And, if they don’t like my jokes, kiss off! They’re jokes not meanness about people on a show. Not on the site.

    2. jimik- I would never knife you in the back, I’d cut your throat so get that straight. I think it’s bullshit that you attack people for gay bashing but it is okay to make fun of someone with a weight problem. I am quite sure there are people here fighting a weight issue. If it’s okay to slam them then it is okay to slam the gays. It’s either or. I never want people to love me. I couldn’t give a shit. I was hated last year here and I didn’t cry or pout because I got slammed left and right. I know I’m not getting on BB. I don’t qualify. I just think it sucks that simon and Dawg will never get recognition on the show because of people picking on Allison. I also think it’s wrong. Even though you’ve pissed me off, I would still defend you for being gay because that is the right thing to do. Take that how ever you want, it matters not to me.

      1. “I just think it sucks that simon and Dawg will never get recognition on the show”

        What? CBS doesn’t do shout outs to blogs. What are you talking about?

          1. Trust me, Rockstar, at least two producers and one camera man know of Simon and Dawg’s web site by name. And, they have read the comments according to them.

            1. that isn’t the point Grandma, the houseguests haven’t shouted out to them like they have the other guys and it seems strange because this website is #3 on google for bb12 and #10 on google for BB.

      2. Fat people have a choice – gay people don’t! You asked S/D to restrict comments to BB and he concurred! Nuff said! I’ve been doing some work on my own to help S/D improve their site. But since its OBVIOUSLY YOUR SITE – Ive taken my ideas and a possible deal off the table and I am going in another direction. You knew damn well you were cutting me up the back so don’t deny it now. OAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you were a genuine and real person – boy was I wrong. Enjoy YOUR SITE!!!!!

        1. oh grow up jimik. this isn’t my site, every time I’ve ever commented with my opinion I’ve made sure it was stated and that it had nothing to do with simon or Dawg or this site. You’ll be back, it’s just another ploy for attention because you crave it. You’ll be back, you’ll change your name and post again because it will kill you not to have the attention. I was mad at QAZ. Are you QAZ? Are you posting using different names? I commented when QAZ commented last week that I thought it didn’t give S@D a chance if Allison was being ripped a part. Today I posted that it was not me saying anything. How was that a knife in your back? You have an agenda here. You’ve posted it numerous times that you want to help your writing career by posting stuff. You are the one desperate for positive reinforcement for some reason and good for you but when you go after people for no bloody reason you are going to get it back ten fold. You can count on that shit. You are disrespectful to almost everyone. Take a look back though your comments. Seriously, you can’t be that delusional to believe you are justified in your attacks on people which I had defended you in the past about. Say what you want, it is disrespectful and two faced, I call it so it is. don’t like that then too bad. See yah, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

          1. 10 bucks says that a HG mentions me on live feeds in one of the next two seasons of BB :) “There was this one loser in the comments of a blog who did nothing but ripped on Allison Grodner all the — ” *fish bubbles*

              1. LOL. Simon can confirm I’m not jimik if you think I’m lying. My only alter is Dr. Bacon, who is a sexy, uneducated professional. I think it’s pretty clear that jimik has some emotional issues and knee-jerk responses, whereas I’m just being an asshole. I’d almost prefer that people were harsher on me than others, because I’ve got pretty thick skin. However, I do agree with jimik that glenn beck levels of stupidity are prevalent around here. If Allison Grodner ate glen beck, I think I might completely stop making AG jokes.

          2. Rockstar, people can get their feelings hurt on here without attacking someone else. It can make you think about posting. Who is attacking who, I don’t know. Nor do I know the whole story here but I like all three of you (and I don’t think QAZ is jimik60). Hell, I even like the guy who doesn’t respect me anymore. Whether that matters or not. I know you won’t be going anywhere, Rockstar, because you have a thick skin. Mine has been thin because of things but I am drinking and toughing it up. But, I hope Jimik60 rethinks things and stays. QAZ, I know you will be here because you can’t keep away from AG. And, she is probably following you. Canadian Fan, where are you!!!! Okay, enough said from me. Just wanted you all to know I want to see you right here every night!

    1. When we see Britney’s HOH room there will be a picture of her and “Nick”. It will actually be a picture of her and Lane Nicholas Elenburg (called Nick by his friends) who is her boyfriend all along. NOW THAT would be a good BB twist at this stage of the game. The rest of the house would sh** bricks.

  28. People are assuming it is a foregone conclusion that Brit puts up Brendon. A lot can change over the course of the week. If Matt decides to turn on the Brigade this week, he is in a great position to work with Britney and pull in Brenden as well. Matt knows he is the first Brigade member to go if they stay 4 deep, so he might try to have Brit do his dirty work.

    1. If they could get past their personal bitterness towards one another that would be a brilliant move. The three best players remaining (Britney, Matt, and Brendon) would be unstoppable in comps if they stuck together. I can’t stand Britney, but I could live with any of those three winning the $500K. At least they would have earned it unlike Ragan, Lane, Hayden, or Enzo.

  29. Tooth Doc has it right. Matt is the brains and the muscle of the brigade.
    I definitely see Brendon and Enzo going up. Hopefully Enzo will win a POV because “he and the bag are like this!” *crosses fingers* He needs to redeem himself and then Hayden goes. Whatever…
    My rooting interest is with Matt and Ragan now.

  30. Has Brendon said one word??? Poor guy is speechless….he looks like he’s lost in space or something….Well, it is what it is…but expect the unexpected….I don’t think Brendon is going home next week. Just a feelin I have….

  31. Sooooo who can’t wait to see Rachel’s face when Kathy comes thru that door?

    I wonder if Kathy had kept quiet about the pretzel message or if Hayden hadn’t told Matt – would he have not put up Kathy & perhaps put Enzo up tonight?

    1. didn’t mat find out that enzo ahd hayden knew about the pretzels and didn’t tell him. to me, that is betrayal and i would have sent one of them packing. kat is not in an alliance with him, but the other ones are and they should have told him.

  32. I do not like Britney’s personality, but I think that aside from Matt & Brendon, she is the other non-floater remaining… I wish Matt would dump the useless Brigade alliance and struck a deal with Ragan & Britney…

  33. I’m a little shocked that Lane and even Ragan aren’t congratulating Britney more on her win. I can’t believe it, but I think I am now Team Matt-Britney-Ragan-Lane.

    1. I’m not sure that Lane is guaranteed a spot in this alliance. Matt called other members of the Brigade knuckleheads ( think that was his word) when they were fumbling their way through the POV competition.

  34. I simply wish these people play the dang game. Ok all this trash talking and self righteous talk about who deserves to be there more is idiotic at best. They are all there to play a game. May the best game player win. The bashing is not necessary.. It is showing ones true colors and character. Regan talks about being a good person ugh no! Britney smiles in ur face then runs and trash talk. How come Nick wasn’t interviewed? My guess he’s embarrassed.Matt lying about his wife having a serious bone disease and now theses idiots are helping him to the final 2 PEOPLE what is wrong with u. He is the main one u get out geesh.Ok Brendon is gone, this I know, but the dirty work is gonna happen starting next week.Yes u have to scheme and plot but all the putting people down and dissing people that includes Rachael and her doing it is not right. They are just as classless as the people they are claiming have no class. And yes a wasted power on Kathy of all people.

  35. I think though Matt should watch out when he says his plan was never to use DPOV. He has two friends Ragan and Britney (if Ragan POV, then Brit would have been replacement if not Matt) who he is saying that he wouldn’t have saved. I don’t know if Ragan is able to understand that Matt has said twice that he wasn’t going to use DPOV to save him….

  36. I really don’t understand why a lot of you watch the show. Some people act like it is supposed to be like Sunday school. If I hated it as much as some of you I just wouldn’t watch. I am Team Matt because I think he has played the best strategic game. He is in the best position in the house up to this point and he is very smart…he knows the game in and out. I’m not a fan of his lie about his wife but I don’t know how you get through this game w/o lying, making deals or talking about other people to advance….I’m just sayin!

    ~first time poster~

      1. The same reason people rubberneck and gawk when they drive by a terrible car accident. Sure, they don’t actually want to see that something awful happened but they simply can’t help themselves…human nature. This year’s BB is like a car accident; most of us can’t divert our eyes even though we say we want to.

  37. Just saw Brit, Ragen and Matt parading out of a room infront of Enzo and Hayden. Not shure where Brendon went. They were so happy and saying it’s over, FINAL 6.

    What was that all about?

  38. Why should that poor excuse for a human be given twenty grand for doing absolutely nothing for two weeks??? He picked the only easy tasks where there was no risk involved at all. The sab sucks big time . . why even have it?

    1. He probably owes half of it back to CBS to cover the cost of kleenex to mop up all his sappy tears last week.

      1. The federal, state (both his and CA), and local governments will tax the heck out of it so he’ll be lucky to walk away with $10K. Still not bad for doing a whole lot of nothing.

    2. Are you seriously asking that??????

      Ragan is leaving this show when it is all said and done with an EXTRA $20,000 in his bank account … hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, DUH!!!!!

      They get paid for every show they are one, remember, but now he is at least $20,000 extra. As a college professor he is doing great!

  39. About how doulbe eviciton works, is who ever is put up this week, and after the PoV, and one of the 2 people will be evicted. So this will be almost around 8:10pm, and then right away they will be told to go outside for a quick HoH competion. Then there will be a quick nomination ceremony, then head back out for PoV competion, and then another elimination ceremony. After that will be another HoH competion.

    So who ever becomes HoH dosn’t get an HoH room. So Brit will not par take in the first HoH competion, but will take part in the 2nd one, while the winner of the 2nd HoH can’t partake in the 2nd HoH.

    1. a competition that whoever is the first loser, or drops out first will be eliminated following the elimination round. I do NOT think there will be TWO HOH competitions. I think there will be a house competition, “all fun and games, right???” **wink** … but, whoever does not take it seriously and loses first is the second person eliminated when elimination night comes.

  40. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! SOOOO HAPPY MY GIRL WON! I’m pretty sure she’s won more then anyone else now right? (atleast left in the house). She’s won 4 comps, Brenden has won 2 (HOH and POV), Matt has won 2 HOH (I think, I don’t remember him winning POV), Ragan has 1 POV, Enzo has 1 Luxery challenge, Lane has nothing.

  41. I’d like to know how the double eviction works too. Last season was my first season but as you all know Chima was the reason there wasn’t a double eviction.


    1. i think its the double eviction someone said that thursday some one will be evicted they will play for hoh then that hoh will nominate some one n someone else will go home that night as well

  43. I wish I could be hearing what they are saying right now. wife with me watching So you think you can dance Canada, so I can only watch. The cockyness in Brits face and Regan not crying now. I guess we will see how spite full Brit can be now.

    A quesiton, if Britney is engaged, why would her parents wouldn’t mind if she brought Lane home? Also dosn’t Brits dad (I am assuming it’s her dad) just looked like Lane?

    1. Davor, I also thought her step-dad looks a lot like Lane. And notice, they showed her step-dad but didn’t show Lane’s Dad.

  44. This season is soooooooo predictable!! I can easily predict who will go home in order, and then who will win in the end.
    First to go: Brendon
    Second: Britney
    Third: Enzo
    Fourth: Matt
    Annd Fifth: Ragan (But I could also see Matt make it to the final 3 instead of Ragan)
    Then Lane would beat Hayden by 5-2 or 6-1. (Depends on Kathy, shes kinda wishy-washy)

    1. I agree up until your fourth choice. If Matt leaves at that point, you have to assume that either Hayden or Lane won HOH because Ragan would not put Matt on the block. I think Hayden would leave fourth if neither he or Lane wins HOH.

      1. Thast very true. But i think that Lane or Hayden will win that week because they will finally have a taste of a do or die situation. (since they havent had to yet in this game.)

  45. i think it is funny that people cant believe all brit does is make fun of people in the house-what the hell else is she gonna do? at least she is cute and funny

  46. Really not a fan of Brendon..but him winning POV would be the last interesting thing left..otherwise nothing but pool tourneys.although when Ragan finds out Matt has been lying about the illness will be great..what do people think about this cast vs. last years?..what season was better up to this point?..most of this cast is not likeable

    1. this season was SHIT from brenchel playing 100% personal game and the others hating them and talking shit about them because of it, and the ass kissing on the side…..

    2. i loved last season cast the best. enjoyed russell fighting with ronnie the rat, casey in the banana suit, russell fighting with chima, russell fighting with jeff and jordan, russell fighting with everybody. kevin chest bumping ronnie, chima throwing her mic in the water., but the best of all was chima, lydia and gnat crying and drinking over jesse’s eviction. Season 10 was entertaining to me also. i know you didn’t ask for all that, but i was reminiscing

  47. I am so happy Brit won! I hope Matt, Regan and Brit team up!! But on a sidenote is it me or does Lane seem mad at Brit?

  48. Britney is friends with Matt, Ragan, Lane. There are 3 other HGs to choose from as NOMs. So first option is choose Hayden and Enzo, and if one of them gets POV(or if ANYONE else wins POV other than Brendon), the person who wins POV uses it on either Hayden or Enzo, and Britney backdoors Brendon. The other option is NOM Brendon and Enzo/Hayden, and if anybody wins POV, dont use it. If Brendon wins POV, NOM Hayden/Enzo in his place, and one of the bozos go home. Either way, Athletics Alliance is losing a member.

    1. When Brit was making sure Brendon wouldn’t put her up on the block during his HOH, she already said in her DR, “I’m just telling him what he wants to hear. I’ll say anything.” She admitted she was lying when she told him he would be safe if she won HOH.

  49. So in the PoV there is a chance that Brendon may not play in it. So if he dosn’t play in it, thane he can’t win it, and then be back doored. I hope he at least has a chance to play in the PoV.

    I hate how people get back doored, it’s just not fun to watch.

      1. Am I missing something, why wouldn’t he be able to play if he’s nominated – unless of course they try to back door him.

  50. When Julie asked Matt about keeping the DPOV a secret, did Matt call Ragan his little colon buddy?? I replayed it three times and every time that’s what it sounded like
    Ragan…. Holy crap you’re a jackass. I hope you watch yourself and feel like a complete douche-nozzle!!!

  51. I would rather see Brendon “hit the door” over Matt any day! At least Matt has not been such an A-hole to everybody! I might have liked Brendon if he had played the game alone, too much of Rachel rubbed off on him!

    Matt/Britt/or Ragan for the win! (at least they compete!!!)

    1. Sad final 3 in my opinion. Brit and Reag both critical and just too high-schoolish for me….need to grow up and get some self-respect for themselves…both have clear anger issues. And Matt, not a bad guy – just don’t respect his lie about his wife being sick.

  52. Britney is a spoiled rich girl who thinks she is entitled to everything. The whole time she has been in the house I read she has not picked up or cleaned anything. THe way she talks and treats people shows what a ‘princess’ she really is. I do think Lane and her are a real couple – if not it sure does explain why she is so messed up – her mom supporting her daughter with another guy while engaged….yep, weird. But, to each their own!

    And I don’t see why Haydon and Enzo are so bad – Matt and Lane have their own side-alliances/bonds going – who wouldn’t want a back up plan? wouldn’t you?

    1. from the looks of her house (if that was her house) she did not appear to be that rich. they did not even have a flat screened tv .plus the furniture was from the 1980’s (unless multi-coloured rustic sofas are making a comeback) :) haven’t seen that style since i watched reruns of “Dallas” on the soap channel. :)

      1. Well based on that, you might be right -maybe she isn’t rich. Based on what I have seen, read and heard – and from her closest friends in the house, I thought she was ‘rich’…but you can be spoiled without being ‘rich’.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts respectfully. It’s nice to learn from others what you missed. :-)

    2. how the hell do you know that…did ya take a trip to her house and have a sleepover with her dad………please Dal tell me 5 reasons why …and im being generous on this one….5 reasons u think shes a “princess” ….and please none of them either have to be because she talks behind ppls backs (no shit what else are u gonna do in the house?) and dont included cuz she was in pageants….whoppy shit doesn’t mean shes a spoiled bratt…thats basically saying all blondes are stupid…or all hockey players have no teeth (you just cant judge a person….when u dont even know them) please dal…entertain me

      1. I don’t have to entertain you. Aren’t you getting a bit angry and defensive because an opinion differs from yours? How old are you? I’m curious. You are very pastionate with your opinions.

        Just remember everyone has the right to have their opinions. I don’t have to justify mine. Just as I do not expect you to with yours. And it’s just a tv show.

  53. Now that both “Survivor” and “Big Brother” have been tainted by lies regarding dead or sick relatives, will anyone ever again believe a hard luck story from a competitor? Johnny Fairplay’s lie about his grandmother set the stage for that kind of story to be acceptable as a strategy. I don’t see anybody ever falling for that in the future, even if it’s the truth. Much of Matt’s popularity in the house is based on the false notion that he is playing in order to win money to get treatment for his wife’s “illness.” In the past, no one cared about somebody’s sad story. IMHO, if your survival depends upon winning big on a reality TV show, you’ve come to the wrong place. Better to look for a more reliable source of income. These shows are for people who will still be just fine, win or lose.

    1. Every single person has the right to live their live the way the choose – and to play the game how the choose to. Personally, I wouldn’t use sickness/death and family/friends to win MONEY.

      TO each their own.

  54. Who knows whether or not she is rich, probably not. Her family were only being nice on TV regarding Lane and didn’t say negative things. I’m sure Nick knows and understands them. GO BRITNEY! GO MATT! Stupid Brendon should have played his own game instead of playing the pretzels. He looks like a hurt puppy. Always talking about how much smarter he and Rachel are compared to the rest of the hg’s.
    Can’t stand Enzo or Hayden now. Hope Britney puts up Brendon and Hayden or Enzo.

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